Old Bailey Proceedings, 10th May 1722.
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THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE KING's Commission of the Peace, AND

Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the Old Baily:


Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, being the 10th, 11th, and 12th of May 1722. in the Eighth Year of His MAJESTY's Reign.

BEFORE the Right Honourable Sir WILLIAM STEWART, Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London; the Right Honourable the Lord Chief Justice King and the Lord Chief Baron Montague ; the Honourable Mr. Justice Eyre; Sir William Thomson , Kt. Recorder; John Raby , Esq; Deputy. Recorder; with several of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the City of London and County of Middlesex.

London Jury.

John Terbury ,

Thomas Gregg ,

James Kelham ,

John England ,

William Best ,

Oliver Bressington ,

Thomas Yeoman

John Parker ,

Jeremy Braithwait ,

James Predy ,

Edward Frome ,

William Horton .

Middlesex Jury.

Aaron Gibbs ,

George Francis ,

James Dunbar ,

Eleazer Maleroy ,

John Warden ,

John Sheffield ,

William Pritchard ,

Thomas Henly ,

Joseph Huddleston ,

Robert Rogers ,

William Stanford ,

John Buckly .

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John Gibbons (a Black ) of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously stealing out of the Dwelling House of the Lady Afflick, 4 Silver Candlesticks, val. 12 l. a pair of Silver Snuffers and stand, 45 l. the Goods of the Lady Afflick ; and 2 Shirts, and other Things , the Goods of Solomon Coventry , on the 15th of April last. John Thomas and Henry Tewksbury , depos'd, that about 4 a Clock on Sunday in the Afternoon, they met the Prisoner in Bloomsbury Square, walking along in a hurry; and looking after him, saw the Snuffers drop out of his Pocket; upon which they apprehended him, and he confest the Fact. His Confession was read, and the Jury found him guilty to the val. of 39 s .

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Elias Ozier (Aged 16.) of St. Ann Westminster , was indicted for the Murder of Thomas Bromly by giving him one Mortal Bruise with a Stick, near the Right Ear, on the 28th of April last; of which he languisht till the 1st of May following, and then dy'd . He was a 2d time Indicted on the Coroner's Inquisition, for Manslaughter. Luke Johnson depos'd, that on Saturday, about 7 in the Evening, the Boys of St. Giles's Parish, and those of St. Ann's, met to fight, as was usual a Week or two before the Holidays. St. Ann's Boys, (to which Side the prisoner belong'd) gave way, and St. Giles's Boys, with the Deceas'd, (a Chimney Sweeper, aged 21. ) at their Head, pursued them; and then retreating, St. Ann's Boys rallied their Forces, and the Prisoner coming up to the Deceased, struck him on the Right side of the Head. He fell down, and died the Tuesday following. William Gold depos'd, that he saw the Deceased come out of Church Street, and go into Gregg street , with his Stick carelesly in his Hand; the prisoner came running behind him, and knock'd him down. Thomas Sennit , (a Boy) depos'd, that the Deceased came out of Church street, with a Broomstick in his Hand, and said, I am Captain of St. Giles's; the prisoner came towards him with a short Stick; the Deceased struck first at the prisoner's Head, but missing his aim, he only brusht the Skirt of the prisoner's Coat; the prisoner then struck at the Deceased, and knock'd him down. Peter Dumillion and Richard Curtis , depos'd, they saw the Deceased strike at the prisoner, and the prisoner gave way, and shun'd the Blow; but recovering his ground, the Deceased turn'd about to run away, when the prisoner struck him, and he fell down. Dumillion, and others, coming to him, found him bleeding, and lying with his Hand on his Ear; they

help'd him up, and carried him home, for he was not able to walk. The Deceased told him, that he had run so far after St. Ann's Boys, that he had lost his own Party, and returning to them, the Deceased followed him, and knockt him down. Mr. Vaughan, the Surgeon, depos'd, that upon opening the Head, he found the Temple Muscle bruis'd, the Skull fractur'd, but no depression of the Brain, and much Blood between the Skull and Dura Mater, which was the Cause of his Death; which might have been prevented, if Care had been taken in time; but no Apothecary or Surgeon was sent for till it was too late. The Prisoner, in his Defence, said, that as he was leaning on a Post, the Deceased came up, and said, I am Captain of St. Giles's, and I believe you are one of St. Ann's Boys: He was going off, but the Deceased struck at him; upon which he took a Stick out of another Boy's Hand, and gave the Deceased an unfortunate blow, which he was very sorry for. Abigal Allen depos'd to the same effect. Several Persons gave the prisoner the Character of a civil quiet Lad. Guilty of Manslanghter .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17220510-3

John Hawkins and George Simpson of Harmonsworth , were indicted for assaulting Tho. Green, on the Highway, and taking from him a black Gelding, value 10 l. the Goods of Charles Pratly ; two Mails, value 4 l. and 50 Leather Bags, value 5 l. the Goods of our Sovereign Lord the King , on the 6th of April last. (Hawkins pray'd the Court that all the King's Witnesses might be examin'd apart, which was granted.) Thomas Green (the Post-boy ) depos'd, that near the Red Horse, at Slough, he was overtaken by James Ladbrook , about 1 a Clock in the Morning; they rode in company to Langly broom, where another Man, on a Chesnut Horse, rode up to them, and went off again. They rode through Colbrook, and then two Men followed them at a distance; and on this side Longford, the same two Men came up to them, with Handkerchiefs in their Months, and their Wigs and Hats pull'd forward over their Faces. He on the Chesnut Horse held a Pistol to this Evidence, and said, you must go along with me; and then taking hold of his Horse's Bridle, led him down the Lane; the other Man bringing Ludbrook in the same manner. Then making them dismount, he on the Chesnut Horse said to this Evidence, Are you the Lad that swore against Child? No, says he, I have been Post-boy but a very little while. Was you ever rob'd yet? (said the other) No, said the Boy; Why then you must pay Beveridge now, said he, and swore he'd be reveng'd upon somebody for poor Child's sake. Then they turn'd Ladbrook's Horse loose, having first cut his Bridle. One of'em then went off with the black Gelding, (on which this Evidence rode) and the other bound their Hands behind'em, ty'd'em back to back, and fasten'd'em to a Tree in a Ditch. The Man then ask'd Ladbrook if he had any Gold in his Pocket, he told him he had but 3 s. 6 d. He then put his Hand in Ladbrook's Pocket, and finding no more Money, did not take any thing from him, but went away after the other. This Evidence and Ladbrook with strugling got from the Tree, and went tied back to back to an Inn in Longford; from whence the Ostler came with them, and went down the Lane, where they found the Gelding loose, and the Bags cut open. All the Particulars of this Evidence were confirm'd by James Ladbrook

Ralph Wilson deposed, that he had known Hawkins two Years, but had not been acquainted with Simpson till last August; they had often consulted together to rob some Mail, and particularly about a Week before the Fact was Committed, they laid their design of Robbing the Bristol Mail. Accordingly about Eleven a Clock on Sunday the 15th of April, they took Horse at the Blew Boar Inn in Southwark; Hawkins on a tall bay or brown Gelding, Simpson on a Chesnut or Sorrel Mare, and this Evidence on a dapple Grey; they crost the Water at Kew Ferry, din'd at the 3 Pigeons at Brentford, staid there till 6 in the Evening, call'd at the Post-house at Hounslow, loitered on the Road, till they came to the Post-house at Colbrook: where they supt on Horseback, and heard that the Mail would come by between 1 and 2 in the Morning; from thence they came to Langly broom about midnight, where they agreed to dispatch Simpson alone to meet the Mail, he went, they loiter'd till his return; and about 1 a Clock they saw the Post Boy and a Traveller together, and Simpson following them. They then consulted again, and resolv'd that Simpson and this Evidence should both follow the Mail, and that Hawkins should watch at a distance: because he being pretty bulky, would be the more remarkable. Hawkins and this Evidence then chang'd Horses, and followed the Boy and Ladbrook through Colbrook; and on this side Longford, this Evidence and Simpson rode up to them, and taking hold of their Horses Bridles, led them down Harmonsworth Lane, where they dismounted them; this Evidence left Simpson to bind them, and took the Gelding and Mail to the end of the Lane, where they found Hawkins waiting: they all rifled the Bags, and carried several of them to Hounslow Heath, where they selected the Bath and Bristol Bags, and threw the rest away; thence they rode through Kingston and Wansworth, and riding down a bye Road, they searched the Bags; and putting what they thought proper into their Pockets, they threw the Bags and the rest of the Letters over a hedge; and taking their way through Camberwell, came along Greenwich Road to the Hand Inn in Barnaby-street, between 5 and 6 on Monday Morning. There they put up their Horses, drank a pint of burnt Wine: and sometime after took Coach and drove to the Minories, where they parted, and went by different ways to Francis Green's, at the Cock and George in the Minories, at which House they went into a Room by themselves; and the better to take off suspicion, they call'd for a Candle, Wax, Paper, Pen and Ink: then lockt the door and examined their Prize: and reserving only the Bank bills, they burnt all the other Notes and Letters with the Candle, which they set in the Chimney. They had Three 20 l. Bills, One of 25 l. half a 50 l. Bill, and 2 halves of 25 l. each; which they equally divided. That the

Monday following, this Evidence being Apprehended, made this same Confession, before Mr. Carteret Post Master General: and by his directions the Prisoners were taken, at a House in Green Arbour Court in the Little Old Baily. John Hammond Ostler , at the Blew Boar in Southwark deposed, that Wilson and the 2 prisoners took Horse there, about 11 on Sunday Morning (April 15th;) that Hawkins had a dark brown Gelding, Wilson a Grey one, and Simpson a Chesnut Mare. John Burrows , at the George (the Post-house) at Hounslow deposed, that he saw the 2 prisoners and Wilson drinking there at the door on Horse back, between 7 and 8 at Night, and that they went Colbrook Road. Charles Cox Tapster , at the George (the Post-house) at Colebrook deposed, that about 11 at Night, 3 Men supt at the Door on Horseback, and then rid towards Slough; he did not know their Faces, but said their Horses were a Grey, a Chesnut or Sorrel, and a Bay or brown. Thomas Parker , at the Hand Inn in Barnaby street deposed, that on Monday Morning the 16th of April between 5 and 6 the 2 prisoners and Wilson came to their Inn, with a Grey Horse, a brown Horse, and a Chesnut Mare; and they ordered them 2 penny worth of Beans a piece which he gave them. Being askt what reason he had to take notice of the day of the Month, he answer'd that he was a Weekly Servant, and his Master ow'd him 7 Weeks wages (which was 14 s.) and paid it him altogether that very Day: and therefore he kept an Account of it; and that he knew Simpson, and suspected him to be a Highwayman, and told several People of it at that time.

Richard Room Constable, and Richard Mills , deposed, that when they came to apprehend the prisoners at a House in Green Arbour Court, about 9 at Night, the Daughter came to the Door, and askt what they wanted; they bid her not be frighted but light a Candle, for they were come to search for stoln Goods. The prisoners who were above Stairs, overhearing them cry'd out, we are the Men you want, and then Swore, they'd Shoot the first Man that came up; Hawkin's brother Mat, came down foremost, and persuaded the others to surrender quietly. The Evidences told them they came upon Wilsons Information; why then (said the prisoner Hawkins) we are dead Men, but yet had rather lose our Lives, than save them in such a base and infamous manner as that Villain Wilson has done his. Mr. Bell, Comptroller of the Post Office, deposed, that when the Mail was robb'd, there were 10 Bags wanting, among which were the Bath and Bristol; but that they were afterwards all brought home, (except the Bath and Bristol,) by a Man that found them on Hounslow, Heath.

The prisoners in their Defence, objected against Wilson's Character, as being guilty by his own Confession; and Hawkins own'd he had often rode out with Wilson, and particularly on Sunday the 15th of April; when Simpson, Wilson, and himself, took Horse together, in order to visit his Mother at Staines. When they came to Hounslow they parted, and he came to London that Night, and put up his Horse at William Fuller 's, in Bedford Bury, Covent Garden. William Fuller produc'd a Note, which was read in Court, viz. April the 10th, 1722. Receiv'd of John Hawkins , the Sum of 1 l. 10 s. in full of all Accounts, by me William Fuller. He then depos'd that Hawkins paid him the Money on the Day mentioned in the Receipt. That Hawkins wrote the Body of the Note in his sight; and that he (Fuller) sign'd it at the same time, and with the same Ink. That on the next Sunday Night after this Note was given, Hawkins came to his House, put up his Horse, lay there that Night, and did not go out till next Morning. That he had likewise taken an Account of the same Money in his Book, which he had unluckily forgot to bring with him; and reading an Advertisement in the Gazette, concerning the Mail's being robb'd, he compar'd his Book and the Note together, and they exactly agreed. But the Note being examin'd in Court, it was apparent that it was not sign'd with the same Ink as the Body of it was wrote withal. Francis Green , at the Cock and George in the Minories, depos'd, that the prisoners, and Wilson, had been several times at his House, but he did not remember that ever they lock'd themselves in a private Room, and call'd for Pen, Ink, Paper, Wax, Ec. Edward Carter depos'd, that Wilson came to his House to enquire for Hawkins and Simpson; he acquainting Hawkins with it, Hawkins said, If he comes again, pray deny me to him; for I find he's a Fellow of an ill Character, and I don't desire to have any further Conversation with him. This Evidence soon after going to see Wilson in the Compter, Wilson said to him, I am sorry I have wronged Simpson, but I'll hang that Rogue Hawkins if it is possible, because his Brother has impeach'd me. Henry Hunt depos'd, that he was a Stock Jobber, had known Hawkins seven or eight Years, and believed him to be a very honest Man, because he had dealt with him in South Sea, and other Bubbles. That in particular, he had sold Hawkins two River Douglasses for 20 l. and had lent him 10, 20 and 30 Guineas at a time, all which Hawkins repaid him very honourably. Hawkins then call'd several Witnesses to his manner of Living, who depos'd, that he was born at Staines, and a few Years ago was a Livery Servant to Sir Dennis Dutry ; after which he traded to France and Holland, in Wine, Brandy, Etc.

Simpson likewise call'd several Witnesses to his manner of Living, who depos'd, that he was born at Putney and from thence, when a Child, remov'd with his Parents to Spalding, in Lincolnshire. That he was some time a Bailiff, and kept an Inn in Lincoln; but failing there, about two Years and a half ago he hir'd himself Under Butler to the Lord Castlemain, where he liv'd a Year and a half, and bore a good Character. Mr Green depos'd, that Simpson had serv'd him honestly, as Footman, for four or five Months; but believ'd he had not been in any Service since he left his, which was nine Months ago, because no body had since applied to him for a Character. Then he call'd some Witnesses to prove that his Sister's Husband, Richard Eiiet , dying at Bawtry in Yorkshire, and leaving four Children behind him, he went thither to assist her in getting in her Debts. After which he went to another Sister, at Sutton, from whence he came to London about eight Weeks ago. When he was out of Place in London, he us'd to live with - Grubshaw, a Fruiterer, and assist his Clerk in getting in Money.

The prisoners insisted on their on their Innocence; but the Evidence being positive, and fortified by many concurrent Circumstances, the Jury found them both guilty of the Indictment.

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John Tilly , of St. Dunstan in the West , was indicted for feloniously receiving a Book knowing it to be stoln . It appear'd, that the prisoner bought the Book of the Prosecutors Servant for 10 s. the real value of it being Two Guineas. In his Defence he pleaded, that the Prosecutors Servant told him, his Master gave it him, which the Witness denied upon Oath. He brought several Persons to speak to his Reputation. The Court upon Examining the Witness, found the Fact was not committed last April, (as mention'd in the Indictment,) but in April 1721. which being before the late Act of Grace, the prisoner received the benefit of the same, and was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17220510-5

Jonathan Conway of St. John Wapping , was indicted for feloniously stealing 100 Weight of Iron, value 6 s. the Goods of Joseph Nut and Joshua Russel , on the 13th of April last. It appeared that the prisoner took the Goods out of the Brewhouse of the Prosecutors, and some Children seeing him, gave notice to John Hales , who apprehended him. Guilty to the value of 10 d .

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James Rushton was indicted for receiving 17 Ounces of Worsted, value 3 s. and 6 d. the Goods of Thomas Halsted , on the 26th of March last, knowing them to be stole . There being an Proof against the prisoner, and he having a good Character, and the Witnesses that swore against him a very indifferent one, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17220510-7

Leonard Hendry , of St. Margaret Westminster , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Bay Horse colt, value 30 l the Goods of John Lang on the 22nd of April last. John Lang deposed, that April the 20th, he lost the Colt from Beconthorp in Norfolk 110 Miles from London, and advertis'd it in the News Papers, by which means the Colt was found again, at Mr. Jones's Stable, in Petty France. Charles Jones deposed, that the prisoner brought the Colt to him on the 22nd of April, and said he bred him up at Norfolk, and was willing to sell it, or let it out. Mr. Ransom deposed, that the prisoner offered him the Colt for 10 l. but finding the Marks of the Colt exactly agree with those in the Advertisement, he apprehended him. The prisoner in his Defence, said, he bought the Colt at Norfolk, but bringing no proof, the Jury found him guilty .

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Thomas Peacock of St. Dunstan in the West , was indicted for feloniously stealing several Parcels of Books, the Goods of Several Persons, to the value of 50 l on the 20th of April last. To which Indictment he pleaded guilty .

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Reference Number: t17220510-9

William Littleboy Benjamin Littleboy and Charles Bell of St. Dunstan in the West , were indicted for feloniously receiving the same, knowing them to be stoln . Robert Gelliman deposed that being Servant to Mr. Bowyer, a Printer, Peacock, who was Journeyman to him, often importun'd him to procure him two of Bull's Works, and two of Saxon Laws which at last he did; and Peacock told him he carried them to William Littleboy's House in Black Fryars . Some time after, by Peacock's Persuasions and Directions, he carried two Books himself to William Littleboy's, one of Bull's Works, and one of Saxon Laws, for which Peacock brought him 8 s. and one Set of Lesly's Works, on Fine Paper, value 4 l. for which he received 17 s 6 d. After this, by Peacock's further importunity, this Evidence carried one of Saxon Laws, and one of Bull's Works, to Charles Bell , a Printer, in White Cross Street; for each of which Books, Ball gave him 5 s. the worth being above 20 s. apiece. And likewise left one Set of Lesly's Works, (value 2 Guineas) at Peacock's House, for Bell, which this Evidence afterwards received of Bell himself 12 s.for. This Evidence saw Peacock carry two Sets more of Lesly's Works, to a House in Creed lane, and left'em for Benjamin Littleboy, for which Peacock brought back 20 s. William Littleboy, in his Defence, said, he never received any Books from the Evidence, nor paid him any Money. Bell said, Peacock sent for him, and told him he was under some straits for Money, and therefore would sell him some Books a Penny worth; which he bought, not knowing that he came dishonestly by them. Benjamin Littleboy, in his Defence, said, that three of Bed's Ecclesiastical Histories (value 30 s. each) were sent to his House, and he being a Book binder, thought they were sent to be bound; but Peacock came at Night, and told him he had'em of an honest Friend, and wanted to sell'em. He showed them to a Book seller's Man, who told him they were worth 25 s. upon which he gave peacock 20 s. for them all. He further said, that he received of Peacock, two of Saxun Laws, for which he gave 9 s. apiece, and sold for 10 s. Two Sets of Lesly's Works, for which he paid 25 s. each Set, and sold them again for 30 s. Three of Bull's Works, for 8 s. apiece, one of which he sold for 10 s. another for 11 s. and the 3rd for 12 s. but said, that he did not know that Peacock came by them dishonestly. They brought many Witnesses to their Reputation, who gave them a good Character. The Jury acquitted them.

Reference Number: t17220510-10

William Foreman St. Martin in the Fields , was indicted for assaulting Richard Philips , with an intent to spoil his Cloaths, by throwing Agua Fortis on the Cloak, Coat, Hat, and Peruque , of the said Richard Phillips, on the 25th of March last; (contrary to a late Act, taking force the 24th of June last. To which indictment he pleaded guilty .

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Reference Number: t17220510-11

Peter Douay ( a Black ) and Nicholas Fowler alias John Hunt of St. Dunstan the East were indicted for feloniously stealing an Iron Hundred Weight, value 10 s. the Goods of Ann Job , on the 16th of April last. It appeared that the Weight was lost from Ralph's Key , and the prisoners offering it to one Nighingal, a Smith in Rosemary lane, were stopt. Fowler in his Defence, said, he saw Douay, pitching the Weight on Dunstan's Hill; who told him if he'd help him up with the Weight, and go with him, and take it down again, he had give him a Pot of Beer, Douay was found guilty , and Fowler acquitted .

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Reference Number: t17220510-12

Edward Winwright of St. Dunstan in the East , was indicted for feloniously stealing in Company with Samuel Somerset , not yet taken, 40 Bushels of Oats, value 45 s. the Goods of a Person unknown; 15 Sacks, value 15 s. the Goods of Ann Pope ; and 6 Sacks. value 6 s. the Goods of James Smith , on the 5th of April last. John Perkins deposed, that the prisoner, and Samuel Pomfret and himself, stole the Oats out of John Merit 's Lighter, at Bear key , and sold them for 5 s. a Quarter, to Mark Knight , at the Coach and Horses at St. Margaret's Hill, in Southwark. They received 23 s and 6 d in all, which they shared among themselves. Knight is now in the Compter, and is to be try'd in Surry for receiving the same, His Confession was read in Court. The Prisoner called several to his Reputation, but the Fact being evident, the Jury found him guilty .

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Reference Number: t17220510-13

Sarah Dee , of St. James's Westminster , was indicted for feloniously stealing out of the dwelling house of Ann Lazare , 1 Moidore, value 27 s. and 16 Guineas the Goods of James Masters , on the 6th of April last; It appeared that the prisoner and Masters were Servant s to Mrs. Lazare, a Peruke-maker; that Masters went out of Town, and left the Money in a Trunk; that the prisoner was observed to go to the place where the Trunk lay, and went away a Fortnight before her time was out. Upon inquiry, the prisoner was found at her Aunts, in Durham Yard; and 6 Guineas were found in the Chimmey Corner, which the prisoner owned she put there. In her Defence, she said, that she was frightned when apprehended, and threw the Money into the Corner, for fear of having her Pocket pick'd. That it was a malicious Prosecution; for that her Mistress using frequently to play at Cards on a Sunday, she, the prisoner, having blam'd her for so doing, they quarrel'd about it, and her Mistress ow'd her a spite ever since. The Jury found her guilty to the value of 39 s .

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Reference Number: t17220510-14

Mary Golding , alias Doe , of St. James Westminster , was indicted for feloniously stealing out of the House of William Eltham, a Peticoat, val 1 s. a Handkerchief, 1 s. a Snuft Box, 25 s. and 5 s. in Money , the Goods and Money of William Eltham , on the 27th of March last. It appear'd that the Prosecutor's Door was left ajar, about 10 at Night, (the Goods and Money being then in the House) and the next Morning the said Goods were missing, and a Shaving Hat left in the Room. The Prisoner own'd the Hat to be hers, and told the Prosecutor, if he had not made such a bullocking she could have help'd him to the Box again. The prisoner, in her Defence, own'd that the Hat was hers, but said she lent it another Woman. The Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17220510-15

William Riggins of St. Andrew Holbourn was indicted for feloniously stealing a Holland Shirt value 2 s. the Goods of Thomas Biddle , on the 20th of April last. The Prosecutor depos'd that the prisoner us'd to assist him in Mr. Jenning's Stable. His Box was broke open, his Linnen gone, and the prisoner run away, box was afterwards found with the Shirt upon him, Guilty to the value of 10 d .

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Reference Number: t17220510-16

Thomas Smith , alias Newcomb of St. James Westminster , was indicted for breaking the House of John Burt , and taking from thence a Gown, val, 20 s. and other Things, the Goods of Deborah Berwick , on the 7th of December last, about 6 at Night . Deborah Berwick depos'd that she keeps a Cook's Shop , in a Cellar, under John Burt 's, an Upholster in Brewer Street and going out about 6 at Night, she padlockt the Door, and returning in a quarter of an Hour, she saw the Padlock was gone, and going down Stairs, found her Trunk was broke open and emptied. William Falkner depos'd that the prisoner and himself did the Fact. That the prisoner wrench'd off the Padlock, went down Srair, and brought up the Goods, and 18 s. in Money to him. They sold the Goods to one Cannon, in Carnaby Street, Soho, but she is now absconded. The prisoner said in his Defence, that he never was concerned in any Robbery, and that Wild and Falkner spited him, and swore they'd hang him. Guilty .

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Reference Number: t17220510-17

John Mackfaston , alias Mackfuson of St. Martin in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously stealing out of the Coach-house of John Freeman , 2 Cloth Coach Seats, value 3 l. and other Things , the Goods of several Persons, on the 20th of April last. It appear'd that between 12 and 4 on Friday Morning, t he Goods were lost out of John Freeman's Coach-house, in Faulcon-Inn Yard , and were found at the prisoner's Lodging. In his Defence, be said, that being drunk, he met a Man with the Goods, who seeing him, ran away in a fright, and left the Goods behind him, and he carried 'em to his own Lodging, to take care of, till he could find out the right Owner. Guilty .

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Reference Number: t17220510-18

John Jackson , of Aldgate , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Coat value 40 s. a Wastcoat, 20 s. and other Things , the Goods of Joseph Bird . It appear'd that Joseph Bird belong'd to Mr. Ruffels Harwich Hoy, which lay at Duval's Wharf , opposite to Bar street; and being order'd ashore, he left the prisoner and two Boys aboard. The prisoner sent the Boys ashore, and went off with the Goods. He at first pawn'd em to.

Mitchell in George Yard, White Chappel, and afterwards sold'em for 35 s. to Bulman, a Slop Seller. His Confession was read in Court. The Jury found him guilty of Felony.

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Reference Number: t17220510-19

Roger Mead John Russel and Edward Tankard of St. John Wapping , were indicted for Assaulting Thomas Pursel , on the Highway, and taking from him six Hats, value 42 s. and 6 d. on the 12th of April last. Thomas Pursel depos'd, that about 9 at Night, as he was carrying the Goods towards New Crane, in Wapping, the prisoners overtook him in East Smithfield, and offered to bear him company. They went in to drink at the Three Pigeons at Execution Dock , and while he was changing his Money, they ran away with the Hats, which the Prosecutor had laid upon the Table. He follow'd 'em, they knock'd him down, and run away. The prisoners Confession being read in Court, the Jury found 'em guilty to the value of 10 d. each .

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Reference Number: t17220510-20

Mary Marson , of St. Paul Covent Garden , was indicted for privately stealing out of the Shop of Matth.ew Varney , 9 Yards and a half of Yard wide Stuff, value 11 s. on the 13th of April last. It appear'd that the prisoner came to cheapen Stuffs at the Prosecutor's Shop, and took an opportunity of conveying away the Goods in the Indictment, which were found upon her; and she saying nothing in her Defence, the Jury found her guilty to the value of 4 s. and 10 d .

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Reference Number: t17220510-21

Eleanor Martin of St. Bennett Fink , was indicted for felonious stealing (in Company with Margaret Pritchard , not yet taken) a Silk Peticoat, value 15 s. a pair of Shoes, 5 s. a pair of Spurs, 2 s. and other Things , the Goods of John King , on the 16th of April last. It appeared that the Goods were lost out of Mr. King's Compting House and found on Elizabeth Cockfield , who bought 'em of Margaret Pritchard . Pritchard was apprehended, swore the Robbery upon the prisoner, and then being admitted to Bail, ran away. The Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17220510-22

Hannah Blake of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously stealing 3 Holland Smocks, value 15 s. the Goods of Sarah Alcock , on the 9th of April last; Ann Burt (Washerwoman) depos'd, that going out and laying the Goods and her Children at home, when she came back the Goods were gone, and the Children told her, the prisoner (whom she knew before) had been there. Ann Hudson deposed, that the prisoner brought the Smocks to her to pawn, but they being wet, she suspected them to be stoln: had them cry'd and the Prosecutor own'd them. The prisoner in her defence said. Burt lent her the Goods to Pawn: but not proving it, the Jury found her guilty of Felony.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17220510-23

William Talmarsh , of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for privately stealing from John Hill Gent. a Cambrick Hankerchief, value 1 s. 6 d. On the 7th of May last; The Prosecutor deposed, that on Monday Morning being in the Strand , he felt the prisoners hand in his Pocket, saw him pull out the Handkerchief, and throw it behind him. In his Defence he said, he found the Handkerchief on the Ground, near where the Prosecutor stood. Guilty to the value of 10 d .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17220510-24

Jeremy Rand of St. John Wapping , was indicted for Assaulting Daniel Bewly on the Highway, and taking from him a Clock, value 10 l. the Goods of William Tomlinson , on the 30th of March last; Daniel Bewly Porter deposed, that going at night with the Clock to Captain Robinson's in Upperwell Ally Ratcliff highway; and seeing the prisoner and another standing at an Alehouse door, he enquired the way of them, they asked him to drink which he did; and then they said they were going that way, and they'd shew him the House: they went with him, and at the Corner of Penitent Street knock'd him down; what happened afterwards he could net tell, for he was so stunn'd with the blow, that he knew not how he came home, till he was told that he was brought in a Coach. William Falkner deposed, that himself and the Prisoner committed the Fact: Falkner knockt the Porter down, and the prisoner took away the Clock, and carried it to his own Lodging. Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17220510-25

George Cheshire of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for the Murder of Ann Bibby , alias Cheshire , by giving her with a drawn Sword one mortal Wound, of the breadth of 1 Inch, and depth of 6 Inches, in the lower part of her Belly, on the 27th of April last; of which she languished till the 28th of the same Month, and then dy'd . He was a second time indicted on the Coroners Inquisition, for the said Murder.

Alice Perdue deposed, that about 6 at Night she found the prisoner and the Deceased, both kneeling by their bed side: the prisoner cry'd and he had his Arm about the Deceased's Neck: the Deceased said, Landlady this Rogue Cheshire has stuck me in the Belly, and Murder'd me; that the prisoner said G-D- my Blood I have Actually done it; that the prisoner appear'd to be Sober, but the Deceased drunk, and very Bloody. Elizabeth pike deposed, that the Deceased groaning in the Night, she went up and found her sitting up in her Bed; that she complain'd of the Cholick, and desired some Geneva and Pepper, which she drank, and vomitted it up again: and then called for Anniseed, which being brought, she drank it, and then shewed the Evidence a fresh Wound in her Belly and said, this Rogue Cheshire has been my Death, and I sban't rest in my Grave till he's hang'd. Henry Vaughan the Surgeon deposed, that the Wound was mortal. The Prisoner in his Defence said, that having been Drinking hard, and being order'd to clean his arms, to appear at Somerset-house next morning; when he came home, his Sword being a little rusty, he drew it by the Bed side to clean it, but being very Drunk he fell down on the Bed; soon after his Wife came home Drunk, was very abusive, broke down the Bedstead, and fell down her self, and (as he believed) fell upon the Sword; for she immediately cry'd out, you Rogue, you have laid this here to Murder me; He was obliged to go to Guard next Day, but went to the Regimental Doctor; and left a Woman to take care of his Wife. Several Witnesses deposed, that the Deceased was not the prisoners Wife, but was a very Wicked Liver: a desperate and abusive Woman, and us'd to come home drunk every night in the Weak. Manslaughter .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17220510-26

John Holland , of St. Martin in the Fields , was indicted for stealing 20 Loaves, value 18 s. and eight Bushels of Wheat, value 8 s. the Goods of John Prescot , on the 12th of April last. It appear'd that the prisoner was the Prosecutor's Servant , and carry'd the Bread to Mr. Masham, a new Customer unknown to his Master, and received the Money for the same, without returning it, or accounting for it; pretending to Mr. Masham that he was Master of the Shop himself. The Jury found him guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17220510-27

Alice Henly , of Wapping , was indicted for stealing out of the House of Samuel Dawson, a Suit of Callicoe, val. 26 s. a Suit of Headcloths, a pair of Sheets, 13 s. and other Things, the Goods of Samuel Dawson ; and a Petticoat, value 4 s. 3 Shirts, 6 s. and other Things , the Goods of John Bishop , on the 16th of April last. It appear'd that the prisoner was a Lodger; some of the Goods were found upon her, and the rest at the Pawnbrokers. Her Confession was read; she said nothing in her Defence, and the Jury found her guilty to the value of 39 s .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17220510-28

Samuel Addis of Stepney , was indicted for breaking and entring the House of Judith Rich , in the Night time, and taking thence a pair of sheets. val. 9 s. and a Smock, 5 s . on the 15th of April last. He was a 2nd time indicted for assaulting Judith Rich on the Highway, and taking from her a Pocket, value 6 d. and 5 s. in Money , on the 26th of March last. No Evidence appearing against the prisoner, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17220510-29

Richard Whittingham , was indicted for assaulting William Garnet on the Highway, and taking from him a Watch, value 30 s. a Hat. 1 s. a Wig, 1 s . on the 26th of November last. The Prosecutor depos'd, that coming along Red Lion Square , about 12 at Night, pretty much in drink, three Men came up to him, clapt their Hands to his Eyes, put his Neckcloth in his Mouth, knock'd him down, pick'd his Pocket of his Watch, which had no Glass to it, and run away with his Hat and Wig. John James depos'd, that himself, the prisoner, Appleton, alias Appleby, and Roberts, alias Lee. (both hang'd since) committed the Robbery. Roberts stood to watch, Appleby knock'd him down, and the prisoner and himself pickt his Pocket, and took his Hat and Wig. - Partridge, a Cook, in Gray's Inn lane, depos'd, that the prisoner and Jones offer'd to sell her the Watch; but she told 'em she had done with that Trade, and would buy no more, and so turned them out of her House. She said the Watch had a Steel Chain, and no Glass. The Jury found him guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17220510-30

Benjamin Butterworth was indicted for wilful and corrupt Perjury , but the Charge not being prov'd, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17220510-31

Bond Gilbert , of St. Magnus the Martyr , was indicted for feloniously stealing two Silver Spoons, value 24 s. the Goods of William Giblet , on the 21st of April last. It appear'd that the prisoner was a Chimney Sweeper , and took the Goods from behind the Prosecutor's Bar; and breaking them asunder, sold part of'em to John Roberts , a Silver Smith. The Goods being mist, and the prisoner suspected, he was charged, with the Fact, and confest it. The Jury found him guilty to the value of 10 d .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17220510-32

Thomas Smith , of St. Martin Ludgate , was indicted for assaulting John Prat on the Highway, and taking from him a Hat, value 5 s. and a Peruque, 20 s. on the 16th of April last. John Prat depos'd, that coming under Ludgate his Hat and Wig was snatched off; he cry'd stop Thief, and pursued the prisoner, who was stopt by John Lander . John Lander depos'd he stopt the prisoner at the corner of the Old Baily, and took a Wig out of his Bosom, which the Prosecutor swore to. The prisoner, in his Defence, said he found the Wig, and that Lander saw him take it up, and cry'd halves. Guilty of Felony.

Reference Number: t17220510-33

Mary Hambleton alias Brean of Dowgate was indicted for privately stealing out of the Warehouse of Thomas Moss , 120 Pound of Camels Hair, value 25 l. the Goods of Benjamin Mason and Rob Brown on the 16th of Dec. last; and Thomas Cross for receiving the same, knowing them to be stole . It appeared that the Goods were mist out of Mr. Moss's Warehouse, and some of them found at Robert Rositer 's a Hatter, who bought the said Hair of the prisoner Cross, by means of Sarah Bradly . Bradly lodg'd in a Publick House where Cross came to drink, and ask'd her to help him to a Customer for the Hair, and she brought him to Rositer's. Rositer being apprehended for having the Goods in his Custody, went in search of the prisoner, whom he found on board of a Ship in the Downs; from whence, after much resistance, he took him. Cross, in his Defence, said, he had the Goods of Hambleton; and Hambleton, said, that Cross coming to her Master's, and seeing some of the Hair scattered about the Warehouse. he ask'd her to give him as much as would make him a Hat, and she let him take it; but deny'd that she knew of his having any more. The Jury found them both guilty .

[Hambleton: Death. See summary.]

[Cross: Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17220510-34

James Booty , of St. Brides (Aged 15.) was indicted for assaulting, and carnally knowing Ann Milton , Spinster , Aged five Years and two Months , on the 10th of July, in the 7th Year of His Majesty's Reign . James Peters depos'd, that he liv'd in New Street, Shoe lane, and the prisoner came to live with him, in order to be bound Apprentice; and Ann Milton, a Neighbour's Child, coming to play with his Child, the prisoner took'em up upon the Leads, where he lay with Ann Milton, and gave her the foul Disease. The Child complaining of her illness, occasioned the Fact to be discovered; upon which the prisoner ran away, and was not heard of till about a fortnight ago; when he was taken by John Milton , the Child's Father, at a Tobacconist's Shop in Shoe lane, near St. Andrew's Church, and being charg'd with the Fact confest it. But when he came upon his Defence, at the Bar, said he knew nothing of the matter; and if ever he confest any such Thing, it was only in a fright. The Evidence being plain and positive against him, the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17220510-35

William Hill , of St. Margaret Westminster , was indicted for the Murder of William Tweady , by giving him one Mortal Wound, of the length of 1 Inch, and depth of 4 Inches, under the Right Jaw, with a Bullet issuing from a Gun; of which Wound he instantly died . He was a 2d time indicted on the Coroner's Inquisition for Manslaughter. Catherine Davis and James Smith depos'd, that the prisoner and the Deceased were drinking together very friendly, at the King's Head in Downing street . That the Deceased took a Beef Fork out of the Chimney corner, and laughing, told the prisoner he'd push him in the Face, which in a jesting manner he made an offer to do; the prisoner, in like manner, seiz'd the other end of the Fork, and they struggled together, till the Maid, Catherine Davis , parted'em, and desir'd'em to leave off playing the Fool. William Campry happening to leave his Firelock near where the prisoner and the Deceased were sitting, the prisoner took up Campry's Gun, and laughing, said to the Deceas'd, Now I'll shoot you. He accordingly discharged the Gun, shot the Deceased, who sunk down. The prisoner then went and shook him by the Shoulder, and laught; but when he saw the Deceased bleed, he wrung his Hands, and cry'd, What shall I do! The Surgeon depos'd, that the Ball enter'd at the lower Jaw and came out at the Right Ear, which was the cause of his Death. There appearing no Malice or Quarrel betwixt the prisoner and the Deceas'd, and the prisoner having the Character of a civil, quiet Man. Guilty of Manslaughter .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17220510-36

Robert Shewell , alias Sheffield of St. Margaret Westminster , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Steel Screw Plate, and five Taps belonging to the same, value 2 s. 6 d. the Goods of Joseph Rea , on the 2d of April last. It appear'd that the prisoner would have bought the Screw Plate of the Prosecutor, but not agreeing, they parted, and presently after the Screw Plate was last. The Prosecutor found one, which he believ'd to be the same, at a House where the prisoner works. The prisoner in his Defence, said, he made the Plate himself. Several Persons giving him a good Character, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17220510-37

Nathaniel Glanister of St. Giles's in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously receiving a silver Tankard, value 6 l. a Mug, 3 l. a Salver, 5 l. and 54 l. wt. of Bolonia thrown Silk, value 70 l. a Canister, 4 silver Spoons, and other things: the Goods of John Falwell , on the 28th of July last, knowing them to be stoln; and for stealing of which, Mary Darbican was last Sessions Convicted of Felony. Christopher Leonard deposed, that himself, Richard Trautum and Mary Darbican had open'd Mr. Fallwells House, and taken from thence the Goods mentioned in the Indictment; that they carried them to Glanisters in Holborn ; the prisoner (Son to Thomas Glanister , who is since absconded) weighed the Plate, carry'd it out; and in about three quarters of an Hour returned, and brought them about 12 l. for it. Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17220510-38

Charles Johns , and James Bradshaw of St. Martins in the Fields , were Indicted for feloniously stealing out of the House of John Howard , 4 Suits of laced Head Cloths, value 10 l. 10 s. 4 laced Handkerchiefs, 50 s. a Muslin Apron, 20 s. a pair of laced ruffles, 20 s. A broad Piece and 10 Guineas , the Goods of John Howard . Elizabeth Howard, alias Thomas deposed, that she was a Mantua maker, and lived in Denmark Court in the Strand ; and being accidentally lockt into her own Kitchen by Mary Loyd alias Floyd , (who was likewise a Mantua maker, and Lodged in the same House;) on Thursday about 6 in the Evening, she heard a great noise, and Johns came, knockt at the Kitchen door and said, he was high Constable, that he had the Lord Chief Justice Prats Warrant, and would break open all the doors in the House: there was a great slit in the Kitchen door, through which she saw him, and was positive to his Face: but she could not be positive that Bradshaw was the other; they ran up stairs broke open the Doors, beat the Lodgers and run away; several went after them, to Watch where they went; and then going up Stairs, she found her little Cedar Chest broke open and the Money gone: and the Linnen taken off the Bed. Mary Floyd deposed, that Townsend coming in with a Pint of drink, the prisoners thrust themselves in after him, and Johns taking her by the hand said, Child I am high Constable, I have got my Lord Chief Justices Warrant to search the House: let me see it (says she) D - ye Bitch says he I'll break open all the doors of the House, without shewing you my Authority; she squauld out, Bradshaw held her, Johns beat her, broke open her Parlour door, and then they run up Stairs, and broke open a little room on the Stair head, where the Cedar Chest stood: she followed them, but Johns took up a great Knife and swore he'd cut her Throat, or break her Neck down Stairs. She was positive to Johns, but not to Bradshaw. Frances Butler (a girl) deposed, that she saw the prisoners break open the Parlor door and being sent for a Constable: when she return'd, she saw them come down stairs and go out, she followed them to Exeter Change, where they beat her and sent her back. Hannah Allen deposed, that living next door she saw Johns go in, and push against the door with his Foot and say; What are you afraid of Justice Madam? I'll have you cut by G -. The prisoners in their defence, brought sufficient proof that they were in other places, at the time the Prosecutor pretended she was Robbed; and that before Mr. Justice Perry, she charged the said Robbery upon William Leckie (who was then present in Court;) and several appear'd to their Reputation. Hereupon the Character of Elizabeth Howard being call'd in question, some of her own Witnesses were Examined on that point: who deposed that she was a very civil Neighbour, and they knew no harm of her, only that she kept a Bawdy house, and now and then some of her Lodgers and visitors use to Cry out Rogues! Whores! Thieves! Murder. Then an Officer in Court deposed, that he knew Mary Floyd to be a common Nightwalker; upon which Jonathan Wild took her by the Arm. and looking wishfully in her Face; said, he had an Information against her, for picking a Gentlemans Pocket of a Watch; then the Gentleman was sent for, but happening not to be at home, she was set at liberty again. The Jury acquitted the prisoners.

Reference Number: t17220510-39

George Chadwick of St. Mary le Bon , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Hammer, a Gouge, an Auger, and other Carpenters Tools , the Goods of several Persons, on the 20th of December last. It appear'd that the Tools were lost out of a Shed in Marybon Fields and were found upon Richard Toothacre . Toothacre bought'em of James Grey , a Broker, and Grey said he bought them of the prisoner. The prisoner own'd he had sold some Tools to Grey, but prov'd 'em to be his own; and that he sold them long before those in the Indictment were lost. Grey then slipt out of the Court, and the prisoner was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17220510-40

Mary Rogers , of St. Clement Danes , was indicted for stealing out of the Dwelling House of Sir Thomas Jones, a Coat and Wastcoat, value 30 s. the Goods of Sir Thomas Jones , on the 1st of October last. It appear'd that Jonathan Wild met Nat. Glanister with the Goods, and suspecting him, carry'd him before a Justice, where he confest that he had'em of the prisoner. Her Confession was read, by which it appear'd, that (being a Chair-Woman in the House) she had stolen several other Goods, but those being taken before the late Act of Grace, she was indicted only for these. In her Defence, she said, that Nat. Glanister being taken with the Cloths, old Glanister told her if she'd own those Goods, he'd give her a Crown. The Jury found her guilty to the value of 10 d .

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: s17220510-1

The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment as followeth;

Receiv'd Sentence of Death, 9.

Mary Hambleton , alias Brean, James Booty , Leonard Hendry , Jeremy Rand , Thomas Smith , alias Newcomb, John Macfaston alias Macsuson John Hawkins , George Simpson , Richard Whittingham .

Burnt in the Hand, 5.

William Hill , George Cheshire , Thomas Peacock , Elias Ozier , and Mary Harman . This last a former Convict.

To be Whip'd, 1

Mary Rogers .

To be Transported, 19.

Bond Gilbert , Thomas Cross Jonathan Conway , Sarah Dee , Hannah Blake , William Talmarsh , Edward Tankard , John Jackson , William Foreman , Roger Mead , John Russel , Mary Mason , William Riggins , Peter Donay Edward Winwright , Natheniel Glanister , John Gibbons , John Holland , Alice Henly .

Mary Hambleton pleaded her Belly, and a Jury of Matrons being impanell'd, found her not quick with Child.

Reference Number: a17220510-1

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