Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 23 May 2022), July 1683 (16830712).

Old Bailey Proceedings, 12th July 1683.

An ACCOUNT Of the Whole Proceedings at the Sessions, Holden at the Sessions-House in the Old-Baily, for the City of London, County of Middlesex, &c.

Which began on the twelfth of this Instant July, and ended the 16th of the same.

Giving a Particular Relation of the Tryals of divers High-way-men, Clippers, Fellons, Traytors, and Conspirators, but more especially of the Tryals of





Who were Tryed, and found Guilty, for Conspiring against the Life of the King, and endeavouring the Subversion of the Government, with the sentence prouounced gainst hem, &c.

Entered according to ORDER

AT this Sessions, beginning the day abovesaid, First in order, were Tryed Thomas Wilson , and James Johnson , upon three several Indictments; one for Robbing Esq ; Hide of Highgate on the Road, of divers Rings, Money, and other things, to the value of Eighty pound : Another for Robbing Robert Abel of a Watch, Rings, Money, a Coat, and other Things ; And the last for Murthering one George Evans . The Evidence upon the Tryal, Swore to both the Indictments upon the Robbery, that the Prisoners were the Men that Robbed the Persons aforesaid, and that upon Search, the Buttons of the Coat, taken at that time, was found in Johnson's Lodging: As to the Murther, it appeared to be thus. The Townsmen of Islington having notice of the Robberies committed that way, layed the Ways, and in a short time met the Prisoners, whom they suspecting to be the Robbers, commanded them to surrender themselves, which they refused, endeavouring to escape, and Johnson finding himself hardly pursued, he with a Pistol shot Evans, the Person that pursued him, of which Wound the next day he died. The prisoners Pleaded Innocence as to the Robbery, but not being able to give any good Account of themselves they were upon full Evidence found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

John Muglestone , Roger Muglestone , and John Harris , were tryed for Clipping the Currant Coine of this Kingdom, as Elizabeth, James, and Charles the First, Halfe-Crowns, Shillings, &c. The Evidence was, that the former of the Prisoners had at divers times been seen to Clip and File Money, and that he sent a Youth to sell divers quantities of melted Silver, with one of which Parcels being seized by the Goldsmith to whom he offered it, he confessed where he had it, upon which the Prisoners House was searched, where divers Shears, Melting-Pots, Files, and other such like Instruments were found: As also, a considerable quantity of Clipped Money: As to the Second Person he was Brother to the former, and assisting to him in his defrauding Occupation: And against Harris it was sworn, that he furnished the Prisoners with Money, and had Six-pence in the Pound for Clipping, and that he had of a long time been of Confederacy with them; upon which, and sundry other Circumstances, as the Instruments being produced in Court, and the Bars of melted Silver, and the like, the Jury found them all three guilty of the High-Treason, as in the Indictment layed.

[Death. See summary.]

This Sessions William Lord Russel , was Tryed upon an Indictment for High-Treason, for designing to Leavy War, and compass the Death of His Majesty . The Evidence against him was the Lord Howard, Collonel Shepherd a Vintner in Cornhill, &c. who Deposed, that he had been at divers Consuls in order to raise Rebellion and Leavy War, and a General Rising throughout the Kingdom, and that a Declaration had been drawn to that purpose, and a Survey taken of the King's Guards at the Savoy and Muse, in order to Surprize them, &c. So that after divers Arguments the Jury found him Guilty of the High-Treason.

[Death. See summary.]

Thomas Wallcot , John Rouse , William Hone , and William Blake , were Tryed for Conspiring against the Life of the King , and designing to Subvert the Government, and make a miserable Slaughter amongst the King's Subjects as to the three former it plainly appeared, that they had been in divers Consuls about Killing the King and Duke in their Return from New-Market, that it was absolutely concluded, and Arms for that purpose prepared, but that the Fire occasioning the King's sudden remove prevented it against the later. Evidence was given that he was to raise a pow'r of Seamen to seize on the Tower, and for that purpose had prepared Shipping to batter it from off the Water, and that divers Discourses tending thereto had been by him uttered, but the main stress as to Blake, rested upon one Evidence only, whereupon after Charge given, the Jury found the three former Guilty of High Treason, and Acquitted the later.

William Lord Russel, Thomas Wallcot, John Rouse, and William Hone, being Convicted as abovesaid, the King's Attorney General prayed Judgment against them, whereupon they were brought to the Bar, and asked what they had to say why Judgement should not be awarded against them &c. whereupon the Lord Russel desired to hear the Indictment read, which was allowed, and then made some Objections, that there was no proof against him of his actual designing to kill the King, only for Conspiring to Leavy War, &c. but he was told that the Verdict was passed, and it now remained the Duty of the Court to pass Sentence. Hone, Wallcot, and Rouse, being asked what they could say, desired that their Friends might have liberty to see them, and time to prepare for another World. Then Sentence was passed, as followeth, viz. That they should return to the place from whence they came, from thence be drawn to the Common place of Execution upon Hurdles, and there to be Hanged by the Necks, then cut down alive, their Privy-Members cut off, and Bowels taken out to be burnt before their Faces, their Heads to be severed from their Bodies, and their Bodies divided into four parts, to be disposed of as the King should think fit .

William Knowles was Tryed, for that he the 20th of June broke open the house of Phillip Stubb in Cornhill , and took thence in Plate and Money, to the value of 50 pounds , which Robbery he before the Justice upon his being Apprehended confessed to have thus effected, viz. That going up and finding the Key in the Chamber-door, he opened it, and broke open the Boxes with an Iron Skewer, and took out the Plate, Money, &c. some of which Plate upon proffer to Sale was stopped, and he Apprehended. This and other Evidence given against him he was found Guilty of the Felony.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Francis Smith of St. Andrew's Holbourn , was Tryed upon an Indictment of High-Treason, for Clipping the Lawful Coin of this Kingdom , when by one Evidence it appeared that he had often with Shears and other Instruments Clipped, Filed, and Diminished Half-Crowns, Shillings, Sixpences, and the like, but the other Witness not Swearing positive, but only by Circumstance, the Prisoner was Acquitted .

Jane Dodson an Old woman, was Tryed for a Witch, it being Swore against her, that she used divers Hellish Arts and Inchantations to destroy divers Persons especially that she lamed and distorted by her Cunning in Witchcraft and Sorcery, one Mary Palmer , and killed another as the Evidence believed, but not making it appear what means she used, or how the matter was brought about, and divers Persons appearing to Testifie her Life and Conversation, she was Acquitted .

William Barret , and Elizabeth Attwell were indicted for Robbing one Mr. Cuttler of Hornzey of 100 pounds in money , which Robbery Barret confessed , and declared that none but himself was concerned in the Robbery, whereupon the other was Acquitted .

[Transportation. See summary.]

John Spittle and one Gratrick , took their Tryals for Robbing one Mr. Pitts near Mile-end on the 9th of May last of a Watch, four Pounds in Money, Rings, a Silver-handled Knife and Fork , the which being positively sworn against them by reason the Party Robbed knew them at the time of the Robbery, and therefore had narrowly Escaped with Life, and they proved Notorious Offendors, the Jury found them Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Elizabeth Mason of the Parish of St. Sepulchres , was Tryed for stealing a Coat valued at Twenty shillings , from Thomas Midwinter , but it appearing that she had it of his Maid Servant she was Acquitted .

Joseph Brockly was Indicted for several Parcels of Goods from one Mr. Lowman , to which upon his Arraignment he Pleaded the old New-gate Plea, viz. Guilty of that and all other Felonies within the Benefit of his Clergy .

Richard Sinnel was Indicted for Marrying a second Wife during the Life of his first Wife , to which Indictment he pleaded Guilty , owning the Fact, which by Law is Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

John Plumpton was Tryed for Conveying away on the 10th of June divers pieces of Plate from Edward Vile , who instrusted him therewith, but it appearing they were delivered into his Custody, it was not Felony, whereupon he was Acquitted .

Francis English an In-keeper , was Tryed for taking a Mare from one Mr. Long upon the Road, which Mare was afterward found in his Stable , but he alledging she was brought in by a stranger, who the next day promised to call for her, and bringing divers to Attest where he was at the time the Robbery was Committed, the Jury Acquitted him.

Margaret Nicolson , was Tryed for Clipping the Lawful Coin of this Kingdom, as Shillings, Half-Crowns, &c. which was first suspected, as it was given in Evidence against her, by changing divers Clipped pieces of Money, and searching her house they found Files, Shears, and Rubbing-stones, which the Prisoner alledged were left there when she came to the house, and there being no actual Clipping proved, she was Acquitted .

Margaret Chamberlain was Tryed for stealing Knives, Canes, and Swords from one Mr. Warradine a Cutler , in St. Martin's in the Fields , the proof against her was, that part of the Goods were found about her, and that she had sold the rest in divers places, to which she Pleaded that they were delivered to her by a Woman she met in Holborn by chance, but not being able to prove it, she was found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

George Jones , was Arraigned for stealing 10l. in Money numbered, from Thomas Frind , upon plain proof of which he was Convicted of the Felony, as likewise was Joseph Dumply for stealing goods to a considerable value from one John Roman . Jonathan Ball was likewise Tryed and found Guilty for Robbing John Cross of five Pounds in Money .

[Jones and Ball: Branding. See summary.]

[Dumply: Transportation. See summary.]

John Smith Esq , took his Tryal for killing William Atkinson in the Parish of St. Andrew's Holborn , on the 26. of May last, the Manner thus. The Prisoner and the Deceased in the Passage of a Yard in Grays-Inn-Lane drew upon each other, and after a Pass, closed, and then falling off again departed to their respective Habitations, but the Deceased had first received a Wound in his Belly of which in a short time he died, but no former Quarrel being proved, nor any Malicious Intent, the Prisoner was found Guilty of Man-slaughter only, and for stay of Burning in the hand, producing the King's warrant, he was Dismissed upon giving security to Appear the next Goal-Delivery: Bail was likewise taken for William Blake the Sea Captain, Tryed for High-Treason, and Acquitted as is aforesaid.

Isabel Simms was Tryed for Robbing John Brown of St. Martin's of a Silver Tankard, 3 Silver Spoons, a Silver Salt, a Cup and divers other pieces of Plate, to the value of 24 pounds , which Robbery, as the Witnesses deposed, she confessed some time after her being Apprehended, and that she was in the house a little before the Robbery was Committed, to inquire for a Lodger, whereupon she was found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

John Knot was Tryed for stealing a Scarfe, a Hood, a Cornet, and other things from one Mr. Parsons on the third of May last, many of the things being afterward found where he had disposed of them, upon which he was found Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Benjamin Cooper was Tryed for stealing a Silver Cup, a Silver Thimble, and other Plate to the value of 30 shillings from Samuel Wadcot of Holborn , on the 28 of May last, which Goods being proved to be taken upon him, he was found Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Joseph Mills was Tryed for stealing Sheets, Plate, Money, Rings, and divers sorts of wearing Linnen, to the value of 30l. from Jane Guttrell of the Parish of St. Martin's in the Fields on the 26 of June last; the Evidence given against him was that upon search, a Purse with divers Rings, owned by the Prosecutors, was found between the Bed and Mat in his Lodging Chamber, but there being no positive proof of the Felony, and he bringing divers to give the Court an account of his Life and Conversation, he was acquitted .

Mary Grifith was Tryed for stealing a silver Tankard from Anne Ray on the 22d. of May last, but the proof against her being weak, she was acquitted .

Anthony Sympson was Indicted and Tryed for Killing one George Butler on the 26th. of May last; as likewise were John Scot and Samuel Godlygood , for killing Mary Edwards on the 30th of June last, but the Evidence being but Circumstantial, and not Positive, they were all 3 acquitted .

Elizabeth Hall was Tryed for stealing a Scarfe, and Apron, and divers other wearing Apparel from Henry Taylor of Aldergate Parish , but the proof against her being deficient, she was acquitted .

On Saturday the Grand Jury delivered an Adress in order to its being presented to His Majesty, expressing therein the Joy they conceive for the Preservation of His Majesties Sacred Person, and their just detestation and abhorrence of the detestable Conspiracy lately carried on to Depose and Murther him and to Subvert the Governmemt, &c.

This Sessions William Lord Russel, Thomas Walcot, John Rouse and William Hone, received Sentence for High-Treason as Conspirators, John Mugglestone, John Harris, and Roger Mugglestone, were likewise Sentenced for High-Treason for Clipping and Defacing the Currant Coin of this Kingdom, Thomas Wilson, Miles Johnson, John Spittle, William Gratrix, Mary Chamberlaine, and Elizabeth Simmes, were Sentenced for divers Robberies and Fellonies, these for Treason to be Drawn, Hang'd and Quartered, and the others to be hanged only.

George Jones, Richard Simnel, Jonathan Ball, and Benjamin Cooper, were Burnt in the hand, John Knot, Will. Knowles, Joseph Drumply, and Thomas Barret ordered for Transportation, and so ended this Remarkable Sessions.