Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 03 July 2022), July 1734 (s17340710-1).

Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 10th July 1734.

The Trials being ended, the Court proceeded to give Judgment as follows:

Received Sentence of Death 6.

Nicholas Baldwin Page 146. Mary Haycock p. 147. Elizabeth Tracey p. 149. Ann Knight ibid. Catherine Bougle 152. And Humphry Remmington p. 155.

The four Women to be drawn on a Sledge, and burnt at a Stake. They all pleaded their Bellies, but a Jury of Matrons found them all not quick with Child.

Whipt 1.

George King .

Burnt in the Hand 6.

James Frith , Richard Dubois , and four for-mer Convicts.

Transportation 15.

Elizabeth Grey , Catherine Maria White Robert Budd , Elizabeth Hook , Elizabeth Bullen , Nathaniel Boston , Mary Brown Elizabeth Richardson , Aaron Jarvis , Mary Taylor , Frances Hodgson , David Stonnell Elizabeth Wood , Ann Simmonds , and Isa bel Newell .