Old Bailey Proceedings, 26th February 1735.
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THE PROCEEDINGS AT THE Sessions of the Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, FOR THE City of LONDON, AND County of MIDDLESEX, ON

Wednesday the 26th, Thursday the 27th, Friday the 28th of February, and Saturday the 1st of March, 1735, in the Eighth Year of His MAJESTY's Reign.

Being the Third SESSIONS in the Mayoralty of the Right Honourable Sir EDWARD BELLAMY, Knt. Lord-Mayor of the City of LONDON, in the Year 1735.



Printed for J. ROBERTS, at the Oxford-Arms in Warwick-Lane.


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BEFORE the Right Honourable Sir EDWARD BELLAMY , Knt. Lord Mayor of the City of London; the Honourable Mr. Justice Reeve, Mr. Baron Thompson , Recorder, Simon Urlin , Serjeant at Law, Deputy Recorder of the City of London; and others His Majesty's Justices of Oyer and Terminer for the City of London, Justices of Goal Delivery of Newgate, holden for the said City and County of Middlesex.

London Jury.

John Andrews ,

Thomas Bedel ,

William Serjeant ,

Richard Walton ,

Jonathan Brewer ,

Hugh Wise ,

Thomas Gilbert ,

John Thompson ,

James Leadbeater ,

Thomas Jeffries ,

William Fish ,

Samuel Willet .

Middlesex Jury.

John Henshaw ,

William Middleson ,

William Chisholm ,

Charles Carns ,

John Fowler ,

Philip Griffith ,

Daniel Brock ,

Samuel Mullings ,

Alexander Fry ,

Thomas Turner ,

Thomas Randall ,

Richard Evans .

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1. Howard Deezly , alias Deardsley , was indicted for stealing a Coat and Waist-coat , the Goods of Benjamin Moody , Feb. 13 . Guilty .

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2. Thomas Gilpin , was indicted for breaking and entring the House of Mary Adamson , about four in the Afternoon, she and others being in the House and stealing three Pewter Dishes value 7 s. 6d. seventeen Plates and a Shift, the Goods of Mary Adamson; and a Shift, two Caps, three Aprons, and a Hankerchief, the Goods of Mary Lansdale , Jan. 22 . Guilty of Felony.

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3. Mary Bingley , alias Brooks , was indicted for assaulting Mary Crone in Wood-street Compter , putting her in fear, and taking from her five Guineas, the Money of her Husband William Crone , December 31 . Acquitted .

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4. Robert Roach , was indicted for privately stealing two Wigs value 7 s. in the Shop of Michael Macnamar , Jan. 23 . Guilty 4 s. 10 d.

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5. Hannah Hartford , was indicted for stealing a Shirt, two Shifts, and other Linnen , the Goods of James Lemon , and Richard Read , Jan. 18 . Guilty .

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6. William Bulbrook , was indicted for stealing a Copper, value 20 s. the Goods of Joseph Currier , Feb. 13 . Acquitted .

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7. Joseph Stevens , was indicted for stealing 34 lb of Lead , the Goods of Robert Sculthorp , Jan. 20 .

Andrew Farling , Apprentice to Mr. Dormer, a Bricklayer, deposed, that he and the Prisoner being at work at the Ipswich Arms in Cullum-street , the Prisoner took the Lead from the Gutter, and they sold it at a Chandler's Shop in Barbican for 5 s. and shared the Money between them. Guilty .

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8. Thomas Beaumont , was indicted for assaulting Martha Fowler with an intent to rob her , December 22 . Guilty .

He was a second time indicted for sending a Letter dated February 30, without any Name subscribed, to Dorothy, the Wife of John Penson , demanding four Pounds, and threatning if the Money was not left as directed, to murder her . March 2d, 1733 .

John Penson. About the end of February last, or the beginning of March, when I came home my Maid deliver'd this Letter to me. It is directed to my Wife, and contains Threatnings to murder her if she did not leave 4 l. in a Place therein mentioned. I left a Bag of Shot in the Place, and set a Watch, but could not make any Discovery. The Boy (the Prisoner) had some Relations in the Neighbourhood, and used to be lurking there abouts. At last upon some Quarrel

between his Cousin and another Woman, I heard that he was in Newgate, and that this Letter was of his writing. Upon this, I went to him and shew'd him the Letter, and asked him if he knew it. He said, Yes, very well, for he wrote it himself, and he was to have half the Money, and these People (John and Hester Robinson ) were to have the other half.

For Mrs. Penson, in Silvuer-Street,

Bloomsbury-Market, Feb. 30.

Mrs. Penson if you dont put four Pound within your Rails by your Bones by God we will burn you and your Family down to the Ground dam our Sols if we dont by ten a Clock and if you set a Watch the furst time we Litt of you we will murder you dam our Eyes if we dont put the Munnuy

We will murder you by God

by us J.H Im TG TH.

John Penny . Mrs. Penson sent for me and shew'd me the Letter. I watch'd till one in the Morning but to no purpose. I went to Newgate with Mr. Penson. We shew'd the Letter to the Prisoner; he own'd he writ it, and carried it to the Post-house in Wild-street.

Prisoner. I was light-headed in Newgate, and did not know what I said.

Hester Robinson . The Day before this Letter was sent, I saw the Prisoner writing a Letter - I have seen him write before, and I believe this Letter to be his Hand -

Jonathan Horn . This Woman Hester Robinson told me that the Prosecutor had been with her several times, and offer'd her two or three Guineas to swear against the Boy.

Ann Horn . And she said the same to me.

Robinson. He never offer'd me a Penny to swear any thing but the truth - As for these People, they threatned what they would do to me if I appeared against the Boy.

John Grant . Hearing that Hester Robinson had been at Hick's Hall, I asked her if she had sworn against the Boy, and she said, yes, but not to hurt him, for she knew of no Letter; that she durst do no other than swear against him; and that Penson had offer'd her five Guineas to swear away the Boy's Life. I have known the Boy four or five Years, and never heard any thing unhandsome of him; and therefore I hope the honourable Gentlemen will allow the Law to be suborned and the Blood to be bought when the whole Neighbourhood cry out shame of the Prosecutor for prosecuting the Boy in such an innocent manner - Innocent? Yes, is it not an innocent thing to take a Man's Blood for Money?

Robinson. This Man came to my Room boldly, and asked me if I had been to Hicks's Hall to swear against the Prisoner. I told him I had, but that I swore nothing but the truth, and I was obliged to do that to clear my self. Then he asked me if Mr. Penson did not give me four Guineas. Upon which I bid him get out of my House - As to what Mr. Penson offer'd it was this; he said he would bear my Charges if it was three or four Guineas.

The Jury found the Prisoner Guilty . Death .

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9. Arthur Owen , was indicted for stealing a Coat, value 10 s. the Goods of Charles Lownds , Esq ; November 2 . Acquitted .

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10. Ann Ward , and Bridget Fream , were indicted for privately stealing a Piece of Sattin, value 40 s. the Goods of John Brice , in his Shop , April 22 .

Stephen Brice , Junior. The Prisoners came into our Shop, in Chandois Street, Covent Garden , and looked upon some striped Thread Sattins and at last bought 14 Yards. I heard a Piece fall, and one of them took it up and laid it on the Counter. I observed that they were shuffling something under their Riding-hoods, and I told Mr. Young, that I suspected they had stole a Piece, upon which he presently follow'd them, and found this Piece of Sattin upon Ward - This was about noon.

Hezekiah Young. I overtook Fream first, and turned up her Cloak, but finding nothing there, I stopt Ward, and found the Sattin upon her. They were both carried to Covent-Garden Round-house: and the same Day examined before Justice Hilder, who granted a Warrant for commiting them to

the Gatehouse, but in their way thither, with two Constables with them in a Coach and the Beadle behind, they were rescued, by several Men. We afterwards found the Prisoners committed to the Gate-house for a Fact of the same kind.

Thomas Parr , confirm'd the Evidence at the Rescue as in the following Tryal.

The Jury found Ward Guilty and acquitted Fream.

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11. Matth.ias Fream , a Soldier , was indicted for stealing a Hat, value 8 s. the Goods of Thomas Parr , April 22 .

He was a second time indicted for rescuing Ann Ward , and Bridget Fream out of the Custody of a Constable , April 22 .

Thomas Parr . On the 22d of, April last in the Evening, I was called by Mr. Price to carry two Shop-lifters, Ann Ward, and Bridget Fream , from the Round-house before Justice Hilder, who made their Commitment to the Gate-house A Coach was call'd for that purpose: The Coach-man drove down Rose Street, into an Alley where a House had been burnt down, which occasioned a Stop for a Quarter of an Hour. At about eight o'Clock we came into St. Martin's Lane , where the Prisoner and eight or nine more attacked us, broke the Coach-Doors to pieces, and rescued the Woman. My Hat was beat off in the Fray, and I saw the Prisoner take it up and carry it away.

Prisoner. How can you be sure that I took it when several others were there?

Parr. He staid the last Man of the Mob: The rest were gone a little before when he took my Hat up - When the two Women were in the Round-house that Afternoon, he came several times to them. The last time was about five o'Clock when his Wife bid him make haste: And he answered, I'll be ready for ye, and I warrant ye I'll do your Business.

Several other Witnesses deposed to the same effect, and the Jury found the Prisoner Guilty of both Indictments.

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12. William Jackson , was indicted for stealing a Silver Watch value 40 s. the Goods of Edward French , in his House , December 7 . Guilty 39 s.

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13. Margaret Mills , was indicted for stealing a Tea Kettle the Goods of George Billings , February 15 . Guilty 10 d.

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14. Anthony Byrne . John Clark , and Thomas Bateman , were indicted for stealing a Pair of Buck Skin Breeches with Silver Buttons, value 35 s. three Silver Spoons, value 30 s. a Hat value 5 s. 28 Moidores, 9 Quarter Moidores, 6 Portugal Pieces, each value 36 s. and 30 Guineas, the Goods and Money of Alexander Miller , in his House , December 26 .

Alexander Miller . On the 27th of December in the Morning I found my Chest broke open, and that my Goods and Money were taken away. The Prisoner Byrne is my Brother in Law and lodged in my House, and he absconding, and I hearing that the other two Prisoners were gone with him, I suspected them, and publish'd Advertisements. They were all taken at Huntington.

John Hardwick . I live at Huntington. The Prisoner's passing thro' the Town, I was told that they were suspected Persons, they having been seen at Godmanchester with a great deal of Money, and could give no good account how they came by it. Upon which, I and four more pursued 'em on Horse-back, and overtook them by a Wood side, out of the Road. We brought 'em back to an Ale-house, where Byrne took me aside and told me that his two Companions were Irish Rogues who had persuaded him to rob his Brother in Law, and had lent him a Pair of Shoe-makers Pincers to break the Chest open. They were carried before the Mayor of Huntington. Byrne had these Buck-skin Breeches on; these three Silver Spoons, and the Money in this Paper which is 30 l. 1 s. 6 d. were found in his Pocket; in this other Paper is 4 l. 10 s. which was taken from Bateman; and 5 l. 11 s. which is in this Paper, was found upon Clark. Byrne confest all before the Mayor, who took his Confession in writing.

Alexander Miller . These are my Breeches and my Spoons -

Then Byrne's Confession was proved and and read in Court.

Byrne. I confess my self Guilty - I lodged

at my Brother in Law's House the Cock and Pye in Drury Lane . Clark and Bateman from time to time egg'd me on to rob my Brother, and said, they could get off any Goods. They carried me from one Alehouse to another, and at last I agreed with them to do it. They lent me a Pair of Shoemakers Pincers to break open the Chest. When I had done it, I went and told them directly, and gave them two Guineas to fetch their Cloaths out of pawn from George Stringer 's, in Drury Lane - They told me they would carry me to Dublin where I should live without working; and they persuaded me to marry a Common Woman at the Fleet - They had between them 26 l. of the Money that I took from my Brother.

Court. It appears that Clark and Bateman, were not Principals but Accessary's in this Fact. The Jury must therefore acquit them of this Indictment, but the Prosecutor may indict them for receiving the Goods and Money knowing them to be stolen.

The Jury acquitted Clark and Bateman, and found Byrne guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17350226-15

15. John Clark and Thomas Bateman , were indicted for receiving the said Goods knowing them to be stolen .

The Jury found them Guilty . Transportation for fourteen Years .

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16. William Wardlow , alias Wadlow and Martha Daniel , were indicted, Wadlow for stealing a Coat, a Wastcoat, and a Pair of Breeches , the Goods of William Pippin , November 28 . and Daniel for receiving the same knowing them to be stolen .

Mary Pippin . The Goods were stolen out of my Kitchen about seven o'Clock on Thursday Night. I went to Martha Daniel a Pawnbroker and offer'd to pay whatever they were pawn'd for. She said she had none of them, this was on the Tuesday following, and three Weeks afterwards a strange Man came and asked me if I had not lost such a Suit of Gray. I told him, Yes. And then he told me, The Cloaths are pawn'd for a Guinea, and you must give me a Guinea before you see them or the House where they be. I gave him the Money. Then he carried me to the House of the Prisoner Martha Daniel, and she shew'd me the Cloaths, and said she had them at eight o'Clock the same Night that I lost them; I asked her why she did not let me have them when I first enquired for them and offer'd her the Money. She said she was afraid that when I had got the Cloaths, I would not be so good as my Word - I found that the Stranger was her Daughter's Husband.

Mary Pattison . (the Pawnbroker's Maid)

On Thursday Night I took the Cloaths of Wardlow, and lent him a Guinea upon them. My Mistress was not then at home. And I was not at home when the Prosecutor came to enquire for them, which was on the Tuesday following.

Court. But had not you acquainted your Mistress with it in all that time?

Pattison. No.

Pippin. She has sworn falsly, for she was in the Shop when I went to enquire for the Goods. I asked her if she had not taken in such Things, and she said she did not know, but she would ask her Mistress. And so she called her Mistress into the Shop. Do you know, says her Mistress, in whose Name the Things were pledged. No, says I, for to tell you the Truth they were stolen.

M. Pattison. My Mistress afterwards order'd me to stop Wardlow the next time he came, and so I did when he came to pawn a Black Suit.

The Jury found Wardlow guilty , and acquitted Daniel.

Wardlow was a second time indicted for stealing a Coat and Waistcoat, the Goods of William Wollard , December 10 . This was the Black Suit mentioned in the former Trial. The Jury found him guilty .

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17. Sarah Price , was indicted for stealing a Silver Tea Pot, a Silver Watch, a Silver Snuff Box, a Silk Waistcoat trim'd with Gold Lace, a Silk Waistcoat trim'd with Silver Frogs, two Coats, two Pair of Breeches, seven Shirts, seven Silver Tea Spoons, and other Goods, 280 Guineas, and 10 l. in Silver, the Goods and Money of Isaac Hawkins , and John Lewis , in their House , January 14 .

John Lewis . I and my Partner Isaac Hawkins live in Petty France . The Prisoner was our Servant . The Night before the Robbery I came home between twelve and one, and found her in her Scarlet Cloak and Black Hood. I asked her if she had been out, she at last owned that she had, but said she had been at home above an Hour, but happened to fall asleep. Mr. Hawkins came home after me and was in a great Passion with her, for he said he had been at the Door before and knock'd several times but could not get in; and therefore he told her she should stay in the House no longer. She desired me to pacify him, and let her stay two or three Days, because she was not provided with a Lodging. We at last agreed to this, and the next Night he and I went to sup at Mrs. Pattisons, a Snuff-Shop in Great Queen Street. Mr. Hawkins took the Key of the Street Door with him that the Prisoner might not go out again and leave the House. About eleven o'Clock she came to us, and said, the Silver Tea Pot was lost. God send that nothing else may be lost, says I, and so we went home and found the Street Door lock'd- The Lock goes with a Spring, so that she could make it fast without the Key, by pulling it after her when she came out. We found our Box and Drawers broke open, and mist the Goods and Money. We searched all the House, and look'd up the Chimnies in every Room but could see no body. We went up to the Garret where she lay. Her Door was lock'd and the Key without side. We went in and found her Box shut, and so were the Windows, and nothing out of order. We examin'd her, and told her that she must have a hand in this. She said she knew nothing of it, but that she had been out to drink Tea with Mrs. Needham, a Mantua Maker in the Neighbourhood, and had left the Door upon the Latch. She went down into the Kitchen, and as she was coming up again, she call'd out, Mr. Lewis, for God's sake come here! They have begun to fire the House, and it's God's Mercy we were not all burnt. I went down, and she shewed me a place on the Kitchen Stairs where the Board was burnt. I felt it was hot, upon which I told her it must be her doing since we came home, for if it had been done before, it would have been cold. But all that she said to this was, Do you think I would be such a Beast? Then we locked her up in her own Garret, and in a little time she cryed out For God's sake come up. I went to see what was the matter; she said that she had been robbed too. Her Box was then open and so was the Garret Window. She looked out of the Window with the Candle, and said, the Thieves must be gone that way. She told us she had lost two Gowns and a Holland Shirt. But we afterwards found that she had sent those Gowns to pawn.

Pawnbroker. A Man pledg'd these Gowns with me in the name of John Taylor , on the twenty first of January, and he said they were his Wife's.

Mrs. Needham. An Hour after the Robbery, the Prisoner brought these Gowns to Mrs. Burt's, at whose House I then was, and said, the House was robb'd, and she had brought the Gowns for fear they should be lost too.

Mrs. Burt. The Prisoner had been drinking Tea with us three Quarters of an Hour, and then she went home, and in an Hour's time she came again with her Gown, and said, the House had been robb'd - I went to see her when she was in the Gate house, and she bid me pawn the Gowns in the name of John Taylor, and so I sent my Husband with them.

Mr. Lewis. Hearing the Gowns were at Burt's House, I asked her about them, and she said they were pawn'd in the Prisoner's Name.

Mrs. Burt. So they were at first. But when her Name was advertised I was afraid they might be stopt, and so I fetch'd them out, and sent them again in the Name of John Taylor.

Needham. The Prisoner told me she had a Sweet-heart whose Name was Wilson; that he was a Widower, and a Surgeon, and had 100 l. a Year at Windsor, but at present was a Prisoner in the Fleet, That he had a great many fine Cloths that had been his Wife's, in pawn. That his Cause was to be

try'd at the opening of the Parliament, and he wanted two or three Hundred Pounds to get himself clear, and then he would marry her. And she desired me about two Months before the Robbery to write a Love Letter to him, which I did. When I went to see her in the Gate-house, a vile Fellow said to me, Ye Bitch if you offer to be an Evidence against her I'll get somebody to swear your Life away.

Prisoner. Mrs. Needham came and asked me to drink Tea with her; I told her I could not leave the House, because my Master had got the Key, but I put the Lock back and left the Door upon the Latch, and went with her. She having no Fire, we both went to Mrs. Burts in the Broad Way. I staid three Quarters of an Hour, and then returning, I found the Door ajar. The first thing I mist was the Tea Pot which I had left on the Table, upon which I run up in a fright, and fetch'd my Gowns and Cloak and carried them to Mrs. Burt's, Lord, says I, If Mr. Lewis has not been at home and bid the Tea Kettle to frighten me, the House has been robb'd and I am ruin'd. Then I went to Queen-Street, where my Masters were, and acquainted 'em with it. They went home and I followed them directly, and going down Stairs, I found some Tinder that seemed to be on fire on the Stairs, upon which I called and shewed it them. Then going up to Bed I mist my Cloaths, and being in a great fright, I forgot I had carried them out, and thought I had been robb'd. The Night before there being no Coals to make a Fire, I asked them to send for some, but they said there was no occasion, for they were going out and should not be back till twelve o'Clock. When they were gone there being nothing in the House but a bit of Cheese, I went out to get something for Supper.

Mr. Lewis. There was three Ribs of a Neck of Mutton, and half a Cheese, besides Bread.

Prisoner. It being cold when I came home I sat up in my Cloak and Hood. Mr. Lewis came in at twelve, and Mr. Hawkins at two, and he was in a great Passion, and said he had been twice at the Door and could not get in.

Several in whose Families the Prisoner had been a Servant gave her a very good Character, and the Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17350226-18

18. Joseph Mitchell , was indicted with William Byrom (not yet taken) for breaking the House of Sir Fisher Tench , and stealing sixteen Linnen Covers for Chairs, the Goods of Sir Fisher Tench, and wearing Apparel, the Goods of several Persons, January 24 , in the Night .

Ann Devy . I live at Sir Fisher Tench 's in Hatton Garden . His Garret Window was open'd in the Night and the Goods were taken away, I lost two Shifts, three Aprons, four Pair of Ruffles, eight Mobs, twelve Handkerchiefs, two Petticoats, and two Suits of Head Cloths.

Catherine Eastall . And I lost a Camblet Gown and a Quilted Petticoat. There were likewise lost out of the Garret twelve Linnen Covers for Chairs and a Frize Gown.

Robert Carter . On Friday the twenty fourth of January, the Prisoner, my self and Byrom went into Hatton Garden, where there was a Ladder with a Board upon it standing against Sir Fisher Tench's House. Byrom went up to the Top and opened the Garret Window and went in. It was about eight o'Clock and a very Moonlight Night. He threw down two Bundles to me and the Prisoner, who both waited below. We look'd over the Goods at Mrs. Richard's in Thatched Alley, near Chick Lane. Being apprehensive of one Robert Mason who lay in the next Room, we carried the Things to my Mother Hannah Barnet 's, and gave them to my Wife to pawn for us, for we wanted something for Supper. Next Morning I looked out for a Chap, and met with Mrs. Leadbeater in Leather-lane, and sold her part of the Goods for 30 s. and bid her come to my Mother's to see the rest. Then I went to Oads's where I found the Prisoner and Byrom, and gave them 10 s. a piece.

Robert Mason . I lodged at Mother Richards's House, and looking through the Partition, I saw Bob Carter and two more looking over a Parcel of Linnen and other Womens Apparel. One of them was in a Soldier's Coat, and I think it was the Prisoner, but I am not positive.

Several appeared to the Prisoner's Character, and the Jury acquitted him.

He was a second time indicted with William Byrom (not then taken) for breaking the House of Elizabeth Edmonds , and stealing five Shirts, two Shifts, and a Handkerchief, January 24 , in the Night .

Elizabeth Edmonds. I lost the Goods out of a Parlor in Green Arbour Court in the Little Old Baily , about six at Night.

Robert Carter . The Prisoner and I, and Byrom went into Green Arbour Court to the Prosecutor's House; the Prisoner pushed up the Sash and went in and brought out the Linnen, which we carried to my Lodging at Mr. Oads's. The two plain Shirts I sold to Mrs. Leadbeater for 8 s. and the three ruffled Shirts we wore on Sunday. I sold the Shirts to Sam Haydon for 16 s. 6 d.

Elizabeth Carter . On Friday Night five Weeks ago, my Husband and the Prisoner and another, brought in a Bundle of Wet Linnen to Mr. Oads's, but his Maid would not let them leave it there, and so they carried it to my Mothers.

Samuel Hayden , Carter brought two Shirts to my House about four in the Afternoon and sold them (not to me for I was drunk and abed, but) to two Men for 16 s. and 6 d. I have seen the Prisoner in Carter's Company.

John Oades . I keep the Goat and Leek in Black Boy Alley. I have known the Prisoner three Months, but know no harm of him, for he's a very civil Man. Indeed I have seen him with Cartar, and when Carter was in the New Jail, the Prisoner used to run of his Errants and lay at my House. Carter told me that he was a very honest Lad, and only delighted in Cudgel Playing and Bear Gardens.

George Holderness , Watchman. I seiz'd the Prisoner, he resisted, and in strugling, this Chissel fell out of his Bosom.

Prisoner. I am a Stocking Weaver by Trade, and the Seat that I sit upon at Work being very uneasy to me, I borrowed the Chissel to rectify it.

William Sherrard . I heard Carter say, Damn it there is two or three and twenty in my Information, but I have got enough of them taken to save my self, and I wish the rest may keep out of the way; and D - my B - if I do not go a Thieving again the Minute that I get my Liberty.

Several gave the Prisoner a good Character, and the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17350226-19

19. John Balm , was indicted for stealing 3 s. 6 d. the Money of Richard Matthews , Feb. 13 . Guilty .

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Reference Number: t17350226-20

20. Jacob Dowle , was indicted for privately stealing six Handkerchiefs, value 6 s. 6 d. from the Person of John Brown . Guilty 10 d.

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Reference Number: t17350226-21

21. James Wilson , was indicted for stealing a Hamper, and twelve Fowls , the the Goods of Robert Smithers , February 7 . Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-22

22. John Griffin , was indicted for stealing an Iron Bar , the Goods of William Dukes , and William Harrison , February 15 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-23

23. William Webb , was indicted for stealing a Silver Watch, value 4 l. the Goods of Robert Martland , in his House , Decemb. 5. Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-24

24. John Harris , was indicted for stealing a Silver Soop Spoon, value 3 l. and seven Silver Spoons, value 3 l. the Goods of John Stephen Carbonel , in his House , December 15 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-25

25. William Smith , and Ambrose Thompson , was indicted, Smith for stealing five Iron Bars fixt to several Houses belonging to William Tillard , Esq ; and Thompson for receiving one of the said Bars knowing it to be stolen , Feb. 4 . The Jury found Smith guilty , and acquitted Thompson.

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Reference Number: t17350226-26

26. John Carter , and John Bolder , was indicted for robbing Charles Evans of 2 s. 6 d. in a Field near the Highway , January 25 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-27

27. Thomas Jenkins , and James Mitchel , was indicted for stealing a Silver Monteth, value 4 s. the Goods of Mary Atherton , Jan. 19 .

Mitchel was a second time indicted for stealing a Goose , the Property of John Dixon , Nov. 22 .

And a third time for stealing 12lb of Bacon , the Goods of William Cartwright , Nov, 22 .

Jenkins was a second time indicted for stealing 14lb of Lead , the Goods of Charles Anterac Jan. 18 .

He was indicted a third time for stealing a Pestle and Morter the Goods of Michael Merchant , January 16 .

And a fourth time for stealing 28lb of Lead the Goods of Thomas Henning , December 2 .

The chief Evidence against these Boys were two other Boys, Edmond Saxton , and Charles Thomas , who deposed that themselves and the Prisoner committed these Felonies.The Jury found them all Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-28

19. Thomas Martin and Elizabeth his Wife were indicted for stealing a Game Cock, value 5 s. the Goods of Edward Smith , Decem. 23 . acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-29

Grace Miles , alias Mary Herlow was indicted for stealing Curtains, Vallens, Sheets &c. the Goods of Matthew Ramsey . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-30

20. John Barkshire , was indicted for privately stealing ten Guineas, the Money of William Nash , in the Stable of the Rt. Hon. William, Earl Cowper , Feb. 10 .

William Nash . The Prisoner was a Gentleman's Servant , and being out of Place I let him lodge two or three Nights in the Room where I and my fellow Servant lay, which was over my Lord Cowper's Stables. I had eleven Guineas in my Waistcoat Pocket, and on the eighth of this Month I took out one and wrapt the remaining ten up in a Paper and put them again into the same Pocket which was by my Bed - there were two Beds in the Room. On the seventeenth I mist my Money. And suspecting the Prisoner, I had him before a Justice where he confest that he took my Money, but having been with a Whore in Drury Lane he had got but 12 s. left out of the ten Guineas; he would have sign'd his Confession, but the Justice told him Life was sweet.

John Ranby . After the Prisoner was first taken he got away, but I took him afterwards at York Stairs; he confest that he stole the ten Guineas; that he had been to a Whore that Night, and she had picked his Pocket of seven Guineas and he had but 12 s. left.

Edward Pukford , and Samuel Bateman deposed to the same effect.

The Jury found the Prisoner Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17350226-31

Mary Latter , alias Latty was indicted for stealing a Pair of Shoes and a Shirt , the Goods of Edward Watts , Decem. 18 . And a second time for stealing two Pair of Sheets , the Goods of William Hughs , January 18 . Guilty of each.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-32

22. Thomas Gettings , was indicted for privately stealing a Silver Watch, value 40 s. from the Person of Frances Davis , Jan. 29 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-33

23. John Dwyer and Will Bently , were indicted for stealing 3 s. 6 d. the Money of John Botreau , Jan. 14 .

John Botreau. I dont know the Prisoner's, but I was robb'd of 3 s. 6 d. by two such Boys in my own Shop in Earl Street, St. James's , on the fourteenth of January, between seven and eight at Night.

Adam Stanton , a Mulatto Boy. The Prisoners and I went to the Prosecutor's Shop: Bently knocked at the Door and went in first and asked for a Pennyworth of Pickle Coucumbers, and as the Prosecutor was going to serve him, Dwyer stept in with a Knife in his Hand and threatned to stick it in the Prosecutor's Body if he did not deliver his Money. Then Bentley went to the Money Box and took out 3 s. 6 d. I stood at the Door all the while to watch, and then we went away to our Lodging at - Bedfords, in Well's Yard by St. Giles's Pound. That House harbours none but such as we are, if the Truth was known. We spent 21 d. there that Night, and shared 7 d. a Piece next Morning.

The Jury found them Guilty .

They were a second time indicted for privately stealing 3lb of Nutmegs, value 16 s. the Goods of John Clements , in his Shop , Jan. 15 .

John Clements. I lost 3lb of Nutmegs off my Counter.

Adam Stanton . The Prisoner's and I and Jack Oliver , on Saturday Night going along Leather Lane in Holborn , and seeing no body in the Prosecutor's Shop, Dwyer stept in and took a Paper of Nutmegs and a Sugar Loaf off the Counter, and gave 'em to me, and I gave 'em to Jack Oliver, who bit us all, for we have never seen him since.

The Jury acquited Bentley, and found Dwyer guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Dwyer: Transportation. See summary.]

[Bently: Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-34

24. John Jarvis , was indicted for stealing a Silver Spoon the Goods of Paul Pettit Jan. 13 . Guilty 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-35

25. Philadelphia Jones , was indicted for stealing a Pair of Stays the Goods of Ann Warden February 1 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-36

26. Mary Butler , was indicted for stealing three Quarter Guineas, four Portugal thirty six Shilling Pieces, and twenty Shillings in Sil-

ver, with Child Bed Linnen and other Things, the Goods of Jonas Lane ; and ten Silver Spoons, value 4 l. a Gold Watch, value forty Shillings, a Silver Watch value eight Shillings, two Silver Salts, value 20 s. and a Diamond Ring, value 4 l. the Goods of Thomas Lane , in the House of Martha Howit , Feb. 1 .

It appeared that the Prisoner was Servant to Mrs. Howit, the Mother of the Prosecutors. That the Prisoner sold the Plate and pawned the other Goods, the Particulars of which being advertised by the Prosecutor, she was discovered and Confest the Fact. The Jury found her guilty to the value of 39 s.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-37

27, William Cummins a Child, and Mary Cummins his Mother, were indicted, the Boy for stealing twelve Yards of Silver Lace, value 4 l. 10 s. the Goods of John Beckwith , and the Mother for receiving the same knowing it to be stolen , Feb. 1 .

It appeared that Will. Cummings was the Prosecutors Errand Boy , and the Lace being mist, he was taken and confest the Fact, and said his Mother enticed him to steal the Lace and received it from him. The Jury found him guilty to the value of 10 d. and acquitted his Mother.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-38

28. Baron Moses was indicted for stealing three Silver Tea Spoons, a Gold Watch Case and a Silver Half Pint Mug , the Goods of Eliz Polack , Feb. 26 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-39

29. William Dennis was indicted for stealing a Pewter Chamber Pot the Goods of Thomas Emerson , Feb. 26 . Guilty 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-40

30. Mary Powell , alias Pickard was Indicted for stealing three Shirts, value 20 s. three Shifts, value 20 s. a Gown and three Petticoats the Goods of John de Leon , in his House , Decem. 15 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-41

31. Eliz. Boon, alias Call, alias Goswell was indicted for privately stealing from the Person of George Marshall a Pinchbeck Metal Watch Case, value 30 s the Goods of Christopher Pinchbeck , Jan. 25 .

George Marshall . About 12 at Night, coming out of the Hole in the Wall in Fleet Street, The Prisoner laid hold of me, and said I should go with her, she carried me down New street to Red Lion Court . I felt her hand in my Pocket and presently mist my Watch Case, and told her she had robbed me. What do ye mean by that, says she, and up comes a Man and asked me what I did with the Woman. I seiz'd him too, and then the Watch came up to my assistance.

Samuel Sacheveral , Constable. The Prisoner being brought to the Watch House, desired me to go with her to where she had been with the Prosecutor to see if he had not dropt the Case, I took four Watchmen with me. She carried us to a little passage in Gunpowder Alley. and said, the Case was there, but neither I nor the Watchmen could find it. She desired liberty to look for it her self, but I would not let her, for I thought she wanted to drop it, and I told her she had better confess. Who then to plain with you, says she, I have given it to a man in Brewer's Yard in Shoe Lane. We went thither, and down came the Woman in her Smock, she was one of the largest size and looked like a Grenadier. The Prisoner wanted me to let her go aside with this Woman but I refused, she said if I would not let them go together it would signify nothing. As we were going back the Prisoner owned she had got the Case in her Hand, and then I took it from her. The Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17350226-42

32. L- R- was indicted for stealing two Silver Tea Spoons, a Silver Watch and other Things the Goods of John Butler , December, 7 . Guilty 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-43

33. Frances Eustace was indicted in two Indictments for receiving stolen Goods knowing them to be stolen .

No Evidence appearing she was acquitted

Reference Number: t17350226-44

34. William Denton was indicted for stealing six Leghorn Hats , the Goods of Persons unknown, Feb 1 . Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-45

35. John Field alias Fielder and Joseph Rose were indicted with Richard Turpin and Samuel Gregory not then taken, for breaking the House of Joseph Lawrence , the Elder, and stealing a Silver Cup, four Silver Spoons, four Gold Rings, a Pair of Sheets, twelve Napkins, a Table Cloth. six Towels, six Pillowbiers, six Handkerchiefs, a Wastcoat, fifteen Guineas, three Moidores, and 30 s. Feb. 4 in the Night .

They were a second Time indicted for assaulting Joseph Lawrence , the Elder in his House, putting him in fear, and taking from him the Goods and Money above mentioned .

Richard Wood . I know Fielder the tall Man in Blew: He and the Evidence Wheeler, and three more were drinking at my House the Nine Pin and Bowl at Edgware the Day my Neighbour Lawrence was robb'd. His House is about a Mile from mine. They came at a Quarter past four in the Afternoon and staid till five. Their Horses stood the while in my Yard

and I gave them some Hay. They went away together. Coming to London, I saw the same Horses standing at a Door in King-street, Bloomsbury. I went in and saw Fielder and Wheeler there with others, Fielder and Wheeler made a great Resistance when they were taken, and five Pistols were found upon them.

John Wheeler . On Tuesday the fourth of this Month about two in the Afternoon, the Prisoners and I and Richard Turpin and Samuel Gregory , went from the Black Horse in the Broadway in Westminster to the Nine Pin and Bowl at Edgware, where we staid near an Hour, and then went to the Queen's Head at Stanmore, and staid about an Hour and a half, and went from thence to Lawrences's House at eight or between eight and nine at Night. Fielder got over a Hatch into the Sheep Yard, and took the Sheep Boy and bound his Hands and brought him to the Door and bid him speak when we knock'd, but the Boy was frighted and could not, so Gregory knock'd, and call'd Mr. Lawrence. A Servant open'd the Door and we all rush'd in with Pistols in our Hands. We bound the old Gentleman and his Man and Maid. Turpin pulled the old Man's Breeches down and dragged him into another Room, and beat him to make him discover where his Money was. Gregory took the Maid up into the Garret and lay with her there, as he afterwards told us. We took away what Money, Linnen, and Plate we could find. I saw no more than three Guineaa and 6 s. 6 d. and if they found any more they cheated me of my Share. We left them bound in the Parlor, locked the Door, and threw the Key into the Garden.

John Bowler . I keep the Black Horse in the Broadway, Westminster Wheeler and Rose had been several times backwards and forwards at my House, for they lodged hard by, and Fielder had been there twice. Their Horses stood at my Stables. one was a Sorrel, one a Brown, and one a Bay.

Richard Wood . They had such colour'd Horses when they came to my House at Edgware, and one that was Black.

Bowler. They and two more came again to my House on the fourth of this Month, and rid away together about two in the Afternoon.

Joseph Ironmonger . I keep the Queen's Head Inn at Stanmore. The Prisoners and Wheeler and two more came to my House at a Quarter past six that Tuesday Night Mr. Lawrence was robb'd. My House is about a Mile from his. They staid about an Hour, and went away together. It was dark, and I did not take notice of their Horses.

This was confirmed by Thomas Martin and Arthur Allen .

James Emerton , the Prosecutor's Boy. That Man in Blue (Fielder) came into the Sheep house, and holding out a Pistol, said, he would shoot me if I offer'd to cry out. There were four more with him. He took off my Garter and tyed my Hands. They asked what Servants my Master kept, and I told them. They said they would not hurt me, but they would knock at the Door, and I should answer, and they would give me some Money. So one of them knocked, and my Fellow Servant opened the Door, and they all rush'd in with Pistols. I went in and sat down, and they threw a Table Cloth over my Face - I dont know him in the Great Coat (Rose) but I remember the Evidence (Wheeler) was there. In a little time they took the Cloth off my Face and carried me into another Room, and asked what Fire Arms my Master kept. I told them there was an old Gun, so they took the Gun and broke it. Rose took a Knife and made an offer to cut my Master's Throat.

Court. How can you tell it was Rose when you do not know his Person?

Boy. I saw such an offer made by one of the Men, and heard that that Man's Name was Rose.

John Pate , Servant to the Prosecutor. Between seven and eight at Night some body knocked; I unbolted the Door; the two Prisoners, Wheeler, and three more came in with Pistols in their Hands, and said, D - your Blood! How long have you lived here? We had two Candles in the Room, and I saw their Faces plainly. They put a Cloth over my Eyes, but in five or six Minutes they took it off, tyed my Hands before me, and carried me into the Room where the Boy was, and sat me down by the Fire. My Master was ty'd and hoodwink'd at the same time - They opened a Closet, took out a Bottle of Elder Wine and made us drink twice. They took out some Linnen and Plate. I was present when the Prisoners were taken, they had several Pistols, and made a great Resistance.

Joseph Lawrence . Between seven and eight at Night when I had just paid some Workmen, and my Boy was putting up the Sheep, I heard some body knock at the Door and call Mr. Lawrence! My Man opened the Door, and in rushed five Men with Pistols. I can swear positively that Fielder, the tall Man in Blue was one of them. They swore at me and demanded my Money: They took off my Neckcloth and tyed it over my Eyes. They broke down my Breeches and took

out of my Pocket a Guinea, a six and thirty Shilling Portugal Piece, and between ten and twenty Shillings in Silver. They said they must have more, and they would make me shew them where the rest of my Money was. They drove me up Stairs with my Breeches down, and coming to a Closet they broke it open though, they had got the Key of it, and took out two Guineas, ten Shillings, a Silver Cup, thirteen Silver Spoons, two Gold Rings and what else they could find. They took all my Linnen, not only Table Cloths, Napkins and Shirts, but the Sheets off the Beds, and then they trod the Beds about to try if there was any Money in them. They carried me down again, and whipt me with their bare Hands as hard as they could strike; so that I was black the next Day. They broke my Head with their Pistols. They carried me into the Kitchen, and took a Kettle of Water off the Fire and threw upon me. The Maid had just taken out some of the scalding Water and put some cold in, so that it did me no harm. Then they haul'd me back again, and swore they would rip me up and burn me alive if I did not tell them where the rest of my Money was. One of them put a Bill to my Legs, and swore he'd chop them off. One of them held a Knife under my Chin, and threatned to cut my Throat. Some pulled me by the Nose, and some dragged me about by the Hair of the Head. My Breeches were down, and I was blind folded all the while.

Dorothy Street. I was in the Back House a churning Butter, and hearing a great Noise I put out my Candle. They rushed in upon me, and tyed my Hands. The Evidence Wheeler, and both the Prisoners were there. They put me into the Room where my Master was. They rifled the House of what they could find, and one of them made me go up, and swore I should shew him where my Master's Money was; I said I did not know. But he carried me into the Garret, where he bolted the Door, and threw me upon the Bed. He had two Pistols, he laid one upon the Chest, and one upon the Bed, and swearing he would shoot me, if I offered to cry out, he lay with me by Violence - He afterwards told me they would go to my Master's Son's House, and rob him.

The Boy again. They asked me if my Master's Son would come home that Night, and I told them, Yes - Then they said they were going to the nezt House, and would return in half an Hour: and if they found any body loose they would kill me - Afterwards they made me go with them to the Door of the House, but when they came there they did not go in.

Thomas Lawrence . I went out at six in the Morning. and when I came back at Night, my Chest was broke open, and all my Linnen and twenty Pounds in Money was lost. I was at the taking of the Prisoners; I was forced to throw Fielder down before I could secure him. I took Rose in Thieving Lane in Westminster, he made what Resistance he could.

Mr. Pullen. Some of the Goods were taken in Duck Lane, and some in Thieving Lane. We found Rose in a Room in Thieving Lane, drinking a Bowl of Punch with a Woman that is, or goes for his Wife, and one Walker.

Some of the Linnen found in Rose's Custody, was produced in Court, and proved to be the Prosecutors.

Fielder. I know nothing of what you are talking about.

Rose. Nor I neither.

The Jury found them guilty of both Indictments.

Reference Number: t17350226-46

36. John Field , Joseph Rose , Humphry Walker , and William Bush alias Saunders alias Schooling with Richard Turpin and Samuel Gregory (not yet taken) were indicted for breaking and entring the House of William Francis , and stealing a Silver Tankard, a Gold Watch, and Chain, and Seal, a Silver Picture of King Charles I. washed with Gold, a Silver Punch Ladle, a Silver Strainer, a Silver Cup, a Pair of Silver Spurs, a Coral set in Silver, a Mourning Gold Ring with a Cypher, a Gold Ring enamel'd Blue, with a Stone in the middle, a Diamond on each side, and two Angels holding a Crown, a Gold Ring set with Diamonds, a Gold Ring set with a Stone and four Diamonds, two Gold Rings with Posies, a Wig, six Handkerchiefs, four Shirts, a Velvet Hat, two Pistols, a Piece of Gold with a Hole in it, thirty seven Guineas, and ten Pounds in Silver, Feb. 7 . in the Night .

They were again indicted for assaulting William Francis , in his House, putting him in fear, and taking from him the Goods and Money aforesaid .

John Wheeler . The Prisoners and I and Richard Turpin and Samuel Gregory , met at the White Hart Inn the upper end of Drury Lane, about five in the Evening. We staid till half an Hour past six, and then went to the Prosecutor's House at Marybone Park ; we came there between seven and eight. We went first into the Cow House, where we found a Servant and bound him, and

carried him to the Stable, where we found another Servant whom we likewise bound. The Prosecutor happening to come home, we seiz'd upon him at the Gate and carried him into the Stable and bound him as we had done his Men. We left Bush and Turpin to stand over them with Pistols, and then I and the four others went to the Door of the House and knocked: The Maid opened it, we pushed in and bound her and the Daughter. The old Gentlewoman crying out, Fielder broke her Head, and set her in a Chair, and Gregory stood over her to keep her quiet. We searched the House, and took a Silver Punch Ladle, Cup and Strainer, a Gold Watch with a Chain and Seal, and a Picture, four Rings, two Shirts, two Pair of Stockings, and a great many other Goods, ten Pound all but eighteen Pence in Silver. As for Guineas I saw none, and if there were any they sunk them upon me. When we had got all ready to go off; we threatned the Family that if they made any noise we could come back to them, and so we left them all bound and went away.

Mr. Francis. I lost thirty seven Guineas, and ten Pound in Silver besides Plate and other Goods - They met with me just as I was going in at the Gate. Three of them came up and clam'd me over the Head. I thought they were upon some Game, and said, Methinks you are mighty funny, Gentlemen. Upon that they presented their Pistols and carried me into the Stable, where they bound me with my Men. My Eyes are bad, and I can't swear to their Persons.

Sarah Francis , the Daughter. About seven o'Clock some body knock'd, and I opened the Door. Wheeler entered first, and the rest followed with Pistols, and bid me hold my Tongue or they would shoot me. One of them struck me. They bound me and the Maid and set us in the Kitchen, and then went up Stairs and risied the House - I know none of them but Wheeler.

Eleanor Williams , the Maid. We were sitting at the Fire: They knocked, and we opened the Door. They cock'd their Pistols at us, and pushed manfully to enter, and so they got in. Lord, Mrs. Sarah, says I, What have ye done? Upon which one of them gave me a Knock, and another struck her. My old Mistress cryed out, Lord, What is the matter! D - ye for an old Bitch, says one of them, and I think it was he in the Great Coat [Rose] I'll stop your Mouth presently, and then he broke her Head, and tyed her down in a Chair all in her Blood.

Stephen Manning . I was in the Cow-House with a Candle and Lanthorn, two Fellows came in and bound me, Bush was one of them, but I don't know the other, for his Face was smutted. They carried me to the Stable and stood sentry over me.

Edward Jones . I was in the Stable feeding the Horses, two Fellows laid hold on me. One of them had his Face all dirty, and he untyed my Garter and bound me. The other was Bush. They brought Manning to me, and they both stood over us with Pistols an Hour and a half or more.

Keeper of the Gate House. These two Bullets, and this Piece of Gold with a Hole in it I took from Walker in the Gate House.

Sarah Francis . This is my Fathers. My Sister used to wear it for her eyes.

Keeper. This Medal was taken from Rose's Wife, and these two Rings I took from Rose himself self - one of them is a Brass Ring.

Eleanor Williams . That Brass Ring is mine, I lost it when they robb'd the House.

Sarah Francis . And this other Stone Ring with the Posey is my Mothers.

Constable. This Cup was found at Walker's Lodgings.

Sarah Francis. This is my Father's Punch Cup.

Richard Bartram . These Pistols I took from Rose - And this, he held within a Pistols length of my Breast, and pulled the Trigger, but I clapt my Finger in between the Hammer and the Lock and so prevented his firing.

Thomas Lawrence . Walker resisted, and had like to have shot a Chairman, but was prevented by a Hackney Coachman.

- Harrowfield, a Coachman. Walker had hold of his Pistol and was pulling it out of his Pocket, but it hung by something and he could not get it out, and so I came upon him and knockd him down.

John Rowler , the Inn Keeper, at the Black Horse in the Broadway. I do not know Bush nor Walker, but the others have been several times at my House.

Mr. Francis. We could not bring the Man at the White Hart in Drury Lane, because he is run away.

About fifteen Pistols with Bullets, a Bullet-Mould, and several Powder Horns which had been taken from the Prisoners and Wheeler, were produced in Court.

Fielder. I know nothing of the matter.

Rose. Nor I.

Walker. Nor I.

Bush. Nor I.

The Jury found them all guilty of both Indictments. Death .

There was another Indictment against Field, Walker, and Rose, for robbing Ambrose Skinner , in the Parish of St. Margaret's Westminster , of Linnen and other Apparel , Feb. 15 . But the Court thought it unnecessary to try them for this, after they had been convicted of the former.

Reference Number: t17350226-47

37, 38, 39. William Williams , William Isaacson , and Richard Gulliford , were indicted for breaking the House of Richard Ridgley , and stealing a Shew Glass, a Gold Chain and Locket, eleven Silver Spoons, two Silver Tea Spoons, three Pair of Silver Tongs, a Pair of Silver Spurs, a Silver Milk Mug, and other things, Decembber 8 in the Night .

Richard Ridgly . My House, the Golden Ball in St. John Street , was broke open on the eighth of December in the Night while I was abed. I was called up by the Watch, about four in the Morning. A Square Hole was cut in my Shutter and so the Pin was unkey'd, the Shutter taken down, and my Shew Glass, with above fifty Pounds worth of Goods in it, was taken away.

Joseph Cole . The Prisoners and I lived together in a House in the Rope Walk, in Old Street. On Monday Morning the beginning of December, between one and two, we all went to the Prosecutor's House. Gulliford cut a Hole in the Shutter. I took out the Pin. Isaacson went in and handed out the Shew Glass to Williams and me. We carried it to our House. Next Morning each of us took a Gold Ring, a Stone Ring, a Pair of Silver Buckles and Buttons, and a Silver Spoon for our own use. The rest of the Silver and the Gold Chain we sold to Elizabeth Whitehead , who is run away; she gave us fifty Shillings for the Gold Chain, and ten Pound sixteen Shillings for the Silver, which was fifty four Ounces, at four Shillings an Ounce.

- Plaxton. Williams threw this Pistol away, when I and Frank Walker apprehended him.

Cole. I have got the fellow to it. Williams and I pawn'd our Buckles, and bought this Pair of Pistols to shoot the Thief Takers.

The Jury found them Guilty . Death .

They were a second time indicted with Robert Jacks , for breaking the House of Ivon Lenain , and stealing 2 lb of Sewing Silk, twenty four Dozen of Ferris, and forty Pieces of Tape, January 5 in the Night .

Ivon Lenain . I live against the Knave of Clubs in Club Row, Spittle Fields . My House was broke open on the fifth of January, in the Night, and my Goods taken away.

Joseph Cole . The Prisoners and I were concerned in this Fact. Isaacson got upon a Bulk under the Window, and with a Mill (as we call it) drew the Hooks and took down one Shutter, which he put into a Cellar Window a good way off. Then he took out the Goods. I stood at one Door with a Pistol, and Williams at the other, and Jacks looked out. This was between two and three in the Morning. We sold the Goods to Elizabeth Whitehead for thirty five Shillings, and shared seven Shillings a piece. I have known Jacks a Year and a half, but never was with him in any Robbery besides this, except one. We became acquainted at Mrs. Whiteheads. She liv'd in Jewin Street and sold Greens, for a pretence that People might not suspect that she dealt in stolen Goods.

Several Witnesses deposed that they never heard an ill Character of Jacks till he was taken up on this occasion.

The Jury found them all guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17350226-48

40. John Burroughs , was indicted for the Murder of Richard Newbolt , by giving him with a Sword one mortal Wound in the left Breast, of the length of one Inch, and depth of six Inches, of which Wound he instantly dyed Feb. 9 .

He was a second time indicted on the Statute of Stabbing, and a third time on the Coroner's Inquisition for Manslaughter.

John Parker . On Sunday Night, nine of us had been drinking Punch at the Ship Ale House at Mile End. We were there about two Hours, and spent sixteen Pence-a-piece. We came away between seven and eight. John Rich went foremost with a Link in his Hand, and I was hindmost. I saw nothing done at the Prisoner's Door, nor was there any Disturbance. Soon after I past by the Prisoner's Door, he came out with three or four People, and pursued Rich with a drawn Sword, and fluced the Link in his Face, and prick'd him in the Arm, and then prick'd the Deceas'd. After the Deceas'd was prick'd, Tom. Johnson tript up the Prisoner's Heels.

John Rich. The Prisoner's Maid being within the Hatch, I flurried the Link over her Head, but did not thrust it into her Face, nor under her Coats. Then I went along about one hundred and fifty Yards, and the Prisoner came after me, but I was so surprised at his Sword that I cannot tell what was done, only that I was upon the Ground, and he was down after me. I received two Wounds in my Arm, and one of them as the Surgeon told me was three Inches deep; but I did not so much as know I was wounded at all, till half an Hour after I had been before the Justice.

Thomas Johnson . I was fifty Yards behind when Rich went by the Prisoner's Door. I saw no Maid, nor heard any Noise. But I saw Rich on the Ground and the Prisoner upon him, and striking at him with something. I went and kick'd up the Prisoner's Heels, and I pull'd up Jack Rich, and saw the Prisoner had got a Sword. The Deceas'd was then gone off. The Prisoner getting up again, prick'd me in the Thigh, and pushed me over a Ditch. Some of the Prisoner's Men came up, and I went round by the Bridge to the Deceas'd, and he told me the Prisoner had stabb'd him in the Breast.

Will. Knight. I was a little behind Rich when he whisked the Link over the Maid's Head. Neither he nor she said any thing, but he went along, and then the Prisoner with a drawn Sword ran by me to Rich, and up came Johnson. The Prisoner and Rich both tumbled. I was then ten or fifteen Yards from them, and the Deceas'd was behind me, and I am sure that Johnson did nothing to the Prisoner. And when Rich was taken away, the Deceas'd came to me, and said, the Prisoner had prick'd him.

Court. You swear that Johnson did nothing to the Prisoner, when Johnson himself has sworn that he trip'd up his Heels.

Joseph Fairfax , Headborough. The Prisoner charged me with Johnson and Rich. I carried them before Justice Philips. Neither of them charged the Prisoner with any thing; but he himself said, he had prick'd Johnson in the Thigh, and another in the Breast after they had assaulted his Maid, and knock'd him down.

Prisoner. I said I had heard that one was pricked in the Breast.

Thomas Short . The Prisoner forced Johnson over the Ditch; and said to Rich, Ye Dog, I have a good mind to thrust my Sword down your Throat.

The Defence.

Mr. Martin. Rich confest before the Justice that he run the Link into the Maid's Face, and said he was very for it.

Elizabeth Barns . I had been on an Errand, and was just got in and had shut the Hatch when Rich came up with a Link, and said, D - ye, you Bitch, I'll burn your Eyes out, and thrust the Link to my Face, but I pushed it off. Then he leaned over the Hatch, and went to put the Link under my Coats, and burnt and pitched my Petticoat - Here it is to be seen. I screamed out, and another of the Gang struck at me with a Cane, and said, Knock the Bitch down. I got the Cane within the Hatch, and cryed out, Murder upon which, he forced the Hatch open, and said, Give me the Cane you Bitch. The Captain (the Prisoner) coming down, they run away, and he followed, and said, he'd fetch some of them back.

Mr. Watmore. My Son and Daughter and the Prisoner, my Grandson, were at Supper with me, when I heard the Maid cry Murder two or three times, upon which, my Grandson run down Stairs.

Mary Thompson . I heard a great Noise of swearing at the Captain's Door, and several Fellows came from thence. One of them had a Link and struck it several times at me and two Gentlewomen, and almost pushed us into a Ditch.

Thomas Simpson . The same Fellow flurried his Link about Mr. Goslin's Face, and mine, and served the Captain's Maid as bad or worse. I heard her scream, and saw him lean over the Hatch, and push the Link downwards - The Captain run after him, and I followed; but Mr. Henson got before me. I saw the Captain down and helped to take him up. Mr. Henson trip'd up the Link Boy's Heels. And the Captain said to the Link Boy, Sirrah, you deserve to have your Link run down your Throat: Come back and make my Servant Recompence.

Thomas Henson , Deposed to the same Effect.

William Matthews , Constable. Johnson said, it was all along of Rich, he run the Link in the Maid's Face, and then the Captain came after us, and I knocked him down with my Fist before I saw any Sword. No; says Parker, You tript him up. So I did, says Johnson, But I gave him a Knock at the same time.

Mr. De la Motte. William Miller , Esq; &c. gave the Prisoner the Character of a very sober, peaceable, good natur'd Gentleman.

The Jury's Verdict was Se Defendendo

Reference Number: t17350226-49

41. Hannah Wood , alias Knight , was indicted for uttering a counterfeit Shilling to Edith Shakespear . No Evidence. Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-50

42. Sarah Smith , was indicted for uttering a counterfeit Shilling to Mary Cooms . No Evidence. Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-51

43. James Rawlins , was indicted for stealing two Saws, two Plains, and a Hammer, the Goods of William Oakly ; and five Books and a Hammer, the Goods of Richard Gardner , January 17 . Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-52

44. James Hunt , was indicted for stealing a Ream and a half of Paper , the Goods of John Hart , and William Guillims , Feb. 15 . Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-53

45. Francis Fort , was indicted for stealing two Bank Notes for one Hundred Pound each, a Bank Note for fifty Pound, a Silver Tobacco Box two Portugal Pieces each value 36 s. and forty Guineas the Goods and Money of Samuel Braithwaite , in his House Decem. 31 .

It appeared that the Prosecutor (a Cheesmonger in King street Westminster ) laid the Bag with the Money, Notes, and Tobacco Box upon a Pile of Cheshire Cheeses, and opened the Shop Door and forgot to take the Bag up again. The Prisoner, who was his Porter , came to open the Shop, and moved the Cheeses on which the Bag lay, to the Door. The Bag was mist, and the Prisoner denyed he had seen it. Notice was given to the Bank to stop such Notes. On the second of January the three Notes were sent back in a Penny Post Letter. The Money was found in a private Hole in the Prisoner's Lodging; upon which the Prisoner confest the Fact.

In his defence he said he found the Bag at the Door. Guilty to the value of 39 s.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-54

46. Margaret Connor , alias Doyle was indicted for stealing Wearing Apparrel, Linnen, &c the Goods of Edward Smith , June 21 . Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-55

47. Samuel Taylor , was indicted for stealing 70 lb of Lead fix't to Lincolns Inn Playhouse , the Goods of John Rich , Feb. 25 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-56

48. Jonathan Linwell , was indicted for stealing a Quilt, seven Pair of Sheets, three Table Cloths, and other things the Goods of John Immings , in his House , Feb 20 .

John Immings. The Goods were taken out of my House about eleven at Night when I was not at home.

Eliz Ratsy . about eleven at Night. My Mistress bid me tell my Master she was gone to Acton. She went away and the Prisoner pack'd up the Goods in the Bed Tick, and carried them to the Coach where my Mistress was.

Court. Did not you offer to stop him?

Ratsy. No; I might as well stop my Master, for my Mistress liked the Prisoner better than she did my Master, tho' he was a poor shabby Fellow before she run my Master in Debt to maintain him. The Shirt that is now upon his Back, she took up upon Tick, and my Master must be forced to pay for it. The Prisoner and she were frequently a Junketting together at our House in my Master's absence; but my Master coming home one time sooner than was expected the Prisoner run down into the Kitchen and got out thro' the Alley; she used to make me wash his Linnen. She sent me once to pawn forty four Ounces of Plate, where I told her that her extravagant Ways had made my Master very uneasy, and would be the ruin of him, What's that to you? says she, It's none of your business to meddle or make tho' you were to see me play the Whore. And so I had got my answer. And the next Day the Prisoner came into the Market, and shewed a Green Purse of Gold in a Bravado - He was taken up the Day after the Robbery, and I hear that she goes to visit him in Newgate.

Prisoner. The Prosecutor is a Butcher in St. James Market. and his Wife kept a Butcher's Shop in New Oxford Market and I went partners with her. He knew it well enough and and has bought Goods for us both.

Prosecutor - I did buy some Goods for them at first - But when I found how things went. I forbid him my House - The Night that I was robb'd, I heard that he and she lay together at a Night House, tho' he has got a Wife of his own. When I went to enquire for them they were gone to Gravesend, whither I went and found most of my Goods and brought them back; but I left my Wife and other things of little or no value behind me.

The Prisoner called the Prosecutors Wife Elizabeth, and three other Butchers to speak in his Defence. The Wife was not admitted to give her Evidence. John Oram and Jeremy Horner , said he had been their Journey Man , and never robbed them; and Matthew Collier , swore that the Prisoner had as good a Character as any Man in the World.

The Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17350226-57

49. George Constantine , was indicted for stealing two Guineas, two Silver Spoons. &c. the Goods of Charles Carter , in his House . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-58

50. Hannah Blackhorse , was indicted for stealing two Sheets, a Looking Glass, a Canlestick, &c. the Goods of Jane Spencer , Feb. 4 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-59

51. Eliz. Jones , was indicted with Winifred Saunders , not yet taken, for stealing a Woollen Cap, value 8 d.

Reference Number: t17350226-60

52. John Olyver , a Boy was indicted for privately stealing thirty four Pair of Gloves, value 47 s. the Goods of James Foster , in his Shop , Feb. 8 . Guilty 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-61

53, 54, 55. John Sindal . Anthony Lindsey , and Ethelbert Hawks , were indicted for breaking and entring the House of Jane Love , and

stealing a Copper Fish Kettle, a Coffee Pot, a Frying Pan, a Sauce Pan, eighteen Plates, four Dishes, a Pestle and Mortar, a Cane with a Brass Head, a Hat, two Wigs, three Pair of Breeches, a Petticoat, and six Yards of Cloth, the Goods of several Persons, Jan. 5 . in the Night .

John Faucet . The Prisoners and I went to Madam Love's House, beyond Ratcliff Cross . The back side is next the Thames. We went first to the fore side, and finding all abed, we went to the back part, and got up a Ladder next the Sea Side into the Yard. Then Nathan and I hoisted up the Sash of the Kitchen, or Dining Room Window, and cut the Shutter, and then Hawks got in - This was between one and two in the Morning.

Hawks. My Lord, There stands a great Thief-Catcher, he was the first that contrived the way of knocking at Folk's Doors, and so getting in and robbing their Houses. He robbed Col. Ronaines, and then turned Evidence and hang'd his Comrades, and now he's turn'd Thief Taker, and wants to hang us. I desire he may not stay in Coure to hear what the rest swear.

Court. If he's a Witness, let him go out, and wait till he's called.

Faucet. Hawks handed out the Goods to me, and Jack Sindal and we carried them to Lindsey, who waited in the Boat. We all row'd through Bridge, and landed at some Stairs near Somers's House. I and Hawks and Sindal carried the Pewter nnd Brass to Morris's House, right against Somers's (Somerset) House, and left Lindsey to look after the Apparel. We got a Guinea and a half for what we sold there, and we all cross the Water and went into the Mint, where we divided the Money, and bid Hawks carry all the Cloths but the Wig. to his House. Sindal put the Wig on, and he and I and Hawks left Lindsey in the Mint, and went into the Burrough, where we met Ralph Mitchell , who was just now put out of Court. We offered to sell him the Wig for a Guinea, but he would not buy it. Hawks carried it to a Barber by Tooly's Watergate, and sold it for half a Guinea.

Mary Plater , the Prosecutor's Maid. I barred the Kitchen Window about twelve at Night, and found it broke open in the Morning, and the Goods taken away.

Christopher Phillipson . This is my Wig. I found it by Faucet's Information at a Barbers at Tooly's Water-gate - I went to Hawkes in the Compter, and he had then got my Coat and Breeches on.

Hawks. I was arrested and put into the Compter, and Faucet brought the Coat and Breeches to me there.

Ralph Mitchell . I met Sindal, Hawks and Faucet in Bridewell Alley, by the New Goal in Southwark. They all asked me to buy this Wig which Hawks had on his Head. They said the Price was a Guinea.

Hawks. Faucet swore that Sindal had the Wig on his Head.

Mitchell. Hearing of the Robbery, I acquainted Mr. Lawrence, the Constable, that I suspected those Persons. I tax'd Faucet, and he confest and inform'd against the others. We took Lindsey and Sindal at the Seven or Fourteen Stars in Rosemary Lane - says Lindsey, What am I taken up for? Is Faucet in custody? I answered, No. Then he said he had been concern'd with Faucet but in two Things, but did not name particulars.

This Evidence was confirmed by George Holderness and Robert Gregory .

- Loyd, the Keeper of the Burrough Compter. Madam Love came to Hawks, in the Compter, and said, she would not prosecute him if he would not put her Brother in his Information - Her Brother is now in the New Jail with three more.

John Truss . I arrested Hawks on the tenth of January - Faucet came to see him there and treated him - And Will.Roberts (the Prosecutor's Brother) brought this Coat and Breeches to Hawks. The Cloaths were wet, and he said he had fell over board in them.

Seven or eight Witnesses appear'd for Lindsey, and gave him a very good Character; as two or three did for Sindal.

The Jury found all the Prisoners Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17350226-62

56 William Fidzar , was indicted for breaking the House of Sarah Taylor , and stealing her Goods . Octo. 26 .

Richard Moore , alias James Lamb , was brought into Court to be an Evidence against him, but the Court being inform'd that a Bill was found against More for returning from Transportation, he was not admitted to be sworn: And then there being no Evidence to fix the Fact on the Prisoner, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17350226-63

57. Richard Moore , alias James Lamb , was indicted for returning from Transportation , but there being a Flaw in the Indictment, the Court directed the Jury to acquit him .

Reference Number: t17350226-64

58. Orange Withers , was indicted for stealing a Gown, Petticoat, &c. the Goods of Eliz. Garland , Aug. 15 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-65

59. Elizabeth Buckingham , and Ann Wilson were indicted for robbing Eliz. Holden (a Child ) on the Highway of a Gown, an Apron, and Handkerchief . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-66

60. Elizabeth Edwards , a Girl , was indicted for stealing a Coat and two Sheets , the Goods of John Richards , Feb. 25 .

John Richards, a blind Man. The Prisoner led me eight Days - ay that's her Voice - I used to make my Bed my self, but last Tuesday she came to my Room and was very eager to make the Bed for me, and took away my Coat and the Sheets - she confest it before Justice Ellis, and I beg'd the Justice to have her whipt a bit and let her go. Nay, noble Sir, I would have whipt her my self with my Drum Cords, but they would not let me - God bless your noble Honours, I wish you'd give me leave to whip her here, and I'd freely forgive her - Do my Lord - I have got my Drum Cords ready - There goes one - two - three.

The Jury acquitted her

Reference Number: t17350226-67

61. , was indicted for a Misdemeanor, in unlawfully entring the House of Ann Burton , with an intent to steal her Goods, Feb. 9 . in the Night .

The Prisoner was a Bricklayer , and had been at work at the Prosecutor's House in Hoxton . There was a Hole in the Roof, made for the Scaffolding. The Prisoner found the way into this Hole about nine at Night, but it not being big enough for him to get quite through, he hung by the Arms. A Noise being heard in the Garret, the Maid went up to see what was the matter, and found him in that Position. She screamed out, and several coming to her Assistance, they broke way with a Hatchet, and let him down.

In his Defence, he said he got drunk, and going home he fell into that Hole at the top of the House. Several gave him a good Character.

The Jury found him guilty of the unlawful Entry, but acquitted him of the Design to rob the House .

[Fine. See summary.]

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-68

62. Henry Sharplet , was indicted for stealing a piece of an Iron Hoop, value 1 s. the Goods of Abraham Smith , Abraham Lilly , and John Ambrose , Feb. 20 . Guilty 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-69

63. Francis Brown alias Merrithought, was indicted for stealing a Gown, a Coat, Wastcoat, Breeches, Shirt, Cloak, &c. the Goods of Isaac Leakin , Feb. 20 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-70

64. Charles Thurman , was indicted for stealing a Shirt , the Goods of John Frazier , Jan. 29 . Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17350226-71

65. Patrick Branigan was indicted for Marrying Elizabeth Kirkwood , Jan. 11. in the seventh Year of the King , his former Wife Frances Ann Hitchcock being then living . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17350226-72

66. John Hess and Elizabeth Hess , his Wife , were indicted for stealing a Quilt , the Goods of Hannah Shell , Octob. 17 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: s17350226-1

The Trials being ended, the Court proceeded to give Judgment as follows:

Receiv'd Sentence of Death 14.

Anthony Byrne , Thomas Beaumont , John Barkshire , John Fielder , Joseph Rose , William Bush , Humphry Walker , William Williams , William Isaacson , Richard Gulliford , Robert Jacks , John Syndal , Anthony Lindsy , Ethelbert Hawks .

Transportation 30.

Howard Deezly , Thomas Gilpin , Robert Roch , Hannah Stratford , Josiah Stevens , William Jackson , Ann Ward , Margaret Mills , William Wardlow , Jacob Dowle , William Smith , Thomas Jenkins . James Mitchell , Mary Latter , William Bently , Mary Butler , William Cummins , William Dennis , L - A - , William Denton , James Rawlins , Matthias Frame , James Hunt , Francis Fort , Margaret Connor , John Oliver , Henry Sharplet , Charles Thurman , John Clark , Thomas Bateman .

Whipt I.

Joseph Jarvis .

Burnt in the Hand 3.

John Balm , James Wilson , John Dwyer .

C - G - Fined one Mark, and to suffer three Months Imprisonment.

Reference Number: a17350226-1

This Day is published, [Price 6d.] No. 21. (Being the ninth Number of the second Volume of)

SELECT TRIALS at the Sessions House in the Old Baily, for Murders, Robberies Rapes, Sodomy, Coining, Frauds and other Offences, from the Year 1720 to the present time; chiefly transcribed from Notes taken in Court, with genuine Accounts of the Lives, Behaviour, Confession, and Dying Speeches of the most eminent Convicts. N.B. These Trials, &c. are not to be met with in any other Collection.

This Number contains among others, The Trial of James Clough , on an Appeal for Murder, with a remarkable Account of that Murder, of Bigg, for sending a threatning Letter; of Kemp, for several Burglaries; of Robinson, for stealing Money out of Letters at the General Post-Office; and the several Trials of William Acton , Deputy-Keeper of the Marshallea, for Murder, his Trial being directed by the House of Commons. Also the Tryals of Mary Maccartney and Mary Wild ( Jonathan Wild 's Brother's Wife, for privately stealing; Thomas Bambridge , Esq; late Warden of the Fleet for Felony; Peter Coffee for Forgery; and James Dalton for attempting to rob Dr. Mead, and for Robbing John Waller , who was afterwards kill'd in the Pillory by Dalton's Brother, and one Grissin.

Printed for J Wilford behind the Chapter-House near St. Paul's Church-Yard.

Where may be had Vol. I.(Price Six Shillings)

Containing upwards of Three Hundred Trials of which are Seventy-seven Trials of the most notorious Highwaymen, with their Lives and Dying-Speeches; Fifty three for Murder, several of which are very remarkable; Thirty-one, of Whores for privately stealing, which are very entertaining; Ten, of noted Shoplifters; Sixty 2, of House-breakers, &c. Nineteen, for Frauds, Riots, and Misdemeanors; Eleven, for Rapes and Attempts to ravish, Eight, for receiving stolen Goods; Nine, for single Felonies; Five, for receiving stolen Goods; Five, for Coining; Two, for Forgery; Four, for Sodomy; One, for Bigamy; Two for Returning from Transportation; Two, for Horse-stealing; and Ten for endeavouring to set up a new Mint.

N.B. These Trials are not only very necessary for all Lawyers, Justices of the Peace, Clarks of the Indictments, and other Persons concern'd in Prosecutions, &c. but are very useful and entertaining to the Generality of Readers; and every Number contains more in Quantity, and is cheaper than any thing ever publish'd this way.

This Day is Published, Price 2 s. 6 d. neatly Bound, The Third Volume of,

THE Lives of most of remarkable Criminals who have been condemn'd and executed for Murder, Highway, House-breaking, Street-robberies, Coining, or other Offences, from the Year 1720. to the present Time. Containing particularly, the Lives of William Berwick , for the Murder of his Wife; James Cluff for the Murder of his Fellow Servant Mary Green; Capt. John Gow a Pirate and Murderer; John Perry , his Mother and Brother, for the supposed Murder of the Rev. Mr. Harrison at Campden in Gloucestershire; James Dalton a House-breaker; John Everet who kept the Cock Alehouse in the Old Baily; and Ferdinando Shrimpton, a Highwayman, &c. John Featherby and the rest of his Gang, notorious House-breakers; James Drummond and Robert Drummond , two Brothers, Highwaymen. Collected from original Papers and authentick Memoirs. Printed and sold by John Osborn at the Golden Ball in Paternoster-Row; where may be had compleat Sets at 7 s. 6 d.

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The following Books for the Entertainment and Improvement of Youth are just published and sold by Richard Ware at the Bible and Sun in Amen Corner near Pater-noster-Row.

I. A Description of three Hundred Animals-viz. Beasts, Birds, Fishes, S Insects. With a particular Account of the Whale Fishery, extracted out of the best Authors and adapted to the Use of all Capacities, especially to allure Children to read. Illustrated with Copper-Plates; whereon is curiously engraved, every Beast, Bird, Fish, Serpent or Insect, described in the whole Book. Price 2 s. 6 d.

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