Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 23 May 2022), April 1693 (16930426).

Old Bailey Proceedings, 26th April 1693.

The Proceedings on the KING and QUEEN'S Commissions of the Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, and Goal Delivery of Newgate, held for the City of London, and County of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bayly.

On the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, being the 26th, 27th 28th, and 29th Days of April, 1693. And in the Fifth Year of Their MAJESTIES Reign.

THE Sessions of Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, Goal Delivery of Newgate, held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, being the 26th, 27th, 28th, and 29th Days of April, 1693. before the Right Honourable Sir John Fleet , Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, and Sir Salathiel Lovell , Kt. Recorder of the said City, with several others of Their Majesties Justices for the City of London, and County of Middlesex.

The Jurors were as follows,

London Jury.

Joseph How .

Francis Wynn .

John Winkly .

Robert Swynfin .

William Merryddall.

Thomas Day .

George Stynton .

James Dovey .

Charles Huffam .

John Layton .

Charles Harvey .

Daniel Lock .

Middlesex Jury.

Nicholas Goodwin .

Francis Child .

Thomas Franklin .

John Peacock .

John Munn .

Francis Gotobed .

Richard Smith .

William Fynch .

Robert Stephenson

Richard Downes .

William Evanes .

Edward Swift .

The Proceedings were these,

William Read , A Countrey Fellow, who came from Taunton in the West , was tried for stealing 18 Weather-sheep, value 30s. each , on the 16th of this Instant April , from one Mr. William Sympson ; who said, that he lost the Sheep out of Ham Marshes in Middlesex , and the Sheep were found in the custody of the Prisoner. The Prisoner said, That one Thomas Williams hired him to drive the Sheep to London, but could not produce Williams to prove it. He was found guilty of Felony.

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Elinor Willowes, alias Winn , was tried for stealing a Gold Ring, value 20 s. from George Hawson : On the 22d Instant she came to Mr. Hawson's Shop to cheapen a Ring , and by slight of hand got away the Ring, and left a Brass Ring instead thereof; being stopt in the Shop, she swallowed the Gold Ring, which was plainly sworn against her. She was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

John Noble was tried for stealing a pair of mens Shooes, value 3s. 6d. On the 9th of March last, he came to the Shop , and pincht away the Shooes; and being stopt, he drop'd the Shoes at the door, and run away, crying Stop Thief, but was taken himself; which matter of Fact he could not deny; So he was found guilty to the value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Sarah Vessel and Jane Glover were both tried for stealing 16 Yards of Strip'd Silk, value 50s. the Goods of William Thatcher the Elder, and Charles Thatcher ; they came to Mr. Thatcher's Shop on Shrove-Tuesday last to cheapen some Silks , and Mr. Thatcher having a suspicion that they were Shop-lifters, had a sharp eye upon them, and the Silk dropt from under one of their Petticoats, as Mr. Thatcher verily believed; but that was but a presumption, they were both acquitted .

Reece Powel , a Welshman, was tried for stealing a Silver Tankard from one Edward Turner in Woodstreet on the 4th Instant, value 5l. 10s. which was found in the Prisoner's Lodgings in Parker's Lane. The Prisoner and two more came to Mr. Turner's House to drink, and amongst them they carried the Tan-kard off. The Prisoner said he was concern'd in drink, and one of the other took the Tankard, and by no means would have been guilty of such a Fact, he coming out of Wales in order to give up some Accounts in the Excise Office, being a Gager , &c. He was found guilty of Felony.

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Henry Wats of Queen-hithe , commonly called Rumbo, was tried for feloniously and maliciously beating and assaulting on John Brown on the 23d of March last, giving him several blows upon the Head, Neck, Shoulders and Breast, of which he lay languishing until the 30th Instant, and then died ; it was proved that the Prisoner gave him the blows and thrust him against a Cart at Queen-hithe ; but the Doctors and Apothecaries gave Evidence, That the said Brown was much troubled with a shortness of breath, which might proceed from some disaffection in the Body, which upon search was found, his Lungs being putrified, and no external hurt was found upon the Deceased. So it could not be presumed that he died of any such bruises; besides there was a great deal of water found in his Body, which was long a contracting, and was rather the occasion of his death. The Prisoner was acquitted .

Emme Woodhall was tried for a Trespass, in offering to put a false Guinea upon one Mr. Lawson ; but it was not fully proved upon her; so she was acquitted .

Anthony George Van-Eke , of the Parish of St. James's Westminster , Gent. was arraigned and tried for the murther of one Arnold Endrick Van-Nive-Kein , giving him a mortal Wound on the left part of the Breast, of the depth of six or seven Inches on the 5th of December last, of which he died the 6th day of the same Month, living but 24 hours after . There was a numerous Evidence called and sworn for the King, who declared that the Prisoner did go from his Lodgings, and absented himself ever since (till now he surrendered himself) without giving notice to his Landlady where he was; and when he came to Town, he took another new Lodging, and did not resort to the old one; all which Circumstances gave great suspicion upon the Prisoner, although there was no Evidence that could swear the Fact fully upon him, and the Prisoner argued that there were none that had proved him to be the man that kill'd him, so he denied the matter; and the Deceased acknowledged that he had his Sword drawn, and stood in his own defence when he was so wounded. So the Jury brought in a Verdict, That the Prisoner was not guilty of the murther, and to find how he came by his death, in order to satisfy the Coroner's Inquest; they found that he was kill'd by a Person unknown.

Robert Starkey was tried for the wilful murther of one Joshua Banford his Fellow Soldier , on the 13th Instant ; the matter of Fact was thus; The Prisoner and the deceased Person were seen to go up St. John's Street together, quarrelling one with another; and when they came into the Fields towards Islington , the Deceased dared the Prisoner to fight, which he was very loath to do; but he coming upon him, the Prisoner drew, the Deceased having drawn his Sword first, and several Passes were made, and then they came to the Town end again, where Banford dropt down dead. The Prisoner did not deny the matter of Fact, but he followed Banford when he might have shunn'd him; which the Law provides to be no less than Manslaughter ; So he was found guilty of the same.

[Branding. See summary.]

Richard Howard , Elizabeth Howard , and Joseph Howard , were all three indicted for stealing 7l. in Money from John Squire of St. Andrews Holborn ; the Money was lost out of a Cupboard; but the Evidence could not Swear positively against either of the Prisoners, only that the Woman owned to have taken the Money, to the Prosecutor's Wife, and that she would give it her again if she would but conceal the matter, and not disgrace her; but that was not believed by the Court, for the Woman gave a good account of her Reputation by Persons of good Quality; So she was acquitted , as also the men, by reason no Evidence did affect them.

John Chalwell , a Soldier , was tried for the murther of one George Arwell on the 18th day of March last , the Prisoner and the Deceased were at the Horshooe Tavern upon Tower-hill , and they happened to quarrel about warning Soldiers to the Guard, and they gave the Lie to each other; upon which the Deceased gave the Prisoner a slap upon the face, after which their Swords were drawn, and the Decesed received a Wound under his left Pap, of which he died. They were in a little Room, and the Prisoner was forced to give back, and then stood in his own defence. So the Jury found the matter special for the Court further to consider of the Fact according to Law.

Thomas Floyd was indicted for breaking the House of one Robert Albey in Dacus-street at Westminster , and taking away a Lute-string Gown, value 3l. a Petticoat, value 50s. and several other Goods ; there was three of them seen to go into the House, and come out again, the Prisoner being one, who was soon taken, but the other escaped; the Prisoner denied the Fact, but had no witness; he was suspected to have been an old Gamester at the Art of Burglary; So he was found guilty both of Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

Katharine Matthews was arraigned for stealing 20 yards of Muslin, value 4l. 10s. the Goods of John Ingle , to which she pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Sarah Clifford, alias Becket, alias Kilbeck , was likewise arraigned for stealing 2 Silver Tankards, val. 10l. a Sugar-Castor, value 40.s a Silver Box, value 40s. 7 Silver Spoons, value 3l. 10s. a Porringer, value 3l. a Gold Watch, value 20l. and other Goods of great value ; to which she pleaded guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Mary Sealy, alias Mary Matthews , and Wife of one David Sealy , was arraigned for stealing two silver Tankards, value 12l. from Joseph Splay ; to which she pleaded guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Jane Green , Wife of George Green , was indicted for stealing 7 Guineas and 23l. in Money from one Atkins Moor . To which she pleaded guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Katharine Matthews was a second time indicted for stealing 15 yards of Bone-Lace from William Read ; to which she pleaded guilty .

John Smith , a Dutchman, of the Parish of Thistleworth , was indicted for Felony and Burglary, in breaking the House of Sir Theodore Devaux , Kt. on the 9th of March last ; Sir Theodore deposed, That his House was broken open about Three a Clock in the morning by divers persons; but they being disturbed by himself, and the Family, and others that came to his assistance, they got away; but the Prisoner was found hiding himself under a Heyrick not far from Sir Theodore's House, where he was taken by the Countrey men, with Sir Theodore's Sword in his custody, he having lost nothing else; but he threw it from him, and said he came from Brandford, and was seen about Nine a Clock at night in the Town of Thistleworth. The Prisoner said that he went only to lye under the Heyrick, being in drink, to sleep; and that he had no Sword about him. It was not sworn that he was in the House, so he was acquitted .

Benjamin Ellison was tried for stealing 14 Weather-Sheep on the 1st day of March , value 20s. apiece, from John Hoskins , out of his Ground near Redriff ; there was one found in the Prisoner's Bed-chamberin Goswell-street, and five in a Closet, and eight under the Stairs, which he said he bought of a fellow, one Hopkins, and was to give 20s a piece for them; but he had no witness to prove it; so he was founnd guilty of Felony.

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Isaac Blunt was tried for stealing a Brown Bay Nag, value 3l. from Allen Parsons , on the 1st of April Instant; the Horse was found upon the Prisoner, as he swopt him with another man, near London-Wall; which was owned by the Prosecutor. The Prisoner said he bought the Horse of a Stranger in Bishop-gate-Street, but could not produce any Witness to prove his Allegations; he had one person appear'd for him, who declared, that he had always behaved himself very honestly for several years last past, being a Hackney Coachman in the Parish of St. Andrews Holborn, in Little Grays-Inn-Lane , &c. he was found guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Walter Stephens , a young Youth , was Indicted for Felony, in secretly Stealing from one Mr. Beacon on the 14th day of March last, a Sword with a Silver Handle, value 40s. Mr. Beacon was going along Lombard-street , and the Prisoner was near him when he mist his Sword, which dropt upon the ground; but the Prosecutor said he could not Swear he was the Person that took it from his side; but another Witness proved that the Prisoner dropt the Sword, &c. he was found guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Charles Swyndall , was Tried for privately Stealing 16 Ounces of Silver Fringe, value 3l. 4s. The Prisoner and two more met the Prosecutor, one Mr. Davis , in the street near Cripplegate , and pickt the Fringe out of his Pocket, which the Prisoner run away with; and being stopt, he dropt it in the Street; the Prosecutor had the Fringe again; so he was found guilty to the value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

George Gwynn , was likewise Tried for privately Stealing a Sword from Mr. John Chase on the 11th of April . Mr. Chase was going over Tower-hill , and the Prisoner with him; Mr Chase having first Treated the said Gwynn at the Tydehouse at Billingsgate; when they came upon the Hill, the Prisoner came behind Mr. Chase, and knockt him down with an Oaken Plant, redoubling the blows several times; then he drew his Sword out of the Scabbard naked, and beat Mr. Chase over the Head, and then rifled him, and took his Peruke, and then gave him above a dozen blows more, which he kept off with his Hands as well as he could; then he left him lying upon the ground almost dead, calling at the Watch-house in St. Katherines, telling them that he had been abused by the Prosecutor, and that he drew his Sword upon him first; and it not appearing that the Prisoner had any intent to rob Mr. Chase, he was Acquitted .

John Monk , was Indicted for Robbing one Joseph Hacket , of a Castor-hat, value 18d. a Peruke, value 12s. on the 20th of February last; the Prisoner owed the said Hacket some small Sum of Money which he would not pay him, so they fell out about it, and fought in the Street in Holborn , where Hacket lost his Hat and Peruke; but the Prosecution favour'd of Malice; so he was acquitted ; besides Monk was proved by his Neighbours to be very honest man, &c.

John Symons , was Tryed for privily Stealing from one Mrs. Hughes of Cripplegate, a Shell-box, value 5s. a Thimble, value 16d. and 7s. in Money, &c. He met her in Grub-street on the 3d of March , and pickt her Pocket; she took him by the Collar, and stopt him till help came to her, &c. He was Burnt in the Hand but the last Sessions, and he could make no defence, only he said he took the Money up in the Street, which was but an Excuse; so he was found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Mary Sealy alias Matthews alias Cooley , and Elizabeth Howard alias Cary , were both Arraigned for Robbing one Mr. John Rogers (on the 20th of April ) of one Silver Tankard, value 9l. a Silver Cup, value 50s. four Spoons 45s. two Forks, value 22s. a Gold Ring 18s. three flower'd Silk Petticoats, value 3l. a Poynt Head-dressing, value 30s. with several other Goods of great value ; Sealy confest the Indictment, and a Sarsnet Hood and a pair of Gloves was found upon the Prisoner; but the Plate was all lost: Sealy hired herself a Servant to Mr. Rogers, and within a day or two she stole away the Plate and Goods; the Prisoner said that Sealy lent her the Hood, &c and it was not proved that she had any actual hand in the Robbery; she was Acquitted .

John Ogle , was Indicted for Felony in Marrying Two Wives, the first one Sarah Haslam , whom he Married at the Parish of East Ardsley in the County of York, in the Second year of the late King James; the second, one Mary Ivey , whom he Married at Westminster in January last . The Evidence swore that he was Married to Haslam, for one of the Witnesses gave her in Marriage, and that he Cohabited with her, and had two Children by Haslam; the Certificate was produced in Court that was written by the Minister; there were others that corroborated the Matter fully upon him, how that he owned several times that he had Married the said Haslam; the Prisoner denied the Fact, and that he only Lodged in the House of Haslam, being an Inn; but that did not serve his turn; and he owned the Marriage to Ivey in Court, but denied the first; he was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Francis Freeman , was Indicted for Stealing divers Coats from Richard Ripey . The Trap door was broke open, and the Coats were gone , which were found at one Strange's in Long-lane, who fairly bought them; the value of the Coats 4l. 4s. The Prisoner could not make out that he came fairly by the Coats; so he was found guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Edward Tibbals , was Tried for Stealing a Gelding price 50s. a Chesnut Mare, price 4l. the Goods of one John Allaway ; the Horse was lost out of Berkshire , and was found in the Prisoners Custody at Mile-end-Green. The Prisoner said that one Smith lent him the Nag at Henly, and offer'd him to Sale at Mileend; but it was proved that Smith and he Vouched for one another at Henly Fair, and changed their Names, which was presumed to be no honest man's way of dealing; he was found Guilty .

Edward Tibballs, was a second time Indicted, together with one William Kingston , for Stealing a Mare (the 6th of March last) out of the Grounds of the Owner, one Richard Townsend of Hackney . The Mare was valued at 3l. and was found in Mr. Fosset's Stable at Islington, where the Prisoners were stopt, and Kingston confest that they were both concerned in the stealing the Mare; but upon their Trial Tibballs said that he never toucht the Mare; to prove which he appealed to his Fellow Voucher Kingston, but that did not avail him; so they were both found guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

George Taply and Daniel Taylor , were both Tryed for breaking Robert Osborne 's House at Enfield , about the Hours of Twelve in the Night, taking away a Cloth Coat, value 10s. a pair of Breeches, a pair of Shooes, &c. and 8s. in Money ; Osborne deposed, that the Door was broke open, and they came to the Bed-side and bid him lye still and he should come to no harm, and after took away all he had, except the Shirt upon his Back. Taply was found at Stamford-Hill by the Countreymen, with an Oaken-stick and a Razor about him, which Osborne owned to be his; they were able to make no manner of defence; but yet no Evidence affecting Taylor, he was Acquitted ; but Taply was found guilty of both Burglary and Felony.

They were a second time Indicted by the same Names for Felony and Burglary, in breaking the House of Thomas Robinson of Edmonton , and taking away a Spoon, value 5s. a Thimble value 1s. 4 Table-cloths, value 10s. &c. besides 7s. in Money ; they broke the Window open, and swore great Oaths at Mrs Robinson, and lighted a Candle by the Coals that was rak'd up in the Ashes: They were presently taken at Stamford-hill. They staid two Hours in the House, and eat Bread and Butter, and drank such drink as they could find; the Goods were found upon them both. They had little to say, so were both found guilty of Burglary and Felony upon this Indictment also.

They were a third time Indicted for breaking Elizabeth Birts House Widow at Enfield , and stealing a Pistol, value 10s. five Yards of Cloth, and other Linnen, and 8d in Money (all the poor Woman had) they having broke three or four Quarrels of the Glass Window; the Woman, after much forcing, she let them in, &c. Taylor bound her with Packthread, and the Pistol was taken from him, and the rest of the Goods were in their Custody; they broke two of the Houses in one Night; so they were only found guilty of Felony, but the Burglary was not proved .

[Death. See summary.]

Lucey Whale , was Tried for Robbing one Robert Elliot of Covent-Garden of four pair of Callico Curtains, value 8s. a pair of Sheets and Blankets, a Looking-glass . She lodged in Mr. Elliot's House, and confest that she took the things and Pawned them, having urgent occasion for Money for a Weeks time, with a design to bring them again; that was all the defence she made: she was found guilty to the value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Thomas Allen , Robert Beames , and Mary Hurley , were all three Indicted for breaking Edward Stent 's House of Stepney on the 24th of February last, about the Hour of Seven in the Evening, and Linnens and Woollen, and divers other Houshold Goods were taken away . The Witness could not swear the Door was lockt when they came, neither that the House was broke open, but several of the Goods were found upon Beames and Allen, and five Picklock Keys were taken out of Beames's Pocket, and a Betty, where he was found in Bed betwixt two Women, the Prisoner Hurley being one of them; there was no Evidence to charge her home, so she was Acquitted , but the other two were found guilty of Felony .

[Allen: Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Isabella Gardner Wife of John Gardner , was Arraigned for stealing from Thomas Sympson four Yards of Flanders Lace, value 4s. a pair of Gloves, and a French Pistole, value 17s. 6d. to which she pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Charles Steward , was Arraigned for stealing a Muslin Head-dress, and other small Linnens from Ann Adams , to which he pleaded Guilty .

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

John Gold , was Arraigned for Robbing William Pearpoint of a Blue Cloth Cloak, value 3l. to which he pleaded Guilty , &c.

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Mary Williams and Elizabeth Burkin , two young Girl s, were both Tryed in one Indictment for secretly stealing from Esther Burnham Wife of Henry Burnham 5s. in Money . On the 14th Instant Mrs Burnham was going along the Street, and Burkin's Hand was seen diving into her Pocket; but she had conveyed what Money she found to another Person that run away, and nothing was found about either of the Prisoners; they both denied the Fact, but they were known to be old Offenders, tho very young; they were both found guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Thomas Hoblin , was Tryed, for that he the 27th of March last did steal from Thomas Fabyan one Hool's Cato, value 10d. one Terrentius Christianae, a Sententiae Pueriles, one Ovid de Tristibus, and some other School-books to the number of seven; he was caught in the Shop with the Books about him , he and another man coming to cheapen Books; but there being only a Child in the Shop, the Prisoner had put the Books under his Coat; the Person that was with him run away; he had other Books under his Coat besides, which he dropt in the Shop; he was found guilty of Felony to the value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

William Butler , and Robert Wayte alias Wade , were Indicted for Felony in Stealing from Mary Wilson Widow four Alamode Hoods, value 12s. a Pewter Pot, a Rundlet, a Silver Tankard, value 5l. 120l. weight of Soap, value 35s. 200l. weight of Cheese, for Gallons of Stomach Waters, with several other Goods of value . Some of the Cheese and Waters were found in Butler's House at Puddle-dock, and a Rundlet in the Cellar, but no Goods were found in Wade's Room; Butler called some Witnesses, who said that he was at Covent-Garden when the Robbery was done, which was as the Prosecutor said the 4th of April about Three a Clock in the Morning; but they might possibly be mistaken as to the time; they were both found guilty of Felony.

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Jane Croucher , Grace Dempsey alias Sympson , and Margaret Palmer , were all three Tryed in one Indictment for Breaking the House of Mr. William Jolly in the Parish of St. Gregories ; Crouch was Mr. Jolly's Servant , and she let the other two into the House after her Master and Mistress were in bed, on the first of April . They took away 7 Bone-Lac'd Cravats, value 5l. 10s. 276 Yards of Bone-Lace, value 88l. 19s. and 8 Yards of Poynt-Lace, value 10l. &c Croucher confest the Fact before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor; and that Dempsey broke open the Lock of a Closet where the Lace was, and then they all went to one Rolph's in Leather-Lane, where they had a Lodging, and there they divided the Spoil, and part of the Lace was found upon them when they were taken; they were all three found guilty of Burglary and Felony.

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Joanna Hanson and Alice Lee , were both tried for Clipping the Currant Money of England ; on the 7th Instant there was found in Hanson's House In Black-Fryars several Clippings, and several Filings, and 7 or 8 pair of Shears, and 6 pair of Scissers, &c which were shewed to the Gentlemen of the Jury, but nothing was found in the Chamber where the Prisoners lay, neither any Clipt Money; the Prisoner had some Witnesses, especially Lee, who gave a favourable report of their way of living, which was to make Mantua's &c they were both acquitted .

Elizabeth Hudson was tried for stealing a piece of Silk of the value of 5l. from Mr. John Ruddyer in Ludgate-Street ; she came to cheapen some Silk, particularly a Remnant to cover a pair of Stays, and the Silk was seen to drop from her ; but the Witness was not positive; she was acquitted .

Ann Gaywood was indicted for stealing a Silver Tankard from one James Amos , near Aldgate , value 4l. which was fully proved, how that she came to Amos's House to drink, and took away the Tankard, which she confest when apprehended; So she was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Richard Sparks was likewise tried for stealing a Silver Tankard, value 6l. from James Uphill on the 22d of April ; he came to drink, and took away the Tankard ; and for the discouragement of Alehouse-keeper s, that they may not sell drink in Silver Tankards, the Court order Uphill's License to be taken from him, &c.

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

John Wills , for stealing a Silver Tankard from Benjamin Cook , pleaded guilty to the Indictment.

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Francis Winter , otherwise called Captain Winter, who lived lately in White-Fryars , was arraigned and tried upon an Indictment of Murther, for killing one John Chandlor , with a Leaden Bullet shot out of a Blunderbus, value 10s. giving him a mortal Wound upon the Calf of his Right Leg, of the breadth of one Inch, and of the depth of three Inches; upon the 4th of July 1691, of which Wound so given by the said Francis Winter, he the said Chandlor died the 7th day of the same Month, in the Ward of St. Andrews Wardrobe ; the matter of Fact was after this manner; there being a Riot and a Mutiny raised in White-Fryars , by reason the Gentlemen of the Inner-Temple were offended at a Passage that leads from the Fryars into the Temple Walks, so would stop it up, which White-Fryars men opposing, the Gentlemen sent to acquaint the High Sheriffs of London (viz.) Sir Francis Child , and Sir Edward Clarke , who came by vertue of their Authority to appease the Rout; but they would not be persuaded to peace, but made a hot Resistance; and there were gathered together to the number of about fourscore, the Prisoner being at the head of them, as their Captain and Leader, presenting a Blunderbus against the Sheriffs Officers, shooting it against them; and the deceased Chandlor being unfortunately in the Croud to assist the High-Sheriffs, he was shot by the said Winter into the Calf of his Leg, as aforesaid; and he declared before his Wife, and others who were his Friends, that it was Captain Winter that shot him, for he knew him very well, and described him by his Garb, he having on a White Wastcoat, and a Cap button'd up on one side, in which Equipage the said Winter was in at the same time; all was very clearly and particularly proved against the Captain: And he had very little to urge in his own defence, only denied that he shot the said Chandlor, and that others shot beside him; but then the Court directed the Jury, as to point of Law in the matter; telling them, That where any Lawful Authority shall be opposed by any Riot, or Riotous Assembly, this implied Malice in Law, in the Persons so offending, and they were all equally guilty; and consequently, if the Prisoner did not shoot Chandlor, yet he was guilty of Murther, because he did abet, promote, stir up, and maintain such a Rebellious and Unlawful Assembly; So the Jury having well considered of their Verdict, they brought the Prisoner in guilty of Murther.

[Death. See summary.]

A - M - was tried for murther of her Female Bastard Child on the 2d of April instant, she being a Nurse to the Wife of one John Dennison ; there being search made for a lost Cock in the House of Office, there was found the Child lying in the Excrement; and she being searcht by the Midwives, the Symptoms of Chil-bearing was found upon her; but she proving by several Witnesses that her Husband was alive, the Law acquitted her of the Murther, but not without great suspicion of her being a naughty wicked Woman.

Richard Jones was indicted for stealing a Silver Tankard, value 4l. 10s. from Francis Frazer , at the White Dragon in Holborn ; he came to drink at Mr. Frazer's in Company of a Sadler, and went away again; but came again at Night, and the Tankard was lost; but the Witness could not swear positively that he took it; So he had the fortune to escape, and was acquitted by the Jury.

Peregrin Parrot was tried for Felony and Burglary in breaking open the House of one Robert Kington , on the 31st of March , and taking away one Camblet Cloke, value 4l. one Cloath Coat, value 4l. a pair of Shag Breeches, value 40s. a Petticoat, value 3l. and a great quantity of other wearing Apparel ; he was taken coming out at the Window of one Story high, and two men more, got away, who received the Goods from him; the Burglary was not fully proved, the Prisoner had no good defence to make, having been burnt in the hand before. So he was found guilty of Felony only .

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Mary Middleton , a Child , aged about seven or eight years, was arraigned for stealing from Mr. Thomas Nichols , Sollicitor at Law , two Silver Spoons. value 10s.one Allamode Scarf, value 14s. a Snuff-Box, value 5s. a Muslin laced Head-Dress, value 6s. to which she pleaded guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Katherine Milton was likewise arraigned for Robbing one Henry Duncomb of St. Giles in the Fields , on the 7th of January last of a Silk Petticoat, value 5s. a Stuff Petticoat, value 3s. a Smock 12d. to which she immediately pleaded guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

H - M - , M - S - , and E - M - of St. Margaret's Westminster , were all Three Tryed for High Treason in Clipping, Cutting, Filing and Diminishing the Lawful Money of England, &c. The House where M - Lodged is near Westminster-Hall, behind a Place called Heaven, which being search'd, there was found in H - M -'s closet a parcel of Clipt Money both Shillings and Six pences, besides a great parcel of Clippings, Files, one pair of Shears, Rubbing-stones, Scales, Weights, &c and all other necessary Utensils fit for the Ancient Trade of Clipping. The Women were in the same Room with him; but no Evidence was found to affect them, so they were Acquitted . Mr. M - called some Evidence, who said, That he had Let the Room to one Jones, who possibly might be the Clipper, but that was nothing to the Matter, and he was not able to give any account how he came by the Clippings, &c. he was found guilty of High Treason.

[Death. See summary.]

William Martin and Robert Presley , two Notorious House-breakers, were both Tried, for that they together with one Morris Moor not yet taken, did break the House of Sir John Friend Knight , putting one Elizabeth Brabon , and the rest of the family in bodily fear, on the 14th day of March last, taking away to the value of about 600l. worth of Plate; viz. two Silver Monteths, value 50l. two Basons 40l. three Silver Salvers, value 15l. eight Candlesticks; value 18l. two more , value 4l. two Silver Chafingdishes, value 3l. seven Salts, value 7l. two Cups 6l. 8s. two Chamber-pots 10l. four Silver Tankards 20l. 6 Porringers 12l. 13 Silver Spoons Gilt 4l. 15s. two Silver Plates, two Sugar-boxes, two Ladles, two Mustard-pots, Pepper-boxes, Skillets, Snuffers, a Watch with a Shaggreen Case, value 12l. 11 Gold Rings, two other Gold Rings set with Diamonds of great value, and several other pieces of Plate of very great value, besides 100 Guineas, all taken away, all which did amount to the value of 600l. and upwards, as aforesaid, &c. Sir John Friend deposed upon Oath that his House was broken open at Hackney on the 14th of March last, about Three a clock in the Morning by four Men who came in at the Window, and then came to his Chamber door, and broke it open, and bound him and his Lady in the Bed, and the rest of the Family, causing Sir John to lye upon his face; then they bundled up the Plate, and went off with it to Presley's Lodgings in Liquor-pond-street in St. Andrew's Parish, where they parted it, and took every one his share; Moors share was sold to one Storton in Piccadilly, who sent a Melting-pot to melt it down first, whereupon a Bench Warrant was immediately issued out against him, in order to answer the same. One Tovey, who was in the Robbery being made an Evidence against the Prisoners, gave a full and large account of the whole matter of Fact; how that they met at one Doyley's in Black-Fryars, where they laid the Plot to go any where to find a Booty; so the first House they fell upon was Sir John Friend's, and that he sent his own share and Martin's by a Ticket-Porter to Sir John Friend after the Robbery was done. Martin denied the Fact, and said he knew nothing of it, behaving himself very morosely and turbulently in Court; for at his Arraignment he would not hold up his Hand till he was forced. Presly pretended that he was not in the Robbery, and called some Witnesses to prove that he was elsewhere; but Tovey positively swore that they were both there with him and Moor; so they were both found guilty of Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

Charles Toms and John Manuing were both tried for stealing two Ducks on the 18th of March last from Thomas Coats ; they drove the Ducks out of Coats's Yard into a Coach-house, and cut off the Heads, and sealed them up in a Paper, and directed it thus: These for Thomas Coats a Yorkshire-man; the Prisoners denied, and said, they knew nothing of the matter; it was on a Sunday, and they said they were at Church waiting upon their Masters with their Coaches; there was somewhat of Malice appear'd; so they were both acquitted .

John Dennis was indicted for Robbing one Richard Stock of a Stuff-gown value 5s. on the 24th of April last, to which he pleaded guilty .

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Charles Steward was tried for robbing one Samuel Hoyle , on the 17th of February last, of a Sattin Petticoat, value 3l. a pair of Silk Stays, value 30s. 3 Yards of Lace, value 20s. and other Goods of good value , which he confest to have taken before Mr. Justice Smith, as appeared by his Examination read in Court, he was found guilty .

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

These men were sworn to Try Mr. Nicholas Charleton.

John Kene .

Matthew Bateman .

Timothy Thornbury .

Richard Bealing .

Edward Fuller .

Symon Smith .

William Thornbury .

Joseph Blisset .

Henry Russel .

Henry Jones

William Willis .

William Thompson .

Nicholas Charleton , who was tried the last Sessions for stopping Mr. Henry Lamb , Gent. as he was riding in his Coach to his House near Acton, in Company of four men more, supposed to be High-way men, was now again tried upon Coventry's Act, for malicious Maiming of him, with an intent to disfigure him ; Mr. Lamb said, that five of them came up to his Coach, swearing great Oaths, shooting off no less than nine Pistols against him, one of which shot his Watch; which was in his Fob-pocket, and did him no harm; another shot him upon the Middle-finger of his Right-hand, and almost broke it in pieces; but Mr. Lamb only saw the Prisoner's Face by the flashing of the Powder; and there were others who said they met the Prisoner upon the Road the same day; Mr. Lamb shot one Keeling Baford dead upon the spot, and wounded another before they went off: The Prisoner produced several Witness to prove that he was all that day at Greenwich, particularly the two Watermen, who took him up at Westminster about 8 o Clock in the Morning, and brought him home about 7 or 8 at Night; there were others that saw him there, which they were very sure of, by reason that the Lords of the Admiralty dined there the same day, which was the 21st of January last; So after the Jury had consider'd a considerable time, they brought him in not guilty .

Anne Syddings alias Parker alias Abigail, alias Hall , was Indicted for the Murther of her Female Infant Bastard Child, on the 30th of October, about six or seven years since ; but none could prove it a Bastard, only the Prosecution arose from Malice, by reason of a quarrel that happened between the Prisoner and some Women that was at the Labour; but it appeared to be a Malicious Prosecution, and the Church-warden of Clerkenwell Parish testify'd, that she dropt the Child in their Parish, which was sent to Nurse and died, and that she had a Husband at that time, but being poor, she was not able to keep the Child; so she was Acquitted .

Elinor Crane, alias Sutton alias Cropper Widow , was Indicted for breaking open the House of John Walker Esq ; in Hadley near Barnet , upon the 17th of March last about 12 a Clock at Night, and carrying away the Goods and Money of Susanna Baker (the said Walker's Servant ), viz. six Gold Rings, value 5 l. six Holland Smocks 4l. 10s. six Nightroyls, value 3l. three broad pieces of Gold, 10 Guineas, four Five Shilling Pieces of Gold, and 13l. 10s. in Silver , to which the Prisoner pleaded not Guilty; but the Evidence for the King did positively Swear, That 5 Persons, two in Red, two in Blue, and the fifth in an Iron gray colour'd Coat, and lightish colour'd Periwig, broke into the said House at the time aforesaid, and carried away the Goods and Money abovementioned, and particularly in rifling Baker's Trunk, took out the Smocks and Nightroyals, and throwing them to the Person in Grey Cloaths, (whom Baker really supposed to be a Woman) said, Here Sutton take these, they will serve you, who she swore was the Prisoner at the Bar; and upon search to apprehend the Prisoner at her House upon Finchly Common, the said Grey Coat was found in her Bed-Chamber. It was further Sworn by Two Witnesses, That in February before she was seen upon the Road in Boots and Mans Cloths, which was not denied by the Prisoner, and that she went by the Name of Sutton. The Prisoner brought several Witnesses, among whom one Mr. Jordan said, That he was in her Bed-Chamber before that time, and all that Night, and that she did not stir out of her Bed till Morning: Upon which, he was after a severe Reprimand from the Court required to give an Account of himself. A great many other Witnesses said, They knew no harm by her; nor, that they knew she ever went by the Name of Sutton; but the Court asking her why she went in Mans Apparel, the Prisoner replyed, She went to Wooe a Widow. Upon the whole Matter the Jury brought her in not Guilty.

John Lumkin was arraigned for stealing from one Michael Hamley a Cloth Coat, value 8s. a Wastcoat, value 2s. 6d. he left an old Sute viz. the Coat and Wastcoat, as pawn, with Hamley the Taylor , for 5s. he was to have to mend another Black Sute; the Prisoner had good Evidence, he was Acquitted .

Sarah Stichcome was tried for stealing from Robert Neale , on the 7th Instant, 29s. in Money , the Prisoner said that Neal's Wife was jealous of her; for that she lodged in Neale's House, and she said she brought above 5l. into the House with her, which she had out of Glostershire; it seemed to be a malicious Prosecution, she was acquitted .

Martha Thomas was indicted for Robbing Sir Leonard Robinson , Knt. in Hogsden Square , on the 6th Instant, taking away three Blankets, value 15s. a Brass Pestle, value 12d. a Mortar, val. 18d. three Silver Spoons, value 16s. and divers other Goods of value , which the Prisoner carried to the House of one Dunu of Bednal-Green, which were found and owned by the Prosecutor; She was found guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Joseph Mansfield , a Highway-man , was arraigned and tried upon two Indictments, for two Robberies upon the King's Road; the first upon Thom Henslow , Esq ;, and the second upon John Knowles , both at one time: They were passing along the Road on this side Acton in the Stage-Coach, on the 25th of March last, about Sun-set, and about half a mile on this side the Town, the Prisoner, with 5 more High-way men stopt the Coach, and took from Esq; Henslow 9s. in Money; and from Mr. Knowles, a Snuff-Box, Val 2s. a Saddle, val. 6s. a Seal, and other things, &c. there were several other persons robbed at the same time, that were in the same Coach, who gave a particular account of the matter of Fact, he was found guilty of robbing Mr. Henslow, but acquitted of Mr. Knowles's Indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

Robert Lambert and Ann Hylton, alias Baracourt , of Westminster , were both tried for Clipping the King's Lawful Coine ; Lambert's House was search'd by virtue of a Warrant from Mr. Recorder, and in the same was found three pair of Shears, a pair of Skales, and several Files, &c. and a quantity of Clipt Money was found in Hilton's Bosome, and two Files were found in Lambert's Room, and in his Drawer was found about 30l of broad Money, which he said he had from his Friends in the Country, but he did not produce them to prove it; the Shears were found in a hole betwixt that and the next House, which was a suspected House, where ill people did resort; they were both acquitted .

J - R - a Taylor , and his Wife J- K- were tried likewise for Clipping the Currant Money of England , &c. their House being Searcht on the 6th of this instant April, in Pick-a-Dilly , there was found upon the Bed a parcel of Clippings, and some in the Bed, and a pair of Shears between the Bed and the Ticking, and a crucible and Melting-pot, which was produced in Court; the man said that he knew nothing of it, and his Wife and he were amazed to see the Clippings, when found, and that there was a Woman that was acquainted with his Wife that bore them ill-will, and threatened to do him a diskindness at his House the same morning the Clippings were found and she might put them into the Bed; they were both acquitted .

Gabriel Howell was tried for stealing 16 Musquets, value 7l. two Musquetoons, value 36s. &c. there was no Evidence could swear positively; so he was acquitted .

Ann Warer was tried, for that she was hired as a Servant to one Madam Conway in Gravell-Street , did let in two Thieves, men, who seized upon Young Mrs Conway and bound her, and almost throtled her ; but being disturbed they got away with conveying anything away; the Prisoner had little to say, but hung down her head, in a kind of dejected manner; she was found guilty .

Grace Sympson, alias Dempsey, alias Mitchell , was a second time Tryed singly for stealing from Thomas Heyrick Coachman in St. John-street , two Silver Spoons, value 20s. a Silver Cup, value 7l. 7s. and three Holland Smocks 12s. and a Coral 8s. all which were found at the Black Lion in Holborn in a Drawer, which the Prisoner owned when taken. She was found Guilty of Felony.

Margaret Suffling, alias Berry , was Tryed for Clipping Money , there was a pair of Shears and a Box of Clippings found in her House in Wapping by the Constable, which were pulled out of a whole in the Wall, where a Trumpetter Lodged (but the Prisoners Daughter a little Girl), there being another young Girl playing with her, says the Child to the Girl that was the Witness, Look what a sight there is, this is the Trumpetters doing, and I am afraid my Mother had a hand in it, &c but that was no Evidence, and nothing was found about her, so she was Acquitted .

Edward Abbot and George Ireland , were both Tryed for a Misdemeanor in endeavouring to disperse False and Counterfeit Money, knowing it to be so . There was mony which was Naught and Counterfeit found upon Abbot, and a File, and a small Paper of Filings were found upon Ireland; Abbot said he found the Money between Highgate and London; they were taken in Islington fields: The Jury Acquitted them.

John Abbot , Goldsmith and Citizen of London, was Tryed for High Treason in Clipping the King's Coin , a great quantity of Clipt Money and Clippings, besides Shears, &c were found in the House of the Prisoner in Cripplegate Parish, behind the Bed in his Chamber, and a great deal of Plate, a Pistol, and Swords, of great value, were found in the Counting-house; the Prisoner said, that he was in the Countrey at the same time, and that he knew not how the things came into his House; he was Acquitted .

William Martin , Charged for Robbing the Honourable the Baroness of Dartmouth on the 22d of January last of a great quantity of Plate of very great value ; and John Abbot and Sarah his Wife , were Indicted for being assisting to the said Martin; but the Robbery being Committed in Kent, the Indictment was set aside; and they all Acquitted here.

George Middleton , was Indicted for stealing two Watches, value about 5l. on the 10th of November last; the Prisoner and another man came to one Mr Williamson 's Shop near the Royal Exchange , and cheapened two Watches, and after that the Watches were missing, the Prisoner said, that there were others in the Shop, but the Prosecutor said there was none but a Man who brought a Watch to mend; he called one Evidence to his Reputation, who said, he knew no hurt by him; but it did not avail him; for he was found Guilty of Felony.

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Elizabeth Thompson , a Pickpocket, was Tried for diving into the Pocket of one Ann Bedle , and taking out 4 Iron Keys, value 16d. She took her Hand in her Pocket, and she dropt the Keys; but took no Money; she was found guilty to the value of 2d.

Elizabeth Carroll , was Tryed for stealing four Yards of Bone-Lace, value 5s. from Mrs. Elizabeth Atkins . The Prisoner came in Company with another Woman to Mrs. Atkins's Shop in Great East-Cheap , and stole the Lace; which she confest before a Magistrate, and about a Week after she came to the same Shop and was taken; she was found guilty to the value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Robert Beames , was Tryed, for that he being Committed a Prisoner to the Goal of Newgate, and being there under the Care of William Richardson Gent. and Keeper of the said Goal, and the Sheriffs of London, he did break out of the said Goal, and made his escape , but was taken in a few days after at Wapping. They had some Augres, with which he and another bored holes in the Boards and broke through, and then by the help of a long Rope they slided down and got away; the other was not now Tryed; the Prisoner was found guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

One Frances Salesbury , a Minister in Sussex, was Indicted for a High Misdemeanour, for publishing a most Scandalous and Virulent Libel; Entitled, A Letter sent to Dr. Tillotson several Months ago, and now made Publick by reason the Author has not heard of any Discourse published since in Defence, &c. in which Libel there were found several Malicious and Scandalous Expressions against the King and Queen, the Judges, Juries, the Army, the Fleet; yea, and against all Persons that were concerned for the present Government . Mr. Robert Stephens the King's Messenger to the Printing Press, found Mr. Salesbury in Mr. Roper's Shop, shewing the Libel to Mr. Roper's Man, who endeavour'd to hide it when he saw Mr. Stephens, which he took from him, but Mr. Roper knew nothing of the Libel, and that was a Publication in Law; Mr. Salesbury said, he received the Libel in a Penny Post Letter, but from whom he knew not, nor who was the Author, so he was found guilty of the Indictment.

[Fine. See summary.]

Henry Turner , was Indicted for Felony and Burglary in breaking the House of Bryant Brandon , and stealing away 22l. weight of Hair, value 100l. and three Razors . Brandon and his Wife were walking abroad on a Sunday in August last, and when they came Home the Hair was gone, but they could not say he committed the Offence, he was Acquitted .

Mary Ives , an Old Woman, was Tryed for stealing from one Skales 6s. and 10d. on the 17th of February last; but the Evidence was not sure she took the Money so she was Acquitted .

Robert Beames , who broke the Goal of Newgate as aforesaid is made appear, was a second time Indicted, together with Christian his Wife for falsly Accusing one Mr. Jarvis of High Treason, by putting some Clippings and Files into Jarvis's House of Office : There were others concerned with them in the Contrivance; and because Beames had Robbed Mr. Jarvis, they combined together to put this Trick upon him to take off his Evidence against Beames, which was fully Sworn, so Beames was found guilty , but his Wife was Acquitted .

Robert Johnson , a young Lad , was Tryed for breaking the House of one Robert Combes in the Night-time of Stepney , on the 17th of January last, taking away 46 Yards of Lute-string Silk, value 17l. a Silver Cup 5l. and seven Spoons, value 3l. He confest the Matter; but the House was not broken, so he was found guilty of Felony only .

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Sarah Harwood , was Indicted for Robbing one Mr. Lovejoy of St. Sepulchres without , of a Crape Gown and other wearing Apparel of small value , which she confest when taken; so she was found guilty to the value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Ann Terry , was Tryed for Robbing her Mistress one Katherine Ramsey in Warwick-street at Charing Cross of a Poynt Cornet, value 5l. a Pinner 5l. and other things , which Mrs Ramsey had again in Long-lane where the Prisoner had sold them; she owned the Fact when taken, but denied it at her Trial, she was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Elizabeth Rownd , was Tryed for stealing from Susan King Widow on the 17th instant, one Silk Gown, value 20s. a Stuff Petticoat, value 2s. 6d.a Scarf 8s. &c. King and another Evidence swore that she had confest it before Justice Bucknall; but she denied it at her Tryal, so she was found guilty to the value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

William Spencely , was Arraigned for a Misdemeanor in saying and attesting, That there were 60000 Armed men that were to come with the Late King James to make a Descent into England; the words were spoken in the Prisoners House, being a Coffee-house near Wild-house, on the first of May last, and that the Prisoner had a Commission to Act in carrying on the design, and that there were 36 Battalions of Foot, and 65 of Horse, as many as amounted to the number aforesaid; and that there were 30000 men ready here in England to join them . The Evidence was not very positive, he was Acquitted .

John Clegg was Indicted for stealing a Silk Wastcoat and a Cravat from Nathaniel Cook , to which he pleaded Guilty upon his Arraignment.

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

P - H - of St. Martins in the Fields , was tried for committing a Rape upon the Body of one Elizabeth Harris , aged about 20 ; who declared, That the Prisoner threw her upon the Bed by Force against her consent, and carnally knew her; the Midwives said that her Body was much abused, &c. The Prisoner in his Defence produced the Warrant which the Prosecutor brought against him, which set forth that it was with an intent to Ravish her; And his Witness gave the Court an Account, That the said Harris was a Woman of a dissolute Life, and of no good Name, having been a Companion of Idle and Loose Fellows, &c. All which being well weighed, the Jury Acquitted the Prisoner.

The Trials being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgement.

Burnt in the Hand, 13.

Sarah Clifford, Katherine Matthews, Elinor Willow, Ann Gaywood, Robert Starkey, John Ogle, Jane Greene, Elizabeth Gardner, Katherine Milton, Martha Thomas, Ann Terry, Mary Sealey, Mary Middleton.

Ordered into Their Majesties Service 15.

William Read, Reece Powell, John Gold, William Butler, Robert Wayte, Richard Sparks, George Middleton, Benjamin Ellison, Thomas Allen, James Steward, Peregrin Parrot, John Dennis, John Wills, John Clegg, and Robert Johnson.

Received Sentence of Death, 20.

Walter Stephens, John Symmons, Francis Wynter, Mary Williams, Elizabeth Burkin, Jane Croucher, Grace Dempsey, Mary Palmer, Robert Beames, Thomas Floyd, Isaac Blunt, Francis Freeman, Edward Tibballs, William Kingston, George Tapley, Daniel Taylor, H - M -, William Martin, Robert Presley, and Joseph Mansfield.

Grace Dempsey, Jane Croucher, and Mary Palmer, were all found quick with Child.

To be Whipt, 7.

Jon Noble, Thomas Hoblin, Elizabeth Carroll, Lucy Whale, Sarah Harwood, Elizabeth Rownd, Charles Swindale.

Mr. Henry Thorncroft, Gent. pleaded Their Majesties most gracious and free Pardon upon his knees in open Court for killing one Mr. Cambell; and presented the Court with Gloves after the usual Custom, &c.

John Burke, Gent. was ordered to find Bail for his Appearance next Sessions, upon suspicion of robbing one Susannah Higginson of divers Goods, &c.

Alexander Milbourn for printing a Libel, gave Bail to answer the same next Sessions.

Francis Salisbury was fined 100l. and to remain till he pay it.

The next Ensuing Sessions was order'd to begin at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, on Wednesday the 31st of May, by 7 a Clock in the Morning.


Liturgia Tigurina: Or, the Book of Common Prayers, and Administration of the Sacraments, and other Ecclesiastical Rites and Ceremonies, usually practised, and solemnly performed in all the Churches and Chappels of the City and Canton of Zurick in Switzerland, and in some other Adjacent Countries; as by their Canons and Ecclesiastical Laws they are Appointed; and as by the Supream Power of the Right Honourable the Senate of Zurick they are Authorised, Established, and Commanded. With the Orders of that Church. Faithfully translated out of the Hebraian into the English Tongue, by John Conrad Werndly, formerly Minister of the French and Dutch Congregation of Santoff in the Isle of Axholme in the County of Lincoln: And now Minister of Wraisbury cum Langley in the County of Bucks.

Bibliotheca Politica Or, A Discourse by way of Dialogue: Being a Continuation of the former Discourse, concerning the Antiquity of the Commons in Parliament; wherein the best Authorities for it are proposed and examined. With an Entrance upon the Question of Non Resistance, &c The Third Part. Collected out of the most Approved Authors, both Ancient and Modern. Dialogue the Eighth. Which also may be had the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Dialogues.

The Life of Lewis of Bourbon, late Prince of Conde. Digested into Annals, with many Curious Remarks on the Transactions of Europe for these last 60 Years. Done out of the French.

Memoirs Concerning the Campaign of Three Kings, William, Lewis, and James, in the Year 1692. With Reflections upon the Great Endeavours of Lewis the 14th to effect his Designs, of James the IId. to Remount the Throne. And the proper Methods for the Allies to take, to hinder both.