Old Bailey Proceedings, 12th April 1727.
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THE PROCEEDINGS AT THE Sessions of the Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, For the CITY of LONDON. AND ON

The King's Commission of Goal-Delivery of Newgate, held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily; for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex.


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, being the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th of April, 1727, in the Thirteenth Year of His MAJESTY's Reign.

(Price Four Pence.)

BEFORE the Right Honourable Sir JOHN EYLES , Bart. Lord Mayor of the City of London; the Right Honourable Sir Robert Raymond , Knight, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench, the Honourable Mr. Baron Thompson , Recorder of the City of London, and John Raby , Serjeant at Law; and others His Majesty's Justices of Goal-Delivery, and Oyer and Terminer aforesaid: Together with several of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said City of London.

London Jury.

Samuel Parks ,

Thomas Warner ,

Paschal Fennant ,

Bryan Marriatt ,

William Byram ,

Jeremiah Jones ,

Marmad Emmerson ,

Randall Randalls ,

Nebemiah Farmer ,

Walter Terry ,

William Hopkins ,

Samuel Lee .

Middlesex Jury.

Thomas Whitehead ,

Thomas Tett ,

Joseph Wootton ,

Thomas Bates ,

William Perkins ,

Robert Beck ,

William Underwood ,

Francis Bronker ,

Thomas Baxter ,

George Gillet ,

Daniel Mitchell ,

John Walker .

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Mary Wyatt , of St. Andrew's Holborn , was indicted for stealing a Gloucestershire Cheese, value 2 s. on the 23d of March last, in the House of Richard Cotton .

The Prosecutor depos'd. That he saw the Prisoner take the Cheese, and upon his pursuing her she dropt it. The Fact being plainly prov'd, the Jury brought her in guilty to the Value of 10 d.

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John Rainsford , of St. Mary Le Bow , was indicted for stealing three Guineas and one Moidore, in the House of Richard Baker , on the 28th of March last, the Property of Richard Smith ; who depos'd. That the Prisoner and he were Fellow Servants at the Crown Tavern in Bow-Lane , and that the Prisoner (by his own Confession) had a Key to his Trunk, by the Help of which he robbed him of the Money mention'd in the Indictment. The Prisoner having nothing to say in his Defence, but that he was intoxicated with Liquor, and knew not what he did. The Jury brought him in guilty to the Value of 39 s.

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Patience Fry , of St. Sepulcher's, in the Ward of Farringdon without , was indicted for feloniously picking the Pocket of Matth.ew Stennet , of a Silver Watch, value 6 l. on the 23d of March last.

Christopher Goodman depos'd. That the Prisoner's Sister had taken a Room of him, and that on the Night in which Mr. Stennet lost his Watch, the Prisoner, her Sister and others, sent him for a Pint of Gin, going for which he accidentally met the Prosecutor in Liquor, and (to keep him out of Harms way) brought him home with him, and laid him upon the Bed in the Room with this good Company. That he saw the Prisoner come from the Bed's Feet and put a Watch in her Bosom, but he did not know it to be the Prosecutor's.

Mr. Stennet depos'd. That when he miss'd his Watch he charged it upon Goodman, who thereupon ran away, but afterwards to clear himself, he said he would swear it positively on the Prisoner: But not making it appear to the Satisfaction of the Jury, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17270412-4

Thomas Perrine , of St. Matthew Friday-Street , was indicted for privately stealing a Pint Silver Tankard, value 3 l. in the House of Enoch Steeple , on the 20th of March last.

Mr. Steeple depos'd. That the Prisoner came to his House on the Day aforesaid, and called for Victuals and Drink, which he paid for and went away, without giving him the least Suspicion; but receiving a Letter that Night from a Constable in Holbourn, who had stopt the Prisoner with a Tankard bearing his Name; he went and found it to be his own: The Prisoner not giving a good Account how he came by it, he was brought in guilty to the Value of 39 s.

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John Coombs and John White , of St. Bennet's Woodstreet , were indicted for stealing 1 Pair of Breaches, value 7 s. on the 14th of March last, the Goods of John Grubb .

Mr. Hempson, (a Taylor) depos'd. That he had the Breeches to repair, and that going from his Stall to put a Goose in the Fire, they was whipt away before

a Man could well have swallowed a pickle Cucumber.

Mr. Grubb depos'd. That a young Man told him he suspected the Prisoners to have stole something, upon which he stopt them, and found his own Breeches.

John Wilkinson depos'd. That he saw one of the Prisoners take them from the Stall, and the other run away with them. The Fact appearing plain upon Coombs, he was found guilty to the Value of 10 d. but White was acquitted .

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Elizabeth Ball , of St. Giles's without Cripplegate , was indicted for stealing one Pair of Sheets, value 6 s. on the 2d of March last, the Goods of George Cuff .

The Prosecutor depos'd. That he found the Prisoner in Bridewell, and that she there confess'd her taking and pawning them at one Stone's in Barbakin, where they was found: Her Defence being weak, the Jury found her guilty to the Value of 10 d.

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John Walker , of St. Clement's Danes , was indicted for Felony and Burglary, in entring the House of Henry Shelly , Esq ; on the 2d of March last.

John Atkinson depos'd. That coming before a Chair he saw a Boy cross the Street, and put his Head in at the Sash, (it being open) and went back, upon which he fearing there might be some Mischief in design, knock'd at the Door, that the Person who open'd the Door told him, he wou'd take care of it; but having more Occasion to take Care of himself he took to his Heels, and that this Deponent following him hard, saw another join and run with him the latter he took, which he did believe to be the Person who look'd in at the Window, and which he affirm'd to be the Prisoner at the Bar. When the Prisoner was taken before a Magistrate, he confess'd, that he in Company with John Wellkin , went to Mr. Shelly's House with a design to rob it, Wellkin telling him there was Things of Value, which they might easily come by; but after he had learn'd his Lesson in Newgate he denied it all intirely: Wellkin was seen to run out of the House without a Hat, the Prisoner was taken with two Hats, one of which he said he snatched from a Boy's Head in Covent-Garden, because in tossing up for Half-pence he would not pay his losing. The Fact not being plainly proved upon him, and several sufficient People appearing for his Character, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17270412-8

Joshua Laughland , of St. Giles's in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously stealing one Diaper Table-cloth, value 1 s. on the 4th of April last, the Goods of Susan Newman .

The Prosecutor depos'd. That the Prisoner coming to her House and calling for a Pint of Beer, took an Opportunity to take the Cloth out of her Drawers, and coming a second Time she caught him in offering to do the same; upon which she charg'd him with an Officer, and carried him to the Round-House, where he confess'd his taking the Table-cloth the first Time, and giving it his Sister to pawn for 12 d.

John Thompson , the Prisoner's Grandfather appearing in his Behalf, thus depos'd. My Name is T, H, O , M, P , S, O , N, and I swear I never knew him do an ill Thing before in his Life, God bless him. The Jury found him guilty to the Value of 10 d.

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Joseph Atkinson , of the Middle-Temple , was indicted for breaking into the Chamber of Mr. Henry Hatsell , and taking thence 1 Cloth Coat, 3 Waistcoats, 2 Pair of Breeches, 5 Silver Tea Spoons, and other Things of Value on the 5th of April last.

Mr. Hatsell depos'd. That coming from the Tavern the 5th of April at Night, he found his Room open, upon which he turn'd the Key, and fetching the Watch he search'd the Room, but found no Body. Next Morning missing his Goods he made further Enquiry, and understood that a Porter had been with his Landlady the Night before in his Name, desiring the Key of the Door might be left at Tom's Coffee-House, for Mr. Hatsell was gone to my Lady Sherley's, and would not be at home till Eleven: After a strict Search Mr. Hatsell found out the Porter, who gave such a Description of the Person who sent him, that he did believe it to be the Prisoner, who was Servant to his Barber, and accordingly apprehended him.

Charles Candey the Porter depos'd. That the Prisoner came to him and enquired for one Nash, a Porter, who he told him was gone into the City; upon which the Prisoner desired Candey to go of an Errand for him to Devereaux Court, but he not liking his Looks would not obey his Orders: Afterwards he found Nash, whom he sent, and got the Key, by the Help of which he came to Mr. Hatsell's Chamber, and took the Goods mentioned in the Indictment.

Evan Evans depos'd. That Mr. Hatsell's Laundress brought the Key to Tom's Coffee-House in Devereaux-Court, and bid him take Care of it, and that at about Eleven at Night a Man came and told them that Mr. Hatsell stood in the Cold and wanted his Key, which he delivered, but did not know the Prisoner to be the Person who came for it, because he delivered it through the Cellar Window.

Robert Beaumont depos'd. That the Prisoner's Sister came to him whilst the Prisoner was in Newgate, and desired him to go with her to see him, which he did, and there this Deponent heard him confess (by the earnest Pressures of his Sister) that it was he that had invented that Contrivance to get the Key, and had actually taken the Things aforesaid, and then gave them an Inventory of the Particulars, and where some of them was in pawn: This Paper was produced in Court, written with his own Hand. He made several frivolous Excuses, but the Fact appearing plain, the Jury found him guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17270412-10

Crispin Green , Robert Green , Sarah Green , and Elizabeth Green , of St. Andrew's Holborn , were indicted for breaking and entring the Dwelling-House of William Hicks , between 11 o'Clock on Easter Sunday Night and 5 the next Morning, taking thence eleven Gallons of Brandy, 2 Gowns, an empty Cask, and 12 Pounds of Beef, to the Value of 30 s.

William Hicks depos'd. That finding his House broke open, and knowing the Prisoners (his next Door Neighbours) to be a Parcel of idle People, he search'd their House on Suspicion, and found the empty Cask, the Beef, and some of his Brandy, afterwards he found the Gowns on the Persons of Elizabeth and Sarah Green, going to pawn them at the Hole in the Wall in Leicester-street.

Ann Bays , Elizabeth Williams , and Andrew Smith the Constable, all depos'd. That they was present when the Goods was taken on the Prisoners.

Robert Green thus made his Defence, I was going to work at 5 in the Morning (this lookt a little too industrious on an Easter Monday) and at my own Door kick'd against a great Bundle, which I took up and carried into my Room, where I found them to be the Goods mentioned in the Indictment. (N B. wearing Apparel, Beef and Brandy, a very odd Composition for a Bundle to be made up withal) now I being honest, said he, call'd up Crispin, Elizabeth, and Sarah Green, (for we all lay in a Room together) to contrive how the right Owners might come by their Goods again; at length we agreed, having no Money, to pawn them, that we might have wherewithal to pay the Cryer, and Whilst we was going to prosecute this honest Intention, we was all taken into Custody; but notwithstanding this fine Pretence, they could not justify a bad Action, which was too evident for the Jury to be impos'd on: But the Women being under the Power and Influence of their Husbands, was acquitted . Robert and Crispin found guilty of Felony, but not of the Burglary, to the Value of 4 s. 10 d.

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Benjamin Perry , of St. Dunstan's in the West , was indicted for feloniously picking the Pocket of Daniel Robinson , on the 30th of March last, of 22 Guineas , at a publick House near Temple-Bar .

The Prosecutor depos'd. That he being in Drink accidentally fell in Company with the Prisoner, who had no Money, but staid in the House altogether at his

Expences; and that being at the Fire-side he fell asleep, none but the Prisoner being near, and waking, mist his Money and the Prisoner gone.

Thomas Powess depos'd. He saw the Prosecutor pull out his Money and put it up again, and that he could perceive there was no less than the Money mentioned in the Indictment, and that hearing next Morning of the Prosecutor's losing his Money, he went and gave Directions, by which the Prisoner was taken.

Thomas Spicer deposd. That he being in the House for some Time in Company with the Prosecutor, heard the Prisoner perswade him to go to the Fire-side

Thomas Whittle depos'd. That he coming into the House, saw the Prosecutor at the Fire-side asleep, and the Prisoner laying one Leg over his Lap, with his Right Hand in such a Posture, as betray'd he could have no good Design.

William Willsom depos'd. That he caught the Prisoner at the Hand and Apple in Little Queen-Street, with 14 Guineas and a half about him, of which he could give no other Account, but that he found it in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields. But it evidently appearing to the contrary, the Jury brought him in guilty Death .

Reference Number: t17270412-12

Ernest Swissleman , of St. Martin's in the Fields , was indicted for privately and feloniously stealing 65 Guineas in Money, and a Gold Watch and Chain , on the 2d of April last, the Property of Captain William Scuthby .

The Prosecutor depos'd. That the Prisoner coming into his Chamber whilst he was in Bed, and he afterwards missing his Gold and Breeches, with his Watch and Chain, he had Suspicion that the Prisoner had robb'd him, and accordingly he sent for Serjeant Crawford, who he desired to search for him with all Expedition.

Serjeant Crawford depos'd That he went in quest of the Prisoner, first to some Places in Town, and then to Gravesend, where he found him mounted on Horseback with a Guide and another Person of his Retinue (for he was now a Gentleman) and that this Deponent seizing him, found the Watch and Chain, and 60 Guineas upon him, he then telling Mr. Crawford he was going to Rochester: But the Fact appearing plain, the Jury found him guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17270412-13

Penelope Chattersen , of St. Clement's Danes , was indicted for stealing 5 Silk Gowns, value 22 s. 5 Silk Petticoats, and other wearing Apparel of great Value , the Goods of Mrs. Cooper , on the 3d of March last, which being evidently proved, she was found guilty to the Value of 30 s.

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John Cook , of St. Mary White-chapel , was indicted for stealing one Stuff-Gown and Petticoat, and 2 Brass Candlesticks, to the Value of 8 s. on the 19th of March last: The Fact appearing plain, the Jury found him guilty to the Value of 10 d.

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George Smith , of St, Giles's in the Fields , was indicted for stealing a Hat. Value 1 s. on the 10th of April last, the Goods of John Radford , the Jury found him guilty to the Value of 10 d

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Rachael Hewett , of St. Dunstan's Stepney , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Frock, Coat, and Shift, value 9 s. which she barbarously stript from Mary Thorp , a Child in Spittle-Fields The Jury brought her in guilty to the Value of 4 s. 10 d.

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John Evans , Thomas Billcox , and Boyer Ford were indicted for feloniously stealing 3 Silver-Spoons and a Silver Milk-pot, value 29 s. on the 11th of March last, the Goods of Mr. Edward Kempton , and all three found guilty of single Felony .

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Joseph Richardson , was indicted for stealing 18 Pence in Money, from the Person of Ann Hotchkins , on the 26th of March last, but the Fact not being plainly proved, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17270412-19

Sarah Efferidge, alias Cook, alias Sampson , of St. Giles's in the Fields , was indicted on Suspicion of stealing a Fussian Frock, value 40 s. from John Bedson , on the 16th of August last.

Thomas Pomphret , (a Pawnbroker) thus depos'd. She the Prisoner brought the Frock to me to pawn, but as she is a young frisky Girl, and does not wear a Frock, I did not care to take it in; at last I did like a Fool, or, etc. and the Owner hearing or suspecting, brought a Search Warrant and took it away; we went before a Justice, but he instead of ordering me my Money, as I expected, bound me to prosecute; (so it is to be a Pawnbroker:) I found the Prisoner but I lost the Frock, and paid my Money to a fine Purpose. I ask'd Mr. Bedson to appear against her, and prove that Frock was his which she pawn'd to me, that I might have the Satisfaction as the Law allow'd, which he said he would, but not being under an Obligation, has slipt his Neck out of the Collar, and left me in the Lurch: Thus it is to be a Pawn-broker. The Goods not being produc'd in Court, and the Prosecutor not being able to prove the Fact on the Prisoner, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17270412-20

John Blanchervill (a Hibernian) was indicted for feloniously marrying Hannah Prout , his former Wife Ann Degauge being alive ; to prove which, Madam Maria Chevilliere thus depos'd Me come fro Franca, whear de Preshoner have de toder Wife, it be at de great Shirte da call Doway, me be upon da Wedding, me see'd it wid me own Eye, and me will prove dat Man, Monsieur Blanchervill, to be de ver Perso - after he mar Madam Degauge, he go keep de great Inn at Ghent, it be de Sign of de - Sign of de - Sign of de - I forget dat, but it be de great Inn - by the shame Token me go and hire - wat you call datting like de little Coach wid two Weel - de Sha - ow - de Sha - me hire de Sha, and dare me she his toder Wife - dis me swear upon bot de Bible and de Testementee But though this Evidence proved his former Marriage to Mrs. Degage, his Marriage to Mrs. Hannah Prout was not clearly proved, though the Reverend Mr. Meredith depos'd. That he on the 19th of October married her to one John Blanchervill , which appeared by his Register; but he could not swear this to be the Person, upon which the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17270412-21

Thomas Nash , of Harrow on the Hill , was indicted for the Murder of Mary his Wife , by giving her several Wounds and Bruises with Stones on the Left Side of the Head , on the 5th of this Instant April ; he was a second Time indicted on the Coroner's Inquest, to both of which Indictments he pleaded not guilty.

Thomas Bond depos'd. That he found the Deceased in a back Room lying on her Face naked, and with a Door upon her; on the 5th Instant in the Evening afterwards, he met the Prisoner, and asked him where his Wife was? To which he answer'd, he could not tell, she was not come home yet; to which this Deponent reply'd, I believe you have kill'd her, desiring him to come and see her, which he refused: The Court asking the Prisoner if he had any Questions to put to this Deponent, he answered, yes, I desire you would ask him if I owe him any Thing for Milk?

John Page depos'd. When I heard the Prisoner was taken, I went and examined him, and this he confess'd himself to me, My Wife and I quarrell'd on Wednesday and she going out I follow'd her, and by the Way seeing some Stones, I flung 'em at her; after which she went and lay down in the back House, upon which I followed her, she lay down, and I laid the Door upon her, and then sate upon her for some considerable Time; after this I laid her out, and covered her with Hay, and then left her.

Thomas Watson depos'd. That he was present at his Examination, and saw him sign it in Writing, which was to this Effect, That in Quarrelling, his Wife and Son fell upon him, and one pulled him by the Hair, the other by the Throat, endeavouring to kill him, and he endeavoured to kill them.

Adam Nash , Son to the Prisoner depos'd. That he had been there a Day or two, during which Time there had been some quarrelling, his Father saying, he would lay her on the Fire and this Deponent hinder'd him; but that on Tuesday, (the Day before this Murder was committed) he went away, and left them good Friends.

Leonard Mignard depos'd. That he being a Surgeon was sent for, and searching the Deceased, found two Contusions on the Right side of her Head, near the Temple, the Left Eye and Ear bruised and torn, and her Nose slatted to her Face, which he did believe to be the Cause of her Death.

Eleanor Susmith depos'd. That she had known him for some Years to be a very Crazy Person, not taking his natural Rest, but magotting and rambling like a Mad-man.

Mr. Page further depos'd. That at Times he was besides himself, especially at Spring and Fall, when he was seldom in a Capacity to follow Business.

One of the Jury desired the Question might be asked, Whether he was himself at the Time aforesaid, and at his Examination, which was answered in the Negative.

Mr. Watson further depos'd. That he had known him 13 Years, and that he would sometimes go to his Neighbours Houses and demand such Things as he had occasion for, but where he met with Opposition he came no more, and only tyrannized over them that feared him; his Son said, he was troubled in Mind on Occasion of his being cheated of an Estate by his Brother; he had formerly been a Soldier for fourteen Years, during which Time he had received several dangerous Wounds in the Head, and has still several Marks to shew, which makes it probable those Wound's might weaken his Intellectuals.

Mr Allen depos'd. That during his being a Prisoner in Newgate, he had behaved himself like a Madman, telling of his having a Hat full of Half-pence, which he offered to be let out of Newgate, shewing his empty Hat, and bidding them take them saying, he had occasion to buy a load of Hay, and then he would come back again; these Extravagancies he performed in such a Manner, as plainly shew'd he was not in his Senses, and his Behaviour in Court being little different from that of a Bedlamite, the Jury brought him in Non compos mentis .

Reference Number: t17270412-22

Thomasin Mason , of St. Giles's Cripplegate , was indicted for privately stealing a Looking-Glass, value 10 s. 8 Pewter Plates, and a pair of Bed Curtains , on the 16th of March last, the Goods of Ann Amey .

The Prosecutor depos'd. That the Prisoner took a Room Furnished of her Weekly, and that on the 16th of March last she took her Opportunity to carry of the Goods aforesaid; and being afterwards taken she confes'd the Fact, and gave the Prosecutor a Note where she might find them. The Jury brought her in guilty to the Value of 10 d. but as she had several to appear to her Character, affirming it was the first Fact she was ever known to be guilty of, they recommended her to the Mercy of the Court .

Reference Number: t17270412-23

Thomas Bridges and Paul Nichols , of the Parish of Edgworth , were indicted for privately and feloniously stealing 2 Ewe Sheep value 30 s. on the 4th of Feb . last, the Property of Thomas Fowler .

The Prosecutor depos'd. That he having a Suspicion of Nichols, searched his House and found the Skins, and that Nichols then confest Bridges was accessary to the taking them, and that the Carcasses might be found in a Pond where they had slung them, tied up in two Bags, with Stones to make them sink; afterwards the Prosecutor took Bridges, who also confest the Fact; which Confessions being both read in Court, the Jury found them guilty to the Value of 4 s. and 10 d. each .

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Reference Number: t17270412-24

William James , of St. James Clerkenwell , was indicted for assaulting, and in a barbarous Manner murdering John Carroll , giving him one mortal Bruise on the upper Part of his Throat, of which he instantly died : He was a second Time indicted on the Coroner's Inquest for the said Murder, to both which Indictments he pleaded, Not guilty

Robert Emmery depos'd. That he being at Mr. Stokes's Amphitheatre , to see a Boxing Match, saw a Man getting up into the Gallery, and saw the Prisoner kick him down, but that he heard nothing of any Person being kill'd till near 2 Hours after that; and when he saw the Deceased he could not swear that that was the Person whom the Prisoner kick'd for climbing up into the Gallery.

Joseph Thatcher depos'd. That he being there saw the Deceased getting up into the Gallery, and heard the Prisoner bid him get down, and that he then stoop'd, and the Prisoner looking another way he endeavoured to get up again, and that then the Prisoner kick'd him, and he fell, but there was no further Notice taken: Neither was there any mention of a Man's being murder'd till after the Battle on the Stage was over, this being a considerable Time before it began. Next Morning this Deponent saw the Deceased, but was not certain it was the same that the Prisoner kick'd.

Robert Staple depos'd. That he saw the Man fall which James kick'd, but that he heard nothing of any Mischief that was done him.

Mr. Burton the Surgeon depos'd. That on searching the Deceas'd, he found a large Contusion on his Neck, and a Discolouration on his Shoulder; but the Fact not appearing plain on the Prisoner, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17270412-25

George Starky , was indicted for Felony and Burglary, in stealing a Velvet Cap, value 12 d. and 5 Guineas in Money , on the 26th of March last; the Goods and Property of Luke Robinson and William Gillett .

Luke Robinson depos'd. That the Prisoner being a poor Boy without Habitation, he had given him leave to lay in the Stables belonging to my Lord Masham, and that at that at the Time aforesaid he broke through a Wall into his Lordship's Hay-lost, and then through another Wall, which let him into the Servants Room, and their breaking open the Box of William Gillett , and took the 5 Guineas mention'd in the Indictment, but the Burglary not appearing evident he was acquitted of that, and brought in guilty of single Felony .

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Reference Number: t17270412-26

Deborah Spires , of St. Gile's in the Fields , was indicted for privately and feloniously stealing one Gold Ring, value 15 s. 2 Moidores, 7 Guineas, 3 Half Guineas, 3 Crown Pieces, and some wearing Apparel , on the 5th of March ; the Property of Alice Turner , who depos'd, that going to Church on the 5th of March, she left the Prisoner at home to look after her House, and that coming home, she found the Door lock'd, and the Key thrust under it, that she was forced to get in at the Window, and finding herself robb'd, she went to the Prisoner's Mother, who told her she believ'd her Girl was guilty, for she had been there with a great deal of Money, and told them a Gentleman gave it her for a Night's Lodging; she had given her little Brother 2 Silver Two-pences, which were remarkable, and which the Prosecutor knew to be her own.

Anne Cowen depos'd. That the Prisoner came to her Mistress's House at Greenwich, with two young Men, and that there she had spent considerably, and left a Ring in Pawn, which Ring was produc'd in Court, and own'd by the Prosecutor.

Benjamin Taylor depos'd. That on the 5th of March the Prisoner came to him and told him, if he would go with her she would treat him, and that accordingly he and another went with her to Greenwich, where they lived very merrily. She had several to appear for her former Character; but all concluding, that since her being married to a bad Husband, she had been but, &c. Committing several mad Disorders, and coming home in a Coach stark naked. The Jury brought her in Guilty, 4s. 10d.

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Reference Number: t17270412-27

Rose Bradshaw , of St. Martin's in the Fields , was indicted for stealing a Silver Watch, Value 4l. and Seal 18d. in October last, the Goods of Paul Nanded , who thus depos'd, Me lost me wash in my Kishin, and me take de Preshoner pon Suspicion, but me did no tink to bring her to sush a Place as dish; but de Shustice bound me to proshecute, cause my Wash was found pon her. Her Hushband come o' me tree Week ago, and say he be ver glad I be quiet, but me stay, me foreshtand, me Wash be upon de Pawn for the Guinea and de half Guinea if dey bring me

dat, get I my Wash and say nothing, but day bring me no Wash and no Lorshon; so me tak her to de Shustice, and he mak me come upon dish Plause, dish be all me can say about it. - She was found guilty to the Value of 10d.

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Reference Number: t17270412-28

James Strong and Jacob Rashfield of St. Catherine's by the Tower , were indicted for stealing a Sugar-loaf, valued 4s. on the 29th of March last, the Goods of Benjamin Rowse . They were a second Time indicted for stealing a Peruke valued 3 Pounds, the Goods of John Grace , in the House of Mr. Talkington .

Benjamin Rowse depos'd. That when he took the Prisoners with the Sugar-loaf, he found the Wing in Strong's Pocket, who confess'd, that he and Rashfield had stole it out of the House of Mr. Talkington, which appearing plain, they were brought in Guilty to the Value of 10d. each .

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Reference Number: t17270412-29

Thomas Bacchus of St. Clement's Danes , was indicted for stealing 29 Yards of Shalloon, valued 29s. in the Shop of Robert Currant , on the 17th of March last. The Prisoner having nothing to say in his Defence, was brought in guilty to the Value of 4s. 10d.

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Reference Number: t17270412-30

Thomas Hicks and John Ashton of St. Dunstan's Stepney , were indicted for privately stealing one Dozen of Silk Handkerchiefs value 18s. on the 25th of February last, the Goods of Anne Milliard , who depos'd. That the Prisoners came to her House on Pretence of buying a Handkerchief, and that she suspecting them to be Shoplifters, left a Dozen of Handkerchiefs upon the Counter to try their Honesty, and coming back, the Goods were gone, which she found upon Thomas Hicks (a little Boy of about 11 Years of age) who thus made his Defence. As I was leaning upon the Counter, the Goods fell down into some Spittle, and I took them up only with a Design to wipe them with my Coat-lappet: But this Defence being weak, they were brought in guilty to the Value of 10d. each .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17270412-31

Eliz. Stamper of St. Dunstan's Stepney , was indicted for stealing one Holland Sheet, and a Cap, valued at 3s. the Goods of Robert Evans , on the 18th of March last; but the Evidence not being full, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17270412-32

Mary Tinworth was indicted for stealing 7 pound of Iron, valued 7d. on the 8th of March last, the Goods of John Fout ; but it not appearing plain, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17270412-33

Isaac Pearson and Owen Gerard were indicted For stealing 3 Pound of Fat, valued 10d. on the 13th of March last, the Goods of Tho. Nash , for which they were brought in guilty to the Value of 10d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17270412-34

William Crafto of St. Giles's in the Field , was indicted for stealing two Curtains and a Seat-cloth, valued 3s. the Goods of William Hurst and Thomas Edwards , on the 13th of March last, in the Night-time.

John Hurst depos'd. That sitting with his Partner to refresh themselves, a Watchman came and told them their Chair was robb'd, at which, by the Advice of another Watchman, they went in Search of the Prisoner, who had been seen very busy among the Chairs, and finding him at a disorderly House, he confess'd the Fact, for which the Jury brought him in guilty to the Value of 4s. 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17270412-35

Eliz. Shelton of St. Giles's in the Fields , was indicted for stealing 1 Pair of Velvet Breeches on the 1st. of February last, the Goods of John Chapman . The Fact being not fully prov'd, the Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17270412-36

Sarah Willaw of St. Botolph without Aldgate , was indicted for stealing a Camlet Ridinghood , the Goods of Frances Cofton , on the 8th of April last. A Quaker was produc'd as an Evidence against the Prisoner, who through Inadvertency pull'd off his Hat, of which he being told, took Pet, and ran out of the Court, without staying to take either Oath or Affirmation. The Fact not appearing plain, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17270412-37

Grace Bolton of Edmonton , was indicted for stealing a black Silk Hood, valued 2s. on the 23d of December last, the goods of Anne Lodg , who depos'd. That she lost the Hood at a Christning, and fetching a Warrant, she search'd the gossips, and found it upon the Prisoner; but the Prisoner having a good Character, and proving her Design was to return it, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17270412-38

John Harris , of St. Dunstan's in the West , was indicted for stealing a Silver Taster, value 20s. on the 10th of April last, the Goods of Henry Farnham . The Jury brought him in guilty to the Value of 10d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17270412-39

James Pickering , of Coleman-Street , was indicted for stealing 2 Bibles value 7s. 3 Common-Prayer Books 3 s. on the 31st of December last; the Goods of John Boswell .

James Gunnell depos'd, That the Books were taken out of a Pew at Church, and afterwards one of the Bibles was brought to Mr. Boswell by Mr. Newton the Bookseller who bought it: Mr. Newton depos'd, that finding Mr. Boswells Name in it, he carried it to him, who order'd him, if he could find the Person who sold it him to seize him; sometime after, the Prisoner, came and offer'd a Common Prayer Book to Sale, and was then taken into Custody, but as Mr. Boswell did not appear in Court to prove the Books his own, the Prisoner was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17270412-40

Arthur Hawkens of St. Margaret's Westminster , was indicted for privately and feloniously stealing a Silver Lamp, Frame, Sauce-pan, and Punch-ladle, valued 3l. 5s. on the 25th of February last, in the House of Mr. Joyns , who depos'd. That a Fire breaking out on the Day aforesaid, the next Door his House, near Kensington Palace, a Bell was rung to call the Men together belonging to his Majestro Works; and among the rest, the Prisoner at the Bar was very officious in helping off with his Goods. After the Fire was extinguished he missed several Things, in particular, the Plate mentioned in the Indictment, which he cryed by the common Bell-man, but to no Purpose: After this he sent for the Prisoner at the Bar, and charged him with them, which he at first considently deny'd, but after some Hesitation, he confess'd he had the Silver Lamp, but nothing further.

Richard Hawton depos'd. That by Mr. Joyns's Order he went with the Prisoner at the Bar to fetch the Lamp back again, and coming to the Prisoner's House, he got out of the Window, and lifting up a Tyle, took the Frame of the Lamp from under it; after this he went to his Bed, and brought the other part of the Lamp from off the Tester, from which Place this Deponent made him bring out the Silver Sauce-pan and Punch-ladle.

John White depos'd. That he being an Assistant at the Fire, went to help off with Mr. Joyns's Goods, where the Prisoner was, who put several Things into this Deponent's Apron and that then the Prisoner had something in his Pocket which made a jingling Noise like Silver; this Deponent further said, that he met the Prisoner the same Day in the Afternoon, and asked him if he had got nothing of Mr. Joyns's to which he replied, No; the Things which he had the Morning he had returned to Mr. Joynes's Lady, though at that Time he had them in his own Possession. Upon the Whole the Fact appearing plain, and being attended with several aggravating Circumstances the Jury bought him in guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17270412-41

Charles Hitchin (under City Marshal , formerly a Cabinet-maker in St. Paul's Churchyard , was indicted, for that he did on the 29th of March last, wickedly make an Assault, and commit that detestable Sin of Sodomy on the Body of Richard Williamson .

He was second Time indicted for a Misdemeanour, in assaulting and endeavouring to commit that detestable Sin of Sodomy on the Person of Richard Williamson .

The Prosecutor depos'd. That the Evening mention'd in the Indictment, coming from the Savoy Gate, he met the Prisoner, who asked him to drink, and carried him to the Royal Oak in the Strand, where after they had drank 2 Pints of Beer, the Prisoner began to shew some little Sodomitical Civilities, which not pleasing the Taste of the Prosecutor, he desired Leave to go saying, he had some Business in the Savoy, which must

not be neglected, but the Prisoner not willing to part with a smooth Face and a fresh Countenance without shewing some greater Marks of his Brutallity, bound him under an Obligation to come again and made him leave his Hat for a pledge, giving him a little Money, and a great many fair promises: After the Prosecutor's Return, the prisoner took him to the Rummer Tavern, and treated him with two pints of Wine, giving him some unnatural Kisses, and shewing several beastly Gestures. After this he perswaded him to go to the Talbot Inn , where he called for a Pint of Wine, and order'd the Chamberlain to get a Bed ready, and bring a couple of Nightcaps: Here they went to Bed, (where the Writer of this paper would draw a Curtain, not being able to express the rest with Decency, but to satisfy the Curiosity of the Reader let this susfice, he did all that a beastly Appetite could prompt him to, without making an actual penetration. ) Next Morning the Prosecutor under frightful Apprehensions of what had been offered, went to a Relation of his and told him the whole Story, who came back with him to the Talbot, and desired, if the prisoner should come thither he might be sent for; accordingly the prisoner came again on Saturday the 9th Instant, when the people of the Inn sent for the Prosecutor's Relation, Mr. Joseph Cockrost , who depos'd. That coming to the Talbot Inn, and hearing that the Prisoner was there with another Person, he look'd through the Key-hole of the Door, and saw such filthy Actions that are not proper to be mention'd. After this, knocking at the Door, the Prisoner came out, and upon this Deponent's taking him by the Collar, and saving, he had some Business with him, the Prisoner laid his Hand upon his Sword, upon which this Deponent said, Sir, if you offer to draw, I'll whip you through the Gills.

Christopher Finch , Servant, depos'd. That he saw the Prisoner the Time aforesaid, come to his Master's House with the Prosecutor, and by his frequent coming there with Soldiers, and calling for a private Room, he suspected him to be guilty of Sodomitical Practices, and thereupon looking through the Key-hole, he saw him offer some beastly Actions to the Prosecutor.

John Carter Constable, depos'd. That he being call'd, was charg'd with the Prisoner, by the Cook of the Talbot and the Prosecutor, but he heard nothing of any Proposals made by the Prosecutor and his Friends, to make it up, as was intimated by the Evidence of John Cole and George Birch two Watchmen. The Prisoner call'd several to his Character, but the most Material was Micah Wilkins , who depos'd. He had known the Prisoner to be a very honest Man, and that he had took a deal of Pains, and spent a great deal of Money to curb the Vice of the Nation. Upon the Whole, his first Indictment being laid for actual Sodomy, he was acquitted of that, but found guilty of the Second.

[Fine. See summary.]

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

[Pillory. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17270412-42

Anne Greenwood and Robert Greenwood (not yet taken) and William Gardiner , of St. Dunstan's Stepney , were indicted for stealing 11 Hogs, value 20 l. the Property of John Dollinson , who depos'd. That having Information where they were, he went and search'd0, and in the House of Robert Greenwood found 3 of his own Hogs alive, pent up in a Closet, others he found cut in Pieces, which he could not swear to be his own.

Anne Greenwood said in her Defence, That her Husband, Robert Greenwood brought 'em home, and told her he had bought them, and that she knew nothing to the contrary, till she was apprehended by the Prosecutor. William Gardiner was only employ'd as a Journeyman to kill them and cut them up, which being considered by the Jury they were both acquitted .

Reference Number: t17270412-43

Eliz Herbert and Mary Vine of St. Giles's in the Fields , were indicted for stealing one linnen Gown, value 5s. Five Shirts, one Tablecloth, and two silk Handkerchiefs, two muslin Handkerchiefs, a Suit of Headcloaths, an Apron, and other Goods , the 23d of February last; the wearing Apparel of Eliz. Andrew , which being plainly prov'd they were brought in guilty to the Value of 4s. and 10d. each .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17270412-44

Samuel Vevers of St. Leonard Shoreditch , was indicted for assaulting the Person of Robert Gun , on the Highway in an open Field near Pancras , and taking from him a Silk Handkerchief value 21d. 3 Peruk value 5s. a linnen Bag 2d. a Pigeon 6d. and 6 Shillings in Money , on the 3d of this Instant April .

Robert Gun thus depos'd. I was employ'd on the 3d of April by one Thomas Weavers to carry a Pigeon to Too-waters, which Pigeon was to fly that Day for a Wager, - Passing through a Field on the other Side of Pancras Church, between 6 and 7 in the morning, the Prisoner at the Bar and another person of lesser size, came up to me, and demanded my Money, which I gave to the Prisoner, after this, he asked me what I had in my Bag, I said, a Pigeon, he took it out, and pulling off the Tail, let it fly, then taking my Wig from off my Head he put it in the Bag out of which he took the Pigeon, telling me, if I offer'd to resist, he would cut me cross the Face, - then he threw me in a Ditch, and pulling out a Pistol, said, if I offer'd to come out he would shoot me. Being asked how he knew the Person who robb'd him to be the prisoner at the Bar, he thus proceeded: I have known him 7 or 8 Years; the first Knowledge I had of him was from this Occasion. The House I lived in with my Master was pull'd down (we moving into an Alley backwards) the prisoner was employ'd to build it up again, in doing of which he was about 4 or 5 Weeks, during which Time I saw him 4 or 5 Times a Day, which gave me a perfect Knowledge of his person; being ask'd, Why he did not apprehend the prisoner sooner, the Fact being done on Easter Monday, and he not taking him up till the Friday following? to which he answered, When I came back without the Pigeon, and in a dirty Pickle with my being thrown in a Ditch, Mr. Tho Weavers desired me to shift myself, and go back with it, for it being a Carrier, was at home before me; accordingly, I took it, and went with another Person to Too-waters, where we staid till Tuesday, and on Wednesday I went in quest of the Prisoner, with a Friend of mine, and saw him in Shoreditch; That, said I to my Friend, is the Man; That, said my Friend, is Vevers the noted Bricklayer, before which Time I did not know his Name, though I knew him so well by fight. My Friend advis'd me not to be too forward in taking him, but to defer it for a Day or two, in which Time I might have the Oportunity of seeing him again, and considering whether it was really he who robb'd me, that I might not begin to prosecute without good Ground of Assurance. I took his Advice, and being confirm'd in my Mind that he was the Person, on Friday I apprehended him, and carried him before Justice Harwood, to whom I told the whole Story at which Time he said the Fact appear'd very plain, but after examining his Witnesses and Friends, he withdrew, and after some Time calling me aside, told me, if I swore against Mr. Vevers, he would make me stand in the Pillory if it Cost him 500 l. after this, I took the Prisoner with a Warrant from the Bench of Justices.

Thomas Weavers and George Hooker depos'd, that the Prosecutor told them the same Story of his being robb'd, as he had told the Court, which they severally repeated; this latter Deponent went back with the Prosecutor to Too-Waters, and by the Way, said, the Prosecutor shew'd him the Place where he was assaulted, and where he saw the Feathers of the Pigeon's Tail, and the Place into which the Prosecutor said he was thrown, which had the Marks remaining of some Body's being put in by Violence. And not far from this Place they found the Prosecutor's Wig in the Pigeon-bag

William Careless depos'd, That the Prosecutor, after his being robb'd, said, that the Person who did it, had on a light colour'd Coat, with close Sleeves, with a red Velvet Cape to it, and that when Vevers was taken, he had such a Coat on exactly as the Prosecutor describ'd it, and furthermore, that when they had carried the Prisoner into the White Swan Tavern in Shoreditch, he pull'd of his Coat, and sent

it home, bidding them bring his white Frock and Leather Apron; the Reason Mr. Vever's gave for this, was, That as he had that Frock and Apron on when he was about his Business on Easter Monday Morning he had a Mind to put himself in the same Dress, that his Friends, who had soon him then, might with the wore Ease recollect themselves.

John Wright depos'd. That he living two Doors from Mr.Vevers, saw him pass by his Door between 6 and 7 on Easter Monday Morning, having on a white Fustian Frock, and a leather Apron.

Stephen Bine depos'd. That he was at Mr.Vevers's House before 6, when Mr. Vevers was in Bed, and getting up, gave him the Key of his Work, which was a Building in Holloway Lane Shoreditch; and that about 6, or something after, this Deponent went with Mr. Vevers to a Timber Merchant's in White-Lion Yard near Shoreditch, where this Deponent left him.

Tho. Grange , Servant to the Timber-Merchant depos'd That Mr. Vevers came to his Master's Yard on Easter Monday Morning about half an Hour after six a Clock, and enquired for a Sawyer, but did not stay long, leaving Orders for what he wanted, he having on a white Fustian Frock, a leather Apron, and clean grey Stockings, of which this Deponent took particular Notice.

John White depos'd, That he saw him in Shoreditch the same Morning, and in the same Dress about 7.

John Barnaby depos'd, That he saw him the same Morning passing by his Door, as if going to his Work between 6 and 7.

Benjamin Sealey depos'd, He saw him about 6, and again about half an Hour after.

Richard Harkevelt depos'd, That he saw him in Shoreditch about 3 Quarter after 6, and again about a Quarter before 7.

John Coats , Thomas Meyson , Thomas Winch , John Mowle , John Juke 's, John Clayton , John Hard , Robert Booth , all depos'd, (and several others was ready on the same Account) that the Prisoner Mr. Vevers was that Morning at his Business, and in his own Neighbourhood, some seeing him at 6, others a Quarter after, some half an Hour, others 3 Quarters, some at 7, and from that to 10, passing and repassing about his lawful Employment.

Mr. Justice Harwood depos'd, That when Gun the Prosecutor came before him first, he was not positive that Mr. Vevers was the Person who assaulted him, and that afterwards, with some Hesitation, he said he was. That during his Examination, the Prosecutor was caught in several Lies, Equivocations and Contradictions, telling of his having a Watch about him when he was robb'd, but he had hid it in his Breeches, with such like Inconsistencies; and that at last he refus'd to swear positively to the Person before ever Mr. Justice Harwood acquitted the Prisoner.

Robert Pool depos'd, That the Prosecutor had a very bad Character, associating with Moorfields Sharpers, and idly and extravagantly spending his Time with Boys in tossing up for Half-pence.

John Turner depos'd, That the Prosecutor's Master told him that he Robert Gun made it a common Practice to embezzle his Master's Money. These things, and the positive Evidence Mr. Vevers had in his behalf, being judiciously examin'd into by the Court, and consider'd by the Jury he was acquitted ; and a Copy of his Indictment granted him.

Reference Number: t17270412-45

Mary Hews , of St. Giles's in the Fields , was indicted for stealing ten Pewter Plates, value 10 s. and a Table cloth ; the Goods of Barbara Maugham , which being plainly prov'd upon her, she was brought in guilty to the Value of 10 d.

Reference Number: t17270412-46

Elizabeth Parde of St. Martin's in the Fields , was indicted for being Accessary to a Felony, in receiving and taking in Pawn a Diaper Table-cloth (the Goods of Edward Newman ) knowing it to be stolen , of which she proving herself unjustly charg'd, was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17270412-47

Michael Kelly , of St. George's Hanover-Square , was indicted for feloniously assaulting, and violently and carnally knowing Elizabeth Smith against her Will and Consent , on the 27th of February last.

Elizabeth Smith depos'd, That herself and one Mary Barns came by accident into the Barly-Mow, near Chelsea Water-Works , where the Prisoner at the Bar was sitting with some Company, and after his Company was gone home, they went and sat by him, that he might not want Conversation, and that after his treating them with 2 Pints of Two-penny he told them his Wife being dead, he had several Things to dispose of, as Silver lac'd Shoes, fine clock'd Stockings, &c. which he would let them have very cheap, if they would go to his Chamber; accordingly they innocently went, and lest they should bring a Scandal on him, by bringing Women into his Bed-chamber, they both went up Stairs with their Shoes off; after they was in the Room, this Deponent said the Prisoner bolted the Door, and blew out the Candle, but she being a Maid blew it in again, the Prisoner blew it out again, and the again blew it in 2 or 3 Times, till he willing the Room should be as dark as his Deeds, wetted his Fingers and quite extingush'd it; after this, he drew the Prosecutor to the Bed in a very rude Manner; Presently comes up his Comrade, and diverted Mary Barnes , whilst the Innocent Elizabeth Smith was made a Sacrifice; But this was not done without some Noise, insomuch, that the Landlord, an honest Hybernian, came up Stairs, and address'd himself to the Ravishers, telling them in his native Language, His House should not be made a Baudy-House; upon which Kelly willing to keep the Fort he had taken, went to the Chimney-Corner, and taking up his Musket, swore he would shoot the first Man thro the Head that came to interrupt him, for his Chamber was his Castle, and Death should be his Portion who offer'd to incroach upon his Territories upon this, the Landlord went down, bidding the D - l and the P - x be with 'em. The Prosecutor being ask'd what Opposition she made, reply'd, she cried out Murder, but confess'd she did it not till he had repeated his Familiarities, and she was afraid of being kill'd, for the unmerciful Man had once, twice, thrice, four times - And then very much tore her Headcloaths, and beat the Breath out of her Body, that she could not speak for a Quarter of an Hour; the Prosecutor further depos'd, that the Prisoner and his Comrade went to Bed, and would have had her and her Companion Mary Burns undress'd themselves, and come to them, but they refus'd it. Thus they were kept in the Room till between 5 and 6 the next Morning, when the Prisoner got out of Bed, and went down to the Door in his Shirt to let them out; and Lutterill the Landlord got out of Bed and open'd the Window to call 'em a few Names at parting.

Sarah Lloyd depos'd, That they drank at her House, with a great deal of Familiarity, and upon the Prisoners proposing to go to his Chamber to enjoy themselves, they very readily consented, the one taking the Candle to light him, and the other taking him under the Arm, and in this Prosture they marched from her House in a very loving Order.

Mary Richardson depos'd, That coming between 5 and 6 in the Morning, she saw the Prosecutor and Mary Barns coming out of Lusterels House, and the Prisoner in his Shirt, letting them out at the Door, and that she saw both Elizabeth Smith and Mary Burns turn about and kiss him, at which time they had both their Shoes and Petticoats in their Hands. The Prisoner in his Defence said that he had been as loving with them both as ever he had been with his own Wife, and met with no more Opposition - The Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17270412-48

Leah Wilkinson was indicted for Forgery, in drawing up a Counterfeit Writing, in order to receive the Pay of William Bar , Deceas'd. It appear'd that the Prisoner was one of those vile Persons, who makes a Practice of drawing up false Powers, and Letters of Administration, and thereby cheating and defrauding the Widows of such Seamen as die in the Voyage. This Fact in particular was proved upon her, that she forged a Will in the Name of William

But , on board his Majesty's Ship the Mary; to which Will she annex'd a Probate, and filled it up in the Name of the Archbishop of Canterbury. In her Defence: She pleaded a great deal of Ignorance, Innocence, and Incapacity, yet she talk'd of Administrations, Probates, and broad Seals. with as much Dexterity as if the had been educated at Doctors Commons. The Jury brought her in guilty .

She was a second Time indicted for persuading Margaret Smith to personate and take upon her the Name of Anne Bar , in order to cheat and defraud the Relief of William Bar of 17 l. due to him for Wages . Of which Indictment she was likewise found guilty .

[Pillory. See summary.]

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17270412-49

Eleanor Cavernor was indicted for a Misdemeanour, in forging a Will in the Name of James Mercer , belonging to his Majesty's Ship the Dartford, she personating, and calling herself Eliz Mercer ; but this not being proved to the Satisfaction of the Jury, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17270412-50

Edward Boswell of St. Botolph's without Aldgate , was indicted for a Riot and an Assault on the Body of Mr. Alexander Bruce , who being on his Duty impressing Seamen for his Majesty's Service, was set upon by the Prisoner, and some other evil minded Persons, where he was wounded and bruised in a very barbarous Manner . The Jury examining the Matter acquitted him of the Riot, and brought him in guilty of the Assault .

[Fine. See summary.]

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17270412-51

Mary Jones of St. James's Clerkenwell , was indicted for a Misdemeanour in counterfeiting Letters of Administration, and thereby defrauding the Relict of John Fletcher , late Mariner , on board his Majesty's Ship the Faulkland. Of which Indictment she was found Guilty .

[Pillory. See summary.]

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17270412-52

Mary Smith, (or rather Rogers ) was indicted for a Misdemeanour, in obtaining Letters of Administration, under a false Pretence to defraud the Heirs of John Rogers , out of 13 l. due to him for his Service on board his Majesty's Ship, the Nassaw: But she proving her Marriage to the aforesaid Mr. Rogers, was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17270412-53

William Salmon , of St. Andrew's Holborn , was indicted for stealing 4 Locks, value 30 s. In the House of Henry Waller , on the 13th of March last.

Henry Waller depos'd, That some time since he took a House of Tash Street, and that 13 Weeks after the Prisoner came and turn'd him out of Doors, and took Possession of both his Goods and his Wife.

Elizabeth Crawford depos'd, That she was a Witness to a Note, in which Waller the Prosecutor made over all Pretentions to both the House and Goods; though, since he had clandestinly granted a Judgement on the Goods to Steward Dormer , who was last Sessions convicted for a Misdemeanor, in seizing and exposing them to Sale; but the Goods appearing to be his own, and the Prosecution malicious, he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17270412-54

David Philips , of St. Sepulcher's , was indicted for stealing 8 Pounds of Iron, value 2s. on the 11th of this Instant April ; the Goods of Nicholas Gregg . The Prosecutor not appearing, he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17270412-55

Mary Clark , of St. George's Hanover-Square , was indicted for Felony and Burgulary, in breaking open the House of Nicholas Gregg , and taking thence a Holland Sheet, value 6s. and a Gown, with some other Goods , on the 18th of February last, the Burglary not being prov'd, she was acquitted of that, but found guilty of single Felony .

Reference Number: t17270412-56

Henry Gardiner , was indicted for stealing a Leather Saddle, value 30s. and Bridle 2s. on the 5th of March last, the Goods for Richard Confins , Esq ;

Richard Norton was indicted for buying and receiving the same, knowing them to be stolen . It appeared that Henry Gardner had stole the Saddle and Bridle; and on Sunday the 5th of March he brought it to Richard Norton , and left it in Pawn for 2 s. a Quart of Beer, and a Quartern of Geneva; notwithstanding this, the Jury acquitted Norton, and brought in Henry Gardner guilty to the value of 4 s. 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17270412-57

Robert Rider , of St. Martins's in the Fields , was indicted for stealing a Woollen Rug, value 5 s. and a Brass Candlestick , on the 13th of February last, the Goods of Contine Spencer which being evidently prov'd he was brought in guilty 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17270412-58

John Ward , of St. James's Westminster , was indicted for privately stealing one Cloth Coat, value 5 s. and a Drugget Coat 5 s. on the 22d of March last, the Goods of Edward Stanton , which being plainly prov'd, he was found guilty to the value of 10d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17270412-59

John Price was indicted for a Misdemeanor, for insulting, threating, and uttering divers opprobrious Words to the Countess of Bristol , Lady of the Bed-Chamber to her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales , on the 17th of February last.

John Gradey depos'd, That he being Partner with the Prisoner, who with himself was employ'd to carry the Countess of Bristol's Chair, they sent up to the Countess for their Wages, and the Prisoner hearing from a Servant that there was 2 Shillings, to be stopt for their absenting themselves from Business, began to call her Names, damning and cursing her; and afterwards going up into the Chambers belonging to his Royal Highness, he there insulted the Countess with vile Oaths and Threatnings, and follow'd her into Madam Howard's Appartment, he there continued his Abuses; which being plainly proved against him. The Jury found him guilty .

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

[Provide sureties for good behaviour. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17270412-60

Edward Templeman was indicted for a Misdemeanour in assaulting Richard King , on the 23d of April last, with an Intention to pick his Pocket , the Prisoner's Hand being taken in it, of which Misdemeanour he was found guilty .

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17270412-61

Sarah Layton and Anne Lockwood , were indicted for privately stealing a Silver Watch, value 4s. a Snuff-box, Knife and Fork, a Pair of Silver Buckles, and 18 Shillings in money , the Goods and Property of John Reason ; but the Evidence against them not being positive, they were acquitted .

Reference Number: s17270412-1

The Trials being ended, the Court proceeded to give Sentence in the following Manner:

Receiv'd Sentence of Death 4 viz.

Joseph Atkinson , Benjamin Perry , Ernest Swissleman , and Arthur Hawkins , since dead.

Transportation 32.

Mary Wyatt , John Ransford , Tho Perrine , John Coombs , Eliz. Ball, Joshus Laughland, Crispin Green, Robert Green, Penelope Challerson , John Coak , George Smith , Rachael Hewett , John Evans , Tho Bridges , Paul Nicholas , George Starky , Deborah Spires , Rose Bradshow , James Strong , Jacob Rashfield , Tho Bacchus Tho Hicks , John Ashton , Issac Pearson, Owen Gerrard , William Crafto , John Harris , Eliz. Herbert, Mary Vint , Robert Rider , Henry Gardiner , John Ward .

Charles Hitchins for Sodomitical Practices, was fined 20 l. and 6 Months Imprisonment, and to stand in the Pillory near the End of Catherine Street, in the Strand.

Mary Jones for counterfeiting Letters of Administration, &c. to stand in the Pilory at the Victualing-Office, and 12 Months Imprisonment.

Leah Wilkinson for Counterfeiting a Will, to stand in the Pillory, near the Pay-office in Broadstreet, and 12 Months Imprisonment.

Edward Boswell , for assaulting Mr. Alexander Bruce , fined 5 Marks, and 1 Month's Imprisonment.

John Price , for insulting the Countess for Bristol, two Months Imprisonment, and to give Security for his Behaviour for a Twelve-month.

Edward Templeman , for an Assault, 3 Months Imprisonment.

Reference Number: a17270412-1


This Day is Published,

A Merry Conversation that lately pass'd between a very noted Quaker of this City and his Maid, upon a very merry Occasion.

Hearken, oh, ye Sons of Darkness to the Sayings of the Children of Light.

Printed for A. Moore, in St. Paul's Church-Yard. Pr. 6d.

LONDON: Printed by J. Read, for J. Roberts, at the Oxford-Arms in Warwick-Lane.

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