Old Bailey Proceedings, 3rd July 1695.
Reference Number: 16950703
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THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE King's Commission on the Peace, AND Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol-Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex at Justice-Hall in the OLD-BAYLY, On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, being the 3d, 4th, 5th and 6th Days of July, 1695. And in the Seventh Year of His MAJESTIES Reign.

THE Sessions of Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, Held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bayly, on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, being the 3d, 4th, 5th and 6th Days of July, 1695. Before the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Lane , Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, and Sir Salathiel Lovell Kt. Recorder of the said City, with several others of His Majesties Justices for the City of London, and County of Middlesex.

The Jurors were as follow:

London Jury.

Randal Watson

John Bennet

William Norris

William Hayward

John Rogers

William Buck

Simon Lynch

John Buckmaster

Joseph Helder

Isaac Frier

Edward White

Thomas Shephard .

Middlesex Jury.

Henry Gerrard

Richard Aubrey

Thomas Wilkes

Thomas Lathwell

Giles Shute

Benjamin Boltby

William Bingley

Thomas Philips

William Moore

John Smith

William Prat

Moses Colwell .

The Trials are as follow:

Reference Number: t16950703-1

S - F - , of the Parish of St. Giles Cripplegate , was indicted for stealing on the 9th. day of May last, one Silver Porringer , the Goods of Daniel Chapman ; to which Indictment she pleaded Guilty .

She was likewise Indicted for stealing one Piece of Coined Gold from Mr. Fowkes Hardy ; to which Indictment she pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-2

Alice Stephens of the Parish of St. Botolph Bishopsgate , was indicted for stealing from Mrs. Susannah Scale Twenty five yards of Muslin-Cloath ; to which Indictment she pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-3

Jane Brown Wife of John Brown , and Elizabeth Hutton Wife of Samuel Hutton , of the Parish of Alhallows Lumbardstreet , was indicted for stealing from Thomas Barlow one Silver Tankard value 8 l. on the 13th. day of June last: Mr. Barlow being abroad about his occasions, the two Women came to his House and rang the Bell, and asked his Servant if her Master was within, for they had occasion to buy some Goods, the Maid desired them to come in and sit down, for she expected her master in a little time, which they accordingly did; and Brown taking the opportunity, stole the Tankard unknown to Hutton, as she alledged, and sold it to a Broker-Woman in Drury-lane for Three Shillings Six-pence an Ounce. Brown could say nothing in her defence, but owned the Fact; so she was found Guilty , and Hutton Acquitted .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-4

Sarah Walker , of the Parish of St. Bridget's, in the Ward of Faringdon without , was indicted for stealing from Leonard Fitzbugh one Iron Fire-grate with Brasses, value 8 s. on the 17th. day of May last: It appeared that the Goods were set in the Shop-window, and the Prisoner coming by took the same, and was going her way with it , but was stopped by Mrs. Fitzbugh. She had little to say, but that a man gave them her; so she was found Guilty .

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-5

Samuel Howard , of the Parish of Christ-Church, London , was indicted for assaulting and wounding one George Hancks on the 20th. day of June last, with a Knife value 2 d. by giving him one Mortal Wound on the Left Side of the Body near to the Left Pap, of the breadth of One Inch, and of the depth of Three Inches . It appeared that the Prisoner and the Deceased talking about Bishops, words arose between them, insomuch that the Deceased told him he lied; Howard said if he told him so again, he would fight him, which he accordingly did, and being parted for the present they went to it again, and Howard taking up the Knife struck him under the Left Pap, of which Wound he instantly died. It appeared that there was no former malice between them, and that they had been Bedfellows for some time, and the Prisoner expressed a great deal of Sorrow for committing such a barbarous Act, and said he knew not how he came by the Knife; he was found guilty of Manslaughter .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-6

Elizabeth Mitchell , of the Parish of

St. James Westminster , was indicted for breaking the House of John Smith on the 30th. day of May last, between the hours of 8 and 9 in the Forenoon, and taking thence one Stuff Gown val. 10 s. one Stuff Petticoat 5 s. one Canvas-bag 1 d. and 5 l. 10 s. in Money numbered, the Goods of the aforesad Mr. Smith . The Lodgers in the House hearing a noise, catch'd her as she was going out of the Window, and being search'd, the Bag and the Money was found pinn'd within side her Shift; and there was Pick-locks and a Chizzel found, yet the Prisoner said she knew no more of it than the Child unborn; but that did not avail her, for the Jury found her Guilty .

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-7

Edward Toms of the Parish of St. Margaret's Westminster , was indicted for privily taking from one Mr. Cooper a Silk Handkerchief value 10 d. on the first day of June last: It appeared that Mr. Cooper was sitting by the Common-Pleas Bar in Westminster-Hall , and the Prisoner came and sat down by him, and pick'd his Pocket of the said Handkerchief, which Mr. Cooper found upon him in his Breeches. The Prisoner alledged that he found it, but it did not avail him; he was found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-8

Elizabeth Johnson of the Parish of Sepulchres in the County of Middlesex , was indicted for a Felony on the 21st. day of January last, and taking away a Necklace of Pearl , the Goods of one Mr. Richardson ; she was found not Guilty .

She was likewise indicted a second time for pretending her self to be an Egyptian, and having familiarity with evil Spirits, and pretending by Magick Arts she could discover where Treasure was hid, and did wander up and down from the 21st. day of January until the 17th. day of June next following; with her Insinuations she persuaded one Mr. Richardson's Daughter that there was Treasure hid in the House: She likewise desired that she might see some of Mr. Richardson's Goods, and his Daughter let her see three Gold Rings, a Silver-hafted Knife and Fork, a Silver Bottle, and a Silver Box; which she bid the young Damsel put under her Apron, and carry them into the Cellar, where she said the Treasure was hid, but she secretly took the things from under her Apron, and when the young Woman was gone to find her supposed Treasure, she made her Escape with the Goods . She being within the Benefit of the late Act , was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16950703-9

Elizabeth Steward of the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields , Widow , was indicted for stealing on the 3d day of May last, a Holland Apron, a Pair of Worsted Stockins, and divers other Goods of Mary Gunport , and a lac'd Crevat and other Goods of Samuel Burbridge ; it being within the Benefit of the Act she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16950703-10

Elizabeth Fisher of the Parish of St. Giles Cripplegate , was indicted for stealing on the 30th. of May last, a Stuff Mantua Gown val. 12 s. a Crape Petticoat 7 s. a pair of Silk Stays 5 s. a Smock and other Goods of Elizabeth Taylor , Widow ; she being within the Benefit of the late Act , was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16950703-11

Thomas Johnson of the Parish of St. Michaels Woodstreet in the ward of Cripplegate was indicted for Felony and Burglary, in breaking the house of one Mr. John Golding on the 8th. day of June last, between the hours of two and three in the morning of the same day ; it appeared that he lodged himself in the Hay-loft, and was seen to climb over the Bar and open a Cupboard; the Jury having considered the matter, they found him not Guilty .

Reference Number: t16950703-12

Mary Mitchel of the Parish of St. Dunstans in the West , was indicted for High Treason in Clipping the Currant Coyn of this Kingdom on the 5th. day of May last; that is to say 20 pieces of the currant Coyn of this Realm, called Half Crowns, 20 other pieces called Shillings, with certain Shears, Files, and other Instruments ; it appeared that she had been seen to clip above hundred times, and when she was taken in White-Fryars by the Constable she had Clippings in her hand under her Apron, and said that she did not know they were Clippings, and were given her by another woman: It did not avail her, for she was found Guilty of High Treason.

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-13

Mary Booker, alias Robinson, alias Franck , was Indicted for High Treason in Clipping the currant Coyn of this Kingdom, viz. 20 pieces of Silver of lawful Coyn of this Realm, called Shillings, 20 other pieces called Sixpences, with certain Shears, Files, and other Iron Instruments, on the 8th. day of May last ; it appeared that she had been seen to Clip above 20 times, at the three Sugar-loaves in Bond Stables , and in Three legged Alley in New-street ; and it was further charged against her by the King's Evidence, that she would sit down and take a pair of Scissars from behind her Gown, and a File from the back of her Bodies. and Clip, and that 20 s. was brought to her to Clip, which she did, and the Party had their Money again with 3 s. 6 d. advance; the Prisoner said that the Evidence had done her much wrong, and called several Witnesses, but it did not avail her, she was found Guilty of High Treason.

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-14

Ann York alias Anguish , of the Parish of St. Dunstans in the West , was indicted for High Treason in Clipping the Currant Coyn of this Kingdom, that is to say, 20 pieces of Silver of lawful Coyn of this Kingdom, called Half Crowns, and 20 other pieces called Shillings , on the 4th. day of March last: The King's Evidence deposed, That they had seen her Clip several times at the Three Sugar Loaves in Bond Stables , and that she had formerly been Tryed for the like offence with one Mrs. Tills, and that she had Clipped Ten Pounds at a time; the Prisoner could give no good account of her Life and Conversation, but was taken for an ill liver; the Jury found her Guilty of High Treason.

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-15

Dorothy Goreing alias Bourn , was indicted for High Treason, for that she not having the fear of God before her Eyes, not weighing the Duty and Allegiance to our Lord the King, did Clip, File, and Diminish, 20 pieces of Silver of Lawful Coyn of this Realm, called Shillings, and 20 other pieces called Sixpences, on the 10th. day of May , with Shears, Files, and other Iron Instruments ; the Evidence for the King deposed, That she had seen York and the Prisoner Clip together at one anothers house in Three legged Ally in Newstreet : The Prisoner had little to say for her self, and being suspected to be an Ill Liver, the Jury found her Guilty of High Treason.

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-16

Elizabeth Bruerton of the Parish of St. Margarets Westminster , was indicted for Feloniously taking away the Goods of one John Wilson , Esq ; on the 21st. day of May last, that is to say, One Silver

Tankard, val. 7 l. Two Silver Porringers 3 l. Four Silver Spoons 2 l. Three Silver Forks 1 l. 10 s. Three Silver Casters 9 l. Three Silver Saltsellers 1 l. it appeared that she had liberty to go to and again where the Plate was, and she took occasion to take the said Plate, and was seen to go hastily away with something in her Apron, and did not return any more to her Master's; it appeared that she kept Company with one Manning, who was Convicted last Sessions; the Prisoner denied that she took any thing away, and was afraid to come home, she having staid a little longer than ordinary, for fear her Master should beat her, for she said he was a very passionate man; but that did not avail her, so the Jury found her Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-17

William Green and Richard Henfrey , two Boy s, both of the Parish of St. Anns Black-friars , were indicted for Assaulting and Robbing one Daniel Winchester , an Infant of the Age of Eight years, and taking from him a Gold Diamond Earing on the 10th. day of May ; it appeared that they tempted the Boy into an Alley, and shewed him Pictures, and Henfrey clapp'd his Arm round the Boy's Neck, whilst the other took it out of his Ear: They were both found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-18

J - C - of the Parish of St. Alhallows Barkin in the Ward of the Tower , was indicted for stealing 1170 yards of Worsted Camblet, and 476 yards of Hair Camblet , the Goods of one Alvarin Decostin ; there was no person appeared against him, so he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16950703-19

Edmund Allen of the Parish of St. Allhallows-Barkin, in the Ward of the Tower , was indicted for Murther and Wilful Poysoning of his Wife , Frances Artis , on the 29th of November , in the Fifth year of the King and late Queen . It appeared, That he had been a most cruel and barbarous Man to his Wife in evil treating her. It was deposed, That he had beaten her with a Horse-whip very sore, and had left sufficient Testimonies of his hatred against her; and that at another time he had beaten her very sore with at Bulls Pizzel, and that he had caused her to Miscarry, and like a base Wretch would suffer none of the Women to come near her; besides, it appeared he had been an ill Liver, and kept Company with one Dorothy Edwards , and had been convicted at the Assizes in Suffolk for having two Wives. On the said 29th of November, he seemingly shewed more respect to his Wife, than he did at other times, which caused her to admire at it; he gave her some Sweet meats, called Gelley of Rasberries, in which he had infused the White Mercury: The Woman mistrusting nothing of the matter, eat it, and Night coming on, she went to Bed, but was seized with a Lightness in her head, violent Vomiting and Looseness, and continued so till the 4th of December, and much complained that she could not rest. The Husband said he would get something that should make her rest, and gave her Opium in a drinking Potion, and on the day following she died. The Prisoner alledged, That it was not Opium, but that it was two Spoonfuls of Poppy-water, and ten Drops of the Spirit of Hartshorn; he could not prove it, but said that he had not done any wrong to his Wife. The Jury having considered the whole matter, he was found guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-20

David Anderson of the Parish of St. Mary Matfellon alias Whitechappel , Labourer , and Sarah Morris of the same place, Spinster , were indicted for Murthering one John Jefferson on the 20th day of May last, with a Rapier, value 2 s. and giving him one mortal Wound of the breadth of half an Inch, and the depth of four Inches, of which he instantly died . It appeared, That Morris and Anderson came into an Ale-house where Jefferson was, and brought a piece of Beef, and had it drest with Coleworts. Morris brought Jefferson some meat upon a Trencher, which he refused, and she attempted to stab him with a Knife; and he took up a Stick and struck her cross the Loyns; then she fetcht Anderson down Stairs, and she catcht hold on Jefferson on the right side, took the Stick from him, and held him whilst Anderson run his Sword into him upon the left side, near the Pap, so that he instantly died. They were both found guilty .

They were a second time indicted upon the Statute of Stabbing, for that Jefferson having nothing in his hand, and not having struck first Anderson was found guilty, and Morris not guilty.

[Anderson: Death. See summary.]

[Morris: Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-21

Mary Herring alias Burd , of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for stealing from Marmaduke Cope , two Petticoats, a Fan, a pair of Leather-Gloves, and other Goods . To which Indictment she pleaded guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-22

Sarah Jones , Elizabeth Johnson , and Sarah Floyd , all of the Parish of St. Giles's Crlpplegate , were indicted for Felony, in taking the Goods of one Burdet Chapman , on the 15th of May last; that is to say, a pair of printed Stuff-Curtains, value 15 s. a pair of Holland Sheets 1 l. a Woollen-Blanket 7 s. a Looking Glass 10 s. It appeared, That Johnson took the Room, and staid in it about a Month, and then went away; Jones said she would pay the Rent if she might stay there, which they agreed unto, but Jones went away by Night, and took the Goods with her, and upon search they were found in Floyd's House. There was no Evidence affected Johnson, she was acquitted , but the other two were found guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-23

Elizabeth Hutton and Jane Brown , were a second time indicted for stealing 39 Yards of Muslin-Cloath , on the 6th of June last, from a Person unknown; they offered to Pawn it, and being known to be old Offenders, were stopt. There being no positive Evidence that they stole it, they were acquitted .

Reference Number: t16950703-24

Michael Tooley of the Parish of St. Andrew's Holbourn , was indicted for Starving and Murthering one Thomas Arnold on the 10th day of March last . The said Arnold being imprisoned in Tooley's House in High-Holbourn , the said Tooley did not allow him sufficient Sustenance, he being allowed 6 d. a day for his Subsistence, but did deprive him of the same, so that he languished to the 20th day of April, and then died. It appeared by the Evidence, That there was a great Insurrection of the Mob on the 9th of April last, that they broke into Tooley's House, and burnt and destroyed his Goods, and released his Prisoners, amongst which was the deceased Arnold, who was famished, and so feeble and weak that he could hardly go. The Overseers of the Poor took care of him, and sent him to a Nurse, where he soon after died. One of Tooley's Neighbours declared, That he had heard most doleful Cries in Tooly's House in the Night, and that he saw a poor Wretch who had the Small-pox that run

through his Cloaths, that they stuck to his Back like a Searcloath, and as black in the Face as Leather. Another declared, That he had been kept in Tooley's House, and that he was allowed no more then a little Porringer of Drink, and a piece of Bread for a Day and a Night, and that almost every day two or three died, and that there had been 300 Men at one time in his House; that he had trepand Men, and sold them. The Prisoner, Tooley, called abundance of Witnesses, who said, That the Prisoners that were in his House had very good usage, that the Bread that he sold them was full size; that each Man had a Penny-loaf, and a penny worth of Cheese for his Breakfast; that they had a Mess of Broath for Dinner, with a Penny-loaf, a pint of Beer, and a quarter of a pound of good Beef; and that the Sick men were very carefully looked after; and if their Stomacks were so weak that they could not eat Meat, they had made them Water-Gruel, Mace-Ale, Thick Milk, Sugar-Sops, Candles, and such like, which was proved by a great many Witnesses. The Jury having considered of the whole matter, he was found not guilty .

Reference Number: t16950703-25

Charles Bellet of the Parish of St. Giles's Cripplegate , in the County of Middlesex, was indicted for High-Treason, in Clipping the Currant Coyn of this Kingdom; that is to say, Ten pieces of coyned Silver, the proper Coyn of this Realm, called Half-Crowns; forty other pieces, called Shillings; and twenty other pieces, called Six-pences, on the 22d day of June last . It appeared, That the Constable having Information of the Prisoner, went to his House and askt for him; and his Wife said, That he was gone out: but the Constable took a Sledge, and broke open the Cellar-door, and found a pair of Shears ready mounted, with some Clippings and Clipt-money, and the Prisoner behind the bottom of the Stairs, and the Filings of Silver was seen on his Fingers, so that he had been lately at work. The Prisoner alledged, That he knew not how they came there, and that he went into the Cellar to see his Rabbets, but that did not avail him. He was found guilty of High-Treason.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-26

Richard Butler and T - J - both of the Parish of Fulham, in the County of Middlesex, were indicted for Felony and Burglary in breaking the House of Robert West , on the 4th. of April last, between the hours of one and two in the Night, and taking thence a Silver Cup, value 4 l. 10 s. two Gold Rings 37 s. a Gold Ring with a Bristol stone 30 s. a Silver Spoon, with divers other Goods of the said Mr. West; and a Cloth Coat, Silk Wastcoat, Silver-hilted Sword, Peruque, the Goods of Jacob Broad . It appeared, That they broke in at a Casement, took the Man, his Wife, and Family, and prove them all together into one Bed bound and Gagged them, and set one as guard over them whilst they rifled the House. Butler had a Betty, and caused them to bind them. Butler had little to say for himself; and T - called abundance of Witnesses on his behalf, who testified that he was at Hedgerley, in the County of Bucks, when the Robbery was committed; so he was acquitted , and Butler found guilty of the Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-27

Henry Norton , of the Parish of St. Margarets Westminster , was indicted for Felony and Burglary on the 10th. of June last, and taking one half Guinea, value 15 s. and 6 l. 4 s. in Moneys numbred, the Goods and Moneys of one Morris Rawson . Rawson's Wife said he took it out of her Closet, and about six days after found the Bag in which the Moneys was, upon Norton. He denied that he knew any thing of it, and the Prosecutor had no good Reputation; the Jury having considered the matter, found him not guilty .

Reference Number: t16950703-28

Nicholas Kemp , of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , was tried for Feloniously breaking the House of Samuel Aubrey , and stealing divers of his Goods to a great value . It appeared, by the Evidence, That Mr. Aubrey was a Coach and Coach-harness-maker , and the Prisoner was his Journey man , and did work for him for several years, that the Prisoner was very poor all the time that he wrought for Mr. Aubrey, but still kept Men at work privately making of Harness. And the Journey-men themselves that Kemp had employed, proved, that Kemp gave them several quantities of Leather, and other Materials at Mr. Aubrey's House, and confessed that they were Mr. Aubrey's Goods, and that he got them after work was done by a Key, and that he enjoyned them not to tell Mr. Aubrey of it. He corrupted a Woman that spun Flax for Mr. Aubrey, to spin him some of a very fine sort, and likewise Silk Grass, which she did; and he disposed it to his own use, which was charged to Mr. Aubrey, who paid for it. He had likewise got a considerable quantity of very fine Harness, and delivered it to one to sell for any rate, but not to let Mr. Aubrey know of it. Mr. Aubrey proved the very Buckles to be his. The Court declared, That it was not Felony , but a breach of Kemp's Trust, he being Mr. Aubrey's Servant; it plainly appeared, he had done his Master great wrong; and the Court gave Mr. Aubrey leave to charge him with an Action.

Reference Number: t16950703-29

John Moore , of the Parish of Heston , in the County of Middlesex, was indicted for High-Treason for that he falsely and traiterously the 19th. of June last, did forge and stamp one piece of false and counterfeit Gold in the likeness of a Guinea, and one other piece of false and counterfet Silver in the likeness of a Shilling . The Evidence deposed, That being informed that Mr. Moore used this way of Trade, searched his House, and took him up with a Warrant, and carried him before my Lord Chief Justice Holt, who took Bayl for him. Then the Constable desired him that he might search his House again; he accordingly consented, and in the Stable, in a hole covered with Hay, they found a Mill, and a mill'd Shilling of a false Coin; and four foot deep in the Earth, under the Manager, was found the Fly. The Constable askt him how he came by it? He said he had it at the Ditch-side. It was further proved, That he bespoke two pieces of Elm, and that he gave directions for cutting of Mortices in it, and there was a place cut in the Timber to set the Mill in, by a Draught which he shewed him. The Carpenter asked him what it was for; he replyed, What need you care, if you are paid for it? It was further alledged, That there was a Trench made under ground a hundred foot in length, with a Trap-door into the Stable, to make an escape into in case of Danger. The Prisoner alledged, That he had let the House to one Thomas White for thirty Pounds for one year, and he said he knew not how those things came there. He called abundance of Witnesses, as to his Reputation; but it did not avail him; he was found guilty of High-Treason.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-30

Mary Roberts , of the Parish of St. Andrew Holborn, in the Ward of Farringdon without , was

indicted for stealing nine Yards of Callico-Cloath, value nine Shillings, on the 4th. of July last, from George Green . It appeared, That the Prisoner came to his Shop pretending to buy some Printed-Cloath, took the said Goods and went her way whilst Mr. Green was busy with some other Customers; she was found guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-31

Cecil Bishop , Gent. Walter Hastings , Gent. John Ladds , Gent. and Edward Ley , Gent. were indicted for a Riot in assaulting and wounding Thomas Mugglestone , John Green , John Neale , Soldier s, as they were upon their Duty, at Mr. Morris's, one of the King's Messengers, in St. James's Hay-market , with an intent to rescue some Prisoners, on the 27th. of May last . It appeared, That the Gentlemen came making a noise down a narrow Lane, and being come into the open Street, one of them came near to the Centinels, and said, Damn ye, you Dutch Dogs, we will sacrifice and clear the Land of you; Damn ye, get you gone, you have no business here: And one of them laid, I am an Officer, and discharge you. The Soldier replyed, He was set there by his own Officer, and his Orders he must obey. Words arose, and Swords were drawn, and the Centinel was wounded in the Face. The Prisoners Counsel alledged, That they designed no harm, but that did not avail them; they were found guilty .

[Fine. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-32

Leo Norman , and Susannah Smith , both of the Parish of St. Clements Danes , were indicted for High Treason in Forging and making Three Pieces of Counterfeit Money, the likeness of Half Crowns, and Five other Pieces in the likeness of Shillings, of Brass, Copper, Tin, and other mixt Metals ; it appeared that the Constable having information of him, went and search'd his Lodgings, where there was found Shears, a Melting Pot with Metal in it, Files, and Rubbing Leather, and a parcel of False Money in a Comb-Case in the Room; the Prisoner said he knew nothing of the False Money, nor of the Shears, and Files, and Rubbing Leather; as for the Melting Pot, he said it belonged to his Trade; but that did not prevail with the Jury, he was found Guilty , and the Woman Acquitted .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16950703-33

Mary Battson Wife of Brian Battson of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for High Treason in Clipping the Currant Coyn of this Kingdom on the 7th. day of June ; that is to say, 10 peices of Silver of the currant Coyn of this Realm, called Half Crowns, 20 other pieces called Shillings, and 10 other pieces called Sixpences ; it appeared that the Maid mistrusting that they used the Clipping Trade, acquainted a Constable with the matter, who came and searched the House, and found in the bottom of a Cupboard under the Boards, six great lumps of melted Silver, and a Melting Pot; the Prisoner alledged she knew nothing of it, except her husband did it, who she said went away that day, and hath not been seen since; so the Jury having considered the matter, she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16950703-34

Mary Hambleton was indicted for stealing from Samuel Bettridge Forty Shillings of Moneys numbred ; she being in the late Act of Indempnity was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16950703-35

Sir John Fenwick , Bar. Thomas Row , George Porter , John Harding , George Mathews , Reginald Shevery , Robert Rhodes , John Villers , Thomas Williams , all tried for a Notorious Riot, committed by them the 10th. of June last, in Drury lane . And after a long Evidence on both sides, the Jury found Sir John Fenwick, Thomas Row, and Thomas Williams not guilty . And all the rest were found guilty , and fined for the same, and committed in Execution until payment.

Reference Number: s16950703-1

The Trials being over, the Court proceeded to pronounce Sentence as followeth:

Received Sentence of Death, 12.

Mary Mitchell

Mary Booker

Ann York

Dorothy Goreing

Edmund Allen

Elizabeth Mitchell

David Anderson

Sarah Morris

Charles Bellet

Richard Butler

John Moore

Leo Norman.

Burnt in the Hand, 8.

S - F -

Alice Steephens

Jane Browne

Samuel Howard

Elizabeth Bruerton

Mary Hering

Sarah Jones

Sarah Floyd.

To be Whipt. 6.

Sarah Walker

Edward Toms

Elizabeth Steward

William Green

Richard Henfrey

Mary Roberts.

Cecil Bishop fined 100 Marks; Walter Hastings fined 20 Marks; John Ladds fined 20 Marks; Edward Ley fined 20 Marks: And to remain in Custody till they Pay the same.

Mary Mitchell, Mary Booker, Ann York, Dorothy Goreing, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Sarah Morris, Pleaded that they were with Child, and a Jury of Matrons was Impannell'd, who gave their Verdict, That they were all quick with Child.

Reference Number: a16950703-1

Books Printed for and sold by Thomas Cockersh, Sent & Jun, at the Three Legs in the Poultrey, over-against the Stocks-Market.

A Free Discourse against Customary Swearing. And a Diffuasive from Cursing. By the late Honourable Robert Boyle. Published by John Williams, D. D. 8vo.

Sermons preached on several Occasions. By John Conant, D. D.

Geography Rectified; or a Description of the World in all its Kingdoms, Provinces, Countries, Islands, Cities, Towns, Seas, Rivers, Bays, Capes, Ports, Inhabitants, Scituations, Customs, Commodities, Government. Illustrated with about 80 Maps. Third Edition. By Robert Morden. 4to.

A Demonstration of the first Principles of the Protestant Applications of the Apocalypse. By Drue Cressener, D. D. 4to

Conformity of the Ecclesiastical Discipline of the Reform'd Churches of France with that of the Primitive Christians. By M. Laroque. 4to.

A Practical Grammar: Or, The Easiest and Shortest way to Initiate Young Children in the Latine Tongue. 8vo.

Geography Anatomiz'd; Or a compleat Geographical Grammar; being a short and exact Analysis of the whole Body of Modern Geography, after a new, plain, and easy method; whereby any person may in a short time attain to the knowledge of that most noble and useful Science, &c. To which is subjoined the present state of the European Plantations in the East and West-Indies; with a reasonable Proposal for the Propagation of the blessed Gospel in all Pagan Countries Illustrated with divets Maps. By Patrick Gordon, M. A.

Philosophical Discourses of the Soul and State of Man after Death. By Moses Amyraldus.

A Discourse of Schism By Edward Polhill. Esq;.

Essays on Trade and Navigation. By Sir Francis Brewster, Knight. 8vo.

The Future State: A Discourse attempting some display of the Soul's Happiness, in regard to that Eternally Progressive Knowledge, &c. which is among the Blessed in Heaven. By a Countrey Gentleman.

The Reasonableness of Personal Reformation, and the Necessity of Conversion. The true Method of making all men happy in this World, and that which is to come By J. F.

English Exercises for School-boys to Translate into Latin, comprizing all the Rules of Grammar, and othet necessary Observations. By J. Garretson, Schoolmaster.

The Life and Death of Mr. Nathanael Heywood, Minister of Ormeskirk in Lancashire. Who died in the 44th Year of his Age, Dedicated to the Right Honourable Hugh Lord Willoughby, by Sir H. Ashhurst, Bar.

The Almost Christian discovered, in some Sermons on Acts 26. 28. With a Blow at Prophaneness. By the Right Reverend Ezekiel Hopkins, late Lord Bishop of Londonderry.

A Week of Soliloquies and Prayers, with a Preparation to the Holy Communion &c. By Peter Du Moulen, D. D.

A Dialogue between a Popish Priest, and an English Protestant. Wherein the principal Points of both Religions are truly proposed and examined. By Matthew Pool, Author of Synopsis Criticerum.

A short Introduction to English Orthography, and Method of True Spelling. By Richard Masher.

Familtaria Colloquia, opera Christopheri Helvici, D & Professoris Gressensis cum ex Erasmo Roterodamo, &c.

The Instrumentaliry of Faith asserted, proved, explained, compared with, and preferred to a Conditional Relation thereof, in order to Pardon and Happiness, when strictly taken in a Legal or Foederal sense. By W. Cross, M. A.

A Sermon on the Resurrection, occasioned by the Funeral of a Friend. By Walter Cross, M. A.

Good Deeds done for God's House: A Sermon preached on the occasion of the Death of Dr. Jeremiah Butt, one of the Physicians appointed for His Majesties Fleet. By Ed. Veal.

Infant-Baptism God's Ordinance; or clear proof that all the Children of believing Parents are in the Covenant of Grace, and have as much Right to Baptism the now Seal of the Covenant, as the Infant-Seed of the Jews had to Circumcision, the then Seal of the Covenant. By Michael Harrison.

A Remedy against Trouble in a Discourse on John 14. s. Wherein something is also briefly attempted, for clearing the Nature of Faith, of Justification, of the Covenant of Grace, Afforance, the Witness, Seal, and Earnest of the Spirit; and Preparation for Conversion, or the Necessity of Holiness. By Henry Lukin.

Books Printed for Richard Baldwin.

A Letter to a Member of Parliament, occasioned by the Votes of the House of Commons against their late Speaker, and others.

A Brief Enquiry into the Ancient Constitution and Government of England. As well in respect of the Administration, as Succession thereof. Set forth by way of Dialogue, and fitted for men of ordinary Learning and Capacity. By a true Lover of his Country.

The Remarkable Sayings, Apothegms and Maxims of the Eastern Nations; Abstracted and translated out of them Books, written in the Arabian, Persian and Turkish Language; With Remarks. By Monsieur Galland, who liv'd many years in those Countries. Translated out of French.

The French King's Declaration for settling the general Poll-Tax: Together with his Edict, ordering all Communities, both Regular and Secular, and all particular Persons (who have any Water from Rivers, Brooks, Springs, and Fountains, or otherwise, whether for the Ornament of their Houses, or Improving of their Estates) to pay such Sums as shall be impos'd upon them in Council, in order to have the Benefit of the said Waters confirmed to them for the future. Given at Fountainbleau, Octob. 1694. and Recorded in Parliament.

The Wooks of F. Rabelais, M.D. in five Books: Or the Lives, Heroic Deeds and Sayings of the good Gargantua and Pantugruel, and his Voyage to the Oracle of the Bottle. As also his Historical Letters. To which is added the Author's Life, and Explanatory Remarks. By Mr. Mottoux. Never before Printed in English.

These are to give Notice to all persons for the benefit of the Publick, That W. Elony, Professor of Physick, and Operator, of known Integrity, and above 25 years Practice, leveth at the Blew Ball in Whalebone Court, at the Lower End of Bartholomew Lane, by the Royal Exchange: Who most safely and expeditiously Cures Deafness and Noise in the Ears of any, of what Age soever (if Curable) and at first sight, by Inspection, resolve, the Patient if so or not, as most eminent Persons of Quality in this City can testify. He hath likewise a most excellent Gargarism or mouth-water, which will make Black or Yellow Teeth as White as Ivory in a few times using; and it will certainly cure the Scurvy, and all other Diseases incident to the mouth, Teeth, and Gums. The Glasses are of several Prices, with Directions. That you may not mistake, my House is at the Blew Bad, as aforesaid, you may see it as you come into the Court.

THE person that lately lived on Ludgate-hill next door to the Kings-Arms Tavern near Fleetbridge, Is now removed into Essex Court in White Fryers, the first Door on the Left hand, where any one may be furnished with the Water for taking away Freckles, Pimples, Worms, and Morphew in the Face; and excellent Water and Oyntment for the Eyes, Ointments for the Rickets, Burns, Scalds, Wounds, Aches, Sprains, &c. Powders, Deutrifices, Elixirs, Essences, Oyls, Spirits, &c. for the easing and curing of most Distempers incident to Humane Bodies, prepared and sold by B. L The Water for taking away the Freekles, Pimples, &c. is likewise sold at these places following, viz at Mr. Milners in Popes Head Alley, and Mrs. Suttons at the Corner of Exchange-Ally over-against the Royal Exchange in Cornhil, Cane-shops. Mrs. Hamptons, next Door to the Golden Ball in the Old-Bayly. Mrs. Miners Semstress in the Inner Temple Lane. Mrs. Labrahams, at the Sign of the Crown in Blew Anchor Alley, overagainst the Artillery-Ground, on Bunhill. And at Mr. Palmers House on Clay-hill at Epsom. To prevent mistakes and counterfeits, my Bottles will be Sealed with my Coat of Arms, viz. the Three Water-Bugets and Half-Moon.

In Grays Inn Lane in Plow-Yard, the second Door, lives Dr. Thomas Kirleus, sworn Physician in Ordinary to King Charles II. until his Death: of which you may read him more at large at the latter end of the Athenian Mercury, which may be seen in all Coffee-Houses. He gives his Opinion unto all that write or come to him, for nothing.

LOST on Saturday last, between one and two a Clock in the Afternoon from Mr. Griffet's, at the Sign of the Sugar-loaf near Charing-cross, a little White Italian-Greyhound Dog, Walley'd, with large dark blue Spots on his Back, three of them almost in form of a Triangle. Whoever brings him, or gives Notice of him, so that he may be had again, to Mr. Griffet aforesaid, or to Mr. Man at the Royal Coffee house, Charing-Cross, shall have a Guinea Reward.

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