Old Bailey Proceedings, 13th October 1725.
Reference Number: 17251013
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THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE KING's Commission of the Peace, AND

Oyer and Terminer, and Jail-Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily;

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, being the 13th, 14th, and 15th, Days of October, in the Twelfth Year of his MAJESTY's Reign.

BEFORE the Right Honourable Sir GEORGE MERTTINS , Knt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, the Rt. Hon. the Lord Chief Justice Raymond, Mr. Baron Price, John Raby Serjeant at Law, and several of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the City of London and County of Middlesex.

The JURORS were as followeth:

The London Jury.

Samuel Row ,

Samuel Allen ,

Gilbert Whitaker ,

Nathanael Bently ,

Edward Sanderson ,

George Clark ,

Caleb Flower ,

Henry Glover ,

James Wall ,

John Lucas ,

Roger Renshaw ,

Timothy Branwell .

The Middlesex Jury.

Thomas Ingram ,

William Tame ,

Thomas Richmond ,

Charles Lacy ,

William Gilmore ,

William Frith ,

John Durson ,

John Clark ,

John Martin ,

Benjamin Timbrell ,

Charles Ben ,

Thomas Sams .

The Proceedings were as follows, viz.

Reference Number: t17251013-1

John Day , was indicted for stealing 24 Ounces of Silk, value 48 s. the Goods of John Burnham , on the 20th of September last. To which he pleaded Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-2

William Gibbons , was indicted for privately stealing a Handkerchief, value 3 s. the Goods of Thomas Dun , Sept. 1 . Guilty Value 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-3

Thomas Thomson and Mary Thomson , alias Belcher, alias Wint , were indicted for stealing a Box with a Suit of Head-Cloaths, value 10 s. five Tea-Spoons value 8 s. a Pair of Silver Tongs value 3 s. a gilt Silver Spoon val. 10 s. eight Yards of Velvet value 20 s. a Gown and Petticoat value 4 l. with other Goods and Money, to near the Value of 100 l. the Goods and Money of Persons unknown , on the 21st of September , It appeared that about a Year ago, a Box was sent to Bristol by the Waggon, directed For Mrs. Thomson, to be left till call'd for. And Mary Thomson going to the Inn, and enquiring for a Box so directed, the Carrier deliver'd that Box to her. She took it home to her Husband, (the other Prisoner) and they together broke it open, and found in it several valuable Goods, about 40 l. in Money, some Bonds and other Writings. They pawned and sold most of the Goods, spent the Money, and burnt the Writings, and came up to London; where quarrelling about one of the Silver Spoons, they let slip some Words that discover'd 'em. They were apprehended, and confess'd the Particulars aforesaid. The Woman in her Defence said, that she expected a Box to come by the Bristol Carrier; and that when she had brought this Box home, and found that the Goods did not belong to them, she would have carry'd it back to the Inn; but her Husband swore he'd stab her if she did. The Man in his Defence said, that he thought the Box had been his Wife's; for having been lately marry'd to her, she had told him that she had such a Box, with Money and Goods in it, coming down by the Waggon. The Box being deliver'd to Mary Thomson, the Court directed the Jury that the Prisoners did not feloniously take it. Upon which the Jury acquitted them of the Felony; and they were the next day indicted for a Trespass, in defrauding Ann Harman , by pretending to be the true Proprietors of the said Box; of which they were found Guilty . The Court order'd that they should suffer 12 Months Imprisonment , and pay a Fine of 20 Marks each .

Reference Number: t17251013-4

Anthony Nichols and Robert Flood , were indicted for assaulting James Burton on the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Hat value 5 s. a Wig val. 9 s. a Ring value 15 s. and a Turnover , Oct. 6 .

James Burton thus deposed: As I was going along the Minories betwixt 10 and 11 at Night, I was met by the Prisoner Nichols; he jostled me; and tho' I gave him the Way, he struck me in the Face and kick'd up my Heels, and in the Fall I lost my Hat and Wig, but cannot tell who took it. I got up again, and saw the other Prisoner, Robert Flood, who stood by, and bide Nichols beat me within an Inch of my Life. Nichols threw me down again: I got up a second time; and then he catch'd hold of my Hand, and pull'd my Ring off my Finger, threw me a third time, and tore my Turnover off. Several People were by this time got about us; but Flood bade them stand off, so that no body assisted me: However, I made shift to drag Nichols by the Collar to an Alehouse about 200 Yards off. We were follow'd in by Robert Flood, and I had them both secured.

Nathanael Sanderson thus deposed: Hearing a Noise in the Street, I went out and saw the Prosecutor holding Nichols by the Collar. Flood bade the Prosecutor let Nichols go; but the Prosecutor answer'd, No, - I won't, for he has robb'd me. Then Flood endeavour'd to rescue Nichols, and bade him beat the Prosecutor.

The Prisoners then made their Defence. We had been (says Nichols) at Supper at Mr. Adams's in Whitegate-Alley, and going home along the Minories, the Prosecutor stood up at a Cutler's Door, and struck at me. I ask'd him what he meant by it? and so we fell to fighting. I was a little fuddled, and can't say whether I took hold of his Hand or no. Several Witnesses appear'd to the Reputation of both the Prisoners, and the Jury acquitted them.

Reference Number: t17251013-5

Jane Pattison , was indicted for stealing 18 Yards of Holland, value 3 l. 10 s. and 10 Yards of Sattin value 30 s. in the House of James Martell , Sept. 10 . It appeared

that the Prisoner was a Chairwoman , and being trusted in the House, she broke open a Chest, and took away the Goods. They were soon miss'd; she was charged with the Felony, and confess'd it. Some of the Goods were found upon her, and the rest at Places where she had pawn'd them. Guilty 39 s. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-6

Lawrence Johnson , was indicted for stealing a Watch value 4 l. the Goods of Robert Oliver , Oct. 2.

Robert Oliver thus deposed: I lost this Watch one Night, about five Months ago, from the Side of my Hammock, while I was at Sea near Jamaica . The Prisoner was then on board the same Ship; but I never mistrusted him, till t'other day I heard that he had pawn'd such a Watch for 40 s.

Mary Dawson thus deposed: The Prisoner brought this Watch to me at my Lodging in King Edward Street in Wapping, and desired me to pawn it for 30 or 40 s. I got 40 s. upon it, and brought him the Money.

The Prisoner in his Defence said, that the Watch was pawn'd to him by a Woman in Jamaica. Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-7

Elizabeth Hogg , was indicted for privately stealing six Pound of Tea value 3 l. half a Pound of Almonds val. 12 d. and half a Pound of candy'd Lemon and Orange-Peel, the Goods of Richard Coxeter , in the Shop of Richard Coxeter , July 4 .

Richard Coxeter deposed, That the Prisoner had been his Servant three Years, and that he often found a greater Decrease in his Stock than he could account for. Beatrice (his Wife) deposed, that one Morning as the Prisoner was opening Shop, she heard the Lid of a Canister taken off; upon which she look'd, and saw the Prisoner with her Petticoat taken up, and her Hand in her Pocket, as if she was putting something in; and that next Week she ran away.

Margaret Coffee deposed, That she had several times seen the Prisoner give small Parcels of Tea, Raisons, Almonds, and Orange-Peel to Susan Ashton , a Neighbour, with whom the Prisoner used to go to the Alehouse and Gin-Shops.

Elizabeth Parr deposed, That she had often seen the Prisoner meet Ashton, and give her something in small Papers, but knew not what it was.

John Hudson deposed, That he heard the Prisoner confess, that she believed that at several times she had given Ashton a Pound of Tea, and that Ashton knew how she came by it.

John Sutton deposed, That when the Prisoner was taken up, Ashton said to her, Betty, Did you ever give me any of your Master's Tea? And after a little Pause, she answer'd, Yes. The Prisoner then call'd Witnesses in her own Defence.

Susan Ashton thus deposed: The Prisoner never in her Life gave me any Tea, or any thing else that her Master deals in. My Girl used to go thither every Morning to fetch me a quarter of an Ounce of Tea; but I always sent Money for it. The Prisoner came to me one Night with some Fish in her Hand, and something wrapt up in three Papers. She seem'd to be a little in Drink, and said she had dropt one of her Papers; and therefore desired me to take care of the Fish and the other Papers, while she went back to see for it. I look'd into the Papers when she was gone, and found that there was little Sugar'd Kings in them. She came again and fetch'd them away; but whether she carry'd them to a Customer, or did any thing else with them, I cannot tell; tho' I never heard that Mrs. Coxeter had laid any thing to the Prisoner's Charge, till she had been to a Fortune-teller in the Old Baily, who described a little black Woman to her.

Elizabeth Lawrence thus deposed: The Prisoner has been my Servant about six Weeks, which is ever since she came from Mr. Coxeter, and I have found her to be so honest, industrious and faithful, and in all Respects such a good Servant, that if she was now at liberty, I would immediately take her into my House again. Several others gave her a very good Character; and the Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17251013-8

Margaret Cotton and Jane Bullice , were indicted for stealing two Gold Rings, and 40 s. in Money , the Goods and Money of Isaac Man , Aug. 1 . It appear'd that Cotton was Servant to the Prosecutor; that she took the Rings and Money, and afterward confess'd it; but said that Bullice advised her to do it. Bullice was acquitted , and Cotton found guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-9

Joseph Cusy , alias Mackecky , of Stoke Newington , was indicted for stealing two Cows , each of the Value of 3 l. 3. s. the Goods of Thomas Lloyd , on the 4th of October .

Thomas Thomson thus deposed: I went into the Fields to look after my Master's Cattle; and not finding the two Cows, I told my Master of it; and afterwards hearing that this Man was taken up upon Suspicion of Cow-stealing, we went and accused him of it, and he confess'd the same.

Thomas Sleath thus deposed: Between five and six on Monday Morning, the Prisoner brought two Cows to me in Smithfield. He said they were his Master Barns's at Totenham, and desired me to sell them for him. I sold them accordingly: and after Market, he came to me at an Alehouse to take the Money. I would have sold them myself, says he, but that I did not care to be seen in the Market, for fear William Smith should have arrested me. This gave me a little Suspicion of the Fellow; and so before I paid him, I stept over to my Father and ask'd his Advice. I'll be hang'd, says he, if this is not the Man that stole the other two Cows that were sold to William Smith . Whereupon I sent for Smith, and as soon as the Prisoner saw him, he ran away; but he was taken again next Week, and confess'd that himself and Collin Luff stole the Cows of Mr. Lloyd. Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-10

Jane Finch , alias Hunter, alias Farmer , was indicted for stealing three Blankets, seven Napkins, six Pewter Dishes, sixteen Clouts, four Handkerchiefs, a Suit of Head-Cloaths, a Fender, a Pair of Stockings, a Fan, Hood, Stomacher, two Yards of Damask, and other Goods, to the Value of 6 l. 14 s. the Goods of John Purcell , in the House of John Purcell .

John Purcell deposed thus: The Prisoner was my Servant ; I left her (with two Children, one of Eleven, and the other Nine Years old) in Charge of the House, when I and my Wife went out of Town. When we return'd, we miss'd several Goods, and found two Trunks broke open. I tax'd her with robbing me, but she stiffly deny'd it.

Mary Purcell (a Child aged Eleven Years) thus deposed: The Prisoner broke open two Trunks, and made me give her some of the Things out of them, and some she took out herself. There were Caps, Handkerchiefs, and Childbed-Linnen, a Silver worked Stomacher, a Child's Frock and Petticoat, and other Things, and she sold them to a Woman that crys old Iron.

The Prisoner thus made her Defence: It was not I that robb'd Mr. Purcell, but it was that Girl there, his Daughter Mary; for as young as she is, she has been guilty of Thieving from her Father for several Years. One Day she sold her Father's Shooes and my black Peticoat to an old Rag-Woman; and I heard her Mother say that she was ashamed to take her into the Country again, because a Silver Buckle had been lost at the School where she used to go. The Prisoner was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17251013-11

Alice Reeves , was indicted for stealing a Gown and Petticoat val. 3 l. twelve Yards of Callico, a Suit of Head-Cloaths, a Ridinghood, a Pair of Stays, and other Things , the Goods of John Lloyd , August 16 .

The Witnesses thus deposed: Says Margaret Lloyd , these are my Goods; I lost them, and found them again in the Shop of Thomas Macleland . Says Thomas Macleland, I bought these Goods of Thomas Roods ; and says Thomas Roods, I bought them of the Prisoner. Guilty val. 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-12

Joseph Turner and Elizabeth Herbert , were indicted for stealing a Copper-Pot and a Saucepan , the Goods of John Barton , Sep. 23 . Herbert was acquitted and Turner found Guilty to the val. of 10 d. Transp .

Reference Number: t17251013-13

John Sheppard , was indicted for stealing an Escutcheon, (from a Hearse) the Goods of George Sherwood , Sept. 30 .

- Ellis thus deposed: At the Desire of Mr. Clark, I and some other Constables attended a Funeral to S. Clement Danes Church. As soon as we came through Temple-Bar , the Mob began to be very rude, and call us Names; for they took us to be City Constables, and that we had no Power without the Gate, when indeed our Authority took Place where they thought it ended,

for we were not City Constables. Just without Temple-Bar, the Prisoner (who was a Hackney-Coachman ) was fitting upon his Box; he came down, left his Coach, and follow'd the Hearse. I guess'd at his Design, and caution'd him several times not to meddle with the Escutcheons; but he still push'd forward, and as soon as the Burying was over, there was great Mobbing, and I saw him snatch the Escutcheon from the Hearse. This was confirm'd by other Witnesses.

The Prisoner in his Defence said, that as he stood by the Side of the Hearse, the Mob push'd him against one of the Escutcheons, and so it fell down, and he only took it from the Ground. Guilty 10 d. To be Whipt from S. Clement's Church to the New Church in the Strand .

Reference Number: t17251013-14

John Draper , was indicted for stealing a 'Scutcheon val. 3 s. 6 d. and a Banner val. 18 d. the Goods of George Sherwood , Sept. 30 . It appear'd, that, during the Funeral Procession, the Prisoner had been several times warned not to meddle with any of the Ornaments of the Hearse; but that notwithstanding, he reach'd over the Shoulder of John Palmer , (the Horse-page) and snatch'd away a Banner and a Scutcheon. Guilty 10 d. To be Whipt with John Sheppard .

Reference Number: t17251013-15

William Moore , was indicted for stealing three Iron Bars, val. 2 s. the Goods of the Right Honourable Katharine Lady Dowager Abergaveny , September 23 . Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-16

Mary Tongason , was indicted for stealing three Handkerchiefs, two Pair of Ruffles, a Suit of Head-Cloaths, and five Yards of Lace, the Goods of Phillis Matthews , and two Suits of Head-Cloaths, the Goods of James Garret , and 3 d. 10 s. 6 d. the Money of Richard Gervison , in the House of Alexander Irwin . It appear'd that the Prisoner was Servant to Gervison; that she took the Money and Goods in the Indictment; some of which were found upon her, the rest she confess'd. Guilty 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-17

Rachel Coe and Jane Keaton , were indicted for stealing four Candlesticks and a Gown , the Goods of John Glover , Oct. 3 . Keaton was acquitted , and Coe found Guilty to the Value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-18

George Green , was indicted for stealing two Cows val. 8 l. 10 s. the Goods of James Barret , Oct. 11 . The Witnesses thus deposed:

James Barret: I lost two Cows from Grass at Stamford-Hill last Monday Morning.

John Nutt : I bought two Cows of the Prisoner in Smithfield for Five Guineas.

Thomas Ivory : I saw the Cows that Mr. Nutt bought of the Prisoner, and I know them to be the Cows that my Master lost from Stamford-Hill.

The Prisoner said in his Defence, that he had those two Cows from his Brother-in-Law Joseph Cusy , who was convicted this Morning for stealing two Cows from Thomas Lloyd . Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-19

William Longmire , was indicted for Assaulting Thomas Warren on the Highway, putting him in fear, and taking from him a Hat val. 5 s. Sept. 1 .

Thomas Warren thus deposed: Crossing Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, between Nine and Ten at Night, the Prisoner came by me, turn'd about, and look'd me full in the Face. I pass'd him, and he follow'd me. I went into the White Dragon Alehouse in Holborn, and he soon came in after me. I did not tarry long before I came out again. I saw no more of the Prisoner till I came to the Corner of Leather-Lane , and there he suddenly stept to me, knock'd me down, snatch'd off my Hat, and ran down the Lane. He endeavour'd to take my Wig too, but I made shift to hold it fast; and crying out, stop Thief, he was quickly taken and brought to me again.

Benjamin Mills thus deposed: I heard somebody cry, stop Thief, whereupon I and another pursued the Prisoner, who fell down; and so we took him and brought him back to Mr. Warren, who was coming to meet us as well as he could, for he was a little disguis'd in Drink; and by the way we found Mr. Warren's Hat.

James Noblet swore to the same Effect, and the Jury found the Prisoner Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17251013-20

Susan Isaacson , was indicted for stealing 72 Iron Bellows Pipes, val. 24 s. Sept. 26 . Guilty 10 d. Transp .

Reference Number: t17251013-21

Mary Fleming , alias Tilbury , and Mary Filewood , alias Haselhurst , were indicted for stealing a Snuff-Box, val. 20 s. Oct. 8 . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17251013-22

James Little , of Pancras , was indicted for Assaulting Lionel Mills , in an open Field near the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him three Keys, a Turnover, a Handkerchief, and 16 s. in Money , on the 28th of August last.

He was a 2d time indicted for Assaulting Richard Hatton Evans , in an open Field near the Highway, and taking from him a Cane, three Keys, and 20 s. in Money , August 7 .

Lionel Mills thus deposed: About 7 o'Clock on Saturday Evening, as I was coming home from Hampstead, in the 2d Field beyond Fig-Lane , I saw the Prisoner and two other Men standing together. The Prisoner came forward with a Pistol in his Hand, and said, Your Money, Sir. He took half a Guinea and some Silver from me, and demanded where my Watch was. I told him I had none. Then he took my Handkerchief and Neckcloth, and bade me good Night. The Tuesday following I was told that such a Man was in Custody, and going to see if it was the Man that robb'd me, I presently knew him to be the same.

Edward Hatton Evans thus deposed: Coming over the Fields from Kentish-Town , between 7 and 8 at Night, my little Boy being with me, I saw the Prisoner and another Man, both arm'd with Pistols. The Prisoner's Companion came up to me, bade me stand, demanded my Money, search'd my Pockets, and took 20 s. from me. My Child cry'd out, O! my Dear Father! Upon which the Prisoner went to him, kiss'd him, and said, Don't be afraid, my Dear, we won't hurt your Father. They bade me good Night, and went away; but he that robb'd me, turn'd back again and took my Cane.

William Wood thus deposed: I went to see the Prisoner, and took Mr. Hatton's Child with me. The Child presently knew him, tho' he stood among several others. That's the Man (says the Child) that kiss'd me while the other Man robb'd my Father. He has got the same Wastecoat on now as he had them: 10 which the Prisoner answer'd, No, I can prove that I had another Wastecoat on at that Time.

The Constable thus deposed: I took the Prisoner in Pattin's Alley in Newtoner's Lane, at the House of Bess Lion, alias Edgworth Bess , (an old Acquaintance of the late Jack Sheppard 's.) I suppose the Prisoner was a Bed with her when I first came to the Door; for I found his Breeches and Stockings upon her Bed below Stairs, and catch'd him above with nothing on but his Coat. He confess'd to me that he was concern'd in the two Robberies of which he now stands indicted. Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17251013-23

Henry Jefferison , (a Chimney-Sweeper ) was indicted for stealing six Sacks val. 9 s. and 25 Bushels and and a half of Spot val. 12 s. 6 d. the Goods of John Kitchen and Henry Finch ; and two Bushels of Soot, the Goods of John Spurr , Aug. 27 .

It appeared that the Prosecutors being all Chimney-Sweeper s, had been at Work in Wapping , and had left their Soot in an old Woman's Yard, from whence, at Night, the Prisoner stole it, and carry'd it off by Water; but being suspected, he was examin'd, confess'd he took it, and discover'd where he had concealed it. Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-24

Katharine Blackbourn , was indicted for stealing a Silver Watch with a Gold Chain val. 15 l. the Goods of John Janeway , in the House of John Taylor , Sept. 20 .

John Janeway deposed, that having Occasion to go out of Town, he left his Watch in the Hands of Mr. Taylor; but when he came back, he heard it was lost.

John Taylor thus deposed: The Prisoner was a Lodger in my House. I laid up Mr. Janeway's Watch in my Bed-Chamber; but having lost the Key of the Door, I did not let any body know that the Watch was in my Possession: But however, I miss'd it in two or three Days after, and had a violent Suspicion of the Prisoner, because

she had been at Southwark-Fair, and brought home a Couple of Gold Rings, and other small Pieces of Plate. I searched her Room, and there found the Key of the Watch. The Chain she had sold to Richard Peters , a Goldsmith, and told him that her Son gave it her; and the watch was pawn'd to Mrs. Morgan for 30 s. Guilty Val. 4 s. 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-25

Foster Snow , was indicted for the Murder of Thomas Rawlins , by giving him, with a Knife, one Mortal Wound in the Left Breast, of the Length of one Inch, and Depth of seven Inches, of which he instantly died , on the 7th of October .

He was a 2d time indicted on the Statute of Stabbing.

And a 3d time on the Coroner's Inquest for the said Murder.

John Waterman thus deposed: The Deceased came into the Prisoner's House, the Feathers Alehouse in Holborn , on the 7th of October, at Night, and brought a Couple of Rabbits in his Hand, which he order'd to be roasted for Supper; and sat down by the Fire. The Prisoner came into the Kitchen, walk'd about, appear'd very uneasy, and mutter'd a great many Curses. Then he began to turn his Discourse to a Porter; and betwixt them some Mention was made of the Deceased. Why, it seems (says I to the Deceased) it's you that my Landlord is so disturb'd about. Yes, I know it, says he; and then went out, to prevent Words, as I thought. The Prisoner follow'd him, curs'd him; and a great many ill Words pass'd betwixt them. They came in again, Supper was ready; the Deceased desired the Prisoner and his Wife to sit down and eat; but the Prisoner turn'd away, and cry'd, Eat the Davil! and then struck his Wife; which the Deceased seeing, got up and stept betwixt them to part them. Then the Prisoner reach'd to the Dresser, and took up something, which I suppose was a Knife, (for I could not see distinctly, because there was no Candle upon the Dresser;) but be it what it would, he stretch'd out his Arm in this manner, and struck the Deceased thus; who thereupon immediately sunk down, and died.

- Middleton thus deposed: The Prisoner appeared in a very morose and quarrelsome Humour when he first came into the Kitchen. - You're a sorry Dog, says he to the Deceased. And you're another, says the Deceased again. Sirrah, you're a Rogue, says the Prisoner. - Call me Rogue, says the Deceased, and I'll lay you behind the Fire. After that we sat down to Supper; the Prisoner quarrel'd with his Wife, and the Deceased endeavouring to part them, the Prisoner took something from the Dresser, and gave him such a Stroke, that he fell down dead.

John Rude thus deposed: About a Month ago I call'd at the Prisoner's House, and enquired for the Deceased Mr. Rawlins. Rawlins is a Rogue, says the Prisoner; he owes me Money: - He's a Villain! a Rascal! I'd make no more of killing him, than of killing a Toad or a Dog.

Thomas Byas thus deposed: The Prisoner came into the Kitchen, and seem'd to be very uneasy What, says he, must I be abused in my own House, by a Man that was ones me Money? Do you mean me? says the Deceased. Yes, you, reply'd the Prisoner. The Prisoner's Wife came in, and desired them to be quiet. He answer'd, Yes, I will be at quiet in my own House; and then gave her a Slap o'the Face. The Deceased said, Are not you a Rogue for that? The Woman was going out, and the Prisoner would have follow'd her; but the Deceased hinder'd him; and presently after fell down, and died.

The Maid thus deposed: The Prisoner was following my Mistress; but the Deceased stopt him, and told him that he should not strike her in his Presence. I had just before laid this Case-Knife down upon the Dresser. The Prisoner took it up: I did not see him give the Blow; but the Deceased sunk down by the Dresser, and died before we could get a Surgeon. We afterwards found this same Knife, all bloody, upon the Floor.

The Surgeon deposed, that the Deceased had a mortal Wound in the Left Breast, between six and seven Inches deep; and he believed it was given with such a Knife as that produced in Court.

The Prisoner said nothing in his Defence; but call'd some of his Acquaintance to his Reputation, who gave him the Character of an honest, quiet, good-natur'd Man; and that on the contrary, the Deceased, when he was in Liquor, did use to be very fractious, and the most troublesome Man in Nature. The Jury found the Prisoner Guilty of each Indictment. Death .

Reference Number: t17251013-26

Mary Bredon , of Hornsey , was indicted for stealing a Portmantean, with a Coat, two Wastecoats, two Shirts, a Pair of Stockings, a Wig, Several Books, twelve Guineas, and other Things , the Goods and Money of Thomas Pearson , Gent .

It appear'd that the Portmanteau was left at the Windmill in S. John-Street, in order to be sent to Aston in Hertfordshire. That it was tied upon the Ladder at the Tail of the Waggon, and lost between Highgate and Barnet , and found upon the Prisoner at Highgate.

The Prisoner thus made her Defence: Upon the Road betwixt Mims and Barnet, I fell in Company with a Man that sells Fifth: We rode together thro' Barnet. I got off my Horse to piss; and in the mean time, the Man got a pretty way before me. When I came up to him, See here, says he, I have just found a Portmanteau. You are come too late to cry Halves; but I'll give you a Shilling, if you will take it upon your Horse so far as Highgate, because my Horse's Back is sore; and so I agreed to it. He left it two Days at my House at Highgate; and when he came again and open'd it, I bought as many of the Things that were in it as came to 3 l. Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17251013-27

Edward Wilks and Thomas Wilks , were indicted for stealing a Gun, eleven Plates, a Bed, two Quilts, two Blankets, a Pair of Tongs, a Pot, a Candlestick, a Saucepan, and other Things , the Goods of William Knight , Oct. 10 .

It appeared that Edward Wilks was Servant to the Prosecutor; that he stole the Goods, and carry'd them to the Lodgings of his Brother Thomas Wilks, in Shadwell where they were found. There being no Evidence against Thomas, the Jury acquitted him; and found Edward Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-28

James Swale , of Hendon , (aged 12 Years) was indicted for breaking and entring the House of John Bohun , on the 3d of September , in the Night, with an intent to steal . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17251013-29

Robert Kiff , was indicted for privately stealing a Wooden Drawer, and 5 s. 7 d. in Money, in the Shop of John Dixon , Sept. 15 .

It appear'd that about Eight at Night, the Prosecutor's Wife having just served a Customer, was going out of the Shop into the Kitchen, when she heard a Noise behind her, and turning back, saw the Prisoner with the Drawer in his Hand. He ran out; she cry'd, Stop Thief. He was pursued by some Neighbours; and finding himself in Danger, he threw the Drawer down, and cry'd Stop Thief as well as they; but then it was of no Service to him, for he was presently taken. Guilty Val. 4 s. 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-30

John Rogers and John Sculthorp , were indicted for breaking and entring the House of William Turner , and stealing from thence three Pewter Chamber Pots, a Saucepan, and other Goods, on the 22d of July , in the Night .

William Turner thus deposed: I keep the Horns Alehouse at Essex-Stairs : My Back-Window looks into the Thames. My House was broke open, and a Saucepan stole away, the 18th of July; and I suppose the Entrance was made at that Sash-Window. I am not sure whether or no I had made fast the Shutter of that Window when I went to Bed that Night; but I am sure I did on the 22d of the same Month, on which Night my House was broke open a 2d time, and three Chamber-Pots taken away. The Prisoner Sculthorp was a Waterman, and ply'd at my Door. He usually drank at my House, and knew where every thing lay.

Richard Johnson thus deposed: I ply at the same Stairs. Sculthorp took me aside one Day, and ask'd me if I'd go upon the Account. What Account? says I. Why

the Account of what we can get in Turner's House. But, says I, is there no Danger? No, says he, I and Jack Rogers have been there twice before: You shall come to no Trouble. Do but bring year Boat under the Window, you need not come out of it, to be any ways concern'd; but only take what I bring.

Robert Ellis , the Constable, deposed, That Sculthorp own'd before him that they had robb'd the House twice, and did intend the next time to make a general Sweep, and clear the House of all the Silver Tankards, and other handy Moveables.

Robert Evans thus deposed: I heard Sculthorp own that he had robb'd Turner's House, and did design to rob it again, and make up a Boat's full Cargo. As for Rogers, he was the most impudent Fellow before the Justice that ever I saw. He stood a strut, cock'd his Hat, and giving a Fillup with his Finger, Now, (says he to his Worship) do your worst, I can but be hang'd; my Neck is but short, and it wants to be stretch'd. Rogers was acquitted , and Sculthorp found guilty of Felony only . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-31

Ann Pain , was indicted for stealing a Pair of Silver Spurs val. 30 s. the Goods of Joseph Acton , Sept. 27 .

It appeared that the Prisoner was Servant to the Prosecutor; that he gave her his Spurs to clean, and she presently left his Service, and pawn'd them. Guilty Val. 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-32

Rachel Pearson , was indicted for stealing a Bible val. 20 s. the Goods of Persons unknown , belonging to S. Martin's Alms-house.

It appeared that the Prisoner (while she was out of Service) lived with her Grandmother in Hog-Lane Alms-houses .

Mary Ballinger thus deposed: The Prisoner (one Sunday) desired me to fetch her down the Bible, which I did. She sat down to read, and so I left her; and neither saw nor miss'd the Bible till Thursday, and then I ask'd her what she did with it? She said she put it upon her Partner's Bed on the Monday Morning; but it could not be found. I sent for a Constable, and had her before a Justice, thinking that might bring her to confess what she had done with it; but she deny'd it stiffly; and as I could not prove it upon her, the Justice discharged her. The next Day she arrested me for Scandal; and I was forced to carry my Cloaths to pawn, to pay the Charges. I beg'd of the Pawnbroker to let me have as much as ever she could upon my Things, because I was arrested. She ask'd me for what? I told her it was for charging a Woman with taking a Bible that was lost. A Bible, says she; What was the Woman's Name? Rachel, says I. Rachel! And what besides Rachel? says she. Why Pearson, says I. Ay, says she; And do you know the Bible when you see it? Yes, says I. Why then, says she, I'll shew you a Bible that was pawn'd here in the Name of Rachel Pearson : So she brings me a Bible, and it was the very same that we had lost.

The Pawnbroker deposed, That the Prisoner pawn'd that Bible to her for 6 s. Guilty 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-33

John Hughs , was indicted for stealing a Handkerchief value 6 d. the Goods of Henry Hobson , Oct. 1 . Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-34

Richard Adams , was indicted for breaking and entring the House of Philip Baron , and taking from thence a Pair of Spatterdashers, 6 lb. of Wax-Candles, a Hat, and three Table-Cloths, the Goods of Philip Baron ; a Hat, a Shirt, a Coat, and a Pair of Stockings, the Goods of Edward Baron ; and a Frock and two Pair of Breeches, the Goods of Philip Baron Jun. on the 22d of August last, in the Night .

Philip Baron thus deposed: I keep an Undertaker's Shop near the Watch-house in Holborn : My House was broke open three times; that is, on the 1st, the 13th, and 22d of August. From several Circumstances, I had Reason to think that it had been done by somebody that was acquainted with the House; and I suspected nobody more than the Prisoner, who was a Neighbour's Apprentice , and lived a very loose, idle Life. In about a Week after the last time I was robb'd, I heard that he was put into S. Sepulchre's Watch-house for stealing a Game-Cock.

Edward Baron thus deposed: I went to see the Prisoner in the Watch-house, and found one of my Shirts upon his Back, which was left that Night the House was broke open. Guilty of Felony. Transportation .

He was a 2d time indicted for stealing a Game-Cock val. 5 s. the Goods of Henry Abbot , Sept. 1. Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-35

Sybilla alias Isabella Hanshaw, alias Fanshaw , was indicted for stealing two Aprons , the Goods of Hugh Humphries , Aug. 21 . Guilty 10 d. Transp .

Reference Number: t17251013-36

Robert Sergeant , of Edmonton , was indicted for stealing two Coats , the Goods of Thomas Hands , Oct. 6 . Guilty 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-37

Elias Sharp , was indicted for assaulting Hannah Bignell on the Highway, putting her in Fear, and taking from her a Pair of Leather Breeches, val. 7 s. 6 d. the Goods of Edw Harrison , Oct. 11 .

It appear'd that Hannah Bignell (a Child ) was on a Moon-light Night going over Tower Hill with a Pair of Breeches under her Arm: The Prisoner snatch'd them from her; and being closely pursu'd, upon her crying out, he threw the Breeches into Tower Ditch; but he was presently stopt, and the Breeches taken up again. Guilty of Felony. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-38

Henry Stevens , was indicted for stealing a Saddle, val. 10 s. the Goods of Richard Thomson . Guilty 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-39

James Holmes , was indicted for stealing three Shirts, val. 15 s. the Goods of Daniel Price . Guilty val. 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-40

Ann Booth , was indicted for stealing a Trunk, two Silver Tea-Spoons, two Gold Rings, and 50 s. the Goods and Money of Henry Booth , (her Father) in the House of the said Henry Booth , Oct. 7. But no Evidence appearing, the Jury acquitted her, and the Court order'd the Prosecutor's Recognisance to be estreated.

Reference Number: t17251013-41

James Ferguson , was indicted for stealing a Cherry Derry Gown, val. 20 s. a Lustring Gown val. 20 s. and a Petticoat val. 10 s. the Goods of Tho. Poulter , in the House of Elizabeth Jones .

It appeared that the Goods were put in a Bundle, and left in the Bar at the Nag's-Head Alehouse in Aldersgate-Street , in order to be sent by the Highgate Coach. The Prisoner took them from thence, but not so privately as to escape unobserved. He was immediately pursued, and was taken in Noble-Street. Guilty 39 s. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-42

Thomas Higgs , was indicted for stealing 50 lb. of Iron, val. 10 s. the Goods of Anthony Turney Esq ; and 150 lb. of Iron, the Goods of Persons unknown , the 14th of May . It appeared that the Prisoner, upon Suspicion, was stopt in the Night at Dorset Stairs, with some Bars of Iron in his Boat, which he confess'd he took from Mr. Turney's Door at the Old Swan : That John Gun , a Smith near Fleet-Ditch, and John Gander , another Smith, had often been concern'd with him in stealing Iron, and that they worked it up; and that they had sold several Quantities of Iron to William Bryley , a Smith on the Bank-side, who well knew that they stole it. Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-43

Nicolas Webb , was indicted for stealing 3 l. 5 s. the Money of Joseph Blower, in the House of Joseph Blower , Aug. 19 . It appear'd that the Prisoner was Apprentice to the Prosecutor, a Turner , in Beach Lane ; and while his Master was taking a Nap in the Chair, he took the Key of the Chamber-Door, went up Stairs, and finding the Keys in the Chest of Drawers, he opend them, took out the Money, came down again, and went away directly; and the next News they heard of him was, that he was put into Bridewell at Ware for breeding a Riot; and there he confess'd this Fact. Guilty 39 s. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-44

James Carter , alias Barry , was indicted for stealing a Silver Tankard val. 8 l. the Goods of Edith Barwell ,

and a Coat and Wastecoat val. 4 l. the Goods of William Cash , in the House of Edith Barnell , April 27 .

It appeared that in April last the Prisoner being, as he said, just come over from Ireland, took a Lodging at Mrs. Barwells, who kept a Publick House . He had lodged there between two and three Weeks, when one Afternoon Mr. Cash, who lived in the same House, went abroad and left the Key in his Chamber Door. The Prisoner, that he might have some Excuse for staying above Stairs, pretended that he had some Accounts to settle, and therefore desired his Landlady to lend him her Pen and Ink, which she did; tho' she afterwards found, that he could not write his own Name. While the People were busy below, he took an Opportunity of going into Mr. Cash's Chambers, and stole his Mourning Coat and Wastecoat; both which he put on, and button'd his own old Coat over them. At Night he came down, and call'd for a full Tankard of Beer; and before he had empty'd it, Mr. Cash came in and spoke to him, but did not perceive that he had any more Cloaths upon his Back than belong'd to him. The Prisoner either seeing, or pretending that he saw an Acquaintance at the Door, call'd out, Hah! Paul, won t ye drink with me? And so stept to the Door with the Tankard in his Hand, and went quite off with it. Mrs. Barwell heard no more of him, till an Advertisement in one of the News-Papers informed her, that such a Tankard as she had lost was offer'd to Sale by such a Person as the Prisoner to Mr. Lake, a Goldsmith in Portsmouth; that the Tankard was stopt, and the Prisoner taken into Custody for not giving a good Account how he came by it. Edith Barwell deposed, that upon reading this Advertisement, she wrote to Mr. Lake; and upon his Answer, she went to Portsmouth, where she soon found her Tankard and the Prisoner. He fell upon his Knees, and beg'd her to be favourable to him. She heard there, that he had pawn'd a Mourning Coat and Wastecoat, which proved to be Mr. Cash's, and she redeem'd 'em.

John Lake thus deposed: This is the Tankard that the Prisoner offer'd to Sale at my Shop in Portsmouth: I examin'd who he was, and how he came by it? My Name, says he, is John Barry , and the Tankard was left me by my Uncle Edward Barry , who is lately dead in Ireland, and these two Letters E and B stand for his Name. Not thinking this Account satisfactory, I had him before the Mayor, who committed him to the Town Prison; and upon my publishing an Advertisement, Mrs. Barwell came down. When she saw the Prisoner, she asked him if he knew her? And he answer'd, Yes, Madam, to my Shame, - my Life is in your Hands.

The Prisoner thus made his Defence: I had the Tankard it's true; but I know no more how I came by it than the Man in the Moon; for I was drunk over Night, and next Morning I found myself asleep in S. James's Park, with the Tankard in my Pocket. Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17251013-45

Sarah Fox was indicted, for that she (with William Corrie and Robert Anderson , not yet taken) did privately steal a Gold Watch and Chain, value 22 l. the Goods of Elizabeth Smith , Febr. 5 .

Elizabeth Smith thus deposed: Some Months ago, at the End of Chancery-Lane , I lost my Watch out of my Pocket; but I can't say who took it, for there were several Men and Women surrounded me, and I was too much frighten'd to take Notice of any particular Person. - I don't know that I saw the Prisoner there.

John Holms thus deposed: On Shrove-Tuesday Eve, I and William Corrie, and Robert Anderson, met together, as usual, at the Prisoner's House in Newtoner's Lane, and there we agreed to go a Thieving. The Prisoner went with us; we rais'd a Mobb in Chancery-Lane, and there the Prisoner pick'd this Gentlewoman's Pocket of a Gold Watch, which she after sold for 12 Guineas to two Jews that lived in Duke's-Place; one of their Names is John Barnet , but I have forgot the other. The Prisoner has stole Watches out of all the Churches in London. She took my Lady Coventry's Watch set with Diamonds, and my Lady Rainbow's, and a great many more. Her House is a Place of Entertainment for none but Whores and Thieves. Several of the Prisoner's Neighbours gave her the Character of a civil Woman and that she kept an orderly House. A Jew being present, inform'd the Court that there was no such Name among the Jews as John Barnet . The Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17251013-46

Robert Page , was indicted for privately stealing a Pair of Stays val. 25 s. and a Pair of Jumps val. 15 s. the Goods of Anne Smith , from the Person of Mary Rowny , Sept. 30 . It appear'd, that at Night, as Mary Rowny was going along One Swan Yard in Bishopsgate-Street , the Prisoner pulled the Goods from under her Arm, and ran away; but upon her crying, stop Thief, he was taken with the Goods upon him. Guilty of Felony. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-47

John Revel , was indicted for privately stealing a Handkerchief val 12 d. the Goods of Philip Gascoyn , Sept. 12 . Guilty 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-48

John Mann , of Billingsgate , was indicted for stealing three Jackets val 12 s. the Goods of John Loan , Oct. 12. It appear'd, that as the Prosecutor's Ship lay in Billingsgate Dock , the Prisoner, who was a Waterman , got into the Cabbin about Midnight, and took away the Goods. He was perceived just as he went off; and being pursued, he dropt the Jackets, and was taken in Thames-Street. Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-49

Sarah Gray , was indicted for stealing a Wastecoat val. 10 s. three Pair of Stockings val. 10 s. and seven Shirts val. 50 s. the Goods of Robert Watford , in the House of John Gerrard , Sept. 1 . It appear'd that the Prisoner came to Mr. Gerrard's House in Budge-Row , (with a Letter from a Convict in Newgate, who lay for Transportation) and found Means to go off with the Goods in the Indictment. She was pursued, and taken in Newgate-Street with the Cloaths upon her. Guilty 39 s. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-50

Elizabeth Croxton , was indicted for stealing 2 Pair of Gloves val. 5 s. the Goods of John Nixon , Oct. 8 . Guilty 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-51

Hester James , alias Bampton , of Acton , was indicted for stealing a Table-Cloth, a Sarcenet-hood, a Pair of Silk Stockings, a Silver Spoon, and other Things , the Goods of William Lock , Oct. 3 . It appear'd that the Prisoner was Servant to the Prosecutor; that she went away with the Goods, and they were taken upon her, at the Pack-Horse at Turnham-Green. Guilty 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-52

Lydia Pancrage , and Isabella James alias Leggy , were indicted for stealing a Steel-Box, two Moidores, two Bags, 14 Guineas, and 3 l. in Silver, the Goods and Money of James Thomas , in the Dwelling-House of James Thomas , Sept. 29 .

James Thomas thus deposed: I keep a Publick-House ; the Prisoner Lydia was my Servant . She went out one Afternoon, under Pretence of fetching in the Pots, but I saw her no more that day. Next Morning I found my Drawers broke open, and about 20 l. gone. I took her in a few days after, and she confess'd that she open'd the Drawers with this Iron Skewer, and took the Money, and that Isabel James, who put her upon it, afterwards got Part of it from her. When I took Isabel James, she own'd that she had 4 s. 6 d. of the Money.

The Constable thus deposed: I examined Lydia where the Money was, and she said, she fell a-sleep in the Coach, and Sibby James and the Coachman got it from her, for they went in a Coach together to the Musick House in S. George's Fields. She said she did the Fact by herself. By her Directions I found this Box with a Guinea in it, hid in her Bed at the Ax in Aldermanbury.

William Webb deposed, that he found two Guineas in the Bottom of the Coach, and I saw this box in Lydia's Hand; 'tis the Prosecutor's box. Isabel James was Acquitted , and Lydia Pancrage found Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17251013-53

John Whalebone , alias Wellbone , was indicted for feloniously returning from Transportation, before the Expiration of Seven Years . The Record was read, and the Witnesses thus deposed.

Mr. Jones: About two Years ago I apprehended him for robbing Mr. Moor: He was Try'd, Convicted, and Transported. I afterwards heard that he was committed to Bridewell. I went thither, and ask'd how he dared appear again? He said, he knew he should be hang'd, but he would do as much Mischief as he could first.

Jonathan Forward : This Prisoner was ship'd on board the Forward Galley, Oct. 5. 1723. I remember him well, for he was so unruly, that we were forced to put him in double Irons. Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17251013-54

Mary Richardson , was indicted for stealing a Petticoat val. 30 s. the Goods of Brian Clark . Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17251013-56

Margaret Lawson , of Hackney , was indicted for stealing a Silver Spoon val. 9 s. a Silver Can val. 3 l. Six Shirts val. 16 s. a Quilt val. 10 s. and two Napkins, the Goods of Rebecca Delamarie , in her Dwelling-House , Sept. 24 . It appear'd that the Prisoner had been Servant to Capt. Delamarie, (the Prosecutor's Husband:) That the Prosecutor had lived a-part from her Husband several Years, and imagined that he was too familiar with the Prisoner. He died suddenly. The Prosecutor took Possession of his Dwelling House and Effects, and not finding some of the Goods in the Indictment, which she remember'd had formerly been in the House, she accused the Prisoner: But there not appearing the least Colour of a Proof, the Jury acquitted her, and the Court granted her a Copy of her Indictment.

Reference Number: t17251013-57

Thomas Parker , of Chiswick , was indicted for stealing 150 lb of Lead val. 22 s. the Goods of John Pankeman , Aug. 24 . It appear'd that the Prisoner took the Lead, but it not being proved that it was the Lead of the Prosecutor, the Jury Acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17251013-58

Thomas Harvey , was indicted for stealing a Sack and four Bushels of Malt, val. 15 s. the Goods of William Shaw , Oct. 8 . Guilty 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-59

Winifred Evans , was indicted for stealing a Suit of Head-Cloaths val. 7s. , the Goods of Theade Cleave , Sept. 25 . Guilty 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-60

Richard Mason , was indicted for Breaking and Entering (with Thomas Herbert and Thomas Rowden already convicted) the House of Stephen Watts , and taking from thence 14 Pair of Breeches, Nov. 6 . in the Night .

Thomas Flemmer (who was concern'd in the Robbery, and convicted the other two) not appearing, there wanted sufficient Proof to fix the Fact upon the Prisoner, and the Jury Acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17251013-61

Peter Matson , was indicted for a Trespass, in Cursing and speaking several false and seditious Words against his Majesty, and for drinking the Pretender's Health, &c . Oct. 1 .

Robert Murrel thus deposed: Last Friday Night, between 10 and 11, the Prisoner came into my House, the Tobacco-Roll and Sugar Loaf in Winford-Street in Petticoat-Lane , and called for a Pint of Beer, which he drank, and called for another. John Marshal and Thomas Ralph (two Soldiers) were then in the same Room. Some Difference arising betwix them and the Prisoner, he call'd them King George's Bull-Dogs, and said, King James the Third had more Right to the Crown than King George. Somebody sent for the Constable and Watch; and when they came in, he call'd for another Pint, and taking it in his Hand, he said, D - ye altogether; Here's a good Health to King James the Third; and then he drank.

John Marshal and Thomas Ralph thus deposed: The Prisoner took a Pint of Beer in his Hand, and said, Here's God bless King James the Third, and G - D - King George. he has no Right to the Crown; and G - D - all King George's Bull-Dogs; and then he drank.

John Denton thus deposed: I came into Mr. Murrel's with the Prisoner, and stay'd with him all the time he was there: I heard him say, King James has more right than King George; but I don't remember that he curs'd his Majesty, or drank any Health.

William Hambleton deposed, That he heard the Prisoner drink the Pretender's Health, by the Name of King James the Third; and that as they were carrying him to the Watch-house, he said, G - D - King George and his Country too; and bade the Soldiers go to the Rogue their Master.

Several Persons appear'd in Behalf of the Prisoner; and deposed, That they had known him many Years, had often been in his Company, drunk and sober; but never knew him guilty of swearing, or meddling with the Government one way or other. The Jury found him Guilty ; and the Court order'd that he should pay a Fine of twenty Marks , suffer a Year's Imprisonment , and stand twice in the Pillory, once near the Place where the Crime was committed, and once at Charing-cross .

Reference Number: t17251013-62

Ann Hughs , alias Gether , was indicted for stealing a Silver Salt, a Silk Hood, a Handkerchief, a Suit of Headcloaths, and 6 l. 5 s. in Money. the Goods and Money of Jane Iverson in the House of Jane Iverson . July 26 .

It appeared that the Prisoner was a Servant Girl to the Prosecutor who keeps the Bull Alehouse in Sherborn-Lane . The Prosecutor happening to leave the Key in her Chamber-Door, the Prisoner got in and took the Money, lock'd the Door, and went away directly with the Key. She took Coach for Bristol, and there pretended to be a Fortune worth 500 l. and 40 l. per annum; but having no Success, she return'd to London, fell into Company with a Waterman last Wednesday Night, was marry'd to him the next Morning, and took Country Lodgings, where she was apprehended, and confess'd the Fact. Guilty Val. 39 s. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-63

William Simmons was indicted for stealing (with William Morrison ) eight Hundred Weight of Sugar val. 20 l. and 60 s. in Money, the Goods and Money of Henry Allen , in the House of Henry Allen , Aug. 30 .

It appear'd that the Prisoner and Morrison (who is since dead) were Apprentice s to the Prosecutor, a Confectioner in Lombard-Street .

John Harvey thus deposed: In January last, the Prisoner sold 2 lb. of Candy'd Orange-Peel for 3 s. and he and Morrison shared the Money betwixt them. On April 25, he sold 6 lb. of Biskets, and another time 4 lb. and put but half the Money into the Till, and parted the other half betwixt himself and Morrison. At another time, he sold 4 lb. of Citron for 10 s. kept Half a Crown of it himself, and gave another Half Crown to Morrison. I believe I can reckon up about 15 s. that he has taken in this manner. One Day, when they had done so, they brought a Shilling to me, and shew'd me a naked Knife, and swore I should have one of them; and so I took the Shilling. One Saturday Night they both went out; and when they came in again, they told me they had been to rob an Orchard. I ask'd them where the Apples were? D - ye, says Morrison, I'll tell ye where they are; and was going to rip me up with his Knife; but the Prisoner prevented him.

Mr. Allen thus deposed: The Prisoner ask'd me Leave to go to Bartholomew Fair, and we not being very busy, I gave him Leave; but I saw him no more till next Week, when his Father brought him home. I sent him backwards, and went with his Father to the Tavern, and there his Father told me that he believ'd his Son had wrong'd me. We sent for him over; he seem'd very much concern'd, and confess'd that Morrison had drawn him into such a Combination, as he was afraid would be the utter Ruin of him. That they had made a Practice of sending out Sugar in Boxes, to the Quantity of about Eight Hundred Weight, which they sold for 4 d. a Pound, tho' it was worth 7 d. His Confession was read in Court, and the Jury found him Guilty to the Value of 39 s. Burnt in the Hand .

Reference Number: t17251013-64

John Steele , was indicted for feloniously returning from Transportation before the Expiration of Seven Years . The Record being read, Isaac Ely thus deposed: I know the Prisoner to be the same Man that was transported for stealing Mr. Walker's Coat: I saw him try'd here and convicted for the same, and go aboard the Lighter for Transportation. When he was taken, this Chissel and a Pistol were found upon him.

The Prisoner thus made his Defence: I faithfully served my Master William Jones above six Years in the Country: He died, and my Mistress discharged me before the Governor; and there wanting but a few Months of the seven Years being expired, I was willing to come home to see my Wife; but I found that since I had been transported, she had marry'd this Isaac Ely , who apprehended me, and now swears against me only to get rid of me, that he may have my Wife to himself. Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17251013-65

Philip Hand , was indicted for privately stealing in the shop of William Busby a Wastecoat val. 6 s. a Shirt val. 4 s. and two Knives, the Goods of Will. Busby , Sept. 15 .

He was a 2d time indicted for stealing (with Joseph Watkins ) a Coat val. 20 s. the Goods of John Winslow Sept. 21 . He was acquitted of the first Indictment , and found Guilty of the 2d to the Val. of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17251013-66

Samuel Street was indicted for a Misdemeanor, in assaulting, with an Intent to ravish, and ( against her Will ) carnally know Elizabeth Harvison , an Infant , of the Age of 17 Years, on the 2d of August last. [The Evidence being the same in effect as was given last Sessions when he was try'd for ravishing the said Elizabeth Harvison , we shall not repeat it here, but referr the Reader to the last Sessions Paper.] The Jury found him Guilty of this Indictment, order'd him to pay a Fine of 20 Marks , and suffer 6 Months Imprisonment .

Reference Number: s17251013-1

The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment as follows, viz.

Received Sentence of Death, Seven.

William Longmire , James Carter , John Steele , James Little , Foster Snow , Lydia Pancrage , and John Whalebone .

To be Whipt, Two.

John Sheppard , and John Draper ; from S. Clement's Church to the New Church in the Strand.

Burnt in the Hand One.

William Simmons .

To be Transported, Forty.

John Day , George Green , William Gibbons , Jane Pattison , Laurence Johnson , Margaret Cotton , Joseph Cusy , Alice Reeves , Joseph Turner , William Moor , Mary Tongason , Rachel Coe , Henry Jefferson , Katharine Blackbourn , Edward Wilks , Robert Kiff , John Sculthorp , Ann Pain , Rachel Pearson , John Hughs , Richard Adams , Isabella Hanshaw , Robert Sargeant , Elias Sharp , James Holms , Henry Stevens , John Ferguson , Thomas Higgs , Nicholas Webb , Richard Adams , Robert Page , John Revel , John Mann , Sarah Gray , Elizabeth Croxton , Hester James , Thomas Harvey , Winifred Evans , Ann Hughs , and Philip Hand .

Peter Matson fined Twenty Marks, to suffer a Year's Imprisonment, and stand twice in the Pillory.

Thomas Thomson and Mary Thomson to pay Twenty Marks each, and suffer a Year's Imprisonment.

Samuel Street to pay Twenty Marks, and suffer six Months Imprisonment.

Reference Number: a17251013-1


Just publish'd,

A PRACTICAL TREATISE: Or, Second Thoughts on the Consequences of the VENEREAL DISEASE. In Three Parts, viz. 1. On the Simple Gonorrhoea, Gleets, and other Weaknesses, whether from Venereal Embraces, Self-Pollution, improperly call'd Onanism, or Natural Imbecillity. II. On the Vinulent Gonorrhoea, or Clap. III. On the Venereal Lues, or Grand Pox. Wherein are plainly shew'd, the exact Degrees of Difference; with their Signs, Symptoms, Prognosticks, and Cures, in all Cases; their Beginnings, Progress, and fatal Periods, when neglected, or unskilfully managed; and how their absolute Cure, without Violence, or Injury, is completed. With proper and effectual Remedies, in their several Stages, prescribed and recommended therein. With some Remarks on that preposterous Way of Venery, with Machine, &c. and a plain Discovery of the Dangers (tho' little expected ) which attend that vile Practice. And many other useful Discoveries relating to Infections in both Sexes, not before taken Notice of. The Whole fitted, as well for the Advantage of Patients, as young Practisers. By Joseph Cam , M D. Printed for the Author; and sold by W. Mears without Temple-Bar, G. Strahan against the Royal Exchange, C. King in Westminster-Hall, T. Norris on London-bridge, and J. Baker over-against Hatton-Garden in Holborn. Price 1 s.

Lately made publick,

BASIL VALENTINE 's Tinctura Mirabilis: Or,

AN admirable Tincture for the Tooth-Ach, and all Disorders and Defects of the Teeth and Gums When once used, it gives present Ease in the most tormenting Pain, and not only takes it away in a Moment, but absolutely cures the Tooth-Ach, so as certainly to prevent its return: It certainly preserves the Teeth from growing rotten, and those that are a little decay'd from becoming worse: It makes the foulest Teeth as white as Ivory: At once using it fastens those that are loose, and is an admirable and wonderful Medicine against the Scurvy in the Gums; for by the simple Application of it, according to the Directions, it cures the Scurvy be it never so violent, or of long continuance. It is no Quack Medicine to blind the Eyes of the Publick, but is certainly one of the best chymical Medicines that ever was made publick for that Purpose: It causes the Gums to grow up to the Teeth again, to the full Satisfaction of those who have occasion to use it. It is neither disagreeable to the Smell or Taste, but really preserves the Teeth and Gums from all manner of Foulness, Corruption, and Putrefaction. The many Numbers that daily use it, never miss of a perfect Cure; and one Bottle is enough for any one Person for their whole Life, and may be depended upon to answer the Character here given of it in every respect. N. B. To be had at Mr. Garaway's the South Gate of the Royal-Exchange; at Mr. Neal's Toy-shop over-against the White Hart Inn, Southwark; at Francis Robotham 's Toy-shop next the Gridiron, without the Bars, Whitechappel; at Mr. Greggs, Bookseller, next Northumber-land-House, Charing-Cross; at Mr. Aishmale's, a Buckle-shop, at the Corner of Albemarle-street, Pickadilly; at the Widow Trent's, the upper End of King-street, next the Golden Lion, Westminster; at Mr. Sotro's, at the Indian Queen, Great Turn-stile. Holborn; at the Mitre in Jewin street, near Aldersgate-street; at Mr. Walford's, Picture Frame-maker, at the Angel and Crown in New-Rent, near the Harrow Corner, Southwark; and at Mrs. Barbara Wright 's, near the Crown, in Harlow, in Essex; at One Shilling the Bottle, with Directions, sealed with the Lion Rampant.

Any Merchants, or Travellers by Sea or Land, may be furnish'd with it Wholesale, at Mrs. Garraway's, the South-Gate of the Royal-Exchange, and at Mr. Robotham's above-said, at reasonable Rates, with Allowance to them that sell it in any place of the Kingdom. It will keep its Virtue Time out of Remembrance. Beware of Counterfeits. Each Bottle of the Right is sealed as above.

As it is needless to say any thing in the behalf of a Book, that has pass'd with universal Approbation thro' nine Editions of 2000 each, the Booksellers it is printed for only give Notice, that this Day is publish'd the Tenth Edition of,

ONANIA, Or the Heinous Sin of Self-Pollution, and all its frightful Consequences in both Sexes consider'd, with Spiritual and Physical Advice to those who have already injur'd themselves by that abominable Practice. In which are many very remarkable, and some of them even astonithing Letters from Persons of both Sexes, young and old, single and marry'd, concerning their Self-Abuses, &c. Also Letters from Clergymen, Physicians, School-masters, &c. some of them Casuistical, of Cases of Conscience, &c. with Answers to them, and one from a Lady very curious, concerning the lawful Use and sinful Abuse of the Marriage Bed, with Histories or Cases and Cures, &c. And one from another young marry'd Lady who by that detestable Practice became barren and diseased. A learned Divine and Physician has recommended this Book in these Words: This little Book ought to be read by all Sorts of People, of both Sexes, of what Age, Degree, Profession or Condition soever, Guilty or not Guilty of the Sin declaim'd against in it. Sold by T. Crouch at the Bell in Pater-noster-Row near Cheapside, and J. Isted at the Golden Ball by S. Dunstan's Church, Fleet-street, Booksellers. Price stitch'd Two Shillings.

BOOKS just publish'd,

I. ONANIA Examin'd and Detected; or, the Ignorance, Error, Impertinence and Contradiction of a Book call'd ONANIA, discover'd and detected; wherein also is consider'd, the Differences and sundry Degrees of Self-Pollution in both Sexes; with Choice of suitable Remedies both for extinguishing excessive Desires, and also for strengthening the Bodies of such as have been hurt by Voluntary or Nocturnal Emissions. Together with some Thoughts on the Use of the Marriage Bed, whether there can be sinful Excesses therein, or it can be defiled without a third Person; with the Opinions of the most Learned and Approved Authors, as Divines, Physicians and Surgeons, and suitable Observations added by the Author. The whole interspers'd with Variety of Subjects, both serious and jocose. The 2d Edition. By Philo Castitatis; price stitcht 1 s. 6 d.

II. Authentick Memoits of the Life and surprizing Adventures of John Sheppard , who was executed at Tyburn, November 16, 1724. The 2d Edition. Adorn'd with Variety of Copper Cuts. Price bound 1 s.

III. The Order of Causes of God's Foreknowledge, Election, Predestination, and of Man's Salvation and Damnation; as also whether Christ died for all, or not for all. By Henry Haggar . The 6th Edition. price 6 d.

IV. The Art of Spelling. By J. P. M. A. The 5th Edition, with Additions.

V. La Plume Volante; or. The Art of Short-Hand improved; being the most swift, regular, and easy Method of Short-Hand-Writing yet extant: Composed after 40 Years Practice and Improvement of the said Art. By William Mason ; price bound 2 s. 6 d.

VI. An Essay concerning the Infinite Wisdom of God. manifested in the Continuance and Structure of the Skin of Human Bodies; price 1 s.

VII. The young Man's Guide; being a plain Discovery of the Art of Drawing, Engraving in Copper to the Life. The to each Pictures or other things with Aqua fortis; price 1 s.

VIII. The Agreement of the Customs of the East-Indians, with those of the Jews and other Ancient People; with Cuts. To which are added, Instructions to young Gentlemen that intend to travel; price bound 2 s. 6 d.

All printed for Jof. Marshall at the Bible in Newgate-street

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