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Old Bailey Proceedings advertisements, 8th December 1708.


THis is to give Notice, That any Person may [Text unreadable in original.] all sorts of Ministers Gowns and Cassocks, Silk and Sashes, Lawyers Gowns and Hoods, and all sorts of Gowns for mayors and Aldermen of any Corporation in Great Britain. Sold by Anthony Ingram, Robemaker, at the Sign of the Gown and Livery Hand in Pater-Noster-Row, near the North-Gate of St. Paul's Church, who hath of them ready made by him, and sold at reasonable Prices. And also Black Cloth and Franella sold for Ministers wear.

RObert Whitledge, who formerly lived at the Bible in Creed Lane, is remov'd to the Bible and Bull in Ave-Mary Lane, near Ludgate, where all booksellers and others may be furnish'd with Bibles and Common Prayers of all sorts nith Cuts or without, Rul'd or Unrul'd, bound in Turkey Leather or plain. Mr. Sturt's Cuts curiously engraved, also other fine Cuts and fitted for all Sizes of Common Prayer The Duty of Names Works of all Sizes. The Duty of Man in Latin, Latin and French Common Prayers, Tate and Brady's New version of Psalms, with the new Suplements. D. Gibson on the Sacrement. The Statutes at large, in 3 vols. Washington and Witgate's Abridgement of them. The Lord Clarendon's History of the rebellion, in Folio and Octavo. And the new Translation of Esopistables. All which Cuts are likewise sold by J. Baker in Mercer Chapplen Chastice. Also Bp. Beveriages Wares in 5 Vol. Dean Stanhope on the Epistles and Gospels in 4 Vol.

THE Charitable Surgeon: Or, the best Remedies for the worst Maladies, reveal'd. Being a new and true way of curing without Mercury) the several degrees of the Venereal Distemper in both Sexes, whereby all Persons, even the meanest Capacities, may for an inconsiderable Charge, without confinement or knowledge of the nearest Relations cure themselves easily, speedily and safely, by The without the help of any Physician, Surgeon or Apothecary; to the hazardous attempts of Quacks and Pretenders. To discovery of the true Seat of Claps in Man and Women, different from the commonly received Opinion of Authors. As also a peculiar Method of curing their Giects and Weaknesses, whether Venereal, or otherwise; with some other pertinent Observations relating thereto, never being taken notice of. Likewise the certain easie way to escape Infection, tho' never so often accompanying with the most Companion. By T. C. Surgeon, Printed for, and sold by Edmund Courle at the Peacock without Temple Bar, 1708. price stitch'd 1s.

The fam'd Canker Water.

WHich so perfectly and immediately cures all Cankers, Sores, Pustules, Heats and Inflammations in the Mouth that never so far gone, even to the loss of part of the Tongue, Cheeks, or Lips; it has saved the Lives of several both Men, Women and Children. It is easily to be had at Robins Coffee-house in Exchange-alley, at 2s. 6d. the Bottle, with Printed Directions. Note, Its vertue decays not in keeping; and it is very useful and much esteemed at Sea.

MArten's Treatise being the Sixth Edition, with large additions on all the Degrees and Symptoms of the Venereal Disease, in both Sexes; Explicating Naturally and Mechanically its causes, Kinds, various Ways of Infecting; the Nature of Hereditary Infection, Certainty of knowing whether Infected or not; Infallible Way to prevent Infection; Business of Cure when Infected; Reasons why so many miss of Cure; how to know when, and when not, in Skilful Hands for Cure, and the Use and Abuse of Mercury in the Cure. Necessary to be Read and Observe'd by all Persons that Now have, Ever had, (many other Diseases being occasion'd by the Venereal Taint and Mercury,) or at any time May have the Misfortune of that Distemper, in order to prevent their being Ruin'd by Ignorant Pretenders, Quacks, Mountebanks, Impostors&c. whose Notorious Practices are clearly evinc'd. To which is added, the Cause and Cure of old Gleets, and Weaknesses in Men and Women, whether Venereal or Seminal, briefly describing the Use and Abuse of [Text unreadable in original.] and why Gleets(as sometimes they do) hinder Procreation causing Impotency, &c. in Men, and Sterility, &c. in Women, with some Remarkable Cures of that Kind inserted. The whole interspersed with peculiar Prescriptions, many Pertinent Observations, Histories and Letters, of very Remarkable Cures. The like for general Advantage never Publish'd, by any Author, Ancient Modern, since the Disease came first to be known in the World. Sold by N. Crouch at the Bell in Cornhil, J. Knapton and M. Atkins in St. Paul's Church yard, A. Collins at the Black Boy in Fleetstreet, P. Varenne at Saracen's Head in the Strand, Ch. King in Westminster-Hall; Booksellers, and at the Author's House, the further end of Hatton-Garden, on the Left-hand beyond the Chappel, John Marten Surgeon writ over the Door. Price Bound 4s.

Speedily will be Publish'd.

THe Truth of the Case: Or, a full and true Account of the horrid Murders, Robberies and Burnings, committed at Bradtorten and Upton Snodsbury, in the County of Worcester; and of the Apprehension, Examination, Tryal and Conviction, of John Palmer, and Tho. Symonds, Gent. William Hobbins and John Allen, Labourers, for the said Crimes. To which is added, an account of the Occasion of the Bp. Of Oxford's going to the Prisoners after their Condemnation, and of his Lordship's whose Transaction with them; written by the said Bishop. Likewise, an account of what pass'd between the Ordinary and the Prisoners - And remarks on their dying Speeches. Publish'd on Occasion of a late imperfect, false and scandalous Libel, Entituled the Case of John Palmer and Thomas Symonds, Gent. who were executed, &c. By R.W. - Printed for Jonah Bowyer at the Rose in Ludgate-street, 1708.

REmov'd from the three Black-Birds in the Minories, into Bishopsgate-street, in Widegate-Ally, at the Sign of the White-Wing and Barbers-Pole. Is to be Sold, a never-failing Ointment that Cures the Gout, although the Parties be reduc'd to their Crutches, and that in two or three days time, having often been found true by Experience, to the great Ease and Comfort of many; it also cures Rheumatick Pains. Likewise a certain and infallible Cure for the Tooth-Ache, without Drawing, and so effectually, that the Pain will never return again, and not only so, but makes teeth as white as Ivory, and fastens those that are loose to Admiration.

THE Arraignment, Tryal and Conviction of Robert Fielding, Esq; for Felony in Marrying her Grace the Dutchess of Cleeaveland; his first Wife Mary Wadsworth being then alive. With Copies of the several Letters between Mr. Fielding and his first Wife Mrs Wadsworth, by the Name of Anne Countess of Fielding. As also all the Learned Arguments of the Queen's Council. Perused by one of the Judges present at the Tryal. And the Proceedings against him in the spiritual Court at Doctors Commons, with the Sentence given against him there. Printed for John Morphew near Stationers-Hall, 1708. price 1s.

ALL Melancholly and Hypochondriacal Distempers of Wind, with strange Fears, dismal Apprehensions, great Oppressions and Sinking of spirits (little understood, and seldom Cured by any common Means) also the most extreme Giddinesses, and Pains in the Head, Faintings, Tremblings, or any other Disorders arising from Vapours; are successfully cure (with God's Blessing) by a Physician well experience'd therein, and of more than 20 Years Practice in those deplorable Cases: who also Cures Convulsions and all other the most strange and violent Fits, if curable, which he informs on sight of their Water, Living next Door to Shadwell Coffee-House, in upper-Shadwell, near London: Where those that have occasion, and live remote, may direct their Letters, and they shall be speedily answer'd, or attended on if desired.

AN Infallible Cure for Ruptures or broken Bellies in Men, Women, and Children, with much Ease and Safety, by wearing of easy Spring-Trusses, the finest and lightest in Great Britain or Ireland. May be had at the White Wigg in Whitegate-Ally in Bishopsgate-street, London: Being made by one that has had great Experience.