Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 19 May 2022), May 1694 (16940524).

Old Bailey Proceedings, 24th May 1694.

THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE King and Queens Commissions ON THE Peace and Oyer and Terminer, and Goal Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex at Justice-Hall in the OLD-BAYLY,

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, being the 24th, 25th and 26th Days of May, 1694. And in the Sixth Year of Their MAJESTIES Reign.

THE Sessions of Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, and Goal Delivery of Newgate, held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bayly, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, being the 24th, 25th and 26th days of May, 1694 before the Right Honourable Sir William Ashurst Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, and Sir Salathiel Lovell Kt. Recorder of the said City, with several others of Their Majesties Justices for the City of London, and County of Middlesex.

The Jurors were as follows

London Jury.

[Text unreadable in original.] Hutchinson ,

Thomas Warden ,

John Raffold ,

Samuel Walsh ,

Thomas Wyldman ,

John Everingham ,

Thomas Daniel ,

Robert Boyce ,

Obadiah Hickman ,

Robert Adames ,

Giles Stretton ,

James Parker ,

Middlesex Jury.

James Partridge ,

Benjamin Bolthey ,

Samuel Hooper ,

Robert Collson

James Bird ,

William Cliffton ,

Moses Golwell ,

William Greaves ,

Robert Hull ,

Charles Longland ,

Richard Sutton ,

John Norton .

Elizabeth Stafford was Arraigned for stealing a Silver Cup, value 35s. from one Mr. John Dockeray on the 24th of April last: To which she immediately pleaded guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Margaret Ward was tried for robbing one William Wood a Child , aged four years, of a Seige Coat, value 10s. The Child was at play about one a Clock in the day-time, and the parents missing the Child, made search for it, and found it in Tenter-Ally stript of the Coat; which was found afterwards at a Broker's Shop, and owned by the Father of the Child to be the Child's Coat; but none could swear that the Prisoner was the person that robb'd the Child. She denying the fact was Acquitted .

Mary Davis was arraigned for stealing a Gold Chain, with a Locket, val. 14l. a Watch 40s. 3 Gold Rings, 6l. 5 Gold Rings 30s. a Box 30s. 20 Guineas, &c. the Money of one Walter Manning . She pleaded guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Lucia Walker was arraigned for stealing 6000 Pins, value 3s. 7 yards of Tape 2s. and 7l. 10s. in Money , the Goods of Andrew Ward ; to which she pleaded guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Philip Martyn , late of London, Labourer , was tried for killing one Josiah Yarley on the 10th of April last, giving him a mortal bruise on the top of the Head, of which he died on the 23d Instant . The matter of Fact was sworn, That the Deceased Yarley met the Prisoner and some others in the Street about 10 a Clock at night, as they were going to some Night-work, and first struck one John Williams with a stick, and then he goes over the way to the Prisoner, and gives him several blows, which relished so ill with the Prisoner, that he struck the Deceased with a Raking Shovel over the head; of which blow he fell down, and was afterwards found bleeding in the Street. The Prisoner in his defence declared, that Yarley struck him several blows, and drove him up against a Wall, and that he gave him one blow which he was forc'd to do in his own defence; adding That he did not think to hurt Yarley. Mr Bateman the Surgeon swore that there was a Fracture in the Skull, and that that was the occasion of his death; but there was no Malice proved, for the Witness declared, that the Prisoner never saw the said Yarley before, and he brought the matter upon himself: So he was found guilty of Manslaughter only .

[Branding. See summary.]

Sarah Jones was Indicted for stealing two Holland Shifts, value 40s. six Neckcloths, 16s. a dozen of Napkins, Handkerchiefs, and other Linen of good value , from one Alice Bassett Widow . The Cloaths were stole out of a Field in Southwark near St. Savory's Dock ; and some of it was found upon the Prisoner as she landed with them at Blackfryers Stairs, being stopt by a Constable, which Goods were owned by Alice Bassett to be hers. There were 11 Napkins found upon the Prisoner by one Mrs. Dunn, Wife of Christopher Dunn . The Prisoner said the Cloaths were given her by another Woman, but could not prove it. She was an old Offender, and branded before, whereupon she was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

One Katherine Salsbury was Indicted of a Misdemeanour for forging a Ticket to receive money from the Navy-Office ; but no Evidence appearing to prove the matter, she was discharg'd of the Indictment.

Diana Lawrence , a Girl about twelve years of Age, was tried for stealing 40s. privily out of the Pocket of one Sarah Foster , Wife of Ben Foster , in Honey-lane Market , on the 5th Instant. Mrs. Foster was hearing a Ballad sung in the Market, and her Pocket was pickt immediately. Upon which, the Prisoner was found telling the money in a corner, which money was owned by Mrs. Foster, she swearing it was hers that she then lost. The Prisoner strongly denied the Fact, and said she found it in the Market: But that was lookt upon to be an old Newgate shift, and groundless Excuse; and she was known to be an old Gamester in the Art of Legerdemain, tho but a young Girl. She was thereupon found guilty of the Felony.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Agatha Reynolds was Tried for stealing 28 Yards of Wosted Camblet, value 28s. and 35 Yards of Sarsnet, 35s. from Mr. James Bradshaw of St. Giles's in the Fields . Mr. Bradshaw lost his Goods out of his Shop , which were found pawn'd at a Brokers in Drury-lane by the Prisoner, for 17s. She urged in her defence, that she bought the Goods of a certain Woman she met in the street, and called some Witnesses who confirmed the same, and that one of them lent her 10s. to pay for the Goods: others gave her a good repute. So she had the good Fortune to be acquitted .

Elinor Jackson and Christian Bourne , two Scotch Women, were both Tried for stealing a Gold Ring, value 9s. They came to one Mr. Wilcoxe s's Shop a Goldsmith in the Little Minories , and under a Pretence of buying a Ring, they pinch'd it away ; and being stopt, Jackson threw it from her into a Kennel. They denied the Fact, and call'd some Witnesses, but none appear'd: So Jackson was found guilty , but Bourne acquitted .

[Branding. See summary.]

Margaret Osborne of Whitechappel , was Indicted and Tried for that she, together with one Jonathan Wayman and Ann Clark , not taken, did break the House of one James Peterson , on the 26th of March last, and stole away two Holland Shirts, value 8s. three pair of Stockins, 9s. four Yards of Serge, 6s. two Smocks, a Petticoat, and nine Guinea's . Mrs. Peterson swore that the House was broke open, and her Goods took away, which she never had again: But the Prisoner was seen to have some of the Goods in company with Wayman and Clark, which was a Shirt and a Smock, and some other Goods. It appeared that the Prisoner was a Confederate with the other two in the Robbery, but no one could charge her with Burglary, nor that the Goods were the said Petersons; and indeed the grand Thieves were run away. The Prisoner thereupon was acquitted .

Sarah Anderson was tried for robbing her Master , one John Gill of Wapping , on the 10th Instant, of a Bag, value 1d. 40 Guinea's, and 10l. in money . The Prisoner confessed before the Justice, that she stole 7l. in silver, a Guinea, and a Pistole, which she took out of her Master's Trunk. There were 300 Guinea's, and some broad Pieces in the Bag besides, but she spar'd them. The Prisoner owned upon her Trial, that she took away 7l. as also a Pistole and a Guinea, but medled with nothing more. She was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Thomas Adams was Indicted for a Trespass, in forging a false Note in the Names of Thomas Holles and Henry Martlin , to receive 5l. 17s. and 4d. from one Mr. Israel Lock ; which Offence he immediately confest upon his Arraignment.

[Fine. See summary.]

[Pillory. See summary.]

Edward Blewet was Tried for a Burglary, for breaking the House of Hannah Key Widow , being the Cross-Keys in Gracious-street , and stealing away one Bever Hat, value 3l. four pair of Breeches 10s. one Guinea, and 7s. in money, the goods and moneys of one John Lee , a Lodger in Mrs. Keys Dwelling-house . The Casement was broke open which was fast shut on the over-night, a Quorrel being taken out, and there was no other way to get into the House. The Prisoner was found in the House the next morning and would have made his escape, but was stopt by the Servants belonging to the House. Another man that was with him got away. The Prisoner confest, when taken, that he had lay'n in the Hayloft a Fortnight before, and a Pocket-Book was found dropt upon the Leads of the House. The Prisoner said he was going that way late at Night, and so made bold to lie there. This was but a feigned Excuse, and the Prisoner had been an Offender before this time, yet the Evidence could not swear he was in the House, and nothing was found about him that belonged to the said Lee; thereupon he had the good Fortune to be acquitted of this Indictment.

Jane Heath was Arraigned and Tried for stealing five Napkins, value 5s. one Table-cloth 5s. and two shillings in money . The Prisoner was a Lodger in the House of one John Bishop , when the things were taken away; and there was no person in the House but the Prisoner at the same time, and she fell a crying when she was taxed with the Thefts, and would have compounded the matter. She denied the Fact, and said Mrs. Bishop's Daughter was in the House all the day with her, and knew nothing of the matter. The Evidence was very circumstantial, and she called good Witnesses for her Reputation, so she was acquitted .

Katherine Desseens was Tried for stealing 9 Yards of Ribboning value 5s. from one Titford. She came to Mrs. Titford 's Shop to buy some Ribbons, and took away the Ribboning . The Prosecutor knowing the Prisoner sent for her, and taxt her with stealing of it. She deni'd it, and offer'd to make satisfaction for it, if Mrs. Titford would swear it. She had some good Witnesses for her Reputation, who declared that she was a very careful industrious Woman. The Prisoner did arrest Mr. Titford and his Wife in a Joint Action of 40l. for scandalizing of her, which might raise some Animosity betwixt them; and Mrs. Titford said she would have trusted her with the Ribboning, if she had ask'd her; for she had dealt with her a long time, in the way of her Trade, viz. in the Milliner s. She was acquitted .

Margaret Bainbrigg was Arraigned for Robbing one Andrew Bourne on the 25th of December last, of a Laced Pinner, a Blanket, 4 Plates, a Candlestick, a pair of Muslin Ruffles, and other Goods of value . To which Indictment she pleaded guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Nicholas Northorp was tried upon two Indictments for two several Robberies upon the Hig-way: the first for Robbing one Jehudah Stenet , the second for robbing one Nathaniel Webb , who declared, That four High-way men met them in a Lane near Honslow Heath , and took hold of their Horses Bridle and clapt a Pistol to them, and threatened them with death; so carried them into a little Lane, and there robb'd each of them of 40s. in Money, and took away their Swords and Pistols; afterwards the Waggons coming by, they fell upon them, and robb'd them; causing the said Webb and Stenet to lie still upon the ground whilst they committed the Robbery: then the Town of Honslow was raised, and the High-way men pursued; but they all got away except the Prisoner, who was shot in the Leg by one of the Countrey men, and his Horse also, by which he was taken, though with great difficulty; and a Pistol was taken upon him, which was owned by Mr. Webb: There was a Countrey Boy about 16 years of age sworn, who said, that the Prisoner made him hold their Horses whilst they committed the Robbery, threatening to shoot him through the head if he did not discharge his Office; the Boy being askt if he was not afraid of them, answer'd, that they made him shake a little at first, but afterwards he was not so much daunted: Other Evidence declared upon Oath, that the Prisoner had a Vizard-Mask on, so had the rest, which was produced in Court; all this was fully confirm'd by the King's Witnesses. All the Prisoner had to say for himself, was, That he met the other three upon the Road, and they forced him to ingage with them, and to go along with them; which was a very improbable Story, and not believed by the Jury: So he was found guilty of both Indictments.

[Death. See summary.]

John Cusack of St. Andrews Holborn , Gent. was Tried for killing one Robert Salisbury on the 30th of April last at Grays-Inn Lane-end in Holborn , giving him a mortal Wound upon his breast with a Sword, value 2s. of the breadth of one Inch, and of the depth of 8 Inches, of which he instantly died . The Prisoner and the deceased Mr. Salisbury, were in company of one Mr. Salisbury, where Mr. Cusack was saying, that he had lately recommended a Servant to a certain Gentleman, a particular Friend of his, who had done him great kindnesses, therefore hop't the Servant would prove well, or words to that effect, says the Deceased, What do you do for him, are you his Pimp, or do you procure for him? Upon which the Prisoner grew angry, and told him that he scorn'd any such Action; upon which further words arose, and the Prisoner went away, but the Deceased followed him, and overtook him just at Grays-Inn Lane-end, where they had further words, and the Deceased was seen to strike the Prisoner with his Cane, and to shake Mr. Cusack upon the Breast, telling him he would shake him to pieces, and challenging him to box with him, which Mr. Cusack refusing to do, Mr. Salisbury would have struck him again; upon which Mr. Cusack drew his sword and unfortunately ran him into the Body; which he did not deny; adding, that he was very sorry for it, and did all he could to evade the Quarrel; and they had always been loving Friends before, and that he did not think to have kill'd him, what he did being in his own defence, but that could not be allowed: So he was found guilty of Manslaughter , as the Law requires in all such sudden Quarrels.

[Branding. See summary.]

Mustapha Pochowachett a Turk, was Tried for committing the most Unnatural and Horrid Sin of Buggery, which is so detestable, and not fit to be named among Christians; which he did on the 11th of this Instant May , upon the Body of one Anthony Bassa , Dutch Boy , of the age of 14 years, and upwards . Bassa swore, that they lay together in the Room, and in the Night-time the Prisoner assaulted him, and forced his Yard into his Body; upon which the Boy cried out, to prevent which he stopt his Mouth with the Pillow, and used him in a very unnatural manner. The Surgeon swore that he had given the said Bassa the Venereal Distemper, and that the Boy was very ill with it. The Prisoner was ask'd, What he had to say? which was done by an Interpreter sworn for that purpose. The Prisoner told him, that he never did any such thing, only lay in the Room with him. But then the Surgeon further deposed, That he being order'd to search the Boy, found two great Ulcers on both sides his Fundament, and that he was in a dangerous condition. That the Turk's Members were shanker'd, and much bloody, and a great hole upon the fleshly part of his Yard. The Turk said by the Interpreter, that he was not able to do such a thing, and would stand the Search, but that was not done. The Jury believ'd the Boy's [Text unreadable in original.]; and the thing appeared very very foul and detestable before the Face of Christians, being a Crime so grievous in the sight of God, the Jury having maturely consider'd of the Fact, brought him in guilty of Buggery.

[Death. See summary.]

Peter Whittingham , S - H - and A - H - were all Tried for High-Treason, in Cutting, Clipping, Filing, and Diminishing the Currant Money of England, viz. 10 Half-Crowns, 20 Shillings, and 20 Six-pences . The Evidence for the King and Queen deposed, That they were all seen at work; Whittingham clipping money, S - H - Filing of it, and A - H - rubbing it upon a Leather to make it smooth. They made their Escape once from the Officers at first, but were taken sometime afterwards. Peter Whittingham was taken at the Salmon and Ball in Moorfields, and H - and A - in Mugwell-street. This was very clearly proved against them, and the clipt money was produced in Court as corroborating Evidence against them, which was shewed to the Jury. The Prisoners denied the Fact, and called divers of their Neighbours to justify their Reputation, urging, That one of the Witnesses for the King had malice against them, and did not prosecute, till they had took him up with a Warrant for suspicion of robbing the Prisoners of 50l. But yet the Court directed the Jury, That People that are Clippers, are commonly of good Repute, because they get their money easier than other men, therefore acted fairly with their Neighbours; that a man might have a fair Character, and yet be an Offender in such a Case; yet it was left to their Consciences, whether they did believe the Evidence against them; if they did, they must find them guilty of High-Treason, otherwise acquit them. The Jury having well weighed the Case, brought them in Not Guilty .

Thomas James was Tried for the Murther of one Francis Griffin , on the 6th of April last, by giving him a Blow with a Broomstick upon the left side of his Head, which gave him such a Bruise, that he died the 8th of May following . A Quarrel hapned betwixt them about striking a Horse, and James was seen to fling the Stick at the Deceased's Head, upon which he fell down; and afterwards his head being search'd by a Surgeon, it was found broke, and a great depression was made upon the Scull, of which he languished and died. The Stick was but a small Stick, and probably he might receive the wound by the Fall; for he fell down (his Foot slipping) against a Stair-Case, and no one saw the Stick cut his Head. Upon the whole he was acquitted .

Matthew Pryor , a Coachman , was Tried for driving his Coach-wheel over the Leg of Ann Hewetson , which he did by Chance, not wilfully; and the Woman standing in the way, he did not see her. So the Jury found that he did it by misfortune, therefore he was acquitted .

Nathanael Peck of London, Labourer , was Tried for High Treason in Counterfeiting, Forging, and making one hundred false Guineas, &c. The Witness swore that Peck came to his House, and told him he had some Guineas to dispose of; upon which he gave him 21s. 8d. a piece for 24 of them; which when weighed, proved too light; but he could not say they were false ones, and there was no other Evidence against him. So he was discharged .

William Sutton was Tried for a Misdemeanor, for suffering Sir James Montgomery to make his Escape out of his hands, he being delivered into his Custody (being a Messenger ) charged upon suspicion of High-Treason before the Secretary of State ; it was swore that Sir James was put into Sutton's House, and two Centinels being set over him to keep him safe; they gave him leave to go away, and they went with him; but it did not appear that Mr. Sutton was privy to the matter, nor that he knew he went away; but the Lock of the Door was broke open, which could be done by none but the two Centinels that stood at the Door: And Sutton proved, that he was gone abroad to execute a Warrant at the same time concerning the Government; and this Witness swore for him, that he the said Sutton was a person very well affected to the present Government, and was always very careful in his business; So he was Acquitted .

Drury Wake Gent. was Tried for the Murder of one Thomas Smith a Constable , near Bloomsbury, by shooting him with a Pistol-Bullet into the Thigh, the 3d of April last . The Prisoner being suspected to be one of the persons that Robbed the House of Sir Richard Pigget of Woodford in the County of Middlesex, was pursued by some persons into the Field behind Montague House, in order to apprehend him, crying out a Highway-man. When he was in the Field, a great Rabble was running after him, throwing Brick-Batts at him; upon which, Mr. Smith the Constable coming along the Field, met the Prisoner, telling him that he was a Constable; and if he would surrender himself to him, he would preserve him from the Insolencies of the Mobb: But he refused it, and drew his Sword, swearing he would kill any man that should come near him, bidding Mr. Smith keep off, or else (he swore) God Damn him he would shoot him, and made a Pass at [Text unreadable in original.]put by with his Staff. Upon which Mr. Smith, being a man. Closed in with hi, and clasped him about; and having his Constables Staff in his Left Hand, and a Pistol in the Right, he immediately discharged his Pistol upon the ground, directing it from the Prisoner, that it might not hurt him. After which, Mr. W. shot Mr. Smith into the Thigh, who fell back and Cry'd out, the Rogue has kill'd me. It was proved that Mr. Smith shewed the Prisoner his Authority as a Constable, by producing his Staff, and very mildly desired him, in the King's Name, to yield and surrender himself quietly to his power, he would protect him; but he would not yield, swearing he would shoot him, as aforesaid. And if the Constable had not put the said W's Pistol downwards towards the earth, he had shot him in the Belly. There were several Witnesses for the King, who all agreed in the matter of Fact, as aforesaid, &c. Mr. W. declared in his Behalf, That he was afraid of Bayliffs arresting him, and therefore made that defence for himself; and that Mr. Smith came without a Staff or Warrant to seize him, therefore he thought him not to be a Constable, and that he never told him he was one. He called some Witnesses that were in the Field at the same time the Murder was done, who could not confirm what he asserted, but only declared in the general, That they saw the Prisoner and Mr. Smith struggling together; that there were two Pistols shot off, that Mr. W. went off last. The first Witness against him further declared, That the Prisoner desired him not to inform the Court at the Trial, that he had any Society with Bernard, and the rest that Robbed Sir Richard Pigget's House, for that might be a prejudice to him, &c. The Prisoner urged further, That what he did, was in his own defence: But was told that could not be for all the Evidence agreed viva voce, that he killed him maliciously and basely, being unwilling to be taken, lest he should be prosecuted for the Burglary at Sir Richard Piggets. The Evidence being full, he was found guilty of the Murther.

[Death. See summary.]

Mary Lawrence was Tried for stealing a Gold watch value 8l. and 45s. in money , from George Duch . The Evidence not being positive that she stole the watch or money, she was acquitted .

Susan Tills , Katharine Dodd alias Barber , and Ann Gayler , were Tried for High-Treason in Clipping the Currant Money of England, &c. The Evidence for the King and Queen was a Servant Maid that lived with Mrs. Tills, who declared, that she saw her Mistris Clip and her Master both in Bed several times, but Tills did not appear himself, being run away. She swore that she saw Gayler clip money, but could say nothing against Dodd. Another Witness for the King declared, that he had seen them change narrow money for broad money oftentimes, and that he had received money that was newly clipt from Mrs. Tills several times, and that there was a great Gang of them concerned in the carrying on the Trade; particularly one Ann Auguish and Moll Rowley not yet taken, who were wont to procure the money for the Clippers of it, and a pair of Shears, and a half Crown that was brass, were produced in Court. Mrs. Tills denied the Fact, and said, that the Shears were useful to her Husband in the way of his Trade, he being a Watchmaker. Dodd denied the Fact, so did Gayler; and they had several of their Neighbours who gave a good Character of Mrs. Tills, and that they had known her 20 years, and never found that she clipt any money; one of which said there was a bad sort of people did resort to Till's House; others said that Gayler was a Woman that works hard for her living at washing , and the Servant Sarah Jyn was an ill person, and frequented Bawdy-houses in White-Fryers; and that Mrs. Tills and Jyn us't to fall out; Another Evidence swore that Dodd had been whipt in Bridewell several times for picking Pockets; and that she was heard to say that she was to help an old Gentlewoman to a Maidenhead for a Guinea, and that it was the common Report of the Women of the Town; that she had left the Trade of Pocket-picking, and was now turned Niggler, (that is to say) a Clipper of money; all this was not enough to convict them, there being but one Evidence, and she a doubtful one too; So they were all acquitted .

Thomas Blundevill was Tried for being a Common Defrauder and Cheater of Their Majesties Subjects of their monies, which he did by Forging and Counterfeiting Letters signed with the Sign of the Post-Office General; particularly, he delivered two Letters to one Mr. Robert Tempest , supposed to come from Ireland, and Mr. Tempest paid 10d. a piece for them ; and there were several such Letters produced in Court against him; and one Gentleman Swore that the Prisoner confest that he had been us'd to practice such doings; and that he had delivered several Letters to other persons besides Major Tempest, which agreed with his own hand that he was seen to write before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor; one Letter was read in Court, which he sent to Mr. Dodd from the Poultrey Comter, telling him that he would discover other People that were Accomplices with him, provided Mr. Dodd would be favourable to him, and make him an Evidence against such that he would impeach. The Prisoner denied the Fact, and said he never did act any such thing; but there was another Person in Court who produced 12 Letters that were of the same stamp and Character: So he was found guilty of a Cheat.

[Fine. See summary.]

[Pillory. See summary.]

[Provide sureties for good behaviour. See summary.]

C - B - was Indicted for stealing 29 Yards of Stuff, value 4l. 7s. from Francis Brown . The Prisoner having Witness that saw him buy the Stuff, he was acquitted .

Ann Hulk was Tried for stealing 100 Weight of melted tallow, value 42s. from Michael Parsons . The Evidence being clear, and the Prisoner not being indicted for Burglary, she was found guilty to the value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

George Cobham was Indicted for Forging a False Ticket of the Navy Office, prtending to be a Seaman, in order to get money from the Treasurer ; but no Evidence appearing against him, he was acquitted in course.

W - H - and W - C - who were Evidence in the Trial of Peter Whittingham and the rest for the King, were now Arraigned and Tried for breaking the said Peter Whittingham's House, and stealing a Bag value 1d. 53l. 10s. in money , the Goods of S - H - . There was only Whittingham's single Evidence against them, so they were both acquitted .

Jonathan Robinson and Elinor Jackson as Accessary were Tried for Robbing one John Deane in the King's Highway, of a watch value 7l. a pair of Pistols 40s. The Evidence being not positive, they were acquitted .

William Richardson , Samuel Woodcock , and Jonathan Spence , were all Three Tried for breaking the House of Mr. William Fitz-Harrold ; putting him in fear of his Life, and taking 10s. from him . There appearing a great deal of malice in the Trial, and being done in the day-time, they were brought in Not guilty .

Edward Tobin was Tried for killing one David Hughes by giving him a mortal wound in his throat of the breadth of one Inch, and of the depth of five Inches, of which he died the 22d Instant . The Prisoner, with one Rhodes and Powel not taken, were drinking in an Alehouse in Somerset Yard , where the deceased Hughes was; and one of them threw the Pot of Drink in his face, without any provocation. Then the Swords were drawn, and one of the three was a top of Hughes with his Sword drawn, having a wound given him in his Neck as abovesaid, the Surgeon swore that he died of it. There was a great deal of Evidence pro & con, but Hughes, as appeared by a Witness, could not tell which of the Three killed him, the Prisoner was found guilty of Manslaughter only .

[Death. See summary.]

Ann Dakers was Tried, for that she, with Mary Westcomb , not taken, did break the House of William Glover , and did steal a parcel of Child-bed Linen, with other Goods of value . She confest when taken, but denied the Fact upon the Trial. It being proved she broke the House, she was found guilty of Felony, but not of Burglary .

[Branding. See summary.]

William York and Thomas Edge were Tried, for that they, together with Thomas Barloe now sick in Jail, and Thomas Jenkins , and Richard Jenkins not taken, did Rob Samuel Hosey in the Highway on the 24th day of February last, and took from him a Gelding coloured black, value 16l. with other Goods of value . Hosey swore he was Robb'd by Six men upon Honslow-heath , but they having Vizard-Masks, he could not discern their Faces. But one that was in the Robbery with them, swore that the two Prisoners were actually in the said Robbery. They having nothing material to offer, were both found guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

One Richard Cokley an Irish Papist , was tried for a Misdemeanor, in falsly pretending that he found in the Snow under his Feet the 12th day of January last near the Temple-gate, a Green Vellum Pocket-book, in which was some writing and several Papers, importing a Design against the Lives of Their Majesties; whereas in truth the Book was his own, and prov'd to have been in his Custody long before ; and that the design was to impose upon the Secretary of State by bringing it as a Discovery of Consequence to raise a merit to himself, and sham the Real Design against the Government. The Court, in respect of his Poverty, impos'd upon him the Fine of 100l. and Three times to stand in the Pillory , and find Sureties for his Good behaviour for a Twelvemonth .

Joseph Bradshaw , Gentleman , having been under Bail, came into the Court, and was indicted, for that he on the 9th day of February , in the Year 1689, being then in the Lodging of Dr. Littleton of Doctors Commons , London, to whom he had before been Clerk, did in the Night-time, after the Doctor's going to bed, take the Key of the said Doctor's Study, and unlock the same, and took out the Gold and Silver to the value of 200l. The Evidence that swore against the Prisoner were Dr. Littleton and Richard Johnson , who was then a Footman to the Doctor. Johnson swore that Mr. Bradshaw ordered him the time aforesaid to go and fetch the Key of the Doctor's Study that then lay on the Table in the Doctor's Chamber, and bring it down to him, and therewith the said Bradshaw unlockt the Study door, and took out the money, and gave him 7l. in Silver and two Guineas in Gold, and bid him be gone into his own Countrey, which he accordingly did. The Doctor swore that he was robb'd at the time aforesaid of the Sum of Two hundred Pound, but that it was done by the Prisoner, but said he always suspected him.

The Prisoner in his defence alledged, That Johnson immediately upon the committing the Robbery, fled, and that he was put into the Gazette by Dr. Littleton with a Reward of 20l. to any Person that should take him; and that he the said Bradshaw never remov'd from his Business, but took all possible care to have Johnson apprehended; and proved that he had caused 2000 Bills to be printed, described the said Johnson, and had distributed the same to all Watches, &c. That he had also caused Hue and Cries to be be made, and sent to all parts of England, for taking the said Johnson, with the Reward aforesaid, by the said Doctor; and that afterwards Johnson was taken up for the Robbery. The Evidence for the Prisoner, who took the said Johnson for the Fact, did testify, That there had been by Johnson's confession, a Correspondence between the Doctor and the said Johnson, which the Doctor did not deny; and that he had received a Letter from the Doctor (whose Hand he said he knew very well) wherein the Doctor had promised a Pardon to the said Johnson in case he would swear against the Prisoner; and that Johnson declared it was the Doctor's whole Design to lay the matter upon the said Mr. Bradshaw, for that he was in a condition to pay the Sum he was robb'd of; but saith Johnson, this I cannot, nor will not do, for Mr. Bradshaw is innocent and I believe he is as honest a man as any one living; further Evidence for the Prisoner testify'd, that the said Johnson had been seen to have 100 or more Guineas at one time, and that since the Robbery he had paid several Debts, particularly the King's Tax, that he run away with 12l. and that the said Johnson had built a House that cost 20l. or more. Further Evidence for the Prisoner testified, That the said Johnson had committed several Robberies by several Names, one of which was on Sir William Bond of 100l. and that he fled for the same, and was never heard of till this time; others testified, that Johnson was a common Gaol-bird, and had been burnt in the hand, which appear'd to the Court. The Prisoner, to take off the suspicion the Doctor had of him, proved by the Doctor's Confession in Court, that he had employed him in all, or most of his Affairs, since the time of the Fact being committed; and by his Letters, not only with his moneys, but with his Mistress also; which Letters were produced by the Prisoner and read in Court, the Prisoner lost 20l. of his own money.

So upon the whole matter, the Court finding the said Johnson to be a notorious Rogue, for that he had sworn one thing to the Grand Jury, and another to the Court; the Grand Jury happening to hear it, desired leave of the Court to give them information of it, which they accordingly did, looking upon it to be a malicious Prosecution: And that Dr. Littleton's only using very reflecting Language, that was nothing to the purpose; and the Prisoner being a person of undoubted honesty and Reputation, of which the Court was well satisfied, and look upon the matter to be rather malice than fact; he was acquitted , and Johnson taken into custody.

Sarah Wilmore was Arraigned for stealing a Tippet, value 5s. a Hood, 2s. 6d. a Scarf, and an Ell of Silk, &c. to which Indictment she pleaded guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

John Connel , and Elizabeth Connel his Wife , were both Tried, for that they together with one Edward Poor , and Elizabeth Thorp not yet taken, did rob Joseph Wyng of a Gold Ring, value 12s. and 17l. in money - Connel producing a Warrant in Court to search for evil persons, and came not to search with any Felonious Intent, he and his Wife were acquitted .

Thomas May was Tried upon two indictments, the first for Robbing Richard Hutton , and breaking his House the 6th of May in the Night-time, stealing a Beaver Hat, value 30s. and other Goods, besides Guinea's and Silver, to the value of near 100l. The matter of Fact being fully proved against him, he was found guilty of Felony and Burglary.

He was Indicted a second time, for breaking the House of Francis Tuckeley , taking away several Swords with Silver and steel Hilts, to a great value , the Goods of Thomas Rush a Sword-Cutter . The Burglary being proved upon him, he was thereupon found guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

William York and Thomas Edge were a second time Indicted, for Robbing one John Eason of 3l. in money . Richard Jenkins shot Mr. Eason upon the Coat, and bruised his Arm. The King's Witness swore that the Prisoners were there at the Robbery, as also Barloe, Richard Jenkins , Thomas Jenkins , and one C - all which was believed by the Jury, so they were found guilty .

They were a third time Indicted by the same Names together with Thomas Newin for breaking the House of Emanuel Colony Marquess of Cavalis, the Spanish Ambassador , on the 8th of February last, taking away a Silver Chalice, value 8l. three Holland Surplices 30s. three Stuff-Gowns 4l. 10s. &c. about 12 a clock in the Night-time . The Evidence swore positively as to the Felony and Burglary, thereupon they were a third time found guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Adam Lynn , a Drummer , was Tried for the Murther of one John Richardson , by giving him a mortal wound near the Right pap, with a Sword value 2s. of the breadth of one Inch, and of the depth of 12, of which he died . The Witness swore, That the Prisoner confest in Newgate that he killed the said Richardsson, and that the Deceased said that Lynn pusht with a good will, and killed him. The Prisoner alledged he had been all day with the Deceased, and because he would not go to a Bawdy-house, Richardson, and another man that was with him drew their Swords upon him, threatening to kill him, upon which he was forced to draw his Sword in his own defence, but did not know that he killed him. Having no Witness to prove any thing he alledged, and the Evidence against the Prisoner being positive, he was found guilty of Manslaughter only , considering the Fact was done in a sudden heat.

[Branding. See summary.]

Rebecca Taylor was Indicted for stealing from Mark Jones , on the 6th of October lost, a Serge Gown, value 20s. also another Gown 12s. She confessing the Fact, and offering to compound it, was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

William York and Richard Tovey were Tried for Felony and Burglary in breaking the House of Joseph Jekyll Esq ; on the 21st of March last, stealing several Goods to a very considerable value, besides 60 Guinea's, and 25l. in Silver numbered . Though the Witness affirmed that Tovey was in the Robbery, York denied it, behaving himself undecently in the Court, saying, The Witness was a Rogue, and had the Gallows in his Face, and hoped he would be hang'd for it. Notwithstanding they were found guilty of the Burglary, the Evidence being full against them.

[Death. See summary.]

Humphrey Woodman and W - C - were Tried for robbing Major Belloe in the High-way, and taking away (on the 12th of April last) a Gelding, coloured White, price 12l. with a Saddle and Bridle, value 14s. The Robbery was done on Fulmore Heath , and they being pursued by the Country men, one of them was taken at Uxbridge Townsend, but Major Belloe was not present in Court to prosecute the matter. The Prisoner's denied the Fact, they were acquitted at present , but order'd to find Bail to appear next Sessions.

Elizabeth Groves , Wife of John Groves , was Tried for stealing a Scarf from John Knight , value 12s. on the 23d of April last; the Prisoner was in Knight's House, at a Wedding, and she was seen to fold up the Scarf, and put it under the Skirt of her Wastcoat. She was found guilty to the value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Sarah Davis was Indicted for stealing 20l. weight of Feathers, value 20s. The Evidence not reaching her, she was acquitted .

Thomas White was Tried, for that he, together with one John Beckham , not yet taken, did Rob the House of Mr. Joseph Besouth , of Goods to an extraordinary value . Part of the Goods were found upon the Prisoner at Long-Ford, and some at Tumble-down Dicks at Brentford. The Prisoner owned the Fact when taken, but upon the Trial deni'd it. He having no Witness to contradict what was alledg'd against him, was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Mary Foster was Arraigned for stealing a pair of Gold Ear-Rings set with Pearls, val. 30s. from Thomas Graham ; but no Evidence did appear against her: So she was acquitted .

John Loe and John Barnes , two young Youth s, were Tried for stealing a Copper Pot, val. 4s. a Brass Kettle 2s. from Francis Wood of Stepney ; but that was but a made Excuse; they were found guilty to the value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Sarah Jinn was Tried for stealing on the 26th of April last, divers Goods from Benjamin Gayler . It appear'd to be a malicious Prosecution; She was Acquitted .

Katherine Clark , a French Woman, was Tried for breaking the House of Thomas Smith in the day-time, and stealing Goods of value . The Evidence swore that the Goods were found by her direction at a Brokers; but he could not charge her to have stolen them. She was Acquitted .

Andrew Whelpley was Tried for stealing several Goods from Thomas Abratha on the 14th Instant. The Evidence being full and clear, he was found guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Susan Powell alias Holden , Mary Williams alias Glass , and Rebekah Randale , were all three Tried for High-Treason for Clipping the Currant money of England . Mr. Dunn and Mr. St. Leger proved, That they upon search of the Prisoner's Lodgings found them in the Room altogether, with a Paper of Clippings, and a great quantity of Clipt money, both Half-Crowns and Shillings, and Shears and Files and melting Pots, and Scissers and Scales; Mary Williams desired them to be kind to her Mother Susan Powell, and she would discover all; which she did, and produced the Clipt money, which was in the Bosom of the said Mary Williams; and the Clippings were hid under a Washing Tub; and the Old Woman Susan Powell endeavoured to make her Escape out at a Window. They were all found in one Room, but nothing was found about Randale, and she came there for a Hood as she alledged: So she was acquitted , but the other two were found guilty of High Treason

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

The Trials being over, the Court proceeded to give Sentence as followeth.

Received Sentence of Death 11.

Edward Tobin

Nicholas Northorp

Mustapha Pochowachett

Drury Wake

William York

Thomas Edge

Thomas Maye

Susan Powell

Mary Williams

Thomas Newin

Richard Tovey,

Burnt in the Hand 16.

Phillip Martin

Lusia Walker

Mary Davis

Elizabeth Stafford

Sarah Jones

John Cusack

Thomas White

Andrew Whelpley

Adam Lynn

Elinor Jackson

Sarah Anderson

Mary Bambrigg

Sarah Wilmore

Ann Dakers

Rebekah Taylor

Isaac Skellome

Who was Convicted last Sessions.

To be Whipt 4.

Ann Hulk

Elizabeth Groves

John Loe

John Barnes.

To be Transported Dyanah Lawrence.

Thomas Adams was Fined 6s. 8 d. being poor; and ordered to stand in the Pillory Three times.

Thomas Blundervill was Fined 40l. and ordered to stand in the Pillory Three times, and to find good Sureties.

Richard Cokely was Fined 100l. and to stand 3 Times in the Pillory.

Susan Powell and Mary Williams were found with Quick Child.


Whereas it was design'd at first to print the Englaish Translation of Malbranche's Search after Truth, in Folio. This is to give Notice, That the Undertakers, John Dunton, and Samuel Manslip, (what they may sooner gratify the Expectation of the Learned World, and that so useful a Work may be every Bodies Money) design to print it in Two Volumes, (as 'tis in the Original) upon a very Fair Letters, and Extraordinary Paper, without Subscriptions. Done out of the French from the Paris 4th Edition, by Mr. Sault, Math. Of the whose Abilities in performing so Nice and Learned a Work, John Norris, M.A. is very well satisfi'd, after some Converse with the said Mr. Sault, as he has express'd himself by Letter to some of his Acquaintance in Town; and therefore, as also for some other Reasons, has desired to be excus'd from his Promise of the Revisal. The First Volume will be publisht in Two months, being now in the Press, and the Second soon after: The Translator having began the Work above Twelve Months since.

A discourse of Christian Religion in Sundry Points, viz. Christ the Hope of Glory, the Knowledge of God in Christ, Christ the saviour of the People, the only Mediator, &c. Preached at the Merchants Lecture. By Tho. Cole, 8 vo.

A Succinct and Seasonable Discourse of the Occasions, causes, Natures, Rise, Growth and Remedies if Mental Errors. To which is added, (1.) An Answer to Mr. Cary against Instant Baptism. (2.) An Answer to some Antinomian Errors. (3.) Sermon about Union. By John Flavel.

Mr. John Flavel'sv Remains, being two Sermons: The one preached at Dartmouth in Devon, on the Day of the Coronation of Their Majesties. The latter intended to be preached at a Meeting of the United Ministers of several Counties. With some Account of his Life.

The Reasonableness of Personal Reformation, and the Necessity of Conversion. The true methods of making all men happy in this world, and in the world to come. By J. Flavell.

Instructions about Heart-work, what is to be done on God's part and ours, for the Cure and keeping of the Heart, &c. by that Eminent Gospel-Minister, Mr. Richard Alleyn. With a Preface by Dr. Annesley. The 2d. Edition.

These Printed for Thomas Cockerill, at the Three Legs in the Poultrey.

About the latter end of may will be publisht the Third and last Volume of the Works of Francis Rabelais M. D. containing the Fourth and Fifth Books of the Heroick Deeds and sayings of Gargantua and Pantagruel; which two Books are the whole Voyage to the Holy-Bottle.

The Pantagruelian Prognostication.

Enciclopidee Questions.

Three Epistles in Verse.

Historical Letters written in by the Doctor during his stay in Italy. This Volume, which compleats all his Works, was never before published in English; and is also to contain a Key to the Voyage, and large Explanations of the most difficult Passages, never before published in any Language.

Bibliotheca Politica, Compleat in Thirteen Dialogues To which is added a large Table to the whole Work Both printed for Rich. Baldwin.

These are to give notice to all Persons, for the benefit of the Publick, That W. Elmy, Prosfessor of Physick, and Operator, of known Integrity, and above 25 Years Practice, liveth at the Blue Ball in Whale-Bone-Court, at the lower end of Bartholomew-Lane by the Royal Exchange: Who most safely and expeditiously cures Deafness, and Noise in the Ears, in any, of what Age soever, (if Curable) and at first sight, by Inspection, Resolves the Patient, if so or not, as most eminent Persons of Quality in this City can testifie. His Pills only prepared for the French Disease, and the Running of the Reins, may be had in Boxes of several Prices, with other Venereal Arcana's as occasion requires. Price from 1s 6d. to 3s. And from 3s. to 6s. the Box, with Directions. These Pills are free from Mercury: They are proper in all Diseases, where Purging is Requisite. Hehath likewise a most excellent Gargarism or Mouth Water, which will make Black or Yellow Teeth as White as Ivory, in a few times using; and it will certainly Cure the Scurvy, and all other Diseases incident to the Mouth, Teeth and Gums. The Glasses are of several Prices, with Directions. That you may not mistake, my House is at the Blue-Ball, as aforesaid, you may see it as you come into the Court.

On Ludgate-Hill, next Door to the King's-Arms Tavern near Fleet-Bridge, any person may be furnished with a Water for taking away the Freckles, Pimples, Worms and Morphew in the face, Elixir Salutis, Balsamum Vitae, Tinctura Vitae, An excellent Water and Ointment for the Eyes. Ointments for the Eyes. Ointments for the Rickets, Burns, Scalds, Wounds, Aches, Sprians, &c. Powders, Dentrifices, Elixirs, Essences, Oils, Spirits, &c. For the easing and curing of most Distempers incident to humane Bodies. Prepared and Sold by B L

In Grays Inn-Lane in Plow-Yard, the third Door, lives Doctor Thomas Kirleus, a Collegiate Physician, and Sworn Physician in Ordinary to King Charles II until his Death; who with a Drink and Pill (hindring no Business) undertakes to Cure any Ulcers, Sores, Swellings in the Nose, Face, or other Parts; Scabs, Itch, Scurfs, Leprosies, and Venereal Diseases, expecting nothing until the Cure be finished: Of the last he hath cured many hundred in this City, many of them after Fluxing, which carries the Evil from the Lower Parts to the Head, and so destroys many. The Drink is 3s. the Quart, the Pill 1s. a Box, with Directions; a better Purger than which was never given, for they cleanse the Body of all Impurities, which are the causes of Dropsies, Gout, Scurvies, Stone or Gravel, pains in the Head, and other Parts. Take heed whom you trust in Physick, for it's become a Common Cheat to profess it He gives his Opinion to all that writes or comes, for Nothing He hath a Chamber in the Minories at the first House in Vine-street, where he or his Son, is in the Afternoon, from 1 till 6 in the Evening.