Old Bailey Proceedings, 4th December 1717.
Reference Number: 17171204
Reference Number: f17171204-1

THE PROCEEDING ON THE KING's Commission of the Peace, AND

Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the Old Bayly,


Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday, being the 4th 5th 6th and 7th of this Instant December,1718. In the Fourth Year of His MAJESTY's Reign.12. Dec.1717.

BEfore the Right Hon. Sir WILLIAM LEWEN , Kt. Lord-Mayor of the City of London; the Right Worshipful Sir Peter King , Lord Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Blencoe. Mr. Justice Eyers, Sir William Thompson , Kt. Recorder with several of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the City of London, and County of Midlesex .

The Jurors Names there as followeth.

London Jury.

Oliver Cambes

John Peak

Edward Newton

Mark Newth

William Walker

Thomas Clark

Peter Wardell

Pargeter Aussin

Edward Hinks

Joseph Tomlins

John Patch

William Butterworth .

Middlesex Jury

Thomas Cliff

Thomas Curbert

Thomas Ingrans

Abraham Harrison

Edward Billing

John Cash

John Meard

William Adams

William Tame

Alexandar Kilgore

Thomas Philips

John Willson .

The Proceedings were as followeth:

Reference Number: t17171204-1

Robert Whitlock , of St. Faiths , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Pewter Still Head value 6 s. the Property of Hugh Massam , the 26th of October last. The Evidence deposed, that sitting in the Shop he perceived the Still Head, slide off from the Shop Window and immediately pursued the Prisoner, and took it upon him. The Prisoner deny'd the fact and pleaded it was given him to hold by a young man. The fact was plainly proved, and the Jury found him Guilty to the value of 4 s.10 d.

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Reference Number: t17171204-2

Richard Wett , and William Dear , of the Parish of Stepney , were indicted for felonionsly stealing a Frock value 2 Shillings, a pair of Silver Buckles value 2 s. from the Person of John James , the 28th of September last John Gumly , deposed that being in Stepney Fields near the half-way House he saw the 2 Prisoners in a ditch doing something to John James,(a Boy of about 5 years of age ) and Suspecting them, examined them what they were doing there, upon which they gave him ill Language, flinging a brick bat at-him, but another Lad coming up to him, they ran away and Rubard West drop'd the Childs Cloths and the Buckles were taken up in the Fields, this was confirmed by the other Lad that was there likewise, and by a Gentleman that coming by, knew the Child, and following the Prisoners, they apprehended them. The Prisoners deny'd the fact, but it being plainly proved the Jury found them guilty of the Indictment.

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Reference Number: t17171204-3

John Walker and William Walker of the Parish of St. Johns Wapping , were indicted for Breaking the dwelling Home of Mary Ridly in the Night time and Stealing from thence 30 Gold Rings val.20l. 24 pair of Buckles value 12 l.5 Silver Snuff boxes val.5 L and a show Glass 5s. the Property of Mary Ridly the 16th of January last. Ruth Willoughby the Prosecutor's Servant deposed her Mistress going out, ordered her to shut up the Shop and make 21 last, which she did, bolting the Shop Door about 7 or 8 of the Clock, setting the show Glass upon the further End of the Counter, setting a Candle lighted upon it, and went backward into the Kitchin, staying about a quarter of an hour, and upon her return found the Shop Door open and the show Glass and forementiond Plate and Rings s gone. Obadiah Leman , deposed that himself the Prisoners and one Henry Chickley , went about the time specified in the Indictment, into Wapping , with intent to steal what they could, and that fixing upon this house, they all stood over against the door to cover the person that was to open the door, that Walker , the Younger, opened the door saying it was all Bax man,(which he said was a Latin word, which with them signified the way was open, for the commission of the fact) and that he brought out the Glass case and goods . Pulled off his Coat and put it over the Glass , that it might not be seen, that they Carry'd it, into White Chappel Fields, broke the Glass to pieces (which was also found there) and took out the Plate and Rings , and sold them for 20l. The Prisoners deny'd the fact and were old Offenders, but there being no Proof but that of Obediah Loman, the Jury acquitted them.

Reference Number: t17171204-4

Thomas Gurney and John Game , of the Parish of Stanmore , were indicted for feloniously stealing 4 Cows value 4 l. and 1 Heifer value 5 L the Property of William Aldwin the 9th of October last. The Prosecutor deposed that the Cow and Heifer were feeding in the Grounds and he missing them followed the Track till he heard of them and found then at one Mr. Scrivener's at Lambeth. Mr. Scrivener deposed that the Prisoner brought the Cattle to him and desired them to be set up, telling him that they were driving them to the Horns at Newington,

for the Earl of Carnarvan , he suspecting then; stopp'd the Cows,&c. and that upon his taking them strictly with not coming honestly by them, Gurney desired him to be favourable to him, and owned they had stolen them out of the Earle of Carnarvan's Grounds . They Confest the fact before the Justice, had little to say in their Defence, nor any body to speak to their Reputation; whereupon the Jury found them both Guilty of the Indictment.

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Reference Number: t17171204-5

William Blewett , of St. Michael Cornhill was indicted for feloniously stealing 3 Child's holland Shifts value 4 s. and a Frock 1 s.6 d. from the Person of Richard Hyatt , the 26th of October last. The Prosecutor deposed that going along in Cornhill with the things in his Pocket the Prisoner gave him a Jostle and presently he missed the Things, that he immediately seised the Prisoner running away with the Goods, the Prisoner pleaded that there were 3 Boys who threw down the things and he took them up, not knowing them to be stole, but notwithstanding the Jury found him Guilty to the value of 10 d.

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Reference Number: t17171204-6

Thomas Lemmy of St. Stephen's Coleman street was indicted for feloniously stealing 2 Pair of Shoes value 9 s. out of the Shop of Benjaman Johnson , the 9th of October last. The Prosecutor's wife deposed that she being serving a Customer, the Prisoners comes into the Shop stooping, and went to the End of the Shop and took the Shoes off from a seat; whereupon she Crying out her Daughter stop'd the Prisoner at the Door. The daughter deposed that at her stoping the Prisoner he gave her one pair, and ran away. The Prosecutor's Son deposed he follow'd the Prisoner and got him apprehended and brought back to the Shop. The Prisoner deny'd the fact, pleaded he was only passing by the Door and so was apprehended but knew nothing of the matter; But notwithstanding the Jury found him Guilty to the value of 10 d.

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Reference Number: t17171204-7

James Shaw , of St. Mary Le Bow was indicted for breaking the House of Richard Farmer , in the Night-time and stealing a Sheet value 2 s and 4 Yards of printed Linen value 20 l. 43 Culgee Handkerchiefs value 45 s 20 Ells of Garlick Holland, value 20 s. the Property of Thomas Belch , the 13th of November last. The Prosecutor's Son deposed the Wall of the House was broken down large enough for a person to get in, and the Goods lost. A Watchman deposed that he apprehended the Prisoner the same Morning between 4 and 5 a-Clock, and examining him about the Goods, the Prisoner answer'd he brought them out of Cheapside, and was carrying them to Drury Lane, and that he telling him he must go before the Constable, he threw down the Goods and ran away. Richard Farmer added that the Prisoner had been Servant to his Father, but was dismiss'd for being a loose person, wereupon they made search after the Prisoner and got him apprehended. The Watchman was positive that the Prisoner was the person that he had before apprehended with the said Goods, which were swore to by the Prosecuters Son. The Prisoner denyed the Fact and brought some persons who endeavoured to prove him Lunatick, but did not do it so effectually, but that the Jury found him Guilty of the Felony, but acquited him of the Burglary .

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Reference Number: t17171204-8

John Hall of St. Bartholomew the Lesser was indicted for privately stealing a Perriwig value 30 s the property of Stephen Horseman , in the Shop of John Wilson , the 30th of November last. It appeared by the Evidence that the Prisoner being an Acquaintance of Mr. Wilson's Servant, came to see him, and took the Opportunity to steal the Wigg. The Wigg was produced in Court by the Person that the Prisoner sold it to for 5 s. The Prisoner deny'd the Fact, but had nothing material to say in his Defence, whereupon the Jury found him guilty to the value of 10 d.

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Reference Number: t17171204-9

Thomas Campbell of St. Andrew's Holborn was indicted for feloniously stealing 5 l. of Brass value 6 s. out of the Shop of James Beedle , the 1st of Sept . last, But the Evidence not being sufficient to convict the Prisoner, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17171204-10

Thomas Bingley , Joseph Shettier , and Edward Mott , alias Dopham of Acton , were indicted for assaulting Silvester Proud on the King's Highway. and taking from him 4l.2s. the 11th of November last. They were all Three a second time indicted for assaulting Jonathan Chapman at the same time and place, and taking from him 3 s.6 d. They were also all Three indicted the third time for assaulting John Blackwell at the same time and place, and taking from him 4 s. in Money . They were likewise indicted a fourth time for assaulting William Green at the same place and time, and taking from him 5 s. Silvester Proud deposed, that he coming with 3 Waggons towards London, was set upon by the Prisoners near Action, That he being asleep in his Waggon (it being about One a. Clock in the Morning) was waked by his Wife who told him the believ'd somebody was taking away his Horse from his Servant, upon which he jumped out of the Waggon and was immediately set upon by Bingley, who cutting him over the Head several times with his Sword, told him he would kill him if he did not presently deliver his Money, and that while he was cutting him Edward Mott came and took his Money out of his Pocket, which was 4 l.2 s. and also robbed his Wife, and that then they went to rob the other Persons. Jonathan Chapman depos'd that Bingley came up to him with Sword and Pistol in hand, bidding him stand and give him his Money threatning to Kill him, that he answered him he had no Money, he searching him took out Half a Crown, leaving some Half-pence &c. in his Pocket, and that his Master, Silvester Proud , immediately coming out of the Waggon Bingley left him and went to rob his Master, and another of the Prisoners came and demanded it again, and feeling his Breeches felt the Money that was left hastning him to give it him. Upon which he bid him be easy and he should have it, whereupon the Prisoner reply'd it wasno time to be easy. John Blackwell confirm'd the Evidence before given, adding that Sherrier came to him, making at him with his Sword, swearing he would shoot him if he did not give him his Money, and that he thereupon gave him 4 s. William Green deposed that he being in Blackwell's Waggon Joseph Sherrier came to him demanding his Money, threatning him to kill him, that he gave him 2 Half Crowns, telling him it was all he had, asking him if he would not give him a Shilling, to which he reply'd G - J D - m him if he did; and then went away to the next Waggon. Ann Kettle depos'd, That she saw the Prisoners at her Landlady's the Night before the Robbery was committed, and heard them all say they had no Money; and that she saw them there again the next Morning full of Money. Silvester Proud added, That he having gotten some Inteligence of them and a Warrant went to search for them where he had heard they were, but when be came they were gone, into the Fields to decide the Dispute as to sharing the Money by the Dint of Sword, and bearing they were gone thence to Mary-bone, they went chither and found only Bingley who, upon the sight of the Prosecutor took to his Heels, but was pursued and taken, and the other 2 were afterwards apprechended at Westwinster. The Facts being fully proved against each of the Prisoners, the Jury found them all three guilty of all the four Indictments.

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Reference Number: t17171204-11

John Holmes and Charles Perdue of St. Giles in the Fields were indicted for breaking the Dwelling House of John Foden about 11 a-Clock in the Night time, and stealing thence a Cloth Coat, value 2 s. and a Petticoat value 10 s. the 13 th of September last. The Prosecutor deposed that being in Bed and asleep, his Wife heard the Bolt of the Door fall on the Ground, and waked him, and immediately called out to know who was there, and was answer'd a Friend, her Brother: His Wife confirm'd this, adding, she immediately jump'd out of Bed, running into the next Room in her Shift, catching hold of one of the two Men that were in the Room by the Coat, but he got from her, and they slipping by her ran away and got off, and afterwards seeing the Petticoat hang up at a Broker's challeng'd it, who sent for one Jane Preston of whom, she said, she had bought it. Jane Preston depos'd the Coat was given her to sell, by a Woman in Holmes's House, the Prisoners being present, that she had 6 d for selling of it; that when she carried the Money to Holme's she did not see the Woman, but Holmes bid her give him the Money, which she did. The Prisoners denied their knowing any thing of the Matter, and Holmes called one to speak to his Reputation, but he gave him so scurvy a Character, that he had better have let him a lone, he telling the Court he was a scandalous Person, a Thief-Taker, that his House was a common Receptacle for Thieves and Pick-pockets, but there not being sufficient Proof that they did the Fact charged in the Indictment the Jury acquitted them.

Reference Number: t17171204-12

Peter Merry of St. Anne's Westminster was indicted for feloniously stealing a Cloth Coat value 40 s. a Brocaded Silk Wastecoat value 3 l. Embroider'd Housings and Holster Caps, and other Goods and Money to the value of 40 L in the Dwelling House of John Chetwynd Esq ; the 26 th of October last. The Evidence deposed that the Prisoner served the Prosecutor in the Quality of a Valet de Ghambre , and these Things several of them being committed to his Charge, he pawn'd them, saying they were his own. The Prisoner did not not deny the Fact, but was not willing to think it was any more than a Breach of Trust; but the Court were of another Opinion, and the Jury accordingly found him guilty of the Indictment.

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Reference Number: t17171204-13

Joseph Smith of St. Giles in the Fields was indicted for breaking open the Dwelling House of Simon Nibbs in the Night time, with an Intent to steal his Goods , the 27th of Sept . last. The Prosecutor deposed that the Lock of his Yard Door had been open'd, the Glass broke, a Bar taken out in order to open the Window. Another Evidence depos'd that she living at next Door, being up about 12 a-Clock, perceived some persons about, which she suspected, and the Watch man coming his round she inform'd him of her Suspicion. who called up the Prosecutor. The Prosecutor and Watchman depos'd that they apprehended the Prisoner in the Prosecutor's Yard, and a dark Lanthorn and some other Materials for dark Work. The Prisoner deny'd the Fact, saying he was much in Drink and knew not how he came there, nor any thing at all of the Matter; but could give no good Account of himself, whereupon the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-14

James Clark and Thomas Nicholson (2 little Boys ) of the Parish of St. Dunstans in the West were indicted for picking the pocket of Charles Daby of a Silk Handkerchief value 2 s.6 d. the 28th of Nov . last. The Prosecutor depos'd that going along the Street near the Temple gate , his Handkerchief was taken out of his pocket, and that they apprehended the Prisoners, Clerk having his Handkerchief about his Neck, and that they had each of them 2 or 3 Handkerchiefs a piece. The Jury found them both guilty to the value of 10 d.

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Reference Number: t17171204-15

John Pitts of St. Botolph Bishopsgate was indicted for felonously stealing a Brass Kettle value 15 s. from the Dwelling House of Peter Willmot the 18th of Nov . last. The Evidence deposed the Kettle was stolen out of the Prosecutor's House and found in the Prisoner's Lodging, and that he had own'd the Fact before the Justice. However he deny'd it upon his Tryal, alledging that it was given him by his Sister, who was afraid of her Landlord's seizing her Goods, but the Jury not believing him, found him guilty to the Value of 10 d.

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Reference Number: t17171204-16

Abigail Smith , of St. Dunstans in the West , was indicted for feloniously stealing from the Person of William Gotier 2 Guineas , the 2d of November last. The Prosecutor depos'd, That he and one Mr. Kemp passing along Fleet-street, met the Prisoner and another Woman, who ask'd them to give them a Pint of Wine; and afterwards invited them to their Lodging, telling them their Landlord sold a Glass of good Brandy : That accordingly they went with them to one Mr. Thompson's had each of them a Glass of Brandy, and no more: That the Prisoner telling him the beliv'd he had not Money in his Pocket to pay his Reckoning, he took about 15 or 16 Shillings out of his Pocket; that then she told him there was no God : To convince her, he singled our 2 Guineas, laying them in the Palm of his Hand, and that she snatch'd them out, putting one into her Mouth, and dropping the other into her Bosom . Upon which he demanded his Money: Which she not returning, he knoked for the Landlord; who was so far from taking his Part, that he vindicted the Prisoner, calling him Rogue, and stalking him, demanded his Reckoning, which was 5 s. for 4 Drams of Cherry-Brandy, which he and his Companion Mr. Kemp paid; and going down, call'd the Watch, and secur'd the Prisoner. The Prisoner acknowledg'd her being pick'd up by the Prosecutor, and drinking together, but deny'd the taking the Money ; saying that she was not near the Prosecutor, she being Mr. Kemp's Confort, and the other Woman the Prosecutors: Adding, that Mr. Kemp being asleep by the Fire, the Prosecutor would needs have sent her for a Penniworth of Rods to have flogg'd him with; which because she would not do, he charg'd her with robbing him. Mr. Kemp said he was asleep, and so could say little as to the Prisoner's taking the Guineas: Whereupon the Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17171204-17

William Sanditch , of St. Giles Cripplegate , was indicted for privately stealing a silver Tankard, value 6 l. in the Dwelling house of William Snelgrove , the 28th of November last. The Evidence depos'd, That the Prisoner had some Time since been a Servant to the Prosecutor, and coming to his House, call'd for Drink, and would needs have a Tankard, scrap'd Acquaintance with some Persons that were drinking in the Kitchen, went away with the Tankad , and was brought back with it to the House before they mis'd either Tankard or Prisoner. Another Evidence depos'd, That he happening to stop near the Prosecutor's House, saw a Person come running out of the Door, and heard something like Drink or Water fall on the Ground as thrown out of a Pot, and suspecting the Prisoner, he follow'd him; who running along, he heard the Tankard rattle, and thereupon apprehended him with it, and carry'd him to the Prosecutor's House. The Prisoner pleaded. That he did not intend to steal the Tankard, but having it in his Hand, saw an Acquaintance go by the Door, and so went out in a Hurry to overtake him with the Tankard in his Hand. But this phusible Pretence

did not prevent the Jury from finding him guilty to the Value of 35 s.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-18

Mary Jackson , of St. Andrews Holborn , was indicted for privately stealing 2 Corolus Broad Pieces of Gold, each of them valu'd at 23 s.6 d. from the Person of Henry Brinny , the 12th of October last. The Prosecutor depos'd, That having been at Market, he had a Loin of Mutton in one Hand, a Pair of Shoes in another, and a Goose thrown over his Shoulder; and going up the Alley where he dwelt, the Prisoner call'd after him, saying, She wanted to speak with him; and while they were parlying, she would needs be busy about his Breeches; and the next Morning he miss'd his Money. But he not swearing positively that she took it, the Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17171204-19

Mary Jones , of St. Giles Cripplegate , was indicted for breaking the Dwelling-House of Richard Hollywell in the Day time, and stealing thence a Stuff Gown, value at 20 s. and other Goods to the Value of 3 l. the 4th of November last. The Prosecutor de pos'd, That having lock'd his Chamber Door, and left the Street Door on the Latch, he went down into the Cellar to work; and some small Time after going up Stains, saw his Chamber open; and miss'd the Good; and running out immediately, and speaking to a Friend that had seen a Person carrying a Bundle they persu'd her, and took her with the Goods. The Prisoner pleaded, she carry'd them to ease one of her Shop-Mares, who was carrying of them, and knew nothing what was in the Bundle, nor how it was come by: But the Presence did not avail her . The Jury found her guilty to the Value of 4 s.10 d.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-20

Edward Whippy , of St. Pauls Shadwell , was indicted for feloniously stealing old Iron to the Value of 3 s. the Property of Edward Atchinson , the 6th of November last. The Evidence depos'd, The Prisoner came in a Boat to the Ship, entred the Ship, went into the Carpenter's Cabbin, and had taken it out. and brought it to the Gurnd , in order to carry it off. But it not being carry'd out of the Ship, the Jury acquited him.

Reference Number: t17171204-21

James Dickinson , of St. Mary White chappel , was indicted for breaking the Dwelling House of Thomas Bevis in the Night-time, the 31st of October last, and stealing Linnen to the Value of 30 s. The Prosecutor depos'd, That she went out about 7 a-Clock at Night, not staying above half a Quarter of an Hours but at her Return found her Window broken open, and the Goods gone. Another Evidence depos'd, That he being a Custom house Officer, met the Prisoner, and demanded to see if he had not gotten run Goods; and upon Examination the Prisoner flung them at him, and ran away, but was immediately peru 'd and taken; and not giving a satisfactory Account how he came by them, but saying sometimes one thing, and at other times another, he secur'd him, and cry'd the Goods, and the Prosecutor came and own'd them. The Prisoner had nothing to say upon his Trial, but that he was hir'd to carry them, but could not prove it; there upon the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-22

Elizabeth Raven , of St. Giles Cripplegate , was indicted for feloniously stealing a stuff Gown, and other Apparel, to the Value of 30 s. in the Dwelling-House of Katherine Platt , the 28th of November last. The Prosecutor depos'd, She met the Prisoner upon her Stairs, with the Goods in her Apron. The Prisoner had nothing to say in her Defence, but the old preserve that she washir'd to carry them. The Jury found her guilty to the Value of 10 d.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-23

John Collins , of St. Andrews Holbourn , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Canvas Bag, value 1 d. and 6 Gunieas and a half, in the Shop of Edward Richardson , the 26 th November last. The Prosecutor depos'd, That the Money was in a Drawer in the Shop, that two Men came in, and he missing the Money, one got away, but the Prisoner was stopp'd. There being no farther Proof against the Prisoner, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17171204-24

William Carlisle , of St. Anns Westminster , was indicted for privately stealing a Pocket, value 1 d.2 Gold Rings, value 19 s. a Lac'd Handkerchief, value 10 s and 2 s.6 d. in Money, from the Person of Susan Wright , the 23d of September last. The Prosecutor depos'd, That her Pocket was with great Violence pull'd off by a Boy, which tearing down her Petticoat in doing it, she was oblig'd to take it up, and so could not follow him, and so be got off: She verily believ'd the Prisoner to be the Person, but was not positive enough to influence the Jury to find him guilty, so they acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17171204-25

William Thomas , of Harrow of the Hill , was indicted for felonously stealing a Black Mare, value 4 l. the Property of Joanna Sexton , the 8th of October last. He was indicted a second Time for stealing at the same Time,4 Ducks and a Drake, value 7 s. the Goods of Thomas Graham . Also he was a third Time indicted for stealing,2 Geese and a Gander, value 5l he Property of John Herth . He was likewise a fourth Time indicted for stealing 10 Geese and a Gander, value 22s. the Property of Joanna Sexton. The Evidence depos'd, That seeing the Prison and another Person lurking about, they fore, ected them, and afterwards examining their Poultry, miss'd their Ge So getting Horses they follow'd the Prisoner to ller and seeing a Horse with two Men upon it, they rode past them,(but before they over took them, one of them jump'd off the Horse, and the Prisoner they spoke to force Carriers on the Road to assist there . They did so, and seiz'd them both; but while they were apprehending the Prisoner, the Carriers let the other Person make his Escape. That upon their apprehending the Prisoner, they found not only their Fowls, but their Mare too, before they knew they had lost her. However the Prisoner upon his Trial deny'd the Fact, tho' they depos'd, he had own'd upon his being apprehended as to the Fowls, but that they had borrow'd the Mare only to cafe their Shoulders. The Jury found him guilty of each Indictment as to the Fowls ; but hoping they delign'd to be so honest as when they had brought their Geese and Ducks to a good Market, to have let the Mare gone home to Harrow to Supper, acquitted him as to the Stealing hen .

Reference Number: t17171204-26

Richard Sheppard , of the Parish of Fulham , was indicted for breaking the House of George Rogers , the 26th of September last in the Night-time, and stealing thence Plate and other Goods to the Value of 40 l. There being no Evidence against the Prisoner but one William Faulkener , an Accomplice in the Fact, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17171204-27

Ann Hayes and Jane Dunn , of the Parish of Hampton ,were indicted for stealing a silver Candlestick, value 4 l. the Property of his Majesty , the 20th of August last. They were likewise indicted a second Time for feloniously stealing 2 silver Candlesticks, value 8l. a Pair of Silver Snuffers and Snuff-pan, value 30 s. a repeating Gold Watch, value 20 l. and other Things , the Property of John Gasper , Baron Bothmar the 17th of August last. John Prough deposed, that a Silver Candlestick was lost out of the young Prince's Lodgings, and that he,5 or 6 Minutes before he miss'd it, met the Prisoner upon the Stairs, who enquir'd of him if a Gentleman of some strange sort of Name lodg'd

there. Omen Macharel deposed that he was in Mr. Sullivans Tent when the Prisoner brought in a Silver Candlestick, and would have pawn'd it to him for 3e Shillings; and that he saw a Coronet upon it, and a Cypher. This was also confirmed by Thomas Greenwood , who added, that Mrs. Dun and Hayes, were talking together, and he heard Hayes tell her, if she did not deliver what he gave her, he would trouble her. Colonel Sullivan deposed, that Hayes brought a Silver Candlestick to pawn, that he refused it, saying, he had heard it was not safe to keep in the House, any Plate that belonged to any Nobleman. Lewis Luny deposed, that Hayes brought 3 pieces of a Silver Candlestick to him sell, and he perceiving the Kings Coat of Arms upon it, which had been scratched out, stop'd them, and apprehended him. Anne Metheir deposed, that Jane Dun brought to her the 41b piece of the Candlestick to sell, telling her she had found that and some other old Silver in the Street; whereupon she bad her bring the rest, but she came not again. Edward Metimellows deposed, that Hayes said that himself had given the Candlestick to Dun to sell. Anne Merbier deposed, that Hayes came to her and demanded the piece of the Candlestick that Dun had brought, telling her that he was a Silversmith in the Strant, and it was his own, but being straightned for money, was willing to dispose of it. The Prisoner had little to say in his defence, but that he had the Candlestick of Jane Dun, but could prove nothing, nor had any to appear for his Reputation. The Jury found Hayes Guilty of the Indictment, but Anne Dun they acquitted . As to 1st indictment in relation to Baron Bothmar , Anthony Bolt deposed the Goods before mentioned were lost the 17th of August. Anne Mace deposed, that Jane Dun brought her such a pair of Silver Candlesticks as had been described, but she refused to take them, by reason there were Coats of Arms upon them. Mary Axtol deposed, that Hayes had offer'd her a Gold Watch to pawn, but she did not accept of it. But the things not being produced, it was not proved that they were the Prosecutors, the Jury acquitted them both of this Indictment.

Reference Number: t17171204-28

John Cranteloe , of St. Anne in Westminster , was indicted for stealing a Shirt, value 4 s. the property of Theophilas Hastings , the Prosecutor deposed the Shirt hanging upon a Line, two Persons came to enquire for a Person unknown, and pulled the Shirt of from the Line, and ran away, but being pursued, he flung the Shirt behind him. The Prisoner had denied the Fact, saying he knew nothing of it, but as he was passing by, somebody threw the Shirt upon his Heels. The Jury found him Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-29

Petrey Wheeler of St. Andrew in Holbourn , was indicted for privately stealing 3 pieces of Leather, value 20s. out of the Shop of Benjamin Perry , the 2d of November ; the Evidence deposed the Prisoner came to the Prosecutors Shop, and taking the Leather, putting it under his Coat and went away. The Prisoner said nothing in his defence, but several Persons appeared, and gave him a good Character; and that he being very old, was us'd at the New and Full of the Moon, to be disorder'd in his Head, thereupon the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17171204-30

Mary Harris of St. Dunstan in the West , was indicted for privately stealing a Pocket Book, value 1 s. the property of the 15th of November ; the Prosecutor deposed, that having been some time before at Kensington, and received some Money, he paid it into the Bank, and put the Note for a Hundred Pound into his Pocket-Book; that he passing along Fleet-street, sell into Company of one Mary Tarly , who invited him to go along with her to her Lodgings, which were the same with the Prisoners, they being Bed-fellows, that after he had been there sometime, he missed his Pocket-Book, and he saying he would go to the Bank and stop Payment, the Prisoner desired him to set down, and agreed that for 2 Guineas, and a Bowl of Punch of a Crown, she would procure it him, but having given the 2 Guineas, she pretended to send a Person out to fetch it, but did not bring it, but brought Answer the Gentlewoman would not part it unless she had a Guineas more, which he did, and then the Prisoner gave him his Book and Note, taking it out of her Bosom. This was confirm'd by another Evidence, the Messenger pretended to be sent to Mary Tarly, who deposed, that the Prisoner had her go and stay a little while, and then come in and bring such an Answer. The Prisoner denied that she took the Book, saying that the Prosecutor brought Mary Tarly thither, saying she was his Cousin, and that he give her half a Crown, and offer'd a Guinea (saying, the Court might guess for what) and that she went up Stairs, and left the Prosecutor and Mary Tarly together, in her Room, in which was a Chest of Dram Bed, which they pulled down and the Cloths tumbled very much, but what they did together she new not but that might be guessed at. That though the procur'd the Book for him, she found it in the Celiar, there being no proof that Charged the Prisoner directly with taking the Book the Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17171204-31

Elizabeth Isham , alias Dick and Sarah Cullam , of St. Martins Ludgate were indicted for feloniously stealing 20 l. of Coney Wooll value 10 l. out of the Warehouse of Benjamin Mason , the 20th of November last. The Evidence depos'd that Sarah Cullam, had worked with the Prosecutors as a hired Servant , and that Elizabeth Isham served in that capacity at the time of the Commission of the Fact, and was present with the Prosecuters Maid Servant, at her locking up the Doors at 9 a Clock that Night, that in the Morning they found the Door of the Lost open, and the Goods missing. Another Evidence deposed that she bought the said Wool of the Prisoners; their Examination were Read in Court, in which they confess'd it was done by them both; that Cullam lay conceal'd under the Stairs, and handed down the Goods to Isham in the Night: However they deny'd it upon their Trial alledging that they receiv'd it of one Betty Moor in Fetter Lane, but cold not produce the Person, whereupon the Jury found them guilty to the value of 4s.10 d.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-32

Mary Clington and Mary Walker , of St. Sepulchres , were indicted for privately stealing a Canvas Bag, value 1 d. and 2 Guineas, and 10 Broad Fioors, from the Person of William Sumpter , the 20th of October last. The Prosecutor depos'd, That he met the Prisoners in in Long Lane , that they saluted him with a how do you Countryman, and gave him a Josel., and his Money was gone; that he and Sarah Walker went into the Pear and Ragged Staff, and drank one Pint of Drink, and Sarah Walker called for another; that Mary Clington said she would step, and away she went; that he missing his Money, charg'd it upon the Prisoners, and apprehended Sarah Walker, she charged the Constable with him, and so they were both sent to the Counter together. He was positive that one of them must have his Money; but could not be positive which, Walker pleaded that the Prosecutor took acquaintance with her, having used her House when she kept an Inn in Smithfield, and would give her a Pint of Drink for old acquaintance, she considering he had been her Customer, would return the civility of giving him another Pint of Drink; saying that she knew nothing of his Money, was never out of the Room from him was searched, and had none of it about her. Mary Clington deny'd the fact, and that she had never seen Sarah Walker in her life, there being not sufficient Proof, they were acquitted .

Reference Number: t17171204-33

Jasper Arnold and William Goddard , of St. Andrews Holborn , were indicted for a Trespass in tearing 2 Leaves out of the Register-Book for Marriages belonging to the Church of St. Andrews Holborn . The Evidences depos'd, That Goddard having been marry'd there in the Month of June, 1711 to one Rachel, and afterwards marry'd to another, his first being alive they were employ'd to take out a Certificate of the Marriage, and finding it entred in the Register, did so; and that going about a Fortnight after to search the Book, found no such Entry: Upon which they apply'd themselves to Mr. Hopley, Doctor Sacheverel's Clark, acuring to know what was the Reason, that whereas there was but a little before in the Register-Book an Entry of the Marriage of the said Goddard with Rachel Small in the Month of June,17th, there could none be found now. Mr. Hopley, Doctor Sacheverel's Clark, depos'd. That upon this Occasion he examin'd the Register-Book, and could find no such Entry, but observ'd that there was a Vacancy in the Book from the 30th of May to the 1st of July, and so that it appear'd that a whole Leaf had been taken out, and that the Leaf that answer'd to it was gone also, and made a Vacancy from the 21st of February to the 27th of March; which making him very uneasy, he acquainted Doctor Sacheverel with it. He depos'd, That Jasper Arnold was his Deputy, and under Clerk of the Temple, and us'd to have free recourse to the said Register-Book at all Times, to enter or fill up, in his Absence; and that he questioning him about it, he deny'd it with Oaths and imprecations. The Doctor sent for Thomas Herring , who told him, That Arnold had told him he had tore

out the Leaves, and had a Note of Goddard's Hand of 5 l. for doing it: That thereupon Arnold being urg'd to confess the Truth, did acknowledge it, and show'd the Note for 5 l. that Goddard had given him, and said that Goddard had burnt the Leaves. Another Evidence depos'd, That Goddard had own'd Arnold came to him several Times and solicited him to employ him to do it; that he had given Arnold a Note of 5 l. to tear out the Leaves; that he had done it, and that himself was by at the doing it. The Prisoners both deny'd the Fact upon their Trials; and Arnold pretended that he had lent Goddard Money at several Times, and that he gave him the Note upon that Consideration. But notwithstanding their Evasions, the Jury found them both guilty of the Indictment.

[Fine. See summary.]

[Pillory. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-34

Jane Benson and Mary Edwards , were indicted for assaulting Susanna Holt , and taking from her a silver Buckle, value 2 s. a Suit of Headcloaths, value 10 s. and 10 s. in Money , the 4th of September last. The Prosecutor depos'd, That one Catherine Thompson call'd her, telling her there was one within Doors would speak with her; and that she going in, the Prisoners, and several others, fell upon her and beat her in a barbarous Manner, and she had the Things mention'd taken from her, But she could not swear positively that the Prisoners took them, so they were acquitted .

Reference Number: t17171204-35

Thomas Still , of St. Sepulchres , was indicted for feloniously stealing 2 Saddles, the Property of Thomas Moor and Samuel Green , out of the Stable of Mr. Carter, the 25th of October last. The Fact being plainly prov'd, the Jury found him guilty to the Value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-36

Sarah Pain , Elizabeth Jackson and Mary West , of Thistlemarsh , were indicted for feloniously stealing 48 Yards of Stuff, and 48 Yards of Poplin, and 30 Yards of Sarsnet, value 11 l the Property of Joseph Willard , the 30th of November last. The Waggoner depos'd, That Sarah Pain came to desire him to carry a couple of Gentlewomen to Hounslow that were going to Twickenham, which he accordingly did; that they carry'd in with them a large Bandbox, which weigh'd light when they went into the Waggon; that he took them down when they came to their Stage, and they went away: But when they were gone, suspecting them, he examin'd the Waggon, found a Pack cut, and the Goods gone; that he took his Horse and pursu'd them, and took them with the Goods. Sarah Jackson confess'd the Fact, taking it upon herself, saying the other two were not concern'd in it; which was hardly probable. The Jury found Sarah Jackson guilty to the Value of 4s.10d. and acquitted the other two.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-37

Margaret Cedes , of St. Pauls Covent-Garden , was indicted for privately stealing a Yard and a half of Silk, value 5 s. China Ware, value 10 s. and 24 Guineas, in the Dwelling-House of Martha Barrow , the 12th of November last. The Prosecutor depos'd. That she had several Times miss'd Money out of her Chest of Drawers, and particularly 6 Guineas the Beginning of November, and at another Time, about a Week after,18 more; that no Body could come to the Drawers but herself, it always being kept lock'd, and the Keys in her Pocket; that at last suspecting it must be the Prisoner who took it, they examin'd her Boxes, Ec. and found several Vessels of China and other Things lock'd up, and demanding her Keys, they found two Keys which would open all her Drawers. The Prisoner pleaded, the Keys she found but a little before; and brought a Person who us'd the House, who depos'd, He heard her say she found three Keys, and threw them down before him, but he did not mind em; so that he could not swear those were the Keys. There was none of the Money found upon her. She had liv'd there a considerable Time, and brought many considerable Persons to speak to her Reputation; who gave her such a Character, that the Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17171204-38

Sarah Coats , alias Cooper, alias Garish , of St. James Westminster , was indicted for feloniously stealing 160 Guineas, and 2 Gold Rings, in the Dwelling-House of John Scaring , the 10th of October last. The Prosecutor and his Wife depos'd, The Prisoner had liv'd with them as a Servant about a Quarter of a Year; during which Time she behav'd herself very diligently, which engag'd them so much, that she coming to them so bare in Cloaths they were asham'd to send her out of an Errand, they therefore let her have Money before-hand to buy her a Gown and Petticoat; and also a Demand being made upon her, and a Menace of Arresting her for 30 s.(which she said was for curing her of the King's-Evil, which which they suppos'd to be true; but were since inform'd it was more her own Evil than the King's, in that she was flux'd for it at Kingsland) they offer'd her the Money to pay the Demand, to make her easy. But it happen'd on the Time before-mention'd, that he and his Wife went out about 7 a-Clock in the Morning to take leave of some Friends that were going into the Country, leaving only her and a Child at Home; that returning about an Hour after, they found not the Prisoner at Home, but suspected nothing. Supposing she might have gone out upon some necessary Occasion or other; till expecting her some considerable Time, the Prosecutor's Wife went up, and trying the Hasp of the Trunk in which the Money was, found it, as she thought, fast, and so search'd no farther; But she not returning in the Afternoon, the Prosecutor went up and examin'd, and found the Hasp had been unnail'd, and hung on again with a Nail or two of a Coach, and opening the Trunk, found the Money and Rings were taken away; that thereupon he went in quest of her, but could not hear of her for some considerable Time. Till at last, being directed to enquire for her at one Mr. Lloyd's, a Whitechappel-Cours Officer, near Ratoliff-Highway. Upon his going thither, he saw the Prisoner's Gown and Petticoat on Lloyd's Maid's Back, and was inform'd that the Prisoner went for Lloyd's Sister, and there was directed by Lloyd to Poplar, where he found she had taken a House, and furnish'd it with good Goods, all new, the Pewter,&c. of which were mark'd with the Prisoner's Name, which, he said, must be bought with his Money, in that she had not a Shilling in the World when she came to live with him; that then he apprehended her. Another Evidence depos'd, That after she was apprehended she told him, that she was sorry she had done the Fact; and when he press'd her to make her Master what Restitution she could, she said she had but one Farthing left, but in Newgate would make a Confession to the Prosecutor's Hearts Content; and desir'd she might be sent to Newgate rather than the Gatehouse, because she had some Accomplices, and there were Persons that were endeavouring to apprehend them, and, she said, if she were sent to the Gatehouse, they would apprehend that her Master would make use of her as an Evidence against them, and so would be the inore shy; but if she were sent to Newgate would think themselves more out of danger, and would appear more publickly. But, notwithstanding, she deny'd it all upon her Trial, only that she said she chose rather to go Newgate than the Gatehouse, because it stood more convenient for her Friends to come to her. The Court, asking her, Why she went away in that manner? She answer'd, Because she was afraid of being Arrested; and as for the Goods, she said they were another Person's. The Fact was very plain, and accordingly the Jury brought her in guilty of the indictment.

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-39

Katherine Matt , Wife of William Matt , of St. Mary Savoy , was indicted for feloniously stealing 3 Common-Prayer Books and 3 Brass-Candlesticks, value 30 s. out of the Chappel of St. John Baptist , the 8th of November last. It appear'd by the Evidence, that the Prisoner's Mother was Sexton to the said Chappel, and that the Prisoner had gotten in at a Window and stol'n the Goods. The Candlesticks were offer'd to Sale by the Prisoner, and stopp'd, and the Books sold, but the Buyers,&c. appear'd in Evidence against her. The Prisoner having nothing to say in her Behalf, threw herself upon the Mercy of the Court. The Jury found her guilty to the Value of 4 s.10 d.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-40

Emmanuel Kendal , of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously stealing 6 Chairs, value 9 s. and a Table, value 2 s. the Property of John Skilbeck , out of the Dwelling-House of Francis Coleman , the 25th of August last. The Matter appearing to be such as should be rather decided at Common Law than by way of Indictment, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17171204-41

Bun Wilkinson , of St. Giles Cripplegate , was indicted for breaking the House of John Davis in the Day-time, no Body being therein, and stealing 3 flaxen Sheets, and some other Linnen , the 25th of October last. But the Proof not being fall enough against the Prisoner, the Jury acquitted her.

Reference Number: t17171204-42

Elizabeth Jones and Elizabeth White , of St. Mary Whitechappel , were indicted for feloniously stealing a Peruke, value 10 s. a Cloth Coat, value 4 s. a Hat, value 3 s. and other Goods, the Property of Thomas Miles the Younger, and a Pair of Clogs, value 10 d. the Property of Thomas Miles the Elder, out of the Dwelling-House of Thomas Miles the Elder, the 27th of September last.

The Prosecutor's Wife depos'd, That going up Stairs for a little while, upon her coming down she miss'd the Goods, and running out, was told by some Neighbours Children, that two Women came out of her Door with some Things, and directed her which way they went; that she follow'd then, and overtook them, and found the Things in Elizabeth Jones's Apron. The Prisoner pleaded she had them of a Woman that uses to buy Things about the Street. But the Matter was plain, and the Jury. found Jones guilty to the Value of 4 s.10 d. but acquitted Elizabeth White.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-43

Ann Woodburn , alias Green , of St. Bartholomew the Great , was indicted for assaulting and robbing Mary Webb in the Highway, and taking from her a Cypher Ring, value 8 s.2. Gold Rings, value 16 s.4 Pieces of Lace, value 9 s. a Pair of Buckles, value 2 d. and a Handkerchief, value 10 d. the 25th of October last. The Prosecutor depos'd, That she having acquaintance with the Prisoner, met her in the Evening, and ask'd her to go along with her, saying she was going to fetch something for her Husband: That they went into a Strong-Water Shop, and she gave her a Dram, and ask'd her where were her Rings? She answer'd her, in her Pocket; and that they went to an Ale-house, it raining, and drink'd and then to another; and then she carried her to another Brandy Shop; and at last she was set down at a Dour, and sell asleep. The Mother depos'd, That she hearing of her Daughter, went and found her so fast, that she was affraid she had been dead; but at last waking her, got her home and to Bed, and after she had receiv'd some Refreshment, she told her who she had been with. She search'd her Pocket, found it cut, and her Coat likewise, and the forementich'd Things gone. Upon which she went to the Priosner, challenged her with them, who stiffly deny'd knowing any of them; but getting a Constable, and going to search her Box, she took out the Lace and other Things, except the two Gold Rings, which she found at a Goldsmith's, where the Prisoner had sold them. The Prisoner deny'd the Fact, and said the Prosecutor desir'd her to lend her a Crown upon the Lace and other Things, and to sell the Rings for her. But this was all deny'd by the Prosecutor, and the Jury found her guilty to the Value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-44

Ann West of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for privately stealing 200 Yards of Ribbon, Value 30 s. in the Shop of Peter Pelham the 8th of November last. The Evidence depos'd the Prisoner came into the Prosecutors Shop, she seeing no body there, took the Goods out of a Box. from off a Shelf behind the Counter, and that the Prosecutor coming into the Shop and charging her with the Goods, she dropt them from her. The fact was plainly prov'd, therefore the Jury found her guilty of the Indictment.

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-45

George Hawks of St. James's Westminster , was indicted for stealing a silver-hilted Sword, value 30 s. the property of Henry Bramer , the 20th of March last was 12 Months; but this being within the Act of Grace, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17171204-46

Robert Strickland of St. Mary le Bow , was indicted for felonously stealing a Flaxen Sheet, value 4 s. the Property of Randal Pemberton the 8th of November last; the fact being prov'd, the Jury found the Prisoner guilty to the value of 4 s.10 d. He was a second time indicted, for stealing a flaxen Sheet, value 2 s. and a Callico Gown value 5 s. the Property of Mary James ; but the Evidence not being full enough, of this he was acquitted .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-47

Elizabeth Harris of St. Dunstans Stepney , was indicted, for Stealing a silver Spoon value 5 s the Property of John Franks , the 25th of October last. But the Fact not being sufficiently proved she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17171204-48

Joseph Mansfield of the Parish of Acton , was indicted for assaulting Anthony Rouse upon the King's High way, and stealing from him a Silver Watch value 4 l. a Snuff-Box value 15 s. a Mare val 4 l. and other Goods the 23d of Sept last. The Prosecutor deposed that he was robbed near the Turn-pike about 9 a-Clock at Night by 2 Men, but being dark he could not swear it was by the Prisoner. William Coulthurst deposed that himself and the Prisoner committed the Robbery, but it depending on his single Evidence, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17171204-49

William Cryer of St. Andrews Holborn was indicted for privately stealing a perriwing val.6 l. out of the Shop of Gregory Spinney the 20th of May last. But there being no Evidence against the Prisoner but Obadiah Lemon who was Accomplice in the fact, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t17171204-50

Sarah Jepherson alias White of St. Mary White-Chappel was indicted for marrying a Second Husband, the 20th of February last, her first Husband being alive ; but it being within the Act of Grace she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17171204-51

John Loncheter , of St. James Westminster , was indicted for feloniously stealing a silver Can, value 24 s. and a silver Spoon, value 7 s. in the Dwelling-house of John Richardson . The Evidence depos'd, That the Prisoner being destitute of Employment, was entertain'd by the Prosecutor gratis, but ungratefully robb'd him, Which probably had been sufficiently prov'd, but that a material Evidence was sick in Bed, so that for want of legal Evidence he was aquitted .

Reference Number: t17171204-52

Elizabeth Thenlis , of St. Clement Danes , was indicted for feloniously stealing Linnen to the Value of 20 s. in the Dwelling-house of Richard Tudor , the 21st of Nov . last. The Evidence depos'd, That the Prisoner had been Servant to the Prosecutor, and taken away the Goods, and they were found in her Box. The Prisoner had little to say in her Defence, whereupon the Jury found her guilty to the Value of 10 d.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-53

Charles Powel , of St. Buttolphs Aldgate , was indicted for breaking and entring the Dwelling-house of John Hichman , the 10th of Nov . last, with an intent to Steal . The Evidence depos'd, The Flap over the Shop-Door being open, he took the Prisoner getting in. But there being no sufficient Proof of a Burglary, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17171204-54

John Carter , of St. Buttolphs Aldgate , was indicted for feloniously stealing 2 Cheeses. value 20 s. out of the Shop of John Coley , the 13th of Nov . last. The Evidence depos'd, That percieving the Prisoner and another lurking about the Prosecutor's Door, he watch'd them, and heard the Prisoner's Comrade say to the Prisoner, Go it; upon which he saw him go in and bring out the Cheeses: That he follow'd him and Seiz'd him, he throwing the Cheeses at him, but the other got off. Yet the Prisoner deny'd the Fact, but being plainly prov'd, the Jury found him guilty to the Value of 4 s.10 d.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-55

was indicted for a Misdemeanor in publishing a false Power, in order to receive the Sum of 2000 l. and upwards, being the Pay due to a Regiment . The indictment was read, and no Prosecutor appearing he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17171204-56

Richard Sheppard , of Kensington , was indicted for breaking the Dwelling-house of John Cook in the Night-time, and stealing thence a Cloth Coat, value 40 s. and 5 Silver-hilted Knives, value 40 s. and other Goods , the 24th of July last. But a material Evidence being gone into Wales, for want of sufficient Proof he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17171204-57

Martha Bowen , of St. Mary Savoy , was indicted for privately stealing a silk Hood and Scarf, value 21 s. in the Dwelling-house of Richard Camdry the 2d of Nov . last. The Prosecutor depos'd, The Prisoner being his Wife's Nurse took away the Goods, and pawn'd them. The Prisoner pleaded they were put into her Hands to alter by the Prosecutor's Wife, and that she did pawn them, but intended to redeem them, and return them. The Prosecutor's Wife not being there to contradict it, upon the probability of the Plea she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17171204-58

Barbara Downly , alias Downing , was indicted for a Misdemeanor in uttering counterfeit Money, knowing it to be counterfeit . One Evidence depos'd, That the Prisoner came to her Shop to buy a Quarter of an Ounce of Nutmegs, giving her a Crown Piece to change, which she did, giving her Half a Crown and two Shillings, and the rest in Half-pence: After-which she would give but Two pence for them, and requir'd her Crown Piece, laying down a counterfeit Shilling. which she taxing her with, she insisted upon it that it was the Money that she gave to her, saving she had no other Money: But when she saw that she would not be so serv'd, she clappn her Hand to her Face, and, she did believe, she swallow'd it; and laying down her own good Shilling, went off with Prescipitation. Katherine Mackoon depos'd, That when the Prisoner came into New-Prison, she told her she was brought thither for putting off a false Shilling, and that she had swallow'd one; and that it stuck in her Throat so that she could not eat her Victuals for several Days. Another Evidence depos'd, That the Prisoner came to her Shop to buy a quarter of a Pound of Sugar-Cakes, giving her a counterfeit Shilling: Which was produc'd in Court, and sworn positively to. Mary James , her quandam Acquaintance, depos'd, That her usual Way of Living was by such like Practices, either picking Pockets, or putting off counterfeit Money. The Prisoner deny'd the Fact, affirming she had never been at the Prosecutors Houses, and labour'd to invalidate the Evidence of Mary James, by charging her with following the same Trade, and it was not improbable but some part of what she said might be true; but the Facts being prov'd by other Evidences than that of Mary James, the Jury found her guilty of the Indictment.

[Fine. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-59

Robert Cook , of St. Buttolphs Aldgate , was indicted for privately stealing 35 of Hemp value 8 l. out of the House of John Fowler , the 29th of Nov . last. But no Body appearing against him, the Jury acquitted him .

Reference Number: t17171204-60

Thomas Reed of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously stealing 9 Yards of Cloth value 7 l. the property of a person unknown, the 11 th of Nov. in the Second Year of his present Majesty . But it being was acquitted .

Reference Number: t17171204-61

William Aldridge , of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for breaking the dwelling house of Samuel Commons in the Night-time, and stealing thence a Bay-Horse, value 3 l. and two Saddles, value 10 s. the Property of John Fredricks , the 22d of October last. The Evidence deposed, That the Lock was taken off from the Iron Bar which barred the Gates and the Scable-Door broken open, and the Horse and saddle stolen out of the Scables. The Prosecutor's Son deposed, That the Evening before the Prisoner was in the Yard and scables viewing the Horses and asking about their age, strength &c. The Prosecutor deposed likewise, that missing the Horse, he went to enquire after him, and found him at the in. The Hottler deposed, That the Prisoner brought that Horse between 5 and 6 of the Clock in the Aborning, badding him for him up, belong him he would come for him again in the Evening and accordingly due and the Prosecutor waiting his coming apprenended him . The c diable deposed, That upon apprehending him, the Prisoner called him aside, and devices not to decun him setting him , That if he did he was used the, the Horse being a checquir'd Horse , and one of the four there were used in the smugling Trade, and that the other three had been taken already. He used likewise, The Axan who employed him to being it thither was at the Kagygs-Tavern in B popsgutt-Street, which they were to see, but heard of no such portion. Then he told than, he was not at be Tssorn, but in the Stores . The Prisoner upon his tryal pleaded he was hired by two Men, who gave him Six-pence to carry the Horse from street to the. Upon hearing the whole Matter, the Jury found him guilty of the indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t17171204-62

John Monntsieures of St. Mary le Bow was indicted for the Murder of John Hemingdale , by giving him several Wounds on the lots Side of the Head, and parting him by which he instantly died 17th of October last. He was indicted a second time upon the coroners Inquest for the same Fact. He was likewise third time indicted for assaulting the said John Hemingdale, and taking from him a perriwing value 2 s 6 s two Gold Rings,1 piece of Danise Gold,2 silver Medals, and other Goods , the 17th of November last. Ann deposed that the Prisoner having lodged with her about 4 Months ago, went away to Hallond, and upon to Return, about the 1st of October last brought to her House a young Gentleman of about 20 Years of Age which was the Deceased, to lodge with her, and he not speaking English the Prisoner bargained with her to. him 7 Week, and used to come to the Deceased, and the Deceased used often to go to him; and that on the 16th of October the Prisoner came and asked what was due to her and paid her, desired 2 proper might be called to carry away the Deceased. and give him a full pot at Drink to carry then into the strand to a Corch, going away about 4 a Clock in the Afternon, Ann Vannar deposed but the Prisoner and Deceased came to her came to her about 4 of the Clock in the Afternoon, and the Prisoner agreed with her for a Lodging for the Deceased, that they desired to have something to eat, had come Beer Seakes and eat together, that about 6 of the Clock they went away together, and the Deceased came not home to lodge that Night, no did she see him any more. That the Prisoner came were again about 8 a-Clock, asked for a Washerwoman, gave out some Linen to be washed which linen was swon to be his by the Washerwoman, and to have been wer, duty and bloody when he brought them to her, said 2 or 3 Hours and then went out again. That was by use who added that when the Prisoner was going out at 10 a-clock at night he gave him Half a Guinea desiring Silver for it that he gave him 3 nillings, that he left the Half guinna with him and went away, telling him he should not come in that Night, and that the next morning when he came in he heard him walk about the Chamber, as in a Hurry, and making a rumbling walked up and down stairs several times, and at his going out asked for more money of the Change of the Half Guinea and that about in Hour and a Half after he was sent for to the Ale house, where was one Mr. Bakr, the constable and Headle who enquired of him for his Lodger, calling him they suspected his lodger had murder'd the deceased; to which be replyed, it so, he being gone out, he doobred whether he would come home again or not. But that the Key of his Room being up in his shop, and if they pleased they should go on and see what was there, which they did, and found that he had carried away all changed of any value, that they found a Pocket-Book written in Frenchs and Dutch, got one Mr. Wave to read it, and found some Accounts relating to the Prisoner, as having served as a Couchman to the Court de Avila, and a Note of 2s Pipeles on account as having been Servant to the Count de shods, as Vakes as chambre, and that they brought away the Book, look'd the Door, hung up the Key, waiting to see if he came home again or not; that in a small time while they and some Neighbours were talking about the, one of them spyed the Prisoner coming on the other Side of the Way, that they comming to take no notice, he came into the shop with the Deceased's Came in the Head, rock the Key and went up Stairs and that the Saying small time he came down again, asking him if any Body had been in his Lodging and demanding the Pocket Book, and that while he was talking with the Prisoner one or the Gentleman gave him a Sega his Hand up to the Prisoner's Sword and secure it, which he did, and then another clapped him upon the Shoulder, and having secur'd him, told him they supported him on apprehanded him on Suspicion of a Murder, which the Prisoner reply'd. a Marthers! a Marther! What you mean by dat? Thus they told him they would him like a Gentleman a he appeared to be, and therefore would not expose him publickly till further Satisfaction was obtained, and that if he would be might go up into his Chember, which he did, and they sent away immediately for an Officer. In his Lodging were found the Deceased Beleand Wagg, the Lasser wrapper up in a Sheet of Paper, but wet and bloody. and with Several Holes in it which answered to the Wounds that were in his Head, as it appeared, when the Body was found and also a Poket Book and Lasser Case of the Deceased's in which were Two cut Paper but they also wer, which were produced in Court and to be the Deceased's by his Landlady to when he had given Snuff out of one of them the Morning before he was murdered. From thence he carried to the Round-house and being searched, there were found in his Pocket Two large silver Medals, and piece of Old which were in Court, and sworn to be the Deceased's by the Landlady and another Evidence to whom the Deceased had several times them, the Prisoner had likewise Two gold Rings which he said went his own, and was bid to put them on, One of which he could not being bear, the other he did, all being on his Finger a Gentelman asked whar was the Posies of them, answer'd itwas all, but when they were viewed had no Poesy, but one of these the Leudrs L.U.R. and the other marked with the M.V.A. the same with which the Deceased I, was marked, he had likewise found in his Pocket Sword of the same Cloth of the Deceased's that about Seven of Eight Thursday the 17th, He going toward about Hundred Yards beyond pound on the Road, found a Coat wet and bloody, but most on the inside, that he carried it house, and in One of the Pocket's he found a Ticket of the Company of signed and supporting that the Owner of the Coat had come by some misfortune, went away immediately and enquire him out, and showing him the Note and him how he came by He owned into be his Hand, adn directed him to the Prisoner's Lodging whether he went with the ulmost Hapedicron, and having taken of a two from the Coast he found, showing it to the Deceased's Landlady. immediately said it was Button beginning to her Lodger's the Deceased's Cost, and upon sight of the Cost said it was his, that thereupon Market, and enquiring farther he had very great reason to suspect the Prisoner, and procured him to be apprehended as has been before related. The dead Body not being found, several Persons went in Quest of it but could not find it, but his Hat was found in Field not very far from where the Cost was taken up. Ralph Gold deposed that he got a Creeper and crept the Food in the Field, near where the Cost was found he pull'd out the Decreased'd Hat, which has several Cuts in it, that answered to those in the Wig and Head of the Deceased,(which Hat was also produc'd in Court) that there being some Chick-weed on the Coat, she was told that there were Ponds in some farther Fields where was chickweed, that in the Third Freid be found Ponds, and near the Pond side he perceived the Ground had been trampled, and perceived Blood, followed the Track, and near the Edge of the Pond saw a great Quantity of clotted Blood, and the deceased's Sword out of the but broken, and that a Knife was there taken up by another Person, which was sworn to be the Prisoner's Knife, and which he owned to be his Knife when it was show'd him and that creeping that Pond his Creeper took hold of the Deceased's Breeches, the Body lying at the side of the Pond under some Bushes as it has been stamped in the Mud. That he had all his Cloath on but Coat, Hat and Wigg, his Pocket, turned inside out, but one in which was a knife and Fork, the Body was afterwards view'd by several that knew the Deceased and to be the Body of John Hoemg R.in the Surgeon deposed. That there were several Wounds on the temporal muscles, that they were between all to that opening the Head he found a Concustion of Blood upon the Brain, but did not think the Wounds but that he was first what Weapon He could not lay, and then suffocated in the Pond. Many of the these Curcumstances were confirmed by Vuiety of Evidence and many more too long here to relate. The prisoner being called to make Defence, denied his knowing thing of the Murther, and being asked since, about Six a-Clock, as had been proved they went out together what be use of To which he answered. They went to Halborn, adn there Parted, he going one Way, and the Deceased another. Being asked where he was the paid be all Night at the Night Cellar at appeared, they having sent to enquire, he was after Ton of the Clock till next Morning, drinking with Porten, Chairmen, and such like which did for his Diversion, but probably to divert the Horror of his Mind.) But being called upon to prove where he was from Six of the Clock all Eight he said he was at House but could not preduce the least proof of it. Being asked how he came by the Deceased's Rings,Medals,Belts, Pocket-Book, Letter-Cafe and Cane, he answer'd he had paid a Guineas for the Deceased's Passage from Holland,7 Stuling, per With for his Diet, and lent him Money at several times, and the Deceded had put all his Effects into his Hand, on that Account, Being asked how he came to have the Wig that it appeared the Deceased was murdered in, he gave no other Answer. Being asked how his Knife came by the Pond-side where the Deceased was found murdered he alleged, that the Deceased to rowed it of him. The only Evidences he celled were two foreign Women, and Van; the Sum of whole Evidences amounted only to this, That they had known that the Prisoner has sometimes used to Blood at the Nose. By that be endeavourred to account for the Bloodeness of his Shirt, neck and Sleeves, but being asked how they came to be wet and, as well as bloody, he said he let them fall. Another Evidence (a Gentleman that happened to be present when the Prisoner was in the Round-house, and who spared no Pams to trace the Matter) deposed. This be having heard the Deceased had been at Hampton-Court, went, was informed he had, and that Beron Bathmar of the one, and that he had been presented to his Majesty, who him some Guiness also, but what Number he had not learnt, so that it appear'd very probable, it was their Generosity that brought the unfortunate Gentleman to that tragical end. Thus ended the Prisoner's Tryal, for a Murther as barbarous as it was providentially discovered, and traced by Persons who had no other than and Justice, and he to opportunity, that, in Probablity, in one Hour more be might have got out of the reach of the Avengers of Blood. The Jury considering the whole Matter, without found him guilty of three Indictment. I would only beg the to this Remark. That the Prisoner away with him some Thing of the Deceased's of to small Value, as particular by the Belt and Wag, which were strong Evidences against him, and especially the Wig, which was not only a very remarkable one, but some for which no Man would have given Half a Crown, carries in it strong Indi of in Persons guilty of such barbarous Inhumanity, and that Saying of one of the, demand.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: s17171204-1

The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment as followeth :

Receiv'd Sentence of Death. Thomas, Edward, James Dickerson, James Hayes, Camps, John, William, Ann .

Burnt in the Hand 19. Robert Whirlock , Thomas, Richard Williams , Thomas, John Mary , Elizabeth William Thomas, Robert Strickland, Martha Mass, James, Elizabeth, John Carter .

To be James Clark, Thomas Nicholson , Wilson Blemett , Parts , John Hall , John Treousdan , Ann , Thomas Still .

fined 10 Marks, and to stand on the at St. Andrewsthlborn . William Goddard the same. Barbara , alias Downing .

and Ann pleaded their, and Jury of Marrons being, they were quick with Child.

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