Old Bailey Proceedings, 13th December 1699.
Reference Number: 16991213A
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A Further Account of the Procedings OF THE King's Commission of the Peace, Held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bailey.

Setting forth the Tryals of

William Pheasant, for a Rape;

Mary Poole, a Gypsie; and Rebecca Petty, alias Adams, alias Jones;

With divers others.

The Proceedings were these:

Reference Number: t16991213a-1

William Pheasant , of the Parish of St. Gabriel Fanchurch, in the Ward of Langborne , was Indicted for Feloniously Committing a Rape on the 20th of October last, on the Body of Deborah Wise a Virgin, under the Age of Ten Years, in a certain House of Easement, belonging to the Dwelling House of Jane Evans . The Evidence for the King said, that she did find some Symptoms on the Childs Shirt, three several times, upon which she was much frightned, and sent for her Nurse, and desired her to search, the Childs Body, and Examine her about it, which she did, and said that she found the Childs Body in great Disorder, and did suppose, that the Child had been abused by some Man, with that she strictly examined her, who it was that did it: The Child at the first seemed unwilling to tell who it was, but pressing her hard, she confest, that it was a Gentleman that came to the Dancing-School. Then the Child was called, and being set up, was ask'd if she knew the Danger of taking a false Oath, and she replied Yes, that if she did not swear true she must go to Hell, upon which she was sworn: Being ask'd if she knew the Man that did it, she replied Yes; then she was bad to point to him, upon which she pointed to the Prisoner two several times, he being set in two several places, and said that he was the Man, and that she saw him in the House of Office, and he called to her, and she came to him, and he bolted the Door upon her, and gave her a Penny to let him do what he would to her; and said he set her upon the Seat, and put something hard into her Belly; which made her cry out, and he stopped her Mouth with his Hand: When he had done, he made her promise not to tell any Body of it: She said, that the second time he beckoned her out, and she came down, and did as he had done before, promising her a Silver Box, and some Silver Pennies, but gave her none; and said, that at the third time he gave her Sugar Candy and Oranges; they called a Midwife, and an Anatomical Doctor were called, who all deposed, that the Child had been very much abused, and had lost her Virginity, and instanced divers reasons for it. The Prisoner denied the Fact, saying, that he knew nothing of what was objected against him, and called divers Witnesses, to make the contrary appear; who had taken Dimensions of the House of Office, who all declared that it was so little that it was impossible that any such Act could be committed there. He likewise called divers worthy Gentlemen to his Reputation, who all declared that he was always known to be a very civil young Gentleman. My Modesty causes me to forbear nominating all the filthy and obscene Discourse which was used upon the Tryal, which lasted very long, from between Nine and Ten in the Forenoon, till Five in the Evening; all which time the Court was crowded by a Multitude of People, among whom was a great many Women; who, though ordered to depart, would not stir till the Tryal was over, which being done, the Jury went out, and after some time they brought him in Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

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Mary Poole , a Gypsie , of the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields , was Indicted for Feloniously stealing Seven Pounds Ten Shillings in Monies Numbred, from Richard Walburton , on the Twelfth of January last . Walburton said, that the Prisoner came to Powis-Hall, near Lincolns-Inn-Fields , and knock'd at the Door; he opening it, she desired him to cross her hand with some Silver, which he did with a Six-pence; then she told him, that

some of the Servants had a mind to put him out of his place, upon which he seemed to be something concerned. However to encourage him, she desired him to let her have the Six-pence, and she would bring it him again within an Hour, and she would put him in a good way of living, and tell him more; with much Perswasions of her Canting Dialect, he let her have it; then she told him, he must get all his Monies together, against she came, which he did. At the time appointed she came again, and delivering the Six pence, she observed into what Pocket he put it, and immediately conjectured the Money to be there; Then she asked him if he had any Gold, he showed her some; she took it in her hand, and gave it a fill-up, and 'twas gone, but at length she gave it him again; he put it into his Pocket as before, She showed him some Juggling Tricks, till she had Juggled away his Money; Then she wanted to be gone; and told him, that some People that lived there formerly had hid some Treasure in such a place under the Earth, and if he would go, he should immediately find it; upon which he went to search for his supposed Treasure; in the mean while the Prisoner was gone.

Another Gentleman that happened to be in the Court, said, that some time since, the Prisoner was telling his Daughter some Story, who had a little Money lying by her upon the Counter; he mistrusted that she would cheat his Daughter of it, and was resolved to prevent it, and took it up and held it in his Hand; but the Prisoner seeing that, desired him to cross her hand with a piece of Silver, which he did, and said, that on a sudden the Money was gone out of his Hand, which put him in such a Consternation, that he had not power to cry out or stop her, but let her go away with the Money.

Another Gentleman said, that about seven Years since, he was Riding on a Hand-Gallop, upon Sutors-Hill, between Graves-end and Rochester he met the Prisoner; she said, that for all he rode so fast, he was but going a Wenching, and she would soon over take him; with that he turned back and gave her a Cut with his Whip, and Rode away as fast as he could, but had not gone Forty yards from her, but his Horse fell down, and she overtook him; with that he said, he thought she was a Witch, and had bewitched him and his Horse. There was divers other People who said they had been Juggled out of their Money by her. She had little to say for her self, the Jury found her Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

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George Moody , and Elizabeth Moody , of the Parish of Stepney , were Indicted for Feloniously stealing Nine Holland Shirts, twelve Holland Smocks, with divers other Goods, of Richard Wharton , on the Third of November last . There was no Evidence against them, they were acquitted .

Reference Number: t16991213a-4

James Brocket , and Henry Collett , were Indicted for a Misdemeanor for Cheating Elizabeth Gardner , with a false Sea-mans Ticket, pretending it to be a good one, and sold it her for Fourteen Pounds . The Fact was fully proved against them; the Jury thereupon found them Guilty .

[Fine. See summary.]

[Pillory. See summary.]

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Catharine Goffe , was Indicted for a Misdemeanor, for pretending to help one Richard Somerfield to a Toll-gatherers Place, under the Bishop of London, and causing him to spend a great deal of Money . There was no Evidence against her, the Jury Acquitted her.

Reference Number: t16991213a-6

Rebecca Petty, alias Adams, alias Jones , was Indicted for Felony and Burglary, for Breaking the House of, Thomas Mothley , on the Twentieth of November last, about seven in the Night, and taking thence a Drugget Coat, a Calamanca Stuff Wast-coat, a Stuff Petty-coat, with divers other Goods . Mr. Mothley's Wife declared, that she went out about a little Business and lock'd her Door, but coming home found it open, and the Prisoner therein rifling her Goods: The Prisoner seeing her come in, fell upon her, and knocked her down three several times, and made her escape. The Evidence declared likewise, that they did hear the Prisoner say, she was sorry that she had not killed her. She was known to be an old Offender, and had received Mercy before, and had Reigned in her wicked Courses for a long time. The Jury thereupon found her Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

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William Pheasant Received Judgment to dye, as likewise

Rebecca Petty, alias Adams, alias Jones.

Mary Poole was Burnt in the Hand.

James Brockett, and Henry Collett, were fined 13 s. and 4 d. and to stand Three times in the Pillory, at Admiralty Office, Charing-Cross, and Westminster-Hall.

Reference Number: a16991213a-1


Whereas of late some Persons, particularly the last Execution, have published an Account of the Confessions of the Condemn'd Criminals. The Reverend Mr. Allen, now Ordinary, thinks fit to acquaint the World, to prevent their being imposed upon for the future, that they are utterly false, and that no true Account of the Condemned Prisoners Behaviour, Confessions, and last Dying Speeches can be given, till next day Eleven of the Clock, which is Attested under his Hand; and constantly printed for E. Mallet, next Door to the Kings-Arms Tavern near Fleet-bridg.

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