Old Bailey Proceedings, 14th October 1719.
Reference Number: 17191014
Reference Number: f17191014-1

THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE KING's Commission of the Peace, AND

Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the Old Bailey,


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday being the 14th, 15th, and 16th, of this Instant October, 1719. In the Sixth Tear of His MAJESTY's Reign.

23. Octob. 1719.

Before the Right Hon. Sir JOHN WARD, Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London; Mr. Justice Tracy, Mr. Baron Price, John Roby, Esq; Deputy Recorder; and Several of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the City of London, and County of Middlesex.

The Juror's Names were as followeth:

London Jury.

John Hasle ,

Richard Hopson ,

Thomas Raper ,

Thomas Fislder ,

Thomas Smith ,

Edward Leepidge ,

Thomas Taylor ,

Janes Max ,

John Farerell ,

William Stevens ,

Thomas Hamstar ,

John Shanks ,

Middlesx Jury.

Thomas Clift ,

William Hargrave

Abrahan Harrison ,

William Adams ,

John Pashley ,

Thomas Ingr

Joseph Parsons ,

Robert Chad ,

Thomas Bates

Dariel Audrass ,

Richard Jackson ,

Edward Percival ,

The Proccedings were as followerth:

Reference Number: t17191014-1

Elizabeth Low , of St. Magnus by London Bridge , was indicted for assaulting Joshua Stroud on the High Way, and taking from him, a Silver Snuff-Box, and Six Guineas , on the 17th of September last. The Prosecutor deposed that as he was going down Fish street-hill in order to take Water at Billinsgate to-go to Deptford, one came up to him and told him, there was a Gentleman at the Tavern would speak with him, and he having a Friend thereabouts thought it might be him, that he followed her through a Brandy Shop into a Room where the Prisoner and several others, Men and Women, were drinking; that he asked her what she brought him there for, and the Prisoner said he was a Green Horn, and should pay for a Noggin of Gin ; which he refused to do; and went out; that they followed him and set upon him, one held his Hands behind him, the Prisoner stopt his Mouth with her Hand (and he bit her Fingers) whilst the others risted him; that then they fleet, and he purso'd 'em; that he kept fight of the prisoner all the while, and followed her into the House and Cellar where she was taken. Five others deposed they saw her run into the House, and that they took-her in the Cellar. The Prosecutor was positive she was the same Person whose Fingers he bit. The Prisoner owned that her Fingers were bit; and in her Defence said, that she was drinking at the Brandy Shop an Hour before, and the Prosecutor came in with a strange Woman, took her about the Neck and forc'd her to drink a Dram; but this trifling Excuse did not avail her; the Jury found her Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17191014-2

William Marvell , of St. Stephen in Coleman-street , was indicted for privately stealing 10 Silk Handkerchiefs, value 12 s. out of the Shop of Nathaneal Sirmas , on the 7th of August last. It appeared that the Prisoner went to the Prosecutors Shop and cheapen'd some Handkerchiefs, that he carry'd one to the Door to shew to a Woman who was there, and asked her if she liked it; and as soon as he was gone they mist the Handkerchiefs off the Compter, whereupon the prosecutor's Daughter went after him, but he was got out of Sight, and the Woman of the Alehouse who stood at her Door asked her what she sought after; and she describing his person, and with a Lock under his Arm and an Apron on, her Neighbour told her that she saw him go by just now, that she knew him, and that he was Marvell the Hangman ; whereupon they made enquiry after him, and about 5 or 6 Weeks after he was taken by one of the Beadles in the Fields, and brought to the Anchor Alehouse; and the prosecutor's Wife and Daughter were positive he was the same person; and that the Handkerchiefs were upon the Compter when he was there, and mist as soon as he was gone, and that no Body else came into the Shop in the mean while; this was confirm'd by another Woman who was in the Shop all the time: that when he was Apprehended he offer'd to make Satisfaction if the prosecutor would take it by 1 s. a Week, he being poor, and said that he was drunk when he did it. The prisoner owned his being in the Shop to buy a Handkerchief, but denied that he took any away, and said that he was prosecuted out of Malice, several having bore him an III Will for performing his Office in cutting off the Earl of Derweutwaser's Head. He called several who gave him the Character of an Honest and Industrious Man, and some of them added, that they had heard him declare he resolved to continue so as long as he lived, and that be would rather beg than steal; for that it he should be taken in stealing but one penny, his very Character would hang him; that he did sometimes beg and they had relieved him. The Jury considering the whole matter brought him in Guilty to the

value of 4 s. 10 d. Transportation . Whereupon he beg'd of the Court not to send him beyond Sea; but to admit him to any Corporal Punishment they should think fit, which he would willingly submit to, tho' it were to be Whipt a Mile.

Reference Number: t17191014-3

Joshua Furroughs of St. Botolph Bishopsgate , was indicted for feloniously stealing three Silk Gowns and Petticoats, a Callicoe Gown and Petticoat; a pair of Laced Shoes, in all to the value of 3 l. 10 s. out of the House of John Pamp , on the 16th of September last. The Prosecutor deposed that the Prisoner and his Wife lodg'd in his House; and that he having two Daughters, one about 13 the other 10 Years of Age, the Prisoner's Wife used to be very officious, and to dress and undress them on a Sabbath-Day; that his Daughters would have brought their Clothes down Stairs, but she said they need not, she would take care of them and lay 'em up in her Drawer. That taxing the Prisoner he owned he had pawn'd them, and gave him three Bills of Parcels where they were, most of which he found accordingly. Two Pawnbroker's deposed they had the Goods of the Prisoner, and the Prosecutor swore they were the same he lost. The Prisoner owned the taking and pawning the Goods; but said he did not do it with a felonious Intent ; that being necessitous he did it to raise Money and designed to redeem and restore them again. This Excuse not being sufficient, the Jury found him Guilty Death

Reference Number: t17191014-4

of Alhalows Barkin was indicted for feloniously stealing 1 Guinea value 21 s. the Goods of a Person unknown on the 4th of September last. Richard Cannard deposed that the Prisoner was a Labourer employed in the Mint , and that carrying a Tray of Guineas after him to lock up. In turning his Hard observ'd the Prisoner to whip something into his Mouth, and weighing the Tray again mist a Guinea, and searching the Prisoner found it in one of the Knees of his Breeches within the Linings; that it was a new one just come from the Press. Another deposed he saw the Guinea cut out of the Knee of the Prisoner's Breeches. His Confession before the Justice was also read in Court; not withstanding all which he denyed it on his Tryal, and said that his Wife gave it him, and he put it into his Fob, whence it slipe down through a Hole into his Breeches; but the Jury not believing him against such strong Evidence brought him in Guilty . Burnt in the Hand .

Reference Number: t17191014-5

Mary Butterfield and Amy Pierce , were indicted for a Misdemeanour in persuading Sarah Lonsdale alias Saunders , and Elizabeth Tyger to give false Evidence against Jams Boyce in a Tryal at Guild-Hall for scandalous Words against the King . But it appearing to be a malicious Prosecution, and all the Parties alike, the Jury Acquitted them.

Reference Number: t17191014-6

William Simmons of St. Faiths , was indicted for stealing a Silk Handkerchief from Richard Boucy on the 14th of September last. The Prosecutor deposed, that he being in St. Paul's Church , a Gentleman came up to him and ask'd him if he had lost any thing, whereupon he felt in his Pocket and mist his Handker-chief; then the Gentleman told him the Prisoner had it; and he went to him, put his Hand in the Prisoner's pocket to search him, and found it there. The Jury found him Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17191014-7

Dorothy Cadlock of St. Giles's Cripplegate was indicted for feloniously stealing 7 Ells of German Holland, 2 Yards of Muslin, 5 Ells of Holland, 4 Yard; and half of printed Callicoe, &c. out of the House of Henry Baylis , on the 3 d of this Instant October . It appeared that the Prosecutor hired the Prisoner to do business about his House, but that she went home at Nights, that she was with him about 10 Days, when having a Maid to come, he had no Furdier occasion for her; that after she has gone , a pawnbroker came to him and told him he believed he had some of his Goods, which proved to be so; and said also that he had them of the prisoner; whereupon he got a Warrant, and found several of his Goods at her Linings , some in the Cellar, some between her Bed and Bed-cloths, and some in other places, where she had disposed of them; all which plainly appearing by the Constable on other Evidences, the Jury brought her in Guilty to the value of 4 s. 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17191014-8

Wright of the parish of Christs Church, was indicted for feloniously stealing a Silver Tankard, value 15l. out of the House of John Metcalf , on the 29th of September last. The prosecutor deposed that he lost his Silver Tankard and advertised it in the News, with a Reward for any who should bring it, and it was brought home, but he could not tell by whom, not being at home when it was brought Thomas Neal deposed that he was in Newgate-Market that Day, and saw the prisoner go by with a Tankard under her Apron, and when she came into Warwicklaus she put it into Apron, that he knew her very well, and said she cry'd broken Glass and old Clothes about the Streets. One that was with Mr. Neal saw her go by at the same time, but did not see the Tankard. Mrs Neal deposed that she was in White-Horse Alley in Chick-Lane, the Day the Tankard was lost, and saw the prisoner there all in Rags; that the next Day she had new Clothes, and Money in her pocket. The prisoner denyed the Fact; and as to her Clothes said she had received 4 l. from her Friends for that purpose and to help her. It did not appear that she Hole the Tankard, or that if she had a Tankard on her Apron it was Mr. Mescas's the, Jury Acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17191014-9

Thomas Cane and Joshua Drake , of St.Botolph Aldgate were indicted for feloniously stealing an Iron Stove Great value 10s. the Goods of Elizabeth Male , on the 12th of this Instant October ; to which Indictment Joshua Drake pleaded Guilty , and the Evidence, against Thomas Cane upon his Tryal being very full, the Jury found him Guilty also. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17191014-10

Richard Bird was indicted for a Felony in taking to Wife Elizabeth Rope on the 3 d of October 1717 . his former Wife Ann Dursly being then alive . Mr. William Tippin deposed that he married Richard Bird, the prisoner at the Bar; to Ann Dursley in the Rules of the King's Bench the 25th of February 1713. By the Name of Richard Bird of St. Giles in the Fields , Gent he being then a Soldier in the Guards ; and that they invited him to come to see them, which a little while after he did; that the prisoner was not within, and his Wife complained that he was a bad Husband. By other Evidences it appear'd that they liv'd together as Man and Wife and that she has had a Child or two by him, that he has been arrested for her Debts, has paid part, and gave a Note for the rest. Elizabeth Rape deposed that she was married to the Prisoner at the Bar the third of this Instant was two Years, and has liv'd with him over since, except when he was in Prison for his first Wife. The Prisoner denyed the first Marriage, and complained his second Wife had persuaded him to left his House, that he had 4 l. Good Will for it, and took a Room to put his Goods in; but he going into the Mins for Debt, she mov'd off all he had: That Moreland (one of the Evidences) had stirr'd up this Prosecution because he had a mind to marry his Wife. To which Elizabeth Rope reply'd, that he never had any Goods or Clothes but the Red Coat on his Back, when she was married to him: and Moreland deposed that he had no such Thought or Intention, for he has a Wife of his own no living. The Jury found him Guilty . Burnt in the Hand .

Reference Number: t17191014-11

Richard Shaw was indicted for Defrauding Roger Brierly , of several Yards of Suss, to the value of 30 l. but no Evidence appearing against him, he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17191014-12

Thomas Fancock , of St. Martins in the Fields was indicted for feloniously stealing 30 Lead Weights for sash Windows, value 40 s. out of the House of Joshua Osborne , on the 30th of July last; but there being a Mistake in the Indictment he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17191014-13

Elizabeth Cooper , of St. Margarets Westminster , was indicted for feloniously stealing 3 Gold Rings, a Gold Locket, 3 pieces of Silver, a Seal, a piece of a Silver Spoon and a Sweet Bottle, out of the House of Sibbilla Tost , on the 13th of July last. The Prosecutor deposed that the Prisoner was her Servant , and took the Key of her Trunk out of her Chest of Drawers, and open'd it, and took a Purse (in which were the Goods mentioned in the Indictment) out of her Trunk, and went away, and a Week after was apprehended in the Mint. Elizabeth Vaughan deposed, that she took the Prisoner in the Mint, charged a Constable with her, and sent for her Mistress; some of the Goods were found upon her, and she contest where she had sold the rest, which were found accordingly. Another Evidence confirm'd the same. Her Mistress had all her Goods again except a piece of Silver and the piece of Silver Spoon. The Prisoner denied the Fact, and said that her Mistress and she had some Words, and therefore swore this upon her; but called none to prove it, nor to her Reputation. The Jury found her Guilty to the value of 4 s. and 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17191014-14

Elizabeth Bunter , of St. Dunstan at Stepny , was Indicted for the Murder of her Female Infant Bastard Child . and throwing it into the House of Office. She was indicted a second time on the Coroners Inquest for the same. The Landlady of the House deposed that the Prisoner's Sister brought her to her House and ask'd for a Bed for her, but she had none to spare; however she made a shift to let her lye there that Night: the next Morning the Prisoner enquired for the Vault, which she shewed her, and went out to fetch something she wanted; that when she came back again the Prisoner was not come from the Vault, which made her wonder why she staid so long there, and as she was going to see after her, she met her on the Stairs, when the Prisoner complained that she was sadly Griped and that her Body was coming down, and a little after that it was come down; that she advised her to take half a quartern of Geneva, and went to call her Sister; that when she came back she went up Stairs to her, and perceiving something on the Ground and in the Chamber Pot, she had a suspicion of her, and went down to look in the House of Office, where she saw the Child; that when she came up again she charged the prisoner with it, who owned that it was hers, and that she put it there. Sarah Holiday confirm'd her Landlady and the prisoner's going down to the Vault together, her having half a quarter n of Geneva, and her complaining that her Body was come down again into her Hand: she deposed also that she saw the prisoner go down Stairs with the Chamber-Pot in her Hand, cover'd with her Gown; that it was a pretty lusty Child, and she owned it to be hers. Mrs. Wade, was present at the taking the Child out of the Vault, that they took up the Boards and took it out with a pair of Tongs; that she belived it came before it's time, and saw no Hurt upon it but what might be done by the Tongs. The Midwife was of Opinion that the Child was not at its full time. The Prisoner in her Defence said, that she came 5 Weeks before her Time, and that the Child was still born, that she had provided Linnen for it; that she was ill of a Fever at that time, and had rid the Day before 10 Miles in the Coach-Box, which might occasion her coming before her time. It appeared that the Child was born in the Chamber while the two first Evidences were there, who did not hear it cry, nor know of it's Birth till it was found in the Vault, and that it was not full grown. The Jury considering the whole matter Acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17191014-15

Thomas Newman of St. Dunstan, at Stepney , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Fusee value 10 s. 3 Pittols value 7 s. 6 d. the Goods of Richard Hales , and 90 Pound Weight of Tobacco and a Holland Shirt , the Goods of William Ward , on the 14th of September last. It appear'd that the Prisoner belong'd to the Prosecutor's Ship, and he and a Boy was left on Board, that he sent the Boy on Show and made the Goods and went ashore himself; that the Fusee and Pistols were found upon him, and he confest the Fact when taken; tho' on his Tryal he denied it, saying that being in Liquor he went to a House where the Goods were, and was taken and charged with stealing them; but knew nothing of the Matter, but the Fact being very plain, the Jury found him Guilty of Felony . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17191014-16

Elizabeth Blanchflower , of St. Dunstan at Stepney , was indicted for Feloniously stealing a suit of Bed-Curtains, value 5 s. a Blanker value 1 s. a Sheet value 1 s. and a Looking-Glass value 1 s. the Goods of Rebeccah Hamilton , on the 29th of September last. The Prosecutor deposed that she let the Prisoner and her Husband two Rooms furnish'd, and she took the Goods and went away to another Lodging the same Night, and told her Husband that she would lye at the Prosecutor's no more; that her Husband came and askt her if she had lost any thing, whereupon she went into the Room they had taken and mist her Goods; that she went along with him to an Ale-house where the Prisoner was secured, who confest where she had pawned them, and they were found accordingly. The Pawnbroker deposed, that the Prisoner and another Woman pawned the Goods to his Wife. The Prisoner had nothing to say in her Defence, but that she took 'em to raise Money for the present, with an intent to return them again. The Jury found her Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation

Reference Number: t17191014-17

Susannah Alford , of St. Mary White Chappel , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Dimity Petticoat value 5 s, a Holland Smock value 5 s. a Holland Apron value 2 s. a Lace Pinner value 2 s. two Stuff Petticoats value 10 s. the Goods of Anthony Slade on the 31st of July last. Mary Slade deposed, that the Prisoner had liv'd with her as a Servant about 7 Weeks, and that she mist her Goods strangely; but had a good Opinion of the Prisoner because she had some Friends of good Reputation in the Neighbourhood; that her Husband and she going to see some Friends at Deptford, were importun'd to stay there all Night, but her Husband having a dread upon him would needs go Home tho' late, for fear of being robb'd, and that she followed him the next Day; that when she came Home her Husband told her the Maid was gone, and had left the Door open at 3 a Clock in the Morning; that she went away with the Soldiers who were going for the Isle of Wight, and about 9 Weeks after they took her at a Service about 14 Doors from her; that she told the Justice they kept a Bawdy-House , and brought this prosecution against her because she would not prostitute her Body. Another Evidence deposed, that as she was going to prison she told him the several places where she had sold the Goods; but none went to enquire to see if they could find them in any of those places or no. Mrs. Gibbs, who lived within 14 Doors of the prosecutor. deposed the prisoner liv'd with her 3 Weeks and 3 Days, and was apprehended in her Service; that she told her she had ruined her self by Marrying a Soldier; but behaved her self very well. The prisoner in her Defence said, that the prosecutor kept a Disorderly House, and therefore she would not stay; that she went away about 11 a Clock in the Forenoon, and gave her Master and his Daughter notice of it, and that he refus'd to pay her Wages, unless she would stay till her Mistress came home. Her Master did not appear in Court to contradict her. The Jury Acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17191014-18

John Moor , alias James Murray , of St. Martin's in the Fields , was indicted for stealing a Gold Repeating Watch value 60 l. a plain Gold Watch value 20 l. and 18 Silver Watches value 90 l. on the 5th of September last, from Katharine Finch . He was indicted a second time for feloniously stealing a pair of Silver Buckles value 5 s, a Snuff-Box value 20 s. 2 Guineas value 2 l. 2 s. and 5 s. in Money number'd, the Goods and Money of Daniel Wood , in the House of Katharine Finch . It appeared that the prisoner lodged in the prosecutor's House about a Month, and pretending he lost his sight by a violent Fever three Years ago, but was not perfectly Dark, desired to set in the Shop in the Day time for his Diversion, and in the Evening one of the Servants used to go into his Chamber, where he used to tell pleasent Stories of

his Travels beyond Sea, till within 3 or 4 Nights before the Fact was committed, when he kept his Door shut; that about 6 a Clock the Morning aforesaid, one of the Servants came down Stairs and found the Doors open, whereupon he went up to Mr. Wood's Chamber to acquaint him, and for the Keys of the Shop; but when Mr. Wood felt for his Keys, he found his Pockets were pickt, and his Keys, Money and Goods mentioned in the Second Indictment gone; that they went to Mrs. Finch, who also kept Keys of the same Locks, for hers, and when they came into the Shop mist the Goods mentioned in the first Indictment; that they went up into the Prisoner's Lodging, but he was gone and his Portmanteau too; whereupon they concluded that he must be the and remembering his Stories of his Travels, concluded he would make the best way out of the Land with his Boory; wherefore Mr. Wood went down to Hungerford Stairs immediately, and after he had enquired among the Watermen there, took Boat, and call'd at the most noted Stairs be past along, describing and enquiring after the Prisoner, till he arrived at Gravesend, and not hearing of him there, he made but a short stay, and as he was coming Home he had the good luck to meet with the Waterman who carried the Prisoner from Billinsgate, and to whom in his Passage he told the journey he intended to take, viz. from chelensford to Harwich, and go over in the Paquet-Boat. That having got this Intelligence, tho' he met with several Obstacles and Disappointments, yet he made such Expedition in the Pursuit of him, that he came up with him at Hanwich before he could get off, and took him in a Coffee-house there with the Goods upon him. The Jury found him Guilty of both Indictments . Death .

Reference Number: t17191014-19

Noble Rance , of the Parish of Northolt in the County of Middlesex, was indicted for breaking open the House of Nathanael Nichols in the Day time, and taking thence a Mantle value 2 s. 2 Women's Waistcoats value 4 s. 2 Child's Waistcoat value 1 s. and 2 pair of Women's Sleeves , on the 7th of this Instant October . He was also indicted for a Trespass for an Intent to break the Church of Northolt , and to Steal the Goods and Chanels thereof. It appear'd that the Prisoner (a Boy ) broke a Pain of Glass, opened the Casement, went into Mr. Nichols's House theneat, and carry'd the Goods mentioned in the Indictment, out of the House to the Church, which he endeavour'd to break open by breaking the Glass, and the Stones where the Bars went in; that he was taken with the Goods upon him, and confest the Fact on his Tryal. The Jury found him Guilty of Felony. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17191014-20

Mary Yates , of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for privately stealing 3 Guinea value 3 l. 3 s. and 3 s. in Money, from the Person of Thomas Price , on the 18th of September last. The Prosecutor deposed that he deals in Coals , and had taken the Money for some at that time, and being about the 7 Dials enquired his Way into Halbourn; that there were 3 of them, one told him one way, one another, that they forc'd him into a House, swore they would feel his Cock, and made several Attempts; at last dived into his pocket and took his Money; he was possitive the prisoner was the person who put her Hand in his pocket; that he went the next Day to enquire after 'em, when the Woman of the House he was forc'd into, pretended one was Sick at Mrs. Brittan's in Nov Lane, with which Brittan the Prisoner had left a Guinea and offer'd to compound with the Prosecutor. The Prisoner pleaded that she had arrested Bristols for Money she had left her, who out of Revenge had Stir'd up this Prosecution. The Jury considering the whole matter brought her in Guilty of the Indictment. Death .

Reference Number: t17191014-21

William , of St. Clement Danes , was indicted for receiving 29 yards of Stuff from Joseph Lawrence (who was convited in June last for Stealing the Same) knowing it to be stolen the 17th of September 1717 . It plainly appear'd that Mr. Cole a Dyer in to his Glass. Pritchards House till they came to 30 or 40 piece and then took them away together, and that Joseph Lawrence, who was Mr. Pritchards Servant had stolen great many pieces out of his Masters Warehouse, and particularly that mentioned in the Indictment, and pawned it at the Prisoners; and to prove that he knew the Goods to be stole it was deposed that they where white Goods, and of such a sort that any bad, would have given ready Money within a Shilling of the Value for them; that they were worth 35 s. and pawn'd for 15 s. that when they went to the Prisoners to demand them, his Wife and Servant denyed they had any such, saying they never took in white Goods; but when the Constable produced his Search Warrant and would have gone up Stairs, they said he need not, their Servant should go up, and if there was any such thing should bring it down, that the Prosecutor gave the Prisoner notice to appear at Lawrence's Tryal, but he did not. The Prisoner in his Defence pleaded that his Man took in the piece of Shalloon in his absence and enter'd it in the Name of William James, that he had kept it two Years, which he should not have done if he had known it to be stole, but have made the most of it. His Servant deposed that when they came to demand the Goods, he ask'd where William Jones was; they told him in Newzate; that he went up and fetcht the Piece down very readily; but they enquir'd after another piece, which they had not, and offer'd them freely to search: he produced the Book, where it was regularly enter'd, and the Note, in Court, and further deposed that the Prisoner who brought the Goods to pawn told him his Name was William Jones, and that they were his own Goods. It was also deposed that the prosecutor sent to the prisoner to tell him that if he would give so much. Money there should be no prosecution; and that one had been undyed Goods sold by a Hotpresser . That Mr. Chambers found one piece of Goods and sent it to the prosecutor who changed him with 3 pieces, and took 5 l. for the other two pieces and gave a Receipt for the same. The prisoner called several to his Reputation, viz. one of the Justices upon the Bench, who deposed that he was his Neighbour, and that when any brought Goods to the prisoner to pawn, whom he suspected, he used to bring them before him; Others that the prisoner was very careful in taking in pawns, and that he used to send his Servant to enquire after the Truth of what the persons whom he question'd told him; and that once he stopt Goods to the value of 50 l. and Advertised it in the Gazatte, whereby the Owner had them again. The Jury considering the whole matter Acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17191014-22

William Sidwell , of St. James's Westminster , was indicted for stealing a Perriwig value 6 l. from Francis Negoes Esq ; on the 29th of September last. The Prosecutor deposed that between 9 and 10 a Clock the Night aforesaid being in a Coach in the middle of the Pall Mall , the Coach was cut, and his Wig snatch'd off his Head, whereupon he sent his Man to enquire after it, and that one Mr. Pinnor sent him a Perriwig to see if it was that which he lost; that he verily believed it to be the same, but the Seal that he put in it being defaced, he to be more certain sent it to the Maker, who was very positive it was the same he had made for him about 6 Weeks ago; whereupon he sent word to Mr. Pinnor to seize the Person who brought it to him, if he came again for the Wig or Money. Mr. Pinnor deposed that the Prisoner brought the Wig to sell to him, and told him the person who own'd it was in Custody; that he ask'd 25 s. for it, and he agreed with him for 20 s. but suspecting by the price set upon it that it was not honestly come by, he stopt it, and told him he must produce some to justifie where he had it that he coming again after he had received an Answer from the prosecutor, he apprehended him. The Wig was produc'd in Court and swore to be the same the prisoner brought to him, and which Mr. Beanhood made for the prosecutor . The prisoner in his Defence pleaded that , he had it from a Gentleman in

Trouble to sell for him; that he is a porter and goes of Erranes for my Gentleman that the person he had it of was in the Marshalsea, but is now gone But the Jury not being satisfied with the Track of his Defence, he calling none to prove it, found him Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17191014-23

John Thompson of St. Margarets Westminster , was indicted for the Murder of Robert Layton , by giving a Wound with a Drawn Sward under the of the Breadth of half an Inch and the Death 14 Inches , on the 23d of September last. It appeared that Prisoner and the Deceased were at the Coffee house (where they also sold Wine) and several other Gentlemen had Cap had been before that Major Thompson gave (the Landlady) a good character to engage him to use the house, that they took the Box and Dies of the Bacman and together, till Mrs. Carser came up and said did not suffer any Gaming in her House, that the deceased without any Prevention Struck the Prisoner two Blows over his Head with a Cane, draw his and made several Passes at him before the Prisoner drew his ; that two Gentlemen got between them, and the Deceased run one of them through the Coat other into the Hand; the Prisoner retired as far as he could, even till his Back touch'd the Window when the Deceased ran upon his Several Gentlemen the Bench and others appeared to the of the Prisoner and gave an account of his peaceable Department and Quiet Temper. The Jury waching the whole matter brought him in Not Guilty .

Reference Number: t17191014-24

Susannah Clark of St. Anns Westminster was indicted for receiving 550 dozen of Leather Soles for shoes value 150 l. 30 dozen Calve skins, from Mary Clarke , Convicted last Sections for the same, by her pleading Guilty) the Goods of George Laugthorse , knowing them to be Stole, and for Harbouring and maintaining the said Mary Clarke . The Prosecutor deposed that he mist his Goods continually, and finding himself sink in the Word, till he was almost ruined, tho' he had changed his servants several times, but to no purpose, till at last one of the Prisoners, Servants came to him, and gave him Information that one Mary Clark: (convicted last Settings and come to the Prosector's shop to buy small parc is of Leather for the Purpose , and took several Opportunities to rake the Goods, used to come and fill them to his Mistress at a very low Rate; that he went along with him before Justice, and to the value of 16 l. whereupon the Justice wanted him his Warrant and he went and search'd the Prisoner's House and found his Goods there. it appeares by the Evidence of several of the Prisoner's Journemen and Apprentices, that Mary Clarks came to the Prisoner's Shop about 4 Years ago, and brought Children Shoes and had a Market Price for them that afterwards she came with a Parcel of Leather, saying her husband had bought 4 l. worth, and-she had taken that unknown to him; that the Prisoner bought it of her, and when she was gone the Prisoner's Servents told her that Mary must ruin her Husband, if she sold that for 18 s. which was worth 30s. and that for 5 s. which was worth 7 or 8 s. that she coming often, he told his Mistress that the 4 l. worth lasted very long, and advised her to take Mary up, that after wards the Prisoner bought no more in the Shop, but privately in her Parlour: that Mary brought Soles of Shoes and Skins in a Hand-basket or her Apron under her Riding-Hood, and weat directly into the Parlour, without asking any Questions, and that she came two or three times a Week. The Soles for Shoes and Leather taken at the Prisoner's House, were produced in Court, and swore by the Prosecutor, having his Mark on the. Mary Clarke's Conviction by pleading Guilty last Sections was read in Court. The Prisoner owned that the bought Goods of Mary Clarke, and believed those produced in Court to be the same; but said she bought them at a Market Price, not knowing them to bstole ; she called some to invalidate tha King's Evidence; but it appeared that they had been temperit with them before, and had offer'd to take Lodgings for two of them, and to give them Money to be out of the way till the Tryal should be over, whereupon the Court order'd them into Custody. The Prisoner calied several to her Reputation, who had known her Husband and her self, some 12 other 18 Years, and gave her a good Character, and always found her Honest. The Jury considering the whole matter found her Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17191014-25

Thomas Roberts , of St. John at Wapping , was indicted for stealing 3 pair of Stockings and a Silk Handkerchief value 10 s. the Goods of John Sherwill ; and a Shift and 3 Aprons value 2 s. the Goods of Hannah Cousins , on the 17th of September last. It appeared that had washt the Goods and hung them up in Yard to dry and that the Constable going to Church late about a 11 at Night to search for met the Prisoner with the Goods wet upon him, which he order'd to be cry'd the next Day, and the came and owned them; was there with the Prisioner, but he got away. The Jury found him Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17191014-26

John Constable , of St. Mary le Bone , was indicted for that he together with John Tirkup, did Assault Giles Blackman on the King's Highway, putting him in fear of his Life, and take from him Three Pence Half-penny) , on the 2nd of this Instant October , The Prosecutor deposed that coming form Edger to London between 7 and 8 at Nights, the Prisoner up to him within 10 Yards of Tyburn and bid him stop or he would shoot him through the Head; that another took him off his House and carry'd him to Trickup who tyed his Hands behind him put down his Breaches, took his Money out of his Pocket and gave it to the Prisoner, who said it would serve to pay the Toll Gate; they took the Bridle off the Mere and turn'd her loose; he was positive to the Prisoner for that he knew him long before. Another deposed that they robb'd him about 7 a Clock between Syburn and Paddington of a back of Horte Hair and 2 s. 5 d. in Money; that they ty d him and brought the Prosecutor to him, and they went to Paddington before they could be loosed. Another deposed that Blackman came to his House to be unty'd, that he was ty'd so right that his Hands swell d , and he was sorc'd to cut the Cerd to him , and his Breeches were down. The Prisoner's Landlord deposed that the Prisoner and has will in his House in Castle street in Long Acre, and that he saw the Prisoner and another come in before 7 a Clock that Night, and behaved themselves well. Another deposed that he going with a Warrant to search the Prisoners Lodgings for Goods taken out of the Canserioury Coach his Landlord then gave him an ill Character, and said he wanted to get them out of his House. The Landlord being call'd again and ask'd about goods being brought there, answer'd, that several things were brought into their Lodgings, but convey'd away by a Woman. The Jury bound him Guilty of the Indictment. Death .

Reference Number: t17191014-27

John Newland , of South Mins , was in indicted for stealing 6 Geese value 6s. from James Chambers on the 3d of this Instant October . The Fact being fully provd upon him, the Jury found him Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17191014-28

Robert Drenford of St. Anne. Westminster , was indicated for feloniously stealing 18 bushels of Coals value 13 s. 4 d. out of the Cellar of Frederick Marshal , on the 19th of July last; but the Evidence not being sufficient the Jury Acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17191014-29

Elizabeth Dean , of St. Martin in the Fields was indicted for feloniously stealing 4 pair of Flaxen Sheets value 40 s. and a Blanket value 6 d. Goods of Richard Falthory on the 14th of this Instant October .

It appear'd that the Prisoner took the Sheets in the Basket our of the Prosecutor's Yard, and being met by another, sat there down on the Ground, but was takes. The Jury found her Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17191014-30

John Baptist Lane , of St. Giles in the Fields was indicted for feloniously stealing 10 Guineas from the Person of Winifred Thomas , on the 13th of this Instant October . He was also indicted a second time for Assaulting, Beating and Wounding the said Winifred Thomas: but the Evidence not being sufficient the Jury Acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17191014-31

Ann Larrock of St. Leonard's Shoreditch , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Flaxen Sheet value 3 s. and a Holland Smock value 1 s. the Goods of Robert Walker , on the 28th of July last. Mrs. Walker deposed that the Prisoner lodged in her House, and she going to shift the Bed mist the Sheet, and charging the Prisoner with it, she confest it; that she found the Smock on her Back. Another confirm'd the Prisoner's Confession of it when charged. The Prisoner in her Defence, pleaded that she was Prosecuted out of Spight she being with Child by the Man of the House, he had made use of this Srratagem to get her Transported, and called the following Evidence to prove it. The Constable who carried her to New Prison deposed. that as he came back with Mr. Walker he ask'd him why he would Prosecute his Lodger for such a trisling matter; who said he would not have done it, but that she laid a Child to him, and if he could get her Transported, he should be rid of her and the Child too. He deposed also that the Prisoner as they were going together told him, that another who lodged with her stole the Sheet, and she sold it for a Shilling. Several appeared to her Reputation, who gave her the Character of an Honest Industries Person; that she had several Opportunities of being otherwise, but was always found. The Jury considering the whole matter Acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17191014-32

Johanna Behoe , of St. James Clerkenwel , was indicted for Breaking the House of Edward Whitesone with an Intention to steal, on the 12th of this Instant October . Whitesone deposed, that she was in the Kitchen about 8 a Clock at Night , and hearing something fall like a Spoon over Head, went up and found the Prisoner between the Bed and the Wall; that there was a pain of Glass taken out and the casement opened; but by her Evidence it appeared that nothing was taken or removed out of its Place, and that the Door was open; the Jury considering the matter Acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17191014-33

James Tucker , of St. Giles Cripplegate , was indicted for the Murder of Samuel Mabus , a Child of about 4 Years old , for that be on the 12th Day of August last, driving three Horses fastned to a Cart loaded with Bricks, the Fore Horse cast the Child down to the Ground, and the off Wheel of the Cart ran over the Child's Head, giving it a Mortal Bruise on the Last side thereof, on which he instantly dyed . He was indicted a second time on the Coroner's Inquest for the same. Nicholas Lydeas deposed that he being at his Door the Sign of the Sun Dyal in Goswell-street the Corner of Swan Alley End , saw the Child crossing the Road just at the Head of the Fore Horse, and call'd to the Prisoner who was upon the of his Cart , to stop his Horses, and ran to secure the Child, but could neither make the Prisoner hear not come up time enough to prevent the sad Misfortune; that the Prisoner's Back was towards the Horses, and be doing something in the Cart; that the Prisoner jumpt off the Cart, took up the Child, and finding it dead laid it down again and ran away. The Prisoner in his Defence said, that the Bricks not lying right in the Cart, he stopt his Horses and got on the shafe to place them, and the Horses went of themselves, without being put on by him. He called several to his Reputation, who gave him the Character of a careful, pains taking Fellow. The Jury brought him in Guilty of Manslaughter . Burnt in the Hand .

Reference Number: t17191014-34

Susannah Lewen of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for privately stealing 11 s. 4 d. halfpenny from William Butt , on the 6th of this Instant October . The Prosecutor deposed that about 11 a Clock the Night aforesaid, he met the Prisoner and one Sarah Talmash (not yet taken) by the 7 Dials ; that they asked him to go in and drink, which he refusing, one of them took him by his Shoulders, the other by his Legs, and carry'd him in by force; that the Prisoner shut the Door and put her Back against it, and the other got him behind the Table; that she proposed to lay an obscene Wager with him, talked very lewdly, and did such filthy Actions as are not fit to be mention'd; but finding this would not draw his Money from him, they threw him down, and the Prisoner pickt his Pocket, and beat him unmercifully. The Constable deposed, that Murther being cryed out, he was sent for, and met the Prisoner and Talmosb coming from the House, but not knowing then that they were concern'd, he did not stop them, tho' he knew them very well, and to be Persons of ill Fame; when he came in he found the Prisoner Bloody, and being inform'd of the matter, about two or three Hours after he apprehended the Prisoner. The Jury found her Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17191014-35

Samuel Meals , of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Hen value 1 s. the Property of Kenelon Dawson . He was also indicted a second time for stealing a Cock value 1 s. 6 d. and 2 Hen value 1 s. 6 d. the Property of James Hunt on the 1st of September last. But the Evidence not being sufficient, and he calling several to his Reputation, the Jury Acquitted him of both Indictments .

Reference Number: t17191014-36

Michael Connor was indicted for a Felony in taking to Wife Mary Onslow on the first of April last, his first Wife Dorcas Burras being then alive . Mr. James deposed that he Marry'd the Prisoner Michael Connor to Dorcas Burras at Drummond Parish in Ireland ; on the 2d of August 1714 that he saw them in Bed together, and they liv'd as Man and Wife 3 Weeks; that his Mother is a Woman of a mean Character; that he offer'd him 7 s. 6 d. for Marrying them, which he refused, telling him he did not expect less than a Guinea; that his Bride Dweas bid him take it. and she would make it up. Another Evidence deposed, that he saw the Prisoner's first Wife Dorcas in Custody in the Strand a Fortnight ago. Another Evidence confirmed the first Marriage. Mary deposed that the Prisoner pretended to be a Gentleman of 400 l. a Year in Ireland, and a Captain; and that he should have 300 l. a Year more after his Mother's Death: that he Courted her about 10 Weeks, and they were Married on the first Day of April last; that he liv'd in Lodgings and not with her, saying it would be a Disparagement to him to live in a Tradesmans House; that he never came to her but when he wanted money, which he had by two, and more Guineas at a time, for his Pockets would not hold Silver. The Prisoner denied that he had any other Wife than Mary Onslow , who desired him to keep their Marriage privated (for fear of her Brothers) till a Law-suit between her Mother and them should be over. But his first Marriage being full proved, the Jury found him Guilty Burnt in the Hand .

Reference Number: t17191014-37

Thomas Hanks , of Paddington , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Goose value 6 d. and a Gander value 16 d. the Property of John Hepkinson , on the 9th of September last. But no Evidence appearing against him, he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17191014-38

Elizabeth Sturgran , and Jane Lamb of St. Martin's in the Fields were indicted for privately stealing 35 l. in Money numbered on the 11th of September last. But no Evidence appearing against them they were Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17191014-39

James Barber , of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for the Murder of Robert Eden , Gent , by giving him one Mortal Bruise on the Right part of his Head with a Wooden Staff on the 25th of a August last, of which he languished till the 3d of September Following and then died of the Wound aforesaid . He was indicted a second time on the Coroners Inquest for the same. He was also indicted a third time on the Statute of Stabbing. One Whitworth deposed, that as he was making Candles in his Master's Cellar, the Corner of Arlington Street in Piccadilly , he heard a Disturbance, and went up to see what was the matter; that he saw the Prisoner and the Deceased at high Words , and afterwards they came to Blows, that the Prisoner struck the Deceased twice with his Staff which made him stagger; that the Deceased held up his Sword, not drawn but in the Scabbard, and the Prisoner struck him a third Blow, which fetch'd him down on his Heads and Knees, and struck him once after: and then this Evidence went into his Master's Cellar again. That he heard the Words, where are you going, the Deceased would not tell presently but then said, going Home; it was Moon-Light and about two in the Morning. A Gentleman deposed that as he was going to Bed he heard a great Blow, then two more before he could get to the Window, then he heard more Blows, that he lookt out at the Window and saw the Deceased lye cross the Kennel, and the Prisoner about eight Foot from him, who said, you, would you stab me! get up you Dog or I'll knock your Braius out. That another came up, and they carryed him off; that the Deceased's Sword was upon the Ground drawn, and the Prisoner took it up and broke it. A Watchman deposed that as he was going down Dover Street about two a Clock, he heard a Voice cry Down you Dog, will you stick me? It was like the Prisoner's Voice who stood some way off, and had the Deceased's Sword in his Hand out of the Scabbard and broke; that he help'd to carry the Deceased to the Round-house; who was very loth to go in, and one of his Legs hung out, and the Prisoner threatened that if he would not draw it in he would break it. and abused him as he came along. John Cook deposed that he saw the Deceased that Morning, that he past by him and said Good Watchman, that he was sober and not troublesome. Mr. Westbreek the Surgeon deposed that he went to the Deceased at St. Jame's, and found that he had a large and a small Wound on the Right side of his Head; but perceiving them to be very dangerous he would not depend upon his own Judgement, but got Mr. Green and another to consult what was proper to be done, he was of Opinion to proceed to the Trepan; but't was concluded to try one Medicine first, and then made use of it; he was in Hopes of some Success, and found him sensible tho' Speechless; but he grew worse, and had no Rest; that when Mr. Green's Affairs call'd him out of Town, we had the Advice of Mr. Gheekir now Master of the Company, but could not preserve his Life. When he was dead I was advised to open his Head, which I did, and found on the other side a Contusion and small Fracture in the Scull, and a large quantity of congealed Blood, either of which Wounds were sufficient to kill any Man. Others deposed that they advised the Prisoner not to keep the Deceased (who could not speak) in the Round-House all Night, but carry him to a Surgeon; but the Prisoner replied, him, it will be times enough in the Morning . Others confirm'd the Deceased's being Speechless, the forcing him into the Round-house and his Leg lying out. The Prisoner in his Defence said, That he was Beadle of that Part, and several Robberies having been committed there, it was thought the Watchmen did not do their Duty, therefore he was ordered to walk from 11 to 4 to look after them. That while he was performing his Duty, there came two Men on Horseback with two Women behind them, who look'd like Country People going out of Town, and the Deceased went to pull one of them off the Horse, whereupon he bid him be quiet and let them pass civilly; that he reply'd. you, what's that to me? drew his Sword, ran after him quite cross the way threatning to stick him, upon which be turn'd and knockt him down But he could produce no Body to prove it. Several appear'd to his Reputation, who gave him a good Character, and particularly that he was very diligent in his Business. The Jury considering the whole matter Acquitted him of the Indictment upon the Statute of Stabbing, and found him Guilty of the other Two. Death .

Reference Number: t17191014-40

Margaret Saunders , was indicted for a Misdemeanour in seducing and inciting John Westfold to deceive and rob his Master William Graves of 2 Pound of Silk, value 40 s . The Prosecutor deposed that he lost his Silk several times, and could give no Account of it; that he had like to lose his Trade, his Customers treatning to leave him, because their Silk always wanted Weight when it came Home; that on the 16th of July last he detected his Apprentice John Westfold , who at first made several frivolous Excuses; but being close questioned he confest how he had been seduced by Saunders and had sold her that for 6 d. which was worth 20 d. John Westfold deposed that when his Master set him to scaning he sold his first Ends to Mrs. Sounders, and the next time he went she told him they were Rubbish; sent her Servant out to change a Guinea, and while she was gone shewed him how he might cut the Scanes, and she would receive them; the next time he carry'd 2 Ounces, for which she gave him a Shilling, and ask'd him why he brought so little; that afterwards he carryed 6 or 7 Ounces at a time, and she gave him 3 s6 d. that he had been acquaintted with her a quarter of a Year before his Master caught him; that he used to take an Ounce out of a Pound, whereas the proper Ends would not be above half an Ounce, that he never sold to any body else, and believes he sold in all about 3 pound. There were a great many persons of Worth who appeared to her Reputation, some who had known her 20 and some 30 Years, who gave her a very good Character, and by which it appeared that she was above 70 Year of Age, and her Memory much impalr'd and that she had lest off her Business to her Daughter; and that the Prosecutor would have made it up for 18 or 20 l. and there being no other Evidence against her but the Boy who robb'd his Master, the Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: s17191014-1

The Tryals being over, the Court Proceeded to give Judgement as followeth:

Received Sentence of Death. 7.

Elizabeth Low , Joshua Burroughs , John Moor alias Murray, Mary Yates , William Sidwell , John Constable , and James Barber ,

Burnt in the Hand, 10.

D - J - , Michael Conner , Richard Bird , James Tacker , Edward Shaw , John Green , Ann Duttom , Ann Robbins , Sarah Devies , and Tho Nelson .

Note, The Six last were formerly Convicted of small Felonies, and not being fit to be Transported, were Burnt in the Hand and Discharged.

To be Transported, 14.

William Marwell , William Simmons , Dorothy Tadlock , Tho Cane , Joshna Drake , Elizabeth Cooper , Tho Newman , Elizabeth Blanchflower , Noble Rance , Susannah Clarka , Tho Roberts , John Newland , Elizabeth Dean , and Susannah Lownon.

Elizabeth Low and Mary Yates pleaded their Bellies, and a Jury of Matrons being impannelled, found Elizabeth Low Quick with Child, and Mary Tates Not Quick.

Reference Number: a17191014-1

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