Old Bailey Proceedings, 8th April 1719.
Reference Number: 17190408
Reference Number: f17190408-1

THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE KING's Commission of the Peace, AND

Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the Old Bayly,


Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, being the 8th,9th, and 11th, of this Instant April,1719. In the Fifth Year of His MAJESTY's Reign.

BEfore the Right Hon. Sir JOHN WARD , Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London; the Lord Chief Justice Prass , Mr. Baron Price , John Raby , Esq; Deputy Recorder; and several of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the City of London, and County of Middlesex.

The Jurors Names were as followeth:

London Jury.

John Keeble ,

John White ,

Edward Littlefield ,

William Terry ,

Joseph Ward ,

John Marshal ,

Francis Catchmead ,

Thomas Whitehorn ,

Richard Morris ,

Edward Mauld ,

Ralph Surrup ,

John Peachy ,

Middlesex Jury.

Giles Riddle ,

Tho Bavan ,

John Curtis ,

Edward Peacock ,

Edward Tomkins ,

William Kindrick ,

Jasper Clarke ,

Joseph Partridge ,

Adam White ,

Richard Beatnasse ,

John Prator ,

Charles Russel .

The Proceedings were as followeth:

Reference Number: t17190408-1

John Wheeler of St. Sepulchres , was indicted for breaking open the House of Samuel Mead in the Night time, and stealing thence 10 Pewter Dishes,36 Pewter Plates, a Brass Porridge Pot,2 Brass Stew-pans,&c. to the value of 5 l. on the 10th of January last, the Goods of the said Samuel Mead. The Prosecutor deposed that his House was broke open between twelve and five a Clock the Night aforesaid, and the Goods taken away, That the Prisoner being taken up about 6 Weeks after for another Robbery and committed to Newgate, sent for the Prosecutor, owned he robbed him, and told him where he had sold the Goods; that he got over the Wall into his Yard, took out a pane of Glass and open'd the Casement, so got into the Kitchen, then open'd the Street Door to let in his Companion, and took the Goods; that the Pewter was melted down, but the Pot was found, and own'd by the Prosecutor. Another Evidence deposed the Prisoner came to him, and desir'd him to fetch the Pot out of Pawn and buy it out-right, that it cost him 16 s. and 8 d. to redeem it, which he made up 30 s. to the Prisoner. The Prisoner denyed the breaking the House, and said that one Newman (since run away) broke the House; but own'd that he was in Smithfield and help'd off with the Goods.

He was a second time indicted for breaking open the House of Joshua Winsmore in the Night, and stealing thence a Silver Cup, a Silver Quartern Pot,3 Silver Spoons, and 2 Bags of Half-pence , the Goods of the said Mr. Winsmore, on the 4th of March last. The Prosecutor deposed the Prisoner had done Joyners Work for him in his House for about 6 Years; that he came there on the 3d of March last and conceal'd himself in a Back House till the Family was gone to Bed; that then he took out a pane of Glass and got into his House and took the Goods; that the Quartern Pot was taken upon him with the Lid broke off, and the Spoons found where he had pawn'd them: The Pawn-broker swore they were pawn'd to him by the Prisoner, and the Prosecutor that they were the same he had lost. Upon the whole the Jury found him Guilty of both Indictments . Death .

Reference Number: t17190408-2

Mary Clarke of St. Giles Cripplegate was indicted for privately stealing from the Person of John Burcher 7 s. in Money Number'd . The Prosecutor deposed that as he was going over Smithfield to Long-Lane he met with the Prisoner, who wou'd scrape acquaintance with him, and said that she was born at the same Place his Master was Member of Parliament for; that he went into the Sign of the Boot a Publick House in Long-Lane about 9 at Night, and sat there in a Publick Room about a Quarter of an Hour; that the Prisoner follow'd him in, and afterward went with him so far as Red-Cross-Street , where there was a Crow'd about two Women that were fighting; that there she took the opportunity to pick his Pocket of the Money mention'd in the Indictment, but he feeling her Hand come out of his Pocket, followed and took her: When she was in Custody she offer'd to send for Money to make him Satisfaction if he'd take it and let her go. Mr. Morris deposed he knew her to be a common. Night-walker, and heard her say she'd send for a Person to give him the Money again. The Prisoner denied the taking his Money, and said that she met the Prosecutor in Smithfield, who ask'd her whether she would take him home to her Lodging, or go with him to a Publick House; that they staid together the drinking of one Pint, and as to her offering to send for Money for him, she did it rather than to have her Reputation stained. The Jury upon the whole acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17190408-3

Rebecca Jones of St. Andrews Holbourn was indicted for feloniously stealing 22 Yards of Sarsenet value 29 s.

the Goods of David Dyehouse , the 26th of March last, The Prosecutor deposed he deals in Mercery Wares . and instructed the Prisoner to sell Goods for him; that he sent her out to sell a piece of Sattin, but she'took the Sarsnet without his Knowledge; that he going to one of his Customers, she told him she could not deal with him for she could buy Goods cheaper, and shewed him those mention'd in the Indictment, which she bought of the Prisoner: Her Confession before the Justice was read in Court. The Prisoner in her Defence said she did not know what she said before the Justice, and that she was his Apprentice, and had 3 Years to serve . The Jury found her guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-4

, of St. Dunstan's in the West , was indictcted for feloniously stealing 5 Silver Forks, and 2 silver Spoons, out of the House of Edward Cotton , on the 24th of February last. The Prosecutor deposed that he keeps the Devil Tavern at Temple-Bar , and and midling his Goods went the 25th to Goldsmiths Hall and publish an Advertisement describing them with a Reward of 5l. the next Day Mr. Lane a Silver-Smith brought one of his Forks to him, and the Prisoner, whom he bought it of. Mr. Lane deposed, that he bought the Fork of the Prisoner before the Advertisement came out, and gave him 9 s.10 d. for it, that he then said he had 4 more, which he would bring the next Day; that he came accordingly and brought 2 Silver Spoons with him, but not Forks; that he (Mr. Lane) having then recived the afore said Advertisement stopt him and carried him with the Fork and Spoons to the Prosecutor, who owned the Fork only. The Prisoner in his Defence said he met with an Old Acquaintance at the Exchange very Gentleelly drest, who had been at Dorchester half a year, and told him he wanted some Money, and gave him the Fork desiring him to sell it for him, telling him at the same time he had four more, which he should have the next Day. But could not produce the Person nor any Evidence to prove it.

He was a Second time indicted for feloniously stealing 2 Silver Spoons out of the House of Richard Duppa . The Prosecutor deposed he lost the Spoons out of his Kitchen. Mr. Lane deposed they were the same Spoons he offer'd to sell him when he stop'd and secur'd him. The Prisoner made the same Defence as before; but the Jury not being satisfied with it, brought him in Guilty of both Indictments . Death .

Reference Number: t17190408-5

, of St. Margaret Pattons , was indicted for privately stealing 2 Rasors value 5 s. a Hone value 3 s. a pair of Scissors and a Rasor-Case out of the Shop of Daniel Lyon , on the 19th of February last. Mr. Lyon deposed the Prisoner came to his shop as a Porter to speak: with him from a Gentleman, and took the Goods. Andrew Christie deposed the Prisoner came to his shop and would have scrap'd Acquaintance with him, and after some Talk told him that he had left off Trade, and desired him to buy the Goods mentioned in the Indictment, for his Wife and Family wanted Bread. Mr. Christie reply'd he must try them first; but however considering his Necessity gave him 5 s. for them, telling him if he thought it too little he should have them again for the same Money. The Prisoner had nothing to say in his Defence. The Jury found him Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-6

Gervas Northam and George Flatt , of St. Botolphs Aldgate , were indicted for privately stealing 15 hundred weight of Old Iron, and three hundred weight of Lead out of the Warehouse of Thomas Ambrose , Esq ; on the 25th of February last. to which Indictment they pleaded Guilty . Death.

Reference Number: t17190408-7

Richard Pain alias Dean of St. Gregory by St. Paul , was indicted for privately stealing a Cotton Handkerchief value 6 d. from Henry Brookhouse , the 13th of March last. As the Prosecutor was going along St. Pauls Church Yard the Prisoner pickt his pocket, for was seen by another Boy, who immediately told the Prosecutor of it; whereupon he seiz'd him, and found his Hanckerchief between his Legs. The Jury found him Guilty to the value of 6 d. Transportation

Reference Number: t17190408-8

Elizabeth Batchet of St. Stephen Coleman street was indicted for stealing a Gold Watch,2 Silver Watches and a Silver Spoon , the Goods of Humphrey Carter , on the 19th of February , last Elizabeth Carter deposed the prisoner was her Servant and that she delivering her key to Elizabeth Brooks her Maid to fetch a Tea Canister out of her Desk, she gave it the Prisoner who took it out of the Desk and the Goods mentioned in the Indictment. Elizabeth Brooks deposed that her Mistress gave her the key of her Desk to fetch a Cart-knife but that she knowing there were Goods of Value in it, was unwilling to take out the Cannister her self for fear any thing should be missing, therefore gave the Key to Mrs. Hatchet , and desired her to give her out the Cannister, which she did, and at the same time took out the Watches and Spoon and put them in her Pocket and went away. Francis Cowly (who had liv'd there about a Week or a Fortnight) confirm'd the same, and said that he told his Mistress of it the same Day, whereupon she said the Prisoner had robb'd her; that she return'd again the next Day, when his Mistress ask'd her what she had done with the Goods she said she had brought them again. Samuel Darbam deposed that his Mistress sent him to see for the Prisoner, whom he found, and asking her why she robb'd his Mistress, she acknowledged it, and said she would bring the Goods again. The Prisoner denied the Fact or that she was a Servant to Carter, and said that the Desk and all the Goods in the Room where it was were her own. c being her Lodging Room, and brought several Witnesses who made it appear very plain that Mrs. Carter and her self were Partners, and sent out Money in small Parcels, and took in Pawns, and that Mrs. Hatchet was the chief Manager, for that several had been to borrow Money and Goods,&c. when Mrs. Hatchet was not within, and was told by Mrs. Carter that she could not let them have it without her. That Mr. Carter knew nothing at all of the Robbery, and was heard to say, that if the Watches were stole, he believed Elizabeth Sutton his Wife's Crony, had them and a General Release which he had given Mrs. Hatchet was produced in Court. An Officer who had arrested Elizabeth Sutton deposed, that Mrs. Carter gave him a Gold Watch for security for her forth-coming, which he had in his Custody from the 9th of February to the 27th. The Warrant to take up Mrs. Hatchet was like wife produced in Court, and was dated the 4th if February, and the Goods laid in the Indictment to the stole the 19th . There were several Witnesses gave Mrs Hatchet a very good character, and the contrary of Mrs. Carter, who behaved her self to turbulently that she was turn'd out of Court. The Jury upon the whole matter acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17190408-9

Charles Vincent of St. Stephen Walbrook was indicted for stealing a Black Horse value 5 l. from the Lady Rebecca Mayer on the 1st of March last. It appeared the Prisoner was Coachman to the Prosecutor, and that the Horse was lame with a Nail in his Foot, that he carried him to one Mr. Lewis a Farrier, who took off his shoe and cur'd him of the Hurt received by the Nail, but his Heels being greasy and much out of Order, carryed him to another Place till he should be well, where the Prisoner and the Farrier went to look after him; that he told his Lady the Horse was very bad and could not recover, and urg'd her very much to fell him; that he went again to the Farrier, and desir'd him to go to his Lady and tell her he had brought the Horse for 4 s.6 d. and was to give a Crown more if it did well, and he went accordingly. The Butler deposed the Prisoner came and said he had sold the Horse for 5 s. that it lay with its Head against the Door of the Stable so that they could not open it, but were forc'd to hire Men to get him out; that he had sold him to a Collar-maker at Cierkenwell; whereupon his Lady sent him to inquire into the Truth of it. which he did very diligently, but could hear nothing of him; he also deposed the Farrier told him he

had bought it for 10 s. five whereof he paid in Hand; but that he calling upon him while he was in Nawgate , he owned to him he had sold him for 4 l. The Prisoner in his Defence said that going with his Lady to Highgate the Horse got a Nail in his Foot and was same , whereupon his Lady ordered him to buy two Penny-worth of Oil of Turpentine and put to it; that he sent for the Farrier, who pull'd off his Shoe and found him in a very bad Condition, and told him it would save her Ladyship 10 l. to knock him on the Head; that his Lady forbid the Farrier dressing him any more and order'd him to sell him for 10.s. that he offered him to Farrier, but he told him he would give no more than for a Horse that was going to the Hounds ; so he bought it himself, but perswaded the Farrier to make as if he has bought it; that he told his Lady it was sold, she demanded the Money, and he give it her Maid, and that his Lady was offer'd the Horse again if she would pay for his Keeping and Cure, which she refused; and that the he told it afterward for 4l. to go in Brick-Cart, it had cost him 3 l.10 s. for his Keeping. The Jury considering the Matter acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17190408-10

Hannah Gill , of St. Botolph Aldersgate , was indicted for privately stealing 18 pound weight of Tobacco, value 14 s. in the shop of Thomas Winfield , on the 14th of March last. The Prosecutor deposed the Prisoner used to buy 6 or 8 pound of him at a time, to sell again; and that she came to him the Morning aforesaid and paid him 15 d. which she owned him, and wanted more Tobacco; but he thinking her to be in Drink set her down in his Back Shop, and left her there while he went to dinner, that coming back 2 or 3 Hours after he found the Cover of one of his Stands open, and the Prisoner with her Coat tuckt up taking the Tobacco and putting it into her Coat, which was tuckt up at such a strange rate that as she put it into her Coat most of it run out again on the Ground, there was some also found in her Pocket with her Money (about 18 d.) loose amongst it; the taking the Tobacco was fully prov'd by two others. The Prisoner at the Bar look'd very wildly, and did several mad Actions while she was at the Bar, and there were several persons in Court who knew her; one deposed he had known her 19 Years, and that she run mad when life lay in with her first Child, and had not been found since , though she had intervals of Sense; that she was sometimes raving , and it other times Melanecholy . Another deposed that the Night before the Fact she came to her Horse and appeared very bad. Another than liv'd in the same Court with her confirmed that she was Lunatick and that she had seen her dance naked in-the middle of the Court. The Woman who kept her children deposed that she had been to see her, and that she was so bad she did not know her, but said they were going to hang her for killing her two Children. The Jury upon the whole matter acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17190408-11

Hugh Ryley , was indicted for a Misdemeanour in forgoing a Letter in Collonel Pagets Name in order to deceive Mr. Needham , and cheat him of 21 Ells of Holland and 3 yards of Muslin . Luke Brandon deposed, that he met with the Prisoner about the 18th or 19th of February last in St. Pauls Church Yard , the South side, who gave him a Letter to carry to Mr. Needham a Linnen Draper in Cheapside telling him he would deliver some Hollands and Muslin for him; that he walk'd along with him so far as the Trunk-makers near Cheapside, and bid him tell Mr. Needham he came from Nandoe's Coffee house at Temple-Bar from a handsome Gentleman in a light tye Wig; that he suspecting it was a Trick, told Mr. Needbam of it, who bid him go tell the Gentleman that if he would come himself, and he remember'd his Face, he would deliver the Goods; but he had forgot his Name. That the Prisoner waited for his coming back in St. Paul's Church Yard, and when he had delivered the Message Mr. Needbam had sent, ordered him to go back for the Letter, saying he should not have left it, for it was in the Nature of a Bills he went again to Mr. Needbam for the Letter but he would not give it him; which when he told the Prisoner, he took him to an Alehouse in the Old Change, and there wrote another Letter and sent him with it to Mr. Needbam, which he give him again, but would not deliver the first . The Letter was produced in Court, and Mr. Needbam deposed it was the same the Porter delivered him, and confirm'd what he had said relating to his going to and fro about the Letter. Mr. Needbam's Servant went down the Old Change to the Alehouse to see if he knew the Prisoner, and he and the Porter were both sure the Prisoner at the Bar was the same Person. Collonel Paget deposed the Letter was not of his writing, but believed it might be the Prisoner's Hand, who had lived with him a Year and half; but finding him an ill Servant he had turn'd him off. The Prisoner denyed the Fact, and called Collonel Paget to prove that he had interested him with 500 l. but the Col contradicted him. He also called some others who deposed that he behaved himself very honestly, and always spoke respectfully of Col. Paget . Another deposed, that he came to her Lodging the 19th of February with a more (now out of Town) and itaid there from 12 a Clock at Noon till near 7 at Night; that she remember'd the Day more Particularly because she was writting a Letter when they came in and asked them what Day of the Month it was: being ask'd whether she did not send the Letter away she reply'd no, but could not produced it, having burnt it. But that did not avail him. The jury found him Guilty . Fined 40 l. to suffer 3 Months Imprisonment, and remain their till his Fine is paid .

Reference Number: t17190408-12

John Adson alias Addison , of St. Brides , was indicted for breaking and entring the House of Thomas Plumridge on the 9th of the March last in the Night . The Prosecutor deposed, that he coming home about 11 a Clock the Night aforesaid, saw a Man go from his Door, and going to knock, the Door open'd, he went in, and saw the Prisoner behind the Compter; that while he went to the Parlour Door the Prisoner went out, but he followed him and brought him back. A Servant to the Prosecutor deposed that when the Boy had shut up the Shop she bolted the Doors, that her Master came to the Parlour Door where they were sitting. The Prisoner in his Defence said he met with a Ship-mate and had been drinking Brandy with him; that he mist his Friend, and seeing the Door open and a Lamp with 2 Lights burning in the Shop, thought he might be gone in there, so went in to see for him; that it was a common shop for Geneva and Brandy, and that he had drank there several times. The Prosecutor could not charge him with stealing any thing, and there did not appear any forcing the Bolt, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17190408-13

Mary London , of St. Dunstan's in the East was indicted for stealing 2 Guineas and 16 s. in Money from Robert Dagenham ; but no Evidence appearing against her, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190408-14

Martha Dolt , of St. Sepulchres was indicted for stealing half an ounce of Thread some Tape, a Thimble and other things of small value from James Humphreys , on the 13th of November last. But no Evidence appearing against her, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190408-15

Thomas Williams and William Moore , of Chelsea , were indicted for stealing 6 Pigs value 12 s. the Goods of Edward Iverson . It appeared that the Prisoners were Servants to Mr. Huggat, who had seiz'd the Hogs for Rent, and were driving them Home. The Jury acquitted them.

Reference Number: t17190408-16

Thomas Batt , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Leather Bag of Half-pence value 4 s. out of the shop of Joyce Hunt , the 27th of February last. The Prosecutor deposed the Prisoner came into her Shop, and when he was gone she mist her Money, and pursuing of him found him bid in an empty House and the Money hid between two Boards bard by him. Another Evidence

confirm'd the same, and the Jury found him Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-17

John Patience and William Patience of St. Andrews Holburn were indicted for stealing 2 Cloth Coach Seats value 10 s. the Goods of John Feum the 31st of March last. John Collier deposed he set down his Fair in Hand-Alley near Grays-in-Lane and that afterward the Seats were taken out of the Coach. William Bowron deposed he caught the Boy with one of the Seats on his Shoulder, and asking him where he was carrying it, he told him his Father was a Hackney-Coach-man and he was carrying it Home; that he went Home with him into Parple Lane, where behind the Door he found the other Seat; John Patience the Father ran away but was taken. Mr. Fenn deposed they were his Coach-Seats. The Jury found them Guilty to the value of 10 d. each Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-18

Jane Weeden of St. Paul's Shadwell was indicted for feloniously stealing a Camblet Gown and Petticoat, a Furbelow'd Scarf, Lace Headclothes, a Sheet,&c. to the value of 4 l.6 s. on the 7th of November last, out of the House of George Goddard . It appeared the Prisoner had lodged in the House two Nights, and while Mrs. Goddard and some others were gone to Stepney took the Opportunity to take the Goods, which were in a Trunk, when taken she confess'd it before the Justice, and had now no Evidence to clear her, or to her Reputation. The Jury found her Guilty . Death .

She was a second time indicted by the Name of Jane Weeden alias Fletcher of St. Clements Danes , for stealing a Chints Night Gown, a Riding-hood a pair of lac'd Shoes,&c. from Mary Tinkler . It appear'd that the Prosecutor hired the Prisoner as a Servant , and that she lived with her about a Week and three Days, and then went away with the Goods; that her Mistress not being very well, lay longer a Bed than ordinary, and knockt for her Maid to come up to her; but her Maid not coming, she arose,and to her great surprise found that her Shoes, Riding-hood, and every thing else that was not under Lock and key was gone, and her self lockt in. That when the Prisoner was taken up for another Robbery at Wapping, the Chints Gown, Riding-hood and lac'd Shoes were found upon her, and own'd by the Prosecutor. The Prisoner deny'd the Fact, and said that her Mistress lent her the Riding-hood to go out in. The Jury found her Guilty of this indictment also.

Reference Number: t17190408-19

William Lucas alias Staples and Katherine his Wife , of St. Gile's Cripplegate , were indicted for stealing a pair of Flaxen Sheets and a Feather Pillow value 19 s. the Goods of Edward Capel the 25th of March last. The Prosecutor and his Wife deposed the Prisoners took a Room of them ready furnisht by the Week, that they paid their Rent very honestly, but not asking for clean Linnen they suspected'em, and going into the Room mist the Sheets and Pillow. Phebe Pomroy deposed she delivered the Linnen to the Prisoners. William Lucas in his Defence said he knew nothing of the taking the Goods, but that he was arrested for a Crown, and believed his Wife might Pawn them to raise Money to clear him. His Wife Pleaded she would have borrowed a Crown of her Landlord to clear her Husband, who said he could not lend it her, but that she might raise it on the Goods they lay on. The Jury considering the whole matter acquitted them.

Reference Number: t17190408-20

Thomas Lander , of St.Martins in the Fields , was indicted for stealing a Perriwig value 11 Guineas out of the Shop of Charles Peregrine , the 4th of March last, the Goods of a Person unknown. Mr. Peregrine deposed he lost the Wig out of his Shop and found it in Mr. George's Shop in Holbourn. Mr. George deposed the Prisoner brought the Wig to him to sell, and ask'd him 3 Guineas for it; that he bid him 30 s. which he refused and went away, but came back again, saying he had a Friend in Trouble, and took the Money. The Wig was produced in Court, and Mr. George declared he would not now give above 35 s. for it. The Prisoner in his Defence said that he sold it for a Person now in New Prison, and gave him all the Money, but he could not prove it. He called some who gave him a good Character, but the Jury not being satisfied with his Excuse, found him Guilty to the Value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-21

Lewis Tyon of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for stealing a Rasor value 1 s . a Flaxen Sheet value 5 s. the Goods of John Pippin , the 14th of February last. The Prisoner lodg'd in the House 4 Nights, then deliver'd the Key and went away with the Goods, which were mist when the Maid went to make the Bed: he confest it before the Justice and before the Constable, but deny'd it now; saying the Prosecutor told him it. should be the better for him to own it, and that made him confess it. The Jury found him Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-22

Thomas Woodman of St. Mary Islington , was indicted for stealing 2 Dowlas Shirts value 8 s. the second of April last. Mary White deposed she hung out the Goods in the Garden to dry, that missing of them she called to her Daughter, that they ran into the Field, cry'd oustop Thief, took the Prisoner who she saw drop them. Her Daughter confirm'd the same. The Prisoner had nothing to say in his defence. The Jury found him Guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-23

Rachel Gardner of St. Dunstan at Stepney was indicted for stealing a Wooden Box, and in it a pair of Flaxen Sheets, a Quilted Petticoat, a Seal,&c . the Goods of Thomas Dove , the 18th of March last. Margaret Dove deposed, that the back part of her House being on Fire, she put the Box of Goods at her Door, and a Bed upon it; that a Man came by and took the Bed, and the Prisoner the Box; that she went to her Lodgings to ask for it, and she denyed it, but searching found it there. A Neighbour said she saw the Prisoner carry the Box to her Lodgings, and inform'd the Prisoner of it. Another deposed the Prisoner owned the Fact to her. The Prisoner in her Defence said she did not steal it, but a Woman gave it her to carry. The Jury found her Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-24

Augustine Moore , a Chairman , was indicted for making an Assault on her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, spitting at her, and saying, she is no Princess, you may make as good a Princess of a Cobler's Wife; King George is an Usurper , and has no business here,&c . To which Indictment he pleaded Guilty . To be Whipt from Somerset-House to the upper end of the Hay-Market , and 3 Years Imprisonment .

Reference Number: t17190408-25

Margaret Hicks was indicted for speaking several Scandalous and Seditious Words, and Cursing . Paul Miller deposed that he heard the Prisoner say God Curse King George; whereupon he told her she had no business to meddle with King George; that she replyed, G - d D - n King George and you too. That then he told her he suppos'd she was drunk; she said, no I am not, come the next Morning and I will do the same. That he went the next Morning and ask'd her whether she remember'd what she had said the Night before; she said yes, and repeated it: He told her she might be hang'd for it; she answer'd, she had rather be hang'd for that than any thing else; if she could have his Heart's Blood she'd stick him with that Knife she had in her Hand. That the first time King George came by the Door she would stick him. This was confirm'd by other Evidences, and the Prisoner having nothing to say for her self but a bare denyal of the Fact, the Jury found her Guilty . Fined 40 s. and 6 Months Imprisonment .

Reference Number: t17190408-26

Anne Bristow of St.Jame's Westminster , was indicted for feloniously stealing 10 s. from Elizabeth Vokins . The Prosecutor deposed the Prisoner was her Servant , and that the going out in house left the Key of her Drawer, and when she came Home mist the Money, but could not fix it on the Prisoner. The Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17190408-27

William Brown of St. Dunstan at Stepney was indicted for breaking and entring the House of Robert Ivory , and stealing 3 Silk Handkerchiefs, a pair of Stocking,&c. to the value of 12 s. the first of April last. It appeared that the Prisoner went up two pair of Stairs in the Prosecutor's House and was found there lying on the Bed with the Goods in his Pocket, which were proved to be before in a Chest of Drawers in the same Room. The Prisoner deposed he was an Apprentice, and the Prosecutor keeping a Publick House she went in to drink, and coming back from the necessary House, being in Liquor, mistook the Room. His Master (a Shoemaker) deposed that he was his Servant, and that he gave him leave to go out that Day; that he was a simple Fellow, but he never knew him Guilty of any ill thing, and there being no Evidence of the Burglary, the Jury found him guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-28

Mary Sutton of St. Dunstan at Stepney , was indicted for privately stealing 3 yards and half of Callicoe value 7 s.out of the Shop of Adam Walker , the 9th of March last. Mr.Walker deposed the Prisoner came to buy a Quilted Petticoat, but none pleased her, that she came a second and a third time but none were large enough for her; that coming a fourth time she was apprehended and dropt the Callicoe. Mrs. Walker confirm'd the same, and farther deposed, that the Prisoner desir'd her not to be in a Passion, and put 3 Half Crowns in her Hand, and bid her say that she bought it and did not steal it. Sarah Hopkins deposed; that she was in the Shop and saw the Prisoner take the Callicoe out of the Window, and ask'd Mrs. Walker whether she had paid her for it; and when she came back again saw her drop it. The Prisoner denied the Fact, but the Evidence being very full and positive, the Jury found her Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-29

Martha Barker of St.Leonard Shoreditch was indicted for stealing a boyling Pot, Sauce-pan,&c. the Goods of a Person unknown and a Pewter Plate value 6 d. from John Nolton the 14th of March last. The Evidence deposed the Prisoner sold him two Plates, and about a Month after a Brass Sauce-pan, and afterwards brought him a Plate with John Nolton writ round it, that coming again with a Porridge-Pot he stopt her, and ask'd her where she had it, she told him it was her own. One Plate was produced in Court, and swore to by Mr. Nolton, which the Prisoner said she found as she was going to work. The Jury found her Guilty to the value of 6 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-30

Mary Wilson of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for privately stealing four pair of Worsted Stockings value 10 s. in the Shop of John Baker , the 16th of March last. The Prosecutor deposed the Prisoner came to his Shop to cheapen Stockings, and brought two Patterns with her to match, saying that if they could match one pair it would do. The Prosecutors Servant deposed, that he saw the Prisoner take the Stockings and put them up her Coats, and told his Mistress of it, advising her to search her. Mrs. Baker confirm'd what had been before deposed, and said that searching of her very narrowly found them under her Flannel Petticoat behind. The Jury found her Guilty to the value of 4 s.10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-31

Winifred Haynes of St. Martins in the Fields was indicted for feloniously stealing 8 Shirts,13 Turnovers and 3 long Neckcloaths , from Isabella Sutherland the 4th of March last. It appeared that, the Prisoner had been the Prosecutor's Weekly Servant 3 or 4 Years, and that she took the Goods and pawned them, and owning where she had pawned them her Mistress had them again; that she confest it before the Justice. The Prisoner in her defence said that she did not design to steal them, but intended to redeem them and bring them again. The Jury found her Guilty to the value of 4 s.10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-32

Elizabeth Owen of St. Giles in the Fields was indicted for feloniously stealing a Flaxen Sheet, an Apron and two Suits of Headclothes , the Goods of Gabriel Spencer , on the 31st of March last. The Prosecutor deposed the Prisoner lodg'd in his House, and took the Sheet and pawn'd it for two Shillings, that she told him where she had pawn'd it, and he found it accordingly; that she confest it before the Justice. Mrs. Sponcer deposed she let her the Room, but having a suspicion of her, took an Opportunity when she was out to go into the Room, and then mist the Sheet; and therefore suspected she had her two Suits of Head-clothes and Apron. The Prisoner denied her taking the Headclothes and Apron, and said that the Prosecutor gave her leave to pawn the Sheet. The Jury found her Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-33

James Hog , of St. James's Westminster was indicted for feloniously receiving stollen Goods of Williams Tring , knowing them to be stollen , But no Evidence appearing against him he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190408-34

Mary Doe , of St. Giles in the Fields was indicted for feloniously stealing 70 yards of Ferreting out of the Shop of Elizabeth Rowe the 10th of February last. The Prosecutor deposed the Prisoner came into her Shop on Shrove-tuesday last, pretending to buy 3 yards of Black Sixpenny Ribbon, and took part of three pieces of Ferret. Another Evidence deposed that she was in the Shop when the Prisoner came in, and saw her take the Goods and put them in her Pocket. When she was carried before the Justice she would not own her Name, but said she was Mrs. No Name. The Jury found her Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-35

John Easton a little Boy , of the Parish of Stepney , was indicted for stealing three Iron Bars and two Utensils belonging to a Glass-House , the Goods of William Bowles . It appeared that the Goods were, stole out of the Glass-House by the Prisoner and that he sold them a great deal under-rate to one Mary Picket ,(who sold them again the same Day, and who is now, bound over for buying the same, knowing them to be stollen but being out upon Bail could not be found) The Prisoner confest he took the Goods and where he sold them, which were produced in Court and Swore to. The Jury found him Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17190408-36

Grace Rodgers of St. James Clerkenwell , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Gown and two Petticoates , the Goods of Timothy Gregory the 5th of January last. Mrs. Gregory deposed that she kept Hungerford Market , and that while she was at Market she lost her Goods; that the Prisoner, who was her Servant , was taken that very Morning and had the two Petticoats on. The Prisoner in her Defence said, that her Mistress gave her leave to put on the Clothes at any time. Richard Ashton deposed he knew her a Servant at the Bear Tavern in the Butcher-Row near Temple-Bar, where she was trusted with Plate and Goods of Value, and behaved her self very honestly. The Jury found her Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-37

John Jessop , was indicted for a Misdemeanour in speaking scandalous Words against on the 5 of this Instant April . John Ainsworth deposed that Prisoner came to his House, and after some Tall d that he was as good a Man as King George, and its she Occasion of the Disturbance in the West. Mair

confirmed the same Words. The Jury found him Guilty ; and the Court ordered him 3 Months Imprisonment , and to find Security for his good Behaviour .

Reference Number: t17190408-38

John Dawson of St. John at Hackney , was indicted for feloniously stealing two Plow-shares,&c. the 9th of this instant April . The Goods of Robert Isles .

He was a second time indicted for feloniously stealing an Iron Plow-share, a Colter and Tuck of a Plow , the Goods of James Hugget . It appeared that the Prosecutors lost their Goods, and that the Prisoner was taken in Whit Chapel-Lane offering the same to sale for a Penny a Pound; that he confess'd both Facts before the Justice, but now denyed them, and said that a Man as he was coming from Highgate gave him the Goods, but could not prove it. The Jury found him Guilty upon each Indictment to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-39

William Newman , of St. Andrews Holbourn was indicted for stealing two Coach Seats value 3 l. the Goods of James Pain , the 26th of February last. John Williams , Servant to the Prosecutor deposed that the Seats were lost; and that the Prisoner told him if he would give him half a Crown he should have them again, or he would give him five Shillings; that accordingly he gave him half a Crown, and the Prisoner gave him a Note of his Hand for 5 Shillings if he had them not again; that he spent a Shillings on the Prisoner, who told him they were at one John Batchelor 's and should be brought home in the Dusk of the Evening in a Bag; but they were not. The Prisoner in his Defence pleaded, that some time ago he lost his own Coach Seats, and had them again for 15 s. and intended to have used the same Method to have found out the Prosecutors; but denyed that he had them, or knew any thing of them; so that at worst it appearing to be but a Trick to get half a Crown of the Coachman, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17190408-40

John Lewis , Nathaniel Chantrel , Thomas Hughes , and John Bradshaw , of Witchurch , alias Stanmore ; were indicted for breaking open the Church and sucrileglonsly and feloniously, stealing 2 Velvet Carpets,2 Velvet Cushions,&c. Solomon Dean deposed, that the 16th of December last at Night, or the 17th in the Morning the Glass of a Window was taken down, and part of it put up again, and that a Chest of Tools was broke open, with which Tools they did further Mischief, broke open several Doors, and went up Stairs; that the Velvet Carpet which hung over my Lord Carnarvans Pew the Gold Tossels of an Anthem Book, the Velvet Carpet of the Altar and the Velvet of 4 Cushions were taken away. Joseph Cox , deposed that he knew the Prisoners, and had attempted several Robberies with them before, though they had not effected any; that the Prisoners took him off a Bulk as he lay, asleep, and told him, of their Design, to rob the Church, and that they believed the Plate was there; but if it was not they would take what they could get, and promised him that he should have half the Booty; and in case they could not get in themselves, he was to be put in as being little; that they broke the Window, and Hughes and Bradsber went in while Chantrel stood at the Window with a Pistol, John Lewis watch'd at the Walk coming from the Lord's House, and himself was plac'd behind the Parsonage House with a Whistle to give notice if any Body came that way; that they brought our great Bundles under their Arms and went all together to Tyburn-House, but dropt some of the Bundles in a Ditch before they came there, and that they gave him but 18 d. that the Fact was committed on Tuesday Night between 12 and 1 a Clock: That Chantrel wak'd him as he lay on the Bulk, and the others followed; that he had drank with him at several times and Places, particularly at Tyburn-House. Mr. Roberts deposed, that he and others were searching Tyburn-House for the Prisoners, they found John Lewis , took hold of him, carried him into the Field and called Joseph cox, the Boy, who said that he was the Person who watch'd my Lord's Walk. William Burt deposed, that Nat. Chanerel lodg'd in his House, was an ill Person, and workt at my Lord's, John Thomas deposed, that he saw two of them work at my Lord's several Weeks, and that the Boy used to go to and fro for Victuals. The Prisoners denyed the Fact, and complained that they had been 12 Weeks in Custody; that they had their Friends ready last Sessions, but they would not try them then. They called several Witnesses as to Circumstances, and to their Reputation, William Hatt deposed he knew Lewis half a Year before, and that he let him in at 12 a Clock the Night before the War was declared against Spain. Joseph Cock deposed that he came in to his Lodging in St. James's Market the same Night at 12 a Clock, and was positive to the Hour because the Watch-man came by at the same time. William Thompson his Bed-fellow deposed the same, and that he left him in Bed at 10 the next Day, when this Evidedce visit out to see the War declared. Another Evidence deposed that he was with him at Bond-Chapel that Afternoon, and walked with him afterwards, and then drank with him at the Blue Posts till between 11 and 12 Clock at Night. Another confirm'd the last, and a great many more appeared for him, who gave him a very good Character. There likewise appeared several to the Reputation of Hughes and Chanerel, and Masters that they had work'd for; particularly one for Chanerel, who said he had received favours from my Lord carnarvan and would not appear in the least for him, if he thought him any ways Guilty of tho Crime laid to his Charge. Also two Masters they all work'd for one a Fortnight in November, the other most part of December. After a full summing up of the Evidence on both sides, the Jury upon a mature Consideration brought them in all Not Guilty .

Reference Number: t17190408-41

Matth.ew Flemming of St. Dunstan at Stepney was indicted for the Murther of Sarah Smith , by suffocating of her , on the 12th of February last. It appeared that there had been two severally tryed before for the same Fact, but the Evidence did not affect them; and none appearing against the Prisoner, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190408-42

William Cooling of St. Clements Danes , was indicted for receiving stolen Goods, knowing them to be stolen . Frances Turner deposed her Husband's Waggon was robb'd the 17th of Mar was Twelvemonth, and 3 pieces of Callicoe taken our of the Truss by John Holmes , who was convicted for the same the Sessions before last; and was informed where they were pawn'd; that she desired Mr. Wood to redeem the Goods and she would pay him again. Elizabeth Carlisle alias Jackson deposed that she is now a Prisoner at Clerkenwell for 2 Years; that she was with Holmes at the Robbery, and pawn'd the Callicoe to the Prisoner for 3 l. the 18th of May 1717 . that there were Marks on the Goods which the Prisoner cut off and she tore; and concluded the Prisoner must know them to be stolen, because he knew her to be a very ill Woman: Thomas Ward deposed he had a Warrant to take up the Prisoner: and afterward another to search his House but he would not let the Constable search, saying he did not know the Goods if he should see them and that he would not let such a Thief as Carlisle up in his House; but shewed his Books. Mr. Wood the Constable confirm'd Mr. Ward's Evidence. Mrs. Luiture deposed she was at the Prisoner's House at the same time and that Jackson alias Carlisle did not take the Goods out of her Lap till the Customers were gone; that she wanted 3 l. for them; that he measur'd them and cut off the Marks. The Jury not thinking the Evidence sufficient to prove that he knew them to be stole; acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17190408-43

Michael Dobson , of St. Anns Westminister , was indicted for Assaulting John Stockwell , and robbing him of a Perriwig, in the House of John Francis , on the 19th

of November last. The Prosecutor deposed that he was a Bailiff, and had an Execution against the Goods of Mr. Abbot, in the the House of Mr. Francis for 200 l. that he enter'd as for as the Parlour Door and took a Bottle in Possession; that the Prisoner came with a drawn Sword and said G - d d - n you what do you do here? cut him on the Nose; took his Wig, and turn'd him out of Possession. John Norris deposed that he saw Stockwell go into the House with his Wig on, and come out without it, bloody, and heard him cry out Murder. M. Mussen, a Surgeon, deposed, that hearing Murder cry'd, he went up, and saw the Prosecutor without his Wig, bloody, and the Prisoner making at him with his Sword, and believes he prevented his being Murder'd. The Prisoner Pleaded that he lodg'd in the House, and as he was going out about 9 or 10 a Clock at Night, Stockwell came runing up to him, and endeavoured to thrust into the House by Violence, but did not, he having the Knocker in his Hand and pulling the Door too; that he had neither Sword nor stick in his Hand. Mr. Francis deposed that he came in between 9 and 10 a Clock, when the Prisoner was going but, who said he would return in a little while; he heard a great Noise, the Prisoner lost his Hat, and the Prosecutors Wig was thrown down the Kitchen Window over the Rails. Other Witnesses deposed the Prosecutors Wig was over, the Rails, and that he was told of it the next Morning, but refused to take it, Stockwell s Affidavit which he made when he came to move the Court of King's Bench, for a Warrant was read in Court, where in the swore that he was forc'd to leave his Wig. in the House, whereas he now swore that the Prisoner feloniously stole it from him; which being a manifest Contradiction, the Court was of Opinion his Evidence was not to be regarded. The Jury brought in the Prisoner not Guilty .

Reference Number: t17190408-44

Diana Ferry alias Cole , of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously stealing 10 Yards of Edging, value 40 s. the 28th of March last. The Fact was fully prov'd upon her, and her Examination before the Justice, where in she confess'd she took it out of the Prosecutors Shop, was read in Court. The Jury found her Guilty to the value of 4 s.10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190408-45

Thomas Pitmore and Peter Trevers , of St. Margaret Westminster , were indicted, the former for the Murder of Daniel Williams on the 17th of March last, by assaulting him with a drawn Sword value 2 s. and giving him there with one Mortal Wound on his Right Side near the lower part of his Ribs, of which he instantly died; and peter Trevers for aiding and abetting the same . They were also indicted on the Coroners Inquest. Mr. Wood the Surgeon deposed, that he was called up between 12 and 1 a Clock to the Deceased, and found he had received a Wound between his Ribs on the Right Side, and bled inwardly, of which he quickly died. John Roberts deposed he hearing the Prisoners and the Deceased talk about fighting, went up to them with a Design to prevent it, that Trebers did him trouble himself about his own Businets: that the Deceased went into the Church-Yard first, and the Prisoners followed: that he and Tho Jordoin went after them to prevent Mischief; that he heard one cry draw, and found Pitmore and the Deceased pushing at one another; that he beat down their ds with his stick, but Travers stood with his in one Hand and his Cane in the other, did not let him part them. Tho, Jordain con going to part them. Jonathan Smith deposed as the Deceased stood by him at the Angel, he ask'd him for his Sword, he told him he knew nothing of it, he asked another, who said the same; then ask'd Pitmore for it, who gave it him, and the Decease said, ye Fool, what did you take it from me for Jer. Dawson deposed that a Fortnight before, he was at a Confort of Musick with Pitmore, and asked him who he learnt of, he told him Williams, but said he had not learnt this Half Year, there being a grudge between them. The Deceased Landlords deposed, that Pitmore came to him they had Words together, and he saw them both lay their Hands on their Swords, and by that concluded there was an old Grudge. His Landlady deposed that the Deceased had pass'd his Word for a Wig for Pitmore, and had paid his Reckoning divers times; and told her that Pitmore villified him, was after him where-ever he went, and fear'd he had a Design upon him. Pitmore in his Defence said, that he had belong'd to the Confort 6 Months, that they had a Dinner there that Day, that they were very merry, and drank very lovingly together, without any Quarreling at all; that the Deceased. Trever and himself came away together, nd when they were out of Doors the Deceased came up to him and swore he must fight him; that Trevers perswaded him to go another way: That when they came into the Church yard the Deceased said d - n you. Draw; that he received a Wound, and retir'd up to the Wall, and was pent in; that there th Deceased ran upon his Sword; he declared he had no Grudge or Malice against him, nor intended amy manner of Hurt. Mr. Williams, a Relation of the Deceased, deposed he was in Company all Day at the Comfort till 11 at Night, that he heard no Words of Quarerlling; that his Wife being ill, his Mother came and desired him to get him away, that he went to him and ask'd him to be his Second, but it was only a Stratagem to draw him off his Company, they went home together, and when the Deceased found it was only a Commerciance to to get him away, he would not Stay, but went back again to the Angel. Richard Hanson deposed he saw the Deceased in the Church-Yard, advised him to go home, telling him it was so dark that he could not see the Point of his own nor his Adversary's Sword; that he thankt him, and said he'd give him 6 d. next Morning; that he had no design to sight, but he must go speak to him, they being Friends. Another deposed, that he told the Deceased if he would be Friends with Pitmore, he would spend half a Crown upon him; that he reply'd, No, G - d D - n him, I'll not be reconcil'd for he is a Rogue. Trevers in his Defence said that he was at the Club that Night, and knew nothing of any Quarrel, that when they went out they stept aside, and he desired the Deceased to go another way; but it being Dark he slipt away, and he did not see him till they come into the Church Yard, that he would have prevented their Fighting but the Deceased was so violent he could not. The Jury considering the whole Matter, acquitted Trevers and found Pitmore Guilty of Manslaughter . Burnt in the Hand .

Reference Number: t17190408-46

James Carrent of the Parish of St. Sepulchres in the County of Middlesex, Yeoman , was indicted for a Misdemeanour, for that he together with George Little , Robert Carlisle and George Caruthers , did Conspire, Consult and combine falsely to charge and accuse Thomas Smith of certain felonies, viz that he aberred consulted and procured the Robbing of the Bristol Male, thereby bringing him the said Thomas Smith in Danger of his Life,&c. By the Evidence to support this Indictment, it appeared that Mr. Carrent gave Carlile 15 l. and ordered him to prosecute the said Smith, and that he paid 5 s. to Mrs. Holiday in New Prison to keep her on, not doubting but she'd swear any thing against Smith, and order'd Mr. Carlile to pay 14 s a Week to Mr. Holiday and his Wife to keep them in the Prison, and that they were to give Evidence against Mr. smith for abetting and procuring the robbing the Bristol Mail, and if he was convicted they were to have the 40, if not Carrent was to pay all Charges: that Carrent should say to Carlisle, you know Smith to be a Rogue, prosecute him to the utmost Rigour of Law; and that if he was convicted he should not be pardoned for he would make interest to a great Nobleman; that about two Years ago Carrent said that smith was a Rogue had soft him a great deal of Money, and he would have him convicted if he could, tho' it cost him a Thousand Pound The Counsel for Carrent observed that even what was swore against him, supposing it to be true, would not make good the indictment and then called Mrs. Scott.

and Mrs. Holiday , by whose Evidence it appeared, that Smith had own'd, that tho' he did not rob the Bristol Mile yet he set the Robbery; and that he said if those who did it had not been Fools they had all been made Men. That Smith set Holiday, Williams and Cheshire to rob the Bristol Male, and that Mrs. Holiday going to Smith's House in Black-Horse-Alley near Fleet-Bridge to inquire after her Husband betimes that Morning, he came while she was there and said to Smith, we have done it; who reply'd, Have you by G - d? That she went with Smith to the House where the Letters were forting; that he told them they must separate their Horses or they'd betray 'em. that being desired to go up and help them he refused, whereupon one of them said G - d - d - n him, now he has set us on and drawn us in, he will betray us. The Counsel would have called many more Witnesses to have proved the Matter against Smith. But there having before been a Great deal of time spent in hearing the Counsel on both sides, the Court would not let them, saying there was no Occasion; and that it plainly appeared that Carrent had a very just and probable Cause for prosecuting the said Smith on the former Indictment of abetting, consulting and procuring Williams,&c. to rob the Bristol Male. The Jury brought him in Not Guilty .

Reference Number: s17190408-1

The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment as followeth:

Received Sentence of Death,5.

John Wheeler , W - M -, Gervas Northam , George Flatt and Jane Weeden .

To be Transported,21.

Rebecca Jones , C - J -, Richard Pain alias Dean, Thomas Bats , John Patience , William Patience , Thomas Lander , Lewis Troes , Thomas Woodman , Rachel Gardner , Diana Berry alias Cole, William Brown , Mary Sutton , Martha Barker , Mary Wilson , Winifred Haynes , Eliz Owen, Mary Doe , John Easton , Grace Rodgers , and John Dawson .

Burnt in the Hand,1.

Thomas Pitmore .

Hugh Ryley Fined 40 l. to suffer 3 Months Imprisonment, and remain there till his Fine is paid.

Augustin Moore to be Whipt from Somerset-House in the Strand to the upper end of the Hay-Market, and to suffer 3 Years Imprisonment.

Margaret Hicks Fined 40 s. and to suffer 6 Months Imprisonment.

John Jessop to suffer 3 Months Imprisonment, and to give Security for his good Behaviour.

Jane Weeden pleaded her Belly, and a Jury of Matrons being impannelled, found her Not Quick with Child.

Reference Number: a17190408-1


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