Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 23 May 2022), April 1708 (17080414).

Old Bailey Proceedings, 14th April 1708.

THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE Queens Commission of the Peace, AND Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, Held for the CITY of London and COUNTY of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the OLD-BAYLY.

On Wednesday and Thursday, being the 14th and 15th Days of April, 1708. In the Seventh Year of Her MAJESTY's Reign,

BEFORE the Right Honourable Sir William Withers , Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, Mr. Justice Tracy, Sir Salathiel Lovel , Recorder, with divers of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the City of London, and County of Middlesex.

The Jurors were as followeth:

London Jury.

Bisby Wilson

Thomas Bodicoat

Charles Rawlins

Henry Gee

Thomas Nichols

Francis Brown

Joseph Grimstead

Thomas Swinhow

Charles Gavin

Henry Bossel

John Bowton

Thomas Dowel

Middlesex Jury.

Robert Bampton

Richard Winkfield

William Pannet

Robert How

Francis Parker

William West

Richard Fullwood

Richard Hale

Henry Duck

Robert Taper

Edward Wade

Richard Newland

The Proceedings were as followeth.

Mary White , of St. Andrews Holborn , was Indicted for privately Stealing a Callimanco Gown value 10 s. a Stuff Petticoat 5 s. the Goods of Mary Channel , on the first of March last. But the Evidence not proving the Indictment upon the Prisoner, the Jury acquitted her.

Elizabeth Kelly , of London Spinster , was Indicted for feloniously Stealing a Brass Porridge Pot, value 9 s. the Goods of John Clark , of the Parish of St. Brides on the 16th of March last. The Evidence depos'd, that the Prisoner came to the Prosecutors Shop door, and took the Goods mention'd in the Indictment from the Prosecutors Stall Board, and went off with them, but being discover'd and pursu'd, the Goods were found upon her. The Prisoner could say little in her defence, nor produce any to her Reputation. The Jury found her guilty of Felony to the value of 10 d.

Elizabeth Dirty and Mary Jones , of St. Pauls Covent-Garden , were both Indicted for privately Stealing from the Shop of Joshua Pawly , 30 Yards of Muslin, value 40 s. the Goods of the said Pawly on the 1st of April last. The Evidence depos'd that the Prisoners came to the Prosecutors Shop, and bought 2 Yards of Callico, That when they went away, the Prosecutors Wife receiv'd Information that the Prisoners were Shop-Lifters, upon which they were immediately pursu'd and apprehended at an Alehouse; that then being charg'd with Stealing Callico, Elizabeth Dirty was observ'd to drop a piece from her, which prov'd to be the Prosecutors; that another piece was convey'd by Jones behind a close Stool, which likewise prov'd to be the Prosecutors. The Fact being clear and the Prisoners saying little in their defence, the Jury found them both guilty of privately Stealing to the value of 4 s. and 10 d.

[Branding. See summary.]

Catherine Green , of London Spinster , was Indicted for feloniously Stealing 9 Pewter Plates value 9 s. the Goods of John Hool , on the 1st of March last. But the Evidence not fixing the Fact upon the Prisoner, she was acquitted .

Margaret Gwin , of St. Maries White Chappel , was Indicted for Stealing one Guinea Piece and 20 s. in Mony , the Goods and Mony of Thomas Jackson , on the 2d of April last. The Evidence depos'd that the Prisoner was Servant to the Prosecutor, that on Easter Sunday she was taken by the Prosecutors Wife at their Chest of Drawers which she had unlock'd with a false Key, and being then charg'd with taking out Mony, she confessed that on Good-Fryday she took fromthence one Guinea and 20 s. in Silver: That she had given the 20 s. to one Pugh, and reserv'd the Guinea to her self, which was found upon her, and by a particular Mark was prov'd to be the Prosecutors. The Prisoner saying little for her self, the Jury found her guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Edward Silvester , of London, was Indicted for taking to him to Wife Elizabeth Harris on the 11th of May , 1706. his first Wife, whom he marry'd on the 26th of May, 1698. being then alive . The first Evidence depos'd that the Prisoner was marry'd to Sylvester at the Fleet about 9 Years ago, the 2d Marriage was likewise clearly prov'd. The Prisoner saying little for himself, the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment.

[Branding. See summary.]

T - S - , of Alhallows Barkin , was Indicted for a Forgery, in Personating one James Hattervile , and Swearing to a Debenture, with an intent to Defraud her Majesty of 101 l. on the 11th of September last . The Fact being prov'd upon the Prisoner by his own Confession, the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment.

[Fine. See summary.]

[Pillory. See summary.]

Elizabeth Vaughan , of London, was Indicted for breaking open the Mansion House of Susannah Griffin , in the Day time, none being in the House, and taking a Linnen Sheet, a Trunk, a Scarf, with other Things, and 18 s. in Mony, the Goods and Mony of the said Susannah Griffin , on the 1st of April last. The Prosecutor depos'd that she went out to a Neighbours about 5 in the Morning and lock'd her Door after her, that at 8 News was brought her that her Door was open, and somebody in the House; that she return'd and found the Prisoner upon the Stairs, who had broken several Locks, and bundled up the Goods in order to carry them off. The Prisoner saying little for herself, the Jury found her guilty to the value of 4 s. and 10 d.

[Branding. See summary.]

Jane Jenkinson , of London Spinster , was Indicted for feloniously Stealing a Silver Taster value 3 s. a Silver Strainer 5 s. the Goods of Thomas Lindsey , on the 22d of March last. The Evidence depos'd that the Prisoner, who was the Prosecutors Servant , with a false Key open'd the Prosecutors Chest of Drawers and took the Goods; that upon search they were found in her Trunk. The Prisoner in her defence said, that her Master gave her the Goods, but that not appearing the Jury found her guilty to the value of 10 d.

Anthony Harrison , was Indicted for the Murder of Alice Harrison his Wife , by giving her several mortal Wounds and Bruises, while she was sick a Bed, with both his Hands upon her Neck, Stomach and Breast, on the 1st of March last, of which she languish'd till the 15th of the same and then died . The Evidence prov'd clearly that the Deceas'd in her Ilness was much beaten and bruis'd, and barbarously us'd by the Prisoner; but it not appearing that those Bruises were the cause of her Death, the Jury acquitted him.

Mary Revelly , of St. Andrews Holbourn , was Indicted for feloniously Stealing 35 Pictures value 35 s. 7 Napkins 10 s. 2 Yards of Canvas work'd with cross Stitch 5 s. and an half Guinea , the Goods of Mary Bonythan , on the 13th of March last. The Evidence not proving the Indictment, the Jury acquitted her.

Richard Yeamans , of St. Botolph's without Aldgate , was Indicted for feloniously Stealing 5 Gold Rings, value 3 l. 5 s. the Goods of John Crutcher , on the 27th of March last. The Evidence depos'd that the Prisoner walk'd divers times to and fro the Prosecutors Shop Window, and at last broke the Show Glass, took out the Goods and went off with them; that being pursu'd he hid himself in a Vault, and was there taken; he confess'd that he buried the Rings in the Vault which were accordingly found there. The Fact being plainly prov'd upon him, the Jury found him guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Sarah Field , was Indicted for feloniously Stealing a Silver Porringer value 40 s. 2 Silver Spoons 20 s. the Goods of Benjamin South , on the 6th of January last. But none appearing against the Prisoner she was acquitted .

Martha Walker , Spinster , of St. Alhallows Lumbard-street , was Indicted for privately Stealing 30 Yards of Silk Elatch value 35 s. the Goods of William Gibson , on the 15th Instant. The Evidence depos'd that the Prisoner came to the Prosecutors Shop to cheapen Silks , and as the Servants Back was turn'd to reach some, the Prisoner made use of that opportunity to take the Goods and went off with them, but being pursu'd and charg'd with the Fact, she pull'd them from under her Cloaths; the Goods were produc'd in Court and prov'd to be the Prosecutors. The Fact being plain, and the Prisoner alledging nothing in her defence, the Jury found her guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Richard Wickstead of St. Andrews Holborn , was Indicted for privately Stealing a Peruke value 15 s. the Goods of Dennis Keith on the 23d of Feb. last. It did not appear by the Evidence that the Prisoner took the Goods. The Jury acquitted him.

Thomas Potten , of St. Leonard Shoreditch , was Indicted for feloniously Stealing 27 Weather Sheep , the Goods of William Evans on the 30th of January last. But the Evidence not proving the Indictment, he was acquitted .

Mark Bryan , of St. Giles's in the Fields , was Indicted for feloniously Stealing a Silver Cup value 40 s. a silver Poringer 20 s. a pair of silver Scizars 20 s. the Goods of Joseph Boulton , on the 22d of November last. He was a 2d time Indicted for feloniously Stealing a Satten Petticoat value 3 l. 2 Holland Shirts 10 s. a Cloth Wastcoat 10 s. with other things , the Goods of James Mackarty on the 26th of March last. The Evidence to the 1st depos'd that the Prisoner lodging at the Prosecutors, came home with a Basket upon a Pole, and a Foul in his Hand, that he told the Prosecutor the Foul, with what he had in his Basket, which prov'd afterwards to be a parcel of Stones, was to treat a Friend of his next Day, that next Morning he went away with his Basket, and never return'd again, at the same time the Prosecutor lost his Goods, the Prisoner leaving behind him the Stones he brought in his Basket; that afterwards the Cup was found upon him, which prov'd to be the Prosecutors. The Evidence to the 2d, likewise being very clear, the Jury found him guilty of both the Indictments.

[Branding. See summary.]

David Bayley , Gent. of St. Martin in the Fields , was Indicted for the Murder of George Bayley , his Brother, by giving him a mortal Wound with a drawn Sword in the right side of his Belly near the Navel, the breadth of one Inch, and the depth of 7 Inches, on the 12th of March last, of which mortal Wound the said George Bayley languish'd till the 14th of the same, and then died . He was a 2d time Indicted upon the Coroners Inquest for the Murder of the said George Bayley. He was a 3d time Indicted upon the Statute of Stabbing. The first Evidence was one Mary Anderson , who depos'd that on the 12th of March last, she went to the Deceas'd's Lodgings, and finding him upon the Bed, she asked him how he did? The Deceas'd answer'd that he was the worse for the Company, (pointing to the Prisoner) who had been teazing him to Death. That then she advis'd the Deceas'd not to admit the Prisoner into his Company, upon that the Prisoner came up to her, and held her by the Throat with his Hand till she was almost Strangled; then drew his Sword and Stab'd her in the Arm and Head. The Deceas'd coming to her Assistance, the Prisoner gave him a Stab in the Back, and another in the Belly, of which he died in 2 Days after. Another Person depos'd, that hearing a Noise she run up, and saw the last Stab given. The Surgeon depos'd that he was sent for to the Deceas'd, and found him sitting upon the Stairs, with a large Wound in his Belly, and his Intestines hanging out; that he found another Stab in his Back, and it was his Opinion that he died of 'em, they being both mortal Wounds. The Evidence further depos'd that the Deceas'd had no Weapon, when the Prisoner fell upon him, nor did he give any Provocation to the Prisoner, to induce him to commit so horrid a Murder. The Prisoner in his defence deny'd the Fact, and endeavour'd to turn it upon Mrs. Anderson, but there being other positive Evidence, which agreed with that given by her, the Jury found him guilty of all the Indictments.

[Death. See summary.]

Mary Stint, alias Bateman and Elizabeth Bateman , of St. Giles in the Fields , were both Indicted for feloniously Stealing a pair of silver Buckles, the Goods of Thomas Bradley , a lac'd Head-Dress, a pair of lac'd Ruffles, 2 Holland Aprons, a silver Spoon with other things the Goods of James Pinknis ; a gold Ring with other things , the Goods of Henry Hews , on the 5th of April last. The Evidence depos'd that Stint was hired by the Name of Bateman, (whom she personated) to James Pinkins, that the 2d Day of her being with him she went up Stairs, pretending to wash a Room; but made use of that opportunity to take the Goods out of several Drawer, and went off with them. That making search after her, she was found and upon examination confess'd the Fact. The Evidence proving nothing against Elizabeth Bateman, the Jury acquitted her, but found the other guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Elizabeth Stent , and Hannah Britton , of St. Martins in the Fields , were both Indicted, Stent, for feloniously Stealing a gold Ring, set with Diamonds, value 60 l. and Britton for receiving the same, she knowing it to be Stolen : The Goods of the Right Honourable John Mordant , Esq ; on the 28th of October last. The Evidence not proving the Indictment, the Jury acquitted them.

B - M - , of the Parish of Hackney , was Indicted for feloniously Stealing a Gold Chain and Locket value 5 l. the Goods of Henry Horseman on the 14th of March last. The Evidence depos'd that the Prisoner came to the Prosecutors House, and being left alone in the Parlour, she took the Goods out of a Childs Basket and went off with them, that being afterwards apprehended she confess'd the Fact. The Jury found her guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

William Gregg , who was Convicted some time ago for High-Treason, against the Queen and Government , was call'd down to his former Judgment, and order'd to prepare himself for Death .

The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment as followeth.

Receiv'd Sentence of Death, 2.

William Gregg, David Bayley.

Burnt in the Hand, 10.

Mark Bryan, Elizabeth Dirty, Edward Silvester, Margaret Gwin, Mary Jones, Mary Stent, Eliz. Vaughan, Martha Walker, Richard Yeamans, B - M -

Petit Larcenies, 2.

Elizabeth Kelly and Jane Jenkinson.

T - S - Fin'd for his Trespass 50 l. and to stand 3 times in the Pillory.


Lost out of a Portmanteau from the Bell Inn in Aldersgate Street, 27th of November last, A Ministers Cloth-Gown, a Scarf, Bands and other Linnen, with an Octaro Manuscript of no use but to the owner. &c. If any shall bring the said Goods to the Porter at College near Cripplegate, or to Mr. Barber printer near Blacksmiths Hall, on Lambeth-Hill they shall be well rewarded.

On Tuesday will be Publish'd.

THE charitable Surgeon: Or, the best Remedies for the worst Maladies, reveal'd. Being a new and true way of Curing (without Mercury) the seweral degrees of the Venereal Distemper in both Sexes, whereby all Persons, even the meanest Capacities, may for an inconsiderable Charge, without confinement or knowledge of the nearest Relation, Cure themselves easily, speedily and safely, by the Methods prescrib'd, without the help of any Physician, Surgeon or Apothecary; of being expos'd to the hazardous attempts of Quacks and Pretenders. To which is sobpoin'd, a new discovery of the true seat of Claps in Men and Women, different from the commonly receiv'd Opinion of Authors. As also a peculiar Method of curing their Gleets and Weaknesses, whether Venereal, Seminal, or otherwise, with some pertinent Observations relating thereto, never before taken notice of, Likewise the certain easy way to escape Infection, tho never so often accompanying with the most polluted Companion. By T. C. surgeon. London, Printed for and sold by, Edmund Curle at the Peacock without Temple Bar, 1708. price attach'd 1 s.

THE Arraignment, Tryal, and Conviction of Robert Feilding, Esq; for Felony, in Marrying her Grace the Dutchess of Cleeav-land, his first Wife Mrs. Mary Wadsworth, being then At the Sessions-House in the Old Bayly, on the 4th Day of December, 1806. before the Right Honourable Sir Robert Beddingfess, Kt. Lord Mayor, Sir John Ovel, Kt. Sir Powys, Kt. two of her Majesty's Justices of the Court of Queen's Bench Sir John Bkncow, Kt. one of the Justices of her Majesty's, Court of Common Pleas, and several others of her Majesty's Justices for the Goal-Delivery of Newgate. With Copies of the several letters between Mr. Fielding and his first Wife Mrs. Wadlworth, by the Name of Anne Countess of Fielding. As also all the Learned monies of the Queen's Council Perused by one of the Judges present at the Tryal. And the Proceedings against him in the Spiritual Court at Doctors Commons, with the Sentence given against him there. Printed for John Morphew near Stationers-Hall, 1708. Price 1 s.

There is printed a Majesty's Printing in Black Fryers, a large Common-Prayer, in 410. upon very good Paper and a fair Character, fit for Parish Clarks, or for Families. Sold by Robert Whitledge, at the Sign of the Bible in Creed-lane near Ludgate, also Dr. Gibson on the Sacrament. All sorts of Bible and Common-Prayers Rul'd or un-Rul'd, some statutes at large, in 3 volumes.

Newly Published, (being the Fifth Edition, Corrected and Enlarged to more than Double the number of Sheets contain'd in the last Impression.)

A Treatise of all the Degrees and Symptoms of the Venereal Disease, in both sexes; Explicating Naturally and Mechanically its Causes, Kinds, earnous Ways of Infecting; the Nature of Hereditary Infection; Certainly of knowing whether Infected or not, Infallible Way to prevent Infection, hasiness of Cure when infected, why so many miss of Cure; how to know when, and when not, in Skilful Hands for Cure; and the use and Abuse of Mercury in the Cure. Necessary to be Read and Observ'd by all Persons that Now have, Ever had, (many other Diseases being occasion'd by the venereal Taint and Mercury,) or at any time May have the Misfortune of that Distemper, in order to prevent their being Roin'd by Ignorant Pretenders, Quacks, Mounted Impostors, &c. whole Notorious Practices are clearly evinc'd. To which is added, An Account of the Cause and Cure of Old Venereal and other Gleets, Introductory to which, the Gental Parts in both Sexes, their Use and Abuse, are briefly describ'd; and why Cleets (as sometimes they do) hinder Procreation, causing Impotency. Seen, in Men, and Sterility, &c. in Women. With some Remarkable Cases of that Kind inferred. The whole Interspers'd with peculiar Prescriptions, many Pertinent Observations, Histories and Letters of very Remarkable Cures. The like for general Advantage, never Publishd, by any Author, Ancient or Modern, since the Disease came first to be known in the World. With a Copious Index to the Whole. By J. Marten, Chirurgeon, (who is now remov'd as mention'd at the end of the Preface to the Book). Sold by N. Crouch at the Bell in the Poultry, S. Crouch in Cornhill, J. Knapton in St. Paul's Church yard, W. Hawes in Ludgate-street, P. Varenne at Senecars Heat in the Strand, Ch. King in Westminster-Hall; and J. Isted against St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet-street, Booksellers. Price Bound 4 s.

At the Sign of the Three Black-Birds in the Great-Minories, near Aldgate.

Is to be Sold, a never-failing Oyntment that Cures the Gout, all bought the Partics be reduc'd to their Crutches, and that in 2 or 3 Days time having often been found true by Experience, to the great safe and comfort of many; it also cures Rheumatick Pains. Likewise a certain and infallible Cure for the Tooth-ach, without Drawing, and that so efectually that the Pain will never return again and not only so, but makes Teeth as white as Ivory, and fitten, often, those that are loose, to Admiration.

ALL Melancholy and Hypochondriacal Distempers of Mind, with strange Fears, ual Apprehensions, Sudden Surprizes, and Sinking of Spirits the most extreme and inveterate Giddinesses and Pains in the Head, Faintings, Tremblings, or any other Disorders arising from Vapours; are successfully cured (with God's Blessing) by a Physician well experience'd therein, and of more than 20 Years Practice in those deplorable Cases: who also Cures Convulsions and all other the most strange and violent Fits, if curable, which he informs on sight of their Water) Living next Door to Shadwell Coffee-House, in Upper-Shadwell, near London. Where those that have occasion, and live remote, may direct their Letters, and they shall be speedily answer'd, or attended on if desired.

The fam'd Canker-Water,

WHich so perfectly and immediately cures all Cankess, Sores, Pustules, Heats and Inflammations in the Mouth tho' never so far gone; even to the loss of part of Tongue, Checks, of Lips; it has saved he lives of several Men, Women and Children. It is only to he had at Robins Coffee-house in Exchange-alley, as 2 s. 6 d. the Bottle, with Printed Directions. Note, Its Virtue decays no in keeping; and it is very useful and much esteemed at Sea.

The most Incomparable Cordial Stomach Pills, WHich without Purging, Confinement, or Trouble, absolutely Cures all Pains, Indigestions, Stoppage, Oppressions, or other disorders of the Stomach, tho' never so Inveterate or Enstream, proceeding from what Cause soever; also wonderfully Comforts and Strengthens a Cold, Raw, Weakly and Sickly Stomach, discharging thenced, natural caution only, all impure of offending Matter: Procures a good Appetite, and admirably Wind. These Excellent Fists being very small and safe in Use, may readily be taken at all seasons; without the least Dificulty or Danger. Price 2 s. per Box (containing 9 Doses, which is usually enough for Cure.) Sold by Mr. Brooks. Stationer upon London Bridge. Mr. Marshal, at the Bible in Grace Church street, Mr. Brown at Purcels Coffee House, Cheapside, Mr. Mayos, Stationer, against Water Lane end in Fleet street, and by Mr. Christian, Drugster, against Somerset House in the Strand.

A safe and absolute Cure for the Tooth-ach, WHither it proceeds from Rheume, Rottenness of the Teeth, Worms in 'em, or Stumps, &c.'Tis a Liquid, prepar'd without any Mercury, or other pernicious Ingredients too often us'd in this Case, and as commonly attended with unhappy Effects; this incomparable Remedy, not only safely, speedily and certainly Cures that Distemper, tho' never so Invetterate, Violent and Raging, but also effectually preserves both Teeth and Gums from Putrefaction and Decay, and absolutely clears 'em from the Scurvy. Sold with Directions, at 1 s. the Bottle, by Mr. Brooks Stationer, upon London Bridge, Mrs. Milner at the red M, in Popes Head Alley, Cornhil, Mr. Jenning at the corner of Milk Street, Cheapside, Mr. Parson a Cane Shop, against the Horn Tavern in Fleet Street, Mr. Perrey Perfumer next Exeter Change in the Strand, Mrs. Howel Perfumer, next Leisester house in Leicester Fields, and by the Author Da. Perronet, at the Surgeon's Arms in Dyot Street St. Giles's.

Just Publish'd, AN Answer to several Treatises lately publish'd, on the Subject of the Prophets, the 1st part, by Sir Richard Bulkley, Bar, Price 8 d. where may be had the Cry from the Defatt, with Esq; Lacy's Preface price 8 d. Mr Marion's Prophetical Warnnings price 1 s. Mr. Lacy's Warnings, 1st 2d and 3d parts, and other Tracts relating thereunto.

THE Sot-weed Factor: Or, a Voyage to Maryland, a Satyr. In which is describ'd, the Laws, Governments, Courts and Constitutions of the Country; and also the Buildings, Feasts, Frolicks, Entertainments and Drunken Humours of the Inhabitants of that Part of America. In Burle que Verse. By Eben. Cook, Gent.

THE Wooden World dissected, in the Character of 1st a Ship of War, 2d a Sea Captain, 3d. a Sea Lieutenant, 4th a Sea Chaplain, 5th the Master of a Ship of War, 6th the Purser, 7th the Surgeon, 8th the Gunder, 9th the Carpenter, 10th the Boatswain, 11th a Sea Cook, 12th a Mioshipman, 13th the Captains Steward, 14th a Sailor, &c. by a lover or the Mathematicks, the 2d Edition corrected and amended, by the Author, price 1 s.

SEcret Memoirs of the Life of the Honourable Sir Clodesly Shouvel, Kt. Admiral of Great Britain, containing his Birth, Education and Rife, with a full account of all the Naval Battles since the Revolution and other honourable Exploits performed for the Service of his Country, and a more exact relation of the Enterprize upon Toolon, than by yet. By a Gentleman who served in that Expedition and was several Years under Command of that Admiral; with his Effigies curiously engraven on a Copper Plate, price 1 s.

MEmoris of the right Villanous John Hall, the late famous and Notorious Robber, Pen'd from his Mouth some time before his Death. Containing the exact Life, and Character of a Thief in General. As also a lively Representation of Newgate, and its Inhabitants, with the Manners and Customs observed there. The Nature and Means by which they commit their several Thefts and Robberies, and the Distinctions observed in their respective Functions. To which is added, the generally us'd by those sort of People to conceal their Villanies; and Rules to avoid being Robb'd or Cheated by them. Usefully set forth for the Good of the Publick, at the Instance of many honest People.

THe 3d Volume, consisting of Poems on divers Subjects, viz. The charitable Citizen. Fortunes bounty. A Satyr against the corrupt use of money. A Dialogue between Britannia and prudence. A Protestant Scourge. A Musical Entertainment. The Libertine's Choice. All Men mad. Helter Skelter. Honesty in Distress. The 1st 2d and 3d parts of the Journey to H - . A Satyr against Wine. A Poem in praise of Small Beer. A Poem on the Success of the Duke of Marlborough, with several other Poems never before printed. By the author of the London Spy. Sold by B Bravge in Pater-noster-row where may be had Friendly Correspondences, or Epistolary Satyrs upon Virture and Vice, in several Letters under the following Heads, viz. 1st. Tom Brown's last Letter to his witt Friends and Companions. 2d. A Letter from a Gentleman in London to a Friend in the Country concerning the Publick Affairs of this Town, &c. To which is added, pleasant, comical, and delightful Prdictions and Observations upon every Month, and every remarkable Day throughout the whole Year. By the Author of the London Spy; with all his Writings hitherto exta t. All Sold by B. Bragge in Pater-noster-row.