Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 23 September 2023), January 1707 (17070115).

Old Bailey Proceedings, 15th January 1707.

THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE Queen's Commission of the Peace, AND Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol-Delivery of Newgate, Held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the OLD-BAYLY.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, being the 15th, 16th and 17th Days of January, 1707 In the Fifth Year of Her MAJESTIES Reign,

Before the Right Honourable Sir Robert Bedingfeld , Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, and my Lord Chief Baron Ward, Mr. Baron Bury, and Mr Baron Price,&c. with divers of Her Majesties Justices of Peace, for the City of London, and County of Middlesex.

The Jurors were as followeth:

London Jury.

Thomas Humphreys

William Bunce

John Stent

Joseph Maddock

John Williams

Austin Oldsworth

John Rigby

Thomas Davis

Thomas Parkinson

John Houghton

Joseph Daywood

Samuel Aaron

Middlesex Jury

Giles Riddle , Gent.

John Meard

James Cunningham

Thomas Phillips

Charles Gardner

William Callow

Robert Lord

John Marriott

Thomas Harriotts

Robert Tapper

Richard Beatnife

John Partington

The Proceedings were as followeth.

Elizabeth Gray, alias Saunders , of the Parish of St. Mary White-Chapel , was Indicted for Feloniously Stealing a Greyset Gown, value 40s. a Callicoe Gown, value 40s. a Furbelow Scarf, value 40s. with divers other things , the Goods of James Gaydon ,, on the Fourth Day of January last. The First Evidence being the Prosecutors Wife, Deposed, that about Five a Clock, on the 4th. Instant, the Goods mention'd in the Indictment, were in her House, and about 7 the same Evening they were missing; she further Deposed, that upon search, she found the Callicoe Gown upon a Pawn Broker in Ragg-Fair. The Pawn Broker Deposed, that he bought it of one Anne Hooks ; Anne Hooks Deposed, that she bought it of the Prisoner. The Prisoner in her Defence, said, she bought it of a strange Woman in Ratcliff-highway, but not producing any such Woman, nor any to her Reputation, the Jury found her Guilty to the value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

George Weigh , of London, Labourer , was indicted for Feloniously Stealing 2 Coach Cushions, covered with white Cloth, and trim'd with Silver, value 10s. the Goods of Sir William Herbert , Baronet on the 12th. Day of Decem. Last, to which Indictment he pleaded Guilty .

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

William Read , of London, Labourer , was Indicted for, that he, on the 23rd. of Decem. last, did Feloniously Steal 16l. of Beeswax, value 16s. the Goods of Samuel Greenhill of St. Alphage, near Cripplegate within . The Evidence Deposed, that the Prisoner came to the Prosecutors Shop, and bought a Pennyworth of Shoemakers Gum, and asking for other things; but as her Back was turn'd to reach them, he made use of that Opportunity to take the Beeswax. The Prosecutor Deposed, that understanding that he was robb'd, he made it to his Business to find out the Thief, and near Cripplegate he saw two Men, one of whom had something under his Coat, which he suspected might be his Goods, and pursuing them, the Goods were thrown down, and the Prisoner apprehended on Suspicion, which prov'd to be the Man that came to the Prosecutors Shop, when the Goods were lost. The Prisoner denied the Fact, but the Evidence appearing plain against him, the Jury foung him guilty to the value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Elizabeth Spoforth , of the Parish of St. James Westminster , was Indicted for stealing 78 Guineas , the Mony of M-- M-- , on the 4th. of Decem. last. The Prosecutor Deposed, that she put 78 Guineas in a Silver Knit Purse, and laid them in the Wainscot, over the Door in her Bed Chamber, that she saw them on the Monday, and miss'd them on the Saturday following. Another Evidence Deposed, that being sent for by the Prosecutor, the Prisoner did then confess to him, that she had taken the Mony (on Wednesday the 4th. of Decem.) and gave it to a Woman in the Hay Market, that was her Fathers Landlady, who being produc'd, Deposed, she knew nothing of the Mony. Justice Tully's Clerk, and others, Deposed, that upon her Examination before that Justice, the Prisoner confess'd that she had taken a quantity of Guineas, but did not know how many. The Prisoner in her Defence, said, that her Mistress had used Threatening Words, saying, if she did not confess, she would have her burnt in the Hand, &c which drew that Confession from her, but in reality she knew nothing of the Guineas: And calling divers to her Reputation, who gave her a very good Character; the Jury considering the Matter, acquitted her.

Anne Collinswood , of the Parish of St. Margarets Westminster , was Indicted for Stealing a Muslin Nightrail, value 6s. a Muslin Apron, 3s. with other things , the Goods of Mary Cambull , on the 17th. of Septem. Last, to which Indictment, the Prisoner pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Richard Boyce . of the Parish of St. James Westminster , was Indicted for Feloniously Stealing a Gold Box and Case for a Watch, 3 Pendulum Watches, and 3 Clocks, the Goods of Mansel Bennet . A Pendulum Watch, the Goods of John Eldridge , on the 10th Day of Oct. last. The Prosecutor Deposed, that the Prisoner served 7 Years with him as an Apprentice, and his time being expired, he Covenanted for him 30s. to take Care of his Business, till his return from Wales, where he was the agoing; that before he went, he took an Inventory of the Watches, that he left in trust with the Prisoner; but lockt up the Clocks, which were two, and delivered the Key to his Wife. He further Deposed, that while he was gone, there was a Letter sent him, to acquaint him with his being rob'd; and at his return, he miss'd the Goods, mention'd in the Indictment, and making search after them, found the Watches upon two Pawn-Brokers. The Brokers Deposed, that the Watches were Pawn'd to them by one Sly, and not by the Prisoner, whom they never saw before. The Prisoner in his Defence, denied the Fact, and there appearing not the least Evidence of his stealing the Clock, the Jury acquitted him.

James Coates , was Indicted for Feloniously Robbing on the Queens High Way (near Ealing) Mrs. Elizabeth Atley , and taking from her, one Diamond Ring, value 40s. one Gold Ring, value 10s. and 14s. in Mony, on the 3d Day of Decem. last . The Prosecutor Deposed, that riding along the High Way in her Coach, in London Road near Ealing Common ; two Men Mask'd, with Pistols in their Hands, met her; that one ask'd her for her Mony and Rings; that she gave him her Mony and one Ring, and that he took another Ring from her himself, but could not swear that he was the Person who did it. The Coachman, and divers others Deposed, they immediately purs'd and chas'd him up to London, where one of 'em was taken, but escap'd, that they still pursued the Prisoner, who took to Kensington Road; and the Country being alarm'd, the Prisoner was taken at Brompton, and being searched, the Rings were found upon him, which by divers tokens, were described by the Prosecutor, to be those that were taken from her. The Prisoner could offer nothing in his Defence, the Fact being prov'd fully upon him, the Jury found him Guilty of the Indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

Jane Barham , of London, was Indicted for Feloniously Stealing 200 ll. Of Logwood, and 120 ll. Weight of Brazeletto Wood , the Goods of Nathaniel Guilling , on the 13th Day of Decem. last. The Prosecutor Deposed, that about 2 Years ago he had lodged 2 Tun of Logwood in a Cellar, in the Minories , and a little before last Christmas when he weighed it, he missed about 300 lb. and a half, and suspecting the Prisoner, caused her to be apprehended, and in her Examination before the Justice, she confess'd the Fact. Divers Porters Deposed, that they were hired by the Prisoner at several times, to carry Logwood to one Walker, a Silk Dyer in Leaden-Hall Street. And one of them Deposed, that he carried about half a hundred Weight, and saw the Prisoner receive 4s. for it. The Prisoner in her Defence, said, that the Wood was given to her by the Landlady of the Cellar to burn, and having little else to say for her self; the Jury found her guilty of the Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Elizabeth Clemtree , of the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields , was Indicted, for Feloniously Stealing a Watch, with a Silver Box and Case, value 5l. the Goods of Nicholas Roberts , on the 10th Day of Septem. Last. She was a second time Indicted for Feloniously Stealing a Silk Hood and Scarf, and 8 Guineas in Mony, with other things , the Goods and Mony of John Whaley , on the Date aforesaid, to both which Indictments she pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

John Page , of the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields , was Indicted, for privately Stealing 37 Yards of Canvas, value 20s. the Goods of Henry Miller , on the 3d Day of Jan. last. The Evidence Deposed, that the Prisoner came into the Shop while she was sitting there; and that he took the Goods from the end of the Counter , and went off with them, another Evidence Deposed that hearing the Cry of stop Thief, they pursued him, and in the pursuit, the Prisoner dropt the Goods, but being apprehended, he confess'd that he took them out of the Prosecutors Shop, and was put on to do it by one Cook. The Evidence being positive, and the Prisoner saying nothing in his Defence, the Jury found him guilty to the value of 4s. and 10d.

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Jacob Broad , was Indicted for, that he with divers others, on the 10th of Decem. last, between the Hours of 6 and 7 at Night; did break and enter the Dwelling House of Martin Mugg , with a Felonious Design, to take and carry away the Goods of the said Martin Mugg . The Evidence which was the Prosecutors Wife, Deposed, that the Prisoner with five more, on the 61th of Decem. about 6 a Clock at Night, mounted the Pallisadoes, broke a Sash Window, and 3 Men got in at the Window, and let the other 3 in at the Street Door; that they searched the House, and being demanded their Businesses, one of them replied, they wanted an Appearance, for they had a Writ to serve. Another Evidence Deposed, that he was in a Room joining to that wherein the Men had broken in, and hearing an Outcry, hasten'd into the Room, and saw the Window open, two Men upon the Ground, and the third entring. Being ask'd what time this was, replied just at Candle lighting. The Prisoner in his Defence, said, that it was soon after 3 a Clock, and that what they did, was without the assistance of Candle, that he went there to serve a Writ upon Mr. Mugg. and not one of any Felonious Intent; and there being no Proof to the contrary, the jury acquitted him.

Thomas Warren , of the Parish of St. Clements Danes , was Indicted for firing the Dwelling House of Thomas Granger , about the Hour of 10, in the Night, on the 13th. Day of Oct. last . The Evidence Deposed, that hearing a Cry of Fire in Lion's Inn , he ran to see what the matter was; and up two pair of Stairs, in a Closet, saw a Drawer of a Desk with Papers in it, pull'd out, all on Fire, that the Fire had got to the Floor, and burnt almost thro' the Boards; that looking further, he saw a light in another Room, and breaking open the Door, found a Candle in a flat Candlestick burning at the Head of a Bed, which had singed the Bedcloaths. The Prosecutor Deposed, that the Prisoner was his Servant , that the Rooms where the Fire was, were his Chambers, that no Body lay there, that none had Keys to the Doors but himself, and that he was not in the Chamber all that Day, and that therefore he suspected the Prisoner. The Prisoner in his Defence, produced Evidence to prove, step by step where he had been all that Day, as likewise to prove, that he was in Bed at the Prosecutors House, near half a Mile from the Chambers, at 10 a Clock that night; there being no positive Evidence against the Prisoner, the Jury acquitted him.

Mary Ball , of St. Andrews Holbourn , Widow , was Indicted for Feloniously Stealing a pair of Flaxen Sheets, 2 Holland Pillowbiers, and a Blanket , the Goods of John Mahew , on the 7th of Sept. last. To which Indictment the Prisoner pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Elizabeth Barret , of the Parish of Chelsea , was Indicted, for Feloniously Stealing divers pieces of Plate, with other things, to the value of 17l. the Goods of John Tovey , on the 2d Day of Sept. last. The Prosecutor Deposed, that he lost his Goods the 2d of last Sept. and suspected the Prisoner by her rising that Morning about 4 a Clock, an Hour which she did not use to rise at. He further Deposed, that his House was in great order when he arose that Morning, and that there was not the least appearance that his House had been broke open by Thieves. This Evidence alleg'd divers things that gave him reason to suspect the Prisoner, but could produce no positive Evidence, and divers appearing in the behalf of the Prisoner, who gave her a very clear character, the Jury acquitted her.

Elizabeth Blunt, alias Blunden, alias Hilliard, alias Matter , was Indicted for Marrying one Henry Matter , on the 16th Day of Jan. 1706. her first Husband William Hilliard being then alive . The first Evidence for the Queen, undertook to prove that the Prisoner was Married to 3 Husbands, that they were all now alive; but no other proof than his saying so appearing, Evidence was call'd to prove the Prisoners Marriage to Hilliard, which was only a certificate from Ludgate. No sufficient proof could be produc'd for the Prisoners Marriage to Henry Matter. The Prisoner in her Defence, call'd divers, who gave her the Character of a very Honest and Industrious Woman; the Jury acquitted her.

Nathaniel Day , and Theodorus Bourne , were both indicted for feloniously stealing of 23 tann'd Bassel Skins , the Goods of George Travis , on the 3d of this instant January . Joan Revel was likewise indicted as Accessory in the Felony. The Evidence was one that saw Day and Bourne carry the skins to Revel . The Skins were produced in Court, and own'd by the Prosecutor to be his. Day and Bourne in their Defence, said they found the Skins in the street, and carry'd them to Revel; but Revel did not buy them; and there was no proof that she did. The Jury found Day and Bourne guilty to the value of 10d , but acquitted Revel.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Charles Richards , of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields was indicted for the Murder of Ellis Farrow , in giving him divers Mortal Wounds on the Head, Breast, Arms, Short Ribs and Loins, with a Wooden Handle of a Pump, on the 10th of April last, of which Wounds he languished till September, and then died . The Evidence depos'd that the deceas'd and himself coming along the Strand , the Deceas'd took the Wall of the Prisoner, at which the Prisoner, without any other Provocation, took the Wooden Handle of a Pump from a Turner's Shop and knock'd down the Deceased therewith, and gave him several Blows when he was down. This Evidence, with others, further deposed, that the Deceased soon after, from the Wounds he received from the Prisoner, fell to spitting of Blood, which continued upon him till the day of his Death; and that about two hours before his Death, the Deceased said the Prisoner was the cause of his Death, and that he desired his Friends that the Prisoner might have Justice done him. The Prisoner, in his Defence, brought divers Witnesses to prove that the Deceased fell upon the Prisoner first, knockt him down, beat Teeth out of his head, wounded him in the Face, before the Prisoner struck him. The Surgeon, Doctor and Apothecary that open'd and examin'd the Body of the Deceas'd, deposed that his Death could not be caused from any Wound that had been given him, but from a very ill Habit of Body, and that there was not the least sign of any Bruise. The Prisoner produced divers who deposed, that they knew the Deceased to spit great quantities of Blood for several years before this matter happen'd. Abundance of Witnesses were called to his Reputation, who gave him the Character of a very honest Man. The Jury considering the whole matter acquitted him.

William Nutkins , was indicted for Felony and Burglary, in breaking open the House of Jane Brigham , on the 24th of February last, about 2 in the morning, and taking thence a Silver Tankard value 4l. four Gold Rings 20s and 25l. in money, the Goods and Money of the said Jane Brigham, and 7s. 6d. the Money of Lucy Weedon . The Evidence were John Hall and Stephen Hacket , who deposed that the Prisoner assisted him in Setting the Robbery, proposed a way for breaking into the House, which was by taking down a side of Glass; and that he assisted him with a Ladder, and had a full share of the Money. The Evidence further depos'd that the Prisoner parted from them before the House was broke up, and enter'd. The Prisoner, in his Defence, denied the Fact, and alleged that he was never concerned in any thing of that nature, and calling a great number of Substantial persons to his Reputation, the Jury acquitted him.

Anne Jackson , of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for privately stealing from Susanna Hunt , 49s 6d, on the 4th instant . The Evidence was the Prosecutor, who took the Prisoner up on Suspicion. But not being able to prove the Fact upon her, the Jury acquitted her.

W- M- of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for buying a parcel of Plate that was stoln from Sir John Parsons in Oct. last, she knowing the same to be stoln . She was a second time indicted for buying another parcel of Plate stoln from Mr. Green in Oct. last . The Evidence to the first was Stephen Bunce , a person concerned in the Robbery, who deposed that Sir John's Plate was sold to Paul Whittle in the Prisoners house. The Evidence to the second who were John Hall and James Hacket , deposed that Mr. Green's Plate was likewise sold to Paul Whittle in the Prosecutor's house; but none of 'em being able to prove that the Prisoner had any hand in the buying of it, the Jury acquitted her.

William Palmer , was Indicted for Perjury, in giving a false Information upon Oath before the Lord Chief Justice Holt against one David Davis , on the 29th of August last, wherein the said Palmer deposed upon Oath, that as he was coming from Newmarket to London, he was assaulted, in Epping Forest, on the 25th of July last, by 2 persons, one of which was David Davis, who took from him 5 Guineas in Money, a Drapdeberry Coat, and a Mourning Sword . The Evidence against the Prisoner was another Affidavit made before the Lord Chief Justice Holt, wherein the Prisoner deposed upon Oath, that David Davis did not commit that Robbery; but he was prevailed upon to inform against him by an old Woman living nigh Hide Park Corner, who promised him 10s reward for his service. The Prisoner could say little else for himself, than that he was in drink when he gave the second Information; but that not satisfying the Jury, they found him guilty of the Indictment.

[Fine. See summary.]

[Pillory. See summary.]

John Williams , of the Parish of Tottenham , was indicted for stealing a black Gelding belonging to William Clifton , on the 7th of Oct. last. The Prosecutor deposed, that enquiring of the Prisoner for the Gelding, the Prisoner said he could help him to it, for he had one in his Custody, that agreed to his Description, but could not let him have it then, but in two days he would help him to it. The Evidence further deposed, that when that time was elaps'd, the Prisoner said the Gelding was own'd, and he could not have a sight of it, which made him suspect the Prisoner had stoln it. The Prisoner, in his defence said, he took up a black Horse as a stray in Enfield Chace, which he thought was the Prosecutor's; but afterwards he was owned by another, which convinced him of his Mistake. He produced divers to his Reputation, who all said he was a simple honest Fellow. The Jury acquitted him.

The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgement, as followeth.

Receiv'd Sentence of Death, 1.

James Coats

Burnt in the Left Cheeck, 4

Elizabeth Clemtree, Jane Barham, Ann Collins and Mary Ball.

To be Whipt, 4.

William Read, Elizabeth Gray, Nathaniel Day, and Theodorus Bourne.

To go for Soldiers, 2.

George Weigh and John Page.

William Palmer fined 20s. and to stand 3 times in the Pillory, viz. at the Royal Exchange, Cheapside and Temple-bar.

Sir Robert Bedingfeld, Kt. Lord Mayor.

Books Printed for Charles Brome, at the West-end of St. Pauls.

Lestranges Alliance of Divine offices, Folio.

Dr. Comber on the Common Prayer. Folio

-on the Church Catechism. 8vo

-Christians best Exercise. 4vo

-Daily frequenting the Common Prayer. 8vo

Heylin on the Creed. Folio

Bp. Taylors Life of Christ. Folio

- Holy, Living and Dying. 8vo

-Golden Grove. 120

Bp Rens Exposition on the Church Catechism. 8vo

-Directions for Prayer. 8vo Stitcht pr. 2d.

-3 Hymns. Sticht 2d.

-Manual of Prayers for Winebester Scholars. 120

Blomes History of the Bible. 410

Bp Wilkins Real Character. Folio

-Natural Religion. 8vo


Whereas in the last Sessions book, page 2. first Column, it is put M. B. was indicted for privately stealing five Dollars from Robert Russel, &c. The said M. B. must be Mary Bowers was indicted, &c. which is desired may be corrected.

At the Three Black-birds in the Great Minories, near Aldgate.

Is sold a Never-failing Ointment, that cures the Gout, tho the Party be reduced to Crutches, and that in 2 or 3 days time, having been found true by Experience, to the great Ease and Comfort of many; it also cures Rheumatick Pains. Likewise a certain and infallible Cure for the Tooth Ach, without Drawing, and that so effectually, that the Pain will never return; and not only so, but makes Teeth as white as Ivory, and fastens those that are loose to Admiration.