Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 24 May 2022), April 1674 (16740429).

Old Bailey Proceedings, 29th April 1674.

News from Newgate: OR, An Exact and true Accompt of the most Remarkable, TRYALS OF Several Notorious Malefactors: At the Gaol delivery of Newgate, holden for the CITY of LONDON, and COUNTY of MIDDLESEX.

In the Old Baily, on Wednesday and Thursday the 29th and 30th of April, and on Friday and Saturday the 1st. and 2d. of May, 1674.

Wherein is prescribed the Villainous Acting of Thomas Mullinex , alias Weaver, who breaking into the House of Walter Carey Esq; claping a Pistol to his breast as he lay in his bed, and forced him to lie still, and caused his Lady to rise to shew the rest of his Comrades where her mony lay, with the manner of their taking.

London, Printed for R.V. 1674.

News from Newgate: OR An Exact and true Account of the most remarkable Tryals at the Goal delivery of Newgate, holden for the City of London and County of Middlesex at Justice-Hall in the Old Baily, on Wednesday and Thursday the 29th and 30th. of April, and Fryday and Saturday the 1st. and 2d. of May, 1674.


Wherein canst thou more experience they self for the ordering of a good Conversation, than by seeing the follies of those, who either by their own idle or extravagant living are forced to seek out those ways and means, which either are destructive in themselves, or purchase shame and destruction in their end?

The first thing I shall shew thee is about a Robbery on the High-way , Committed by two High-way-Men, the Manner was thus, one Stutely an elderly man going from market about five of the Clock in the Evening, near Hide-Park , was set upon by two High-way-Men, who bid him deliver his Purse he thereupon put his hand in his Pockets and pulled out some small money, and some farthings, and told them that was all he had, thereupon they began to swear God dam them, they would make him an Example; then putting his hand in his other Pocket, pulled out about four pound, which they took from him, and going their way, a Neighbour of the said Mr. Stutely coming by followed them crying Thieves and with other help one of them was taken, who then confessed the Robbery, and offerred to restore the money, but they refusing to take it, he was had before a Justice of Peace, who committed him to Newgate and from thence he was brought to Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily to be Tryed, where the Prisoner being brought to the Bar, his Indictment being read, he pleaded not Guilty; but there being such good Evidence brought against him, the Jury went out and brought in their Verdict against him , whereupon the Court past sentence upon him.

Also there was another Tryed for stealing of a Looking-Glass from one Oliver Smith , the manner was thus, there did a great Looking-Glass stand in the window of the said Mr. Smith, valued at nineteen shillings , and he one Evening hearing a crackling of the Glass of the Window, went to look to see what the matter was, but could see no person, presently after going again, he found the Glass gon, and the Thief running away, who immediately following him, and crying stop Thief, he threw down the Glass, and in making hast away dropt of his Hat, crying himself, stop Thief; but being most suspected himself, he was taken and his Hat carried to him, which he owned; and Committed to Newgate, and from thence to Justice-Hall, where his Indictment being read, he pleaded not Guilty, but the Evidence coming against him, he was found guilty by the Jury and had Judgement to be hanged , being burnt in the hand before.

There were three others tryed for breaking the House of one Mr. Bradbourn , in the night time, in the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields , having broke open five or six Dores, and stole some Silver Spoons , but being heard in the House by a Boy in Bed, who Rung a little Bell, awakened Mr. Bradbourn and his Family, and then they made away into Soho Fields, where the Watch following them, one of them was taken, and a great Iron Engine, which they called a BETTY, was found by him that was taken, and the same Morning 2 more of them were taken, being traced from one place to another till they were all taken, and Commited to Newgate, and from thence they were brought to Justice Hall, where theirIndictments being Read, they pleaded not Guilty: but the Evidence proving it against them, the Jury found them Guilty , whereupon Sentence was past upon them.

There was a French Man also tryed for a Rape; pretended to be Committed on his Maid-Servant , upon the Tryal she gave Evidence that she was one Morning about her business, and her Master arose and as she said took her Virginity from her, being askt what she meant by that, she answered her Maidenhead; but it appearing to the Court, that she had not acquainted any one of it till three days after it was pretended to be done, nor had not accused her Master for it till above three weeks after, he was found not Guilty, and so acquitted .

There was also a Woman tryed for stealing a Silver Cup , the manner thus; she went to a Victualling House to drink a pot of Ale, and after having tarried some time, she desired the Woman of the House to lend her a Chamber pot, which she going to fetch it for her, she ran away with a Silver Cup that then stood on a Shelf in the Kitchen, and afterwards being taken by the Watch a night-walking, she was carried to Bridewell, where the Cup was found under her Arm, between her Arm and her Wastcoat, which she confessing where she stole it was sent to Newgate, and from thence to Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, where being Arraigned, she was examined by the Court what she did intend to do with the Cup to which she answered, that she did intend to bring it again, whereupon she was Convicted , and put by to be transported .

Also there was another person tryed for breaking the House of one Walter Carey , Esq. a Gentleman of Huntington-Shires , who being taken here in Town on some other account, was sent to the Round-house in Lincoln-Inn Fields, where Captain Richardson, keeper of Newgate, hearing of him, and going to him caused his Chamber to be searched wherein was found a Silver Toothpick Case, and Gold Toothpicker which were now owned by the said Gentleman of Huntington-Shire, insomuch, that the said Esquire Carey, coming to visit him in Prison before his Tryal; desired to know of him whether he was the person or not; which took him by the hand as he lay in his Bed, or not; which he very confidently denyed, and said that he knew nothing of it: then the Gentleman desired him to give him his Left hand, (which he did) and having taken him by the hand: he told him in this manner; that he would make Oath that that was the hand which held him by the hand as he lay in his bed, when he held a Pistol in the other hand to his brest, and swore that he would Pistol him if he did offer to stir; and in the mean time caused his Lady to to rise out of her Bed to shew the rest of his Comrades where the mony lay; all which, was proved against him at the Sessions House by one Mrs. Slader, Wife to James Slader one of the five Highway-Men, that were taken at Hampstead, being one of the Company then present; upon his Confession before his Death to her and therefore brought in as an Evidence besides other Evidences against him, although he pleaded not Guilty to his Indictment, he was brought in Guilty by the Jury, and so he received Sentence.

There was two others for breaking the House of the Duke of Buckingham , and stealing a great deal of Plate to the value of 400 pounds who being brought to the Bar; their Indictments being Read; one of them Pleaded not Guilty, and the other would not Plead, upon pretence that the Constable had taken from him eight pieces of Gold that was his own money, and so stood for the first two days; whereupon the Court was pleased to read the Statute to him, declaring the punishment which ought to be inflicted upon all such persons that would not plead to their Indictments by Pressing; and he hearing such grievous pu- there prescribed the next day pleaded to his Indictment not Guilty: but the Evidence proving it so clearly against them the Jury brought them in both Guilty : and Sentence was past upon them.

There was another Prisoner brought to the Bar, for stealing of a Gelding of Doctor Lamb s, valued at 20 pounds ; the Prisoner being brought to the Bar, his Indictment being read, [Text unreadable in original.] pleaded not Guilty: but the Evidence proving it against him, the Jury brought him in Guilty , whereupon Sentence was past upon him.

There was another had Judgment to be hanged for Robbing one Thomas Feild in the Kings High-way near Enfield , and taking from him 4 pound [Text unreadable in original.] Shillings .