Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 14 December 2018), April 1752 (s17520408-1).

Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 8th April 1752.

The trials being ended, the court proceeded to give judgment as follows:

Received Sentence of Death, 7.

John Knight , John Salisbury , John Stevens , Robert Lake, George Hall, George Basset, and John Turner .

Transported for 14 Years, 1.

Aaron Cordoza .

Transported for 7 Years, 30.

John Hartley , Sarah Savage , Ann Cunninghan , Ann Caiter , Edward Child , Ann Carrol, Jana Houghton , Hannah Bannel , otherwise Bland, Jew Haley, otherwise Poor, Thomas Prosser, Matthew Doharty , John Brian, Walter Compton , George Nichols , John Smith, Thomas Fahee , Barnard Bary , Martha Marshal , Judith Gibson , John Jenning, Nathaniel Pearson , Abraham Benjamin, Mary Delany , Lewis Jones , Stephen Baget , Elizabeth Perrot, Marmaduke Watkins, Simon Chitley , Jim Holding , and Charles Legoe .

Branded, 2.

Robert Archer, and Henry Closterman .

Whipped, 3.

William Sparnell, John Starkey , and John Nelson .

Thomas Ashley , to stand once in the pillory at the gate of the Sessions House for the space of one hour, between the hours of twelve and one, and imprison'd during twelve months, after which to be transported for seven years.