Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 02 July 2022), August 1700 (s17000828-1).

Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 28th August 1700.

The Trials being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment as followeth, viz.

Received Sentence of Death, 17.

John Bird, Thomas Bird, John Bedley, Martha Bayley Devereux Feasant, Edward Fowler, James Grigson, William Goffe, John Harrold, Mary Jones, William King, John Lang, Rebecca Maud, John Pierce, John Tackerierry, Walter Terrey, John Wheeler.

Burnt in the Cheek, 11.

Barthelomew Allen, Elizabeth Barnet, Ann Offee, Elinor Dick, Emlen Gold, John Hollinsworth, Jone Haden, Timothy Moor, Mary Pool, Thomas Thompson, Jane Wilson.

To be Transported, 6.

Christian Barnet, Robert Collins, William Fox, Robert Johnson, David Martin Shrider, Jacob Resbrey.

To be Whipt, 10.

Mary Collins, Margaret Hambleton, Robert Kentish, Lydia Knight, Elizabeth Lucas, Mary Merrifield, Elizabeth Robinson, Mary Rively, Charles Smibson, Stephen Sanf.

Mary Jones, and Rebecca Maud pleaded their Bellies, and a Jury of Matrons being Impaneled, found them to be not with quick Child.

Mathew Askinson was Sentences Imprisonment during his Life, according to the late Act.

Richard Reynolds Fined 30 l. and to remain in Prison till he pay the same.

On the last Day of the Sessions, 85 Criminals, on whom his Majesty was pleased to vouchsafe his Royal Pardon pleaded the same on their Kraves, acknowledging his Majestiesmost gracious Clemency and Mercy, most of them are to be Transported beyond the Seas, and not to return to this Kingdom within the space of 7 Years, or forfeiture of their Lives.