Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 27 September 2022), October 1674 (16741014).

Old Bailey Proceedings, 14th October 1674.


Held at Iustice-hall in the Old-bayly, which began on the 14th. of October last.


Tryals, Condemnation, and Execution,


William Prickit

William Palmer,

With the Tryals of several other Malefactors, for divers kinds of Fellonies: As Thefts, Burglaries, Bigamy, Murder, receiving of Fellons, forgery, &c.

Printed for D.M.

AN ACCOVNT OF THE Proceedings of the Sessions at the Old-Bayly, which begun the 14th of October last.

AT the Sessions holden for London and Middlesex, at Justice Hall in the Old-Bayly, which began upon Wednesday the fourteenth of October instant, were tryed several Malefactors, for divers kind of Felonies, as Thefts, Burglaries, Bigamy, Murther, Receiving of Felons, Foregery, and other Offences, some of the most remarkable of which, are these that follow.

One was Indicted, together with a Youth, for stealing of a Horse , the Man was found Guilty , and received Sentence of Death , the Boy Acquitted .

A Woman was indicted, as accessary with her Husband, for killing one with a Quart pot at St. Giles-Cripple-gate , it was prov'd that her Husband did strike him, but no force being proved from her, she was by the Jury Acquitted .

A Little Boy was Indicted for stealing a silver Beaker and spoon , it seemed by the Evidence that the Boy was imployed by his Master to do the Fact, who received the said plate, and melted it down , and then threatened to kill the Boy if he should discover it. The master was also Indicted for the same crime, and Convicted , but the boy was discharged .

A Woman was also Indicted for Bigamy, for being marryed to one Husband upon the 6th. of March last, and to a second upon the 9th. of July last, her former husband being living , but no witnesses comming in against her she was acquitted by the Jury.

A Gentlewoman came in upon bail, who was indicted, together with another for stealing a silver Tankard from a Woman in Bishops-gate-street , whither being newly come to Town she repaired to hire Lodgings, but not agreeing for them, the Woman of the house having about that time lost a silver Tankard, finds out by Inquiry where the Gentlewoman lived, and charged her with the taking of it, but upon the Tryal, it was thought to be a malicious prosecution, and the Gentlewoman was discharged .

Two men were Arraigned upon six or seven several Indictments for stealing of Cattle, as Sheep, Hogs, &c. and pleaded Guilty to all their Indictments.

One was Indicted for stealing of some parcells of linen , which the party that lost them being a Washerwoman , did swear were hers, and were found in the prisoners possession, and being ask'd how she knew them, she replyed, by the marks, for that they were marked with N, but the prisoner very wisely to acquit himself affirmed that they were his Wives Linnen, and that the N was his wives mark, for her name was Nan: his little skill in Orthography declared that if he had come to his book he would have needed a prompter to have made a good Cleark of him: but he was saved from that trouble by his Jury, who brought him in not guilty .

One was indicted for breaking open a House, and stealing several pieces of Gold and Plate , and being brought to the Bar, refused to plead, till he had his Gold restored to him, which accordingly was delivered, then he pleaded to his Indictment not guilty; but the Evidence proving it against him he received sentence of Death .

Several were arraigned this Sessions for receiving of Fellons and their goods, and harbouring of them in their houses, contrary to the statute in that case provided.