Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 7.2, 19 October 2017), May 1686 (16860520).

Old Bailey Proceedings, 20th May 1686.

THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE King's Commissions Of the PEACEAnd Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, Held for the City of London and County of Middlesex, at JUSTICE-HALL in the OLD-BAYLY,The 20th. 21st. and 22d. days of May, 1686. And in the 2d. Year of His Majesties Reign.

THE Sessions of Peace, Oyer and Terminer, and Goal Delivery of Newgate; Held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bayly: on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the 20th. 21st. and 22. Days of May, 1686. Before the Right Honourable Sir Robert Jefferies Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, Sir John Holt , Kt. Recorder of the aforesaid City, with others of His Majesties Justices of the Peace, for London and Middlesex.

The Jurors were as follow,

London Jury,

Robert Jenks

Richard Chowne

William Skinner

Richard Chase

Nathaniel Newbury

Samuel Burgis

Edmond Clark

Bartholomew Brown

John Overran

Joseph Siredock

Thomas Steere

Roger Dennis .

Middlesex Jury.

John Leeson

Richard Cooper

John Bignal

Thomas Whitfield

Robert Brock

George Clisby

Edmond Salter

William Collins

Samuel Bishop

Thomas Curtiss

Ephriam Lewis

Richard Reding .

The Proceedings were as follow.

Henry Dixon , of the Parish of St. Sepulchres , about Seventy Years of Age, was Indicted for Killing one Thomas Best , on the 12th. of May , with a Sword, value 6 d. The Evidence for the King deposed, that the Prisoner and the Deceased meeting at Habberdashers Hall Door; (they receiving Alms of the Company) the Deceased asked the Prisoner if he had received his Pension yet, to which, the Prisoner answered, what was that to him for a Drunken Sot, Upon which,(after their return home)there rise a Quarrel between the Prisoner and the Deceased, insomuch, that the Prisoner got Water and threw at the Deceased, and afterwards went in, and found the said Sword in his House, and Engaged with the Deceased a Second time, and passed at him three several times, and pushed the Sword into the left Eye of the Deceased, of which Wound he dyed 16th. of the same Instant. The Prisoner having but little to say in his own defence, neither could produce any Evidence in his behalf, the Verdict was brought in by the Jury Manslaughter only .

[Branding. See summary.]

Ann Hollis , of the Parish of St. Margarets Loathbury , was Indicted for Killing Elizabeth Preswick , a Girl about Fourteen Years of Age, her Apprentice , on the 13th. of March last, with a Rod of Birch . The Evidence for the King deposed that the Deceased being her Apprentice; she upon the day aforesaid, caused her to go up Stairs, and two other Girls about the same Age, to hold her cross the Bed, while she Whipp'd her upon the Back, Belly, Shoulders, and Legs, insomuch, that she languished till the 6th. of May and died. The Prisoners Defence was, that she only Whipp'd her for several Faults, as Lying, and Slurishness, and the like, and she gave her but moderate Correction, and that she was but a sickly Girl, and died of a consumption, which was Corroborated by the Apothecary and several other Evidences, that she died of the Disease, and not of any Wound her Mistress gave her; and it being looked upon as a Malicious Prosecution, she was Acquitted .

Nathaniel Johnson , a Boy about Ten Years of Age, was Indicted for stealing 30 l. in Money from Charles Hare , of the Parish of St. Michaels Cornhill , on the 8th. of May last. The Evidence was Mr. Hare, who deposed that the he coming to his Shop in the Exchange one Monday in the Morning, found his Drawer where the Money lay, to be open, and the said 30 l. taken away: and upon Enquiry, Search was made for the person; it so happened, that the Prisoner was seen to lye sleeping at a Wharfe by the Water-side, whereupon, a Carman going by, awaked him, and asked him whose Boy he was, and having some Suspicion of him, began to search him, and found 13 l. in Money and upwards in his pocket; and asking him whose Money that was; whether it was his Fathers, or not? the Boy said no, but he threatening him with Bridewell, Confessed that he had it in the Exchange, and that another Boy was with him; and that they had hid themselves Saturday Night, where they took the Money, and that the other Boy was gone from him, and that the Watchmen had let them out on Sunday Morning, and the Money being brought, the Prosecutor knew it to be his Money, that it was the Money by two Brass Shillings which were in the Bag; all which, the Boy not denying at his Tryal, he was found Guilty of the Felony.

[Transportation. See summary.]

John Colwell , a Boy about Ten Years of Age, of the Parish of St. Butolph without Bishops-gate , was Indicted for stealing Thirty Yards of Lemon-Colour'd Satin Ribbon , on the 21st. of April last, from Ann Lee of the same Parish. The Evidence against the Prisoner was, that he coming to the House of the Prosecutor about Ten of the Clock at Night, and that he pretended to buy a Hatband, upon which the Maid let him in and called down her Mistress, and the Prisoner under pretence of desiring to see a piece of Ribbon, ran away with the said Ribbon; but he coming by the next day, the Maid saw him, whereupon her Mistress caused him to be Apprehended. The Prisoners Defence was, that he was going to Rumford for a Horse for his Master (as he pretended, and that he knew nothing of the Ribbon; but he having none to appear in his behalf, and it being look'd upon as a frivilous Excuse, and the Prosecutor swearing positively that he was the person; he was found Guilty to the value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

John Hellier , of the Parish of St. Bridgets alias Brides , London, was Indicted for stealing a silver Hilted Sword, on the 11th of this Instant May from Thomas Chaffin , value 50 s. The Evidence against the Prisoner was Mr. Chaffin, who deposed that he was standing by the Water-side at Dorset Stairs to see the King take Water, that amongst the Croud he felt his Sword suddenly snatched from his Side, and the Prisoner standing next him, he seized him, but the Prisoner droped the Sword, whereupon he was Apprehended. The Prisoner making but a slender Defence for himself, and being an Old Offender, was found Guilty of the Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Margaret Jones of the Parish of St. Giles's Cripple-gate , was Indicted for stealing from Simon Suchin , on the 1st. of this Instant May , Two Holland Shirts, value 8 s. One pair of Thread Stockings, value 9 d. Two Quoifs, value 2 s. 6 d. and 3 l. 9 s. in money, with several other Goods, to the value of 4 l. 10 s. The Evidence for the King was Suchin and his Wife, who deposed that the Prisoner was Employed as a Nurse , and that they were abroad, and coming home, missed the said Goods and Money, but it being only proved that she had the Two Shirts which was by her own Confession, and that she had sold them, and the other Goods and Money not being proved upon her, she was brought in Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

John Smith , a Boy of about 12 Years of Age, of the Parish of St. Butolph without Bishops-gate , was Indicted for stealing One silver Spoon, value 4 s. from William Hudson , on the 7th of this Instant May ; but there appearing no Evidence against him but the Constable, who deposed he found no Spoon about him, he was Acquitted .

Alice Clark , of the Parish of St. Peters Cornhill , Indicted for stealing Ninteen pound weight of Cheese , on the 13th. of this Instant May , from one Mr. Doudel Cheesemonger . The Evidence was Mr. Doudel and his Apprentice, who deposed that the Prisoner coming into the Shop, as she usually did in a Morning to buy a pound of Cheese, and sometimes Butter, that he had several times missed some quantity of Cheese, whereupon he suspected the Prisoner; and she comeing on the day abovesaid, to buy a pound and a half of Butter, whilst his back was towards her, she conveyed the said Cheese into her Coat, and was going away, but he Apprehended her some few paces from his Door, and found the Cheese about her; the Prisoner confessing the Fact, she was found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

William Doudle , of the Parish of St. James's Wesminster , Gent. was Indicted for Killing Austin Leak of the Green-Dragon in the Pall Mall , on the 5th. of November last . The Evidence for the King, deposed that the Prisoner coming into the House of the Deceased, and asking if his Boots were cleaned (he Lodging in the House) was answered by the Deceased's Wife who was to clean his Boots when he had got the Key of his Chamber? upon which he went to some Company that was in the House and drank with them; but the Deceased understanding that the Prisoner had made a Clamour about his Boots, asked him the reason of it; upon which, they grew to very abusive Language, insomuch that the Prisoner drew forth his Sword and Scabbard, and the Deceased had the Fire-fork in his hand, for that he had been stirring up the Fire; and upon other aggravating words on both sides, the Prisoner drew his Sword out of the Scabbard and struck at the Deceased, and the Deceased struck at the Prisoner and knocked him down; but it so happened, that the Deceased received a Wound by a Thrust in his Navel the depth of Six Inches, of which Wound he languishing, died six days after; and it was further proved, that the Deceased received the Wound before the stroke fell upon the Prisoner. The Prisoner made his Defence, that he designed no Quarrel with the Deceased, but that they before that time were always intimate Friends, and that the provocation was given first by the deceased, and that he struck him first with the Fork; all which, not countervailing with the Evidence against the Prisoner; he was found Guilty of wilfull Murther.

[Death. See summary.]

Edward Carter , of the Parish of St. Andrew Holbourn , was Indicted for stealing a silver Tanckard, value 5 l. on the 21st. of April last, of the Goods of William Fausiter of the same Parish . The Evidence deposed that the Prisoner came into the House of the Prosecutor, and took the said Tanckard and ran away with it; but being pursued, he droped the Tanckard from under his Arm. The Evidence being very full against him, he was found Guilty of the Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

William Cook , of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , in the County of Middlesex, was Indicted for Killing Henry Smith of the same Parish, with a Raper value 2 s. on the 9th of April last, giving him a mortal Wound on the left part of the Belly, of which Wound he died on the 15th. of the same Instant . The Evidence against the Prisoner deposed that the Prisoner and the deceased being both Porter s, and plying at Charing-Cross Stairs; after they had been drinking together, took the occasion to quarrel about a Burthen that was carried by another Porter, and thereupon went home and fetched each one of them a Sword, and went to the Water-side and struck at each other; but the prisoner happening to give the other a Thrust in the Belly, whereof he died as afore-said. The prisoner for his defence, proving that the other Challenged him, and there appearing no premediated Malice, he was found Guilty of Manslaughter only.

Jonathan Bridgeman , of the parish of St. Martins in the Fields , Indicted for Killing Elizabeth Bridgeman his Wife , on the 2d. of April last, with a Gouge, value 1 d. The Evidence for the King, deposed that his Wife and he happened to have some Quarrel about their own Child; she urging him into extream passion, he on a sudden took up a certain instrument called a Gouge , of a Carpenters that was there at work, and threw it at her, and hit her on the left part of the Head, which stuck so fast, that he pulled the Handle off in getting it out, and wounded her Four Inches deep, on which Wound she died on the 19th. of the same Month; which being proved very fully against him by the Carpenter that was there at work, and others; and not making any defence for himself, but that he did not think to Kill her; he was thereupon, brought in Guilty of wilful Murther.

[Death. See summary.]

Mary Cale , of the parish of St. Martins in the Field , in the County of Middlesex, Indicted for stealing one Gold Enamel'd Watch, value 30 l. and another Enamel'd Watch, value 10. l. a Necklace of Pearl, value 100 l. Fourteen pieces of Gold, value 14 l. with several other things of the Goods of Capt. George Sanctlow . The Evidence for the King deposed that she being formerly a Servant to Madam Amphrilis Chiffinch at Gravesend, came down thither under pretence to visit her Lady, and that she in the Night-time, about one of the Clock broke in at a Celler Window, and got a Board and conveyed her self into the said Celler, after which, she made a Hole in the Door that went up Stairs, and slip'd back the Bolt, and by that means got into her Ladys Chamber, from whence she took the afore said Goods, and made her escape to London, which after some enquiry, she was found Lodging in the Strand; where she was Apprehended with most part of the said Goods in her possession. The prisoner having nothing to say in her own Defence, but in a manner confessed the Fact, she was found Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Thomas Spencer , of the parish of St. Ann Westminster , was Indicted for stealing, on the 1st. of April , from Sir John Rersby . Kt. One silver Stand, value 4 l. 10 s. One silver Ladle, value 6 l. Five silver Forks, value 3 l. Three silver Spoons, value 35 s. a Salver, value 5l. One silver Gilt Cup value 40 s. One silver Pepper-Box, value 30 s. The Evidence for the King deposed that the prisoner, coming out of the Country, came to Sir John Rersby's House, and offered himself a Servant, but Sir John having no occasion, he entertained him so far as to give him maintenance, till such time as he should have a place vacant, and thereupon wrote into the Country to his Friends for a Character of him; who satisfied Sir John, that he had done some dishonest things in the Country, and that he was not a Servant fit for him; but some little time after, the aforesaid Plate was missing, and the Suspition grounded upon this person, by reason he came not to the House after the Plate was stolen, together with other Corroberating evidence, as that of pawning the gilt Cup for 10 s. at an Ale-house in Long-Acre which was fully proved against him; and he making some small Evasion, as if he had it of one Groves who owed him money; but this being looked upon as an Excuse, and not proving it, he was found Guilty of the Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

A Person was Indicted for Committing a Rape upon the Body of a Young Woman on the 2d. of March last : The Evidence was heard at large on both sides; and upon a full hearing of the Matter, the Prosecution was looked upon in the Conclusion, as a Design to get money, and so the Prisoner was found not Guilty .

Francis Simons , and Elizabeth Pitcher , of the parish of St. Giles's in the Fields : The former was Indicted as Principal and the latter as Accessary, to the stealing Nine Dozen pair of Worsted Stockings, value 21 l. on the 8th. of May , of the Goods of Thomas Lushington . The Evidence against the prisoner was Mrs. Pattison, who deposed that the said Lushington left the said Goods in her House; and that the prisoner Simons Lodging in her House, she missed the said Goods, and that part of them were found in the Custody of Elizabeth Pitcher, who proved in her own Defence, that she bought the said Stockings of Simons , and that he told her he took them in part payment for a Horse: And Simons for his Defence, said he had them of one Barret, and being found in several Stories; he was found Guilty , and Elizabeth Pitcher was Acquitted .

[Transportation. See summary.]

John Snape , of the parish of St. Leonard Bromley in the County of Middlesex, was Indicted for stealing from William Johnson , Three Smocks, value 12 s. Three Flaxen Sheets, value 12 s. with other Linnen, &c. The Evidence was, that the owner of the Goods and his m, an who saw him take the said Goods as they hung near his House; and pursuing of him he droped them, and but slightly denying the Fact, and appearing to be an Old Offender, and well known in Court, being Branded in the Hand, was found Guilty of the Felony.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Edward Hide , and Thoms Wilks , of the parish of St. Giles's Cripple-gate , were Indicted for entering the House of Edward Pye , of the same parish, and stealing one silver Spoon, value 9 s. and a Childs Correl, value 14 s. on the 3d. of this Instant May , about Six in the Evening . The Evidence against the prisoners, deposed that the said Pye and his Wife being abroad, the said Hide and Wilks was seen to peep through the Key-hole, and afterwards Hide entered the House, and went up Stairs, which a Neighbours Apprentice perceiving, came into the House and seized the said Hide in a Chamber, and that Wilks was seen to stand by a Wall near the House (who was likewise Apprehended;) and it was further alledged, that the said Spoon and Correl was removed from the place where they lay into another Box, or Trunck, and several pick-lock Keys found with them, which were produced in Court; all which, being fully proved against them, and they having no other Defence for themselves but that they went to see for one Lodged thereabouts, and mistook the House; Edward Hide was found Guilty of the Felony and Burglary, and Thomas Wilks Acquitted , forasmuch that it could not be proved he entered the House, althou' he had been Burnt in the Hand before.

[Death. See summary.]

Ann Short , of the parish of St. Sepulchres , was Indicted for stealing, on the 26th of April last, One Watch, value 40. s. One Diamond Ring, value 40 s. and 27 s. in money , of the Goods of Henry Grew of St. Ann Black-Fryers : The Evidence was Henry Grew, who deposed that he being a Grinder , the prisoner came to fetch a pair of Sheers that was Grind, and that immediately after she was gone out of the Shop he missed the said Goods, and thereupon he ran after her and Apprehended her, and caused her to be searched; but could find none of the said Goods, untill about a Week or Ten Days after, where he found them in a Drawer in his Shop, and did imagine the prisoner had conveyed them thither again, but the prisoner for her defence said she never saw them, and having a great Numbee of sufficient Witnesses, to prove that she was a person of very honest repute all her life time; and the Court being well satisfied with the Evidence on her side: and several persons offered to prove that the prosecutor was but little better than a Pilferer: She was Acquitted .

Alice Millikin , David Millikin , Mary Millikin , and Martha Morgan , of the parish of St. Giles's Cripple-gate , were Indicted for Clipping, Fileing and Deminishing Ten pieces of Silver, value 1 s. each piece, of the Coin of King Charles the First; and Ten pieces of Silver, value 1 s. each piece, of the Coin of Queen Elizabeth, diminishing from each Shilling to the value of 2 d. The Evidence for the King deposed that the said Alice Millikin, together with the said David Millikin and Mary his Wife was seen through a Window (which belonged to their Chamber) to Clip the said money; whereupon information was given to other persons, who saw it also, and thereupon got a Constable and broke open the door upon them; where they found Alice Millikin the Mother with a pair of Sheers, and a Shilling half clip'd in her hand, which were produced in Court, and her Son David receiving the Clippings as she Cut them off, but Mary his Wife was a sleep upon the Bed, and Martha Morgan was taken upon suspition: The prisoner Alice Millikin Confessed that she was induced to the Trade by one Mrs. Chaston, and that the rest of the prisoners were innocent, but it being proved that her Son was actually concerned with her in the Fact, was found guilty of High-Treason likewise, and the other two Acquitted , it not being proved they were concerned in this wicked Act.

[Death. See summary.]

Henry Row , a Soldier of St. Alhallows Berkin , was Indicted for Killing Barnaby Reeve with a Musquet value 5 s. on the 13th. of May ; it appeared by the Evidence that the deceased came to see the Tower with other persons, he happened to jostle the piece out of the hand of the prisoner who was Sentinel , the piece falling to the ground, and going off, shot the deceased in the shoulder, of which he died the 15th. Instant, the prisoner was Acquitted .

Edward Sea , of the parish of Edmunton , in the County of Middlesex, was Indicted for Killing William Ward his Apprentice with a Horse whip, on the 29th of April last, by striking him over the head three several times . The Evidence against the prisoner, deposed that he coming into the Work-Room (being a Silk Stoking Weaver ) he asked the Boy when he had cleaned his Frame, and the deceased answered at Easter, at which he struck him as afore-said, after which he died within the space of half an hour; but there being several Chirugeons which viewed and searched the head of the deceased, and attested that they could not find any cause of his death to proceed from the Blow, but rather looked upon it to be some violent Fit; and the prisoner having almost Twenty credible Witnesses to attest that he was no ways given to passion, or that he ever beat any servant unlawfully, he was Acquitted

John Monday alias Mombay , of the parish of St. Dunstans in the West , was Indicted for Killing Richard Simpson on the 16th.of March last with a Quart Pot : The Evidence against the prisoner was, that the deceased and the prisoner drinking together, there happened a Quarrel upon the deceased, giving the prisoner the Lye, upon which, after some other aggravating words and a small scuffle, the prisoner struck the deceased with a Quart pot on the left part of the Head, of which Wound on the 30th. of April following he died: but a Chirugeon, an Evidence for the prisoner attesting that the Wound was perfectly cured, and that he died of a Fever, the prisoner was Acquitted .

Paskah Rose and Edward Smith , of the parish of Stepney , were Indicted for stealing, on the 31st of April , a Camblet Coat and other Apparel, to the value of 20s and upwards, of the Goods of William Barnet of the same place. It appearing by the Evidence, that the prisoners entered the House of prosecutor in the day time and took the Apparel , but was pursued by a Neighbour, and Smith droped some of the Goods, and when they were Apprehended, the rest of the Goods found in Rose's Breeches, and the Evidence being very plain against them, they were both found Guilty of the Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Mary Wild and J-- M-- of the parish of St. Mary White-chappel , Indicted for stealing on the 12th. of April last, a Serge Petty-coat, a Wastcoat, a Gown, a Mohair Petty-coat, with other wearing Apparel, and a Nest of Drawers, in all to a considerable value from John Spencer . The Evidence was John Spencer, who attested that the prisoner Wild being a servant to him, lay in the same Room where he and his Wife lay, and that in the Night-time she took the said Goods and made her escape; when the prosecutor having some intelligence, that she was seen at the House of H-- he made search, where he found the Nest of Drawers but no other Goods, and some time after got the prisoner Wild Apprehended, and finding most part of the Goods upon her, was carried before a Justice and confessed the Fact, not denying it upon her Tryal, she was found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Martha Ryman , of the parish of St. Andrews Holbourn , Indicted for stealing a silver Thimble, value 1 s. a pair of Black Silk Gloves, value 1 s. and a Morning Gown from Anne Taylor . It appeared upon the Evidence, that she was a servant to the said Taylor, and had put the said Goods in her Trunck which being found, she said that she put them there not to keep, she was brought in not Guilty .

Elizabeth Wally , Wife of John Wally , of the parish of St. Mary White-chappel , was Indicted for stealing several pieces of Lace of a small value , on the 21st. of April last, from Anne Smith , which being proved by her own Confession, was found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

John Holms of Stepney , Indicted for stealing Fifty Minion-shot, value 40 s. of the Goods of Capt. Christopher Capel , out of his Ship , after full Evidence, was found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Elizabeth Lander , of the parish of St. James's Clerkenwell , Indicted for stealing a Gold Ring, value 17 s from Edward Turnbal . The Evidence was, that the said Turnbal going to Clerkenwell Bridewell, to see some Friends there, he saw the prisoner, which after some discourse with her, and drinking two Quarterns of Brandy, he missed the said Ring from off his Finger; but he not swearing positively she took it, but that he might as well have drop'd it, she was Acquitted .

Susanna Morrice alias Arnold , of Stepney , Indicted for breaking the House of William Taylor in the Night-time (with two other Accomplices not yet taken) and taking thence, Two silver Tasters, value 5 s. Fifty pound weight of Sugar, value 20 s. which being fully proved against her by the Watchman that found the Celler-door open, and she hid between two Hogsheads, and the Sugar lying not far a distant, and she having no other plea but that he wanted Lodging, she was found Guilty of the Felony and Burglary.

[Branding. See summary.]

Thomas Baxter of the parish of St. Mary Islington , Indicted for breaking and entering the House of Joseph Mons , of Stroud Green in the same parish, in the Night-time and breaking open three Chests, taking thence a Campaign Coat, value 5 s. one Alamode Hood, value 2 s. 6 d. with several other wearing Apparrel and Houshold Goods : The Evidence against the prisoner, was the Wife of the said Mons, who attested that she having given the prisoner leave to lye in the Barn some two Nights before; and that he understanding that her husband was not at home, broke into the House and took the said Goods, and upon his opening the last Chest of the three, which was in the Chamber where she lay, she heard him, and that she perceived that it was he by the light of the Moon-shine, and the Prisoner not being able to prove where he was on that Night, with other agreeing Evidence, he was found Guilty of the Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

John Thompson , of the Parish of St. Mary Islington , Indicted for stealing 2 Gold Rings value 12 s. and 3 s. in mony , from John Warner , on the 19th of April last. The Evidence against the Prisoner, was the Wife of John Warner, who deposing that the Prisoner took a Lodging of her, on the Night aforesaid, and that she being up late, heard the mony fall upon the Floor, and ran up Stairs, but found the door locked, which she caused to be opened, and had the Prisoner apprehended and searched, and finding the Rings upon him which he had took out of a Trunk in that Room. The Prisoners excuse was, that the mony droped out of his pocket, and he knew not how the Rings came in his Sleeve, he was found Guilty to the value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

John Perry , Jane S pin , Katherine Mathews , of the Parish St. Martins in the Fields for stealing a Case of Chirugeons Instruments, value 3 l. and a Sword, value 1 s. from Peter Hillery ; who deposed that drinking in a Brandy Shop he sat with the Prisoner, he missed his Case of Instruments and Sword, but he not swearing positively that they took them out of his pocket, and he being in drink; the Prisoners were Acquitted .

Richard Roberts , of St. Giles's in the Fields ; Indicted for Robbing Zachary Conyers a Boy , on the highway, about 7 at Night, on the 2d. of March last, of a Beever Hatt, value 40 s. The Evidence deposing that the said Conyers coming along, near Bloomsbury, and meeting with the prisoner, a souldier , and 3 Women, that upon some occasion the Prisoner strook the said Conyers a box on the Ear, and strook of his Hatt, and ran away with it, which Conyers taking notice of him by the light of a Flambeaux that passed by, saw him some days after taken upon another Robbery, caused him to be charged. The Prisoner said nothing material in his defence, he was found Guilty of the said Robbery.

John Mancroft and Mary Lush , Indicted for stealing one Diamond Ring, value 5 l. One Gold Ring set with an amethist, value 20 s. One Gold Buckle, value 7 s. Twenty pieces of Gold Duckets, valued at 9 s. a piece , on the 30th of April last, from one Christopher Baker ; who, as he was going to into the King's Chappel , lost the aforesaid Goods out of his Pocket, a Ring and several of the pieces of Gold being found in Mary Lushes custody, and confessed to be delivered to her by the said Mancroft. All which being fully proved against her, and she being an old Offender, and known to Harbour Pick-pockets and idle Persons in her House for about these seven years past, John Mancroft was found Guilty of the Felony, and Mary Lush as Accessary thereon

[Death. See summary.]

Ellinor Rogers and William Howard of St. Pauls Shadwell , Indicted for stealing one Venetian Neck lace, value 3 l. One Silver Thimble, value 9 d. One piece Galloon, value 35 s. and 22 l. in Money , from Saraw Hawkes , Widow , of the aforesaid Parish, on the 15th Instant. Sarah Hawkes the day before Hiring the said Rogers to be her Servant , her Mistris going abroad on Saturday, left her in the House; and at her return missing the aforesaid Goods, the Monday following made diligent enquiry after her, and accidentally met her in Chiswell-street, and Howard with her; whereupon seizing of them, found part of the Money in her custody, and the Neck-lace about her Neck, which she not denying to have taken away from the House of Mrs. Hawkes, she was brought in Guilty ; but Howard making a plausible defence for himself, was found Not Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Hannah Westcot , of the Parish of St. Stephen Coleman street , was Indicted for Feloniously taking away 10 Pewter Plates, value 5 s. on the 6th Instant, from William Long of the same Parish; the Constable of the Parish appearing against her, and gave in Evidence that he took the Plates in her custody, and that she was a person of a bad life and conversation; and having little to say in her own defence, she was found Guilty .

Katherine Crips , Indicted for stealing from David Millington , on the 16th of April last, one Silver Whistle, value 4 s. One Silver Bowl, value 4 l. One Dram-cup, value 4 s. One Neck-lace, value 15 s. a Childs Coat, value 5 s. and several other Goods of a considerable value, &c. The Prosecutor's Wife gave in Evidence, that passing by the Shop of the Prisoner, she being a Saleswoman, or a Dealer in Childrens Coats, saw a Childs Coat in the Shop Window, taxed it to be hers; but the Prisoner proving by good witness how she came by the said Coat, and found no other of the aforesaid Goods in her custody, she was thereupon brought in Not Guilty .

Edward Hyde , William Cole , Charles Littleboy and Anne Littleboy , was Indicted for Breaking the House of Paul Badcock , of the Parish of St. Butolphs Bishopsgate , on the 16th of March last, and taking away two Silver Spoons, value 12 s. four Petticoats, two Lac'd Quoives, Silver Buttons, and several other Goods, to the value of 20 l. the said Badcock Deposing, that the Prisoners got into his House about Eight a Clock in the Evening of the aforesaid 16th of March , the Doors being fast Locked. And Deposed that the said Cole and Littleboy were Accessaries to the said Felony, and bought the Goods of the said Edward Hyde ; but it being not fully proved against them, they were all brought in Not Guilty .

Richard Thomas , James Cordyner , Nicholas Haughton , Richard Williams and John Boyce , of the Parish of St. Pancras , was Indicted for Killing Samuel Corbison , on the 18th of May , near St. Pancras Church , giving him a mortal wound under his right Pap, of the depth of four Inches, with a Sword of the value of 5 s. Richard Thomas as principal, Cordyner, Haughton, Williams and Boyce as Abettors thereunto . The Evidence for the King deposed, that the Prisoners came to an Alehouse to Drink, and having not Money to pay the Reckoning, went out of the House without paying, whereupon they were immediately pursued by some Labouring Men, that Worked near the Alehouse, to Apprehend them, but the prisoners stood upon their guard, and swore they would kill every Man of them if they continued to pursue them; whereupon a Combat happened, the prisoners drawing their Swords, killed the aforesaid Corbison upon the spot; the Swords being produced in Court all bloody; and the Evidence being so clear against them, they were all brought in Guilty of wilfull Murther.

[Thomas, Cordyner, Haughton, Williams: Death. See summary.]

[Boyce: No punishment. See summary.]

The Trials being over the Court proceeded to give Sentence as followeth,

Burnt in the Hand Seven, viz.

Henry Dixon, Thomas Griffin, Griffen Irons, Edward Carter, William Cole, Thomas Spencer, Susanna Morice.

Order'd to be Whip'd, 8 viz.

John Colwell, Margaret Jones, Alice Clark, John Snape, Mary Wild, John Holms, John Thompson, Ann Lee,

Received Sentence of Death, 16, viz.

Edward Hide, Alice Millikin, David Millikin, John Hellier, William Doudle, Jonathan Bridgman, Pascha Rose, Edward Smith, Thomas Baxter, Richard Thomas, James Cordiner, Nicholas Haughton, Richard Williams, John Mancliff, Mary Lush, Ellenor Rogers.

Alice Millikin, Mary Lush, and Ellenor Rogers pleading their Bellys, a Jury of Matrons were impannelled, to search them, who gave in their verdict in the Negative.

The Judgment of John Boyce was deferred till the next Sessions.

Ordered to be Transported 3. viz.

Nathaniel Thompson, Francis Simons, Mary Gale.


WHereas in the Account of the Proceedings of the last Sessions, published the 15th day of April last, it was among other things Incerted, That the Right Honourable the Earl of Stamford was likewise discharged by His Majesties Gracious Pardon. Now these are to certifie the Reader, That the same was a mistake for that his Lordship came to the said Sessions upon no other account than to hear the Tryal of one Jacob Joyner, son of that Joyner that keeps the Bull-head Tavern at Chairing-Cross, and commonly called and known by the Name of Cobb Joyner, which said Joyner was by the Grand Jury of Westminster found Guilty of Robbing his Lordship of a Jewel worth about 7 or 800 l. and the Witnesses bound over to prosecute, which Witnesses attended for that purpose; but the Court (taking notice that the Felony being committed before the 20th of March last past, was Pardoned by His Majesties late Gracious and General Pardon) did thereupon discharge Joyner of that Felony by Vertue of the said Pardon, and dismiss'd the Witnesses from further Attendance on that Court; but Joyner is continued in Custody upon an Action of Trover brought for recovering the said Jewel, and another for Scandalum Magnatum, wherein the Damages are laid 10000 l.