Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 7.2, 23 October 2017), February 1722 (17220228).

Old Bailey Proceedings, 28th February 1722.

BEFORE the Right Honourable Sir WILLIAM STEWART , Kt. Lord. Mayor of the City of London; the Honourable Mr. Justice Powys and Mr. Justice Dormer; Sir William Thomson , Kt. Recorder; with several of His Majesty's Justice of the Peace For the City of London and County of Middlesex.

London Jury

Edward Gregg ,

John Lister ,

Richard Ward ,

James Shirley ,

William Jones ,

Stephen Austin ,

Thomas Jones ,

Edward Newman ,

Peter Moleson ,

Samuel Williams ,

Joseph Ward ,

James Wells .

Middlesex Jury.

Samuel Chase ,

William Distan ,

Samuel Harvy ,

Thomas Phillips ,

John Bush ,

Samuel Chandler ,

Matthew Thomlinson ,

Robert Chad ,

John Martin ,

John Philips ,

John Mills ,

William Gilmore .

Thomas Pitman , of St. Michael Crooked lane , was indicted for privately stealing out of the Shop of Thomas Coleman , 69 pound of Iron Wire, value 48 s. and 2 pound of Brass Wire, value 4 s. the Goods of Thomas Coleman , on the 8th of February last. It appear'd that the prisoner was stopt offering Wire to sale, and being examin'd, confest that he us'd to come to the Prosecutor's Shop to buy small quantities of Wire, and convey'd away the Goods in the Indictment. His Confession before Sir Francis Forbes was read in Court. Guilty to the value of 4 s. and 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Mary Yeomans , of St. Giles Cripplegate , was indicted for stealing out of the Dwelling House of John Lewis , five pound of Pork, a Cabbage Net, and other things . the Goods of John Lewis, on the 21st of Feb . last; and Sarah Prince and Margaret Greenwood for feloniously receiving the same, knowing them to be stole . It appear'd that Yeomans was a Chairwoman to Lewis. Who missing the Goods, charge'd her with stealing'em. Yeomans then sent word to Prince, at whose

House she lodg'd, to remove her Goods. Prince call'd Greenwood to assist her; and the Prosecutor going to Prince's House, met Prince and Greenwood on the Stairs with the Goods upon them. Prince and Greenwood in their Defence, said, they thought somebody was coming to seize Yeoman's Goods for Debt, and were going to secure'em. They called several to their Reputation. The Jury found Yeomans was guilty to the value of 10 d. and acquitted the other two.

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William Davis , of St. Botolph Billinsgate , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Watch and Chain, value 4 l. 1s. and 6 d. the Goods of Matth.ew Rook , on the 19th of January last. It appeared that the Prosecutor lost the Watch on board of a Ship at Fresh Wharf , of which he was Captain ; and charging the prisoner with it, be confest the Fact. His Confession before Sir Francis Forbes was read. Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

William Lee , of St. Katharine Creechurch , was indicted for feloniously stealing out of the House of Thomas Dunch , 4 Dozen of Leather Clogs, val. 5 l. and 7 pair of Shoes, value 20 s. the Goods of Thomas Dunch, on the 5th of February last. The Prosecutor depos'd, that he mist the Clogs, and heard that the prisoner (his Servant ) had offer'd some to sale, which he found at Mr. Ward's shop. John Ward depos'd, that he bought 8 pair of Clogs of the prisoner, which the Prosecutor swore to be his. The prisoners Confession before Sir Gerrard Conyers was read in Court, and some of the Clogs produced. Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

David Jones and Thomas Bird , of St. Giles Cripplegate , were indicted for feloniously stealing 4 Sacks, and 16 Bushels of Malt, value 40 s. on the 24th of February last, the Goods of Benjamin Jones . It appeared that 3 Carts were order'd to carry Malt from Mr. Atkins's, (at Paul's Wharf) to Mr. Templer's, in Oldstreet; and one of them coming through Jewen street, stood still, with four Sacks in it, and a Man was seen to deliver a Sack hard by. The Prosecutor upon search found 4 Sacks in the said House. The Maid Servant depos'd, that Bird askt her to let him leave a Sack there, which he did, and in 2 or 3 Hours brought in 3 more. David Jones then came in and drank with him. Mr. Atkins depos'd, that examining the 3 Carmen, he found none but Jones that went into Jewin Street, which was out of the way to Old street. This the Prosecutor confirm'd. Mr. Templer's Servant depos'd, that the Malt that was coming up that Day, came 2 Quarters short of what he expected. Bird own'd he took the Malt out of the Cart, but said it was by Jones's Order. Jones said he deliver'd all the Sacks he received at the Wharf, according to order; and that going through Jewin Street, Bird askt him to drink. He brought several to his Reputation. The Jury acquitted him, and found Bird guilty of Felony .,

[Transportation. See summary.]

Rebeccah Tims , of St. Nicholas Cole Abby , was indicted for privately stealing from the Person of Thomas Smith , a Watch and Chain, value 4 l. 4 s. on the 18th of January last. Thomas Smith depos'd, that about 11 at Night (the Moon shining) coming along Wood-street in his Boots, being just come from drinking, the prisoner and another Woman walk'd by his side; the other Woman left him, but the prisoner askt him to make her drink, or to go home to her Lodging, which she said was very convenient. That they both came to Old Fishsteer, where she left him, and soon after he mist his Watch. About 10 Days after he saw her come by a Door where he was collecting the Tax, but did not stop her, not being sure it was the same Woman; but seeing her again the next Day, he secur'd her. Whilst she was in Custody, her pretended Husband, and the Man at the Black Dog in Newgate street, told him, if he'd give a Bond not to prosecute her, he should have his Watch, and be indemnified for not prosecuting her. He had his Watch, and Bonds were given on both sides; but being inform'd, that if he did not prosecute her he must forfeit his Recognizances, he thereupon proceeded. The prisoner said, she never saw the Prosecutor till he apprehended her on London Bridge; and that she was sick in Bed at the time when he was rob'd. She was acquitted .

George Bishop , of St. Andrew Undershaft , was indicted for feloniously stealing out of the House of Timothy Sims , a Silver Tankard, value 10 l. the Goods of Timothy Sims, on the 16th of January last. It appear'd that the prisoner being drinking in Sims's House, the Tankard was mist, and the prisoner examin'd about it; who confest where he had put it, and it was found accordingly. The Tankard was produc'd in Court, and sworn to by the Prosecutor. The prisoner made the common Defence, that he was drunk, and knew not what he did, Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Reynolds Winter , of St.Magnes the Martyr , was indicted for privately stealing out of the Shop of John Siddal , 72 dozen of Bathmetal Rings, value 21 s. and 4 dozen of Sword Belt Locks, value 48 s. the Good's of John Siddal; and Susan Coats, Spinster , alias Barret, Widow , alias Winter , Wife of Reynolds Winter, was indicted for receiving, the same, knowing them to be stole . John Siddal depos'd, that the Goods were lost off his Compter while he was at Dinner; that he heard of'em after by means of Mr. Wass and Mr. Anderson. Mr. Wass depos'd, that Coats and Sarah Smith offer'd him some Rings to sale, which he stopt, and they were own'd by Mr. Siddal. William Anderson depos'd, that he bought some Belt Locks of Mr. Yeomans, which prov'd to be Siddal's. - Yeomans depos'd, that he and Winter going over London Bridge, Winter went in, and took the Goods off Mr. Siddal's Compter, and he and - Jackson, sold the Belt Locks to Anderson. Sarah Smith depos'd, that Yeomans left the Rings at her House, and Coats desired her to go with her to sell'em. and accordingly they went together to Wass's, Winter in his Defence said he bought the Goods of Yeomans, and sent Coats to sell'em for him. He was found guilty , and Susan Coats acquitted .

Reynolds Winter was a 2d time indicted for privately stealing out of the Shop of John Waterson , a Chints Gown value 42 s. and other Things , the Goods of Sarah Vaughan , on the 1st of January last. It appear'd that Waterson bring a Silk Dyer, had the Goods to clean, which were stole out of his Shop; and that the prisoner was observ'd, to be loitering about the Door. Thomas Yeoman depos'd, that he stood watching on the other side of the Way, whilst Winter went into the Shop, and took the Goods off the Compter, which they afterwards sold in Rag Fair. Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

James White , of St. Dunstan in the East , was indicted for feloniously stealing 40 pound of Tobacco, value 30 s. the Goods of William Dawkins . He was a 2d time indicted (of Alhallows Barkin ) for stealing 28 pound of Tobacco, value 20 s. the Goods of MICAJAH Perry , Esq ; on the 30th of November last. Mr. Smith depos'd, that seeing the prisoner, on the 8th of January, loitering about Porter's Key , be watch'd him, and took the Goods upon him. William Harrison depos'd, that November the 30th, between 6 and 7 in the Morning, he saw the prisoner and Langly, (convicted at a former Sessions) in Brewer's Key Gate-way, taking Tobacco out of a pair of Trowzers, and putting it into a Shirt. His Confession before Sir Francis Forbes was read. Guilty .

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Isaac Ingram , of St. Andrew Holbourn , was indicted for the Murder of Mary his Wife , by giving her one mortal Wound, of the length of half an Inch, and depth of 1 Inch, in the back part of the Head, with an Iron Poker , on the 26th of November last; of which she languish'd till the 24th of December following, and then died. He was a 2d time indicted on the Coroner's Inquisition for the said Murder. Margaret Bates depos'd. that about 9 or 10 in the Morning, hearing the Deceas'd cry out, she ran up Stairs, and met the prisoner at the Chamber Door, who said to her, for God's sake call a Surgeon, for I believe I have kill'd my Wife, that she saw the Deceased sitting on the Bed, with her Hands on her Head, who said, she freely forgave her Husband, and did not believe he threw the Poker with a design to strike her; advising all Women to forbear provoking Language; that the prisoner exprest a great deal of sorrow for the unhappy Accident. Mr. Kite depos'd, that the Deceas'd about 3 Weeks after the Accident, told him, her Husband and she had some Words in the Morning: that he depos'd her to come to Breakfast, which she refus'd, and after several entreaties, said, if I was sure to be killed for not coming, I would not come, using other provoking Words, and then sat down upon the Bed, behind the Curtain; that having the Poker in his Hand, he threw it towards her at random, and it unfortunately stuck in her Head. Other Witnesses depos'd, that the Deceased said she had provok'd him, and freely forgave him, and desired he might not be prosecuted. They added, that the prisoner was very good natur'd, and liv'd very lovingly with his Wife till this Accident. The Poker was produc'd in Court, was about half a Yard long, sharp at both ends, and not very thick. Mr. Sadler, the Surgeon, and his Servant, depos'd, that the Wound was prob'd about an Inch deep, the Poker having penetrated through both Tables of the Skull, and the Dura Mater, or first Membrane; that the Deceased said mild Symptoms for about 3 Weeks, but afterwards grew worse, and that they believ'd the Wound was mortal. The prisoner appear'd very much concern'd at the Bar. He said, that being in a Passion, and highly provok'd, he unadvisedly threw the Poker at random towards his Wife, who sat behind the Curtain, where he did not see her, and that he had no Malice against her, nor any design or thought of hurting her. Guilty of Manslaughter . Burnt in the Hand .

John Roberts , alias Lee , of St. Martin in the Fields , was indicted for assaulting Merey Coop on the Highway, and taking from her a Pocket, value 2 d. and 2 s. 6 d. 3 Farthings in Money , the Goods and Money of William Coop , on the 30th of January last. Merey Coop depos'd, that between 7 and 8 at Night, going along by the dead Wall at the Meuse , the prisoner and another run by her, who threw her down, and snatch'd her Pocket off. That a Chariot coming by, she cry'd out stop Thief, at which the prisoner made an offer to strike her, when 2 Men seiz'd him. Andrew Lloyd and George More depos'd, that hearing a Woman cry out, they came up, and saw the prisoner offering to strike her with one Hand, whilst he held the Pocket in the other; but they seiz'd him, and by the help of a Link found the Pocket, which he had thrown away. Other Witnesses confirm'd the same. The prisoner in his Defence said, that he was on the other side of the Way, which being disprov'd by the Witnesses, the Jury found him guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Sarah York , of St. Andrew Holbourn , was indicted for assaulting and privately stealing from Sarah Wilcox , 1 Guinea, and 5 s. on the 21st of February last. It appear'd that the Prosecutor and the prisoner lodg'd together; that the Prosecutor laid her Pockets on the Table, and the prisoner got up early the next Morning, and was seen to be very busy about'em. She went out, and the Prosecutor suspecting something, got up, and mist the Money. Guilty of Felony .

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Susan Ranse , of Finchley , was indicted for breaking the House of William Noble , and taking thence 4 Guineas, 2 half Guineas, and 15 s. on the 6th of Jan . last, in the Night . William Noble depos'd, that he went out about 3 in the Morning, and latch'd the Door after him, and at his return mist the Money, which he afterwards found in the prisoner's House; and particularly 1 half Guinea very much worn, which he had taken but the Day before. Elizabeth Ranse depos'd, that the prisoner, (as she believ'd by her Voice, which she endeavour'd to alter) came to her Bed side, and told her she'd cut her Throat, if she made a noise. She then open'd the Chest, and took the money away. Rebecca Baker depos'd, that that Morning the prisoner told her her brothers House was rob'd, and they threatned to cut the old Womans Throat. Thomas Walker depos'd, that a few days before the prisoner told him, she had found out her Mothers Hoard; That in the prisoners house he found a board of the Floor crakt and under it a Rag, and in the Rag a paper with the Money in the Indictment. The prisoner told them it was her own Money, and had lain there for 2 or 3 Weeks; but it happen'd that the Paper in which it was wrapt up, was a Letter which the night before, this Evidences Wife saw the prisoner write, to send to her Mother. Guilty of Felony .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Susan Thomson , of St. Brides , was indicted for privately stealing from John Seamer a Gold ring. value 8 s. on the 1st of February last, John Seamer depos'd that about 11 at night as he was making water in Fleet-street , the prisoner came and askt him to give her a Glass of Wine which he refus'd. With that she took fast hold of his hand, and as he struggled to part from her, he felt her pull the ring of his Finger; upon which he call'd the watch and secured her. The prisoner in her defence said, that the Prosecutor was drunk and as he was making water it being moonlight, she saw a Woman come and take hold of his Privities; he likewise taking hold of her hand. As she (the prisoner) came by them, he offer'd to put his hand up her Coats, but she thrusting his hand away he held her fast; and swore she had got his ring. and he'd hang her for it. The Jury acquitted her.

James Appleton , alias Appleby, alias John Doe , of St. Andrews Holbourn , was indicted for breaking and entring the House of Thomas Wedhal Esq; and taking from thence 3 Peruques, value 6 l. and a pair of Shoes, value 2 s, on the 1st of January last in the Night . Mark Pinkly depos'd, that coming to his Masters Chambers which he had left shut in Grays Inn , he found the Chamber door open, and the prisoner coming out; that Nicholas a Porter then came to his Assistance, and they carried him to the Lodge; that they mist 3 Wigs, 2 of which with a pair of Shoes they found at the Stocks, and Richard Jones standing by them. Richard Jones depos'd, that he and the prisoner finding Mr Wedhall's Chamber door standing a Jar, the prisoner went in and brought out the 2 Wigs and a pair of Shoes, which he hid behind the Stocks and waited there, while the prisoner made a further search; The 3 Wigs were produced in Court, and a Barber being sworn, valued them at but 4 s. Guilty 4 s. 10 d.

James Appleton , of St. Andrew Holbourn , was a 2d time indicted for breaking and entring the House of Alice Merchant , on the 19th of November last, in the night time; and taking from thence 2 suits of head Cloaths, 5 s. 6 Guineas, and other things , the Goods and Money of Alice Merchant. Alice Merchant depos'd, that about six on Sunday Night as she was sitting by the Fire in a back Kitchen, her house was broke open, and the Goods in the Indictment carry'd off. Richard Jones depos'd, that he and the prisoner going along Castle yard in Holbourn , saw the Prosecutors door standing a jar; Jones went into the entry and saw only one Woman within. Jones then broke the Shutter, and the prisoner took down a whole light of Glass, and heaving his body in at the Window, took out 2 boxes and 2 Books, and gave them to Jones who hid them. Jones being taken at the Robbery in Grays Inn, made himself an Evidence against the other. Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Thomas Smith , of St. Leonard Shoreditch , was indicted for feloniously stealing from off the Tenters, 9 Yards of Broad Cloath, value 40 s. the Goods of the East India Company , on the 27th of November last; about the hour of 12 at Night. It appear'd that 9 yards of green Cloth was cut off a Piece hanging on Mr. Cardels Tenter, November 27th. after 12 at Night, and delivered to Mr. Mayhew a Taylor by the prisoners order, and dy'd a dark brown; that it was found at the Taylors, and prov'd the same with the remaining piece on the Tenter. Edward Mears depos'd, that the prisoner said that Foster and Cummins, who abscond, had stole the Cloth, and he lent them 40 s. upon it. The prisoner in his defence, own'd he lent 40 s. to Foster and Cummin on the Cloth; but that he did not say they had stole it. Archibald Turner and Peter Nicholson depos'd, that they saw the prisoner at the Nags head on Snow Hill lend Foster and Cummins 40 s. on the Cloth, and they gave him a Note to repay it in a Month or forfeit the Cloth;

which Note (sign'd by these two Evidences) was produced in Court. Patrick Turner depos'd. that he came to Town November 24th. and lay every night with the prisoner till December the 5th. and never knew him stay out late. Another Evidence depos'd, that November 26. coming to settle Accompts with the prisoner, and staying till about 11 at night, the prisoner askt him to lie with him all night which he did, Turner lying likewise in the same room. The Jury Acquitted him.

George Duffus , who at the Sessions in December last was indicted for Assaulting and committing, in and upon the body of Nicholas Leader , the unnatural sin of Sodomy, on which the Jury brought in a special Verdict: was indicted for a high Crime and Misdemeanour in Assaulting, and Attempting to Commit in and upon the Body of Nicholas Leader, the unnatural sin of Sodomy . Nicholas Leader depos'd, that the prisoner (being in Bed with him) seiz'd him by the Throat, forcibly turn'd him on his face, and endeavour'd to commit the said crime upon him. The fact being plainly prov'd, the Jury found him Guilty .

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[Imprisonment. See summary.]

[Pillory. See summary.]

James Lanman , (aged 11) and Samuel Armstrong , alias Welshman , (aged 13,) of St. Martins in the Fields , were indicted for privately stealing out of the Shop of Simon Hansel , 1 silver snuff Box, value 20 s. the Goods of Simon Hansel , on the 25th of January last. Simon Hansel depos'd, that about 5 in the afternoon a Porter told him his shew Glass was rob'd, and that he mist snuff Boxes and other things to the value of 7 or 8 l. William Dee the Porter depos'd, that by a shoe cleaner's direction he took Lanman with a snuff Box in his Pocket, and next day Armstrong, Robin Drumman and Katherine Rider , coming to see Lanman in the Round House, were all apprehended. Katherine Rider depos'd, that coming by Charing Cress she went with Robin Drumman , Charles Lewis Simon , Kitty Weaver and the two prisoners Lanman and Armstrong to Mr. Hansell's; that she stood to Watch, whilst Armstrong lifted up the Glass, and Lanman took out the snuff Box. The Jury found them Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

James Lanman , was a 2d time indicted with Robert Drumman , of St. James Westminster , for privately stealing out of the Shop of Elizabeth Stockdel and Sarah Penn , 3 mother of Pearl patch Boxes, value 30 s. 2 silver snuff Boxes, 30 s. and other things the Goods of Elizabeth Stockdel and Sarah Penn, on the 2d of January last. Elizabeth Stockdel depos'd, she lost the Goods out of her shew Glass. Henry Bushel and George Harrison depos'd, that they took Robin Drumman and his Mother in Southwark. and took a silver Tobacco Box (the Goods of Mr. Hansel,) on Drummans Mother, to whom he own'd he sold several Goods that he stole. Katherine Rider depos'd, that Drumman told her, he and Lanman took out a good many Snuff Boxes out of a show Glass in St. James's Market, and sold them to his Mother: who knew where to dispose of them. Guilty

[Death. See summary.]

Robert Drumman , was a 2d time indicted (of St. Martins in the Fields,) for that he with Charles Lewis Simon and Kitty Weaver (not yet taken,) did privately steal out of the Shop of Simon Hansel , 3 silver snuff Boxes, value 40 s. and other things the Goods of Simon Hansel, on the 25th of January last. Katherine Rider depos'd, that the prisoner and the two others told her they had rob'd Mr. Hansel's shew Glass, and that it was left open. Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Elizabeth Pascal , of Stepney , was indicted for feloniously stealing out of the dwelling house of Sarah Dawson Widow , 3 Ells of Holland, value 3 l. and other Goods, and 4 Guineas and 10 s. in Money ; the Goods, and Money of Sarah Dawson Widow; It appear'd to be a scandalous Prosecution concerted by the prisoner's Husband, and Sarah Dawson, a married Woman, who had liv'd in open Adultery together. The Jury acquitted her.

Mary Townsend , of St. Giles Cripplegate , was indicted for stealing out of the House of George Herbert a pair of Stays, value 2 s. 6 d. a Riding-hood 3 s. 6 d. 5 dozen of Knives 5 s. a silver Spoon and Dram Cup 5 s. and other things the Goods of George Herbert , on the 11th of January last. It appeard that the prisoner was Nurse to the Prosecutors Wife in her lying in; and rising earlier than ordinary one morning went off with the Goods, some of which were afterward found upon her, Guilty to the value of 4 s. 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Susan Morgan , alias Evans, of St. James Westminster , was indicted for Feloniously stealing out of the House of Joel How , a silver Tumbler, value 11 s. and a Pewter Plate, value 8 d. the Goods of Joel How , on the 30th of January last. It appear'd that the prisoner sent the Prosecutor's Servant to draw a Pot of Beer, whilst the took the Goods, and offering them to sale, was stopt. The Jury found her guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Margaret Hatton , of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously stealing 3 Bushels of Coals, value 2 s. 6 d. the Goods of John Hollyhock . It appear'd that the prisoner took the Coals for the Prosecutor's use, and at the desire of the Prosecutor's Daughter. Acquitted .

Sarah Darrent , of White Chappel , was indicted for feloniously Stealing out of the House of Elizabeth Bradshaw , an Apron, value 2 s. a Handkerchief, 1 s. and 6 d. and other Things , the Goods of Eliz. Bradshaw. The Goods were taken upon her, and her Confession before Justice Perry was read in Court. Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Ann Shorter , of Stepney was indicted for Stealing out of the House of Emanuel Mitchel a suit of Drugget, val. 3 l. the Goods of Thomas Granger ; 13 Suits of Headcloaths, value 20 s. and other Things to the value of 12 l. the Goods of Jane Clark , on the 24th of November last. Mary Mitchel depos'd, that the Prisoner was a Servant in the House, and carried off the Goods when no body was at home. Mary Green depos'd, that she saw the Prisoner come out of the Prosecutor's House with a great Bundle of Cloaths. Being taken at the White Bear in Puddle-dock. She confest where she had pawn'd the Goods, offering to give Evidence against William Clark , a Pipemaker at Puddle-dock, with whom she kept Company, and who partook of the Money for which the Goods were pawn'd. Guilty to the value of 39 s.

[Transportation. See summary.]

John Andrews , alias Anderson , of St. Leonard Shoreditch . was indicted for privately Stealing out of the House of Joseph Welch . 20 Yards of Chequer'd Linnen, value 30 s. and other Things , the Goods of Joseph Welch, on the 13th of Jan . last; and Elizabeth Andrews , alias Anderson , of Stepney , for feloniously receiving the same, knowing them to be stole . It appear'd that the Prosecutor lost the Goods out of his Shop Window. Abina Lacheau and Joseph Lacheau depos'd, that the prisoner ask'd'em if they'd buy any Cloth and brought them to his Mother, who shew'd'em the Goods; they (the prisoners) both telling'em that they came from the Indies. Joseph Lacheau bought some Remnants for 10 s. 6 d. which being produc'd in Court, the Prosecutor swore to them. John Andrews in his Defence, said, he bought the Goods at Gosport, of a Sailor, that told him he brought'em from the Indies, and that his Mother knew nothing of the matter. He was found guilty to the value of 4 s. 10 d. and Eliz. Andrews was acquitted .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Thomas Justus of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for breaking and entering the Dwelling House of Edward Davis , and taking from thence; rough Looking Glass Plates, value 52 s. the Goods of John Martin and John Flower , on the 23d of Jan . last, in the Night . John King depos'd, that he rented a Celler in Davis's House. About 4 in the Morning the Watch call'd him up, and told him he was rob'd, and the Thieves taken. William Grove , Watchman, depos'd, that he saw the prisoner with 2 Glasses on his Shoulder, and Webster with one, near Clerkenwel. Webster then own'd the Fact, but is since dead. The prisoner said Webster bind him to carry'em. He brought several Persons to his Reputation. The Jury acquitted him.

William Burridge , alias Berridge , of St. Martin in the Field , was indicted for feloniously Stealing a Bay Gelding, val.8 l. the Goods of Will. Wragg , on 23. of Jan . last. Mr. Brecknock depos'd that he receiv'd a Letter from Mr. Wragg, to inform him that he had lost his Horse, (which Horse Mr. Brecknock had often seen.) Soon after he saw the prisoner ride by the end of Bond-street upon that very Horse. They dog'd him to the Falcon Inn, where going to seize him he pluck'd out a Pistol, and swore if they touch'd him he'd shoot'em through the Head; by which means he escap'd into the Fields, where he was at last taken. In his Defence, he said, he bought the Horse at the RoyalOak in Leicester. William Strickland depos'd, that he came to the Royal Oak at Leicester, on a Monday in the Evening, where he saw the prisoner and one Mr. Hill making a Bargain about a Horse. The prisoner paid 12l. to Mr. Hill, and Hill gave a Receipt for the Money, which he saw the Maid sign. Elizabeth Ashworth depos'd, that Strickland came to lodge at her Mistress, the Royal Oak at Leicester, on the Night when the prisoner bought the Horse. That she that Night saw the prisoner pay 12 l. in Gold to Thomas Hill for the Horse, and she her Self Sign'd the Receipt. The Receipt was

then produc'd in Court, dated January the 6th, which fell out on a Saturday. Besides, the Horse was in the Prosecutor's possession till the 23d of Jan. and therefore could not be sold to the prisoner on the 6th. Upon these apparent Perjuries Strickland and Ashworth were order'd into Custody, and the prisoner was found guilty of the Indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

Susan Stuart , alias Murrel, alias Smith , of St. Dunstan in the West , was indicted for feloniously Stealing out of the House of Stephen Hodges , a Diamond Ring, value 3 l. and other Goods , on the 12th of November last. It appear'd that the prisoner was a Servant in the House, and the Goods being mist, upon examination confest she had taken the Table-Cloth, and a pair of Sheets, and lent'em to Mrs. Meyric. Meyric depos'd, that the prisoner gave her the Sheets and Table-Cloth, telling her she had'em from her Mother in the Country. None of the other Goods were prov'd upon her. Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

John Starky , of St. Botolph Aldgate , was indicted for feloniously Stealing 3 Dozen of Worsted Stockings, value 75 s. the Goods of William Roberts . It appear'd that the Prosecutor lay with the prisoner at an Inn in Canterbury , and left his Pack in their Bed-Chamber. That he mist the Goods, and took the Prisoner in London with a pair of Stockings in his possession, which the prosecutor swore to. Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Elizabeth Abbot , alias Hall, alias Harris , of St. Martin in the Fields , was indicted for breaking the Dwelling House of Tho. Bird , and taking thence 2 Shirts, value 6 s. and other Goods , on the 20th of January last. It appear'd that whilst the Prosecutor was gone out to work, his Room was rob'd. That 2 Women were apprehended at Kensington on suspicion; whither he went, and found the Goods on the Prisoner, who was one of'em. Guilty to the value of 10 d. only.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Sarah Breary , of St. Stephen Coleman Street , was indicted for feloniously Stealing half a Guinea from the Person of William Williams , on the 16th of Jan . last. William Williams depos'd, that he came to put up some Hanging at Mr. Lucans; that the prisoner put a pair of clean Sheets upon Mr. Lucan's Bed, and said to him, What would you give to lie upon such a Bed with a good Bedfellow? He answer'd, half the Money in his Pocket, and he Pluckt out; half a Guinea. Let me see, says she, 'tis not being but a Sixpence, and snatching it from him, ran down Stairs, and he after her. That he saw her no more till 4 or 5 Days after, her Husband having before arrested him an 100 l. Action. He then took out a Warrant against her. The Prisoner in her Defence said, that when they were alone, the Prosecutor offer'd her Snuff, then a Snuff Box; aftewards to present her with a pair of Damask Pockets, all which the prisoner refus'd. That he solicited her to leave her Husband, and he would give her 5l. and maintain her handsomely. That she inform'd her Husband, who arrested him in an Action of 100l. upon which the Prosecutor brought this Indictment. Mr. Lucan depos'd, that the prisoner had been his Servant 3 quarters of a Year, that hearing the Prosecutor had affronted her, he dismist him his Service, who was afterwards arrested by Breary for assaulting his Wife. The Jury acquitted her, and the Court Granted her a Copy of her Indictment.

Mary Dallet , of St. Giles Cripplegate , was indicted for privately Stealing from the Person of Richard Marsh , 15 Guineas, and 5 s. in Money , on the 9th of February last. William Armstead produc'd a Purse, and depos'd, that he took it, with half a Guinea, from the prisoner, which, he said, the Prosecutor swore to be his. But the Prosecutor, Richard Marsh, not appearing, the Jury acquitted her.

Alice Beck , was indicted for Misdemeanour, for that she did utter, expose, and offer to Sale, with an intent to defraud Thomas Merry , 5 Ounces of Silver, Tin, Lead, and other Metals, Mixt together, instead of good Silver, knowing the same be conterfeit . Thomas Merry depos'd, that the Prisoner had often sold him Burnt Silver for 5 s. 4 d. and Ounce. That his Refiners told him that it was not half Silver, upon which he Stopt the prisoner, and discover'd the Mixture. The prisoner pleaded, that she bought the Silver of an Earthen-ware Woman, not knowing it to be bad; and that Merry, (which he own'd) offer'd to make it up if she could raise 20 l. and that he now had her Rings in his possession, as part of payment. Guilty .

[Fine. See summary.]

Margaret Latten , of St. Peter Cornhil , was indicted for feloniously stealing 2 pair of Stockings, and other Things of small value , the Goods of Thomas Farmer , on the 2d of January last. Two Witnesses depos'd that the Prosecutor's Wife gave the Goods to the prisoner; and the Prosecution appearing malicious, the Jury acquitted her.

John Wells , of Whitechappel , was indicted for feloniously Stealing out of the Dwelling House of Edward Curtis , a Silver Tankard, value 7 l. on 8th of February last. It appear'd that the Prisoner being drinking in the Prosecutor's House, went by the Bar into the Yard. The Tankard was immediately mist, and found in his Hand at the Back-door, and a Pistol (but not charged) in his Pocket. The Prisoner in his Defence said, that he went to make Water, not knowing of the Way out backward, and took the Tankard in his Hand for fear it should be Stole; and that he carried the Pistol for fear of Bailiffs. He called several to his Reputation, but they gave him no extraordinary Character. The Jury acquitted him.

Mary Harman , of St. Sepulchres , was indicted for feloniously Stealing out of the House of John Harly , 2 Gold Rings, value 20 s. a Thimble, 2 s. a Smelling Bottle. 2 s. and 6 d and 15 s. in Money , on the 7th of February last. It appeard that the prisoner was a Servant to the Prosecutor, and went away with the Goods, which were found upon her. She confest the Fact, and the Jury found her guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Thomas Humphryson , of St. Andrew Holbourn , was indicted for feloniously Stealing a Watch, value 3 l. and 2 pair of Breeches, value 10 s. the Goods of Richard Kildale , on the 6th of February last. Richard Kildale depo'd, that the prisoner and he lay together; the prisoner got up first, and went away with the Goods, and was taken with one pair of Breeches upon him. He confest he pawn'd the Watch to one Nichols, in Barbican, for 35 s. which the Pawn-broker confirm'd. In his Defence he said, that the Prosecutor was drunk, and gave him the Watch voluntarily. Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Thomas Plowman , of St. Andrew Holborn , was indicted for feloniously Stealing out of the House of William Whitehead , II Yards of Sattin, value 9l. the Goods of Edward Clark , on the 11th of December last. He confest it at the Bar, but said he was drunk when he did it. Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

John Phillips , of St. James Clerkenwel , was was indicted for feloniously Stealing a Cloth Coat, val. 7 s. the Goods of Robert Quincy , on the 25th of Jan . last; but the Evidence not being Sufficient, the Jury acquitted him.

Richard Stanborough , alias Hall , of Ickingham , was indicted for breaking the House of Robert Viner , Esq ; and taking thence a Coat and Wastcoat, value 18 s. and other Things, and the 9th of January last, in the Night time . William Rand and Thomas Jenkins depos'd, that the prisoner had been emply'd at Mr. Viner's as a Day Labourer For about 5 Days. That about 3 in the Morning they suddenly mist him and their Cloths. About a Fortnight after they took him at Brentford, with a pair of the Breeches upon him. In his Defence at the Bar, he deny'd that he was ever at Mr. Viner's in his life or ever saw any of the Evidences before. The Jury found him guilty of Felony .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Elizabeth Lambert , of St. Ann Westminster , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Gown and Petticoat, value 30 s. the Goods of Jane Stone , on the 21st of February last. It appear'd that the Goods were Stolen out of the Prosecutor's Loding. She found'em expos'd to sale in Middle-Row, and from thence trc'd out the prisoner, who confest the Fact. Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Richard Stanford , was indicted for feloniously taking to Wife Mary Langham , Spinster , on the 9th of November last. his former Wife Ann Rasberry , being then living . William Tipping depos'd, that on the 18th of April, 1714 he married Richard Stanford, of Cottingham, in Northamptonshire, Carpenter , and Ann Rasberry, of Lambeth, Spinster; and that he entered the same in his Book, which he produc'd in Court, but Could not be positive the prisoner was the Man. William Field depos'd, that he married Ann Rasberry's Sister, and had known the prisoners and his first Wife for 5 or 6 Years past. That his Name was Richard Stanford , that he came from Northamptonshire was a Carpenter by Trade, Liv'd with Ann Rasberry as his Wife, and had one Child by her. Last August Ann Rasberry came to his House, very ill of the Foul Disease, from whence she went to her Friends in the Country. That he receiv'd a Letter from her last Janaury, just as the prisoner came to ask him how his Wife did - Mary Langham depos'd, that she was married to the prisoner at St. Brides Church , on the 9th of November last. The prisoner in his Defence, own'd that he was married to Mary Langham; that he had cohabited with Ann Rasberry, but never was married to her - Afterwards, he said, she was dead before he married Mary Langham; but not proving any thing, he was found guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Mary Dun , Mary Rivington , and Ann Collins , were indicted for wilful and corrupt Perjury, in giving false Evidence against Elizabeth Juston , in this Court , on the 31st of May last, when an Indictment was exhibited against the said Elizabeth Juston, for feloniously Stealing the Goods of John Collins , to the value of 30 s. But the Copy of the said indictment not being produc'd, the Jury acquitted the Prisoners.

Robert Parker , was indicted for Subornation of Perjury , but no Evidence appearing, the Jury acquitted him.

James Butler , was indicted for assaulting Elizabeth Pember on the 12th of January . Elizabeth Pember depos'd, that as she was standing at her own Door, (the Greyhound in West Smithfield ) about 8 at Night, the prisoner came by, and pull'd her by the Arm. Go along Blockhead (says she) its very bard if I can't stand at my own Door. Who do you call Blockhead, ye Bitch you? says he, and lifting up his Fist, he struck her in the Face. beat out one of her Teeth, and put her Thumb out of joint, she holding up her Hand to ward off the Blow. The prisoner said he was drunk, and happen'd to reel against her, and she call'd him blockheadly Thief; which he being very much affronted at, gave her a slap of the Face. He was at first fin'd 10 l. and 3 Years Imprisonment; but upon Mrs. Pember's Entreaty , the Court diminish'd it to 5 l. and 1 Years Imprisonment .

John Smith , alias King , of Stepney , was indicted for breaking the Dwelling of John Holland , and taking from thence a Wastcoat, val. 3 s. 2 Shirts, val. 6 s. and other Things, on the 18th of September last, in the Night time . John Holland depos'd, that coming home about 7 in the Evening, he found his Window broke open. and some of his Goods gone; and that the prisoner had own'd to him just before, he was the Man who committed that Robbery. This prisoner was order'd to be sent to Gloucester, there to be try'd for several Robberies on the Highway; but there being a great many cast for their Lives this Sessions, and the prisoner being a lusty Fellow, the Court was inform'd that this was a Contrivance to prevent his going to Gloucester; that so by being condemn'd here, he might assist them in their Design of making and escape. Upon which the Court directed the Jury to find him not guilty , and the Keepers to secure him.

Matth.ew Cusworth , alias Cutsworth , of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously Stealing out of the House of Henry Roberts , 5 pair of Hinges, value 15 s. 3 Quarts of Turpentine Oil. 2 Locks 2 s. 2 Iron Bars, 13 s. and 6 Bolts. 2 s. on the 28th of July last, in the 7th Year of the King. The Prosecution appear'd so malicious that the Court did not give the Prisoner the prisoner the trouble of making his Defence. The Jury acquitted him; and he pray'd a Copy of his indictment, which was immediately granted.

Jane Gerrard , of St, Margaret Westminster , was indicted for feloniously Stealing out of the House of Ann Webb , 2 Flanders lac'd Pinners, and other Things, to the value of 13 l. the Goods of Katherine Greenaway , on the 27th of March , in the 7th Year of His Majesty's Reign. The indictment being laid before the last Act of Grace, she receiv'd the Benefit of the same, and was acquitted .

Peter Pitman , of St. Ann Westminster , was indicted for feloniously Stealing 2 Gouges, value 20d. a piece of Wood, 4 s. and other Things , the Goods of Peter Cuff . Mary Dehammel depos'd, that the Prosecutor being gone out to work, the prisoner came in his Name for the Goods mentioned in the indictment, which she let him take. The prisoner confest the Fact at the Bar, and said the Prosecutor might have his Goods again, for he had not sold'em. Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

John Keeble , of Whitchurch , was indicted for feloniously stealing 2 Coats value 10 s. and pair of Breeches , the Goods of Peter Hall , on the 10th of Jan last; to which indictment he pleaded guilty .

William Edwards , was indicted for breaking and entring the House of John Briscoe , and taking from thence a Gold Ring set with Diamonds, value 30 l. a Gold Ring, 8 s. 33 Guineas, 1 Five-Guinea piece, and 35 s. in Money, on the 19th of October last, about the Hour of 9 in the Morning; to which indictment he pleaded guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Sarah Carter . of St. James Clerkerwel , was indicted for feloniously Stealing out of the House of Eustace Miles , 2 Looking Glasses, value 5 s. and 1 Sheet, val. 1 s. the Goods of Eustace Miles, on the 25th of October last. The Evidence not being to sufficient to fix it on the prisoner, the Jury acquitted her.

Elizabeth Harrison , and Rebecca Watkins , of St. Giles in the Fields , were indicted for privately stealing from the person of John Barter , 3 l. 5 s. 6 d. in Money , on the 3rd of February last. John Barter depos'd, that between 10 and 11 at night he met the prisoners, who overpersuaded him to go with them to a Brandy shop in St. Andrews-street : Harrison call'd for Geneva and grew very familiar with his Breeches: that he felt her hand in his Pocket which he pull'd out, and putting his own hand and feeling some money, did not think she had rob'd him; but when he came home missing the sum in the Indictment, he found out the prisoners, and committed them to the Round-house. Harrison said, if he had lost so much Money, some of it must be dropt, for it was more than she took. Harrison in her defence said, that the Prosecutor call'd for a quartern of Geneva, for which he gave a Shilling to change, and gave her 8 d. he had out of it; he then beckon'd her to the door, and ask'd her to go and lie with him for that 8 d. but she refusing, he swore he'd be reveng'd of her, and fetch'd a Constable, Being askt if she could call any body to her reputation; yes, says she, here's this Gentlewoman (pointing to her fellow prisoner) knows me to be very honest, Harrison was found Guilty to the value of 10d. but the Evidence not reaching Watkins, she was acquitted .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Edward Bird of St. Michael Queenhith , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Kilderkin of Ale, value 25 s. the Goods of Samuel Calcot , on the 13th of October last, and David Roberts , was indicted for feloniously receiving the same, knowing it to be stoln . It appear'd that the prisoner Roberts, and the Prosecutor Calcot used to keep Oxford Ale for sale in a Cellar, and that Bird, Robert's Servant, by mistake put one of Calcot's Kilderkins among his Masters, but finding his mistake own'd it presently. The Jury acquitted them, and the Court granted them a Copy of their Indictment.

Ann Hill , of St. Botolph Aldersgate , was indicted for feloniously stealing a pair of Stays, and other things the Goods of Richard Tracy , on the 19th of January last. The Pawn broker depos'd, she received some of the Goods in the prisoners name, but the Prosecutor desired her to let the Goods lye in his own Name; The Prosecution appear'd intirely malicious, she was acquitted .

John James , alias Eaton, alias John the Grinder , Thomas Picket , and Henry Avery , of St. Bartholomew the Great , were indicted for Assaulting Elizabeth Knowles on the Highway; and taking from her a silk Pocket, value 1 s. a Watch and Chain 5 l. 5 s. a Snuff Box, 13 s. and other things , on the 17 of January last. Elizabeth Knowles depos'd, that between 6 and 7 at Night, somebody came behind her in Long Lane and kick'd her leg, and snatch'd her Pocket off; that applying her self to Jonathan Wild , he took the prisoners, and he helpt her to the Watch. Thomas Eades alias Eaves depos'd, that he and the 3 prisoners committed the Fact; Eades strove to knock her down, Picket snatch'd the Pocket and gave it to James. Eades pawn'd the Watch for a Guinea, and they shar'd the Money. Jonathan Wild depos'd, that he went in search of John the Grinder to Crown Court in St. Giles's: that Eaves seeing him, stood against the Door, but Wild threatning to fire was let in, and found the Grinder hid under the Bed, and secur'd him and Eaves; that Eaves own'd he had snatch'd a Pocket with a Watch in it, in Long Lane, in company with the Grinder, Picket and Avery: upon this he apprehended Picket and Avery whom he knew to be old snatch Pockets; That they afterwards confest that they design'd to become Evidences, if they were not already Impeach'd. Some Witnesses appear'd for the Grinder who knew little of him, but gave a good Character of his Father and Mother. Several spoke for Picket, and said he was a Hackney Coachman, and if he was guilty they believed he was very lately drawn in. Many gave Avery an extraordinary Character: said he was a Bricklayer , and was always known to be very careful and industrious. Avery was Acquitted , and the two other found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Frances Lacey , of St. Margaret Westminster , was indicted for feloniously stealing out of the House of Richard Austin , 20 Gallons of Geneva, value 39 s. on the 10th of August last. She was a 2d time indicted for feloniously stealing out of the House of Richard Austin, 9 s. and 6 d. on the 20th of August last. The Prosecutor's Daughter, Mary Pew , depos'd, that about two Years ago, she met the prisoner on her Father's Stairs with a Pail of Geneva in her hand: who threatned to kill her if she told her Father: that she saw her Ten or a Dozen times in the same manner: another time she saw her take 9 s. out of her Father's Drawer: that she conceal'd it for fear of the prisoner, and acquainted her Father with it the Wednesday before. The prisoner pleaded, that Pew had quarrel'd with her, and accus'd her out of Spite. Several appear'd to her Reputation. She was acquitted .

William Good , of St. Andrew Holbourn , was indicted for Assaulting Margaret Kemp on the Highway, and taking from her a silk Handkerchief, value 3 s. 6 d. on the 6th of January last. Margaret Kemp depos'd, that going along Holbourn about 9 at Night, her Handkerchief was snatch'd off her Neck: she cry'd out, and saw the Thief run into Stichbourn Court, and thence cross the way into Red Lyon Street. The Handkerchief was found about the prisoner's Neck; which the Prosecutor and another swore positively to. The prisoner in his defence said, that standing at his stall in Stichbourn Court: and seeing the Mob running, he ran after them into Red Lyon Street, and coming back found the Handkerchief on the ground; he shew'd it to his Wife and a publick company in an Ale-house that same Night. Thomas Hall depos'd, that the prisoner was standing at his Stall, when the Woman cry'd stop Thief and the Mob run by, and he ran after them. William Rose depos'd, that he saw the prisoner take up the Hankerchief. He was acquitted .

Mary Bruce , alias Robinson , Charity Withard and Honour Robinson , of St. Martin in the Fields , were indicted for feloniously stealing a Damask Chair seat, value 5 s. the Goods of Robert Mitchel , on the 21st of January last. The 2 Chairmen depos'd, that about 12 at Night as they were drinking at an Alehouse, the seat was stole out of their Chair. The watchmen depos'd, that some Women call'd them in the Privy Garden, and shew'd them the seat of the Chair, which they said they found between the two Gates. Several appear'd to the reputation of the prisoners; and the Jury acquitted them.

Thomas Hutchins , of St. Martin in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Saw, value 5 s. the Goods of Daniel Jones , on the 1st of this instant . It appear'd that while the Prosecutor was at dinner, the prisoner came, took the Saw off the Bench, put it under his Coat, and was going away with it, but was stopt by one that watch'd him. Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Elizabeth Bower , of St. Andrew Holbourn , was indicted for feloniously stealing 21 pair of Shoes, value 55 s. and a pair of Clogs, value 8 d. the Goods of John Hannel , on the 2nd of December last. John Hannel depos'd, that he had lost the Shoes at several times, and upon enquiry found them at Robert's shop. Winifred Roberts depos'd, that she bought them of the prisoner. The prisoner in her defence said, that her Husband who was Hannels Journyman brought them to her, and told her his Master had turn'd them upon his hands; and when she was apprehended for the fact, he ran away from her. The Jury acquitted her.

Charles Mac-cave , Edward Dun , and Edward Galloway , of St. Paul's Covent Garden , were indicted for a Misdemeanor in Riotously assaulting several Constables, in the execution of their Office ; on the 21st of December last. Thomas Burt Constable, produced a Warrant for Searching Gaming Houses, sign'd by 10 Justices of the Peace, and deposed that in execution of that Warrant he with Jeffery Nash and George Cartwright both Constables (since dead) and several others, came to Mr.Vandernans House in Playhouse passage Drury-lane , where they found the Door open, and endeavouring to enter were driven back with drawn Swords; that those within broke open the Window shutter and threw Brickbats, Ale-house Pots, and a Chamber Pot, at the Constables. The Proclamation was read, and those within cry'd A T - d of your Proclamation. The Guards were then sent for, and 4 Soldiers came; one of which went in at the Window, and coming round to the Door let in the rest; they left two Soldiers to guard the Door, but Burden and Ringrose pretending to be Officers, and commanding the Soldiers away, the Mob then cry'd out the Colonels came, and the Soldiers are going; - Edward Vaughan deposed that being charg'd to assist the Constables, he came to Vandernans, and found the outer Door and the Hatch within open, he and Mr. Cartwright coming to the inward Hatch saw above 20 Men gaming, who cry'd out D - n ye we're all taken, put out the Candles and draw your Swords; which they did, and forc'd him back, and as he was retiring his Coat fasten'd in the Hatch; over which they made Passes at him with their Swords, but at last tearing his Coat he crawld on his hands and knees to the outward Door, where he saw Galloway coming down the Passage, who said to him G - d D - n ye there is not a Man among ye! and bidding him go about his business, he replied, I've as much business here as you, for you're a part of informing Dogs, and ought to have your Brains beat out. The Proclamation was then read, and Galloway said. D - -n you and your Proclamation too! - Come but over the Kennel in Drury-lane, and I'll give you what you deserve. In about three quarters of an Hour he said, half a dozen lusty Fellows would beat you all? calling them informing Dogs, Rogues and Raseals. About 10 days after he was carried before a Justice for the same Riot. He said he knew the Prisoner again perfectly well; and that Galloway confest to him at Justice Vaughan's that he was in the Riot. - Proclamation was made and Mr. Cartwright askt those within if they'd surrender, who answer'd Ay D - n ye if you'll have our Swords in your Guts! - After the Constables were entered they shut the outer Door but the Mob beat so violently against it that the Nails were almost forc'd out of the Hinges. Ringrose and Burden came pretending to the Officers, and Ringrose struck this Evidence several times with his Cane. Martha Williams deposed that being in Playhouse Passage, she saw Mr. Vaughan take Galloway by the Arm and bring him out; that Galloway said, There's not a Man among ye, you're all a pack of informing Rogues? that Mr. Vaughan desir'd he'd go about his business; you Rascal (says Galloway) you dare not see me on t'other side of the way! - The Proclamation was read, and Galloway there upon lifting up his left hand cry'd a T - d of your Proclamation, I have heard it twice already but don't value it. Further, that he made a great disturbance there, being very busy and abusive, that she likewise saw Dun there standing at the head of a Mob, and heard him say; if half a dozen brisk young Fellows would but go down with him; he'd clear the Place of them all! that she took such particular notice of Galloway and Dun, (Dun especially, whom she saw 2 days after) that she was certain the Prisoners were the Persons. Robert Rook deposed that when the Constables came, the Gamesters were playing at Dice, that the outer door was open, but the Hatch was shut, before the Constables could get in, Mac-cave cry'd out D - n it put out the Candles, here's the Informers. Stand by me and we'll keep them out. The Candles were put out: Maccave drew his Sword, and made passes over the Hatch; says Rook, the Constables seem very strenuous, let them come in, perhaps they're come in search of some particular Person. Maccave reply'd D - n ye, the first that offers to come in or go out, or to mention any ones Name; I'll run my Sword thro him. Brickbats and other things were thrown out of the Window, that he knew Mac-cave very well, having often Gam'd with him. Charles Depontu deposed that when the Constables came, the Candles were put out, he saw Mac-cave draw his Sword and making several Passes at Vaughan forced him back. The Constables askt them if they'd surrender, and Maccave said, come here and I'll surrender with my Sword in your Body - A Constables staff was broke and the Constables forc'd to retire; Brickbats and Alehouse Pots &c. were thrown at them out of the Window, that he had gamed with Mac cave and knew him very well; and that he had known Vandernans to be a common Gaming House for 9 Years past; being cross examin'd he said he was apprehended for one of the Rioters; and as such, had been kept in the Gatehouse ever since. John Randal , the Box-keeper at Vandernans, deposed that the Gamesters were playing at Hazard, the outward Door open: but the Hatch within was shut, before the Constables could pass it: the Candles were put out, and Mac-cave had a drawn Sword in his hand, that the Door was open'd to let out one Butler a reputed Highwayman, and that he had known Vandernans to be a Gaming house 8 or 9 Years past; George Stewart deposed the Gamesters were at Hazard when the Constables came, the Candles were put out, Mac-cave made Passes over the Hatch with his drawn Sword and swore none should go out or come in; they were askt to surrender, and somebody answer'd: yes, we'll surrender with our swords in your guts. He had known Vandernans, to have been a common Gaming house 3 Years. Several Witnesses said, that the Riot lasted from 11 at Night, till two in the Morning.

The prisoner's Council, in their Defence, call'd Mr. Leach and his Wife, and Ralph Ayres , who depos'd, that Dun and Galloway came into a Brandyshop opposite to Playhouse Passage, soon after the Riot began; and staid there till 2 in the Morning; except that they went out together for 10 Minutes. Ann Lewis depos'd, that Dun was no Gamester, but a laborious industrious Man. commonly working till late at Night at his Business, which was Peruke making. For Mr. Maccave, they call'd Mr. Heybourn, Mrs. Heybourn, and Mary Hudson , who liv'd in Vandernan's House, and they depos'd, that Maccave, about half an Hour before the Gun was fir'd, came up stairs, and got out of a Window over the Houses. Jane Lloyd depos'd, that about that time a Man came in at her Garret Window, which she found afterwards to be Maccave

The King's Council, by way of Reply, read Galloway's Confession before Justice Wickham, in which he own'd, that about 12 at Night he saw Mr. Freeman in the Crowd, who pull'd Dun along with him, and they all three went to Leach's Brandyshop; and that they all went backwards and forwards betwixt that Shop and Vandernan's, several times during the Riot. Mr. Williams then depos'd, that the Gun was not fir'd till 2 a Clock, which was just at the close of the Riot. The Jury found them all guilty .

[Fine. See summary.]

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

[Provide sureties for good behaviour. See summary.]

John Roberts , of St. Margaret Westminister , was indicted for feloniously stealing out of the House of John Wallen , 9 Half-Peck Loaves , on the 16th of Feb . last. It appeared the prisoner was Journeyman to the Prosecutor (a Baker ) and sold the Loaves at several times for 6 d. a piece, to James Jordan in Kingstreet. He confest it at the Bar. Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

John Chairs , and James Chairs . of St. Margaret Westminster were indicted for feloniously stealing a Trunk, value 5 s. a Sheet, 1 s. a Petticoat, 5 s. and 14 s. in Money , the Goods and Money of Mary Charwel , on the 4th of February last. It appeared that the Prosecutor was kept by the Parish, and was Grandmother to the prisoners; who taking an opportunity when the poor Woman was a-bed, carried away her Trunk, and the other Goods in it, some of which were afterwards found upon 'em. Guilty to the value of 10 d. each .

[Transportation. See summary.]

James Presman , alias Pritman , of St. James Westminster , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Horse Pannel, value 4 s. the Goods of John Boswell , on the 15th of February last. It appear'd that the Prosecutor lost the Pannel (or Pack-Saddle) out of his Stable, where it was lock'd up the preceding Night, and that it was taken upon the prisoner. His Confession before Justice Blany was read: Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Edward Jones , of St. Sepulchres , was indicted for feloniously stealing 22 Silver Buttons, value 10 s. the Goods of Richard Brangwin , on the 24th of September last. Richard Brangwin depos'd, that he had 22 Plate Buttons on his Breeches, which were stolen while he was in the Poultry Compter. Richard Salgrove depos'd, that going to the Prosecutor's House, in the Old Baily, he saw the prisoner alone, cutting the Buttons off the Prosecutor's Breeches; and asking him why he did so, he bid him meddle with his own Business. The prisoner in his Defence said, that Dining at the Prosecutor's House, he heard he was in the Compter, and that he had sent order to his Wife to remove all his Plate, (all which the Prosecutor own'd;) his Wife being in haste, defir'd him to help her cut off the Buttons, which he did, and gave them to her before he went out of the Room. this was confirm'd by the Prosecutor's Wife. Several Gentlemen appear'd in the Prisoner's behalf, who gave him a good Character. The Prosecution appearing to be malicious, the Jury acquitted him, and the Court granted him a Copy of his Indictment.

Mary Harris , alias Wyatt , of St. Andrew Holbourn , was indicted for feloniously stealing out of the House of Henry Symson a Shirt, value 2 s. a Smock, 2 s. and a Scarf, 10 s. the Goods of Henry Symson, on the 29th of November last. She was a 2d time indicted for feloniously stealing a silver Spoon, value 5 s. a gold Locket, 30 s. the Goods of GERTRUDE Tuck , on the 30th of December last; to both which Indictments she pleaded Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Edward Clackston . of St. Sepulchres was indicted for feloniously stealing out of the dwelling house of Dryden Leach , 100 quire of printed Paper, value 17 l. on the 1st of October last. Mr. Leach depos'd, that moving his Goods at Michaelmas last; the prisoner (who was his Errand boy ,) had an opportunity of being often in his Warehouse; from whence (as he confest,)he had at several times convey'd away the Goods mention'd in the Indictment. One of the Prosecutors Servants depos'd, that he met the prisoner coming out of the Warehouse with a great bundle of printed Paper, which he (seeing this Evidence,) then left behind the Door. William Leonard depos'd, that he heard the prisoner confess the Fact; and name the several places where he had sold the Goods, which upon enquiry they found to be true. Jonathan Ely depos'd, that he bought 7 or 8 quire of the prisoner for waste Paper, at 2 d. half penny a quire. The prisoner said nothing in his Defence: and the Jury found him Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment as followeth;

Receiv'd Sentence of Death, 12.

George Bishop , Edward Claxton , Reynolds Winter, John James , alias Eaton, alias John the Grinder, James Lanman , Thomas Picket , James Appleby , alias Appleton, alias John Doe , Samuel Armstrong , alias Welsbman. John Roberts , alias Lee, William Burridge , alias Berridge, William Edwards , Robert Drumman , Thomas Plowman .

Burnt in the Hand, 4.

Peter Jugular , and Alice Leaky , (both these Convicted last Sessions) Richard Stanford , Isaac Ingram .

To be Transported, 29.

Thomas Pitman , Mary Yeomans , William Davis , William Lee , Thomas Bird , James White , Mary Townsend , Elizabeth Harrison , Sarah York , Susan Ranse , Susan Morgan , alias Evans, Sarah Darrent , Ann Shorter , John Andrews , alias Auderson, Thomas Justus , Susan Stuart , John Starky , Elizabeth Abbot , MAry Harman, Thomas Humpbryson , Richard Stanborough , Elizabeth Lambert , Peter Pitman , John Roberts , John Chairs , James Chairs , James Presman , alias Pritman, Thomas Hutchins , Mary Harris

James Butler , Fin'd 5 l. and 1 Years Imprisonment

Alice Beck , Fin'd 40 s.

Charles Maccave , Fin'd 100l. 5 Years Imprisonment and to find Security for his good Behaviour for 4 Years afterward.

Edward Dun and Edward Galloway , Fin'd 50 l. each, 1 Years Imprisonment, and to find Security for their good Behaviour for 2 Years afterward.

George Duffus , Fin'd 20 Marks, a Months Imprisonment, and to stand upon the Pillory near Old Gravel Lane.


The Compleat Parish-Officer; Containing 1. The Athority and Proccedings of High-Constables, Petty-Constables, Headboroughs, and Tithingmen, to every Branch of their Duties, pursuant to Acts of Parliament; with the High Constables Precepts, Presenments, Warrants, &c. 2. Of Churchwardens, how chosen, their particular Business in repairing of Churches, Bells, &c, and assigning of Seats; the manner of passing their Accompts, and the Laws and Statutes concerning the Church in all Cases; and also an Abstract of the Act for building fifty new Churches in London and Westminster &c. 3. Of Oversees of the Poor, and their Office; their Power to Relieving, Employing, and Settling, &c. of poor Persons; the Laws relating to the Poor, and Settlements and the Statutes concerning Masters and Servants. 4. Of Surveyors of the Highways and Scavengers, how elected, their Business in amending the Ways, &c. and the Duty of others; with the Method of Taxation, Laws of the Highways, &c. To which are added, The Statutes relating to Hackney-Coaches and Chairs, &c. The Second Edition with Additions. Printed for W. Mears at the Lamb without Temple-Bar.

Just publish'd.

The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the famous Moll Flanders, &c. who was born in Newgate, and during a Life of continu'd Vaiety for Therescore Years besides her Childhood, was twelve Years a Whore, five times a Wife, (whereof once to her own Brother) twelve Years a Thief, eight Years a transported felon in Virginia, at last grew Rich lived Honest, and died a Pentitent. Written from her own Memorandums

Printed and sold by W. Cherwood at the Cato's-Head in Russel Street Covent-Garden, and T. Edlin at the Prince's Arms over-against Exeter Exchange in the Stand. Price 5 s.

Just publish'd

The Tryal and Conviction of Patrick Hurly , of Moughna in the County of Clare, Gent. Before the Court of Kings Bench in Ireland, on Two several Indictments. The one for Perjury in swearing falsly that he was robb'd to the value of Twelve Hundred and One Pounds, Nine Shillings. The other for a Conspiracy in Cheat the Popish Inhabitants of the Country of Clare, of the said Sum. by Colour of an Act of Parliament, Entitled, an Act for the better suppressing Tories, Robbers, Rapparies, &c. Printed for J. Roberts in Warwick-lane. (Price 1 s. 6 d.)

Where may be had

I. Of The Laws of CHANCE, or a Method of Calculation of the Hazards of GAME, Partly demonstrated, and applied to Games at present most in use. Which may be easily extended to the most intricate cases of Chance imaginable. The Third Edition. Price 1 s.

II. Uzziah and Jotham, a Poem: Occasion'd by the late Revolution in 1688, and containing impartial and instructive Character of the several Persons of destinction of both Parties who were concern'd in that memorable Event. Ovscuris vera involvens. Price 6 d.

Just publish'd the Sixth Edition, (with Additions and Amendments) of

A Rational and Useful Account of the Venereal Disease. With Observations on the Nature, Symptoms and Cure, and the bad Consequences that attend by all Management, with proper Admonitions recommended as a Friendly Instruction to all Persons who do, or may, labour under this Misfortune. Also a short Enquiry into old Gleets, and other Weaknesses, and the Reason why they are so seldom cur'd; With the Author's Method of Cure. To which are added, Some Hints on the PRACTICAL SCHEME, the Method and Medicines therein expos'd and the gross Impositions justly detected. With an Account of Specificks, the Use and Abuse of the Name, and how it covers Ignorance and a Cheat, By JOSEPH CAM M .D.

Evasti ? credo metues doctusque cavebis: quares quando iterum parea, iterumsque perira Possit, o toties fervus! Horat. Principiss obsta Ovid,

Printed for, and sold by G. Strahan against the Royal Exchange without Temple-Bar, C. King Westminster-Hall, T. Norris on London Bridge J Baker against Hatton-Garden in Holborn, and by the Author at the Golden Ball and Lamp in Bow Church yard, Cheapside. Price 1 s.

An Essay upon the Soul of Man, Moral, Natural, and Divine, under the following Heads. I. The Preference due to the Soul above the Body, from the Reason of its Spiritual and Immortal Nature. II. Of our Duties of Religion and Morality, whether towards God, whether towards our Selves, whether towards Man, and of our Duty of all Gospel Self denial; which result from the manner how our Souls are and Operate in our Bodies under the visible Empire of God. III. Concerning our Duties of Time and Eternity, of the present World and of the World to come; which result from the manner how our Souls ought to be out of our Bodies, first of all; and then in our Spiritualiz'd Bodies, after the Universal Resurrection. London: Printed and sold by James Lacy , at the Ship near Temple-Bar; John Clarke , under the RoyalExchange; and Thomas Combes , at the Bible and Dove in Paternoster Row. 1722.

Books Printed for George Strahan , at the Golden Ball over against the Royal Exchange Cornhil.

An Essay on the Gout, with an Account of the Nature and Qualities of the Bath Waters. By George Cheyne M .D. F.R.S, The Third Edition

A Comparative Description of all the Muscles in a Man, and in a Quadruped. Showing their discover'd Origin, Progress, Insertion, Use and Difference, to which is added, on account of the Muscles peculiar to Woman, with an Etymological Table, and several useful Index's, By James Douglass , M. D.

The Symptoms, Nature, Cause, and Cure of a Gonorrhaea, by W. Cockburn, M. D. Fellow of the Royal Society, and of the College of Physicians, The Third Edition With Additions.

Sea Defenses, or a Treatise of their Nature, Causes, and Cure. Also on Essay on Bleeding in Fevers, shewing the Quantities of Blood to be let in any of their Periods. By the same Author. The 2d Edition Corrected and much improved.

Lately publish'd

Zulima or pure Love, A Novel Containing I. Zulima the Sultan's Daughter, her Love for the Prince of Westphalia, who was taken by the Turks and made a Slave. 2. Evaristus his Companion, his story of the Prince, relating who he was, their engagement with some Corsairs, their Shipwreck, and arrival at the Christian Army, giving a full account of the Battle. 3. Mustapha the Grand Vizier, his Lovetoe Zulima. 4. The Adventures of Leonora, with Ibrahim Bashaw . 5. The Sultans Love for Leonora &c. Translated from the French of Monsieur le Noble Price 1 s. 6 d. stitch'd 2 s. bound.

The False Friend, and inconstant Mistress, an instructive Novel. To which is added, Loves Diversion, displaying the Artifices of the Female Sex, in their Amours, Dress, &c. With Directions for the Education of Both Sexes, and a Collection of Moral Letters on Curious Subjects. By John Lilly one of the Refiners of the English Tongue in the reign of Queen Elizabeth . Price 2s stitch'd. Printed for J. Hooke, at the Flower de luce against St. Dunstans Church in Fleetstreet.