Old Bailey Proceedings, 11th July 1726.
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THE PROCEEDINGS AT THE Sessions of the Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, For The CITY of LONDON. AND ON

The King's Commission of Goal-Delivery of Newgate, held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily; for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex.


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, being the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th, of July, 1726. in the Twelfth Year of His MAJESTY's Reign.

BEFORE the Right Honourable Sir FRANCIS FORBES , Knt. Lord Mayor of the City of London; the Honourable Mr. Justice Dormer; Mr. Justice Reynolds; Mr. Justice Denton; Mr. Baron Thomson , Knt. Recorder of the City of London; Mr. John Raby , Serjeant at Law; and other His Majesty's Justices of Goal-Delivery, and Oyer and Terminer aforesaid; together with His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said City of London.

London Jury.

George Lane

Edward Farmer

John Barsby

William Eusden

William Atkins

John Waterson

John Atwood

William Proudman

Nicholas Jackman

Bryan Robinson

Asahel Mason

Charles Beard

Middlesex Jury.

John Johnson

Paul Hussey

Benjamin Champion

Daniel Lee

James Guinny

John Witherington

Henry Coombs

Robert Rogers

Samuel Phipps

John Pain

Arthur Beach

John Price .

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Francis Bird , was indicted for privately stealing 2 Handkerchiefs , the Goods of Thomas Cannon and Robert Greenwood , May 29 . Guilty 10 d.

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Ann Davis , was indicted for stealing 6 Guineas , the Money of William Slaughter , June 25 .

William Slaughter thus depos'd I laid my self down on the Bed to rest me; I dont remember I pull'd my Breeches off, or any of my Cloaths, but when I was asleep the Prisoner came to Bed to me. When I waked in the Morning I mist 6 Guineas, and charged her with taking it, but she deny'd it till the Afternoon, when I brought her before a Constable, who found it in her Stays, and then truly she said, as how she intended to give it me again, and only kept it till she had seen me safe home, for fear somebody should pick my Pocket.

Mr. Guy the Constable thus depos'd. I was sent for to an Ale-house at the Old Swan-Stairs , and I found the Prosecutor and Prisoner who were pretty well infor't. He told me that they had been all Night on Board the Folly, and that she had pick'd his Pocket of 6 Guineas. She at first deny'd the having any Money about her, but when I threaten'd to have her stript and searched, she confest that she had 6 Guineas about her, which she found in the Bed where the Prisoner lay with her, but said that he being drunk, she took it only with a Design to take care of it for him, till he got safe home, for fear he should fall into ill Company and lose it.

The Prisoner thus made her Defence. I went to turn up the Bed where the Prisoner lay, and I found the 6 Guineas, he said were his: but I told him that that was more than I knew, for the Man that kept the Folly had been lying upon the same Bed himself just before, and they might belong to him, and therefore, says I, you shall swear'em to be yours before you shall have 'em. Guilty .

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Thomas Moss , was indicted for stealing 3 s. 6d the Money of his Master Matth.ew Fuller , June 17 . Guilty. 10 d.

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Susannah Sly alias Ely , and Hester Filewood , were indicted for privately stealing a Silver Medal, value 7 s. and 5 s. in Money , June 10 .

- Collinson the Constable thus depos'd. Between 11 and 12 at Night, the Prosecutor brought the 2 Prisoners to me at the Watch-house in Thames-street, and accus'd them with stealing from him a Guinea, a Medal, and 5 Shillings; I searched Susan Sly, and in one of her Stockings I found 5 Shillings, and in the other the Medal, which the Prosecutor own'd, and swore to be his before my Lord Mayor, who bound him over to prosecute in a Bond of 30 l. and me in a Bound of 10 l. but yet being unwilling to expose his Character, he has not thought fit to appear against the Prisoners.

The Prisoners thus made their Defence. The Prosecutor met us in the Street, and invited us to take a Glass of Wine. - We went to the Dog Tavern by Billingsgate, but could not have a Room there,

and so we stept over the Way to the Gun ; he gave the Money and Medal to Filewood, to oblige him in his own Way, but she not doing as he desir'd, he told her she should pay the Reckoning with what he had given her, for it was all that he had about him, but she gave the Money and Medal to Sly. Then he desir'd us to leave the Medal in pawn, and he'd meet us there another Night and redeem it. - At last he said if we would not pay, he'd send for one that should, and so he sent for his Landlord, who came and clear'd the Reckoning, and then the Prosecutor charged us with picking his Pocket. The Jury acquitted them.

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John Burrows , was indicted for privately stealing 5 s. 6 d. from Abigail Lindsey , the Money of her Husband Robert Lindsey , June 20 . Guilty 10 d.

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Stephen Turner , was indicted for stealing a Handkerchief , the Goods of John Won , June 29 . Guilty .

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Ann Walford alias Warnford , and Sarah Thomson , were indicted for privately stealing 2 Guineas, a Moidore, a Half Broad-piece, and 4 Shillings the Money of Joseph Sheppard , June 29 .

Joseph Sheppard thus depos'd. I was got drunk, and was going along Fleet-street between 2 and 3 in the Morning, and there I saw the Prisoner Walford standing at the end of an Alley. I asked her which was the Way to Wood-street. - I'll shew. you my Dear, says she, and taking hold of my Arm, she led me to a House in Loves-Court in Shoe-lane , we went up Stairs, and we tumbled upon the Bed, and the other Prisoner was then in the Room; I fell asleep, and when I waked I mist the Money.

- Sharpless thus depos'd. As I was carrying Walford before the Justice, she lag'd a little behind the rest of the Company, and call'd at a Brandy-Shop for a Dram, and there she confest to me that she pick'd his Pocket. The Jury acquitted her.

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Thomas Baker , was indicted for the Murder of Joseph Toms , (a Child ) by driving 2 Horses drawing a Cart, whereby the first of those Horses threw down the Child Joseph, and the near Wheel of the Cart ran over his Head, by which he receiv'd one mortal Bruise, of which he instantly dy'd , on the 4th of June .

It appear'd that as several Children were playing in Totenham-Court-Road , the Prisoner being in the Cart or Copse, was driving his Horses apace. He saw the Children, he call'd aloud to them to get out of the Way, and was coming down to stop the Horses, at which Time the fore Horse threw down the Deceas'd, and the near Wheel run over his Head. Manslaughter .

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Sarah Darbon , was indicted for stealing in the House of Robert Monro , Esq ; 17 Shirts, a Gold Brocaded Wastcoat, a Gold Watch, a Suit of lac'd Headcloths, and other Things, the Goods of Robert Monro, Esq ; June 20 .

It appear'd that the Prisoner was Mr. Monro's Servant , the Goods were mist, and she being suspected and examin'd, confest that being in Necessity for Money, she had taken them, and carry'd them to pawn, but intended to redeem them again. They were found at the Pawn-Brokers according to her Directions. Guilty 39 s.

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Patrick Macdermont , was indicted for stealing a Cloak, and a Gown , the Goods of Benjamin Tudman , July 9 . Guilty 10 d.

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Robert Smith , and John Scot , of South-Mims , where indicted for assaulting Robert Collinson on the Highway, and robbing him of a Watch, value 4 l. and 7 d. in Money , May 26 .

Robert Smith , was a 2d Time indicted for stealing a pair of Stockings, and a Shirt , the Goods of Robert Hughs , May 30 .

Robert Collinson thus depos'd. On Thursday, May 26, I was riding from London to North-hall, and about 2 in the Afternoon, upon Enfield-Chase I saw the Prisoners at some Distance from me, with Sticks in their Hands. Robert Smith came up to me, stopt my Horse, held out a Pistol, demanded my Money, and took my Watch and 7 d. from me. The other Prisoner Scot was then standing still about ten Yards from me, but after Smith had robb'd me, they ran together into the Wood. I went on to Potter's Bar, where I told several of my being robb'd, and describ'd the Persons, and they were taken the Saturday following, Smith was discover'd first, he having pawn'd the Watch for 5 s. and a Dozen of Beer to John Guy , who kept an Ale-House at Lamsted-Mills by Brockets-hall Gate, by which Means he was traced to Mr.Powel's at the Wind-mill upon North-hall Common, where he was taken in Bed about 11 at Night. A pair of Pistols ready charg'd were taken upon him. He confest the Fact, and impeach'd Scot, who was thereupon apprehended.

On the 2d Indictment against Smith, Robert Hughs depos'd that he lost the Shirt and Stockings, and found them on the Prisoner, who confest that he stole them. The Jury acquitted Scot, and found Smith guilty of both Indictments . Death .

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William Courtney , was indicted for marrying Elizabeth Rag , on the 7th of December last, his former Wife Susan Duncalf being then living , to which he pleaded Guilty .

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Richard Hinton , was indicted for stealing a Bay Gelding, value 7 l. the Property of John Hills , April 5 .

John Hills thus depos'd. On the 4th of December last I lost my Gelding from Greenhith in Kent , and going along Knight's-bridge. I met John Hinton the Prisoners Brother upon my Geldings Back, who told me he hir'd it of Thomas Marlow at Hammersmith.

Thomas Marlow depos'd that he bought the Horse of the Prisoner on the 14th or 15th of December last.

The Prisoner in his Defence call'd two Witnesses to prove he bought the Horse of John Screen at his own House, the Sun at Hammersmith; but they swearing to a Time long before the Horse was missing, and contradicting one another. The Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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Strickland Beadle , was indicted for stealing 7 Perukes, value 24 l. the Goods of Thomas Meredith in the House of Joshua Pawley , June 8 .

It appear'd that the Prisoner and Prosecutor lodged together, and that while the Prosecutor was gone out of Town, the Prisoner perswaded a little Boy to let him into the Prosecutor's Room, whence he took the Wigs. Some of which were taken upon him a few Days after at a Brandy Shop in Drury-lane, and he confest where the others were, which was found accordingly. Guilty 39 s.

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William Williams , was indicted for stealing 50 Pound of Lead, value 7 s. the Goods of Maurice Hughs , June 24 . Acquitted .

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Albertus Burnaby , late of Golden-lane , Brewer ; was indicted (on an Act An. Reg. Geo. R.V.) for that he being a Trader, and absenting himself from his House, with a Design to defraud his Creditors, did thereby become a Bankrupt, on the 5th of November last, and did afterwards conceal, remove, and convert to his own Use, several Goods and Notes to the value of 20 l. and upwards .

Mr. Shorter thus depos'd. On the 5th of November the Prisoner sent for me to the Fountain-Tavern at Stocks-Market, and when I came, Mr. Shorter, says he, I am afraid of being taken up, for I have heard that there is an Execution taken out against me by Two of my Creditors, Allen and Toms, and therefore I dare not appear. I am going into Ironmonger-lane, I wish you'd call a Coach for me, and order the Coachman to drive up close to the Door. - The Coach came, and he went away in it. - The next Time I saw him he was in Wood-street Counter. - I was one of his Bail in all the Actions that were brought against him. The Records of the Counter were produced, by which it appear'd that

an Action was taken out against the Prisoner, at the Suit of James Allin and John Toms , for 300 l. June 24. And Mr. Fitch depos'd. That on the 11 of November following the Prisoner surrender'd to discharge his Bail.

Mr. Marshall thus depos'd. I was the Prisoners Clerk, he order'd me several times to tell his Creditors, that he was not at home, when at the same time he was in his Chamber. Being cross examin'd, said, At that time, I believe (by examining his Books, he had more than would pay every one his own.

John Tates and John Toms depos'd. That the Prisoner was indebted to them 150 l for Goods deliver'd him.

John Wood Book keeper at Blossoms Inn thus depos'd. A parcel of Manchester Bays, and Penistons worth I believe 50 l. at least, were brought to our Inn, directed for the Prisoner. These Goods I deliver'd to Thomas Brewer , who brought this Note for them, sign'd with the Prisoner's name. - The Name was prov'd to be the Prisoners writing.

Mrs. Wood depos'd. That the Prisoner paid her for the Carriage of the said Goods.

It was further made evident, that the Prisoner had secreted 3 Promissory, Notes, 2 for 275 Guilders each, and one for 7 l. 10 s. Sterling. But the Act of Bankruptcy laid in the Indictment not being sufficiently prov'd. The Jury Acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17260711-17

Robert Morgan and David Jones , were indicted for stealing 100 weight of Sugar, value 5 l. the Goods of Sir William Chapman Bart , and Com May 1 . Morgan pleaded Guilty , and there not being sufficient Evidence against Jones he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17260711-18

Thomas Smith , was indicted for Assaulting John Brown on the Highway, and taking from him a Wig, value 3 l. a Silver headed Cane, value 2 l. and a Neckcloth June 2 .

John Brown thus depos'd. Between 12 and 1 in the Morning, it being Moonlight. I was Assaulted in St. Martins Lane , by the Prisoner and 2 or 3 - more He had dog'd me from the Hay-market. - He knocks me down, took away my Wig, this Cane and my, Neckcloth, but my Money being in a side Pocket he mist it. They beat me among them, and made a sad Martyr of me.- The Wig was taken upon the Prisoner, and the Cane found by my Directions.

The Prisoner thus made his Defence. I met the Prosecutor in the Street, he was drunk, and ask'd me where he should get a Pot of Beer. We met a Mob, the Prosecutor was quarrelsome, and Some of the Mob Knocks him down, he got up again and gave me his Cane and Wig to hold, and would needs go to fighting; The Mob hurry'd him along, so that I lost the fight of him. Guilty Death .

Reference Number: t17260711-19

William Green , was indicted for stealing 100 Iron Hoops, value 8 l. the Goods of our Sovereign Lord the King . June 25.

It appear'd that the Prisoner was one of the Coopers in the Victualing Office. and at several times had carry'd off a great number of Iron Hoops, and had also seduced William Cock , and John Blakeway , (who were Evidences against him) to follow the like practices, he was at last detected by Joseph Leaper a Smith, to whom he offer'd some of the Hoops to Sale. Guilty .

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George Cole , was indicted for stealing a Silver Hilt of a Sword, value 30 s. the Goods of Joseph Reason , June 30 . Acquitted .

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Elizabeth Clark , of Hendon , was indicted for stealing a Gown, a Petticoat a Ridinghood, and 2 Caps , the Goods of John Henshaw , June 30 . Guilty 10 d.

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Robert Morris , was indicted for stealing a Peruke, value 20 s. the Goods of John Goswell , September 29 . The Jury Acquitted him, and it appearing a malicious Prosecution, the Court granted him a Copy of his Indictment.

Reference Number: t17260711-23

Elizabeth Jones , alias Clark , was indicted for stealing 4 Tea Spoons, a Strainer, and a pair of Tongs , the Goods of Brogdon Poplet , February 20 . Guilty 10 d.

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Philip Vanham , was indicted for stealing 4 Ounces of Gold and Silver Plate, value 25 s. the Goods of Margaret Meredith , May 30 . Guilty 4 s. 10 d.

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Mary Marvel , alias Best , was indicted for stealing Money and Goods in the House of George Tod , May 27 . Guilty to the value of 39 s.

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Francis Baily , was indicted for stealing 2 Moidores, a double Cruisado, half an Ounce of Gold in an Ingot, and other things, the Goods of John Darmata , in the House of Abraham Basil , June 27 , Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17260711-27

William Atkinson , was indicted for the Murder of Margaret Gaskin , alias Russel , by giving her with a red hot Poker, one mortal Wound near the right Breast of the length of one Inch, and the depth of 6 Inches of which she instantly dy'd . He was a second time indicted on the Coroners Inquisition for the said Murder.

Kate Bates thus depos'd. The Deceas'd keeps a Brandy Shop , and I cant say but I have taken a Dram there now and then, and so upon last Christmas Eve, there was I and my Girl, and Moll Beech, and Peg Gaskin the Deceas'd; and so as I was saying, the Prisoner's Wife Mrs. Atkinson, sent us 3 s. 6 d. to buy Holly and Ivy. 18 Pence to the Deceas'd, because she was the oldest Basket Women, and a Shilling a piece to my Girl and Moll Beech , but Moll is dead and buried since then - poor Soul! She'll never cry Holly and Ivy again. I staid in the Shop, till Moll and my Daughter came back, but the Deceas'd was not with them then, for it seems she had call'd in by the way, to take a Quartern at another Shop, but by and by in she comes, and very drunk she was, and so the Prisoner told her, as how it was very hard as his Wife must send her Money, and she go get drunk with it at another House, and so they begun to Quarrel, and I went and sat at the Door, and in a little time I heard Sarah Davis cry out Murder, and she said as how he had kill'd the Deceas'd with a Poker, whereof I went in and see the Deceas'd upon a Bench, with her Head lean'd against a Cask, and she pitch'd forward with her Head upon the Floor I help'd her up, and some Blood, gusht out, and she never spoke no more, but I did not see the Wound.

Rebecca Cox , thus depos'd. I was a Scouring at the Prisoners House, and was to and again it the Kitchin and the Yard, and the Prisoner was standing by the Fire side; the Deceas'd was very drunk and Sarah Davis was Pretty well in for it. and they two fell a Quarreling, and Sarah pusht the Deceas'd down, and the Prisoner helpt her up again and put her upon the Bench, and there she far Swearing and Cursing, and ready to forwards, upon her Nose - I was in the Yard when they said she was kill'd; I afterwards saw the Blood come from her, and that she had a Wound by the side of her right Breast, under the Arm. The Deceas'd lodged in the House, and the Prisoner was always kind to her.

Sarah Davis thus depos'd. I was drinking a Quartern of Gin at the Prisoners House when the 2 Women came in with the Holly and Ivy. Then were both drunk, and could not agree which of them should carry out the Holly and Ivy to sell, and so says the Prisoner, Ye Bitches, shall my Wife send you Money to get Drunk, in another place, and be damn'd to ye? Then one of the Women went away, but the Deceas'd sat down upon the Bench, and still kept chattering at him, whereof he snatch'd the red hot Poker out of the Fire, - it was this very Poker in my Hand - and he pull'd her down upon the Ground, and thrust it into her Breast, just in this manner - and she never spoke another word - I cry'd out Murder and this Kate Betts came in from the Door, and clapt her Hand to my Mouth and cry'd hush! hush! She says indeed that she saw the Deceas'd fall off the Bench, but its no such thing, she was not in sight of her till after I cry'd our Murder, - but she'll Swear any thing a Beast - Nay - pray keep your Hands off me Mrs Bolaface I beseech ye -

The Prisoner thus made his Defence. The Deceas'd was drunk, and had been Quarreling with Sarah Davis who push'd her down. I help'd her up again upon the Bench. Then I turn'd about to the Fire to take some Plates out of the Lye Kettle with the Tongs, and while my back was towards her, she fell down against the Poker - . Then he call'd several Witnesses to invalidate the Testimony of Sarah Davis, and to give him a Character.

Mary Richardson thus depos'd. On the Day after this Misfortune happen'd, Sarah Davis came drunk into the Prisoners Shop, and call'd for a Quartern of Geneva. The Prisoners Wife told her she had enough, and should have no more there, to which Sarah answer'd. I hope I shall live to see that Rogue year Husband hang'd and then she fell in a Fit, (or pretended to be in one,) and when she recover'd, she said, Pray dear Mrs. Atkinson forgive me, I am sorry for what I said; and then putting out her Tongue, See, says she, how my Tongue is swell'd for Swearing.

Others depos'd. That Sarah used to go about the Streets like a Mad Woman, with her Hair loose, and Patches upon her Face, and that she had been 3 Years in Bedlam. Several gave the Prisoner the Character of a Civil good Neighbour. And the Jury found him Guilty of Manslaughter only .

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Isabell Wall , was indicted for stealing the Goods of John Everard , in the House of James Caldecot , June 13 . Guilty 10 d.

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Ann Boswell , was indicted for stealing a Gown , the Goods of Roger Graves , March 25 . Acquitted .

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Nicholas Sullivan , was indicted for privately stealing 2 Pair of Stockings, value 9 s. in the Shop of Anthony Haslem , July 11 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17260711-31

Christian Arnold , Wife of Quilt Arnold , was indicted for privately stealing the Money of Ynur Lloyd , July 9 .

Ynur Lloyd thus depos'd. About one o'clock last Saturday Morning, the Prisoner pick'd me up in Fleet street, and carried me to a House in Shoe Lane . - We went up Stairs about a little private Business, and while we were upon the Bed together, I felt her Hand in my Pocket, I ask'd her what Business it had there, She made me no answer, but got off the Bed, and run down Stairs, and so out of Doors. - I mist my Money and follow'd her as soon as I had put up my Breeches, but she was got out of sight. I was confoundedly next, and knew not what Course to take. At last I told the Watch of it, and desired them to stop such a Woman if they met her. They said there were a great many Baudy Houses thereabouts, and they'd go with me and Search them. So they got the Constable, and we went together; - We presently came to one of them, and knockt at the Door; it was a long time before we got them to open it, but when we came in, the second Person that I saw was the Prisoner.

The Prisoner in her Defence, said that she never saw the Prosecutor in her Life, till he came and took her out of that House, where she went to receive a little Money that was due to her. That he was so drunk that he could not stand, and sometimes said that he had lost more Money, and sometimes less. Guilty 10 d.

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John Elliot , Warehouse-Man of Bread-Street , was indicted, for that he being committed to the Poultry Compter. by the Commissioners of Bankruptcy, on Suspicion of Felony, in being a Bankrupt, and Concealing his Effects; he did feloniously break out of the said Prison, and make his Escape .

The Warrant of his Commitment was produced in Court, signed with the Names of the Commissioners, but there being no body present that could prove those Names to be their Writing. The Jury Acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17260711-33

John Anderson , was indicted of stealing a Brass Sconce, and a Yard of black Cloth, the Goods of the , May 21 and a Prayer-Book, and a psalm-Book, the Goods of Henry Pollixsen , May 24 . Guilty 10 d.

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Reference Number: t17260711-34

Mary Blewit , alias Dickenson, alias Bowler , was indicted for privately stealing the Goods of Edward Hartrey , June 11 .

Edward Hartrey thus depos'd. On Saturday Morning last between 12 and 1, the Prisoner pick'd me up just as I came out of a Coach in Fleet-Street, and away she carry'd me down Shoe-Lane, to a House in Kings-Head Court . The Bawd's Name that kept it was Alice Gale , we went up Stairs together. I staid with her about a Quarter of an Hour, but being a little Fuddled, I can't say that we did any Thing to speak of but however she thought fit to examine my Breeches, and I finding her Hand near my Pocket; I began to suspect her, and presently mist my Goods. I tax'd her with robbing me, but she deny'd it, and up came her Bullies, and maul'd me, and beat me, and kick'd me down Stairs, and broke my Nose, and then turn'd me out of Doors, and hussel'd me up and down among the dark Alleys, that I might not find the House again, and so they left me in a most lamentable Pickle. I gave notice to several Pawn-brokers to step my Goods, by which Means I afterwards recover'd them. On Sunday Morning (which was the Day after I was robb'd) I took the Prisoner at her Lodging up 2 pair of Stairs, in the late House of the late Jonathan Wild . She was committed to the Compter, and in the Afternoon she sent me Word I should have what I had left, by 4 o'Clock, if I'd stop the Prosecution. I waited till that Time, and then she put me off till the next Day, and so from one Time to another, till I was quite tired.

John Sylvester the Watchman thus depos'd. The Prosecutor you must know is one of my Masters, he's a Barber by Trade, and lives in Bale Court, Fleet-Street. Now its always my way to take care of my Masters, and see them safe home, when ever I meet any of them as I go my Rounds: and so it fell out between 12 and 1 a Saturday Morning, that I see's my Master Hartrey come out of a Coach very much fuddled, and who should be up upon, but this very Gentlewoman at the Bar, Madam Blewit, or Dickenson, or Bowler, or what you please to call her, for she was Wife to them all Three at the same Time, and the two First of'em are now a hanging in Chains in St. George's-Fields. Whether he wanted a Whore, or she a Rogue, is neither here not there, but they presently laid fast hold of one another, and grew woundy loving. I found my Master was in Danger, and did all that I could to get him away. Hussy, says I, You Saucy Brimstone Toad you, what Business, have ye with my Master, let him go, or I'll call my Brother Watchman, and have ye to the Round-House directly, And, Ah Master! says I, my dear Master, come away from that Hang-in-Chains Bitch. - Yes I did call her Bitch, that I did, my Lord, and I can't deny it. - She'll certainly pick your Pocket, says I, or Serve you a worse Trick. - Come, come don't expose yourself, but all signify'd nothing, he swore she was a Girl for his Fancy, and he would go with her, and so they went together, but it had been better for him if he had taken his poor Watchman's Advice.

The Prisoner in her Defence, deny'd that she had ever seen the Prosecutor before he apprehended her, and then call'd several Witnesses, who depos'd that the Morning the Prosecutor was robb'd, he charged them with picking his Pocket, and sometimes he swore he could not tell who had done it. Guilty 10 d.

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Reference Number: t17260711-35

John Pally , was indicted for stealing a Silver Poringer , the Goods of the Right Honourable John Viscount Tyrconnel , June 8 . Guilty .

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Reference Number: t17260711-36

Elizabeth Davis , Mary Jelfs , and Ann Robinson , were indicted for stealing an Earthen Mug tipt with Silver , the Goods of John Downs , June 10 . Guilty 10 d. each.

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Reference Number: t17260711-37

John Graham , was indicted for privately stealing in the Shop of Samuel Collins , 4 Perukes , June 24 Guilty 4 s. 10 d.

Reference Number: t17260711-38

Henry Coxon , was indicted for privately stealing a Saddle, the Goods of Charles Rice , in the Stable of John Hedges . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17260711-39

Sarah Sheering , Margaret Sheering , Eastman Sheering , (a Woman) and Prudence Brown , were indicted for setting Fire to the House of Thomas Bruce , June 18 .

It appear'd that upon a Cry of Fire, the Neighbours were alarm'd; and coming to the House where the Fire was, were deny'd Entrance by the Prisoners, who liv'd there. Upon this, the Neighbours got in at the House at next Door, and found it on Fire, which begun in a Closet, thro' which a Hole was made to the Prisoners House, which had some pieces of burning Wood in it. It was also prov'd that the Prisoners, who were Winders of Silk , were intrusted by their Masters with several Parcels, which they gave no Account of, and that one of the Prisoners, when the Neighbours was alarm'd, cry'd out Bailiffs, and declar'd that there was neither Fire nor Candle in the House, On the other Hand, the Prisoners deny'd the Fact, and prov'd that they had not remov'd any of their own Goods, and call'd some to their Reputation: And there being no positive Evidence to fix a particular Fact on any one of them. The Jury acquitted them.

Reference Number: t17260711-40

Abraham Lewin , was indicted for stealing a Wastcoat, a pair of Stockings, and a pair of Shoes . the Goods of John Nichols , May 28 . He was a 2d Time indicted for a Misdemeanor, in breaking and entring the Compting-House of Anthony Smith , with an Intent to steal his Goods . Guilty of both.

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Reference Number: t17260711-41

John Wright , was indicted for privately stealing a Handkerchief, value 2 s. the Goods of Dormer Fines , May 29 . Guilty 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17260711-42

Mary Ray , was indicted for stealing 2 Ounces of Legee Silk , the Goods of Thomas Featon , June 7 . Guilty 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17260711-43

Sarah Hudson , was indicted for stealing a Gown , the Goods of Thomas Rawlinson . Guilty 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17260711-44

Thomas Reeves , of St. Mary le Bon , was indicted for stealing 2 Frocks, 1 Sheet, 2 Smocks, 3 Frocks, a Table-Cloth, a Napkin, and other Things , the Goods of Henry Gladman , June 8 . Guilty 4 s. 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17260711-45

Hannah Rogers , and Elizabeth Collier , were indicted for stealing a Basket, 2 Shaving Hats, 2 Bermudas Hats, 5 Straw Hats, 20 Yards of Bermudas Plot, and other Things , the Goods of Henry Etkins , and Mary Etkins . May 31 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17260711-46

John Johnson , alias Claxon , was indicted for stealing a great Coat. value 7 s. and a pair of Trowsers, value 1 s. 6 d. the Goods of Thomas Johnson , June 8 . Guilty 10 d.

Reference Number: t17260711-47

Elizabeth Rivers was indicted for stealing a Riding Hood, value 4 s. and a Petticoat, value 5 s. the Goods of John Chalkhill , May 27 . Guilty 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17260711-48

William Flower , of Edmonton was indicted for stealing a black, brown Mare, value 8 l. the Goods of William Brown , June 9 .

William Brown thus depos'd. I lost my Mare on the 2d of June last, and took the Prisoner with the Mare in his Possession, at the 3 Tuns in Edmonton. He told me then that he bought the Mare at Stamford Horse Race; but he well knew that she was my Mare, for I had her when he lived with me. The Prisoner had nothing to say in his Defence, but that he bought the Mare at Stamford Market, but he could bring no Proof of it, nor who he bought her of. The Jury found him Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17260711-49

John Brakes , and Thomas West , were indicted for stealing a black Mare, value 6 l. the Goods of William Coats , June 24 . They were a 2d Time indicted for stealing a bay Mare, value 8 l. the Goods of James Fowler , June 24 .

Mr. Hotchinson thus depos'd. I received a Letter from Mr. Fowler at Horncastle in Lincolnsshire , advising that he had lost his Bay Mare, and Mr. Coats his Black Mare, and desiring me to Search for them in Smith-field, for I knew both the Mares. I found the Prisoner Brakes on the back of Mr. Coat's Mare, who told me that he had the Mare to Sell for Thomas West , who was at an Ale House hard by, we went and found him; He at first deny'd that he knew any thing either of Brakes, or the Mare. At last they Confest, that they stole the Two Mares upon Horncastle Common.

John Mosely thus depos'd. I keep an Inn the Corner of Hyde Park; The two Prisoners brought the Mares to my House, and staid 2 or 3 Days, and then they both went with the Black Mare to Smithfield.

The Mares were proved to be the Goods of the Prosecutors, and the Jury found both the Prisoners Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17260711-50

Edward Raynolds , was indicted for Assaulting John Rains in More fields near the Highway, and robbing him of a Coat, value 5 s. and 1 s. in Money , June 25 .

John Rains thus depos'd. About 11 at Night 1 was crossing one of More fields Quarters, and about the middle of it, the Prisoner came up to me, and Swore he'd kill me if I did not deliver, he made me pull off my Coat, which he took from me and a Shilling. In 5 Days afterward, Mr. Kelly told me that he saw him at Bedlam Wall a tossing up for Halfpence, with my Coat on his Back, I went thither and found him accordingly.

Kelly and Jenkins depos'd. That they took the Prisoner, with the Prosecutors Coat upon him.

The Prisoner in his Defence, said, that he bought the Coat of a Woman in Rosemary Lane for 5 s. but he knew not where so find her. Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17260711-51

Mary Stanford , was indicted for privately stealing a Shagreen Pocket Book, value 10 s. a Handkerchief, and 4 Guineas , the Goods and Money of William Smith , June 10 .

William Smith thus depos'd. About eight in the Evening, I came from my Lord Berkley's at Cranford, where I received 4 Guineas of his Steward. I came to my Inn the Rose at Holbourn-bridge, about one a Clock in the Morning, but the People being all gone to Bed, I thought of going to the Bolt and Tun in Fleet-street. But as I was walking along Shoe Lane , I fell into Company with the Prisoner, and she invited me to take a Lodging with her. And so she led me up Stairs into her Room, and we sat down upon the Bed together; I staid with her 2 or 3 Hours, and no body came near us, but the good Woman of the House, when she brought the Liquor we call'd for. I think I spent about 5 or 6 Shillings in Drams, which I paid for as they come in, the 4 Guineas were wrapt in a piece of Paper, I took them out with my other Money, and put them up again into my Fob, but I had not been long upon the Bed with her, before I mist'em. I told her of it, and she ran down into the Street, and I after her, and the Constable stopt her, and when she was searched, my Handkerchief and Pocket Book, the 4 Guineas, and the Paper that they were wrapt in, were all found upon her, and near her.

The Constable thus depos'd. The Prisoner was running along the Street, and the Country Man after her as fast as he could, for he was very drunk, they rais'd a Mob between them. I stopt her, she let one Guinea fall, another I took out of her Hand, and 2 more out of her Mouth, and the Pocket Book and Handkerchief, were found upon hers.

The Prisoner thus made her Defence. When the Prosecutor met me, he was very drunk, and would needs follow me in Doors. He took out the 4 Guineas, thrust them down my Bosom one by one, and then he threw me upon the Bed, and as we were struggling together, his Pocket Book fell out of his Pocket as I suppose, for the Minute he was gone down Stairs I found it, and ran after him, to give it him again, and then he said I had pickt his Pocket. Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17260711-52

Peter Peircey alias Kelly , and William Jones were indicted for the Murder of Christopher Fox , Peircy, by giving him with a Bayonet, one Mortal Wound on the right side of the Breast near the Collar Bone, of the length of one Inch, and the depth of 4 Inches, July 9 . of which he instantly dyed; and Jones for being present, aiding and abetting him in the said Murder . They were a 2 d Time indicted on the Coroners Inquests for the same.

John Smith Senior thus depos'd. I live at the Sign of the Last, the corner of New Inn Yard by Holywell Dunghill , and hearing a noise upon the Hill, I went out to see what was the matter. I found several People there, and among them the 2 Prisoners, and 3 other Soldiers. One of the Soldier s whose name is William Newsham , was in a quarrel with a Baker. The Soldiers took Newsham's part, and the other People stood up for the Baker. I advis'd them not to fall out, but to agree and be Friends; And I was in hopes they would have taken that advice, for the Prisoner Jones was going away, but Bullock another of the Soldiers, came up to the Baker, and said, Sirrah you are a Scoundrel, and he shall thrash you, and so the Baker and Newsham, fell to fighting. The Baker was too hard for Newsham, which the Soldiers perceiving, one of them help'd up Newsham when he was down. The Deceas'd standing by said, that that was not fair play, upon which the Prisoner Jones, knock'd him down, and then struck at me, which my Son seeing be Collar'd Jones, and in strugling they tumbled one another down the side of and the Deceas'd went after them. Most of the Soldier's Arms, and some of their Cloths, lay on a heap together; The Prisoner Peircy went to that heap. and took out a Sword or a Bayonet. I am not certain which, and ran down the Hill after the rest.

John Smith Junor depos'd to the same effect, and thus added. While I was strugling with Jones at the bottom of the Hill, Peircy came down and struck me with his Stick. What he did afterwards, or who kill'd the Deceased I cannot be certain, for Jones and I were closely engaged, and had fast hold of one another, when the Murder was done.

Elizabeth Clark thus depos'd. - Jones knock'd down the Deceas'd, - young Smith and Jones tumbled down the Hill together, the Deceas'd went after them, and the Prisoner Piercy follow'd the Deceas'd and knock'd him down, and as he was rising again, before he was quite up, I saw Peircy Stab him in the Body with a Bayonet, I think they call it by that Name. - it was shorter and broader than a Sword. - The Deceas'd fell on his Face, and at the same time Smith had hold of the other Prisoner Jones.

Darby Queen (a Boy) thus depos'd. - Peircy went to the Cloths, took up the Bayonet, or a Sword, (I dont very well know one from the other,) and he had a Stick in his Hand besides. He run down the Hill, and knock'd down the Deceas'd, - not quite flat upon the Ground, but within a little of it; And as he was rising again, with his Arms stretch'd out in this Posture, - Peircy stuck the Bayonet into his Body; and then Peircy setting his Back against a Bank, waved his Sword (or Bayonet) about to keep the People off - I saw nothing in the Deceas'd Hand, when Peircy kill'd him.

Robert French thus depos'd: - I saw both the Prisoners with their Arms. - My Back was turn'd when the Stab was given, but I and Smith immediately seiz'd the Prisoner Peircy, with the Bayonet in his Hand, which with some difficulty we wrested from him. Jones was then about ten Yards off the Deceas'd.

John Mandit the Surgeon depos'd. That the Wound was between the second and third Rib, that he prob'd it 5 Inches deep, that he believed it was given with some such Weapon as a Bayonet, and that it was Mortal.

Peircy then made his Defence, While I was a top of the Hill, I heard that Jones was in danger of being Murder'd, and running down to his Assistance, met a Man with a Bayonet, with which he made a Pass at me. I knock'd it out of his Hand, and just at that time, Smith and French laid hold of me - Thus Peircy. Then Jones. When the Man was kill'd I was closely engaged with Smith, and had my Sword and Stick in my Hand.

John Cawary depos'd. That he saw Peircy soon after he was seiz'd, and he had then no Weapon in his Hand.

Ann Cawdry thus depos'd. I heard that Newsham (who is my Brother) was fighting with a Baker, upon which I went to them, got betwixt them, and made an end of their Quarrel, and while they were putting on their Cloths, I heard that a Soldier was almost Murder'd, and going towards, the Place, I met a Man in brown Cloths, with a Bayonet in his Hand. I stop'd him, and ask'd him now he came by it, he made no answer, but left it with me and run away. I saw Peircy presently after he was seiz'd, and then he had no Weapon in his Hand. Col. Rialey gave the Prisoners the Character of Civil, quite honest Men. The Jury Acquitted Jones, and found Peircy Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17260711-53

Martin Mackintosh was indicted for a Misdemeanor in assaulting Joseph Sellers with an Intent to commit with him the detestable Sin of Sodomy November 12 .

Joseph Sellers thus depos'd, Mark Partridge carried me and others to several Sodomitical Houses in order to detect some Persons that frequented them, among the rest he carried us to Mr. Jone's a Tallow-Chandler at the Tobacco Roll and Crown or the 3 Tobacco-Rolls know not which in Drury-Lane . As soon as we came in, Gabriel Lawrence (it was since hang'd for Sodomy) began to scold at Mark Partridge, calling him vile Dog, a blowing up Bitch and other ill Names because Partridge had blad'd out something about one Harrington's being concern'd with him in such Practice. Patridge excus'd himself by telling the Company, that Harrington first divulged the Secret and that what he said was only to be even with him. Upon this they seem'd to be pretty well reconcild. We had agreed before hand, that I should pass for Mark Partridge , Husband, to prevent my being too far attack'd by any of the Company. The Prisoner sold Oranges and for that reason he went by the Maiden Name as they call'd Orange Deb. He and Lawrence appear'd very fond another, they hug'd and kissed and employ'd their in a very vile Manner - The Prisoner came to me, put his Hands my Breeches thrust his Tongue into my mouth swore that he'd go 40 Mile enjoy me and beg'd of me to go backward, and let him - but I refusing he offer'd to sit bare in my Lap upon which Partridge snatch'd a red hot pocker out he Fire and then run it into his arse. Samuel Stevens confirm'd the Evidence.

The Prisoner in his Defence call'd some who had been his Bed-follows; who depos'd that he never offer'd any such Thing to them, and that he had a Wife and Child and took care of his Family. The Jury found him Guilty .

[Pillory. See summary.]

[Fine. See summary.]

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17260711-54

Margaret Clap was indicted for keeping a House in which she procur'd and encourag'd Persons to commit Sodomy , on the 10th of December last and before and after.

Samuel Stevens thus depos'd. On Sunday Night the 14th of November. I went to the Prisoners House in Field-Lane, Holbourn . I found near Men Fifty there, making Love to one another as they call'd it. Sometimes they'd sit in one anothers Laps, use their Hands indecently Dance and make Curtsies and mimick the Language of Women - O Sir! - Pray Sir! - Dear Sir! Lord how can ye serve me so! - Ah ye little dear Toad! Then they'd go by Couples, into a Room on the same Floor to be marry'd as they call'd it. The Door at that Room was kept by - Ecclestone to prevent any body from balking their Diversions. - When they came out, they used to brag in plain Terms, of what they had been doing, and the Prisoner was present all the Time, except when she went out to fetch Liquors. There was - Griffin among them, who was since hang'd for Sodomy. - And Derwin who had been carried before Sir George Martins for Sodomitical Practices with a Link Boy, he brag'd how he had baffled the Link Boy's Evidence and the Prisoner boasted that what she had said before Sir George, in Derwin's Favour, was a great Means of bringing him off. - I went thither 2 or 3 Sundays following, and found much the same Practices as before. They talk'd all manner of the and most vile Obscenity in her Presence, and she appear'd wonderfully pleas'd with it.

Joseph Sellers depos'd to the same Purpose and added he believ'd there were above 40 Sodomies commited that Night.

The Prisoner in her Defence, said that Darwin was taken up only for a Quarrel and that it ought to be considered, that she was a Woman, and therefore it could not be thought that she would ever be concern'd in such abonsinable Practices. But the Evidence being full and positive, the Jury found her Guilty .

[Pillory. See summary.]

[Fine. See summary.]

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17260711-55

Patrick Malcolme , was indicted for Committing Sodomy with John Pokins , aged 17. June 15 .

The first Witness has depos'd. The Prisoner was Journeyman in my House, and Pokins his Apprentice . Tokins had committed several Robberies, and his Mother to prevent his being hang'd had provided a Master to send him to Sea. I understood one Night that the Prisoner was with him in the Room where he lay, and fearing that he would wheedle Pokins to discover who this Captain was, and so prevent his being sent away. I pull'd off my Shoes, and went softly up Stairs, in Expectation of hearing some Discourse about it, but I was surpriz'd to hear something of a very different Nature. Then the Witness gave an Account of several Expressions, not to be repeated, which strongly implied, that they were committing Sodomy together. A Constable was call'd, and when we came in the Prisoner trembled, and Jack pretended to be asleep.

John Pokins depos'd that there was nothing at all in it, his Mistress was perjur'd, that the Prisoner never touch'd him, nor was within two Foot of his Bed Side.

The Prisoner call'd several Men and Women to his Reputation who depos'd but he was a kind Husband to his Wife and a careful Father to his Children, and always pretende'd the Company of Women to that of the Men - Many of his male bedfellows depos'd, that he never offer'd any such incivilities to them, and the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17260711-56

John Claxton , alias Johnson , was indicted for returning from Transportation before the Expiration of seven Years , of which the Jury found him Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17260711-57

James Macadame , was indicted for stealing a snuff Box, value 10 s. the Goods of George Bell . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17260711-58

John Dun was indicted for stealing 2 Sows, value 22 s. the Goods of Robert Nichols . Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17260711-59

Sarah Bistrow , was indicted for stealing 2 Gowns the Goods of Edward Nash ; a Gown and an Apron, the Goods of Jonathan Gettings ; and a Gown, the Goods of Terence Redman , June 28 . But the Principle Witnesses not appearing, the Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17260711-60

Stephen Chambers , was indicted for privately Stealing 3 Hats, in the Shop of Henry Hill , May 27 .

Henry Hill depos'd, that the Prisoner came to his Shop to cheapen an old Hat, he was difficult in his Choice and went away without buying, and soon after he was gone the Hat in the Indictment were mist. - Owen depos'd that he had three Hats of the Prisoner which he deliver'd to the Head borough - Penn, a Quaker in Rosemary lane. - Penn produced three Hats, and made Oath that they were the same which he receiv'd from Owen, and the Prosecutors swore that those were the Hats he lost. Guilty 4 s. 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17260711-61

John Edge , was indicted for privately stealing a Watch, value 4 l the Goods of Thomas Correl , June 13 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17260711-62

Thomas Emmines , was indicted for that whereas Mary Blewit , was convicted this Sessions, for privately stealing the Goods of Edward Hartrey , to the Value of 10 d. He the said Thomas Emmines did receive the same knowing it to be stoln .

It appear'd that the Prisoner was a Pawnbroker , and had receiv'd the Goods of Alice Gales (a Bawd) but there being not sufficient Proof of his knowing them to be stoln, and several Persons appearing to his Character, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17260711-63

Hugh Smith Richard Matthews , and George Hicks were indicted for wilful and corrupt Perjury , but no Evidence appearing they were Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17260711-64

Elizabeth Cosins , was indicted for stealing a Handkerchief, 5 Suits of Headcloths, 2 Napkins, and other Things , the Goods of Anna Marie Caton June 2 .

Anna Maria Caton depos'd. That the Prisoner being out of Place, lodged at her House, that she mist the Goods and the Prisoner confest where she had pawn'd them, and they were found accordingly. The Prisoner called several Witnesses, who depos'd that the Prosecutor

made a common Practice of lending Goods to People, and then Swearing they Stole them.

Eleaner Emerson thus depos'd. The Prosecutor went on Board a Ship to Father a Child of 10 Years old upon Captain of Wrangham, and to make him allow her for its Maintenance, which he not doing, she flew in his Face, as if she'd a pull'd his Eyes out, but he beat her so heartily, that she came home all over Black and Blue. And then on the 18 May last, She went to Swear against the Captain for an Assault, and offer'd another Woman 2 Guineas, to be an Evidence for her - Soon after that she met Ann Hogg , who had Married one of her Sweethearts and she made Oath that Ann Hogg had rob'd her if these very Goods, that the Prisoner now stands indicted for, and would have had the Prisoner to have been an Evidence against her, but she refus'd. Then the Prosecutor Swore the stealing of the same Goods upon me, and afterwards upon the Prisoner. But its well known, she makes no Conscience of Swearing any thing. Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17260711-65

Daniel Page , and James Martin , were indicted for breaking the House of David Bell in the Night, and stealing thence 20 Yards of Linnen, value 40 s. July 6 Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17260711-66

Elizabeth Vanderanker , was indicted for stealing Goods, in the House of Robert Thompson . June 4 . Guilty. 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17260711-67

James Cooper , was indicted for stealing a Silver Cup, the value 35 s. the Goods of Thomas Baily , July 9 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17260711-68

George Kelf , (a Woman in Mans Apparel,) was indicted for stealing the Goods of Margaret Bradford , July 11 .

Margaret Bradford thus depos'd. The Prisoner and 2 Women, one of whom he call'd his Wife and the other his Sister, came at Night to take a Lodging at my House in Shoreditch. I shoew'd the Room and they staid there together upon an hour and then he came down and would needs treat me with a Pot of Ale, and when we had empty'd it, he went up Stairs. When he had been gone a little while, I consider'd that my Drawers in his Room were unlock'd and so I went up to take care of my Cloths; I found him lying upon the Bed, but the 2 Women were gone and my Cloths too

The Prisoner thus made his Defence. I came from Bramton Park and the Women pick'd me up we went into an Ale House where we saw the Prosecutor with whom the 2 Women fell into discourse so that I thought they had all 3 been acquainted. The Prosecutor told me she had a Lodging to let and not being willing to go out of Town that Night; I took it of her. She carried us up to see it, and pull'd out the Drawers and shew'd the Women her Cloths; Then I went down and with the Prosecutor, and the mean while it seem the Women rob'd her. I might indeed call one of them Wife, and the other Sister, but it was only in Jest, for they were Strangers to me Guilty 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17260711-69

Adam White , was indicted for Assaulting, Ravishing and against her will. Carnally knowing Mary White (his own Daughter ,) aged 11 Years , April 10 . He was a second time indicted for a Misdemeanor, in attempting to Ravish the said Mary White .

Mary White thus depos'd I was a Bed with my Aunt Boot, and my Nurse Stevens at my Aunts House in Tyburn Road . My Father took a Pane of Glass out of the Window and came in about 2 or 3 in the Morning, as he used to do sometimes when he was lockt out of his own Lodgings, and so he sat down in the Chair. Then says my Nurse, Come Mrs. Best I'll get up and so will I too says my Aunt, and so they both got up and went out a Doors. Then my Father came to Bed to me, and used me with his privy Parts, he lay on his Side, and I lay on mine, but he did not hurt me much, nor I did not cry out and so he lay there till I got up to go to the Free School, and that was about 5 a Clock, and before my Aunt and my Nurse came back again. In 3 Days after I was so ill that I could hardly go, but I did not tell any body of it, till my old-Mistress found it out, and that was about 5 Weeks after it was done.

The Childs Mistress thus depos'd. The Girl was kept upon Charity, she was put Apprentice to my Daughter to learn Needle Work. I found a disorder in her Linnen, she said she was gauld. I sent for Nurse Stevens, who said she believ'd it was the foul disease, and that her Father had given it her; For my part I did not Examine the matter my self, but I sent for a Surgeon, and he said she was not torn, he could not perceive where had been any Penetration, but only a running, she'd be could not say it was she foul Disease. Neither the Aunt, the Nurse, or the Surgeon appearing to give a farther light into the Affair. The Jury Acquitted the Prisoner.

Reference Number: t17260711-70

Joanna Ives , was indicted for stealing a Pewter Pot , the Goods of Ann Pitchard June 4 . Guilty 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17260711-71

Lucy Dumming , alias Riley was indicted for privately stealing 5 Guineas , the Money of Henry Arrowsmith , May 27 .

Henry Arrowsmith thus depos'd. I am a Brewers Clerk , and came about some business to Miss. Loveday who keeps the Golden Ball Ale house in King Street St. Gile's , about 6 in Friday Evening. The Prisoner was a walking in the Yard, I pull'd out my Purse with 10 l. in it, to pay 3 s. 6 d. I was very much fuddled, and Mrs. Loveday advis'd me to go into a back Room and take a Nap. I went in and sat down in a Chair close by the Bed side, and fell a sleep. The Prisoner came in and took the Purse out of my Pocket as I suppose, for I waked and saw her just as she was going out of the Room. I got up, and walked about the Room for a quarter of an Hour, till I was throughly waked, and then taking out my Purse, I mist about 10 l though I have laid the Indictment but for 5 Guineas, being willing rather to charge less than more. I enquired for Lucy, but she was gone home, for she Lodged over the way, and only came a Charing to Mrs. Lovedays; So I said nothing of my loss that Night I came again next Day, as much fuddled as before, but no seeing Lucy, I still said nothing because I know People are apt to talk and make things worse than they are - For you must know, that I was at Mrs. Loveday the Day before I lost my Money, and I was drunk then too, and Lucy ask'd Charity of me and being a little merry, I gave her a Shilling. Well I came again on Monday and then too I can't say but I was a little in for it. But howsoever I saw Lucy a standing at her Mothers Door in a new Suit of Cloths as fine as any thing for she got her a Husband in about 10 hours after my Pocket was Pick'd. Ah Lucy! Lucy! thinks I. that Husband that wedding Ring, and them new Cloths were all bought with my Mercy ye wicked Jade you' Not that I ever had any thing to do with her neither - But in I goes to Mrs. Loveday, and sits, me down and by and by in comes a Neighbour, and says, There's Lucy yonder has gotten a great deal of Money, and had hardly a Penny to help her the other Day, 'tis well if she come honestly by it. Iy says I, so it is, for I am afraid it came out of my Pocket, And so I e'en up and told them the whole Story.

Mrs. Loveday thus depos'd The Prosecutor came fuddled to my House on Thursday, and Lucy was then a washing. This is a pretty Girl says he. I'd fain have to hire her for a Servant. Aye says I, if you'll pay her Wages. Well, says he, I'll give her a Shilling Earnest, whether you agree to it or no. Take the Money Lucy, says I, and to she did, and then he kiss'd her. He came again the next Day, and then he was fuddled too. He having occasion to take out his Purse, I saw that he had Gold and Silver in it. I advis'd him to go in and Sleep, he took Lucy by the Hand, and would have her go in with him; Well go Girl, says I, and sit down with him, be'll be a sleep presently, and then you may come away. She went, and they drank a Bottle of Sider together, and then came out again; But she went in 2 or 3 times after he was a sleep, though I call'd her away several times, and ask'd her what she did there. On the Monday following, when he first complain'd that he had lost his Money, I went over the way and told her, that I heard she had taken the Money from him. No says she, I had is of my Husband, be borrow'd it, and gave Security for it.

Michael Mackgwyer thus depos'd. On Friday Night, the Prisoner, and her Mother, and Brother, were at my House drinking plentifully, a Baker was in the same Room too, who had formerly been her fellow Servant: Her Mother said, that her Daughter Lucy had got a small Legacy left her.

- Brook the Watchman thus depos'd. I saw the Prisoner at Mr. Mackgwyers House. She went to the Door where the Baker stood, and ask'd him if he'd go and be Married, and he answer'd Yes. with all my heart, and so between 4 and 5 in the Morning, away they went to the Fleet, and I with them, and there I saw them Married together. I saw 2 or 3 Guineas, and some Silver in her Hand, but she desired me not to speak of it.

The Prisoner thus made her Defence. Mrs. Loveday desired me to go into the back Room, and drink with the Prosecutor. I did, and came away in half an hour, but she push'd me in again, and shut the Door, and he

was very rude with me, she carried me to meet him in a Coach about 11 at Night, and he gave me that Shilling to meet him at another place, but because I would not do as he would have had me, therefore he charg'd me with picking his Pocket. The Jury Acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17260711-72

Hannah Lane , was indicted for stealing a Shirt and a Petticoat, in the House of William Shaw , June 1 . Guilty 4 s. 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17260711-73

John Hewit , was indicted for breaking and entring (with Sarah his Wife, alias Sarah Lampton ) the House of Mary Selby , in the Night, and stealing from thence a large Parcel of Linnen and Household Goods , June 9 , but there being no Evidence against him he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17260711-74

Martha Alder , alias Brown , was indicted for breaking and entring (with Thomas Horner ) in the House of Mary Selby , and stealing from thence wearing Apparel). Household Goods, and Linnen in the Night . But no Evidence appearing she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17260711-75

Jonas Palmer , and Elizabeth his Wife , were indicted, for that whereas John Vanwick was here convicted in April last, of breaking and entering the House of John Topping in the Night, and stealing several Goods from thence. They (the Prisoners) did receive six pound of Cheese, and sixteen pound of Bacon (being part of the said Goods) knowing them to be stoln . But no Evidence appearing they were Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17260711-76

William Mackever , was indicted for stealing a Guinea , the Goods of John Mackintosh , July 14 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17260711-77

William Brown , was indicted for a Misdemeanour, in assaulting Thomas Newton , with an Intent to commit Sodomy with him .

Thomas Newton thus depos'd. - Willis and Stevenson the Constables having a Warrant to apprehend Sodomites, I went with them to an Ale house in Moorfields, where we agreed that I should go out, and pick one up, and they'd wait at a proper Distance. There's a Walk in the upper Moorfields , by the Side of the Wall that joins to the Watch-home and parts the upper Field from the middle I knew this to be a Place that Sodomites frequented, and was well acquainted with the Methods they took in picking one another up. - So I takes a Turn that Way, and leaning over the Wall, The prisoner passes by, and looks at me and at a little Distance from me, he stands up against the Wall as if he was making Water, then he moves higher and higher to where I stood till he came close to me. - Tis a fine Night says he, Aye, says I so it is Then he takes me by the Hand, and (I shewing no dislike) he guides it to his Breeches, and puts his Privities into it. I held him fast, and call'd out to my Companions, who coming up we carry'd him to the Watch-house. - I had seen the Prisoner before at the House of - Wright, who was hang'd for Sodomy.

- Willis and Stevenson depos'd that the Prisoner being asked why he made such an Offer to Newton he answer'd, I did it because I thought I knew him, and I think there's no Crime in making what use I please of my own Body.

The Prisoner in his Defence said, that going across the Fields he stood up only to make Water, at which Time, Newton came and seiz'd him. He call'd several Men and Women to his Reputation who depos'd that he had been married 12 or 13 Years, had the Character of on honest Man, a kind Husband, and one that loved the Company of Women better than that of his own Sex, The Jury found him Guilty .

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William Churchill , was indicted for a Misdemeanour, in entring the House of Thomas Moore , with a Design to steal his Goods , June 6 . Guilty .

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Richard Muggleston , was indicted for wilful and corrupt Perjury, in making a false Affidavit in the Court of Common-Pleas , of which the Jury found him Guilty .

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John Burdet , and William Mosely . The 2 last former Convicts
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The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgement as followeth;

Receiv'd Sentence of Death, 9.

Edward Reynolds , Mary Stanford , Richard Hinton Thomas Smith , William Flower , Peter Piercy John Brakes , Thomas West and John Claxon . Robert Smith was also convicted Capitally, but dy'd before Judgement was given.

Burnt in the Hand, 7.

Thomas Baker , Strickland Beadles William Courtney . William Green . William Atkinson ,

Reference Number: s17260711-1

John Burdet , and William Mosely . The 2 last former Convicts .

To be Whipt, 4.

Elizabeth Jones alias Clark, Isabel Wall , Ann Robinson , and John Anderson .

To be Transported, 36.

Francis Bird . Ann Davis , Thomas Moss John Burrows , Stephen Turner Sarah Darbon Patrick Macdermont . Elizabeth Clark Phillip Vanham , Mary Marvel Christian Arnold Mary Blewit . John Pally Elizabeth Davis Mary Jeffs Abraham Lewin . John Wright John Anderson , Mary Ray . Mary Hudson Thomas Reeves , Elizabeth Rivers , Elizabeth Masley , John Dun Stephen Chambers , Elizabeth Vanderanker , George Kelf , Thomas Ives , and Hannah Lane .

Martin Mackintosh to stand in the Pillory near Bloomsbury Square, pay a fine of 10 Marks, and suffer one Year's Imprisonment.

William Brown to stand in the Pillory in Moorfields, pay 10 Marks, and suffer a Year's Imprisonment.

Margaret Clap to stand in the Pillory in Smith field, pay a Fine of 20 Marks, and suffer two Years Imprisonment.

William Churchill to pay 10 Marks, and suffer six Months Imprisonment.

Richard Muggleston to stand in the Pillory in Palace-Yard pay a Fine of 30 l. and suffer one Year's Imprisonment.

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