Old Bailey Proceedings, 14th May 1719.
Reference Number: 17190514
Reference Number: f17190514-1

THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE KING's Commission of the Peace, AND

Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the Old Bayly,


Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, being the 14th,15th, and 16th, of this Instant May,1719. In the Fifth Year of His MAJESTY's Reign.

Before the Right Hon. Sir JOHN WARD ; Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London; Mr. Justice Dormer, Mr. Baron Montague , John Ruby , Esq; Deputy Recorder; and several of his Majesty's Justice of the Peace for the City of London, and County of Middlesex.

The Jurors Names were as followeth:

London Jury.

Edward Overall ,

John Jackson ,

Nicholas Took ,

Samuel Sheaf ,

Thomas Rudley ,

Thomas Eaden ,

John Gregory ,

John Smithson ,

David Price ,

Thomas Lane ,

Joseph Gardener ,

Thomas Steed .

Middlesex Jury.

Josias Tidmarsh ,

Thomas Hull ,

John Johnson ,

William, Besar ,

John Rogers ,

Hector Mackensey ,

James Harrison ,

James Kerby ,

Robert Todd ,

John Walkingham ,

Thomas Whiten ,

Daniel Wise .

The Proceedings were as followeth:

Reference Number: t17190514-1

John Low , of St. Mary-le-Bow , was indicted for stealing a Silk Handkerchief, value 3 s.6 d. from the Person of Joseph Oakley , on the 9th of this Instant May . The Prosecutor deposed that as he was coming from the Custom-house he saw the Prisoner take his Hand-kerchief out of his Pocket in Cheapside ; that he followed him to the Crown Ale-house in Red-Cross street, then got a Constable and took him. The Prisoner denied the Fact, but the Prosecutor was positive he saw him take it; and he calling none to his Reputation, the Jury found him Guilty to the Value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190514-2

Simon Aylmore , of St. Brides , was indicted for privately stealing a Canister of Bohee Tea, Value 1 l.1 s. out of the Shop of Humphrey Thare , the 21st of April last. John Row, the Prosecutor's servant deposed, that the Tea was put up for a Gentleman and laid in the Window, and that he saw the Prisoner take it, whereupon he cry'd out stop Thief, and followed and took him within.a few Yards of the Shop. The Person who stop'd him deposed that he saw him take it and throw it away. The Prisoner deny'd the Fact, and said that having been exercising at Westminster, his Officer gave him Money to drink, and that he was drunk; but he called none to prove it, nor any to his Reputation The Jury found him Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17190514-3

Gothard Davis , was indicted for privately stealing a Silver Spoon value 12 s. out of the Shop of Alexander Wilson , the 6th of this instant May . The Prosecutor deposed that he was told the next Morning of the loss of his Spoon; that he charg'd the Prisoner with it, but she dony'd it. That several Jews offer'd to make it up, and that if he would give a Note under his hand not to Prosecute the Prisoner it should be dropt down the Cellar Window, which he refused; that going into the Cellar the next Morning he saw the Spoon lie there, and sent his Servant down to take it up. Elizabeth Sadler , the Prosecutor's Servant, deposed, that as she was cleaning some Spoons above Stairs the Prisoner knockt at the Door, that she went down with one of the Spoons in her hand, and said it on the Compter while she opened the Door; that the Prisoner wanted a half-pennyworth of Peas, she serv'd her, and she went away, leaving her Hungary Water behind; that then she mist the Spoon; than there was no body there but the Prisoner and her self. The Prisoner denyed the Fact, and called several to her Reputation, some of whom had intrusted her very considerably and always found her very honest, and that she was very industrious to get her living, that she sold Hungary Water, Chocolate Necklaces,&c. The Jury considering this whole matter acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17190514-4

Katharine Davis , of St. Brides , was indicted for feloniously stealing a furbelow'd Scarf, a furbelow'd Apron with a Gold Fringe;2 Holland Shifts, a Fan and other Goods , from Henry Dolliff , on the 12th of April last, It appear'd that the Prisoner was the Prosecutor's Servant , and he being out of Town she was order'd not to go out that Day; but she wou'd; whereupon they went after her and brought her back. The goods were found upon her, the furbelow Apron and Scarf next her Skin, and produc'd in Court, she confest it before Sir John Fryer ; but on her Tryal deny'd it, and said that she never did any ill thing in all her Life; but the Jury not believing her, and she calling one to her Reputation, they found her Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190514-5

Stephen Clarke (a Boy ) of St. Gregory 's was indicted for Privately stealing a Silk Handkerchief from the Person of Richard Highsham on the 12th of April last. Mr. Highsham deposed he lost his Handkerchief in St. Paul's Church . The Constable deposed that he obserserv'd the Prisoner and another very busy about some Gentlemens Pockets and that he saw the Prisoner clap his Hat to the Prosecutor's Pocket, and take out the Handkerchief of Hat , and so convey it into

his Bosom; whereupon he secur'd him. The Hand-kerchief was found upon him, and own'd by the Prosecutor. The Jury found him Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190514-6

Abraham Wood , of St. Katherine Creed-Church , was indicted for Assaulting John Broom on the Highway, and robbing him of a Hat, a Silver Buckle,2 Handkerchiefs and 8s in Money . on the 10th of this instant May . It appeared the Prosecutor had been making merry with some Friends, but was very sensible and knew what he, did, and going home about 12 a Clock at Night he met the Prisoner and two others in Leaden-Hall-Street , who assaulted him knock'd him down, and the Prisoner took hold of his Hair and beat his Head against the Ground, and took one of his Buckels his Handkerchiefs and his Money from him; one of the others took his Hat; that when they left him he cry'd out stop Thief, and was positive he was the person. When they came to the Compter the Prisoner would have had a Bed, telling them the Prosecutor was a Highwayman, and he should have have 10 l. next Day for his Information against him. The Prisoner in his Defence said that he saw the Prosecutor dead Drunk in White Chappel, with a great many about him, that he took him and three others to an Alehouse and treated them; that he had no more Money left, but said he cou'd have Money enough, for he robb'd on the Highway for his Living, and if they'd go along with him he'd make em happy; but this Story did not avail him, he being not able to prove it, and the Jury believing that if he had robb'd on the Highway he would not have declar'd it so freely to Strangers, found him Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17190514-7

, of St. Dunstan's in the West was indicted for feloniously stealing 7 s. in the House of Thomas Stevens on the 29th of April last. Eliz Stevens deposed that her Husband keeps a Cooks Shop , and that the Prisoner was her Servant , and that another Maid having given or permitted the Dustman to carry away Coals, she went after him to make him take them out of his Cart again, and coming back saw the Prisoner take the Money out of the Drawer, and found it and a Knife in her Hand. That asking her what she had in her Hand, she said; nothing; but Mrs. Stevens taking hold of her Hand found the Money and took it from her, which the Prisoner then said was her own Money and not her Mistresses, and that there was 4 or 5 l. and a 6 d. John Cawdrey deposed he heard her tell her Mistress that there was about 4 or 5 Shillings, but he saw nothing. The Constable and a Watchman deposed that when she was in Custody she ask'd her Mistress pardon on her Knees. The Prisoner in her Defence said she went up to fetchMoney to pay for some Muslin which she had bought, and produced the Muslin in Court and when she came down servent to cut a piece of Pudding, and had her Money in her Hand at the same time. That her Mistress was wont to charge her Servants with robbing of her when they went away; it and would have had her given a Note under her Hand for 3 l.10 s. and stay and work it out. She called several Persons to her Reputation, and two Masters whom she had liv'd with, one three, and the other four Years, who gave her a very good Character, and said she had been intrusted with 500 l. and had frequent Opportunities of Robbing her Masters if she had not been Honest, but was always found very just. Her Mistress could not tell how much Money she had in her Drawer, nor claim any particular piece. The Jury considering the whole matter Acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17190514-8

Hannah Tyler , of St. Botolphs Bishopsgate , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Hat value 5 s. a Shirt value 1 s. and a Sheet , the Goods of William Savage , on the 6th of April last. It appeared that the Prisoner was Apprentice to the Prosecutor and took the Goods and carry'd them to pawn to Mr. Lee in Widegate Alley in Bishopsgate Street for 3 s. which she confest before the Justice and did not deny on her Tryal, but ask'd pardon, and said she would do so no more. The Jury found her Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation

Reference Number: t17190514-9

Margaret Chapman , of the Parish of Christ-Church was indicted for privately stealing a Silver Watch, Chain, and Seal, from the Person of Thomas Simpkins , the 30th of March last. The Prosecutor deposed, that going along Newgate Street about a 11 a Clock the Night aforesaid, met the Prisoner and another Woman, that the Prisoner jostled him and took the Watch, whereupon she charged her-with it; and as they were carrying her to the Watch-house under Newgate, she ran into a Brandy Shop Just by and hid her self, the Man of the House denying that she was there; but the Constable coming by presently after, they search'd the House, then going to search the Cellar, when they open'd the Door found her upon the Stairs and so secur'd her; The Prosecutor was positive as to the Person. John Day deposed he saw her justle the Prosecutor and saw the Chain glisten, and confirmed what is before related about the Brandy shop. The Prisoner in her Defence, said that as she was going into St. Martins for a Midwife she met the Prosecutor, who would needs kiss her, and because she would not let him, charg'd her with robbing him, but brought no Evidence to prove it, nor any to her Reputation. The Jury found her Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17190514-10

Margaret Underwood , of the Parish of Christ-Church , was indicted for feloniously stealing 10 Silk Handker-chiefs and a Fan to the value of 35 s. the Goods of Martha Wenman . The Prosecutor deposed that the Prisoner was formerly her Servant , and had got into her Favour, by which means she had free access to her House and frequently, came there; that missing things several times, the Prisoner would have perswaded her that or Lodgers must take them particularly the Fan mention'd in the Indictment; which she found in the Prisoner Mother's Drawer, and was produced in Court. Thomas Marks deposed, that the Prisoner came to his House and made a Present of a Handkerchief to one Mary Mitchel who lodg'd there, and offer'd to sell another to his Wife for two Shillings, who not having Money then, was to pay her when she wou'd; that she came again and ask'd for Mary Mitchel, but she being gone out, the Prisoner open'd a Drawer and put in 7 Silk Handkerchiefs; bidding them give 'em to Mary Mitchel when she came in; that then he suspected she did not come honestly by them, and went and acquainted her Mistress there with. Mary Marks and Mary Mitchel confirmed the same. The Prisoner in her Defence said that she did not take them with a felonious intent to defraud her Mistress of them but that Mitchel's Sister had a Sweetheart at Sea, and would buy some Handkerchiefs to give him, therefore brought them for her to take her Choice, and design'd to return either the Handkerchiefs or Money to her Mistress again. She called several to her Reputation, who gave her a very good Character; the Jury Acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17190514-11

Rebecca Field , of St. Gile's Cripplegate , was indicted for privately stealing a Silver Tobacco Box, value 40 s. from Thomas Rickets the 26th of April last. The Prosecutor deposed, that being out late one Sunday Night and disguised in Liquor, another that was going home with him pickt up the Prisoner, that they went into a Publick House and staid till 3 a Clock; that the Prisoner took his Box out of his Pocket and would have sold it to the Woman of the House, but he being a little come to himself perceived it, and demanded his Box again, which the Prisoner refused to deliver to him unless he'd give her Eleven Shillings. The Prisoner in her Defence said that she was early up in order to go to work, and that meeting the Prosecutor, he prevailed with her to go to a Brandy-Shop with him; that he was in a Loving Fit, pull'd out what he had, and would have to do with her, but he was not then fit for a Woman; that he having no Money to pay the Reckoning would have sold his Tobacco-box; but she would not let him and paid the Reckoning her self; that he told her he would fetch her Gown and Petticoat out of Pawn, and accordingly went with her to the Pawnbroker, and would have pawn'd his Box there for that purpose and some more Money; but the Pawnbroker, seeing what a Condition he was in, would not take it; that then he gave her the Box to sell; but she would not sell it; that she going up and down with him had laid out 10 or 11 Shillings

for him therefore refused to deliver the Box till he paid her. The Jury considering the whole Matter, and that the Prosecutor had his Box again, brought her in Not Guilty .

Reference Number: t17190514-12

James Dean , of Norton Falgate was indicted for privately stealing a pair of Silk Stockings value 12 s. the Goods of John Slye , on the 21st of April last. Peter Haynes deposed the Prisoner brought the Stockings to him and desired him to sell or pawn them for him; that he ask'd 7 s.6 d. for them, but being in want consented to take 6 s. The Prosecutor did not see him take them, but they were found in Haynes's Custody, and owned by the Prosecutor; who acknowledged that he opened and shewed them to the Prisoner, and ask'd him what they were worth, who told him 3 Half-Crowns. The Prisoner in his Defence said the Prosecutor gave him the Stockings to sell for him, and was to have either the Money or Stockings when he call'd on him; and call'd Haynes to his Reputation, who gave him the Character of a very honest Fellow; The Jury Acquitted him.

He was indicted a Second time of the Parish of St. Giles's Cripplegate , for feloniously stealing a pair of stuff Breeches value 20 s. the Goods of John Davis on the 16th of April last. It appeared the Prisoner lodged in the Prosecutor's House, and going out on the Day above-mentioned was not seen again by the Prosecutor till taken: the Breeches were mist the same Night. The Prisoner denyed the taking of the Breeches, or that he knew any thing of them, and that the Evidence Robers Watkins who lodg'd in the said Room with him, had Malice against him; that the Prosecutor would have made it up, if he would have given him a Note of his Hand to the value, or two Notesthat were in the Breechs when they were cost: and called Haynes to prove it, the Breeches were not found upon him, nor elsewhere, neither did any body see him take them: the Jury Acquitted him of this Indictment also.

Reference Number: t17190514-13

Mary Picket of St. Dunstan at Stepney was indicted for receiving stolen Goods from John Easton , convicted last Sessions for the same, knowing them to be stolen . It fully appeared that the Goods were sold at a very low rate; but the Prisoner in her Defence pleaded, that she kept a Smith's Shop , and that her Servant bought the Goods mentioned in the Indictment (which were 3 Iron Bars) in her absence: She also called some to her Reputation, one who deposed he had known her 4 Years, had de alt with her for Pounds and always found her a very honest poor Woman. The Jury Acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17190514-14

Robert Morgan and Christian Manning , of St. Andrews Holbourn were indicted; the former for breaking open the House of in the Night time, and stealing thence 12 Linnen Aprons,4 Stall-Cloths, one Sheet,2 Coats, a pair of Shoes, a Steal and 8 pound of Fat , on the 19th of April last. And Manning for receiving the same, knowing them to be stolen . The Prosecutor deposed, that his Slaughter-House was broke open between 10 and 12 the Night aforesaid, and his Goods taken away, that they broke the Laths that let in the Air, and got in. Morgan confest the Fact before the Justice, which Confession was read in Court. Esther Mills deposed that she got up about 1 a Clock to Wash, and going into the Slaughter House found it broke, and that her Master had been robb'd; that she went to Mannings, and there found part of the Goods. John Brutfield deposed, that as he was beating his Rounds at the Hour of 12 he met and challenged the Prisoner who threw down a Bundle leapt over a Wall and ran away, but he persued and took him; that in the mean while one Dalton took up the Bundle and carry'd it to Manning's. Dalton deposed, that the Prisoner Morgan, one Foulstone, and himself committed the Fact, that he and Foulstone went in and took the Goods, and Morgan staid without and received them; that he carried part of the Goods to Mannings, who he told what they had done, and she left the Door open on purpose to receive 'em, and gave him half a Crown for 'em. Morgan denyed it now, tho' he had confest it before the Justice, and said that he met Dalton, who gave him a Shilling to carry the Bundle. Manning denyed that she bought any Goods, or knew of the Robbery; and calling several to her Reputation, where she had liv'd, and been intrusted, who gave her a good Character, and that she was very industrious and helpt to maintain her Mother, the Jury Acquitted her; and found Morgan Guilty of Felony only . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190514-15

Mary Dyer and Walter Mackfossett of St. James's Westminster , were indicted, The former for stealing 74 Pound of Tobacco, value 3 l.4 s. the Goods of William Frazer , on the 1st of April last; and Mackfosset for receiving the same knowing it to be stolen . The Prosecutor deposed that the Prisoner Dyer had been his Chare-Woman about a Twelvemonth, and told him she sold the Tobacco to Mackfosset. She in her Defence said that the Prosecutor had been very Sick like to die, and that his Brother (who is now gone to Scotland) was then with him, who told her that the Prosecutor had given him 4 Rolls of Tobacco to make Money of for his own use, for fear if he should die, his Sister-in-Law might be unkind to him, and desired her to sell it for him; that he reach'd it to the Maid, who gave it to her. The Maid was call'd, and confirm'd the same, and the Prosecutor owned he had no Jelousie of her before; the Jury Acquitted them.

Reference Number: t17190514-16

Jane Robinson , of St. James's Westminster , was indicted for stealing 37 Pound of Tobacco , the Goods of William Frazer , on the 11th of April last. But there being no other. Evidence to fix it on the Prisoner, but her acknowledging that, the Prosecutor's Brother gave her two Rolls of Tobacco, she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190514-17

Mary Saunders of St. Dunstan at Stepney was indicted for feloniously stealing a Callicoe Quilt, value 25 s. on the 4th of May last, the Goods of a Person unknown . The Prisoner was Servant to Rachel Baxter , who quilted for the Prosecutor, Mrs. Andrews, and had sent home by the Prisoner a Quilt ready works, which the Prosecutor received, and gave her one unworkt, to carry to her Mistress to make up, which she did not deliver to her; it appearing to be a breach of Trust and no Felony, the Jury brought her in Not Guilty .

Reference Number: t17190514-18

Mary Edwards of St. Giles in the Fields was indicted for stealing a Gold Ring value 5 s. a Stone Ring value 7 s.6 d.5 pieces of Foreign Silver and 6 Shillings in Money, from the Person of Jacob Garring on the 3d of May last. The Prosecutor deposed that the Prisoner pickt him up in Drury-Lane , handed him along; that she was fumbling about his Breeches, and pickt his Money out of his Pocket, which he was sure was there a little before, and took his Rings off his Finger; that when he charged her with picking his Pocke, she ran into a House and he followed her; he got a Constable and had her before a Justice; there was another Woman at a little distance. The Prisoner denyed the Fact, and in her Defence said, that as she was coming down Newtoners-Lane for a Pot of Drink, to carry to her lodging, the Prosecutor follow'd her into the House, and charged her with Picking his Pocket; that she had not been with him nor seen him before. The Jury considering the Matter, and that none of the Goods nor Money was found upon her when taken, they brought her in Not Guilty .

Reference Number: t17190514-19

Edward Whippy , of St. Paul's Shadwell was indicted for feloniously stealing 20 Iron Shot value 10 s.250 pound weight of Rope and an Iron Crow , the Goods of Gapt. Harrison on the third of April last. The Prosecutor deposed that he lost the Goods from on Board his Ship lying at Shadwell Dock ; that there was only a Boy on Board, who told him that the Prisoner took them away. Mr. Beason deposed that he bought two Coils of Rope of the Prisoner, and hearing that Captain Harrison's Ship had been robb'd acquainted him therewith, who swore to the Goods. The Prisoner in his Defence said that he lost his Boat, and found it again with the Ropes in it, and sold them to Mr. Beason. The Court thought that if it was true that he lost his Boat and had the Goods luck to find it again with the Ropes in it, he ought not to have sold them immediately, but have restor'd them to the Owner; and considering that the Boy who was on Board had told his Captain that the Prisoner had actually taken them from on Board, the Jury found him Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190514-20

Elizabeth Welbraham , of St. Andrews Holbourn was indicted for feloniously stealing 3 Gold Rings value 50 s. and 2 Sarsenet Hood value 6 s. out of the Lodging of Katharine Laycock on the 12th of April last. It appeared that the Prosecutor dealt in Old Shoes, and clean'd Shoes for some Gentlemen, and that as she was carrying home some of her Masters Shoes on the Sunday, was taken up by the Informers and carried to the Compar, that she sent for her Daughter, and gave her the Keys of her Drawers, bidding her take one of her Rings and raise some Money on it to pay her Fees, and likewise lent the Prisoner, who lodg'd with her, a Gown and Petticoat,(her own Clothes being ragged) to appear in her behalf before the Justice, which she did; that her Daughter had left the Keys behind her on the Drawers, and when she came home she mist her Rings; but there being no Evidence to fix it on the Prisoner, the Jury Acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17190514-21

John Harris of Hampstead was indicted for privately stealing a Drawer and 5 s. in Money in it, out of the Shop of Mr. Eve , on the 9th of April last. Mary Eve deposed that as she came out of her back Room into her Shop she saw the Prisoner take her Money-Drawer from the Compter and go out with it. William Waters deposed, that he being in the Prosecutor's Shop two or three Days afterwards, the Prisoner went by the Door, and Mrs. Eve said that was the Man that robb'd her. The Prisoner denyed the Fact, and called the following Evidence, viz. A Woman who deposed that the Prisoner's Mother desired her to go down to Mrs. Eve, and ask her if her Son had robb'd her of any thing; that she went accordingly, and Mrs. Eve told her that she could not take her Oath that the Prisoner, was the Person, nor would not for she World. John Page deposed, that Mrs. Eve told him she did not see the Person's Face who robb'd her. Thomas Grist deposed, that Mrs. Eve said it was one in a white Coat and Black Stockings, and that the Prisoner had not wore Black Stockings these 6 Years. His Master whom he was bound Apprentice to in London, deposed, that while he was with him he behaved himself very well, but not having his Health he went into the Country again. It further appear'd that this Prosecution was not carry'd on till a Quarrel happen'd between the Prosecutor and the Prisoner's Father, who where Neighbours; and that there were two Warrants taken out, one on Suspcion only, on Mr. Eve's Oath the last positive on his Wife's Oath. The Jury considering the whole Matter Acquited him.

Reference Number: t17190514-22

Ruth License , of St. Martin's in the Fields , was in dicted for stealing a Trunk, value 2 s. a Silk Gown value 10 s. a Silk Petticoat value 10 s. two Stuff Gowns, and 16 l. in Money , the Goods and Money of Mary Moss , on the 26th of April last. The Prisoner own'd she took the Trunk and put it into a Hackney Coach, and carryed it to St. James's Street; whereupon they took a Search Warrant, and found it there under a Billiard-Table according to her Direction, with the Goods and Money in it. The Jury found her Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17190514-23

Margaret Johnson , of St. Margaret's Westminster , was indicted for feloniously stealing 6 Bottles of Honey-Flower-Water,2 Bottles of Orange Flower-Water, a bottle of Honey Oyl, in all to the value of 5 l. the Goods of Michael Messenger . Mary Messenger deposed the Prisoner was her Servant , and that she used to trust her in her Shop; that missing Goods several times, the Prisoner would have persuaded her that her Lodgers must have them. The Goods were produc'd in Court, and swore to be left by the Prisoner with the Evidence; and swore to also by the Prosecutor. The Jury found her Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190514-24

Robert Cake , of St. Dunstan's at Stepney , was indicted for feloniously stealing part of a Boufette, a Cabbin-Bell, and a Wooden Pulley, from on Board the Ship of Captain Torway on the 12th of April last. Charles Warden deposed that he was at Work aboard the said Vessel in Mr. Fowlers Dock at Limus , and seeing the Prisoner take the Goods, ask'd him why he did so; who reply'd he had a life for them, carried them off and lockt them up in a Storehouse in the Yard. One Burden, who was also at work there, confirm'd the same, adding that he took them out of the Great Cabbin, and took the Boufette to pieces , because he could not carry it away whole. George Fowler deposed the Boufette way Jayners Work belonging to the Ship, and the Captain not being willing to have any old Stuff made use of sold it to the Joyner, who gave it to the Prisoner. The Master of his Dock deposed that the Prisoner had workt with him several Years; that he was his Foreman, and entrusted him with the keeping of his Store-houses. The Prisoner pleaded that he took the Goods to keep safe, it being Customary that when a Vessel came into the Dock for the Master to take care that nothing should be lost. The Captain deposed that he hired the use of Dock only, and that all that workt on board his Vessel were only as Day, Labourers, and that he pay'd them every Day. The Jury considering the Matter, that there was nothing taken away privately, but before those that were at work in the Ship, and then only put into the Store-house for safety, brought him in Not Guilty .

Reference Number: t17190514-25

Francis Sunderland , of St. James's Westminster , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Callicoe Gown, value 15 s. and 5 yards and half of Callicoe value 15 s. the Goods of William Cocket , on the 8th of April last. It appeared that she was Journey Woman to Mary Conner a Manteau-maker who gave her 6 s. per Week. She confest that she stole the Gown in the Evening, and the Callicoe in the Morning, had pawn'd the Gown for 9 s.5 d. and afterwards sold it for 5 s. made to another Person , telling her it was her Mothers. The Fact was very plain, the Goods produc'd in Court, and the Prisoner having nothing to say, the Jury found her Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transporation .

Reference Number: t17190514-26

Dorothy Henly , of St. Giles's in the Fields was indicted for feloniously stealing a Child's Callicoe Coat value 3 s. the Goods of John Gauden , on the 14th of January last.

She was indicted a second time of the Parish aforesaid for stealing a Pewter Chamber Pot value 3 s. the Goods of John Staples .

John Gauden deposed that he mist his Child's Coat, and hearing that the Prisoner was in Tuttle Bride-well, went to her, where she owned the taking of it, and said that she sold it and a Chamber Pot at the White Swan in Long Acre for 4 s. John Staples deposed, he lost his Pot; that the Prisoner drank in his House, staid last of the Company, and while he was in the Cellar took the Opportunity to take the Pot. A Servant at the Swan in Long Acre deposed that the Prisoner came there and pulled out the Coat and Pot and would have sold them to her Master, but he refusing, she called in two Earthen-Ware-Women, who bought them, and not having Money enough, borrowed two Shillings of her Master to pay for them, and left the things there till they brought the Money, which they did soon after. Notwithstanding the Facts were very plain, and she had confest them to both Prosecutors in Bride well, she on her Tryal denyed them, but could call none to her Reputation; the Jury found her Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190514-27

John Adsey , of St. Martins in the Fields was indicted for stealing a Drugget Coat value 25 s. a Perriwig value 10 s. the Goods of Samuel Ilife on the 5th of this Instant May . The Prosecutor deposed, that he coming home about 5 a Clock in the Morning pull'd off his Coat and Wig to take a little Rest before he opened his Shop in the Morning. Sarah life his Wife deposed that she going down into Hungerford Market at the same time to see what Herbs and Flowers the Gardeners had brought, as she came back, found the Prisoner coming out of her House with the Goods; she ask'd him what he did with them; he ran away and dropt them, but she crying out, he was taken. The Prisoner in his Defence said, he went down to Hungerford Market, and coming back he saw another Person run, and heard the Cry; but they feized upon him, and would not be perswaded but

that he was the Person, because some there knew him to have taken his Tryal last Sessions at the Old Biily for another Fact. But this Pretence did not avail, the Prosecutor's Wife being positive he was the Person, the Jury found him Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190514-28

Eleanor Bridges , of the Parish of St. Martin's in the Fields , was indicted for privately stealing 50 Guineas out of the House of Henry Summer , on the 27th of April last. It appeared that the Prosecutors Wife was a Washerwoman, and took in the Prisoner to Wash the Prisoner confest before the Justice that she took 40 Guineas at 3 times through Necessity; which Confession was sign'd by her and read in Court. The Nails of the Lock of the Box wherein the Guineas lay were drawn. The Prisoner denyed the Fact on her Tryal, and said she did not know what she did before the Justice; but that did not avail her; the Jury brought her in Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17190514-29

James Whitfield and Thomas Wells , of Kensington , were indicted for Assaulting Charles Cox on the High-Way, and taking from him a Coach and four Horses, the Goods of Mr. Lawes , on the 19th of December last: but it appearing to be a Dispute of Property and not a Felony nor Robbory on the High-way, the Court lest the Prosecutor to make his Remedy by Action as the Law has provided; and the Jury acquitted the Prisoners.

Reference Number: t17190514-30

William Walton , of St. Andrew's Holbourn , was incted for stealing a Drugget Coat value 10 s. the Goods of Thomas Williams , the 10th of May last was twelve Months . The Prosecutor deposed that when he came to Town from Chelsea he used to lodge at the Prisoners House, and left his Coat there, that missing of it he ask'd the Prisoner for it, who deny'd that he knew any thing of it. Mr. Morris a Pawnbroker deposed, that the Prisoner sent a Coat to him answering the Description of the Prosecutors, and desired to have 4 s. on it; that a Fortnight after he came and said it was a Lod gers Coat who gave it towards Rent that was due to him, and sold it him out right for 6 s. The Prisoner pleaded that it was a malicious-Prosecution upon account of a Law Suit, wherein the Prosecutor was his Attorney and was much enrag'd against him because he had his Bill Taxt; and call'd the following Evidence to clear him, viz. Francis Walton his Daughter deposed, that she was present when her Father bought the Coat of a Landress at Grays-Inn, for 4 s. Mr. Crowder deposed that Morris said he could not swear to the Coat, for one might be like another; and Mrs. Crowder confirmed what her Husband had deposed. The Jury Acquitted him.

He was a Second time indicted for stealing 59 Guineas , the Property of George Walker , on the 25th of December ; but the Evidence not being sufficient to make good the Charge, and there having been two Indictments preferred against him before which were found Ignoramus, and he calling several to his Reputation who gave him a very good Character, and the contrary of Mrs. Walker, the Jury acquitted him of this Indictment also.

Reference Number: t17190514-31

William Thompson , of St. Clement's Danes was indicted for privately stealing 2 Gold Ring value 20 s. and 10 s. in Money , the Goods and Money of Roger Wade on the 26th of April last. The Prosecutor deposed the Prisoner came to see him at the Lamb-Inn near St. Clements Church , and lodg'd with him that Night; in the Morning he help'd him in the Stable, and lent him a Horse to ride out a little, but so soon as he was gone he mist his Rings and Money, and overtaking him in the Strand found them upon him. Another deposed he saw the Purse and two Gold Rings taken upon him. The Prisoner had nothing to say in his Defence but that the Rings were soft on the Bed and he took them up; the Jury found him Guilty of Felony only . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190514-32

Elizabeth Cook , of St. Ann's Westminster , was indicted for feloniously stealing 2 Pewter Plates, a Porringer,&c . the Goods of Thomas White , but no Evidence appearing against her she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190514-33

Margaret Spooner , of the Parish of St. Paul's Shadwell , was indicted for stealing a Silver Watch from Jonas Johnson , on the 22th of April last. But no Evidence appearing against her she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190514-34

Diana Berry alias Cole , of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for privately stealing 22 Yards of Mecklin-Lace value 19 l. out of the Shop of Charles Cunningham , on the 31st of March last. Mrs. Cunningham deposed that the Prisoner came to her shop to see some Mecklin-Lace, and fix'd upon a Piece and the Price, but it being for a Child-bed-suit, she must fetch a a Pattern to make it by and would return in an Hour's time; but she came no more, neither did she see her till last Sessions, when she was found Guilty of a Felony; that two other Persons came into the Shop to look on Fans while she was there, and believes the Prisoner took the Opportunity to take the face, while she was showing the Fans; but the Jury not thinking the Evidence sufficient to fix it on the Prisoner brought her in Not Guilty .

Reference Number: t17190514-35

Mary Johnson of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for Stealing 36 yards of Ribbon, value 4 s. the Goods of Lewis Visier , on the 2 d. of this Instant May : but it appearing to be the Property of Jane Visier tho' taken from Lewis, the Jury brought her in Not Guilty .

Reference Number: t17190514-36

Temperance Walker , of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for stealing a Camblet Riding-Hood , the Goods of Ann How , on the 17th of April last. The Prosecutor deposed she left the Prisoner to take care of her House, while she went out for a Month, and when she came home she took her Riding-Hood, and said she lent it to a Person who had pawn'd it for 4 or 5 s but the Jury not being satisfied with the Evidence, Acquitted her.

She was indicted a second time, for stealing a Cypher Ring the Property of Edward Stanton the 17th of April last: but the Evidence not being sufficient, the Jury acquitted her of this Indictment also.

Reference Number: t17190514-37

Mary Mims of St. Andrews Holbourn , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Silver Spoon value 9 s. a Callicoe Gown and Petticoat and a pair of Gloves, the Goods of Robert Morebeck , and a Gown and Petticoat, the Goods of Mary Townshend , on the 5th of this Instant May . The Prosecutor deposed he hired the Prisoner for his Servant , and in a Fortnights same the robb'd him; a Pawnbroker stopt her with the Spoon and brought her home and she confest the taking Gown before the Justice. The Prisoner pleaded that she did not take them with a felonious , but wanting a little Money to buy her Shoes, other of to pawn the Spoon , and design'd to redeem it again and put it in its proper Place. The Jury found her Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190514-38

Richard Wales a little Boy , and Rebecca Tompkins , of St. Leonard Shoreditch were indicted, the former for feloniously stealing a Pewter Quart Pot, Copper Saucepan, a Tobacco-box and a Clasp Knife , the Goods of James Rigley ; and Rebecca Tompkings his Mother for receiving the same knowing them to be stole . Mrs. Rigley took the Boy upon Suspicion, who owned the Fact, and said he gave the Goods to his Mother; but she denied that she knew any thing of them, and upon his Tryal he said he sold them to a Stranger for Money to buy him Victuals. Nothing being proved against the Mother, the Jury acquitted her, and brought in the Boy Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190514-39

Benjamin Larkin , of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Silver Tankard, value 38 s. the Goods of William Buckland on the 21st of April last. It appeared that Captain Buckland had brought the Prisoner up from a Child, but he prov'd an untoward Boy; and now missing his Tankard found the Bottom of it upon him, and she at Jane Dewberry 's in Newport street, where the Prisoner had sold it. The Indictment was laid favourably, with a Design to prevent his receiving a heavier Sentence hereafter, hoping that going abroad may reclaim him, the Jury found him Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190514-40

James Holliday , was indicted for a Trespass and Conspiracy ; but no Evidence appearing against him he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190514-41

Richard Williams and Roger Williams , of St. James's Westminster , were indicted for Assaulting Ralph Courtney , and Robbing him of 42 s. on the 9th of April last. The Prosecutor deposed that Richard Williams and Thomas Harrick came to his Lodgings to inquire for him, that he hearing some Body ask for him, opened his Door to see who it was, and the Prisoner and Harrich rusht into his Room (which was a Ground Floor) and said they wanted Money, and Money they must have, it was no time to dispute, they must have his Money or his Life; that they demanded 5 l. of him, but he had but 2 Guineas and half a Crown about him, which he pulled out of his Pocket into his Hand; that Harrich snatcht the 2 Guines, and Richard Williams , the Half Crown, and went away. That Williams shut the Door clapping his Back against it and held him by his Shirt sleeve. He was in such a Surprise that he could not follow to apprehend them. Thomas Harrich deposed that the Prisoners and himself went to an Alehouse over against the Prosecutor's Lodgings and sent over Richard Williams to see if he was stirring, who brought word that he was not; a little after Richard and he went together, and enquiring for him, the Prosecutor opened his Door a little way, and they Brusht in, and did as the Prosecutor had before deposed; Roger Williams staying at the Alehouse till they came back. The Prisoners pleaded that Harrich told them the Prosecutor would have Bugger'd him, and had given him 9 s. and three half pence already, with a Promise of a further Reward, not to disgrace him. They called several to their Reputation by which it appeared that Roger Williams the Father had liv'd well and had a good Estate in Herefordshire, but by being engag'd for others was reduc'd, and now follow'd the business of an Undertaker , and was also supported by Friends; that his Son Richard, tho' in no Business had receiv'd several Legacies left him by some Friends, as 50 l.100 l., and 251. which he had liv'd upon. It did not appear that Roger Williams was present at the committing of the Fact, but only waited for their coming back to the Alehouse, the Jury Acquitted him, and found Richard Guilty of the Indictment Death .

Reference Number: t17190514-42

Stephen Margrove and John Wood , of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , were indicted for Assaulting George Smith on the King's High-Way, and taking from him 22 s. the 18th of January last. The Prosecutor deposed that the Prisoners came up to him (and John Wood took him hold by the Collar of his Coat) and demanded his Money, and said if he would not give it them they would take away his Life and swear Sodomy against him; that by means of this Violence, and being under a Terror, and in great-Fear he gave them what he had in his Pocket, which was Half a Guinea, and about 11 s. or 12 s. in Silver but they not being contented with that said they would shame him if he did not, give them more Money, and went Home with him in his Master's House in Golden-Square , where being in a Surprize, he gave them another Guinea; he was sure they were the same Persons, he having seen them before, when he was with his Master at Tunbridge. The Prisoners pleaded that the Prosecutor came up to Wood while he was making Water, and took hold of his Yard, using some unseemly Expressions, whereupon he called out a Sodomite; that then the Prosecutor fell on his Knees, and begg'd them not to expose him, and took them over to the Hoop Tavern Door, and gave them half a Guinea and some Silver here (which the Prosecutor deny'd) they said further than the Prosecutor took them Home to his Master's House and gave them another Guinea; and urg'd that it could not be robbing on the High Way, because the Prosecutor gave them the Money; But the Court observed that the Money, they took from him in the Street, was mention'd in the Indictment; and that he that took a Man by the Collar in the Street, and demanded his Money with threats to take away his Life if he did not give it them, and by such violence and putting in feat got his Money from him was guilty of Robbing him. They called several to their Reputation, by which it appear'd that Margrove had been a Servant at Young-Man's-Coffee-House 6 Years, and Wood had been a Gentleman's Servant , but none to give an Account how they spent the last 6 Months of their Lives. The Jury found them Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17190514-43

John Bourn and John Richmond , were indicted for feloniously stealing an Iron Anchor value 15 s. the Goods of Thomas Flanders , on the 7th of April last. It appeared that the Prosecutor lost his Anchor out of his Boat at Old Ford , which he said was cut to pieces and workt up; but the Evidence not being sufficient to fix it upon the Prisoners, the Jury Acquitted them.

Reference Number: t17190514-44

Henry Broom , of St. John at Hackeny , and Mary Hutchins , were indicted, the former for breaking open the House of James Lamb , and feloniously stealing thence a set of Crimson Damask Window Curtains, a set of Strawcolour Window Curtains, a Silver Tea Pot, a Silver Mug, Silver Porringer,5 Silver Spoons,15 Gold Rings, and other Goods to a considerable value ; the 21st of December last and Mary Hutchins as Accessary for receiving the same knowing them to be stole .

He was a second time indicted for breaking open the House of Samuel Russel , and taking thence 6 pair of Holland Sheets,11 Holland Shirts,11 China Plates; and other Goods ; the 15th of December last, and Mary Hutchins for receiving the same knowing them to be stole .

He was a third time indicted for breaking open the House of Mary Jackson , and stealing thence 7 Silver Spoons, Silk Window Curtains, and other Goods , on the 9th of April last.

He was a 4th time indicted for breaking open the House of Elizabeth Gordon , and stealing thence 4 Yellow Silk Curtains, a China Bason, Sugar Dish, and other Goods on the 9th of April last.

He was a 5th time indicted for breaking open the House of Claude Hays , and stealing thence 57 pound of wrought Turkey Silk, value 50 l.&c .

James Lamb deposed that his Door next his Garden was barr'd, bolted and lockt over Night, and that in the Morning the found it wide open, a Pannel of it taken out, and his Goods gone. One Chetwood deposed that the Prisoner and himself got over Mr. Lamb's Wall about 12 o Clock at Night, broke open the Door, took the Goods, and brought them home; and sent his Wife and Mary-Hutchins to dispose of the Curtains; and some of the Rings, who sold them to Esther Watson , and she to Clifford, who disposing of them was stopt; that they told Hutchins they had them from Clapton. The Prisoner Broom confest he was guilty of this, and all the other Indictments; he would have clear'd Hutchins, saying she was his Wife, and called Evidence to prove it, cut it appearing that they were married since the disposal of the Goods, the Jury found them both Guilty , Broom of the Felonies and Burglaries. Death , and she as Accessory. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190514-45

Isaac Seaman , of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for Committing a Rape on the Body of Margaret the Wife of James Lee on the 6th of March last. Margaret Lee , deposed that the Prisoner's Man Will. came to her towards the Evening to bid her bring some Fruit to his Master, that accordingly she went with some to his Lodgings in St. Martins Lane , that when she came there the, Prisoner said he did not want her Fruit but to lye withother, that she told him she had a good Husband of her own, a handsom Man, whom she lov'd, and did not want any other; that he offer'd her a piece of Gold, which she believed was a Guinea; but she refused; that he pulled and haled her about, and at last threw her down on the Floor and lay with her against her Consent, that it was up two pair of Stairs backward, that he shut the Door; but she was not sure he lock it; that she was weak, being 4 or 5, Months gone with Child, and miscarryed within 3 Days after; that she had Marks of Violence on her Thighs and Arms, that her Husband was then out of Town, and come home 4 or 5 Days after, when she told him of it, and

apprehened the Prisoner; that she immediately complained of it to Mrs. Erwin and Mrs. Smart. Joan Erwin deposed, that she lookt to Mrs. Lee's Standing while she went with some Fruit to the Prisoner; that she was gone about half an Hour; that she came back trembling, and could not speak presently, but as they went along told her the Matter, and that the Prisoner, had serv'd but as a Man would his Wife; that she saw the Marks on her Arms and Thighs, and than she Miscarry'd about three Days after. Elenoar Smart deposed, that she went to Mrs. Lee's Lodging 3 or 4 Days after; who told her how she had been with Fruit to the Prisoner's Lodgings, who said he did not want, Oranges, but to lye with her; she told her, that he threw her down, stopt her Mouth and lay with her; that she saw bruises on the inside her Things, and that she miscarry'd. James Lee her Husband deposed that he was out of Town at that time; and when he came home his Wife told him that the Prisoner had thrown her down stopt her Mouth with his Hand and Handkerchief, and forcibly entred her Body; that she fainted away and had miscarry'd; that he had been married to her about 15 Months.

The Prisoner Pleaded that Lee had serv'd him formerly with Fruit, but since her pretended Marriage was grown impudent; that he had forbid his Man to let her come up, and had not seen her since Christmass Isabella Seaman , the Prisoner's Sister-in-Law deposed that she was at home all that Week; that she was in the Room opposite to the Prisoner on the same Floor, and if there had been such pulling and haling and a Disturbance she must have heard it; but she heard nothing, nor had not seen Lee in the House since Christmass James Cookman deposed that he went to the Prisoner's Lodgings every Day, and being there once when Lee came up, she was very impudent, and told the Prisoners, he was a Coward and would not venture to lye with her. That he had not seen her in the House since Christmass, and believes if the Prisoner had a mind to have layn with her, he might without committing a Rape. William Roderick the Prisoner's Man, deposed that his Master before Christmass commanded, him not to let her come there any more, and that he did not fetch her to bring Fruit, nor see her, in the House since Christmas last. There were several others whol deposed that they had not seen her there since Christmas. The Justice who took her, Information deposed; that when the came to him she declared upon Oath, that she had acquainted. Ann Lord ; and another Woman (neither Error nor Smart) with it, and no other Person, that Erwin was an ill Woman and had been often before him as a Criminal. Ann Lord deposed that Mrs. Lee never told her any thing of the Rape, but that a Gentleman affronted her and the miscarry'd; that she was in her House the 6th of March from 12 to 4 a Clock, and from 4 to 8 at Night at the Tavern very much fuddled; that her Husband was not out of Town then, but at her House and desired her to fetch his Wife from the Tavern, which she did, that she was so drunk she could hardly stand, that her Husband pull'd her and hal'd her to get her home, which might occasion her Bruises and Miscarriage. Jane Allen deposed she was in Company with Mary Lee the 6th of March, from 12 at Noon till 8 at Night; that she Sold her a pair of Shoes and Cloths, and that she was very drunk. There were several other Evidences that deposed, they heard Lee say that her Husband had beat and abus'd her, and made her Miscarry; and that she would have hired two to have prostituted their Bodies; it was likewise deposed that her Husband would have made it up, if the Prisoner would have given him some Money. The Jury considering the whole matter acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17190514-46

William Gibbs , of St. Mary-le-Bone , was indicted for the Murther of , by giving him one Mortal Wound on the upper part of his Right Breast of the Breadth of a quarter of an Inch, and the depth of 7 Inches, on the 18th of April last, of which he instantly died . He was also indicted upon the Coroners Inquest for the same. It appeared that the Deceased went to a Fencing-School that the Prisoner used and enquired for him, and was told by the Master that he expected him there presently, and the Deceased being a Fencing-Master , the Master of the School ask'd him to take a File and Fence with a young Gentleman that was there to improve him, that while he was Fencing the Prisoner came in, and the Deceased laid down the File upon the Table, and went with him to the Door, and quarrel'd with him; that the Prisoner went away, and the Deceased came back and took his Sword and followed him, and overtook him, laid hold of him, and swore if he would not Fight him he would run him through, charging the Prisoner with abusing of him, in saying that he was not fit to teach a Gentleman, which the Prisoner assured him he never did, endeavouring by all means to pacifie him; but nothing would do, he must Fight or the Deceased would stick him; that being come into the Fields near Marybone , the Deceased drew his Sword, and swore he'd Sacrifice him if he would not Fight him; whereupon the Prisoner drew to defend himself, and the Deceased received the Wound mentioned in the Indictment. It further appear'd that the Prisoner went immediately to a Brandy Shop in the Road, where two Men were drinking, and inquired for a Surgeon, Saying that there was a Gentleman dangerously wounded in the Fields; that after he had sent a Surgeon to take care of the Deceased, he went into Oxendon-Street to a Surgeon to have his own Wounds drest, viz. one in his Breast of about half an Inch, and another in his Right Leg of about two Inches. There were were several Persons of Distinction who gave him a very good Character, and that he was neither Quarrelsom, nor given to swear, but a good natur'd obliging young Man. There were also a great many of the Deceased's Comrades, who had rid with him in Lumley's Regiment, and now in the first Troop of Horse Grenadiers, who gave him the Character of a very Quarrelsom Man, one that would Fight for Fighting Sake, and that it was, dangerous to keep him Company, and gave several Instances of it. The Jury considering the whole matter, brought him in Guilty of Manslaughter . Burnt in the Hand .

Reference Number: t17190514-47

John Mills , of St. Dunstan's in the West , Gent , was indicted for counterfeiting the Stamps for Paper and Parchment on the Fifth of March last.

He was a second time indicted for uttering and selling Counterfeited Stamp Paper, knowing it to be counterfeit .

It appeared that the Commissioners of the Stamp Office finding that their Stamps were counterfeited, employ'd Mr. Holland and others to buy up Stamp Paper in order to find out the Aggressors, and prevent such evil Practices; that accordingly he bought some double Penny Stamp Paper of Mr. Barber, which proved to be Counterfeit, and which Barber deposed he bought of the Prisoner (who was a Clerk in the Chancery Office under his Master) for 3 s.6 d. a Quire, whereas the ordinary Price was 4 s 4 d. Whereupon Mr. Sydeuham, Mr. Rolles and Mr. Marshal went with a Warrant to apprehend the Prisoner to his Lodgings, and found him and a Coach at the Door with a Sack of Stamp Paper in it, and a Trunk with more Stamp Paper in his Lodgings, which was produc'd in Court and fully proved to be Counterfeit. The Prisoner owned the selling the Paper to Mr. Barber, and that in the Sack and Trunk; and in his Defence said he had it from his Brother, who owed him One Hundred Pound, and could not pay him; but told him he would let him have it out in Stamp Paper, which he had of a Stationer that died that he did not know that any of it was Counterfeit. His Master and several Gentleman of the Office gave him a very good Character; and there being no Evidence to fix the first Indictment upon him, of Counterfeiting

the Stamps, the Jury Acquitted him of that, and found him Guilty of the other for uttering Counterfeit Stamp Paper to sale, knowing it to be Counterfeit; but recommended him to Mercy at the same time, saying that they did not find any positive Evidence that he knew them to be Counterfeit, tho' they believed in their Conscience from the Circumstances, that he was Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: s17190514-1

The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment as followeth:

Received Sentence of Death,10.

Simon Aylmore , Abraham Wood , Margaret Chapman , Henry Broom , Richard Williams , Stephen Margrove , John Wood , Ruth Licence , Eleanor Bridges , and J - M -.

To be Transported,15.

John Low , Katharine Davis , Stephen Clarke , Hannah Tylor , Robert Morgan , Edward Whippy , Mary Hutchins , Margaret Johnson , Frances Sunderland , Dorothy Henley , Mary Mims , William Thompson , Benjamin Larkin , Richard Wales , and John Adsey .

Burnt in the Hand,

William Gibbs ,

Sarah Scott alias Bridgeway, and Thomas Launder , who lay since last Sessions.

Margaret Chapman , Ruth Licence and Eleanor Bridges pleaded their Bellies, and a Jury of Matrons being impannelled, found Margaret Chapman and Eleanor Bridges with Quick Child; but Ruth Licence Not.

Reference Number: a17190514-1


THE Widow of the Late Dr. Povey, Operator for the Teeth, now follows the same Business, she Clean Teeth, and puts in Artificial ones so easie, neat and slim, that they need not be removed for seven Years, and they may eat with them as well as with their former, and cannot be distinguish'd from their natural ones; and fells all his Medicines, which the made up for him many Years in his Life-time, there being no Person can make the Right besides her self. viz. A pleasant Dentance, being the same that King Charles II. constantly used; it makes the Teeth as white as Ivory, and preserves them from decaying, destroying the Scurvy, She bath a Cephalick which certainly cures the Tooth ach in a Minute's Times beyond any Person in England: and froms selaing Teeth, so that the Pain will never return again. If the Tooth are rotten or uneven, and full ol Holes or B'ack Specks, she will make them smooth, even, found and white; so that no Person shall distingalm where the Deces has been. She sells a pleasant Water that prevents any Rottenness from selaing the Teeth, and takes all Pains and Impostimes, Cankera or dwellings out of the Gums, and fastess toose Teeth; which several Persons of Quality and others know to be true. All the above mentioned Preoparations are to be had of her (at the same Place) the Sign of the Queens Arms and Dial and next Door in the Tin-shop near Exeter Exchange in the Strand, and at Will's Coffee-House in Cornhill, at Reasonable Rates.

Some BOOKS printed for and sold by Edmond Parker as the Bible and Crown in Lombard Street, near Stocks Market.

THE London New Method and Art of Teaching Children to Spell and Read; so as they may, without the Help of any other Books, read the Bible in less than twelve Months. Note, This Way of Teaching is approved by most School Masters as the best. Price bound 6 d. with great Allowance to those who sell or give them away. Note, There are some printed on Fine Paper, bound up with Cuts. pr.8 l.

The Benefit of Early Piety, recommended to all Young Persons. By W. Smythies, late Morning Lecturer of St. Michael in Cornhil, London. The Third Edition. Price bound 6 d.

For the Compleating of Psalmody. The Devout Singer's Guide; cantaining all the Common Tunes now in use, with Select Portions of the Psalms adapted to each Tune, and Rules for singing Treble and Bass. To which is added, A Table shewing at one View what Psalms and Hymns are proper to each Tune both in the Old Version of Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Stenhold , and in the New Version of Dr. Brady and Mr. Tate. And Directions for Parish Clerks in the Choice of proper Pialms on most Occasions. B s Shenson; and Recommended by P. Johnson, D. Warner, land other Singing Masters. The Fourth Edition; to which is added Five Tunes, contalning their Census, Medim and Bassas, not in the former Editions. Price bound 1 s.

AEsop's Fables , with Morals and Reflection, as improv'd by Sir Roger L'Estrange, done into Variety of English Verse. Illustrated with Cuts curiously engrav'd on Copper Plates. Very usef ul to Divert and Instruct Young Gentlemen and Ladies in the Conduct of Human Life. The Second Edition. Price bound 2 s.6 d.

Arithmetick made easie, according to the New Method now taught and practis'd in London. Where in the Rules of that necessary Art are briefly explain'd, and illustrated with such familiar Examples as may suit the meanest Capacity, if they desire to learn it. To which is added a Succiuct Treatise of Decimal Fractions, with Compleat Tables, Rules, and Examples demonstrating the same. The like not extant in any other Treatise of this Nature. The Fourth Edition. By John Copeland , Writing Master. Price bound p s.

Maximum in Minimo: Or Mr. Jeremiah Rich 's Pens Desterity compleated. Being the plainest and ealiest Method of writing SHORT-HAND. To which are added. The Terms of the Law compleat in Charcters at length, being of great use to all Lawyers and others who take Tryals at large in Courts. Never done till non. By Samuel Bostley . The whole curiously engrav'd on Thirty Copper Plates. Pr.1 s.6 d.

A Guide to English Jurses: setting forth their Antiquity, Power and Duty, from the Common Law and Statutes with a Table. By a Person of Quality. Also a Letter to the Anther upon the same Subject. Price 1 s.

Orders, By Laws, and Grdinences for the good Government and Regulating of the Persons Licensed to steep and Drive Hackney Coacher, and their Renters and Orivett Made, Publish'd and Declar'd by the Commissioners and Allowed and Approved by the Lord Chancellor and Judges as the Law direct. Price 3 d.

The following Books are given Gratis.

THE Practical Scheme of the Secret Disease and Broken Constitutions, by fast Living, Former ill Cores, Salivations and Mercury -2ly. The New System of the GOUT and Rhenmatism, drawn from Reason, Auatomical Observations and Experience,-3ly, A Rational Account of the Cause, Nature, and Cure of WEAKNESSES usually attending Persons after former Cures, Over-strainings, Self, A buses, Hard Labours, Miscarriages,&c. Wherein is given a full Account of the Horlad Nature, and most miserable Consequences of Self abuses in particular. These Books (all New Editions) are given Gratis Up one pair of Stairs at the Sign of the ANODYNE.


without Temple Bar. At Mr. Cowpers Toyshop the Corner of Charles Court by Hungerford-Market in the Strand. And at Mrs. Garraway's Shop at the King's Arms at the Royal Exchange-Gate next Cornhill.

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