Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 30 May 2023), June 1778 (a17780603-2).

Old Bailey Proceedings advertisements, 3rd June 1778.

This Day is published, Price Half a Guinea, (DEDICATED WITH PERMISSION TO HIS MAJESTY) BRACHYGRAPHY OR, An, easy and compendious SYSTEM of SHORT-HAND, ADAPTED (After more than Forty Years Practice) to the various Sciences and Profession By the late Mr. THOMAS GURNEY .

The NINTH EDITION, considerably improved according to the present Method By his Son and Successor JOSEPH GURNEY , (WRITER OF THESE PROCEEDINGS) BY WHOM Trial s at Law, and Arguments of Counsel are carefully taken in Short-hand

Sold by M. GURNEY, No. 34, Bell-Yard, Temple-bar, Price Half Guineaa,


The SESSIONS PAPER for the Last Sessions, containing the TRIALS of the Gang of House-breakers, who are ordered for Execution; and also the remarkable Trial George Barrington , with his very curious defence, verbatim.

*** The Book is a sufficient Instructor of itself, but if any Difficulties occur shall be removed upon Application to the Author without any additional Expence.