Old Bailey Proceedings.
18th September 1837
Reference Number: t18370918

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Old Bailey Proceedings front matter.
18th September 1837
Reference Numberf18370918

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Taken in Short-hand,








On the Queen's Commission of the Peace,



The City of London,





Before the Right Honourable THOMAS KELLY , LORD MAYOR of the City of London; Sir John Vaughan, Knt., one of the Justices of Her Majesty's Court of Queen's Bench; Sir John Patteson, Knt., one of the Justices of the said Court; George Scholey, Esq.; Henry Winchester, Esq.; Aldermen of the said City of London; the Honourable Charles Ewan Law, Recorder of the said City; Sir Chapman Marshall, Knt.; James Harmer, Esq.; John Pirie, Esq.; John Lainson, Esq.; James White, Esq.; Aldermen of the said City of London; John Mirehouse, Esq., Common Sergeant of the said City; and William St. Julien Arabin, Sergeant at Law; Her Majesty's Justices of Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol Delivery of Newgate, holden for the said City, and Judges of the Central Criminal Court.


First Jury.

George Wiggins

William South

Christopher Walton

Thomas Sharpless

Thomas Tolliday

William Shead

Thomas Taylor

James Couchman

William Wadsworth

George Hollyer

William Scurr

John Weale

Second Jury.

Thomas Newbery Powell

George Towler

Robert Palmer Vicat

William James Nutting

James Nathaniel Lewis

William Vince

Richard Swallow

William Albert

William Warner

Duncan Sinclair

William Cloudesley Sheville

William Turner

Third Jury.

James Scott

Richard Shillingford

John Brooks Pain

Thomas Barber

Henry Wayland

John Powers Washington

William Yardley

James William Adlard

George Yates

Edward Chattinder

William Tillett

Joseph Rooks

Fourth Jury.

Samuel Turner

William Vanderstein

William Lamb

Charles Fox

John Unett

Augustine Sherry

John Wilkinson

William Watts

William Wymer

John Peter Yetton

Henry Rugg

William Allan

Fifth Jury.

William Smith

James Fox

Samuel Ellis

Thomas Dench

Thomas Sexton, Junior

Emmerson Wm. Sanderson

James Self

Thomas Williams

James William White

Samuel Russel

Edward Wench

James Smith

Sixth Jury.

William Williams

James Smith

Joseph Gee

James Andrews

Richard Robinson

Charles Wilmott

George Wood

William Wentworth

Benjamin Wire, Junior

John Sparke

Samuel Teager

Samuel Stevens



A star (*) denotes that the prisoner has been previously in custody—An obelisk (†), that the prisoner is known to be the associate of had characters.


OLD COURT.—Monday, September 18th, 1837.

First Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2025
VerdictGuilty > pleaded guilty
SentenceMiscellaneous > sureties

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2025. DENNIS CAHILL was indicted for an assault; to which he pleaded

GUILTY . And entered into Recognizances to keep the Peace.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2026
VerdictNot Guilty > unknown

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2026. JAMES HALL was indicted for assaulting Elizabeth Hall.


18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2027
VerdictGuilty > unknown

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2027. JAMES GRAHAM was indicted for an indecent assault.

GUILTY . Aged 32.— Confined One Year.

Second Jury, Before Mr. Recorder.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2028
VerdictGuilty > pleaded guilty
SentenceMiscellaneous > fine

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2028. RICHARD MOODY and BARNEY M'DERMOT were indicted for assaulting John Smith, an officer, in the execution of his duty; to which they both pleaded

GUILTY .— Fined £1 each.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2029
VerdictGuilty > pleaded guilty

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2029. JOHN WILLIAMS was indicted for embezzlement; to which be pleaded

GUILTY . Aged 14.— Confined Three Months; One Month Solitary.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2030
VerdictGuilty > pleaded guilty

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2030. JOHN HERBERT was indicted for stealing, on the 1st of September 1 printed book, value 2s. 6d., the goods of John Bagster and others; also, on the 27th of August, 1 cloak, value 2., the goods of William Tucker Jones; to both of which he pleaded

GUILTY . Aged 16.— Confined Three Months; Fourteen Days solitary.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2031
VerdictGuilty > pleaded guilty

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2031. GEORGE EMMETT was indicted for stealing, on the 25th of August, 28 handkerchiefs, value 28s., the goods of William Stephens Dew and another; to which he pleaded

GUILTY . Aged 38.— Confined Three Months.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2032
VerdictGuilty > unknown

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2032. JOHN SHORT was indicted for stealing, on the 7th of September 1 coat, value 2l. 10s., the goods of Matthew Parkins.

MATTHEW PARKINS . I live in the Poultry. On Thursday evening, the 7th of September, between seven and eight o'clock, I was in the back of my shop, and heard a noise in the shop—my son ran forwards—I saw the goods moving, but did not see the party—I ran into Frederick-place, and

saw the prisoner in custody of my son—a Mackintosh coat was brought back to me—it was mine—this is it.

THOMAS PARKINS . I am the prosecutor's son. In consequence of the noise I heard, I ran out, and saw the prisoner turning into Grocer's Hall court, with this coat under his arm—I gave an alarm; and when he got to Dove-court, which leads to the Old Jewry, he threw the coat down—I still followed him, and stopped him at the corner of Frederick-place—this is the coat—it is my father's.

Prisoner. He said he did not see the coat thrown down, and did not know what I took—it was brought to the watch-house a quarter of an hour afterwards. Witness. I am sure he was running with it.

WILLIAM THOMPSON . The prisoner was given into my charge, for stealing a Mackintosh coat, but he had thrown it away in Dove-court—this coat was given to me in Dove-court, by a woman, the mother of the child who picked it up—she is not here.

Prisoner's Defence. I was running up Dove-court, and a man caught hold of me; he took me to the watch-house, and said I had stolen a Mackintosh coat—he was asked if he had seen me chuck it away, and he said, no, he had not that; he saw something, but he did not know what.

THOMAS PARKINS re-examined. I distinctly saw him throw down the coat—I knew it to be my father's—I was only two yards behind him—I said the same before the Magistrate as I say now.

Prisoner, He said so at the watch house. Witness. I do not think I said so.

GUILTY .* Aged 20.— Confined Six Months.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2033
VerdictGuilty > unknown

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2033. EDWARD ROACH and GEORGE CHURCH were indicted for an assault.

GUILTY .— Confined Three Months.

OLD COURT.—Tuesday, September 19, 1837.

Third Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2034
VerdictGuilty > unknown

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2034. THOMAS FITKIN was indicted for stealing, on the 12th of September, 1 handkerchief, value 8s.; the goods of George Pope, from his person.

GEORGE POPE . I am a solicitor, and live in Gray's-inn-square. On the night of the 12th of September, I was in Holborn, about half-past ten o'clock—I felt somebody put a hand to my pocket—I immediately turned round and saw the prisoner and another person with him—I endeavoured to lay hold of them—the prisoner ran away—I ran after him, and in crossing Castle-street I saw him let my handkerchief fall—I kept him in sight till the watchman took hold of him—this is my handkerchief (looking at it.)

Prisoner, I am innocent of it—I never saw the prosecutor or his hand kerchief—I told the officer I was not the person—I heard a cry of "Stop thief," I turned round, and the prosecutor was forty yards from me. Witness. I am certain he is the man who dropped my handkerchief—it was in my coat pocket.

THOMAS LONG . I am a watchman. I saw the prisoner on the night of the 12th of September, running down Castle-street, and the prosecutor after him, crying "Stop thief!"—I secured the prisoner, and took him to the watch house: the prosecutor gave me the handkerchief.

Prisoner's Defence. The officer swears falsely against me—I saw somebody

run by me, and hearing a cry of "Stop thief," I ran—the patrol saw me running, and secured me.

GUILTY .* Aged 24.— Transported for Seven Years.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2035
VerdictGuilty > unknown

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2035. SAMUEL KENDALL was indicted for stealing, on the 12th of September, 1 pair of boots, value 10s. 6d., the goods of Thomas Davis.

SAMUEL GOODWIN. I am servant to Thomas Davis, a shoemaker in Holborn-bridge. On the night of the 10th of September, I was in the back part of the shop, about half past ten o'clock—I saw the prisoner enter the shop, walk up to the counter, take a pair of boots under his left arm, and walk out with them—I followed him, and overtook him about five yards from the door with them in his possession—I brought him back into the shop and took them from him.

EDWARD EXTON . I am a watchman of St. Bride's. I took charge of the prisoner, and produce the property which I received from Goodwin.

(Property produced and sworn to.)

GUILTY . Aged 50.— Transported for Seven Years.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2036
VerdictGuilty > unknown

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2036. JOHN DAVIS was indicted for stealing, on the 14th of September, 1 handkerchief, value 5s., the goods of Frederick Alexander Curling.

FREDERICK ALEXANDER CURLING . I live in Fenchurch-buildings. On the night of the 14th of September I was in Newgate-street, about ten o'clock, and felt a pull at my pocket—I turned round and saw the prisoner immediately behind me—I laid hold of him, and on turning him round saw my handkerchief under his feet on the pavement—I called for a policeman—one came up, and I gave him into custody—nobody was near enough to touch my pocket but the prisoner—he pointed to a person who was passing, and said, "That is the man," but the person was inside, near the houses, and the handkerchief was under the prisoner's feet.

Prisoner, I was passing along—another man pushed by me, and in about a minute the gentleman turned round; he laid hold of me, and asked if I had his handkerchief—I said I had not, and he looked round and found it on the ground—I did not offer to pick his pocket at all.

WILLIAM WHITING . I am an officer. I took the prisoner, and received the handkerchief.

(Property produced and sworn to.)

GUILTY .* Aged 21.— Transported for Seven Years.

Before Mr. Serjeant Arabin.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2037
VerdictGuilty > pleaded guilty

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2037. JOSEPH GIBBS was indicted for stealing, on the 16th of September, 1 basket, value 1s.; 1 butter cloth, value 6d.; and 25lbs. weight of butter, value 1l. 9s.; the goods of John Worters.—2nd COUNT, stating them to be the goods of Samuel Steer.—3rd COUNT, stating them to be the goods of Thomas Acock; to which he pleaded

GUILTY . Aged 32.— Transported for Seven Years.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2038
VerdictGuilty > unknown

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2038. JAMES KINGSTON was indicted for stealing, on the 19th of August, 1 pair of boots, value 4s., the goods of Thomas George Cox.

THOMAS GEORGE> Cox. I live at Old Brentford. On the 19th of August I was in my shop, engaged with customers, and between nine and ten o'clock my son observed two or three of the men go out of the shop—he went out and followed them—he returned and gave me information—I

went after them myself, and overtook the prisoner, and found my boots on him—they had been in the shop—he was placing them under his smock frock—I took him and brought him into the shop—he said one Snowball had taken them and given them to him.

Prisoner's Defence. I was going down Brentford and met a fellow workman, who asked if I was going home—I said I was—he gave me the shoes and asked me to take them home to my lodging till morning, when he would fetch them—we stood talking a few minutes, when this man came and caught hold of me—I asked the man who gave them to me, if he did not buy them of Cox, and he said he did.

MR. COX re-examined, I let him go out to find this man—he went to a man and asked him, and he said he did buy them—I said, "Then come into the shop and we will settle it;" but he absconded—I saw the prisoner in the shop—he came in with four or five more, and three of them went out.

GUILTY . Aged 16.— Transported for Seven Years.

Before Mr. Recorder.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2039
VerdictGuilty > unknown

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2039. GEORGE MITCHELL was indicted for stealing, on the 21st of August, 1 handkerchief, value 1s., the goods of John Hilton, from his person.

JOHN HILTON . I am a mariner, and live in Mansion-house-street, Kennington. On the 21st of August I was standing on the steps, on the north side of Westminster bridge—there was a rowing match—I felt my handkerchief taken, turned round, and found the prisoner close behind me with my handkerchief—I secured him and took it from him—he rather resisted and said it was thrown to him, but he had got it in his left hand, between his left hand and his thigh, and was holding it there—I turned round instantly, and he was as close to me as he could be.

JOHN THACKSTER (police-constable A 78.) I received charge of the prisoner with the handkerchief.

(Property produced and sworn to.)

Prisoner's Defence. The prosecutor turned round and said I wanted to borrow his handkerchief—I asked what he meant—he collared me and said, "I shall take you off," and he took me away—somebody who I suppose had picked his pocket threw the handkerchief at me, as he says so I sap pose it was so, but I did not know where it was—I am as innocent as the child unborn—my liberty is sworn away.

GUILTY . Aged 20.— Confined Six Months.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2040
VerdictGuilty > unknown

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2040. MARY ANN SMITH was indicted for stealing, on the 23rd of August, 1 handkerchief, value 6d., the goods of John Bailey, from his person.

BENJAMIN CATMULL . I am an officer of Holborn. About half-past nine o'clock, on the 23rd of August, I was on Holborn bridge, and saw the prisoner go behind the prosecutor, take his coat flap in her hand, and take a handkerchief from it—I crossed over and took hold of her—she straggled—I called to the prosecutor to come to the station-house, which he did—I took the handkerchief up and gave it to him.

Prisoner. He said there were some girls with me, but there was not, and I was not near the gentleman—I did not pick his pocket. Witness. I saw her take the handkerchief from the prosecutor's person and put it under her shawl, and before she could drop it I took her in my arms—she dropped it in the struggle with me, and I took it up.

JOHN BAILEY . I live in Elizabeth-terrace, Liverpool-road. I am not in business—this is my handkerchief—I knew nothing of its being taken till the officer told me.

Prisoner. Have mercy on me; I did not take it. He found it a good way from me, and he says there were two girls with me—if there was, how could he see me?

GUILTY .* Confined Six Months.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2041
VerdictGuilty > unknown; Guilty > unknown
SentenceImprisonment; Imprisonment

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2041. JOHN BURRIDGE and EDWARD LOVEY were indicted for stealing, on the 28th of August, 2 bags, value 3s., and 130lbs. weight of bones, value 10s.; the goods of Samuel Parker, the master of the said John Burridge.

ROBERT GLADWIN . I am foreman to Samuel Parker, a bone merchant, in Castle-street, Saffron-hill; the prisoner Burridge was in his service about five years, and slept on the premises. On the 28th of August I went with the witness, Parker, to a marine-store dealer's in Compton-street, Clerkenwell, and there saw a bag, containing bones, which I knew to belong to my master—I fetched my master, and then the bones were gone away—I have once seen a bag and bones of the same description in the hands of Allen—there was one hundred weight, three quarters, and three pounds, and they were worth 10s.—the sacks they were in did not belong to Mr. Parker.

JOSEPH PARKER . I am a bricklayer, and live in Onslow-street, Saffron hill. On the 28th of August, about twenty minutes before nine o'clock, I was at my door, and saw the prisoner Lovey come out of Mr. Brien's gate with a bag of bones—I saw Burridge in the yard with Lovey—Gladwin spoke to me, and I went with him to the marine-store shop in Compton street, and saw the same bag as Lovey had passed me with on his shoulder a quarter of an hour before—I remained at the shop while Gladwin went to fetch his master—while I stood there Lovey came in with another sack, and I stopped him—he said a man had employed him to carry them, and given him three pence—I carried the bag to the station-house, and gave him in charge—neither the policeman nor Lovey would carry the bones—I was obliged to carry them myself.

MARY PARKER . I am the wife of the last witness. I followed Lovey, in consequence of what my husband said. There is an archway leading into Compton-street—he went through that, and before he got to the archway by Clerkenwell Church, I saw Burridge join him, and they went on to gether—Burridge swore at him, and said, what did he stop there for, and to come along—I saw them go through the archway together, and then I came away.

EDWARD HARMES (police-constable G 28.) On the night of the 28th of August I was spoken to by a boy, and Lovey was given into my custody—I asked him how he came by the bones—he said a young man gave him threepence to carry them, but where he did not say.

JAMES ALLEN (police-constable G 218.) I found a bag containing bones in a doorway in Clarence-street, St. Luke's, about half a mile from the marine-store shop.

ROBERT GLADWIN re-examined. I know these bones to be my master's—they are a particular sort, the bones of some foreign animal, I do not know what—Burridge has been in the employ longer than me—I never had reason to suspect him before this.

(Burridge put in a written defence, declaring his innocence, and stating that the bones could not be sworn to.)

Lovey's Defence. I was hired to carry the bones by a person, who said he would give me threepence, to take them to Compton-street, Clerken well—I was stopped, and told they were stolen—I did not know it—I said I would go with him wherever he wanted me to go.

BURRIDGE— GUILTY . Aged 19.— Confined Six Months.

LOVEY— GUILTY . Aged 21.— Confined Three Months.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2042
VerdictGuilty > unknown

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2042. JOSEPH SMITH was indicted for stealing, on the 23rd of August, 1 set of harness, value 30s., the goods of Frederick Heales.

WILLIAM HOUSE (police-constable N 57.) On the 29th of August 1 was on duty in Stamford-hill-road. About two o'clock in the morning, before daylight, I stopped the prisoner in the road, with a sack, containing a set of chaise harness—I asked where he got it—he said his master sent him to Covent-garden to fetch a horse and chaise, which was standing at livery there, and he had taken the harness to fetch it with—he continued in that story—but I suspected him, and took him to the station-house—he said he was under-salesman to his master—several countrymen passed going to market, and we got several of them to look at him, but none of them could recognise him—I took him to Covent-garden market, and carried the harness myself, and when I got there, almost into the market, he said, "The truth is the truth; if you will come round the comer I will confess the truth"—I went round the comer with him, and he said he stole it out of Reed's stable—the property there belongs to the prosecutor—he said the stable door was locked, and he got through the window—he tried to baffle me several times on the road.

FREDERICK HEALES . I am an ironmonger, and live at Edmonton, about three miles from Stamford-gate. I left my chaise harness in the stable at nine o'clock in the evening—next morning I missed it—the harness in Court is what I lost.

Prisoner, I am very sorry for what I have done—I did not take it for any dishonest purpose, but merely to go on a frolic.

GUILTY . Aged 24.— Confined One Year.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2043
VerdictGuilty > unknown

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2043. JOHN HENNING was indicted for stealing, on the 12th of September, 1 tea chest, value 1s.; and 41lbs. of tea, value 8l. 7s.; the goods of Francis Chambers and another.

WILLIAM PEOPLE . I am carman to Henry Limbey, of Greek-street, Soho, who is one of the firm of Chambers and Limbey, wholesale tea dealers. About twenty minutes after five o'clock in the afternoon of the 12th of September, I stopped with ray cart at the Custom-house quay, in Thames-street, and left the horse and cart, as the gateway was under re pair—on returning to my cart, I missed a small chest of tea, which I had to carry to the King's Head, Borough.

Cross-examined by MR. PAYNE. Q. Where was the chest.? A. On the top of the cart, covered up with a tilt—I went away to deliver a chest at the quay, and was absent about three minutes—it belongs to Francis Chambers and Henry Limbey—I saw the chest again in about ten minutes after I left the cart—I am quite sure of the chest—I know it by the direction on it—it is on it now—it weighs about 50lbs.

GEORGE SEATON . I live in Platina-street, Tabernacle-walk. On the evening of the 12th of September I was coming down Tower-street, by Seething-lane, which is about throe minutes' walk from the Custom

house quay, and saw the prisoner going along the lane with a small chest of tea on his shoulder—I suspected something wrong—he sometimes went fast, and sometimes more regular—I followed him up Crutched-friars, and lost sight of him—I saw him again in Jewry-street—he was stopped in my presence by Partrick, with the chest on his shoulder, at the top of Duke-street.

Cross-examined. Q. How far was he stopped from Mr. Hall's quay? A. About ten minutes' walk—he was going at a quickish pace—there were not many people in the street—it was about half-past five o'clock—he said he was employed by a genteelly-dressed person to take it to Petticoat-lane for him, and he would pay him when he got there—he did not say the person was following him, to my knowledge—he said at the station-house that he thought the person was following him—I have seen the prisoner before—I thought him a regular, steady man—when out of work he takes jobs—he has worked, I believe, for three masters in Tooley-street since I have known him.

HENRY LIMBEY . This is the chest—it is the property of Francis Chambers and myself.

SAMUEL PATRICK (City police constable 66.) I took the prisoner into custody in Duke-street, Aldgate, with the chest of tea on his shoulder—I asked him what he had got—he said he did not know—I asked where he was going—he said to Petticoat-lane—I asked where there—he said he did not know—I asked who employed him—he said, while he stood opposite a public-house in Payne-street, a gentleman dressed in black came and asked if he wanted a job, and told him to take the chest to Petticoat-lane—I said, "Did he tell you where?"—he said, "No"—I said, "Did he pay you?"—he said, "No"—I said, "Did he promise to meet you?"—he said, "No"—he said nothing to me about the man's following him; but what passed at the station-house I do not know.

GEORGE SEATON re-examined. I think he was going the most direct road to Petticoat-lane.

GUILTY . Aged 18.— Transported for Seven Years.

NEW COURT.—Tuesday, September 19, 1837.

Sixth Jury, before Mr. Common Serjeant.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2044
VerdictGuilty > pleaded guilty

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2044. JAMES WHITE was indicted for embezzlement; to which he pleaded

GUILTY . Aged 18.— Confined Three Months; Three Weeks Solitary.

18th September 1837
Reference Numbert18370918-2045
VerdictGuilty > with recommendation

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2045. BRIDGET PRICE was indicted for stealing, on the 2nd of August, 1 quilt, value 1s.; 2 sheets, value 1s.; 2 pillows, value 1s.; 2 pillow cases, value 1s.; 1 saucepan, value 9d.; 1 dish, value 6d.; 1 glass globe, value 6d.; 1 bottle, value 6d.; 1 cruet-stand, value 6d.; and 2 cruets, value 1s.; the goods of James Simmonds.

JAMES SIMMONDS . I live in Bull-court, Playhouse-yard, St. Luke's, and am a labourer. The prisoner lodged in the same house with me, but had a separate apartment underneath—I went to St. Bartholomew's Hospital on the 28th of July, and came out on the 2nd of August—when I came out I went up and found my lock had been tampered with—I could not unlock the door—I pulled the bolt round, and it was opened—it had been opened by a false key—I missed all the things stated in the indictment—I know them all to be mine—they were found in Catherine Tots' room.

CATHERINE TOTS . I am the wife of George Tots, of Rose-passage, Golden-lane. This property was found in my place—the prisoner

brought it to me—she told me that the landlord was going to sell things, and asked me to let them be there till the evening—I said yes, but I could not let them be longer than the evening—she had not been long gone before the o