Old Bailey Proceedings, 5th December 1718.
Reference Number: 17181205
Reference Number: f17181205-1

THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE KING'S Commission of the Peace, Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol Delivery,





During the MAYORALTY of the

Rt. Honble Sir John Ward, Knight,


In the 5th Year of His MAJESTY's Reign.



Printed for J. PHILLIPS, by M. Jenour, against St. Sepulchre's Back Gate, in Gilt Spur Street, near Newgate.

THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE KING's Commission of the Peace, AND

Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the Old Bayly,


Friday, Saturday, and Monday, being the 5th,6th, and 8th, of December,1718. In the Fifth Year of His MAJESTY's Reign.

12. Decemb.1718.

BEfore the Right Hon. Sir JOHN WARD , Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London; Sir Peter King , Lord Chief Justice of the Common-Pleas , Mr. Baron Montague , Mr. Justice Ayres; The Worshipful John Raby , Esq; Deputy Recorder; and several of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the City of London and County of Middlesex.

The Jurors Names were as followeth:

London Jury.

John Shaw .

John Lowe .

Abraham Pettifor .

Joseph Burridge .

James Hilliard .

John West .

William Lawes .

Tho Tacks .

Geo Dawson .

James Thompson .

Sam Clark .

Benj Betts .

Middlesex Jury.

Tho Cliff .

William Hargrave .

Abr Harrison .

William Adams .

John Pashley .

Robt Chadd .

Alex Kilgore .

Edw Percival .

Daniel Andrews .

Tho Philips .

Tho Bates .

John Kinch .

The Proceedings were as followeth:

Reference Number: t17181205-1

Anne Buncher , of St. Giles's Cripplegate , was indicted for the Murther of her Female Bastard Infant, by throwing it into a House of Office , the 26th of, October last, Mrs. Taylor her Mistress deposed, that on Sunday the 26th of October, the Prisoner complain'd that she was not well, and had the Gripes,&c. but did help her make the Bed, and she afterwards went out to Church leaving her to dress Dinner, that coming from Church she told her she was so ill she could not take up Dinner, that she thereupon went up to lye down on the Bed, and she took the Dinner up her self, and sent the Boy up to her with some hot Ale, but all this while suspected nothing of her being deliver'd of a Child; that the Boy brought her word down that she was something better, and that after Dinner the Prisoner came down to fetch a Mop, saying she had been very ill and had vomited, and wanted the Mop to wipe it up, that at Night the Boy going to the Vault brought her word he saw something uncommon in the Vault, whereupon she sent away for a Midwife to examine her, and a Night Man, who took the Child out of the Vault: This was also confirm'd by Thomas Pool the Apprentice; the Midwife deposed that she being sent for examin'd her, and finding she had been deliver'd of a Child charged her with it, which tho' she at first deny'd, yet soon after own'd, and that she had put it into the Vault, that the Child she did believe was at its full time, nor did there any marks of Violence or Hurt appear upon it. Another Evidence deposed, that she asking her who was the Father, and how it was got, the Prisoner told her that she going up to make a Lodgers Bed in the place where she had liv'd before, he laid her on the Bed and did there get it, that he was since run away, and the People of the House her Master and Mistress were remov'd above 100 Miles off. She owned that she did put it into the Vault, but did not know whether it was alive or not, that she had it in her Apron to have carryed down when the Boy came up to her with the Drink, but put it away and did not then do it, till she had another opportunity. The Prisoner in her defence pleaded that she had had a fall about a Fortnight before, and had not felt the Child stir within her since that time, and that it was still born, upon the whole the Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17181205-2

Elizabeth Portor , of St. Gabriel's Fenchurch-street , was indicted for feloniously stealing a China Perfume-Pot set in Silver, value 5 l. the property of Jacob Alvarez the 15th of November last. It appear'd by the Evidence that the Prisoner was Servant in the House of the Prosecutors Landlord, and that the Perfume-pot,&c. was taken from off an Escrutore in the Prosecutors Chamber, and being broken to pieces was offered to sale to a Goldsmith, who stopped it, gave notice to the Prosecutor. The Prisoner in her defence pleaded, that she going into the Cellar to fetch Coals, the Silver catch'd hold of her Coat, and she looking found it half covered with Earth, and thinking it had been a thing buried there that belong'd to no body in the House, she thought she had as much right to it as any body else: But this plea did not avail, but that the Jury found her guilty to the value of 10d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-3

Sarah Smith and Mary Mitchel , of St. Mildred Poultry were indicted for privately stealing 2 l. of Silk, value 36 s. in the Shop of Henry Wagstaff , the 26th of October last. The Evidence deposed that the Prisoners came into the Prosecutors Shop to buy an Ounce of Silk of several colours, there being no body but a Boy and some other Customers in the Shop, they took the opportunity to steal the Silk, which being miss'd and perceiv'd by the Boy, he gave his Master notice of at his coming in, and Sarah Smith being search'd it was found in her Pocket. The Jury acquitted Mary Mitchel, and found Sarah Smith guilty to the value of of 10. d. Transportation ,

Reference Number: t17181205-4

Thomas Easton , of the Parish of St. Andrews-Undershaft was indicted for feloniously stealing 33 Guineas and other Money, to the value of 35 l.15 s. in the Dwelling House of Robert Morley the 19th of October last: It appear'd by the Evidence that the Prisoner had been Servant to Mr. Morley at the King's-Arms Inn in Leadenhall-street , but being gone away, came with some other of his Accomplices and privately got into the House, broke open a Door of the Room where the Money lay, and also a Box, and took out the Money in a Silk Purse, and coming out gave the Purse to his Comrades, who afterwards appointed him to meet them at a certain Place, in order to have his dividend of the Money, and that they told him there was not so much in the Purse as he imagin'd, and gave him 8 l. for his share: This he confess'd before the Justice after his apprehension, but deny'd it all upon his Tryal. The Jury however found him guilty of the Indictment.

Reference Number: t17181205-5

Mary Hawker , of St. Giles's Cripplegate , was indicted for breaking the House of Mary Holms , no body being therein, and stealing divers Goods, value 24 s. the 29th of October last. The fact being plainly prov'd the Jury found her guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-6

Mary Hawley , of St. Thomas Apostles , was indicted for feloniously stealing 3 Carolus broad Pieces of Gold, and 5 s. in Money , the Property of George Booth the 22d of November last: It appear'd that the Prisoner was Servant to the Prosecutors Landlord, and had taken the opportunity of getting into the Prosecutors Room and stole the Money, and immediately run away; She confess'd the fact before the Justice, but deny'd it at her Tryal, the Jury however found her guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-7

Samuel Linne , of St. Mildreds Poultry , was indicted for that he together with Obadiah Leman not taken, did feloniously steal a Perriwing, value 7 l. from the Person of Gilbert Malcher , the 19th of October last; The Prosecutor deposed that as he was going in a Coach near Stocks-Market , the Coach was cut and his Wigg pull'd off. William Matthews deposed, that he being in Company with the Prisoner and Obadiah Leman , Leman got up behind the Coach, and cutting the Coach took the Wigg and gave it to the Prisoner, that they had appointed before if they lost one another to meet at the 3 Tuns on London Bridge, which they did, that he desired them to let him have the Wigg, giving them a Guinea a piece for their share, which they did, and the Wigg they produced in Court: The Prisoner deny'd the Fact, the Jury found him guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-8

Anne Marriot and Eliz Day , of the Parish of St. Magnes the Martyr , were indicted for feloniously stealing Linnen and other Goods, to a small value, in the Dwelling House of Edward Sutton , the 13th of October last: It appear'd by the Evidence that the Prisoners with some others came to the Prosecutors to Drink, and getting into a Chamber stole the Goods. The Fact being prov'd upon Eliz. Day, the Jury found her guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation . But the Proof not being strong enough against; Marriot she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17181205-9

Richard Morgan , of St. Clement Danes , was indicted for the Murther of Humphry Wild , by giving him one Mortal Wound with a Penknife in the left Buttock the 31st of October , of which he languish'd till the 13th of November and then died . He was likewise indicted a second time upon the Coroners Inquisition for the same. The Surgeon deposed that he being sent by Justice Saunders to Humphry Wild, the deceas'd, he found the Wound was 6 Inches deep and more, and had cut several Arteries and that it was the cause of his Death. The Prisoner upon his being examined had confess'd before the Justice that the Boy having call'd him fat-ars'd-Dick, and given him very provoking language he did borrow a Penknife of another Boy and running after him did give him a Wound with it in the Place aforesaid, this confession was produc'd in Court in Evidence against him. The Prisoner in his defence pleaded, as he was linking near the Play-House in Drury-Lane he saw the deceased pick a Gentlemans Pocket that thereupon he went to him and charging him with it, the deceas'd ask'd him what was that to him, and calling him several names pull'd out a Penknife and offer'd to stick him, whereupon he borrow'd a Penknife of another Boy and following him, the deceas'd fell down, and he fell upon him, and did not know but falling upon him might give him the aforesaid Wound, but that he receiv'd also a Wound in his Wrist from the deceas'd. The Surgeon being ask'd whether he had not before complain'd of any Wound, answer'd he had not. Upon hearing the whole matter the Jury found him Guilty of the Indictment. Death .

Reference Number: t17181205-10

James White , of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for Feloniously stealing a suit of Cloth Clothes lacd with Gold Lace, value 20 l. The Property of Mr. Charles Dilks , the 27th of October last. It appear'd by the Evidence that about 9 a Clock in the Morning the Cloths were put into the Prosecutors Chariot in the Mews , and while the Coachman went into the House to fetch a Wigg were stollen away, that the Prosecutor immediately acquainting Jonathan Wild , he went in quest of them, and hearing they had been offer'd to Sale about Drury-Lane, he found out a Person who for the Reward of a Guinea undertook to conduct him to the Person-that had them, accordingly taking Coach they went together, and he staying in the Coach sent the Woman into the House to bid the Person who had them, bring the Clothes to a Person who would give more Money for them, which she accordingly did, and he secur'd the Prisoner and Clothes both. The Prisoner in his defence pleaded that he going in the Evening to a Person who ow'd him some Money, his Wife being then in Labour, while he was talking with the Woman about the Money a Woman call'd Porter, and seeing him told him she would, give him 6 d. to carry the bundle (which she said was quilted Petticoats) to the Bell in Vine-Street, that he being willing to earn the Money did so. He produc'd the Woman he was talking with in Evidence to prove this, and brought two Persons who swore that he was at work all that day with them, at Labouring work in Leveling some Ground, and a great many Persons appearing to his Reputation, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17181205-11

William Butler , together with Thomas Bewl not taken, of St. Dunstans Stepney , was indicted for breaking the House of Edward Darby , the 31st of October last in the night time, and stealing Linnen to the value of 10 s. The Prosecutor depos'd that the Goods were stollen, and the Prisoner being taken upon suspicion confess'd the fact, the Prosecutor would not be positive that the door was fastned , so the Jury acquitted him of the Burglary, and found him Guilty of the Felony to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-12

Mary Hewson , of St. Dunstans Stepney , was indicted for Feloniously stealing 2 Silver Spoons, and wearing apparel, value 20 s. in the House of Mary Kemp , the 8th of November last. The Evidence depos'd the Prisoner came to live with the Prosecutor as a servant on the Thursday, and on the Saturday following went away with the Goods, that a Gown belonging to the Prosecutors Daughter, was found upon her back when she was apprehended. The Prisoner pleaded she bought the Gown of a Woman that sold old Clothes, but not proving it, the Jury found her guilty of the Indictment. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-13

Elizabeth Davis , of St. Buttolphs Aldgate , was indicted for Feloniously stealing 2 Silver Spoons value 20 s. a Dram Cup value 5 s. and the top of a Cawdle Cup value 20 s. in the Dwelling-House of Thomas Painter , the 7th of October last. The Evidence deposed the Prisoner was servant to the Prosecutor, and having stollen the Plate off from the Chest of Drawers went away, but being apprehended' acknowledg'd where she had pawn'd it for 45 s. The Plate was produc'd in Court, and the Prisoner made no other Defence, but seeming to suspect her crime was not enough to hang her, she fram'd she broke 2 locks to come at it, which was as positively deny'd by the Prosecutors. However the Jury did not think fit to gratify her, but brought her in Guilty of 10 d. only. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-14

Thomas Gibbon , of the Parish of St. Sepulchres , was indicted for Feloniously stealing 22 l. of Beef the Property of Richard Line , the 15th of November last. The Prosecutor depos'd the Prisoner took the Beef from his stall, and he seeing him follow'd him and apprehended him immediately, he having first thrown it down. The Prisoner pretended he was very Drunk and might brush it off the stall, but deny'd the taking it: but the Prosecutor swearing positively he saw him take it with both his Hands off the stall, the Jury found him Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-15

Benjamin Brewin , of St. Anns Aldersgate ; was indicted for stealing 52 Pieces of Leather, value 20 s. a quart of Brandy value 2 s.6 d. the Property of William Watkins , and 14 Guineas and 37 s.6 d. in Silver, the Property of Persons unknown the 30th of September last. It appear'd by the Evidence that the Prisoner had liv'd in the Prosecutors House, and immediately upon his going away the Box which belong'd to a Society, was found broken open and the Money gone, and he being the only Person besides the Man and his Wife that knew where the Money was, in a Closet in the Prosecutors Chamber, and likewise hearing that he had offer'd some Leather to sell, which by some circumstances appear'd to be the Prosecutors, they suspected him. But the proof not being strong enough to fix it upon the Prisoner he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17181205-16

Edward Reynolds , of the Parish of St. Sepulchres , was indicted for privately stealing 3 Hats value 20 s. in the shop of Walter Sutton , the 23d of October last. It appear'd by the Evidence that the Prisoner came to the Prosecutors shop pretending to buy Hats, and privately convey'd 3 Hats under his Coat, but being perceiv'd was stopp'd, and being search'd the Hats were found upon him. The Prisoner in his Defence pleaded he was much in drink and knew nothing of the matter, alledg'd that he had receiv'd a Wound in his Head which had hurt his brain so that if he drank a little he was disorder'd so that he had not the use of his reason, call'd several Persons to prove it, and that he had sometimes fits, but it did not appear but he had the use of his reason and was sober when he did the Fact. The Jury found him guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-17

Sarah Mansfield , of St. Buttolphs Aldgate , was indicted for privately stealing 2 Gold Rings value 30 s. in the Shop of Daniel Wall , the 5th of November last. The Prosecutor's Boy deposed the Prisoner came to his Master's Shop to sell a Ring, and and would afterwards buy another; and took the Opportunity to put 2 Bath-Metal Rings in the place of the 2 Gold Rings, which she carried away. The Prosecutor deposed he took her afterwards selling one of the Rings at Mr. Marlow's Shop. The Prisoner in her Defence acknowledged she had 2 Bath-Metal Rings, and did leave them and take the Gold ones by mistake. Several appeared and gave her a good Character for Honesty and Industry, saying that they believ'd it was her first Fact; but she might probably have been drawn away of late by a Person who was with her. Upon the whole the Jury found her guilty but to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-18

Thomas Cane , of the Parish of St. Buttolph Bishopsgate , was indicted for assaulting Hugh Monday on the King's High-way, and taking from him a Cloth Coat value 14 s. and an Apron value 2 s. the 25th of November last. The Prosecutor deposed that as he was coming through Hounsditch about six o Clock in the Evening with the Goods under his Arm, he was knock'd down and the Goods taken from him. Other Evidence deposed, that they upon an Out-cry of Stop Thief, took the Prisoner running away without his Hat; but a material Evidence that saw the Fact being by some means gotten out of the way, the Evidence not being strong enough to fix the Fact upon the Prisoner, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17181205-19

Mary Goulston , of St. Anns Westminster was indicted for privately stealing a Gold Watch, Chain,&c. value 30 l. from the Person of Mrs. Ann Earnly , the 19th of October last, Mrs. Earnly deposed, that having been at Sohoe-Church in the Evening, as she was coming out to go into her Chariot , a tall Gentleman seeming to be well drest in Black, was very officious in assisting-her to get into her Chariot, and she taking him to be some Neighbour that knew her, did not suspect him : but he lifting up to both her Arms higher than was necessary, she cast her Eye down to see for her Watch, but it was gone; and a Grand-daughter with her immediately told her she believed the Prisoner (describing her) had it: she thereupon sent her Foot-man after her, who took her. The Foot-man deposed, that having taken her, he carried her into an Alehouse, where she was sat down in a Chair, and when she got up (they being about to carry her to search her) they found the Watch lying behind the Chair where she sat . This was confirm'd by the Man of the House. The Coachman deposed that he afterwards went to the place where the Prisoner and Footman was, and there was such a Man in Black as has been before described, who with another was resolutely pressing into the Room where the Woman was, swearing and cursing, saying, what did they take up that Woman for? She was an honest Woman: that in the Scuffle in preventing his coming in he was knock'd down, and also knock'd down one of them; and that not being able to force their way in, they ran away. The Prisoner denied the Fact; but it being plain, the Jury found her Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17181205-20

Thomas Poulter , of Hesson , was indicted for killing and stealing a tame Buck Antelope , and a tame Due Antelope , knowing them to be tame; the Property of Sir Robert Child , the 20th of December last.

He was a second time indicted for killing and stealing a tame Doe value 3 l. knowing it to be tame , the said 20th of December last; the Property of Sir Robert Child .

The Facts were both plainly proved to be done at Osterly-House , and Sworn to by one of the Prisoner's Accomplices; that they catch'd two of them with Toyls, and hunted the other with a Dog: but it not, being prov'd that the Prisoner knew them to be tame, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17181205-21

Amy Barns , of St. Dunstans Stepney , was indicted for feloniously stealing 2 Gallons of Beer, value 5 d. and also 5 Gallons of Ale, value 2 s. the 14th of August last, the Property of Joshua Ironmonger and Joseph Raymond ; but appearing there had been a Misunderstanding between the Prosecutor and the Prisoner, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17181205-22

Joseph Johnson , of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for stealing a Portmanteau Trunk of rich wearing Apparel, Watch, Money,&c. to the value of 80 l. the Property of Dionysius Hicky , the 17th of April last. The Prosecutor deposed the Trunk was Suddenly pull'd out of the Coach from him in St. Paul's Church-Yard about ten a Clock at Night. William Matthews deposed that the Prisoner opened one Door of the Coach, and while the Gentleman was attempting to shut it he opened the other, took out the Portmanteau-Trunk and went and shared the Goods, and threw the Trunk over the Wall into Lincolns-Inn-Walks; Some of the Goods were produc'd in Court. The Prisoner denied the Fact. However the Jury found him Guilty of the Indictment. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-23

John Wardon , of St. Dunstan's in the West , was indicted for breaking the House of Mary Flemming , and stealing Linnen and other Goods the 27th of October last. The Prosecutor deposed, that while she was out her Window was opened and her Goods carried away. There were several Circumstances that gave strong Suspicion that the Prisoner was concerned in the Fact, but for want of sufficient Proof was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17181205-24

John Bowes , and Hugh Ryly , of St. Pauls Covent Garden , were indicted for that they not having God before their-Eyes, did the former commit that horrible and detestable Sin called Buggery, and did against nature carnally know Hugh Ryly, the 27th of November last, and the latter suffer the same to be committed on him . The Evidence for the King was Gerard Fitzgerald , who deposed that having been in company with one William Burridge , and going late home between 1 and 2 O' Clock in the Morning, being in

Covent Garden , William Burridge said to him do you see the sport going on, shewing him as they thought (being at a distance) a Man kissing a Woman against the Church Rails, upon which he said let's go see what for a Madam he has got there, but being answer'd no, since we make no sport dont let's spoil any, they staid a little while till they thought they had done, then making up to them found the two Persons Mr. Riley undermost and Mr. Bowes upon him, Mr. Bowes Breeches being down about his Heeles, but Mr. Riley being nimbler had made a shift to shuffle his Breeches up by that time they got to them; that Rallying them for so vile a practice Mr. Bowes reply'd Sirrah what's that to you, cant I make use of my own Body? I have done nothing but what I will do again, that Riley hearing him call Fitzgerald, spoke to him in Irish, thinking him an Irishman by his name, but he did not understand him, not being so. That Riley persuading them not to expose them offer'd to give them a Note of 10 l. to forbear, and said that Bowes should make it up Twenty; that he being unexperienc'd, and not thinking of delivering them up at the Round-House, did go with them to a Womans House near Charing-Cross, whom Mr. Bowes knew, where he asking the Woman if she knew him, she reply'd yes, and had for these Twenty Years, upon which he requir'd her to trust him half a Crowns worth of Drink to make him and the other Person drink, but she refusing to do it, two Pots were call'd for, which the Prisoners neither of them having money they were forc'd to pay for it themselves, that from thence they went to Mr. Vickers a Constable at the Angel and Crown in Hedge-Lane, where there was some offers to make it up, and the other Person Burridge , inclining to it, he did hearken to their Proposals, but being dubious in his mind did not, and that there being an offer of 10 l. Riley call'd for Pen Ink and Paper, and began to draw a Note, but in about half an Hours time they were carried away, Mr. Bowes to the Gate-House, he telling the Constable he was a Housekeeper, and Ryley to the Round-House, and the next Morning before a Justice, who not caring to Act in the Case without assistance of some of his Brother Justices order'd them to be kept till the Morrow, when several Justices meeting at a Vestry they were committed; that William Burridge was with him at Hicks's Hall in order to find the Bill against them, and since had not appear'd he supposing him to have been brib'd to absent himself. A Surgeon depos'd that he being sent by the Justice to examine Mr. Ryleys Posteriers, did so, and found the Spincter Muscle more Lax and Dilated than usual in a Person of his Age, which in Young Persons is generally more close and contracted, but how it might come, he would not take upon him to determine. Mr. Bowes in his defence deny'd they were in Covert-Garden at all, he said that an acquaintance of his having newly set up a Tavern in the Strand, he went thither to drink a Pint or two of Wine with a Friend, and staid there till almost 2 o Clock, this was confirm'd by the Drawer, who added he saw no immodesty acted by them there, and as he and Mr. Ryley, were coming home going toward Charing-Cross, two Men came up to them and charged them with being Sodomites , and called them abandance of names, and follow'd them to one Mrs. Jacksons Cellar at Charing-Cross, that indeed he had no Money about him having spent it, but that he was formerly a Woollen-Draper in Pall-Mall but had left it off, and now liv'd in Salisbury Street in the Strand. He called a Kinswoman who deposed that she heard the Prosecutors demand 3 Guineas in Money and a Note to make it up 15 l. But call'd none to his Reputation. Fitzgarald did not deny but Burridge did say to him, they offer 10 l. let us insist upon 15 l. but he did not directly agree, being suspicious of the Justice and safety of doing it. Hugh Ryley pleaded in his defence that he was going home to his Lodging about 11 o Clock and met Mr. Bowes coming out of the Tavern in the Strand, who call'd him Mr. Nugent , that he reply'd his name was not Nugent, to which Mr. Bowes, made answer that let his name be what it would he would give him a Quart of Wine, that he did go in with him, and they staid there till 1 or 2 o Clock, and as they were going along the Prosecutor and Burridge came to them, and said they were Buggerers, and were responsible Men, and they would have Money of us, and Collaring of us carried us away. He called an Evidence who deposed that when they were at the Constables House at the Angle and Crown in Hedge-Lane, be hearkened at the Window, and heard them talking of a Note, and heard Fitzgarald telling one of them he had not spell'd his name right, and there was a talk of drawing the Note favourable. He call'd some Persons that had lain with him, and deposed they never had known him attempt any thing that was immodest, and that he had been Servant to Collonel Paget, and was a Person of good character and fair and honest in his dealings. He added that as to what the Surgeon had said be had been under an indisposition and taken Physick, which might cause that Laxness in his Body the Surgeon had spoken of; and added that he himself desir'd a Surgeon might search him, and called the Justice to prove it, which he did. Upon hearing the whole matter the Jury acquitted them.

Reference Number: t17181205-25

Francis Reed and Isaac Reed , of the Parish of Hesson in the County of Middlex, were indicted for feloniously stealing 3 Shirts value 6 l.10 s.3 Shirts value 3 l. and other Goods, the property of a Person unknown , the 20th of September last. They were a 2d time indicted for feloniously stealing 3 Holland Smocks value 40 s. Printed Callicoe value 40 s. and other Goods, the property of a Person unknown , the said 20th of September last. Jonathan Wild deposed that he being employ'd by Mr. Waddal's Book-keeper to find out the Persons who committed the Robbery, suspected the Prisoners, and upon enquiry had his suspicion confirm'd, having been inform'd he had bought a House in Smithfield, and was very full of Money, and getting intelligence that Francis Reed was about Hounslow, having procured a Warrant, went thither with some other Persons in quest of him and Isaac Reed, and as they were riding along Pickadilly saw Isaac Reed, and telling him he wanted to speak with him about a certain Affair, Isaac Reed reply'd he believ'd it was his Brother Francis that he wanted, that upon this he secured him, and in discourse he told him that he knew of his Brothers having a Gold Watch and some other Goods, that by description were in the Parcels of Goods lost by the Prosecutors; he went to Hounslow, and there found that Francis Reed lodg'd at the Three Tuns in Hounslow, but was then at the Royal-Oak, making up a quarrel with some Bayliffs, about a difference between him and a Mistress of his, he having abused her, and she having arrested him, and that in his Lodgings he founds the Goods mention'd in the Indictment, and also a Pocket-Book, in which was as Inventory of several sorts of Gold pieces of Coyn to a considerable value, which was produc'd in Count, and sworn to be written by Madam Hewet, who had sent these Goods down to go to Nottingham. Several Persons deposed they pack'd up and deliver'd these Goods, and a great many other rich Apparel belonging to two different Persons; Mr. Blackmore and Mr. Hewet amounting to the sum of 200 l. or upwards in a Portmanteau, and Box at the George Inn in Smithfield, to be sent down to Nottingham. The Carrier deposed that he carried the 2 Portmanteau Trunks down in his Waggon, and that the Waggon was set up the 19th of August at Night at an Inn in Brougham,40 Miles from London and 2 from Newport, and about 3 in the Morning he found the Waggon was robb'd, and afterwards that the Portmanteau Trunk was found in some Field thereabouts. Another Evidence deposed that Francis Reed having abused one of his Mistresses she swore the Peace against him for an Assault, that he being arrested gave her 2 Guineas to make up the Difference, and that she charged him with robbing the Waggon at Broughton. Mrs. Neal the Mistress of the Inn at Hounslow deposed the Prisoner had lodg'd there about 2 Months, and that she had had the Shirts which were produced in Court given out by Francis Reed to her to be wash'd, and these Shirts were sworn by Mr. Blackmore to be his Shirts the Callicoe that belong'd to Mrs. Homes was produc'd in Court, and sworn to by Mrs. Faith Lee , who pack'd the Goods up to send away, to be Mrs. Hewest. Francis Reed in Court own'd these Goods to be his, and in his defence pleaded he bought them, and to prove it produc'd 2 Evidences, one John Burnham deposed that on Monday the 26th of August he

and his Sister were going to Ware, and by the way saw Francis Reed on Horseback leading another spare Horse, that there was on the Road a Woman with a gilded Trunk and a Boy with a Box, which gave Reed 2 s. to let them ride to Ware, and that they all going to the Bull Inn at Ware, the Woman said her Husband was dead, and she had Linnen,&c. to sell, and told Francis Reed fine Shirts and other things for 6 l.10 s. but would not swear the Shirts,&c. in Court were the very same, that there Francis Reed sold a Horse for 15 l. the young Woman she confirm'd the same; the Prisoner likewise pretended to prove he was at London on the Day the Robbery was committed, and in order to prove it, call'd 2 Witnesses, the one was Sarah Lander , keeping a Chandlers Shop in Grub-stret , who swore that he was at her House and lodg'd there the 18th,19th and 20th of August, and being ask'd how she could be so particular as to the time, she reply'd because that her Landlady had borrow'd Money of Francis Reed that Day, and she had set it down, the Day, Sum and Time, but afterwards being desir'd by the Court to shew them what she had set down, she said the could not write, but having Chalk given her and order'd to make the Marks, she made a C, which was all the Characters for half a Guinea, August the 19th, and the Lender and Borrower; to confirm this, an Old Woman whom she call'd Landlady was call'd, who positively affirm'd the same, but being ask'd by the Court could not tell the order of the Months following one another, told the Court the Month before August was June, and the Month after August was July. But to confront these, Mary Harris deposed, that on the 19th of August the Night before the Waggon was robbed, Francis Reed and another Person called for a Bottle of Ale at her Father's House in Broughton , which she served them, Harris in the mean time talking to her, and she was positive he was the Man. Thomas Griffin deposed that he was present at the same place and time, and that he did believe Francis Reed was the Man, but would not swear in positively. Upon the whole, all his Evidences appearing to the Court to be of but slender Credit and in some material circumstances contradictory to themselves as well as the Evidences for the King, who were many, and of better reputation , the Jury found Francis Reed guilty of both Indictments. Death . But there being not Evidence against Isaac Reed he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17181205-26

James Taylor and Samuel Broadstreet , of St. Anns Westminster , were indicted for feloniously stealing 34 Guineas, and other Gold, to the value of 50 l. in the dwelling House of Teresa Mannel , the 27th of November last. The Prosecutor deposed that James Taylor was left to take care of Francis Watson 's House, and that in the Morning the Door of the Closet in the Dressing-Room, and Trunk was broken open, and the Money gon; but there not being Evidence against the Prisoners, they were acquitted .

Reference Number: t17181205-27

Thomas Price , of St. Clements-Danes , and John Norcott of St. Martins in the Fields , were indicted upon 3 indictments the former for stealing 2 Sacks value 2 s. the property of Henry Rhodes , and 4 Deal Boards the property of a Person unknown the 22d of of October last, and the latter for receiving them knowing them to be stolen . They were indicted a 2d time, the former for stealing 9 bushels of Coals , the property of Richard Price and the latter for receiving them knowing them to be stolen . They were 3 d time indicted the former for stealing 5 Bushels of Coals , the property of Tho Bigg , and the latter for receiving them knowing them to be stolen : The Evidence deposed the Coals were stolen at different times, from a Wharf, by one Price, and were sold to John Norcott, but it was not prov'd that he knew them to stolen, but tho' one Evidence who carried the Coals swore the Prisoner did tell them whence he had them and knew them to be stolen, 2 other Evidences deposed the Prisoner told him that the Coals were the sweepings of a Lighhter which a Gentleman's Man gave him for working the Coals, because he could not give him Money to drink: He also a great many Persons to his a good Character, upon the whole he was acquitted , but Thomas Price found guilty of all the Indictments: Burnt in the Hand .

Reference Number: t17181205-28

, of the Parish of St. Andrew's Wardrobe , was indicted for feloniously stealing 60 yards of Mantua-Silk, value 20 l. the Property of Henry Risden and James Mumford , the 7th of October last. Ann Wickes deposed that the Prisoner came to the Prosecutors Shop saying she came from one Mr. Bateman in St. Paul's Church-Yard, desiring them to send some Black Mantua-Silk thither by one of their Servants; this was confirmed by two other Persons who were in the Shop and belong'd to the Prosecutor, who swore positively the Prisoner was the same Woman. The Evidence farther deposed, that she carried the Piece of Mantua-Silk, and that the Prisoner went into Mr.Bateman's and having spoke with somebody there, came out and told her the Gentlewoman was gone a little farther, and she must go with her to Wardrobe-Court , and coming there she told her the Gentlewoman was above Stairs, bid her give her the Silk to shew her (which she did) and step back and fetch two Yards and a half of white Sarsenet, which when she had done the Prisoner was not to be found. Mr. Risden deposed, that he being informed of the matter, went to make enquiry after the Prisoner, and (supposing she might take Water) was informed by a Waterman that he had at that time ply'd such a Person, who was gone over the Water, and afterwards gave him an account of her and she was apprehended. The Waterman was positive that she was the Woman that he ply'd on the 7th of October about 3 or 4 in the Afternoon. The Prisoner in her Defence denied that she ever was in, or knew, the Prosecutor's Shop, or any of the Evidences that had swore against her; and said that she was not out of her Lodging all the Day that the Fact was laid in the Indictment to have been committed; and to prove it call'd several Evidences. Her Landlord depos'd that he went out at 10 a Clock the 7th of October, left her at home, came home again about one or two and found her there, went out again some time after and staid but a little while, and returning again found her at home. Her Landlady deposed that her Mother had come to see her and an Unkle, who being an Apothecary, and she not being well, told her she must take some Physick, which he accordingly sent her on the 9th; that she was not out all Day the 7th of October. Her Maid deposed that she was not out from her own House from the 4th to the 10th of October. Upon the whole the Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17181205-29

James Wigginton , of St. Martins in, the Field , was indicted upon two Indictments, first for feloniously stealing 7 s, and 6 d in Money , the Property of James Elliot , the 13th of August last. And a second time for sealing 5 s. in Money , the Property of the said James Elliot , the 5th of July last. The Prosecutor deposed that he having placed one Katherine Todd to keep a Dary-Cellar for him, found himself continually to sink in his Substance , but knew not how, till he was inform'd by a certain Person that he had seen the Prisoner in the Cellar, having sent the said Kathrine Todd out to fetch sometimes Drink and sometimes Meat, go to the Till where the Money was, and take out Money several times. The same Person swore in Court that he had seen the Prisoner take out Money twice in the manner before-said, and asking him why he did so; he dam'd him, saying, What was that to him? threatning him: he added, that he had been several times with the Prisoner in Night-Cellars, and seen him pocket Knives and Forks. Another Evidence deposed that she saw him at another time having sent Katherine Todd out for a Pot of Drink , open the Drawer and take out three half Crowns and that she told Katherine Todd of it; who said, she did not know what to do, she was ruined, for he would frequently come and take her Money, and she knew not how she should make up her Month's Account with her Master. Katherine Todd deposed that the Prisoner had several times attempted to lie with her, and had beat her and knok'd her down because she would not consent; and sent one to tell her when she threatened to trouble him, that if she would not have him he would kill her . The Prisoner denyed

all this, and insisted that both she and her Master were Persons of ill Fame, that she was a Whore to her Master, that the Prosecution was malicious, in that her Master was jealous of him; and she set the Prosecution on foot because he had arrested her for Money she owed him. He called some Evidences to prove these Circumstances, and had several Persons who gave him a good Character: so it appearing to the Jury a litigious Cause, they acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17181205-30

Thomas Stephens , of the Parish of Hackney , was indicted for Feloniously stealing a Coat and Wastcoat value 20 s. the Property of John Hannople the 29th of November last. It appear'd that the Prisoner and Prosecutor being Fellow Servant s with Samuel Woodfield , the Prisoner stole the Goods, the Fact was plainly prov'd the Jury found her Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-31

Mary Newman , of St. James Westminster , was indicted for Feloniously stealing a Riding-Hood, value 5 s. the Property of Hannah Bencraft , the 30th of October last. The Fact being plainly prov'd the Jury found her guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-32

Sarah Dorset , of St. Leonard Shoreditch , was indicted for Feloniously stealing a Lanthorn and a Riding-Hood, value 7 s. the Property of John Merideth , the 1st of November last. But the fact not being prov'd she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17181205-33

Elizabeth Lord , alias Lordwell , of St. Giles's in the Fields , was indicted for Feloniously stealing wearing Apparel , value 7 s the property of Grace Evans , the 18th of October , last. But the Fact not being plainly prov'd she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17181205-34

Richard Paxford , of St. Andrews Holbourn , was indicted for Feloniously stealing 200 Bushels of Malt , the Property of George Sweetapple and Partner, the 8th of September last. It appeared that the Prisoner being Miller to the Prosecutor had at divers times carried out his Master's Malt,(as he said) encouraged thereto by one Haydon in Grays-Inn-Lane, who bought it of him, as he confest before the Justice yet he having been well tutor'd in the College of Newgate, denyed it as his Tryal, saying, what he did by his Master's Order. But the Jury not believing his Master had ordered him to steal his Malt and sell it for an under Rate and put the Money in his own Pocket; found him guilty of the Indictment. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-35

John Skidder , was indicted for Perjury , but for want of Evidence was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17181205-36

James Duhammel , of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Picture, value 30 s. the property of George Lord Lansdown , the 25th of September last: It appear'd that the Picture being the Effigies of the Lady Lansdown, was deliver'd to a Limner to Copy, and being stollen out of his House was taken upon the Prisoner. The Fact being plainly prov'd, he was found guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-37

Sarah Harper and Phillis Nash , of the Parish of Stepney , were indicted for feloniously stealing divers wearing Apparel, value 3 l. the property of Elizabeth Hutton , the 25th of October last: It appear'd that the Prosecutor lodging in Sarah Harpers Mothers House, the latter betimes in the Morning went away with the Clothes, which were taken upon both the Persons, the Fact being plain they were found guilty . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-38

Henry Poulston , of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously stealing 6 Coach Glasses, value 5 l. and 20 l. in Money , from John Benson the 20th of May last; but the Evidence being defective in fixing it upon the Prisoner, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17181205-39

Martha Davis , of St. Andrew Holbourn , was indicted for feloniously stealing divers wearing Apparel, to a considerable value ; the property of Ann Higginson , the 2d of November last; it appear'd the Prisoner did Lodge with the Prosecutor and stole the Goods. The Fact being plain the Jury found her guilty to the value of 10 d . Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-40

was indicted for marrying a 2d Wife his first Wife being still alive ; the Marriages were both plainly prov'd and the Prisoner had nothing to say but that he knew nothing of the matter, but if he did he was drunk. The Jury found him Guilty , Burnt in the Hand .

Reference Number: t17181205-41

James Wilson , of the Parish of Hackney , was indicted for stealing 2 pillowbiers,&c . the property of Thomas Stokes , the 11th of November . The fact being plainly prov'd the Jury found him guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-42

William Crookshanks , of the Parish of St. Andrews Holbourn , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Bed, Curtains, Fire-Irons, Sawce-pans, and divers other Houshold Fuirniture , the 1st of November last, the property of John Powel : it appear'd that the Prisoner being a Lodger in the Prosecuters House, and while his Landlord and Landlady were gone out, gutted the Room, and sold the Goods, the fact was plainly prov'd, but the Prisoner pleaded he had been drinking on Crispins Day, being a Shoemaker , went home very drank and remembered nothing at all of the matter, neither how he got Home at Night, nor how-he carried out the Goods next day, nor of the selling of them, nor anything else, however the Jury not with standing his ignorance and bad memory, found him guilty to the value of 39 s. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-43

Ralph Emmery alias Emersly , of the Parish of White-chappel , was indicted for breaking the House of David Manson in the Night time, and stealing divers Goods to a Considerable value, the property of Mary Manson the 9th of February last was 12 Months; the Prosecutor deposed her shop was broken open and her Goods stollen on the Night aforesaid, but could not say the Prisoner did it. Edward Ash deposed that himself, Christopher Ward , the Prisoner, and Jasper Anderson did the Robbery, but there being no concurring circumstances to corroborate Ash's Evidence the Jury acquitted him.

He was indicted a second time, for that he together with Paul Crony , not yet taken, did Murder Nathaniel Asser on the 29th of June last.

He was likewise indicted a third time, together with Mary Garret , that he did with Paul Crony Rob the said Nathaniel Asser of 10 Guineas. Gold Rings,&c . and May Garres for receiving a Ring of the said Nathaniel Asser's knowing it to be stollen . Mr. Worcester the High Constable deposed that he making diligent Enquiry after the Murtherers of Mr. Asser, had got Intelligence of some Persons, and among others of the Prisoner, and did get him secured the first of July last; but not being able to get Evidence against him, he was then discharged. Mr Chapman deposed, that he going to the Prisoner when in Custody, and telling him he had then an Opportunity of discovering the rest of his Accomplices, and Saving himself by being an Evidence against them; he fell to cursing him in a very outragious manner, saying G - d D - n him, twenty times over, and the High Constable too; he should see them all in Hell; did they think to pump him? no G - d D - m 'em, they should get nothing out of him. John Baker Constable, Augustin Brown , Thomas Rose and Cloudsly Chadwick , Watchmen, deposed that a Person bringing Intelligence to the Watch-house on the 26th of October last, that Ralph Emmery was at the House of one that is called Snuffling Joe in Star Court, they went thither to apprehend him, and there found him in Bed with three or four more, and carrying him to the Watch-house, they did hear him say he was a dead Man - that as on the Murther he was clear of that; but as for the Robbery -(there he paused.) Oliver Fenn deposed, that himself, William Awdly , Paul Crony and the Prisoner, having been drinking all Night before the Murder, went in the Forenoon to Saltpetre-Bank and having drank there also, went out into the Fields; that they there met Sarah Brown ,(since executed for the same Part) who ask'd them if they would stand true, telling them there was a Gentleman lay Drunk near the Half-way-house to Stepney, who had two Rings on his Finger, and was full of Money; that upon that they went to him, and Sarah Brown pickt his Pocket of 8 or 10 Guineas, and Ralph Emmery pull'd off one Ring, at which the Deceased snatch'd his Hand back; whereupon the Prisoner said to Will Awdley , G - d D - n him, knock his Brains out; upon which Will, Awdley (since executed for the same) took up two Stones and hit him on the Head: that Paul Crony took off the other Ring: that then the Prisoner searched his Pockets, took out a Paper of Coffee and a Pocket Book, and saying they were all quere, put them in again, then turning him on his face he sell bleeding at the Nose. The Prisoner in his Defences said, that he had indeed been with Oliver Fenn , William Awdley , and Paul Crony, drinking together all Night, as Oliver Fans had deposed that they did afterwards go to Bank, and out into White-Chappel-Fields, that there he and will, being very such down to sleep; that Oliver Fenn and Paul Crony were met by Sarah Brown, who ask'd him if he true, which he not knowing but she might mean to live with her, she explained her meaning, telling them there was a Gentleman who had Rings and was full of Money lay in such a Place; that they went; but he and Awdley having slept three House, went to Bank, and a Woman there ask'd them where they had been told them Oliver Fenn and Paul Crony had Bit a Blow, and got two Rings and a Hat; that then Oliver Fenn and Paul Crony carried them and shewed them the Deceased, when he saw near the Bank; that he away, saying he would not stay, least any body should come and they should be taken up for Murdering him. The Jury having fully Confidence thereof the Murder, found him Guilty of both Indictments .

As to Mary Garret , Mr. Worcester deposed that he having made Enquiry for the Ring at all the Goldsmiths from Ratcliff to St. Giles, at last having gotten some intimation of the Prisoner's having it, he found her out, and did endeavour to make some Discovery of the Murtherers of Mr. Asser thereby; but found and would the Ring at such les the did that is use and promised so it and being Check that Days but she came out: that she appointed another time, but came not; and at last

her Son In-law, where she lodg'd, came and told him his Mother did abscoud; but as soon as he could procure it, he shou'd have it. That at last having conceal'd her self several Months, when she heard that the matter was fully discover'd, she sent the Ring by her Son-in-law to Mr. Asser's Widow, who produced the Ring in Court, and swore it to have been her deceased Husbands, and deliver'd to her by the Person aforesaid. The Prisoner pleaded she bought the Ring of Oliver Fenn for 5 s. and that she knew it not to have been stollen but that he told her he had won it at play: And it out being prov'd that she knew it to be stollen, she was Acquitted .

[Emmery: Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17181205-44

Jacob William Harris alias James Simpson , was indicted for a Misdemeanour, in that he did deliver several counterfeit Letters to Collonel Westal , to Mr. Thomas Ambrose , and Mr . Ludlem , Chamberlain of London; pretending the Letters to have been written by the Honourable James Craigs , Esq , Secretary of State ; by which means he did obtain several Summs of Money for the Printing and Publishing a Book intitled A History of the Royal and Illustrious House of Hannover,&c . Collonel Westal deposed the Prisoner came to him and produc'd a Letter under a Cover directed to him, which was signed James Craigs, the Purport of which was to desire him to encourage the Printing,&c. of the Book above mentioned, signifying that he, Mr. Secretary Craigs, would take it as a Respect shew'd to him; that he thereupon ask'd the Prisoner whether it was Mr. Craigs the Post-Master, or his Son, to which the Prisoner reply'd it was his Son the Secretary of State; that he thereupon give the Prisoner a Guinea, that the Prisoner gave him a Receipt in the Name of Penberson, and that tho' he designed to have kept the Letter, yet he found the Prisoner had shuffled it away among, some papers that be then had, Mr. Thomas Ambrose depos'd the prisoner came to him with the same Pretence, and talk'd of a great Work carrying on by one Sir William Bilk , or some such Name, and he having given him a Guinea, he kept the Letter, the Prisoner went away, and returning again desired the Letter, saying that he having lost a Letter that was for another Gentleman, that would serve being put under another Corer, so he los him have it. Mr. that he came to him as to the others, and he suspecting him, ask'd if that Letter was writ by Secretary Craigs, to which he reply'd it was; but putting the matter home he began to boggle, saying, he could not certainly affirm a Letter was with by a Person unless he had seen him write it. He thereupon secured both the Letter and the Prisoner, and gave notice to Mr. Secretary Craigs, by which means the Forgery was discovered. His Examination at the Secretary's was read In Court; wherein he had acknowledg'd the Fact, and named several other worthy Persons from whom he had got Money by the same fraudalent means; owned that he had formerly suffer'd the Law for an Offence of the like kind; that the Intrigoe was carried on by one Michel Coner , and himself, yet had essroctory enough to deny the Fact, and to behave himself very sancils and independantly before the Court. The Jury however found him guilty of the Misdemeanour, and he was sentenc'd to stand in the Pillory , to suffer 6 Months Imprisonment and pay a Fine of 20 Marks .

Reference Number: t17181205-45

Margaret Jones of St. Mary Whitechappel was indicted for feloniously stealing a Riding hood value 8 s. the Property of Henry Poulsey , the 25th of November last. It appeared that the Prisoner coming to the Prosecutors House to ask for Lodging, took an Opportunity to carry away the Riding-hood. The Prisoner alledg'd that she took it up by mistake, and did design to return it again; the Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17181205-46

Francis Fenwick alias Peers of the Parish of Stepney , was indicted for feloniously stealing 2 Gowns value 10 s. the Property of John Adcock , the 5th of November last. It appeared that the Prisoner lodging in the Prosecutor's House stole the Goods. The Fact being plainly proved, the Jury found her guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-47

Mary Walley , of St. Andrews Holbourn was indicted for feloniously stealing divers Goods value 3 l. the Property of Arthur Moor , Esq ; the 3d of November last. It appeared that the Prisoner being Servant to the Prosecutor stole the Goods. The Fact being plain the Jury found her guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-48

Mary Fowler and Katherine Laybourn alias Phillips , of the Parish of St. Sepulchres , were indicted for feloniously stealing Linnen value 33 s. in the Dwelling House of Thomas Hodgkins the 20th of July last. It appeared that Laybourn was a Lodger in the Prosecutors House, and stole the Goods: the Evidence not affecting Mary Fowler, she was acquitted but Laybourn found guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-49

of the Parish of Pancras was indicted for assaulting John Smith on the King's High Way, and taking from him a Bag value 1 d. the 22d. of November last.

He was likewise indicted a 2d time for Assaulting and Robbing Elizabeth Griffith on the High Way, and taking from her 4 d. in Money and a Dutch Stiver , the 15th of November Elizabeth Griffith deposed, that having been at Market and coming home about 4 a Clock in the Evening, she was met by the Prisoner in the second Field from Pancrass-wells , where she liv'd and that he pulling out a Dagger sause violently he would had her immediately if she did not deliver him her Money; which she did, and then he went away very much affrighted. John Smith deposed that on the 22d of November he having been at Market had bought some Meat, and having occasion to a point, laid his Meat down by him, and the String of his Breeches breaking, he had pulled off his Garter and ty'd them up, when the Prisoner came suddenly upon him (with the Instrument Eliz. Griffith called a Dagger, which was produced in Court, and she swore to be the same, and seem'd to be a fine File ground into the form of the Blade of a buyonett of about 8 Inches in length, and put into an Ivory Handle of a Knife) and catching hold of him threatend to stab him to the Heart immediately, if he did not deliver his Money; he telling him he had none, but if he pleas'd he might take his Meat, he swore he did not want his Meat, but he would have his Money and telling him he had a mind to be kill'd for his Obllin acy, thrust his Hand into his Pocket, and took out his Bag, and seeling about it for Money and not finding any, was about to thrust his hand into his pocket again, when he drawing back his Leg, caught him last hold of his Collar, threw his head in His Face, and with his Leg threw him, hold him tight, at the same time securing his Dagger-Hand, keeping his hold till by calling out some Persons who were of his Company gone a little before came to his Assistance. Two other Evidences deposed, that they hearing the Prosecutor call, came to his Assistance, and found them both on the Ground strugling together, and one of them that came up to them first, disposed that he saw the Weapon call'd a Dagger in the prisoner's Hand. The Prisoner deny'd the Facts, but being so plainly Prov'd they found him Guilty . Death .

Reference Number: t17181205-50

George Pool , of the Parish of St. Sepulchres , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Box of Cutlery Ware val.28 l. the Property of William Tring , the 30th of October last. It appeared by the Evidence the Goods were stolen out of a Cart near Holbourn-Bridge , and part of them were stopt by a Person to whom they were offer'd in sale. The Fact being Plainly prov'd the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-51

Sarah Cordell alias Elliot , of St. Andrews Holbourn , was indicted for feloniously stealing Linnen value 10 s. the Property of John Selby , the 26th of Nov. last. The fact being plainly prov'd the Jury found her guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation .

Reference Number: t17181205-52

Thomas Gaggle , was indicted for Cheating Richard Ladbrook of 2 Gallons of Brandy value 18 s. It appeared that the Prisoner pretending to buy Brandy,&c. of the Prosecutor, had 2 Gallons sent along with him by a Boy under Pretence of carrying it to a Carriers; but he taking it from the Boy, went away with it. The Jury found him guilty of the Misdemeanour. Fined 9 s.

Reference Number: t17181205-53

Nathaniel Mist , was indicted for a Misdemeanour in Printing and Publishing several base and scandalous Reflections on the Government in his Paper Called The Weekly Journal : but the Prosecutor not appearing he was acquitted .

Reference Number: s17181205-1

The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgments:

Received Sentence of Death,4

Richard Morgan , Mary Gouldston, D - K - and Ralph Emmery .

To be Transported,30.

Elizabeth Porter , Sarah Smith , Tho Casson , Mary Hawker , Martha Hawley , Sam Linne , Eliz Day , William Butler , Mary Hewson , Elizabeth Davis , Thomas Gibbons , Edward Reynolds , Sarah Mansfield , Aaron Wilcox , Francis Reed , Joseph Johnson , Frances Fenwick , Mary Walls , Katherine Loybourn alias Phillips, Sarah Cordell , George Poole , James Duhammel , Sarah Harper , Phillis Nash , Tho Stephens , James Wilson , William Crookshanks , Richard Paxford , Martha Davis , and Mary Newman .

Burnt in the Hand,2.

Thomas Price , N - M -

Jacob William Harris , Fined 20 Marks,6 Months Imprisonment, and to stand in the Pillory.

Thomas Gaggle , Fined 5 l.

Mary Gouldston Pleaded her Belly, and a Jury of Matrons being impannelled, found her with Quick Child.

Reference Number: a17181205-1

THE First and Second Volumes of Remarkable Tryals, Behaviour and Dying Speeches, of notorious Malefactors, having met with so kind a Reception by the Publick, as to carry off the First Imprestion: There is in the Prets and will speedily be Publish'd, the Third and Fourth Volumes, being a continuation of them down to this present Year,1718.

Some BOOKS printed for and sold by Edmond Parker at the Bible and Crown is Lombard Street, near Stocks-Market.

AESOP's Fables, with Morals and Reflections, as improv'd by Sir Roger L'Estrange, done into Variety of English Verie. Illustrated with Cuts curiously engrav'd on Copper Plates. The Second Edition. Price bound 2 s.6 d.

The London New Method and Art of Teaching Children to Spell and Read; so as they may, without the Help of any other Books, read the Bible in less than twelve Months Note, This Way of Teaching is approved by most School Masters as the best. Price bound 6 d. with great Allowance to those who sell or give them away. Note, There are some printed on Fine Paper, bound up with Cuts. Pr.8 d.

M. Jordain's Duodecimal Arithmetick, being the must Concise and Exact Method Exstant. In Three Books. Containing Notation, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Reduction, Extraction of the Square and Cube Roots, Rule of Proportion Direct and Reverse, Duodecimally performed, and very Practicall, applied to the measuring of all sorts of Superficies; and Solids, as Board, Glass, Sec. Timber, Stone, etc. the Ganging of all sorts of Brewers Tuns and Casks, etc. and that with more Ease and Expedition, than by Vulgar or Decimal Arithmetick. Very Useful for all sorts of Men, as well Gentlemen as others, but especially for Merchants, Writing Masters, and all Measuring Artificers And all the Rules made Plain, and Easie for the meanest Capacity.800. Price Bound 2 s.6 d.

The Benefit of Early Piety, recommended to all Young Persons, and particularly to those of the City of London. By W. Smythies, late Morning Lecturer of St. Michael in Cornhil, London. The Third Edition, Price bound 6 d.

For the Compleating of Psalmody. The Devout Singer's Guide; containing all the Common Times now in life, with Select Portions of the psalms adapted to each Tune, and Rules for singing Treble and bass . To which is prefix'd, Directions for Parish Clerks in the Chains of proper Psalms on most Occasions. Recommended by the best Singing Masters. The Second Edition, Sev. Price bound 1 s.

The Pen's Dexterity: Or, The Ingenious and Useful Art of Writing Short-Hand. Containing Twenty Copper-Plates (curiously engrav'd in the Author's Life-time for the use of his Scholars) of all the Letters, Characters and Contractions used therein. With Rules and Directions explaining the same to the meanest Capacity. Whereunto are added Law-, with other Discourses, as on War, Trade, Birds, Beasts, Fruits, Vermim,&c. Approv'd by both Universities, Practis'd by Honourable Persons, Hminent Lawyers and Gentlemen; and is of special use for Travellers, Historian,&c. By Jeremish Rich. The Sixth Edition. Price 1 s.

Arithmetick made easie, according to the New Method now taught and practis'd in London. Wherein the Rules of that necessary Art are briefly explain'd, and illustrated with such samiliar Examples as may suit the meanest Capacity, if they desire to learn it. To which is added a Succinct Treatise of Des Fra , with Compleat Ta , Rules, and Examples demonstrating the same. The like not extant in any other Treatise of this Nature. The Fourth Edition. By John Copeland , Writing-Master, Price bound 1 s.

Ordess. By Law, and Ordinances for the good Government and Regulating of the Persons Licensed to Keep and Drive Hickney Coaches, and their and Drivers. Made, Publish'd and Declar'd by the Commissioners; and Allowed and Approved by the Lord Chancellor and Judges as the Law directs. Price 3 d.

For the Good of the Publick.

WHereas several Gentlewomen and others of that Sex, in this Kingdom, have contrasted an Evil Habit of Body, wherein the vicious Humours, at first despos'd thro' the Whole, come at length to be lodged in one Part or another, and many times, for couses the long to be here mentioned, are thrown down upon that the occassionally a dangerous in that which being at last Cancerous, and often proves. This is to acqaint all such as may have occasion, that a speedy Relief is to be hall from and Experienc'd Mid at the of the Queen's Arts next Door to the Tin-Shop near Changes in the Strand, who perform'd a wonderful Care a Lady the, after given over by the Physician, and face has Cared several Gentlewomen and others in the City and of I not five put my self in the Assis where they may have Relief, if not, no Money.

All Melancholy, Hysterical and Hypoconblack Distempers,

WHich variously affect the Mind, with strange Fears and dismal Apprehensions; Faintings and Sinkings of the Spirits, great Hurries, Restlesness and Disquitement ( little understood and seldom cured by any common means also Pains and Giddiness of the Head; Risings to the Thro , Sick Fits, Tremblings, Oppressions of the Heart, or any other Disorders caused by Vapours; are successfully cured (with God's Blessing) by a Physician well experienced therein ,(who is Son and Successor to a late eminant Physician of London, of more than 30 Years successful Practise in those Deplorahie Cases) he also Cures all kind of Fits, tho' strange and viclent (if curable) which he will justly inform you; living at No I. in Burr-street in St. Katherines near the Tower, London; where those that have occasion, and live remote, direct their Letters, and they shall be speedily answered, or attened on it desired.

A Water that perfectly cures the Itch, or any Itching Humour in a short time, without necessary of Purging, or the dangerous Use of Mercury, Price 1 s.6 d Prepared and sold only by A Downing Chymist, at the Crown and Ball the corner of Duck-lane in West-Smistfield. Where also may be had, the true Spirits of Scurvy-Grass, Purging and Plain, and Spirits of Ground-lvy at 1 s. each Bottle Likewise, a Pemedy for the Tooth ach, the most effectual for that use of any yet known, Price 1 s. To prevent and cure the Scurvy in the Gums, and to preserve and fallen loose Teeth Price 2 s. And also a most successful Plaister to prevent Miscarages in Women, which has help'd beyond expectation, or any hope of Relief Price 5 s.

At her House as the Red Ball in Queen-street, Cheapside, over against the Glob-tavern, a little distant from the Three-Cranes.

LIveth a Gentlewoman the Doughter of an eminent Physician, who practis'd in London upwards o'40 Years: hath an Ointment, called the Royal Ointment for the Gent. and Kheuwatick Pains, and of great Ease and Comford to both Sexes at Home and Abroad, as hath been experienced by many who have carried it with them into foreign: and is therefore of excellent use for all Travellers. Thus is the Cure compleated; as is well known to several of the Notility and Gentry, who have experienced it, and are ready to testify the Truth of its wonderful Success. She has also a certain and infallible Cure for the Tootbath, without drawing, and so effectually, that the Pain will never return again, and not only so, but makes the Teeth as white as Ivory, and fastens those that are loose to Admiration. She changes red as grey Hair to a delicate light or dark brown. She cures sore Eyes, tho' almost blind, and challenges all Europs to answer the same, or any thing of that kind; she sels the Royal Snuff for the Head, which purges the Head as Physick pur Body. She prevents Miscarriages. She prepares proper Medicines for Distempers incident to her own Sex. She cuts Hair very fine.

The following Books are given Gratis.

1st, THE Practical Scheme of the Secret Disease and Broken Constitutions, by East Living, Former ill Cures, Salivations and Mercury -. The New System of the GOUT and Rhenmentision, dawn from Reason, Observations and Experience -3ly. A Rational Account Cause, Nature, and Cure of WEAKNESS ding Persons after former Cures, over Abuses, Hard Labours, Miscaraiges,&c. Wherein a full Account of the horrid Nature, and most sequences of Self. Abuses in particular. These Books (all New Editions) are given Gratis Up one pair of Stairs at the Sign of the ANODYNE.


without Temple Bar. At M. C. Toyshop the Corner of Charles Court by Hungertord-Marker in the Second. And And at Mrs. Garraway's Shop at the King's Arms at the Royal Exchange-Gate next Council .

THe best Water in the World, so called by many who have experienced it to he so, for the Itch or any Itching Humours; it hath been taken inwardly for the King's Exit, it's good to cure Sore E or any other Dicers, or F; it has preserved from baring their Limbs cut off, when all other means have failed. Sold by Mr. Gondge at the Castle in Westminster-Hall, Mr. Radford's for shop at the great Golden Spectacles against St. Clements Church-Yard near -Street in the Strand, Mrs. Garraways at the Royal-Exchange-gate Cornhill, at Mr. Adam Raw's at the North Entrance of the Royal Exchange against Bartho-Lane, and at the Cradle in Hand-Alley without Bishopsgate. one Shilling and Six-Pence each Bottle, with Direction for the use, Note the Cradle hangs over the Polk at the Door, and a Hatch in the middle of the Entry, the Stairs the Door, this Water in sold up one pair of Stairs and no where else in Mead-Alley.

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