Old Bailey Proceedings, 7th December 1726.
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THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE KING'S Commission of the Peace, Oyer and Terminer, Goal-Delivery and FOR THE CITY of LONDON, and COUNTY of MIDDLESEX



During the MAYORILITY of the Rt. Honble Sir John Eyles , Knight, LORD-MAYOR of the CITY of LONDON.

In the 13th Year of His MAJESTY's Reign.



Printed by J Read for J. Roberts, at the Oxford Arms, in Warwick Lane.

THE PROCEEDINGS AT THE Sessions of the Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, For the CITY of LONDON. AND ON

The King's Commission of Goal-Delivery of Newgate, held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily; for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex.


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, being the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th, and Wednesday the 14th of December, 1726. in the Thirteenth Year of His MAJESTY's Reign.

BEFORE the Right Honourable Sir JOHN EYLES , Knt. Lord Mayor of the City of London; the Honourable Mr.Justice Fortescue, the Honourable Mr. Baron Carter, the Right Worshipful Sir William Thompson , Knt. Recorder of the City of London, and John Raby , Serjeant at Law; and other His Majesty's Justices of Goal Delivery, and Oyer and Terminer aforesaid: Together with several of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said City of London.

London Jury.

Samuel Bennet

Thomas Underwood

John Clark

Patrick Ross

Francis Dell

Richard Perry

John Hobbs

Thomas Winterbottom

Thomas Manning

John Marten

Job Gibbs

Thomas Sharp .

Middlesex Jury.

Thomas Phillips

George Stamford

Charles King

John Metcalfe

Robert Matthews

Richard Sutton

John Brooks

Talbot Turbervill

John Dawson

Oak Bickford

John Savil

Henry Goddard

Reference Number: t17261207-1

Isaac Joseph was indicted for stealing a Night Gown, value 15 Shillings , the Goods of Elias Levi , Octob. 31 .

Elias Levi thus depos'd. I came home and call'd for my Gown and Slippers, and my Man told me he fear'd my Gown was stole, and I having seen the Prisoner lurking about the House, I suspected him, and went to an Alehouse in the Neighbourhood, where I found the Prisoner, I tax'd him with it, he made prevaricating Answers; whereupon I charg'd a Constable with him, search'd him, and found the Gown under his Coat.

The Prisoner in his Defence said, That he bought it of a Man that came into the Room where he was for 10 Shillings, but that wanting Proof, the Jury found him Guilty of Felony.

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Reference Number: t17261207-2

John Ross was indicted for stealing 19 Bushels of Coals from Paul's Wharf , the Goods of Samuel Illing , Octob. 22 .

Samuel Illing thus depos'd. I had been taking a Glass of Wine, and when I came home I saw two or three Men upon my Lighters, two of them run away, the Prisoner was in the Boat with the Coals, I believe there might be about 33 Bushels in the Boat, I mist 19 Bushels out of my Lighter, the other I suppose he might take out of another Lighter which lay just by mine, for his Boat was between the two Lighters; When I seiz'd him I ask'd him what he did there, he gave a very random Account, first, that he bought the Coals below Bridge, and afterwards came over the Water with them.

Samuel Jenks thus depos'd. I and my Brother called on the Prisoner to go and get some Coals, it having been the Prisoner's Practice many Years to buy Coals at an under Rate of Lightermens Servants. We came to Paul's Wharf , and out of two Lighters took near a Chaldron of Coals before the Prosecutor interrupted us. The Prisoner in his Defence said, The two other Men made him fuddled, and forc'd him to go with them. The Jury found him Guilty .

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Reference Number: t17261207-3

John Parker was indicted for stealing several Parcels of Silver and Gold Waste, out of the House of William Barsham , Nov. 9 .

William Barsham depos'd. That the Prisoner was his Servant , and in the Space of 3 Years he had lost to the Value of 300 Pounds in Gold and Silver Waste, and that the 10 Ounces of Silver Waste, and as many of Gold Waste (which he produced in Court) was but one Night's Collection, which he found in his own Shed under the Place where the Prisoner work'd, which rais'd a Suspicion, so I caus'd him to be apprehended.

John Hills thus depos'd. All that I have to say against the Prisoner, and please ye, Sir, is, That - that - Two Pound Ten, is - is 50 Shillings - and so much Silver and Gold Waste the Prisoner sold to John Booth about five Months ago for 30 Shillings.

The Prisoner in his Defence said, That he had work'd for the Prosecutor but about Half a Year, and knew nothing of the Matter; and there not being sufficient Proof, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17261207-4

Richard Pachler was indicted for stealing 40 Ounces of Gold Waste, and 40 Ounces of Silver Waste, Value 10 Pounds, out of the House of William Barsham , on the 9th of Nov .

John Hills depos'd. That he saw the Prisoner sell a Parcel of Silver and Gold Waste to John Booth for 25 Shillings, which he knew to be the Prosecutor's Goods, and that the stole them.

The Prisoner confess'd, that himself with John Hills, (who was one of the Evidences against him ) Henry Hobs ,

Francis Gasken , and others, took the Waste and sold it to Booth, and lost the Money at Play. Guilty of Felony.

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Reference Number: t17261207-5

William Smith was indicted for stealing 10 Pair of Silk Stockings, value 50 Shillings, out of the House of John Barnfather . The Fact was plainly proved, and his Confession read in Court, the Jury found him Guilty to the Value of 39 Shillings .

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Reference Number: t17261207-6

Ann Wolford and Grace Cullen , alias Cully , were indicted for privately stealing from Richard Meredith , a Gold Ring, a Guinea, and 3 s. 6 d Nov. 22 .

Richard Meredith thus depos'd. I am Servant to Mr. Lloyd in Fleetstreet, and about 9 at Night I went from thence to see a Gentleman Home who was very much fuddled. He carry'd me to a House in Hanging-Sword Alley, where the Prisoners were; they made me drink Gin with them, and from thence they took me to Crouch's Alehouse at the Bottom of Water-Lane , where I got drunk with Brandy and Ale; at first we sate in a publick Room, but afterwards we went in a Room behind the Bar, and there they both thrust their Hands into my Breeches, and tore the Button of, and so I lost my Money.

Grace Cullen thus made her Defence. As I was going by Hanging Sword Alley I met Nan Walford , who was just come out of Bridewell, so says she to me, Will ye spend Three Half-pence? Aye, says I, I don't care if I do, and so Sir I don't tell one Word of a Lie, Meredith was pissing against the Wall - he knows very well - there he stands - let him deny it if he can - I never wrong'd him of a Fill of a Farthing - nor any one else - but only what Gentlemen please to give me - and so he offered to be his Pint with us, and we went to Mr. Crouch's and sate in a publick Room; and it is well known I never wrong'd Man, Woman nor Child. Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17261207-7

Neels Oulson was indicted for stealing a Coat, a pair of Breeches, and other Things , the Goods of William Borsel , Decem 1 . Guilty .

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William Miller was indicted for assaulting Nicholas Bourn on the Highway, and taking from him a Coat and Hat , Decem 4 .

Nicholas Bourn thus depos'd. Last Sunday Morning about 4 a Clock, as I was going over the Fields behind Montague House , the Prisoner came up and fell into Discourse with me; he talked very Friendly, and asked me to go and take a Dram, but as we were walking along he push'd me down, drew his Bayonet upon me, and demanded my Money. I told him I had nothing but a few Half-pence, which he took out of my Pocket and threw them away; then he tore my Breeches and took my Coat and Hat from me, which was all the Hats and Coats that I had in the World, and when he had done it he run away, but was stopt by the Watch.

Thomas Hill the Watchman thus depos'd. I saw the Prisoner drag the Prosecutor along, draw his Bayonet upon him, and heard him demand his Money; upon which I called my Partner, but before he came the Prisoner had got away the Man's Coat and was running off: I struck at him with my Staff, he was a Stout Fellow, and I gave him several Knocks before I could fetch him down. His Evidence was corroborated by Thomas Stevens , the other Watchman. Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17261207-9

Charles Maccartney was indicted for stealing a Coat, Wastecoat and Breeches, and a Guinea , the Goods of Felix Foster , Oct. 17 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17261207-10

Daniel Brown , was indicted for stealing a Gold Ring, and a Tortoiseshell Snuff Box , the Goods of Elizabeth Coats , October 25 . Guilty .

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Reference Number: t17261207-11

Ann Booth , and Susanna Jordan , were indicted for stealing a Brass Saucepan , the Goods of William Harding , October 15 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17261207-12

Charles Carfeen , was indicted for stealing an Earthen Mug tipt with Silver , the Goods of Kezia West . Guilty, 10 d.

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Susanna Brewel , was indicted for stealing 2 pair of Curtains, and other Goods, in the House of Sir John Hales , Bart . November 21 . Her Confession was read in Court, and the Jury found her guilty to the Value of 10 d.

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John Smedley , was indicted for stealing a pair of Silver Buckler, and 20 s. in the House of John Biggins , November 29 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17261207-15

John Foxwell , alias Clap , and Richard Arnold , were indicted for stealing 5 pair of Stockings, and other Things , the Goods of William French , November 18 . Foxwell was acquitted , and Arnold found guilty to the Value of 10 d.

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Reference Number: t17261207-16

Mary Oxley , was indicted for stealing a Copper Pot , the Goods William Jones , November 5 . Sarah Cross , was indicted for receiving the same, knowing it to be stolen . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17261207-17

Jane Smith , was indicted for stealing 16 Yards of Stuff, and a Pillow, the Goods of Judith Constable , and 7 Yards of Bengal, and other Things, the Goods of Persons unknown, in the House of Richard Butler , Oct 19 . The Fact appear'd thus. The Prisoner lodg'd with Judith Constable in Butler's House, she bought the Stuff of Butler upon Credit, and Constable past her Word for the Payment of the Money; and for her Security, the Goods were left in her Possession, which the Prisoner took away without her leave - As to the Pillow, the Prisoner lent it for one Night to a Neighbour, and Constable asking her what was become of it, she presently told her, and fetch'd it home again. The Jury acquitted her, and it appearing to be a malicious Prosecution, the Court granted her a Copy of her Indictment.

Reference Number: t17261207-18

Margaret Maccartney , was indicted for stealing a Cotten Gown, value 4 s. the Goods of Robert Fox , Oct. 26 . But no Evidence appearing, she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17261207-19

James Hasey , was indicted for privately stealing a Silk Handkerchief, value 4 s. 6 d. from Ambrose Burgess , November 23 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17261207-20

Hester Jennings , was indicted for privately stealing a Silk Purse, and 21 Guineas , the Goods of Edward Lowry , November 26 .

Edward Lowery thus depos'd. I was going along pretty late at Night, and I happen'd to meet with the Prisoner - or somebody else - I think it was the same Woman - but I can't tell whether it was or no, for I never saw her before nor since, and mahap never may again, and if I never had, it might have been ne'er the worse, but that argues nothing - All that I can be sure of, is, that she was a Woman, and as I take it, she was very much like the Prisoner, and so my Dear, says she, shall we have a Pint together? I don't much matter if I do says I, and then she took me to the Hoop in Essex-street ; and so after we had been a little Sociable together, I mist my Purse, and one and twenty Guineas that were in it, but whether I lost it then or at another Time I cannot tell; but I remember that I had it not long before at the Tun Taverns; however, I had some People to search her, but they cou'd not find that she had got any thing, but it seems they did not search in the right Place, as I have been told since, for I am a Stranger in Town, and don't know much of those Matters, the Jury Acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17261207-21

Henry Roberts , was indicted for stealing the Carcase of a Sheep, value 15 s. October 24 , the Goods of John Perry , but no Evidence appearing, the Jury Acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17261207-22

John Smith , was indicted for stealing Goods value 8 s. 6 d. out of the Shop of Elizabeth Rose , October 19 . but no Evidence appearing, the Jury Acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17261207-23

Elizabeth Bowden , was indicted for stealing a pair of Sheets, value 8 s. the Goods of Thomas Howell ; and Anne Pocock , for receiving the same, knowing them to be stolen , but the Evidence not being sufficient, the Jury Acquitted them.

Reference Number: t17261207-24

William Connell , was indicted for stealing 3 Dozen of Bathmetal Buttons, value 2 s. a pair of Bathmetal. Buckles value 3 d. The Goods of Mary Chapman .

It appear'd that the Prosecutor lost the Goods, and that the Prisoner offered to sell them to Mary Barrett who stopt him. Guilty .

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Reference Number: t17261207-25

William Rodd , Indicted for stealing 3 Dozen and a half of Quarter Leaves of Wainscoat , the Goods of William Yarrow , November 12 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17261207-26

Charles Conyers , was indicted for stealing 4 Pieces of Nicorage Wood, value 5s. The Goods of Samuel Barons , November 19 . Guilty .

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Reference Number: t17261207-27

Farmer Cook , indicted for stealing a Hat value 2s. 6d. The Goods of Geo. Picart November 26 . Guilty .

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Reference Number: t17261207-28

Jane Crommy , was indicted for privately stealing one Guinea and 17 s. in Money from John Shaw , November 21 .

John Shaw thus depos'd. - Ay, that's she, - That's the Woman that robb'd me. - I came to London to see my Son, who lives in Fleetstreet, and as I was returning to my Lodging in Smithfield, two Women came up to me: I put them off with my Stick, went into Chick Lane , and got me a Dish of Broth; that done, I came out again, thinking they had been gone from thereabout, and I was got but a little Way before Prisoner and another Woman came up to me again, jostled

me, and threw me down in the Kennel. And I can swear, if I was to die this Minute, the Prisoner at the Bar is the Person that robb'd me. I return'd to my Son's, and told him what had happen'd.

Richard Shaw thus depos'd. As soon as my Father had told me of his Loss, I took a Constable and we went in Search of the Thieves; when we came to Chick-Lane, we were inform'd that Jenny Crommy and Black Bess had robbed an old Gentleman, and we were directed to a Ginshop in White Horse Alley, where we heard the Prisoner and another quarrelling about dividing a Booty.

Geo Green the Constable thus depos'd. We could not open the Door; but by and by out comes the Prisoner swearing and jumping as if she was mad. The Watchman laid hold of her, and we carry'd her to an Alehouse, and sent for the old Gentleman, who was positive she was the Person that robb'd him. Death .

Reference Number: t17261207-29

Ann Emerson was indicted for stealing a pair of Silk Stockings, Value 9 Shillings, out of the Shop of Anthony Haslam and Company .

Mr. Haslam deposed. He saw the Prisoner take the Stockings, and stept out after her, brought her back again, and took the Stockings out of her Sleeve. Guilty, 10 d.

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Reference Number: t17261207-30

James Barton was indicted for stealing 6 Pound of Beeswax, value 5 Shillings , the Goods of Joseph Hackney and Company ; but the Evidence not being sufficient, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17261207-31

Elizabeth Hopkins was indicted for stealing a Gold Necklace, Value 40 Shillings, a Petticoat 5 s. a Musling Apron 2 s. a Silk Handkerchief 6 d. and 3 Gold Rings , the Goods of Joseph Goodson , Oct. 16 . Guilty to the Value of 4 s. 10 d.

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Reference Number: t17261207-32

William Bays was indicted for stealing a Quarter of Pork, Value 5 Shillings , the Goods of Thomas Barnes , Decemb. 3 .

Thomas Barnes thus depos'd. One Saturday Night about 10 o'Clock I went to cut up a Quarter of Mutton, in the mean Time the Prisoner takes away the Quarter of Pork, runs about 15 Yards, and being pursued dropt the Pork, but was immediately stopt and seized. Guilty to the Value of 10 d.

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Reference Number: t17261207-33

Susanna Mason was indicted for stealing 6 Diaper Napkins, several Glass Rubbers , and other Things, the Goods of the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Hereford , and John Phipps and Mary Phipps , for receiving the same knowing them to be stolen .

John Watson thus depos'd. I being a Servant in my Lord's Family, and we finding several Things missing, of which no Account could be given; whereupon the other Servants Trunks and Boxes have been search'd, and nothing could be found; the Prisoner's Sister coming frequently to her, the Coachman desired her to come no more there, for that she was suspected on Account of the Goods that was lost. Soon after we went and searched her Lodgings, where we found the Prisoners John and Mary Phipps , as also a small Bundle of Glass Rubbers under the Bed, and several other Things that were lost; and the Prisoners John and Mary Phipps , after a short Conference, told us where Part of the Linnen so stolen was pawn'd. James Robinson the Beadle depos'd. That he found Part of the Linnen belonging to the Prosecutor at Mr. Rouse's, a Pawn-brokers near the Seven Dials, by the Prisoner Phipps's Direction; which Linnen was produced in Court. The Jury found Mason and John Phipps guilty to the Value of 10 d. each , and acquitted Mary Phipps .

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Reference Number: t17261207-34

Anne West , indicted for stealing a Pair of Leather Breeches, value 4 Shillings, a Diaper Roller 6 d. and Ten Pounds in Money, the Money and Goods of Ambros Brown , out of the House of Ambros Brown , Oct. 21 . But the Evidence not being sufficient, the Jury acquitted the Prisoner.

Reference Number: t17261207-35

Richard Nevil was indicted for tempting and solliciting William Prosser , to be an Evidence to a counterfeit Bond from John Savage , deceased, to Mary Turner ; and to swear that he saw the said Turner lend the Deceased Forty Pounds , July 30, in the Third Year of his Majesty's Reign : But since that Time there having been an Act of Grace, the Prisoner was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17261207-36

Elizabeth Watkins was indicted for stealing 2 pair of old Silk Stockings, value 2 s. the Goods of William Singleton , Nov. 11 . but the Evidence not being sufficient, the Jury Acquitted the Prisoner.

Reference Number: t17261207-37

Grace Baldwin was indicted for stealing one Moidore, five Guineas one Half Guinea and Seven Shillings and Sixpence in money out of the shop of John Gibson , Sept. 12 .

John Gibson thus depos'd. On the 12th of September last between 8 and 9 in the Evening, I went cross the Way and asked my Neighbour if it was not Time to shut up Shop? I left the Prisoner (who was my Servant ) without side the Counter, but looking over to my Shop I see the Prisoner within side the Counter, I stept over the Way and ask'd the Prisoner what Business she had on that side of the Counter? The Prisoner went away directly. I had no Suspicion of the Prisoner's taking the Money till I saw the Key in the Draw where the Money was, and then I looked into the Draw and found that the Money laid in the Indictment was gone, I made Search after the Prisoner all that Night, but could not find her; then I advertiz'd her in the Publick News, and took her at Thatford in Suffolk, I had her before the Mayor, and she confessed the Fact.

James Ryley depos'd. That he went to change Half a Guinea at the Prosecutor's Shop but a little before, who pulling out his Drawer had not Silver enough, but saw he had such Money as is mentioned in the Indictment.

The Prisoner's Confession was read in Court, and the Jury found her Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17261207-38

Ann Wood was indicted for stealing out of the House of Joseph Phillips , 6 Guineas and 2 Shillings, the Money of Martha Chivers , a Lodger in the same House , but there being no positive Evidence that the Prisoner had the Money, the Jury Acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17261207-39

Albert Burnham , alias Vernham , and Thomas Marsh , 2 Sailor s, were indicted for stealing 3 Sides of Bacon, Value 50 Shillings, the Goods of William Cocker , Richard Staples , and William Odell , out of the Warehouse of Thomas Weeks in Leadenhall Market .

Mr. Flower thus depos'd. Coming cross the Market I saw the Warehouse was broke open, and going to light my Candle I saw Burnham, alias Vernham, with the 3 Flitches of Bacon on his Back; I call'd after him and ask'd where he was going with that Bacon, he made no Answer, but endeavour'd to run away, I pursued him, he threw down the Bacon, the which I tumbled over, but getting up again I overtook and seiz'd him.

Thomas Hunt , Watchman, thus depos'd. Hearing an Outcry I run to see Burnham at the Alehouse where they had secured him; afterwards going to see in what Manner the Warehouse was broke open, I found the Prisoner Marsh in the Warehouse, who swore he'd Shoot me; however, I seiz'd him.

Albert Burnham thus made his Defence. Last Monday Morning I came from Chatham, took Water at Gravesend, and came to the Tilt-Boat at Billinsgate, where I drank a Mug of Beer; from thence I went to Leadenhall-Market, where I met with a Man in a great Coat, who says to me, Honest Fellow will you earn 6 d. Ay, Master, says I, with all my Heart if 'tis any Thing I can do; says he to me again, tis to carry these 3 Flitches of Bacon into Smithfield, so Sir I had no sooner got them upon my Back, but a Man asks me where I was going, the Man in the great Coat crics G - d D - you Dog run after me, so I follow'd him as fast as I could, but before I could come up with him I was stopt for a Thief, and never could see him since, but I am an honest Fellow, and have serv'd his Majesty King George, God bless his Holy Name.

Then Marsh being ask'd what he had to say, proceeded as follows: I belong to the Nasaw, and being destitute of a Lodging and a little fuddled withal, I strouled into Leadenhall-Market, and laid me down on one of the Bulks, but it growing a little lighter I gets up and runs against a Place where I felt some Straw, and going to lie down to sleep I was stopt for a Thief, indeed there was some Bacon there but I did not meddle with it. Being ask'd if he had any Friend to speak to his Character, he answer'd, That he had neither Father nor Mother, Sister or Brother, nor any Friend else but his own dear Person. Burnham was found guilty to the Value of 4 s. 10 d. but Marsh was acquitted .

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Reference Number: t17261207-40

John Gand was indicted for stealing Money and Goods out of the House of Henry Odway , belonging to Putland and Stephen Jolly , Oct. 18 .

Putland depos'd. That he lost one white Wastcoat, one pair of Stockings, and 2 s. 6 d. in Money.

Henry Odway depos'd. That he had been inform'd that the Drawers lost Things out of their Chambers, and also, that the Prisoner intended to rob the Room behind the Bar.

Stephen Jolly depos'd. That he found the Prisoner in one of their Rooms hid under the Bed-cloaths between 3 and 4 o'clock and feiz'd him, and that the Prisoner confess'd he intended to have concealed himself there till he had an Opportunity of robbing the Room behind the

Bar; where he propos'd (as he said) to have got something to bare his Charges into the Country.

He was a second Time indicted for breaking and entring the House of Henry Odway , with an Intent to steal . But it appearing that he got Entrance by climbing over a high Wall, he was acquitted of the Burglary and found guilty of Felony only .

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Reference Number: t17261207-41

William Paradice was indicted for robbing John Anstis , Esq ; on the Highway, and taking from him one Guinea and 2 s. 4 d. in Money , Oct. 22 .

John Anstis , Esq; depos'd. That returning from Bath in a Coach with a Lady, a Servant Maid and some Children, they had come but a little Way on Hounslow Heath when he saw a Person on Horseback making towards them; a little before he came at the Coach he made a Stop, put on a Mask, caused the Coach to stop and demanded their Money. Mr. Anstis told him that he was just come from Bath, where he had spent all his Money excepting a Guinea and a little Silver, which he would readily deliver him, provided he would not fright the Lady and the Children: That he gave him the Silver first and the Guinea afterwards, but by Reason of the Mask he could not swear to the Person, though the Horse answer'd the Description that was given of the Horse the Prisoner was taken upon.

Streaker thus depos'd. I was going to look for eight fat Sheep, and hearing the Bath Coach was just robbed by one Highwayman, says I to James Harrington , let us pursue him, which we did, and overtook him near south-wall, and charg'd him with robbing the Bath Coach; he denied it strongly, and stops short at the Corner of Hays's Lane and alights and stays a little Time, we goes back to the Place where the Prisoner stopt, and there was a Glove dropt, a Mask thrown over the Hedge, and a pair of Pistols thrown into a Ditch of Water, which was raked out afterwards; whereupon we seized the Prisoner, who was mighty desirous to be had up to London, and beg'd not to be expos'd in the Country, pretending he was a Perfumer near Charing-Cross.

A Bay that rode on the Top of the Bath Coach depos'd. That the Horse the Prisoner was taken upon was the same Horse the Man was upon who robbed the Bath Coach.

The Prisoner in his Defence said, That he was going to see his Wife's Relations in the Country, who lived above Sixty Miles distance, and that he found his Horse fail and would not perform his Journey and so was returning to provide himself better. The Prisoner call'd a great many reputable Persons to his Character, who all spoke loudly in his Behalf, and the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17261207-42

Jonas Marwood and John Hughs , were indicted for stealing an Iron Bar 200 Weight , the Goods of John Chambers , November 6 , and Jane Holsey for receiving the same, knowing it to be stole .

Benjamin Winch depos'd, That he kept the Key of the Brew-house, and that about a Week after Michaelmas the Bar was missing.

Hatch, a Smith thus depos'd. The Prisoner Marwood sent a Man to me from a Court in Whit cross street to buy the Bar of Iron, and offered it at half the Value; and I ordered a Constable to take them up if they brought it, for I told them it was stole, but I afterwards heard that Mrs. Halsey had bought this Bar of Marwood at full Price.- Marwood's Confession was read in Court, and the Jury found him guilty to the Value of 10 d . Jane Halsey and John Hughs were acquitted .

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Reference Number: t17261207-43

John Gately , was indicted for stealing a Brass Potage-Pot, value 6 s. and a Stew-pot, value 2s. the Goods of William Love , November 1 .

William Love depos'd, That he suspected the Prisoner, and search'd his House, where he found his Goods.

He was a second Time indicted by the Name of John Gately of Twitenham for stealing a Linen Gown, value 4 s. the Goods of Joseph Fitzwater , November 3 .

Joseph Fitzwater depos'd, I lost the Linen Gown, and found it upon the Prisoner's supposed Wife's Back.

The Prisoner in his Defence said he found them all together, tied up in a dirty Cloth in a Ditch. The Jury found him guilty to the Value of 10 d.

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Reference Number: t17261207-44

Mary Spawford , was indicted for stealing a Wainscoat Box, value 6d. Gold Rings, value 40s. a Silver Medal, 3 Linen Aprons, a Cambrick Handkerchief, and other Things, the Goods of Mary Crowel in the Dwelling House of Elizabeth Griffiths . October 31 .

Joseph Baily deposed, That he took her up, and found these Goods upon her, a Girdle, an Apron, and a Cap.

Mary Crowell thus deposed, The Prisoner came to me on Monday about 12 o'Clock, and desired me to go with her into Bloomsbury where she had lived, to receive some Money that was due to her for Wages: I went along with her to an Alehouse (the Hole in the Wall) in Bloomsbury The Prisoner went out in a hurry, and pawned me at the Alehouse, and goes to my home, and robbed me of the Goods in the Indictment. The Prisoner made no Defence, the Jury found her guilty to the Value of 10d.

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Reference Number: t17261207-45

Mary Ballard , indicted for stealing 4. Holland Sheets the Goods of Isaac Crawley , November 12 . Acquitted

Reference Number: t17261207-46

William Coreham , was indicted for stealing 7 Silver Tankards, value 50 l. 10 Silver Tumblers, 3 Silver Coffee-Pots, 13 Silver Salvers, 19 Silver Cups, 3 Silver Saucepans, and other wrought Plate, to the Value of 7 or 800 l. and 61 l. 1 s. in Money , the Goods and money of Isabel Matthews .

He was a second Time indicted for stealing 200 pair of Worsted Stockings, the Goods of Persons unknown

He was a third Time indicted for stealing 37 Hats value 10 l. the Goods of Persons unknown , October 31 .

Ralph Hall depos'd, That he deliver'd the Goods and Money in the Indictment into Richard Hall's Warehouse at Hertford.

Edward Lincoln depos'd, That he delivered the Goods and Money to the Prisoner at the Queen's Head in Kingstand Road.

Nicholas Hall thus depos'd. The Prisoner came to my House and call'd for a Mug of Beer, desired me to cast my Eye and see that the Hertford Wagon did not pass by. I went out, but could not see it; then I went out a second Time, and brought him Word it was coming, and the Prisoner came out and stopt the Wagon, order'd the Ropes to be unty'd, and several Boxes to be taken out, and carry'd into my House, then agreed with me for a Cart and Horse to carry the said Goods to the Blue Boar in Whitechappel, but refused to go by Bishopsgate Street, so I went up Brick Lane. When we came to the Inn, the Prisoner took the 4 Boxes down, which he said contained hard Ware and Plate.

Another Evidence depos'd. I keep a Victualling-house, the Royal-Oak at Rotherhith, and on the fourth or fifth of November the Prisoner and a Waterman came together to my House, and brought the Goods with them, and the Prisoner wanted to know how soon he could have an Opportunity to send them to Holland. The next Morning about 7 or 8 o'Clock the Waterman came again and they staid at my House till after Dinner, and then took the Goods away, and went through-bridge with them, where he discharg'd that Waterman, because he might not know where he lodg'd the Goods, and got another Waterman to carry them to Sevenstep Alley, where he had taken a Room for that Purpose: But soon after seeing an Advertisement in one of the News-Papers to apprehend the Prisoner, who had told me his Name, I went and found out the Waterman which he last employ'd, got a Constable and went to the House where the Prisoner was, and secured both him and the Goods.

The Prisoner made a poor trifling Defence. The Jury found him guilty of all the Indictments.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17261207-47

Susanna Moses , alias Fotherby , indicted for stealing Money, the Property of William Coulson in the House of Eliz. Cox , November 23 .

William Coulson depos'd to this Effect. There was no other Person in my Room but the Prisoner. - When I came up Stairs I took my Money out of my Pocket, put it into a Box, and went to Bed: The Prisoner came into my Room; I asked her what she did there The Prisoner went out, and I immediately got up, and missed my Money: I am sure I did not go to sleep first, nor did any body else come into my Room.

Benjamin Kennet depos'd, That the Morning before the Prisoner was taken, he met her, and said, Susan, What do you do this Way? Don't you know that the Watch and Constables are after you? To which she reply'd, She had only some Money that she had taken out of a Box without a Lock.

The Prisoner thus made her Defence. The Prosecutor is Hostler at the White Horse Inn at Cripplegate, he came several Times to my Habitation, and desired me to go with him. - I must own I have been guilty of Folly in going into Gentlemens Company, and the Prosecutor has fetch'd me three Times of a Night, and whatever I got he had Part of it. Nay, I never got Half a Crown of a Gentleman, but he had a Shilling of it; and that very Night he charges me with this Fact, he told me I should lie with him, lock'd the Door, and put out the Candle. The Jury found her guilty to the value of 4 s. 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17261207-48

Thomas Hatt , was indicted for stealing a Cotton Handkerchief value 2 s. 6. d. The Goods of Esther Wragg , but no Evidence appearing, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17261207-49

Samuel Siddon of the Parish of St. Mary Islington , was indicted for assaulting Tho. Alcock on the twenty sixth of February , by striking and kicking the said Alcock, with both his Feet on his right Side, and thereby giving him a mortal Bruise, of which he languish'd until the sixth of June, and then died .

John Alcock thus depos'd, My Son told me in his Sickness he should never recover the Kick that Samuel Sibbon gave him: And that in about three Months after he died in St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

The Prisoner in his Defence said, that the Deceased and he went to an Alehouse very good Friends, to play a Game at Cribbidge; that some Words arising about the Game, they fell to Blows, but being parted, they were very good Friends the next Day, and that the Deceased had declared that the Indisposition he laboured under some Time afterwards, was occasioned by the Kick of a Horse, to prove which several Witnesses were called.

Geo Westbrooke thus deposed, Old Alcock's Son and I used to be great Croneys, and us'd to play the Rogue in jesting with one another, and seeing him look poorly, What a Pox ails you, says I? to which the Deceased reply'd, No, 'tis not the Pox, but I have had a Kick by a Horse, which I believe will be my Death. This was about a Week before he went into the Hospital, and about six Weeks before he died.

Mrs. Harris thus depos'd, It was done in my House; the Deceased quarrelled with two Men one Night a little before, and one of them beat him. - The Prisoner and he came in both together, and plaid a Game at Cribbidge: The Deceased took up the Money, which was two Sixpences, upon which a Quarrel ensued, but there was only two or three Blows.

Tho Brown thus depos'd; I heard the Deceased say, he would not lay any thing to the Prisoner's Charge, if he died.

Mary Leach depos'd, That the Deceased came to their House, and looked very ill, said he believed he should die, but would lay no Blame to the Prisoner, he having had a Kick from a Horse.

The Nurse at the Hospital deposed, That during his illness there, his Sweetheart came to see him, and she heard the Deceased say that her Unkindness had broke his Heart. Upon the Whole the Jury acquitted the Prisoner.

Reference Number: t17261207-50

Joseph Harrison , was indicted for wilful and corrupt Perjury against Tho Bradford and John Smathers , in swearing that they had robbed him, and afterwards hanged him up, about elven of the Clock on Monday Night , August 1 .

Isaac Spring deposed, I heard him say they were the Men that robbed me, and hanged me on Monday Night, about eleven o'Clock, August 1. and further deposed, That Thomas Bradford was not out of my Company from six o'Clock to twelve that Evening, and that then they both went to Bed together.

Henry Barnes depos'd, That John Smathers was a Lodger at his House, and was at work in his Garret from five a Clock till eight that Evening, and then came down into his own Room, where he remain'd 'till after eleven o' Clock, this Evidence being at Home, and not going to Bed till after that Hour.

Mr. Taylor depos'd, I had the Prisoner in Custody for speaking treasonable Words, and he declared that if the Prosecutors had not charged him with that, the other had not been.

William Hall depos'd, That he saw the Prisoner in Custody, and heard him declare to the same Effect.

Mr. Barnard deposed, That he heard the Prisoner declare, that he would have the Prosecutors in Newgate, because they had prosecuted him.

The Prisoner call'd one Witness to his Reputation, who depos'd, that the Prisoner had work'd for him some Time, and that he knew no Ill of him. The Jury found him Guilty of the Indictment.

[Fine. See summary.]

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

[Pillory. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17261207-51

Tho. Whitacre , was indicted for stealing a Sugar-Loaf, value 5s. the Goods of Sarah Prior , November 8 .

Martha Sly deposed, That about seven of the Clock at Night as she was taking down the Grate she saw the Prisoner take the Sugar-Loaf, runs after him, crying out, Stop Thief; and the Prisoner threw it down, that she still pursued the Prisoner, and took him.

Sarah Prior depos'd, That her Maid went to shut up Shop, and she heard her cry out, Stop Thief, whereupon she run out, and they seized the Prisoner. The Jury found him guilty to the Value of 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17261207-52

William Dawson and Tobias Holms were indicted for stealing a Hat, value 2s. 6d. the Goods of John Price , Dec. 8 . but no Evidence appearing, they were acquitted .

Reference Number: t17261207-53

William Peusy , Esq ; was indicted for wilful and corrupt Perjury, in making an Affidavit before a Master in Chancery ; but there being a Defect in the Indictment, the Jury acquitted him .

Reference Number: t17261207-54

Edward Rowland and Richard Prince , of Kinsing Stoke in the County of Middlesex , were indicted for stealing a black Gelding, value 6l. 10s. the Property of John Hobbs , November, 25 .

John Hobbs deposed, I lost my Horse in the Parish of Spacill in the County of Berks .

Mr. Roff deposed, I bought the Horse of Rowland in Smithfield, and Richard price vouched him: The Prisoners made no Defence. The Jury acquitted Prince, and found Rowland guilty of the Indictment. Death .

Reference Number: t17261207-55

William Yeoman , alias Newman , was indicted for stealing a bay Mare, value 20 s. the Property of Elizabeth Rose , November 8 . but it appearing. That the Prisoner was sent with the Mare by the Prosecutor's Servant John Pitts , who is since absconded, the jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17261207-56

Sarah Linny , alias Grove was indicted for stealing a Calimanco Gown, value 2 s. 6d. a Linen Gown, value 7s. 6 d. and a Pair of silk Gloves, value 12d. the Goods of Henry Linly , October 25 . Guilty to the Value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17261207-57

Mary Rich , was indicted for stealing a Pair of Velvet Clogs, value 3s. 6d. 80 Pieces of Silk value 9 s. - 9 Pieces of Brocade Silk, 2s. 6d.

Henry Powel deposed, I lost a Pair of Clogs, and some Pieces of Silk, which were found upon the Prisoner; the Clogs were wore in my House.

Hannah Powell deposed, I went into the Room where the Prisoner lay, saw the Clogs with her Shoes, and found the Silk in her Box. It appeared that the Prosecutor was a Clog-maker, and the Pieces of Silk mentioned in the Indictment, which were produced in Court, were such as were used for Patchwork, &c., The Jury found her guilty to the Value of 10d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17261207-58

Joseph Ayres of the Parish of Stepney , was indicted for stealing a Pair of Leather Shoes, value 8s. the Goods of Thomas Livermore , Nov. 19 .

Thomas Livermore deposed, That he was gone but into the next Room, and heard his Shoes tumble down, upon which he run into the Shop, the Prisoner was but just got out of it, he stopt him, and took the Shoes upon him. The Jury found him guilty to the Value of 10d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17261207-59

Rebecca Gardner , alias Garnham , of the Parish of St. Giles Cripplegate , was indicted for breaking into the House of Andrew King , and stealing thence 3 Gowns, 3 Petticoats and 3 Shifts, the Goods of Mary King , November 4 .

Mary King deposed, That the Prisoner broke open her House about 8 o'Clock at Night, first the Street-door and afterwards two Partitions, and when she came Home had put up the Goods mentioned in the Indictment in several Bundles, one of which she had carryed home, and the other was laid ready to take away.

Parnel Foulks deposed, She locked the Door when she went out of the House.

Ann Rudd thus deposed, I was called to bring a Candle, and seeing the Prisoner, I asked her, what Business she had there? she replied, her Father was fuddled, and threatned to beat her, and she got there to hide herself. - I saw three Bundles which she had made up, one she had carryed away, and hid in her Father's Cellar.

Hugh Price thus deposed. I came Home about eight of the Clock at Night, and when I came to the Door, shoved it open, and asked, who was there? the Prisoner answered, she was the Woman that lodged above Stairs, I told her, she was not, and if she ever came there again I would kick her A - , not thinking that she had committed a Robbery.

John Rogers thus deposed, The fourth of the last Month a little past 8 at Night, hearing a Noise, I went to see what was the Matter, which when I had been informed of, I went in Search of the Prisoner. - I went to her Father's, and looked round the Kitchin, but she was not there. I went and searched the Cellar, but she was not there. I went up one Pair of Stairs, but she was not there. I went into the Garret, and she was not there. At last I looked up the Chimney, and about 7 Foot high in the Chimney there stood the Prisoner stark naked as ever she was born, and just as I looked up down she dropt into the Room: - But had she fell before I had seen her, I should have been sadly frighted. I asked her how she got into the House, and she told me, she could open any Door whatsoever; and then went into her Father's Cellar, where we found the Goods

here in Court. The Prisoner made little Defence; but a Gentlewoman that she had lived with gave her a good Character: And another Gentlewoman, whom she had served since the Former, deposed, That for six Weeks before the Prisoner left her Service, she was distracted, and that she herself got an eminent Physician to prescribe for the Prisoner. And some that were Evidence against the Prisoner, acknowledged that sometimes she used to do wild Actions; and when asked, why she did so? would answer, Punch bid her do it. In Consideration of her Lunacy, the Jury acquitted her .

Reference Number: t17261207-60

James Williams was indicted for stealing a Sagathy Coat, Wastcoat, and a pair of Breeches, 1 pair of Silk Stockings, and other Things to the Value of 23 Shillings , the Goods of Mr. John Elton .

John Elton thus depos'd. I hired the Prisoner as a Servant the Beginning of September last, but he not pleasing me I parted from him in 14 Days, but hearing soon after that he was committed to the Gatehouse, I order'd my Servants to see if they missed any Thing, and finding that there was several Things wanting I went to the Gatehouse, where I found the Prisoner in Bed with the Breeches and Wastecoat on, mention'd in the Indictment George Scullard corroborated his Master's Evidence.

The Prisoner in his Defence said, The Cloaths were given him by a young Gentleman that was at Mr. Elton's while he was there. The Jury found him guilty to the Value of 10 d.

He was a second Time indicted for a Misdemeanour, for enticeing and endeavouring to commit the foul Sin of Sodomy with Henry Lloyd , October 16 .

Henry Lloyd thus depos'd, On the 16th Day of October, the Prisoner came to St. James's Chapel, and when Service was over, the Prisoner ask'd me if I did not know one Mr. Lloyd, I told him I did, for he was my Brother, he said he lov'd me for my Brother and Mother's Sake, and ask'd me to go to the Tavern with him, and then ask'd me to kiss him; at the End of the Mall he put his Hand into my Breeches, and forced my Hand into his, and when we came against Baron Bothmor's Wall , he struggled with me till I was quite tir'd, but while he was letting down his Breeches I run away - On St. Luke's Day the Prisoner came to the Chapel, and spoke to me again, and carried me to an Ale-house in great Bond-street, and ask'd if the Man of the House was within, they answer'd no; from thence he went into St. James's street again, and carried me into a passage, kiss'd me, and held me against the Wall; at last I got away, then the Prisoner said, Mr. Lloyd you are deadly cross, you won't do as I would have you. Then he had me to the King's Head in Pall Mall, and call'd for half a Pint of Mountain, then pull'd his Chair close to mine, and put his Hand into my Breeches, and would have had me put mine into his.

Dr. Croft deposed; I am Master of the Children of his Majesty's Chapel, and Henry Lloyd told me what had happened, I enquired after the Prisoner, and gave Orders, that if he came again, the Boy should have Liberty to go along with him to an Ale-house, that we might apprehend him, left such a Person coming amongst the Children might have an ill effect.

Silvanus Lloyd deposed to this Effect, that the Boy having Liberty to go with the Prisoner, he followed them at some Distance through St. James's street into a Passage, where he saw the Prisoner rude with Henry Lloyd , from thence he followed them to the Unicorne, and took a Chairman with him for fear there should be a Club of them; then asked the Man of the House what Gentleman that was that was along with one of the King's Schollars? he laughed, and asked me, Is he a Molley? I went up Stairs, asked Henry Lloyd what Acquaintance he had with that Gentleman, he told me he offered to Treat him with a Supper - I seized the Prisoner, who, as we was going down Stairs had like to have made his Escape, but that being prevented, he down of his Knees, and said, he hoped we would not prosecute him, offering to Treat us, or to give us all the Money in his Pocket, but that not availing, he said we could not hang him, he not having committed the Fact.

The Prisoner made but a poor Defence, by saying that he only offered to give him half a Pint of Wine, that his Mother lived in Ireland, and he had not been long from thence. The Jury found him guilty of the Indictment.

[Pillory. See summary.]

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17261207-61

Mary Jolly of the Parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch , was indicted for stealing a Silver Watch with a Tortoiseshell Case Value 15 Shillings a Chain Value 6 d. a Glass Bottle with a Silver Top, Value 6 d. the Goods of Lewis Cannon , Oct. 10 .

Lewis Cannon depos'd, That he lost his Watch and Smelling Bottle out of his Room, and a Woman came from Dagger's Bridewell over the Water, and informed him the Prisoner had such Goods found upon her, whereby he had them again.

The Prisoner confess'd that she went up to make the Bed, and took the Goods away, but intended to return them again, and for that Reason had not offered to dispose of them. The Jury found her guilty to the Value of 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17261207-62

Jonathan Ware was indicted for stealing Goods to the Value of 4 Shillings , the Property of Thomas Stent . He was a 2d Time indicted for stealing 2 Plains, Value 18 d.

The Evidence depos'd, That she was not certain whether it was the Prisoner or his Wife that stole the Goods mention'd in the first Indictment, and no Evidence appearing against the Prisoner on the 2d Indictment, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17261207-63

James Cowdon, alias Condron , was indicted for stealing a Fustian Frock, Value 10 Shillings, a Wig 7 Shillings, a pair of Shoes 3 Shillings, a Leather Apron and 2 Linnen Handkerchiefs , Oct. 29 .

John Baxter depos'd. That he found the Goods upon the Prisoner in Clement's Lane in Clare-Market, the Sunday was Sev'night after.

The Prisoner said he was sorry for it, and intended to bring the Goods again. The Jury found him guilty to the Value of 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17261207-64

William Carney and Margaret Dunnago , of the Parish of St. Martin's in the Fields , were indicted for stealing a Gold Ring value 22 Shillings , the Goods of Francis Mills , Oct. 30 . But the Evidence not being sufficient, the Jury acquitted the Prisoners.

Reference Number: t17261207-65

Thomas Philips of the Parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch , was indicted for stealing a Flock-Bed , the Goods of Alexander Scott , Novemb. 10 . But no Evidence appearing against the Prisoner, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17261207-66

Elizabeth Ashmore , of the Parish of St. Martin's in the Fields , was indicted for stealing a Silk Purse, value 2 d. a Piece of Foreign Silver, value 2 d. one Guinea and a Half and Fifty three Shillings in Money, from the Person of James Keneday , Decemb 3 .

James Keneday thus depos'd, The Prisoner at the Bar robbed me last Saturday Night of four Pounds odd Money; I was bound for a Barber, and was going to pay the Man some Money, but he not being at Home I went to the Bell in Drury-Lane, and drank three Pints of Beer; returning home between 11 and 12 a Clock, with my Money, I met the Prisoner, who Collar'd me, and said she would have a Pint of Drink; I went in, and she called another Woman into the Room, and I told them I had been to pay some Money, and the Man was not at Home, and they both were for rifling my Pockets, and scratched my Face; whereupon I gets to the Sash and cries out Murder, but the Watch would not come to my Assistance; then they got hold of my Neckcloth, and twisted it so hard that I could not speak a Word for Half an Hour, and the Prisoner took my Purse away.

Robert Morris , the Beadle thus depos'd, They were both brought before the Constable between 12 and 10 Clock at St. Martin's Round-house; the Prosecutor said he lost his Money in Drury-Lane, I taxed the Woman with it, but she would not confess, so we went to the House, and goes into the Room where the Prosecutor said they was, and by the Bed-side found the Purse with Thirty-five Shillings in it, and the Piece of Foreign Coin, it being a Hanover Piece.

The Prisoner in her Defence said, That she was standing at their own Door, and the Prosecutor forc'd her to go in with him, and because she would not let him use his Pleasure with her (for he was very much fuddled, and had been fighting before she see him) he took her by the Throat and almost strangled her. The Jury found her guilty of Felony.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17261207-67

George Tate was indicted for stealing a Brass Pot and Cover, value 4 Shillings, and a Pewter Plate, value 10 d. out of a Yard in Whitecross-Alley, in Middle-Moor fields , being the Goods of Ebenezar Stinton , Nov. 26 .

John Thomas depos'd. That he see the Prisoner drop the Goods, being pursued.

John Booth depos'd, That coming home he met the Prisoner in Hand Alley, see him drop the Pot and Plate, and see him taken. The Jury found him guilty to the Value of 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17261207-68

Susanna Baker was indicted for receiving several Remnants and Piece of Silks and other Goods knowing them to be stole ; but there being a Defect in the Indictment, the Jury acquitted the Prisoner .

Reference Number: t17261207-69

Gervis Charlton , a Mulatto , and John Scott , were indicted for stealing a large Quantity of Gold Dust, the Goods of Persons unknown , Octob. 17 .

Captain Strange thus depos'd, Last January being on the Coast of Africa , I met with Captain Griffis, and inquiring of him about Trade, he told me he had bought about 150 Ounces of Gold Dust, and expected to buy more, the Prisoner, Gervis Charlton brought it from his Scrutore, it was very good, I believe it might be worth Three Pounds eighteen Shillings per Ounce.

Archihald Kenedy depos'd, I went down into the Steerage, and see the Prisoner Gervis Charlton, take the Seals off Capt. Griffes's Scrutore, and took out a Lump in a Leather Case much like that which we tie up Gold Dust in, and laid it upon the Table.

Matthew Spencer depos'd, That when Capt. Dart was sick he saw the Prisoner Carlton in the Cabin as he was going into the Hold, and when he came up again see the Scrutore opened; that the Prisoner Charlton put his Hand in his Pocket, and gave the Deponent as much Gold Dust as he sold for 42 Shillings in the West Indies, and that the Scrutore was not open when he went down.

Mr. Farnell a Goldsmith thus depos'd, On the 17th of October, the Prisoner came into my, Shop with two Leather Bags, in which were some small Parcels of Gold, that he said he brought from the Indies, and asked me Three Pounds Ten Shillings per Ounce for its I told him I would melt it down, he should see me do it, and there was two Ounces of it; for which I gave him eight Pounds, the Prisoner said that was his own, but the other belong'd to another Person. The Prisoner's Examination was read in Court, and he confess'd the Fact, and the Jury brought him in guilty of the Indictment.

But Mr. Scott being no ways affected but by Charlton's Examination, and a great many Gentlemen appear'd to his Character, the Jury acquitted him.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17261207-70

William Rhodes of Billiter-Square London , Merchant , was indicted for Forging and Publishing certain Writings or Letters of Attorney; impowering him the said William Rhodes , to sell; assign, and dispose of South-Sea Stock, to the Value of about Eight Thousand Pounds, the Property of William Heysham of Greenwich, Esq; and that he the said William Rhodes , the Hand and Seal of the said William Heysham , Esq ; did Forge and Counterfeit .

Mr. Marsh depos'd to this Effect, That Mr. Heysham being an infirm Man, and often afficted with the Gout, he intrusted the Prisoner to negotiate Affairs, and in the Year 1725, being then employed in the said Service, he (the Prisoner) wrote Mr. Heysham a very formal Letter, desiring Mr. Heysham to impower him to receive his Dividends of Stock; but soon after Mr. Heysham having some Business near the South-sea House, he desired me to go along with him, and like wife, that I would go and enquire at the South-Sea House, if the Prisoner had received his Dividends of Stock there; I went to the proper Office, and one of the Clerks told me Mr. Heysham had not any Stock in that Company - I went back to Mr. Heysham and inform'd him of it. He appeared extremely surprised, desired me to go back again, and he would go to the Prisoner, (who was then ill at home) and desired me to come to him there; I came to the Prisoner's accordingly, found Mr. Heysham ruffled, and talking very warmly to him. Who insisted, that as for his Stock being disposed of there was no such Thing done, and that it was a Mistake of the Clerk's - Upon which I told the Prisoner, that it was in vain to make any such Pretence, for I had made a proper Enquiry, and was very well assured that Mr. Heysham had no Stock in the South-Sea Company - When the Prisoner see me so positive, he said he had a General Letter of Attorney for transferring it; but upon Mr. Heysham denying he that ever gave him any such Authority, he desired Mr. Heysham to be easy, and confess'd that he had been under some Necessities that obliged him to dispose of it, but promised he would reinstate the said Stock to Mr. Heysham in a short Time. And for his further Satisfaction, the Prisoner takes Pen, Ink and Paper, and drew up and delivered me a promisory Note, to Transfer Four Thousand Pounds South-Sea Stock; which Note I have here to produce. Here is also an Account which the Prisoner sent Mr. Heysham, wherein he gives Mr. Heysham Credit for the Dividends of his South-Sea Stock, as if none was disposed of, the Prisoner having disposed of Part of it without his Privity or Knowledge long before. Some Time after this I made Application to the Office, to see by what Authority the said Stock was Transferred and they informed me, by several Powers of Attorney. which Powers I got leave to inspect.

Mr. John Hastings , belonging to the South-Sea-House, (to whose Care and Custody all such Powers are committed) being sworn, produced the several Letters of Attorney in Court, impowering the Prisoner to sell, assign, and dispose of the said South Sea Stock at sundry Times; according to the Date of the said Powers or Letters of Attorney, and to three of the said Powers on which the greatest Stress was laid to prove the Indictment.

Mr. Lance, a Notary Publick depos'd, That he saw the Prosecutor execute the same, either at his own House in Bloomsbury, or at Mr. Robert Heysham 's in Billiter-Square: And a great many Gentlemen appearing, who gave Mr. Lance a very extraordinary Character, as being an honest punctual Man, and one that would not be prevailed upon to attest a Falshood upon any Consideration whatsoever. The Jury acquitted the Prisoner of the three Indictments: Whereupon the Prisoner desired of the Court that he might be tried upon the other four; which being granted, there was not only the same Evidence Mr. Lance, but Nicholas Bouncher , Mr. Robert Heysham 's Barber's Apprentice, was Witness to one of the other Powers, Dated the 10th of May 1722, who depos'd; He see the same executed in Mr. Robert Heysham 's Compting-House.

Giles Thornton and John Ellis depos'd, That Mr. Heysham was in Hertfordshire at the Time that some of the said Powers or Letters of Attorney were said to be executed: But Mr. Rhodes producing some Draughts of Mr. Heysham's, proved him to be in Town. Whereupon the Jury acquitted the Prisoner of all the Indictments.

Reference Number: t17261207-71

John Brown was indicted for wilful and corrupt Perjury, in a Cause Tried before the Lord Chief Justice Raymond, at Guild-Hall in Decemb. 1725 .

Mr. Skinner and Mr. Holloway both depos'd, That being present in Court at the above mentioned Trial, the Prisoner made Oath, that he had lived with Mrs. Pusey eight Months, and that during his Service there, he was paid his Wages by Mrs. Pusey, and that he never received any Wages or Money from Mr. Russel.

Mrs. Mary Gearing depos'd to the same Effect, and added, That the Prisoner was paid his Wages, Chariot Expences, as Mops and other Necessaries, by Mr. Russel, and that when the Prisoner was discharged from Mrs. Pusey's Service, which was in April 1721, she see Mr. Russel pay him Seven Pounds odd Money; and that the Prisoner John Brown, gave a Receipt for the same: But being call'd upon to produce that Receipt, she declared it could not be produced by them, because all the Vouchers were delivered up at the Time that the Accounts were settled and adjusted between Colonel Pusey and Mr. Russel,

Mary Butler depos'd, That she never saw Mrs. Pusey pay any Money in her Life, but that she always carried the Prisoner's Bills to Mr. Russel, and that the Prisoner never enquired for Mrs. Pusey, unless when she wanted the Coach. There was another Evidence, (tho' not quite so full) to the same Effect.

The most material Circumstance in the Prisoner's Defence was, That the Receipt delivered up to Col. Pusey, as John Brown's, was wrote by Mr. Russel's own Hand, and was not Signed by the Prisoner, John Brown, but subscribed John the Coachman; which Receipt being produced in Court, was no Credit to Mrs. Gearing's Evidence: And it not appearing that the Prisoner had any Reward, but was out of all Dependance on Col. Pusey when he made the Deposition before-mentioned; and a great many People of Credit giving him a good Character, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17261207-72

Elizabeth Higgins , alias Voiture , and Ann Green , alias Rowland , being Partners; were indicted for receiving of Mary Burton 20 Yards of Pink coloured Mantua Silk, value Five Pounds Ten Shillings, April 28 . knowing the said Goods to be stole .

Mary Burton depos'd, That she and Ann Holmes , a former Convict, did steal 40 Yards of Pink-coloured Mantua Silk, out of the Shop of Matthew Herbert , and that she delivered 20 Yards, which was her Part, to Ann Green, to dispose of for her; who ask'd her, What Part of the Town she spoke with it, (that is, where she stole it) that she might not offer it to Sale thereabouts, and that she brought her 4 Guineas and some Shillings for it.

Richard Stout and Abraham Perkins depos'd, That Elizabeth Higgins confess'd they knew Barton to be a Shoplifter, and said, They had like to have been Stopt once with some Tabby which they had of her. The Jury found them both guilty of Felony.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: o17261207-1

Gilbert Tempest , formerly convicted
Reference Number: s17261207-1

The Trials being ended, the Court proceeded to give Judgment as follows:

Received Sentence of Death 4.

Jane Crommy , William Miller , Grace Baldwin , and Edward Rowland .

To be Whipt 3.

Mary Rich , Daniel Brown , and Sarah Liney , alias Groves.

Burnt in the Hand 2.

William Smith , and

Reference Number: s17261207-1

Gilbert Tempest , formerly convicted .

Transportation 32.

Isaac Joseph , Farmer Cook , Richard Pachlow , Neels Oulson , Charles Carfeen , Susanna Brewell , Richard Arnold , William Connell , Charles Conyers , John Ross , Ann Emerson , Elizabeth Hopkins , William Bays , Susanna Mason , John Phipps , James Williams , Gervis Charlton , Albert Burnham , alias Vernon, John Gand , Jonas Marwood , John Gately , Mary Spawford , William Coreham , Susanna Moses , alias Fotherby, Thomas Whitacre , Joseph Ayres , Mary Jolly , James Cowdon , Elizabeth Ashmore , George Tate , Elizabeth Higgins , and Ann Green.

Joseph Harrison for Perjury, Fin'd twenty Marks, six Months Imprisonment, and to stand on the Pillory. James Williams convicted of an Assault, with an Intent to commit Sodomy; to stand on the Pillory, and to be transported for Felony.

Reference Number: a17261207-1

Books printed for Edward Symon , against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill.

COnnection of the History of the Old and New Testament, with that of the Jews and Neighbouring Nations, from the Declension of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, to the Time of Christ. By Humphrey Pridems , D.D. Dean of Norwich, 2 Vols. Folio, with Cuts and Maps. Price 1 l. 15 s.

The Dealers in Stock's Assistant; or a Calculation of the Value of any Parcel of Stock from 10000 l. to 1 l. at the Rate of the 16th Part of a Pound per Cent. to 200 l. per Cent. for the Ease of the Proprietors of the several Transferrable Stocks in Buying, Selling, and Calling up Dividends. By G. Clerks, of the South-Sea House. Price 2 s. 6 d.

Youth's Introduction to Trade and Business: Containing, 1st. Tables of the most useful Clerk-like Contradictions of Words; a Collection of English Words alike in Sound, but different in Signification; with proper Directions how to address to Persons of elevated Rank, and those in Office. 2dly, Acquittances and Promisory Notes diversify'd and adapted to such Circumstances as occur in real Business. 3dly, Variety of Bills of Parcels and Bills of Book Debts, to enter the Learner in Manner and Method of Commerce, and to make him ready at Computation. 4thly. Bills of Exchange, with Directions necessary for the right Understandin and Management of Remittances; several Orders for Goods, Letters of Credit, Invoyces and other Merchant-like Examples. 5thly. Authentick Forms of such Law Precedents, as are most frequently to be met with in the Course of Traffick. 6thly. A Collection of Questions to exemplify the common Rules of Arithmetick, and to rednce them to Practice. For the Use of Schools. Done upon the Plan of the late Col. Vyre 's Essay. Price 2 s. By M. Glare, School-Master in Soho-Square, London.

The Physical Dictionary, wherein the Terms of Anatomy, the Names and Causes of Diseases, Chirurgical Instruments, their Use, are accurately described. As also the Names and Virtues of Medicinal Plants, Minerals, Stones, Gums, Salts, Barths, &c. The Method of chusing the best Drugs: The Terms of Chymistry, and of the Apothecary's Art: The various Forms of Medicines, and the Ways of compounding them. By Stephen Blamcard . M. D. Professor of Physick at Middleburg in Zealand. The Seventh Edition, with the Addition of many Thousand Terms of Art, and their Explanation (from the last and best Edition of Castellus's Lexicon Medicum, and other Authors) more than in any former Impression; also a Catalogue of the Characters us'd in Physick, both in Latin and English, curiously Engrav'd on Copper.

The Annals of King GEORGE, containing not only the Affairs of Great Britain, but the General History of Europe. With an Introduction in Defence: of His Majesty's Title, and an Account of his Descent from all the Royal Families that ever Reign'd in this Island, in Six Volumes.

Jam Nova Progenies, Celo demittitux Alto. Virg Custode Return Caesare, non furor Civilis out Vis eximet Otinm. Hor.

The History of the Revolutions that have happened in the Government of the Roman Republick . Written in French by the Abbot de Vertot. Translated by Mr. Oxell, 2 Vols.

The Experienc'd Farrier, or Farring compleated. Containing every Thing that belongs to a compleat Horseman, Groom, Farrier, or Horse Leach. With the Office of the Breeder, Keeper, Rider, Feeder, Buyer and Farrier; shewing the Marks of Beauty, Goodness, Faults and Interfections of Horses; with the best Method of Buying, Dieting, Shooing, and otherwise Managing Horses for all Uses. 4th Edition.

Tables of Interest, at the Rate of 3, 4 and half, 5, 6, 7, and per Cent from One Thousand Pounds to one Shilling for one Day, &c. Exactly computed to the Thousandth Part of a Penny. Also Tables of Compound Interest. By Tho Lydal , Accomptant to the Commissioners of Excise.

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