Old Bailey Proceedings, 15th January 1719.
Reference Number: 17190115
Reference Number: f17190115-1

THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE KING's Commission of the Peace, AND Oyer and Terminer , and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the Old Bayly, ON

Friday, Saturday, and Monday being the 15th,16th,17th, and 19th of January 1718. In the Sixth Year of His MAJESTY's Reign .

Before the Right Hon. Sir JOHN EDWARD , Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London; the Lord Chief Baron Bary , Mr. Justice Tracy Mr . John Ridby , Esq; Depu and several of his Majesty's of the Peace for the City of London, and County of Middlesex.

The Jurors Names were as followeth:

London Jury





Withers .


Dewhurst .


Middlesex Jury


Samuel Chases


Richard Adams


John Ford

Francis Gouge .

Joseph Wootton

John Isabbel

John Marley .

John Milter

Abraham Brown

The Proceedings were as followeth:

Reference Number: t17190115-1

John Moody of Alhallows Lombard-street , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Cloth Coat value 20 s. Wastcoat value 10 s. a pair of Breeches value 10 s. in Money, and a Pocket-Book value 3 d. the property of Lawrence Gibbons , in the Dwelling House of, the 11th of December . The Prosecutor deposed that he going to Lodge at the Cross Keys Inn in street, being in Bed and asleep; about two in the Morning was wakened by, a noise of his Chamber Door on the inside, and feeling his Clothes found they were taken from off the Bed, whereupon he calling to the Servants, and them, they found a Pain of Glass had been taken out of a Window in his Room, and suspecting the Prisoner, who came to lodge there the Night before, they searched his Room and found the Clothes upon some Leads put out at back Window in the Prisoner's Room, and his Pocket-Book hid behind the Wastcoat, and a remarkable piece of old Silver belonging to him, in the Prisoner's Pocket; this was confirmed by the Servants belonging to the House, The Prisoner deny'd the Fact, but it being plainly prov'd upon him. The Jury found him Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17190115-2

Mary Read alias Gibbons alias Motts .; of the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for breaking the House of John Orms , and stealing divers Goods value 6 l. the 21st of October last; it appear'd by the Evidence that the Prisoner having lodg'd some small time in the Prosecutors House, took an opportunity to open the Door and carry away the Goods, which were founds by her direction. The fact being plainly prov'd, the Jury found her guilty of the Felony. Death .

Reference Number: t17190115-3

Nathaniel Bush , of St. James's Clarkenwel , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Cloth Coat value 7 s. and divers Carpenters Tools , the property of several Persons, the 8th of January last it appeared that the Goods were left in an empty House the Prosecutors had been at work in, and being stollen were found; the Coat on the Prisoners back, and the Tools where he had sold them the Prisoner pleaded he was employ'd by a Man to carry the Tools and had bought the Coat of him but not being able to prove it, the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190115-4

Ann Howard , of St. James Clarkenwel was indicted for stealing a Camblet Cloak of a riding Hood, in the Dwelling-house of Dorothy Baid , the 25th of December last; it appeared by the Evidence the Cloak was taken out of the Prosecutors House, and was taken upon the Prisoner; the Prisoner pleaded it was given her to hold by another Woman, but not being able to prove it, the Jury found her guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190115-5

Thomas Green , of St. Mary Whitechappel was indicted for feloniously stealing a Pistol, Barrel value 4 s. the property of John Tittonser the 9th of December last was Twelve Month's it appeared by the Evidence that the Pistol, had been stollen from the Prosecutor, and was found where the Prisoner had pawned it; the Prisoner pleaded he receiv'd it from one that had been Servant to the Prosecutor, and pawned it for him, and knew not that it was stollen. His defence appearing probable, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17190115-6

John Whitaker , of St. Mary Whitechappel was indicted for feloniously stealing Gun-barrels,&c. value 35 d. the property of John Tittonser the 29th of Nov . last; but there being not Evidence sufficient to affect the Prisoner he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190115-7

Thomas Cinnamon alias Mason of St. Dunstan Back Church , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Gold Watch, Chain and Seal, value 25 l.10 s.9 Holland Shirts value 9 l. s 2 Perriwigs value 8 l. a pair of Gold Buddes value 3 l. a Sword value 5 l and 16 Guineas and a half the property of Richard Newman , in the Dwelling House of Rebecca Newman , the 22d of December ; This Prisoner was brought to the Bar appearingly in a very weak and helpless Condition's as if not

able to walk, nor help himself, and with a Rug hanging over his Shoulders, under pretence of being in a Salivation, and his Tongue so swelled he could not speak; and being arraigned, supported himself upon, the Bar, and for a considerable time would not by any means plead to his Indictment the threatned with the Profs, till the Court ordering a Surgeon to be called, who examining his Mouth,&c. found it was more obstinacy that inability, which when deposed in Court, the Prisoner was presently cured of his dumbness, and pleading to his Indictment took his Tryal: By the Evidence it appeared that the Prisoner was Servant to the Prosecutor, and took the opportunity to steal Which, Money &c. out of his Masters Breeches as they hung upon a Chair in the Chamber, and taking with him the rest of the Goods went away, and upon search after him was taken at the King Georges Head Tavern near Temple Bar, in Company with several Persons, Gaming, where being apprehended, with the Prosecutor's Sword wound to the Constable twice, one Wound going quite through his thigh and wounding also another Person that was sent to apprehend him, and get away, but being pursued by the Constable,&c. was knock'd down and afterwards taken; the Watch Buckles, Sword &c. were taken upon him and 25 Guineas and a half in his Pocket: The Prisoner pleaded in his defence has had lent his Master Mr. Richard Newman 60 l. but that being able to prove so great an improbability, the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment.

He was indicted a 2d time for robbing Benjamin Burroughs on the High-way, and taking from him a Watch value 40 s.4 Rings value 30 s. and 4 s.6 d. in Money ; the 20th of September last. The Prosecutor deposed that being with another Person in a Chaise on Hounsloe Heath , between and 6 a Clock the Day aforesaid, the Prisoner and another Person, came up to them, and presenting a Pistol and demanding the Money, Rings, Watch &c. threatened to shoot them through the Head if they did not deliver them presently, that the Prisoner took the Rings and Money; and as to the Watch he was not positive which took that; this was confirmed by the other Person in the Chaise, they were positive the Prisoner was the Person, however he deny'd the Fact, yet the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment. Death .

Reference Number: t17190115-8

Christopher Hutton , of St. Giles Cripplegate , was indicted for feloniously stealing 5 Ounces of Silver and Gold Waste, value 40 s. the property of Will Basson , the 5th of December last. It appeared by the Evidence, He was Journeyman to the Prosecutor, who was a Silver Spinner , and took the Goods, which being discovered were found in his Lodging; the Prisoner having nothing to say in his defence, the Jury found him guilty to the value of 39 s. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190115-9

Joseph Holyday , of St. Andrews Holbourn , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Silver Tankard value 81. the Property of John Wardman the 25th of December last. The Evidence deposed that the Prisoner with some others were a drinking in his House between 8 and 9 a Clock in the Morning, and being much in drink they refused to set him have any more; upon which the Prisoner gave the boy the Tankard, bidding him take care of it; which he did, setting it in the Bar, and that a little while after the Tankard was missing, but he did not suspect the Prisoner, he being a Neighbour, whom he had long known, who had a very good Character, that he could have intrusted him with 10 times the value; still some small time after he had heard that the Prisoner's Wife was making great Lamentation her Husband was taken up by Jonathan Wild for stealing a Tankard and was sent to the Compter. Jonathan Wild deposed, that in the forenoon the Day aforesaid; the Prisoner being much in drink, brought the Tankard to, him in his Apron to pawn or sell, having with, him his little Boy, that thereupon he ask'd him whose it was, the Prisoner said it was his own, He then reply'd he was no Pawn-broker, why did he bring it to him. He answered he was directed to him. He then ask'd him what he would have for it, he answered sure it was worth 3 l. He then reply'd it was so, and provided he could make him a good Title to it, and give him Satisfaction that his Wife should not come and break his Window's she buying it, it would buy it; by this discourse while she got an Officer to seize her. The Prisoner pleaded he had it had it given him by 2 Men in Holbourn, who asked him if he know Jonathan Wild, and bid him go to him and fetch 3 l. for it, by the same token they had been with him the Night before, and would be with him again at 3 a Clock. But not being able to prove this tho' indeed there were a great many Person who had given him a very good Character for Industry and Honesty from his very Childhood the perfect time the Jury found him guilty to the value of 39 s. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190115-10

William Phillips of St. Mary Aldermanbury , was indicted for feloniously stealing divers Goods value 25 s. the Property of George Goodman , the 9th of Sept . last. It appeared by the Evidence that the Prisoner being sent for to clean the Window took the Opportunity to steal the Goods, which upon search were found in his Trunk. The fact being plainly prov'd, the Jury found him guilty to the value of 4 s.10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17190115-11

Amy Furnace and Mary Harding , of St. Buttolph Aldgate were indicted privately stealing printed Linnen value 48 s. in the Shop of William Lawrence the 5th of this Instant January . It appeared by the Evidence the Prisoners came to the Prosecutors Shop under pretence of buying a Shift, and then wanted to see Linnen, and were perceived one slily to draw away the Linnen from off the Counter, and let it fall, and the other to take it up and conceal of The fact being plainly prov'd upon them, the Jury found them each guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190115-12

Thomas Leppingworth , of the Parish of Christ-church , was indicted for feloniously stealing a part of Silver Snuffers Value 10s. the Property of William Hall , the 8th of this Instant January but the Evidence not being sufficient to convict him, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190115-13

Simon Jarvis , of Allhallows Bread-street , was indicted for feloniously stealing divers wearing Appeal still 3 l.10 s. the Property of Henry Biggs the 30th of July last. It appeared by the Evidence that the Goods being pack'd up in order to be carried to a Coach the Prisoner took them to carry and went quite off with them. The Fact being plainly prov'd and the Prisoner having little to say him his Defence, the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190115-14

John Welden was indicted for breaking the House of Mr. John Washer with an Intent to steal his Goods the 9th of this Instant January . It appeared by the Evidence that the Prisoner, a being a Barber at Lincoln-Inn did use to shave the Prosecutor, and knowing the Prosecutor, to have been gone out of Town, did get over a high Wall and was breaking in at the Window, but being heard by a Gentleman in some contigous Chambers she fired a Pistol out at the window which would ed the Prisoner in the Leg, by which wound he being rendered uncapable to make his escape was apprehended: But there not being sufficient, Proof that he had made any Entry, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17190115-15

John Hawkins , of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for assaulting Francis Retthor on the High way and king from him a Gold Watch value 8 l.10 s. and 10 s. in Money the 25th of September last. The prosecutor deposed that he being in a Coach about 2 a Clock in the Morning the day aforesaid was set upon by Men on Horseback, in Monmouth-Street , who presenting at Pistol demanded his Watch, and Money, and took them from him; and that afterwards it being carried to a Watch-maker by the Prisoner he received Intelligence, of it, but he could not swear the Prisoner was the Person who robbed him. The Prisoner in his defence said that on the 27th of September he being in company with one Edward Baily , he desired him to pawn the Watch, and he did so for 6 Guineas, and by the order of Edward Baily took it out and carried it to be mended: having lent Edward Baily Guinea more upon it, there were some Circumstances, that appeared favourable on his Side, upon which the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17190115-16

and of the Parish of Hackney were indicted for breaking the House of James Lamb and stealing divers rich Furniture, Plate &c. to a very considerable value the 22d of December last. It appeared by the Evidence that the Prosecutor's House was broken, and the Goods Stollen, and that part of the Plate was carried by the Prisoner and sold for 13 l. to Mr. Areber, Goldsmith; who having notice given by the Prosecutor stopped them with another parcel of Plate the next day.- pleaded she had received the Plate

to sell form one Esther Watson , and and knew nothing of its stollen, that she had sent and Endeavoured to apprehend this Watson, but she was absconded. Several Persons appeared who gave her a good Character, thereupon the Jury acquitted them.

Reference Number: t17190115-17

Mary Richards Mother , and Mary Richards Daughter of the Parish of Hanwell were indicted for breaking House of Sarah Bransgrove and stealing thence 20 of Burdet value tax 50 s. a Gold R and other Goods the Property of Alice Bransgrove the 7th of December last. Alice Bransgrove deposed and Prisoner came to her in the Afternoon and invited her abd being House saying she must go to such staid about stay while she came this made another found her House broken gone other evidence deposed that Parisoner she dogg'd next Day from Brantsfordto Monmouth-street, found her offering the Goods to Mary was gone out Goods; and there being no evidence against Senior they were both acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190115-18

of Chiswick was indicted for assualting upon the Highway and taking from Value 1 d. and Guinea the, of Dream Prosecutor deposed that on the day Sunday, he beoing at Friends House as had dressed himself with a design to go to about a Clock did not go but dinner toward Strand on the Grain near the House of Mr. Scory Barker saw so habited he took him for Gentlemans on a Strawberry colour'd horse, very able, with a Holster Saddle and 2 Pistols, that dirty he turn'd into a foot path in and having gone over 2 Fields come out in where he there saw the Prisoner who mending his stirr up; that having, gone a before him he heard him coming, after him to him, which by the found he took enquiry to Strand, but afterwards found it to, which he halted to inform him the way; Prisoner came up the drew a pistol and cock and presenting it bid him deliver; He not think in earnest or could be so impudent at time a Day and in that place told him, he be was but and, did not take him for a man. and so expostulating with him as tho' in jest, the Prisoners answered G - d: D - i - m do you mean deliver your Money &c. or I'll the Head; upon which he seeing no on to his assistance, he pretending to feel. privately, put the Chain and Seal into his Breeches that, he might not see: demanded his Watch, he told him he had which he threatned shoot him. If he which, he reply'd will you shoot me because of Which? so putting the contrary hand to his pulled out the purse, and Guinea, which the, and rode off, he by that means sav'd and other valuables he had about him. he offering a reward of five Guineas had word, brought him he was in the Evidences deposed that the Prisoner with him, a pair of Pistols did hire the such a Saddle of them that day, with his Master, to Stains, and brought very dirty saying he had been behind his Master, who was a mad for his Hire. The Prosecutor both to Man and Horse the Prisoner not to make an answerable defence the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment. Death .

Reference Number: t17190115-19

Robert Thompson , of St. James's Westminster , was indicted for feloniously stealing 32 Guineas a half Guinea pieces, and 2 Moidores , the Property, of Lyon in the House of Samuel Guillam , the 1st of Instant January , It appear'd by the Evidence that Prosecutor went and lodged at Mr. Guillam House the Prisoner had lodged about a fortnight, that lying both in the same Bed he put his Money into his Breeches laying them under his Pillow and Bol under his Head, so secure as he thought they could taken thence with it about 3 a Clock in the Morning being awaked by the unlocking Chamber Door, he being surprized felt for his Breeches and found them lying on the Pillow, and the Money and his Bedfellow gone, and calling his Landlord, enquiring after the Prisoner, was told he was gone pretending he went out so early to help a certain Person to work, that upon this he put him in the News offering 5 Guineas as a Reward; and by that means heard of him. It appear'd also by the Evidence of his Landlord that he brought but 3 s.6 d. when he came first to his House, and that being gone she supported: him with victuals, designing to help-him to a place of Labouring work, and was so poot-that he have had penny; to have his beard shaved. Thomas kancliff deposed that the Prisoner came to his House,(a Stranger to him) calling for Drink and seeing his watch offered him 4 Guineas for it but he not caring to sell it carried-him to his Watchmakers, where be bought one for 4 l.8 s. be like wise desired him to assist him in buying suit of Clothes, which he did, had Silver Buckles and other things and who very full of Money and had 25 Guineas lost at this apprehension. He having nothing material to say in his defence, and the fact being plainly proved, the Jury found him Guilty of the and Indictment. Death .

Reference Number: t17190115-20

John Holmes , of Stanwell was indicted for feloniously stealing 9 Yards of China Stuff, value 4 s : the Property of Mary North , the 17th of May last as 12 Months. It appeared by the Evidence that the Goods were sent by John Turner Waggon to be carryed to Basingstoke and that the Prisoner and Elizabeth Jackson took Passage in the Waggon; and that being there the Prisoner cut a Pack and took out the Goods; and sewed it up again and being come near Stains got out, said they would walk to call: on somebody at Eggham and would there be taken up again, but went quite away. Elizabeth Jackson depos'd that the Prisoner cut the Pack, took out the Goods, and sewed it up again, and that they travelled all night long, up to London, and that one piece of the Goods the Prisoner sunk, and the other was pawned for three Pound. The Prisoner deny'd the fact, the Jury however found him guilty of the Indictment. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190115-21

Matth.ew Whitten , of St Clement Danes , was indicted for feloniously stealing of 6 pieces of Ghenting Cloth, value 5 l. and a pieces of Linnen. value 30 s. in the shop of William Gray , the 30th of December last. The evidence deposed that he seeing the Prisoner jump off from the Prosecutors stall with a piece of Linnen pursued him, that he dropp'd the Linnen and he crying out stop Thief he was apprehended. The Prisoner however deny'd the fact, but that did not avail. The Jury found him guilty of the Indictment. Death .

Reference Number: t17190115-22

Mary Reynods , of St. Andrews Holbourn was indicted for Feloniously stealing 2 pair of Stays, and other goods value 29 s in the Dwelling-House of Nathaniel Cornwallis , the 22d of December last. It appear'd that the Prisoner was servant to the Prosecutor; and the goods were found where she had reposited them, the Prisoner pleaded they were given her by the Prosecutors Daughter, and produced evidences to confirm it, upon which she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190115-23

Susannah Harris , of Norton Falgate , was indicted for Feloniously stealing a Callico Gown, value 30 s. the Property of Mary Leatherhead the 13 of January last. It appear'd that the Prosecutors Masters House had been broken open, and a great many Goods stollen April, last was 12 Months, and the Prosecutors Gown among the rest and that the Prisoner came to the Shop to buy Goods with the Gown on her back which she knowing challenged. The Prisoner pleaded she, bought the Gown at a Brokers in Halbourn several appearing to her reputation she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190115-24

Ann Biggs , of St. Andrews Holbourn , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Perriwig value 4 l. the property of Robert Williams the 17th of December last: It appeared that the Wigg was delivered by the Prosecutor's a Servant to Boy that he Prosecutor's Barben had several others sent for it; the Boy deposed that the Prisoner had several times put him upon the project to steal the Wigg, that he should having received, the Wigg ask the Prosecutor to drink, and that while he was gone into fetch his Hat, she took the Wigg out of the Box and went away with it, and instructed him to tell the Prosecutors Servant that he had put a trick upon him in giving him the Box

Guinea: The Prisoner deny'd the Fact, and called so many to her Reputation, that gave her such a Character as induced the Jury to aquit her, and it was surprizing so little a Villian should be able to forge such a Caluinay against an innocent Woman.

Reference Number: t17190115-25

Charles Hudson , of St. Andrews Holbourn , was indicted for stealing 2 scarlet Coach Seats , the Property of Gilbert Sheldon , Esq ; the 16th of this Instant January ; it appeared by the Evidence, as the Coach was going slowly into little Ormond-yard , that the Prisoner and another were seen about the Coach, one on the one side and the other on the other, that the other; Person threw out the Seats to the Prisoners who told them up and was running away, but being feen was pursued and taken the Prisoner deny'd the fact; and pleaded he was a Ticket Porter , and not only shew'd his Ticket in Court but brought one who also confirmed it, and that, he ply'd in Fish-street, but Jonathan Wild said he was the greatest stealing of Coach Seats in England and had been in quest of him, a full Month on that account the fact being plainly prov'd the Jury found him guilty of Indictment. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190115-26

Thomas Buckley and William Connor , of St. Clement Danes , were indicted for privately stealing a Gold Ring value 18 s in the Shop of Richard Gundy , the 2nd of this instant January . They Prosecutors deposed the Prisoners came to his Shop. under presence to buy a Ring and that while he was weighing a Ring Conney took a Ring out of the Box and laid down a brass Ring in the place of it, and finding scale with the priced of the Ring he weigh'd went out of the Shop but he immediately perceiving the Cheat stept after them and brought them back where Conner fell a Grughing and the Ring fell out of his Mouth on the Ground; the fact being plain against Connor the Jury found him guilty to the value of 4 s.10 d. Transportation . But it not being prov'd that Buckley was privy to the fact he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190115-27

Tho Goodram , William Dickson and Katherine Brown of St. Giles Cripplegate , were indicted the 2 former for breaking the House of William Gilbert , and stealing a Silver Tankard, value 5 l. and 9 Silver Spoons value 15 s. the 23d of December last; and the latter for receiving the Tankard knowing it to be stollen . This Prosecution deposed his House was broke open and the Plate stollen and that he suspected Garden because he knew the House and was that Night absent from his Master; and that having found him he confest the Fact and that Dickson was concern'd with him Johnathan Wild deposed that he hearing that KatherineBrown was apprehended for receiving stollen Goods, went to her, and she confessed that she could discover several Robbers, and directed him to find the Prisoner; that going to Dickson, he said Goodram was a filly Dog to confess, he might have got 40 Spankers; that Katherine Brown owned she knew the Plate to be stollen, that she did carry the Tankard to Esther Watson , that she gave her 8 l.15 s. for it; that she gave the Prisoners three Pound and kept the rest her self. The Fact being plain, the Jury found them all guilty of the Felony only . Transporation .

Reference Number: t17190115-28

John Gulliford of St. Bennet Panls wharf was indicted for stealing 2 Sticks of Timber value 35 s. the property of Mesheures Bugby and Atkinson , the 1st of December but the Evidence not being sufficient the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17190115-29

John Vane and Elizabeth his Wife of the Parish of St. Giles Cripplegate , were indicted for feloniously stealing 3 Guineas a Ring value 18 s. and some other things the Property of Martha Turner the 24th of December last. The Prosecutor deposed that she left her Trunk with the Goods mentioned in it at the House of the Prisoners and when the came to look for them the Trunk was indeeed lock'd, but then were taken out. There was no Evidence to bring the Fact being to the Prisoner and several appearing to their Reputation they were acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190115-30

John Rogers was indicted for the Murther of George Martin the 1st of this instant January , The Evidences deposed that the Prisoners driving a Coach, and Deceased and John S his Mate driving a Dray in Chancery-Lane behind Whitell of the Coach in Deceased against the fore Plank of the Dray with that Violence that he died presently after . The Prisoner produced several Evidence that he endeavour'd to prevent it by giving all the way he could, and that it was not done carelesly on his part whereupon the Jury acquitted him .

Reference Number: t17190115-31

of St Peters Cornhill , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Calves Skins Value 6 s. and 4 d. of several Persons. the 5 of December . It appear'd that the Skins were stollen out of Leaden-hill market , and sold by the Prisoner in Hony-lane-market. The Jury found him guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17190115-32

Abraham Darison of St. Butolph Bishopgate was indicted for feloniously stealing 10 Galons of Strong Beer the Property of Thomas Ward and Nathaniel May the 10th of July last was 12 Months. It appeared by the evidence that the Prisoner and Hakshaw and the Evidences against him; were fellow several to the Prosecutors, and that the Drink was stollen and sold to Mr. Johnson but the proof depending intirely upon the Evidences of the Accompliced the Prisoner having good Character, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17190115-33

Thomas Gibbons of St. Giles Cripplegate was indicted for breaking the House of William York and stealing divers Goods value 45 s. the 18th of November last. The Prosecutor deposed his House was broken open and the goods stollen John Taylor deposed the Prisoner and himself did the Fact. The Prisoner was found guilty of a like Crime last Sessions, and lay for Transportation; the Jury found him guilty of the felonly only Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190115-34

Jane Brown and Margaret Smith of Alhallows in the wall were indicted for stealing divers Goods value 39 s. in the Dwelling House of Thomas Kesles the 24th of December last. The Fact being plainly prov'd upon them, they were found guilty of the Indictment Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190115-35

Tho. Packer alias Pecket , John Prior , and Robert Vickers , of St. Pancras , were indicted for assualting George Noyer Esq ; on the High Way, and taking from him a pair of Pistols value 10 s. a Holster-Cloth value 15 s. a pair of Spurs value 5 s. and a Gelding val.30 l. the 18th of Sept . last. Mr. Floyer deposed that as he was comming from Hamstead about 7 a Clock at Night before 3 Men shook a Man off of his Horse, upon he pulled the Pistol and made towards them, that one of them made toward him still caught hold of his Horse Bridle and pulled his Pistol to the Ground that he endeavoured to discharge his, but it in the Pan, thereupon he struck Prime his Pistol on the Head, on his hind Legs got him off; but He was knock'd off his Horse by a Quarter Staff, and accordingly himself drew his Sword, whereupon one of them said you surrender or I'll shoot you thro' the Head he gave one of them a Prick or 2 in the Belley; but sayin himself overpowered, no made his Escape to all those not far off, where was in Old Man and a Boy, and acquainted them; that he saw one of them his Horse; and another got upon the other Man Horse; the old Man and Boy took Pitch Forks came out and the Person who had mounted his Horse rode after him, and there fired at him, took off the Point of his Sword and the Bullet flew over the but was so near him that the Force of the Power him down and he was so burnt he was forc'd Surgeon as soon as possible to out the Power and dress him. But he could not swear positively to and of their Faces Mr. Floyer produced his Pistols in Court which were found among the taken with the Prisoners when they were apprehended at the one. The Tavern Price upon one of which struck him over the Head they them you I you to and knock now then they roobb'd him, and the himself came up went to Mr.Floyer 2 or 3 Blow another of and

a Pistol to his Breast; that Prior got upon Mr. Floyer's Horse and rode after Mr. Floyer, that they hav like him he saw a Pistol go off, that he afterwards the Turn Pike, and got several to go with him, not take them, but found Mr. Floyers Horse and Pistol Cloth in the Road, and hollowing to he answering, they found him. Thomas A deposed that he indeed was not with them in this but that Vickars and Prior told him, they had Gentleman at that time and place, and that Gentleman Broke Parquort's Head and cut him over with his Pistol, and that Prior mounted his signing to stop him but that the Gentleman, the House near Fig.-Lane. The fact being plainly proved the Jury found them all guilty .

were all Three indicted a second time for assaulting Strange upon the High Way, and taking from him a Purse value 6 d.14 Guineas and a half,8 l. and other Things the 18th of August Strange deposed, that as he was in a Hackney Farington-lane near Hornsey,3 Men came armed with Guns, Pistols,&c. Swearing and very violent manner, and Parquort held a Vickers took his Money and the also his Buckles out of his Shoes, on his Finger demanded it, but it off; upon which Prior said I'll have it off or I'll cut off your Finger that when he went to Prior in the he owned the Robbery, and that a lost was in pawn by him which he Thomas confirmed what Mr. Spin also several other Circumstances Prisoners, were all there, and face (as he hears) gone to Sea.The Fact being plainly prov'd they were all found Indictment like wise.

Vickers was a third time indicted for assaulting Squire on the High-Way, and taking from him a Watch value 6 l.2 Seals, a Chain Lanser-Cafe and several other Mr. Squire deposed, the Lord Sunderland to the Lord the 7th of November before 5 a Clock the one thro' theTurn Pike the upon by 3 Men on Foot, Pistols under them, that he Messenger and was upon his bass; but instead of that shoot him dead; and mak carried into a Field; and hid but his Letter, pulled off of an Hour several times for killing him but neither to kill him not rob him Messenger, and that he exposed and told them he might do them they still snatching him, he told to him, and opening his him if they durst but tho' they still He could not swear Vickers by his Voice, he in Court which were ta in a Trunk and Portmanteau in the Strand, which was full Blunderbusses,&c. and Prior gave his when he went to see him in the Vickers had owned he had his Watch. confirm'd by horp. The Facts being they were all round guilty of his Death .

Reference Number: t17190115-36

Willoughby Strickland was indicted for harbouring the Persons aforesaid and recieved afore mentioned knowing them to have By the Prisoners aforesaid . Mr. Squires the Prisoners gave him an account that served Gold which he lost, naming them, were was taken, when the Prisoners were the Proof not being sufficient con he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190115-37

Elizabeth Coleburn of St. Martins in the Fields was indicted for privately stealing a Snuff-Box value 3 l. and a Handkerchief value 3 s. from the Person of John Witeron Esq . the 26 of December last. The Prosecutor deposed that having come out of a Coach near the King's Bagnio , he going along there was a Crowd of People, and he perceived the Prisoner and a Man to Jostle him, and saw her take the Handkerchief out of his Pocket, whereupon he followed her and struck her with his Cane; whereupon she turned to strike at him, and the Box dropped out of her Bosom and fell on the Ground and broke; that he thereupon repeated his Blows, and some Fellows came up to him and infused him; and the Prisoner cry'd out Murther, and a Mob arose, and a Constable being sent for they were carried to the Round-house. The Prisoner deny'd the Fact, and in her Defence said she having been abroad, as she was going home the Prisoner struck her and abused her at a very greatrate without any manner of Provocations, nor did then Charge her with having taken any thing from him, nor till after she had charged a Constable with him for abusing of her; for this she called several Evidences. The first Evidence was one who deposed the Prisoner was his Sweet-Heart, and they having been abroad that Day were going home about 10 a Clock at Night. the Prisoner having a Riding-Hood on ; and hold of him by the Arm, that it rained pretty fast, and being at the door of the King's Bagnio, the Prosecutor struck the Prisoner, upon which he turn'd and asked him why he struck the Woman; upon which he struck her several other Blows, whereupon he took away his Cane and gave it to a Walter belonging to the Bagnio, that the Prosecutor retiring into the Bagnio, he went for a Constable to apprehend him, and when he came he found the Prisoner sitting on the out side of the door, at liberty to have gone where she would, and the Prosecutor on the Inn side and the door shut, and that going in and Charging the Constable with the Prosecutor, he attempted to strike the Prisoner again, and also the Constable himself, and did not lay anything to her Charge, till after, they were at the Round-Houses . This was confirm'd by several Evidences, some as to one Circumstance and some to another. Another evidence deposed that when the Prosecutor w as at the Round-House, sitting by the Fire he pulled out a Snuff-Box, and being much in drink, let it fall upon the Fonder , and it broke there, and he himself took up the pieces. The Prisoner produced her Mistress and several Persons of Reputation and Fashion who gave her an extraordinary Character. The Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17190115-38

Ann Floyd of St Giles Cripplegate was indicted for feloniously stealing divers Goods the Property of Mary Quine the 20th of September last. The Fact being plainly prov'd, the Jury found her guilty of the Felony. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190115-39

William Ward and Samuel Linne of St Giles Cripplegate were indicted for breaking the House of Julias Bagley , and stealing divers Pieces of Plate to the value of 40 l. the 24th of July 1717 . Williams Matthews deposed the Prisoners, with himself, one David and one Alsey, not taken did the Robbery, and sold the Plate for 30 l. to one Harding. The Jury found them both guilty of the Indictment. Death .

Williams Ward was indicted a second time, for breaking the House of Thomas Lane , and stealing 10 l. Tea the 12th of April 1717 . William Mathews deposed the Prisoner and himself did the Fact. The Jury found him guilty of this Indictment likewise.

Reference Number: t17190115-40

Mary Bishop alias Cane , was indicted for privately stealing 8 l. in Money from the Person of Jane Padwick , the 19th of December last. The Prosecutor deposed she pickt her Pocket as she went to Market. The Fact was plain, the Jury found her guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190115-41

John Walker was indicted for stealing a Periwig value 29s the Property of William Edwards ; but no body appearing against him, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190115-42

Vincent Strange and Stene Theberton of Fulham were indicted for stealing twelve pound of Pork the Property of Robert How the 15 of December last. But the Evidence not being sufficient they were acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190115-43

Henry Wiseman of St. Giles in the Fields was indicted for assaulting Frances Parkinson and taking from her 3 l.10 s. in Money the 25th of September last. The Prosecutor deposed the Prisoner came up to her in the Street and pulled off her pocket, the Fact being plain, the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment. Death .

Reference Number: t17190115-44

John Turner and John Rogers of St. Mary White Chappel were indicted for breaking the House of John Rowley , and stealing 2 Ducks and a Drake,2 Aprons &c. value 5 s. the 15th of December last. They were indicted a second time for a Misdemeanour in stealing a Copper value 30 l. fixt to the Free-Hold of the said John Rowley the 16th of December . The Fact in the first Indictment being proved by their own Confession, they were found guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17190115-45

John Dampney of St. James Westminster , was indicted for High-Treason, in Counterfeiting the Currant Coyn of this Kingdom the 5th of August last. It appeared by the Evidence that Robert Foot , convicted in September last for the same Offence,(but who afterwards died in Newgate) being apprehended in putting off a counterfeit Guinea, did confess that it was made by the Prisoner and himself; and upon Searching Robert Font 's Lodgings, the Prisoner was there found in Bed, and several Flasks, and Crucibles &c. and three Crown pieces and 11 half Crown pieces which were counterfeit, and that being search'd, a counterfeit Crown Piece was found in his Pocket; and that the Prisoner being examined before the Justice board own that he did Coyn that Guinea Foot was apprehended in putting off, and one other; and also about 15 s. in Silver, which confession was read in Court in Evidence against him; the Suspicion against him was strengthned, in that it was deposed that upon the said Guinea's being show'd him he pretended to affirm there was in that Guinea Gold to the Quantity of 9 or 12 s. To these the Prisoner answered that as to his being in Robert Foot's Lodging it was because they were both to go out of Town the next Morning; that as to the Flasks, Crucibles.&c. there found, they were his, he being by Trade a Silver Smith; that as to the Counterfeit Money there found he knew nothing of it; and as to his owning the Fact before the Justice, he pleaded he was in Drink and under Terrour , and knew not what he did and as to the Crown piece taken in his Pocket, it was a Piece he had had several Months that had been given him, and he kept it for a Pocket-Piece, and called some Persons to prove it; He called also divers to his Reputation, who gave him a good Character, upon the whole he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190115-46

of St. Andrews-Holbourn was indicted for feloniously receiving 200 Bushels of Malt the Property of George Sweetapple knowing it to be stollen, but it appearing by the Evidence to be Sweepings and not Malt, which he deemed a Perquisite of the Millers and not to be stollen, and the Prisoner being a man of a fair Character the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17190115-47

John Humphreys alias Freeman of St. Faiths , was indicted for privately stealing 17 Guineas and a half, the Property of William Barron , from the Person of his Wife the 25th of June last. The Council opened the Cause, setting forth that one Mrs. Stevens coming to lodge at the Prosecutor's House, and the Prisoner reporting frequently, let himself into the Acquaintance of Mrs. Barron, who by the persuasion of the said Mrs. Stevens was prevailed upon to lend him 3 l. or thereabouts, unknown to her Husband, the Payment of which He, having deferred for some time, she grew uneasie for fear her Husband should call for it, and therefore did frequently dun the Prisoner for it, who at last told her if she would meet him at the Sign of the Cock in Amen Corner he would pay her the 3 l. in order to which she goes, and the Prisoner meeting her there, would treat her with a Pot or two of Drink, during which time, she putting her Hand into her Pocket to pull out her Handkerchief, pulled out along with it a Purse and 17 Guineas and a half, which her Husband (being a Dealer in Cattle ) had, left with her; at which she being surprized, thinking she had left it at Home, was desirous to go Home and carry the Money, and having put it again into her Pocket, the Prisoner put in his Hand and took it out, at which she grew uneasie several times demanding her Money of the Prisoner, he amused her, telling her to be easie, ho hoped she did not think he designed to keep it from her, and that she should have it again; he at length told her he had not the 3 l. about him, but she should go Home with him to his Lodgings in Fish-Street, and he would there give her her Money again and pay the 3 l. also; to which she consenting went with him, and there he carrying her into a private Room told her, all the Persons in that House were his Friends, and therefore if she called out it should be worse for her and afterwards pulled out a Rope, telling her that if she discovered what had past between them that should be her Fate; that she being under great Terror did not dare to call out, but being kept there confin'd for 3 or 4 Days, the Prisoner carried her abroad in a Coach to Fleet Ditch, and there sending for a Man, who brought a Book pretending to be a Parson, and also another Man as a Clerk, he told her she must marry him; to which she reply'd, why you know I have a Husband already, to which the Prisoner answer'd, it was no matter for that, if she did not, that should be her Fare shewing her the Rope: that she being under a great Fright, there were some Words repeated, and then he carry's her back to his Lodgings, pretending to be married to her, and there kept her two Days, The Court having heard the Cause, thus far opened, did not think fit to proceed any further on the Tryal so the Prisoner was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190115-48

Edward Sheldon alias Myres of St James Westminster , and were indicted, the former for feloniously stealing a Gold Watch and Chain val.13 l. the Property of William Gregory the 12th of December last, the Latter for receiving it, knowing it to be stollen . The Prosecutor deposed that Edward Sheldon being his Servant , stole the Watch, and when he found, him, upon examination he confess'd that it was pawn'd to the other Prisoner for a Reckoning he had run on Score with him, that thereupon he went to the Prisners House and demanded the Watch; but he refused to let him have it unless he paid him 10 l. This was also confirm'd by another Evidence. The Prisoner pleaded in his defence that Edward Sheldon having been formerly his Fooy came to drink at his House, and wanting Money to pay his Reckoning, he lent him a Guinea and 20 s. upon it, but deny'd that he demanded 10 l. for it of the Prosecutor, and alledged that the Prisoner Sheldon told him it was his own Watch. He called divers Persons of Credit to his Reputation, who gave him an extraordinary Character. Edward Sheldon pleaded that he put the Watch in his Pocket, his Malter being from Home, for fear it might have some harm come to it, and going out fell into Company and getting in Liquor did pawn the Watch; but did intend to restore it again to his Master; upon the whole they, were both acquitted .

Reference Number: t17190115-49

Edward Bird , of St. James's Gent . was indicted for the Murther of Samuel Loxton by giving him one Mortal wound with a Sword on the right side of his Body, between the first and second Rib, of the breath of half an Inch, and the depth of 12 Inches of which he immediately died . He was indicted a second time on the Coroners. Inquest for the same, and likewise a 3d time on the Statute of Stabbing.

Thomas Baberton alias Vernassel , deposed, that on the 25th of September last the Prisoner, came to Mr. Seeds well's House at the Bagnio in Silver-Street together with a Woman in a Coach bringing with him a Bottle of Champain Wine, and that Samuel Loxton the deceased waited upon them, that they went to Bed and lay still about 2 a Clock and then knocking, the deceased went up and coming down told him the Prisoner demanded a Bath, and that he being then Cupping a great Gentleman, told him he had almost done and he should have one gotten ready as soon as possible, that Loxton came down again and told him that the Gentleman Damned him and Cursed him, telling him he would have one that very Moment, and had threatned and attempted to kill him, that then the Prisoner still keeping a knocking, he begg'd leave of the Gentleman he

was Cupping to go up to him, the deceased being afraid to go, that he went up and told him that he should have a Bath presently, he had set the Cock a fighting, and it would be ready in the 8th part of an Hour that the Prisoner said G - D - m, you Sirrah, I will have it thin-Moment, and getting out of the Bed made 8 or 10 Passes which he avoided by holding the Door in his Hand, and pulled it. too; then hearing him either see his Sword fall or throw it down he ventured to open the Door again to pacifie him, but the Prisoner run after him and flung him down, and broke 3 or 4 of his Ribs, that his Mistress this enquired what was the matter, and calling her Maid fent her up to the Prisoner to expoltulats with him why he would kill her Servants, to which the Prisoner reply'd, G - D - m, you for a Bitch it should come at you. I would stick you first; that Master Mr. Seedwell got up, and Mr. Seedwell Mrs. Seedwell, and himself, and the deceafed went the Prisoner all together, that Mr. Seedwell went that the deceafed went in next, that he fol Loxton with a Candle in a low brass Candlestick Hand, and. Mrs. Seedwell follow'd him, and stood just at the Door; that Mr. Seedwell stood by the the deceased at the Beds feet, that he behind the deceased, and Mrs. Seedwell at the that they had none of them any of Weapon, Sword Stick, Cane or anything Candle and Candlestick, that there Mr. Seedwell with him, For God's sake, Sir, What is What have my Servants home? If they have I will punish them before your Face, you shall accomodation in my House, but if you cannot be I will provide, you either Coach or Chair to go, you please, and nothing for what you have had, of you not to make a disturbance; I have seve of consideration in my House, you will do me a: That the Prisoner being still very outragi without any other provocation immediately start the Bed, and taking out a Sword which lay on the left side, the Woman lying on the right, himself up griping the Sword made 2 at him at the 2d of which he stagger'd a little wards against him, never speaking one but died immediately; and that the Deceased With a Pinch of Snuff betwixt the Thumb for his Right Hand as he lay dead on the Mr. Seedwell said as to the manner of the Fact the Evidence had deposed; adding, that when he with him why he should kill his Servants, G - D - m you, I'll kill you all; and that had considerable struggling with him before they him; he endeavouring to have killed them that the Woman lay still and did not say or do any

confirm'd the generality of what had before deposed, adding, that when the sent up she bid her give her and her Masters Ser to him, and tell him they would both wait upon themselves immediately, and that the Maid came and when she spoke of her Husbands going up, the reply'd Madam, the Gentleman says he will my Masters, and she added, that when he killed the deceased, and they were endeavouring his Sword, he having it under his Arm, to wound any that should happen to be him

Surgeon deposed, that he being sent for found quite dead, and searching found 2 Wounds, in his Breast slanting 5 or 6 Inches but did not but another betwixt 1st and 2d Rib that the Body and Lungs.4 Fingers deep and he did verily believe was the cause of his Death.

The Prisoner in his defence pleaded, than being to of Town and next Day, he lay at the Bagnio to prevent the trouble, getting out early in the Morning might occasion the Family that about 2 Clock desired a Bath, that the Water coming to him, told him he should have one, and at other times told him he should have none, that he went away and locked him in; and in above quarter of an Hour they all came up and said he should have Bath but he turned out into the Street that Moment, that the refusing to go they all surrounded the Bed, laid Hands I on him, store his Ship and deceased gave him several blows, which brinsed him very much on his Side Arm and one of his Knuckles, that be thereupon thinking mischief was designed him, drew his Sword to defend himself, and the deceased repeating his blows, and unfortunately falling or stooping toward the Bed, this unfortunate Accident happen'd to a Man that he never had any difference with before. In proof of which he called the following Evidences.

S - W - deposed that the being at the place aforesaid, the Prisoner about Two of the Clock in the Morning knock'd and wou'd have a Bath, but the Waiter made. Answer, that there was a great Gentleman in the Bath and he could not till 5 in the Morning, and then he would call him, that he saying he would have one presently, the Waiter reply'd G - d D - m him for a Rascal he neither could nor should have any, to which the Prisoner reply'd that Gentlemen were not to be so abused, that upon this he arose and pushed the Waiter out of Doors, who lock'd the Door after him and lock'd them in that them knock'd again, and they came up and threat'ned to turn them out of Doors and that the Man at the Bedsfeet struck the Prisoner and she heard an out cry of Murder, and was afraid they should both be Murdered, and that she saw the Prisoner rise up in his Bed and Men holding him, that when the deceased lay dead on the Ground he had a dark colour'd Cane hanging on his Wrist by a black String, but she knew of no Sword in the Bed. nor saw any Wound given.

E - R - deposed, that she lodging that Night at the Bagnio, and hearing the disturbance, went to the Prisoners Room and saw the deceased lying on the Floor, and a Cane lying by him in the Room, and a Faggor-stick upon the Stairs hard by the Door of the Room, which last Circumstance as to the Faggor-stick was also confirm'd by another Evidence. The Walker who succeeded the deceased as Waiter at the Bagnio deposed, that a Gentleman that came to the Bagnio and enquired into the circumstances of the Fact, being Shew'd the Room in which it was done, examined the Door and Wainscot, and could not perceive any Marks of the 8 or 10 Passes made against it by the Prisoner, as had been deposed by. The Barberton alias Vernassel, and that he discoursing with Baberton about the breaking of his Ribbs, seeing him stript, saw no mark or appearance of any such thing and that Baberton when he asked him why he did not apply something to them, said they were not broke but bruis'd. And as to the deceased, besides an ill Character, and that he used to be abusive to Gentlemen, had been wounded not long before, at the Prosecutors could not deny. The Prisoner called several Evidences to prove that his Shirt was very much torn, this was confirmed by the Constable and Watchman that apprehended him, and also was produced in Court: He also called the Constable and Watchman and Several other Evidences who deposed, they did see a bruise on his Arm and also a hurt upon his Knuckles, and that they were bloody. He likewise called several Persons of Credit and Worth to his Reputation and peaceable demeanour, who gave him a very good Character. He also observed that little credit was to be given to the Evidence of Baberton alias Vernassel, who had swore that 3 or 4 of his Ribs were broke, when it was sworn By another Evidence that he himself owned his Ribs were not broken, but only that he was bruised, and that he owned in Court that he never had made use of any Surgeon,&c. on that account. Upon the hearing of the whole Matter, the Jury found him guilty of all the Indictment, and he receiv'd Sentence of Death accordingly. Before the receiving of which, being asked what he had to say, why Judgement should not pass upon him according to Law he spoke to the Court as followeth.

I submit my self to your Lordship and this Honourable Bench; and I beg only your honourable Favour and Regard that as she Witness's for me swore positively to my being assaulted and that the Jury (to my, great

Misfortune) were not pleased to give Credit to the family your Lordship will make the most favourable Interpretation of it. But above all I desire your Lordship's notice, that there were many manifest Contradiction, in Vernassell's Evidence, and I may say Impossibilities in other of their Witnesses. Besides her denying on my Tryal that he did double lock the Door, which he swore he did before the Coroner, makes me with reason believe my Life has been maliciously sought; for I call God to Witness, I did not offer the least Violence to the Deceased till after I was struck and ill used by him. I submit my self to your Lordship, and hope your will make such favorable Report to his Majesty as may not obstruct, but leave room to apply to his Wisdom for Mercy.

Reference Number: s17190115-1

The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgement

Received Sentence of Death 15.

John Moody , Jane Brown , Margaret Smith , Mary Reed alias Morris , William Thorn , Robert Thompson , Edward Bird , Thomas Cinnamon alias Mason, Matthew, Whitten Francis Parquet alias Parket , John Prior , Robert Vickars , William Ward , Samuel Linne and Henry Wiseman .

To be Transported,18.

Nathaniel Bush , Ann Howard , Joseph Holyday , Willium Phillips , Anny Furnace, Mary Harding , Simon Jaron , John Halmes ; Katherine Brown , Thomas Gibbons , Charles Hudson , William Conner, Ann Floyd , Sarah Butcher alias Cone , John Turner , John Rogers , Thomas Goodram , William Dickson .

Burnt in the Hand

Coristopher Hutton , and Richard Faxford convicted last Sessions.

To be Whipt,

W - F -, and Aaran Wileox , which last was ordered to be Transported last Sessions .

Margaret Smith , and Mary Reed , pleaded their, Bellies : And a Jury of Matrons being impannell'd, found Mary Reed with Quick Child, and Margarets Smith not.

Reference Number: a17190115-1


For the Good of the Publick

WHereas several Gentleman and others of that Sex, in the Kingdom here contracted an Evil Habit of Body, wherein the victual Humours, at first dispers'd thro' the Whole, come at length to be lodged in one Part or another; and many times, for Causes too long to be here mentioned down upon the Womb, ocassioning a dangerous Weakness in that Part, which being neglected at last turns Cancerous and often proves Fatal. This is to acquaint all such as may have occasion, that a speedy Relief is to be had from a Sworn and Experienc'd Midwife, dwelling at the Sign of the Queen's Arms next Door to the Tin-Shop near Exeter Change; in the Strand, who perform'd a wonderful Cure upon a Lady at the Bath, after she was given over by the Physicians, and since has Cured several Gentlewomen and others in the City and Suburbs of London; I should not have put my self in publick Print, but to satisfy the Afflicted where they may have present Ease and Relief if not, no Money.

All Melancholy, Hysterioal and Hypocondriack Distempers,

WHich variously affect the Mind, with strange Fears and disnal Apprehensions; Faintings and Sinkings of the Spirits, great Hurries, Restlesness and Disquietment (little understand and seldom cured by any common means) also Pains Giddiness of the Head; Risings, to the Throat, Sick Fits, Treatings, Oppressions of the Heart, or any other Disorder caused by Vapours; are sucessfully (with God's Blessing) by a Physician well-experienced there,(who is Son and sucessor to a late eminent Physician of London, of more than 10 Years successful Practice in those Deplorable Cases) be a so all kind of Fits, tho' strange and violent (if curable) which he will justily inform you; living at No 1. in Burt-Street in St. Katherines near the Tower, London: where those that have occasion, and live remote, direct their Letters, and they shall be speedily answered be attended on if desired.

Some B O O K S printed for and sold by Edmund Parker at the Bible and Crown its Lombard Street, near Stocks-Market.

THE London New Method and Art of Teaching Children to Spell and Read so as they may, without the Help of any other Books, read the Bible in less than twelve Months, Note, This Way of Teaching is approved by most School Masters as the best. Price bound 6 d. with great Allowance to those who sell or give them away. Note, There are some printed on Fine Paper, bound up with Cuts. pr.8 d.

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The Benefit of Early Piety, recommended to all Young Persons. By W Smythies, late Morning Lectures of St. Michael in Cornhil, London. The Third Edition Price bound 6 d;

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Maximum in Minima: Or! Mr. Jeremish Rich's Pens Dexterity compleated. Being the plainest and earliest Method of writing SHORT-HAND. To which are added. The Terms of the Law compleat in Characters at length, being of great use to all Lawyers and others who take Tryals at large, in Courts. Never done till now. By Samuel Botley , The whole curiously engrav'd on Thirty Copper Plates. Pr.6 d.

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A Guide to English Juries: Setting forth their quity Power and Duty, from the Common-Law and Statues. With a Table. By a Person of Quality. Also a Letter to Author upon the same Subject Price 1 s.

Orders. By Laws, and Ordinances for the good Government and Regulating: of the persons Licensed to Keep and Drive Hackney-Coaches, and their Reuters and Drivers. Made, Publish'd and, Declar'd by the Commissioners and Allowed and Approved by the Lord Chancellor and Judges at the Law directs. Price 3 d.

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without Temple Bar At Mr. Gowpers Toyshop the Corner of Charles Court by Hungerford-Market in the Strand. And And at Mrs. Garraway's Shop at the King's Arms at the Royal Exchange-Gate next Cornhill.

LONDON, Printed for J. Phillips; by M. against St. Sepulchres Buck-Gate in Gilt-Spur-Street near Newgate; and Sold by J. Roberts in Warwick-Lane 1718. Where Advertisements are taken in.(Price 3 d.)

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