Old Bailey Proceedings, 6th September 1693.
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The Proceedings of the KING and QUEEN'S Commissions of the Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, held for the City of London, and County of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bayly.

On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, being the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Days of September, 1693. And in the Fifth Year of Their MAJESTIES Reign

THE Sessions of Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, Goal-Delivery of Newgate, held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, being the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th of September, 1693. before the Right Honourable Sir John Fleet , Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, and Sir Salathiel Lovell , Kt. Recorder of the said City, with several others of Their Majesties Justices for the City of London, and County of Middlesex.

The Jurors were as follow,

London Jury.

Henry Stroud .

Archibald Willson .

William Wynkle .

Thomas Langbridge .

Edward Mills .

Thomas Nutt .

William Cook .

Isaac Fryar .

Richard Clark .

Thomas Bayly .

John Hitch .

Edward Sherlock .

Middlesex Jury.

Edmund Salter .

Joseph Biscoe .

Isaac Clark .

Morgain Hynde .

Peter King .

Richard Heath .

Edward Wade .

Robert Wood .

Thomas Pattle .

John Henley .

Nicholas Rufford .

Christopher Chambers .

The Proceedings were these,

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Prudence Johnson , was arraigned for stealing divers small Goods to the value of 6 s. from Edward Styles , to which she pleaded Guilty .

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Susanna Tanner , was arraigned for stealing a piece of Cloth from Tobias Gardner value 16 s. on the fifth of August last, which she confessed upon her Arraignment.

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Reference Number: t16930906-3

Nicholas Trapps Gent. was tried for the Murther of one Mary Maculley Wife of William Maculley , which he did on the 28th of July last past , upon the Evidence it appeared that the Prisoner was riding a Horse-back along Leaden hall-street ; the said Mrs. Maculley and another Woman walking along the Street, and the Horse being too strong for him, run away with the Prisoner, and run against the two Women and struck them down; and the said Mrs. Maculley received a mortal Bruise near her left Ear of which she died the next day; but the other Woman received little hurt. The Prisoner declared that his Horse stumbled and fell on his Knees, upon which he spur'd him, and the Horse run away with him; and that he did what he could to stop him, as was evidenced by several Persons that he produced on his behalf, that saw the matter of Fact: He was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-4

Elizabeth Jackson was indicted for stealing nine Yards of Bone-lace value 25 s. from Richard Lawse on the 8th day of July , to which she pleaded Guilty .

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John Williams was indicted for breaking the House of John Emsworth in Loathbury , and taking away one Watch with a Silver case value 5 l. another Watch value 20 s upon evidence it appeared that the Prisoner was found in the Shop about eleven a clock in the Morning, and he had pick'd the Lock of the Hatch, and was got a little way from the Door, but was immediately stopt; and he had dropt the Watches in the Street; The Prisoner denied it, and said he did not know the House; He was found guilty of the Felony.

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Adam Martyn and Richard Norman Carmen , were both tried for killing one Jane Austin a Child on the 26th of July in Cannon-street ; they were driving their Carts hastily along the Street, striving which should get formost; and Martin's Cart drove Norman's Cart upon the Child, and squeezed it to death. The Prisoners said that they were driving in haste, and did not think to do any hurt, and laid the fault one upon another. The Court directed the Jury, telling them, That tho the Prisoners were about their lawful Imployment, yet they ought to be careful how they drive their Carts; and altho the Fact could not reach their Lives, yet it might be a warning to others, and they must not think to escape: So they were found guilty of Manslaughter .

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Daniel Wheeler and Francis Herring were both tried for stealing a black Mare price 20 l. on the 24th of August , the Goods of the Right Honourable William Lord Sey and Sign . The Prosecutor swore that he was robbed of the Mare in Gloucestershire by two men on the High way, but he could not say that the Prisoners were the men; and the Prisoners declared that the Mare was brought to the Mairmaid in Carter-lane, to be kept by a Porter; and that they did not know any thing of her being stolen: So they were both acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-8

William Francis of St. Margaret Westminster Gent. was tried for the Murther of William Strowd Gent. on the 2d of August last, giving him a mortal Wound with a Rapier value 5 s. near to his right Pap, of the depth of six Inches, of which he immediately died Upon the Evidence it appeared, that the Prisoner and the Deceased were Fellow Soldiers together, and being drinking together in an Ale-house, some difference arose betwixt them about the Reckoning, and they went into the Yard and sought, and the Prisoner was seen to kill Strowd, and they had had some difference about their Horses some small time before, but they were Friends again. The Prisoner alledged, that the deceased Strowd began the Quarrel with him, because he called for a Reckoning before he was willing; and that Strowd did provoke him, and said he would have his Blood; and gave him very urging Language, swearing God Damn him he would have his Blood that night; and cut Mr. Francis over the Head first; which was confirmed by good Evidence on the Prisoner's side: So he was found guilty of Manslaughter only .

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Reference Number: t16930906-9

John Jennings , a Boy , was tried for breaking the House of Mary Quarterman Widow on the 22d of July last, and stealing a Silver Tankard value 5 l. 10 s. the House was broke in the day-time about three a Clock in the Afternoon , and the Prisoner was seen standing at the Window without the House, and another Fellow within the House, who went away with the Tankard, but the Prisoner was catcht in the pursuit; he was found guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-10

Matthew Thomas was indicted for stealing one Ounce and an half of Hair, value 12 s. from Frances Hicks Widow . The Prisoner came to Mrs. Hicks's House about a Perriwig that he was to sell for her, and after he was gone the Hair was missing, there was no one in the Room but the Prisoner and another Woman, and Mrs. Hicks; and before the other Woman went away they miss'd the Hair: He had very credible Evidence to his Reputation; he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-11

Thomas Tavernour was tried for stealing a Mare coloured gray from Edward Henderson , price 4 l. which he lost off Epping Forrest , which was found to be swopt by the Prisoner to one Robert Symmons of South-Lambeth, in Smithfield, which Mare was owned by Henderson; and the Prisoner had confest it in Bridewell, tho he denied it at the Trial; he was found guilty of Felony.

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Mary Smith alias Cammell , was tried for stealing a laced Pinner and a Coif, value 7 s. from one Jonathan Smithergill of Stepney, on the third of August: The Goods were taken out of the House by the Prisoner, and sold to a Broker in East-Smithfield. The Prisoner said she had the Goods of a little Girl she met; but that did not avail her, she was found guilty to the value of 10 d.

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Henry Wilkinson , a Soldier , was indicted for breaking the House of John Essington , with an intent to steal his Goods . He having leave to lye in the House, did attempt first to get Mrs. Dorcas Essington's Rings of her Finger, but could not; and

he put her in bodily fear, as was sworn by the said Mrs. Essington and another Woman; and that he broke open the Door upon her, he being quartered there. The Prisoner said that the said Dorcas and he lived as Man and Wife, and lay together, and kept one Pocket and one Bed. It seemed to favour of Malice, for the Prisoner called several Soldiers, who gave account that there was a more than ordinary Familiarity betwixt them, and were wont to be naught together: And it did not appear that he had any intent to steal the Goods, so he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-14

William Ogle , was tried for stealing a Silver Tankard, value 6 l. from Mr. William Burrowes of St. Clement Danes ; he came to the House and called for a Tankard of Drink, telling the Boy that a Goldsmith was coming to him, so that induced the Boy to draw it in a Silver Tankard, so whilst the Boy went to draw some other Drink, he went away with the Tankard; and the Boy was positive that he was the same man. He was brought to Burrowes House for another Theft about a Fortnight after, and the Tankard was laid to his Charge: He was found Guilty .

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William Davis and Anne Davis his Wife , were both tried for High Treason, for Clipping the Currant Coin of this Kingdom on the 27th of July last ; the Constables going about to make a private Search, the Woman was found in a Chandlers Shop in Long-Acre, and under her Petticoat was found a Glove of Clippings tyed round her middle; and in her Lodgings at the Half Moon in Drury-lane , in a Chest of Drawers, was found 5 l. of broad Money, and some other Money that was not newly Clipt: In the mean time her Husband came in, and began to examine the Constables what they wanted: He was soon satisfied; and he being searcht, there was 10 s. found newly clipt about him. The Woman said for her self, that she found the Clippings in the Street; and she excused her Husband as to the matter, for that he knew nothing what she did: She could not prove how she came by the clipt Money, nor the 5 l. of broad Money; so she was found guilty , but her Husband was acquitted .

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

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Elizabeth Barker , Elinor Wilkinson and Anne Wilkinson , were indicted for High-Treason, for that they three, together with one John Lord who was bail'd, did Cut, Clip, File and Diminish the Currant Coin of this Kingdom ; one of them, viz. Elizabeth Barker, was seen to change fourscore Guineas at a Goldsmiths in the Strand, and he having suspicion of her, set the Beadle to dog her; which he did, and she went into a House in Mashomes street at Westminster ; and in the Afternoon search was made, and in the Kitchen were found the Prisoners with the said, Lord; and upon farther search there was found a parcel of Clippings, clipt Money a pair of Shears, Finger Leathers, Files and all other necessary Implements fit for Clipping. Elinor Wilkinson denied it, and so did they all, saying, that there were other Lodgers in the House, and that they knew not how such things came there. The Evidence was not full though against the two Daughters , viz. Barker and Anne Wilkinson, but Elinor Wilkinson the Mother was found Guilty

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-17

John Child , Mary Child his Wife , and Susannah Price Wife of one John Price , they were all three indicted for Clipping the Currant Money of England : There was found in Child's House in Whitechappel an Ingot Mold, and in the Room where John Child lodged there was found Clippings and clipt Money upon the Bed; and in the Window and below Stairs was found several Crucibles and melting Pots, and Files, &c. and in the House of Office was found a large paper of Clippings &c. When the Searchers came first to the House, Child endeavoured to make his escape, but was soon seized. They were a second time Indicted for High-Treason, in making false and counterfeit Money , to prove which there were divers sorts of Stamps, as half Crown Stamps, and Shilling Stamps, besides a great quantity of counterfeit Money, which was produced in Court, and shewed to the Jury, and the Money agreed with the Stamp, &c. The Prisoner John Child said that he had always been a Labouring man, and understood nothing of, Clipping; and that another man brought the things into the House, but that was to no effect, for both himself and his Wife were found guilty of both Indictments; but there was no Evidence that affected Susannah Price, for that she only was barely found in the House as a Guest that came to visit Child and his Wife so she was acquitted .

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Reference Number: t16930906-18

Mary Bryan was indicted for stealing a Silver Tankard, value 6 l. 10 s. on the 31st of May last, the Goods of Arthur Thomas , to which she pleaded Guilty .

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Reference Number: t16930906-19

Sarah Bayly Wife of John Bayly , and Ann Avery , were both arraigned upon an Indictment of Felony, for stealing from Mary Widnes one Yard of Bone-lace, value 2 l. 6 d. on the 28th of August last, to which they both pleaded Guilty .

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Reference Number: t16930906-20

Elizabeth Naylor alias Hambleton , was indicted for stealing a black Hood, value 6 s. 6 d. the Goods of John Webster of St. Sepulchres Parish on the 30th of August last, to which Indictment she pleaded Guilty .

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Reference Number: t16930906-21

Thomas Clark was arraigned for stealing a Silver Tankard, value 8 l. seven Silver Spoons, value 3 l. 14 s. a Silver Fork, value 23 s. two Tumblers, value 15 l. the Goods of John Springall ; to which she pleaded Guilty .

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-22

Mary Babb and Elizabeth Freezby were both tried for breaking the House of Thomas Foukes , and taking away one Silver Cup, value 25 s. one Spoon 10 s. two Forks value 20 s. five Napkins and two Sutes of Child-bed Linnen, &c. The Hatch was opened and the Goods carried away, and Babb was found in the House, but Freezby went off with a Bundle, and was immediately taken; but she had left the Goods by the way, which was fully made appear upon Oath, but none could prove what was in the Bundle that Freezby had; and she said that she had Muslin in her Bundle which she sold. Babb said that she went to offer Muslin to sell, and she went but a little way into the House and the Plate was presently mist out of the Kitchen, and Freezby had in all probability carried it away. But the Jury were not satisfied that Babb opened the Door, so she was acquitted , and no Evidence did affect Freezby.

Reference Number: t16930906-23

Elizabeth Knight Wife of John Knight , Mary Thomson Wife of John Thomson , and Mary Jones , were all three tried for stealing 30 Yards of Indian Sattin, value 3 l. 15 s. from John Knight . Three Women came to Mr. Knight's Shop on the 29th of August last, whereof Knight was one, and they pincht away the Silk , which was found at a Broker's where the Prisoners were, viz. at one Cropley's Shop in Long-Acre. The Prisoners denied the matter of Fact; and all were found to be very ill Women, and had been often in Newgate before. Knight was found guilty , but the other two were acquitted .

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Reference Number: t16930906-24

William Ford was tried for killing one John Macklin ; giving him a mortal Wound upon the right Pap of the depth of four Inches, with a Rapier value half a Crown . The matter of Fact happened on the 17th day of July last; they fell out about a Groat that the Prisoner had run upon Macklin's Score, he being Corporal , and they called each other evil names, but there was no old Quarrel betwixt them; so the Prisoner being assaulted by the deceased, he happened to kill him, which was done upon a sudden Heat of Passion; so he was found guilty of Manslaughter only .

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Reference Number: t16930906-25

James Cary was indicted for Felony, in marrying two Wives, the first named Ann Cleer , who she married in the 33d. Year of King Charles II. the other one Mary Serjeant whom he married in the fifth Year of King William and Queen Mary . The Evidence declared upon Oath, that he did confess to have married Ann Cleer, and had lived with her as her Husband, besides the Church-book proved it upon him, out of which a Certificate was taken and brought to the Court; and as to the marriage of the second, viz. Mary Serjeant, he did not deny that; so he was found guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-26

Mary Atkins Wife of Thomas Atkins , was tried for that she did steal on the first day of August last threescore Pound weight of Tallow, value 2 s. 6 d. two Pound weight and an Ounce of Cotton, value 1 s. 6 d. and a pewter Pot, value 8 d. the Goods of a Person unknown; the Evidence for the King deposed, that the Prisoner was taken by the Watch late at night with the Tallow about her, but she could not give any account how she came by the Tallow; and none had claim to it, so she was acquitted , because none could swear that she stole it.

Reference Number: t16930906-27

Hannah Roane was indicted for Robbing Abigail White of a flower'd Silk Petticoat with a Silver Lace, value 3 l. one Callico one value 5 s. She pleaded guilty .

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Reference Number: t16930906-28

Mary Moor and Mary Salter were both indicted for stealing 34 Ells of Holland Cloth, value 35 s. the Goods of John Morden to which Indictment they pleaded Guilty .

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Reference Number: t16930906-29

Katharine Mason was arraigned for stealing four Silk Hoods, value 3 s. a Silk Tippet, a Handkerchief a laced Cornet, and divers other small Goods , from Barbara Browne Widow , to which she pleaded Guilty .

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Reference Number: t16930906-30

Mary Osborn was tried for stealing a Dowlace Shirt, value 2 s. a Smock and divers other sorts of small Linnen , the Goods of one Henry Osborn : The Goods were put to a Washerwoman, and they were found in the Custody of the Prisoner; so she was found guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-31

William Clarke , a Butcher , was tried for stealing two Wether Sheep, value 10 s. from William Mastin on the 11th of August last. Mastin swore that he sold three Sheep to the Prisoner,

and he lost two more, which he found upon the Prisoner, but it could not be proved that he stole the Sheep, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-32

Elizabeth Ward alias Gilington , was indicted for robbing one Richard Pollar on the 7th of June last, of two Gold Rings, value 14 s. a Coral 10 s. a laced Cornet and a Crevat, &c. to which Indictment she pleaded Guilty .

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Reference Number: t16930906-33

Elizabeth Williams Widow , was indicted for stealing from Robert Jones of Clarkenwell in July last, a laced Cornet, value 8 s. a Neckcloth 5 s. a Handkerchief and other small Linnen ; the Witness said that the Cloths were taken out of the House by her, for that there was no one in the House but the Prisoner, and she offered to give her Petticoat in satisfaction; she was found guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-34

Elizabeth Martin was arraigned for stealing a Quilt, value 21 s. a pair of Sheets 34 s. and two Pillow-bears , on the 16th of July last, the Goods of Katharine Howard Widow , to which she pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-35

Ann Ward was indicted and arraigned for stealing a Diamond Ring, value 4 l. a twisted Ring, value 10 s. two Silver Fringes 45 s. a laced Cornet 30 s. and other Goods , from Thomas Holmes , to which she pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-36

Elizabeth Wells was tried for Clipping the lawful Money of England, viz 20 half Crowns, and 20 Shillings, diminishing from each piece Silver to the value of 2 d There were a small parcel of Clippings, a File, Scales and Weights found in the Prisoners Lodging in Fleet-lane , which were produced in Court, and shewed to the Gentlemen of the Jury; and the File was found in the Bed, and the Clippings were found in a Band-box in the Closet in a paper. The Prisoner most strongly denied the Fact, and said that her Husband was a very ill man, and kept company with another Woman, and he might put the Clippings in the Closet, &c. She was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-37

Joseph Barnet , William Carter , Dennis Bonsellers as Principal, Judith Bonsellers and Elizabeth Dyamond as Accessaries, after the Felony committed, were indicted for breaking the House of one John Saveridgeworth a Salesman in Hounsditch , on the 26th of August last : Mrs. Saveridgworth swore that the Window was broke open, altho nailed with ten Ten-penny Nails, and the Goods lost was 79 Yards of Cloth, value 40 l. 140 Yards of Serge, value 10 l. 80 Yards of Serge, value 12 l. 60 Yards value 6 l. six Serge Waistcoats, value 5 l. 13 Calamanco Waistcoats, value 13 l. 16 pair of Breeches, value 8 l. besides 30 l. in Money, &c. Barnet offered some Breeches to sale, and one pair of Breeches was found upon Carter: There was no Evidence against Dennis Bonsellers nor Judith, but Dyamond came along with Barnet to sell the Goods, but she said nothing in the matter; Carter bought one pair of Breeches of Mrs Saveridge a little before, which might be the same that the Prosecutor charged him with; so no Evidence affecting any besides Barnet, he was found guilty of Felony and Burglary, but the rest were all acquitted .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-38

William Cule was indicted and tried for killing one Richard Key , giving him a mortal Wound near to his short Ribs with a Bullet which past quite through his Body. on the 13th of August last . The Evidence was, That the Prisoner was seen in the Street with two Pistols in his hand, which he discharged, and Key being near the place, came towards him, having heard one Pistol go off, and the Prisoner bid him stand off, and immediately Key clapt his hand upon his Belly, and cried out, O Lord what have you done; and died about a quarter of an hour after: The Prisoner said to him presently that there was nothing but paper in the Pistol; and he took care of him; and they had always been very good Friends, and loved very well. The Prisoner alledged, that he was desired by a Gentleman to discharge the Pistols in the Street, and that he had the misfortune to shoot the said Key. There was nothing of Malice found to have been between them, nor that he designed to do Key any harm; so in the end he was found guilty of Manslaughter .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-39

Thomas Browne was tried for feloniously taking from Joseph Allen and John Dolphin of St. Giles's Cripplegate on the first of September instant, 50 Yards of painted Callicoe, value 50 s. 50 Yards of flaxen Cloth 30 s. the Cloaths were put to Dying at one Mrs. Battins, and the Goods were stole, which were found upon the Prisoner: He made a feigned Story, how that he was hired by a strange Man to carty the Cloth; but he could not produce the Man, so he was found guilty of Felony.

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-40

M - S - was tried for stealing 23 pound weight of Bees-Wax from Robert Coleman of St. Giles's Cripplegate on the fifth of August last : He took it off the Shop-window, and being pursued he threw it from him, which was plain proof, so he was found guilty of Felony.

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-41

Richard Colston was tried for stealing a Silver Tankard from George Ranton of St. Andrew's Parish Holbourn , value 5 l. The Key of the Prisoner's was found in the Door of the Chamber where the Tankard was lockt up; and the Prisoner did not deny but the Key was his, and he left it in the Door, but he denied it all upon his Trial, and the Witness could not Swear positively that he took it away, so he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-42

William Ogle was a second time indicted for stealing 38 Fitchows Skins, value 48 s. on the tenth of July last. The Prisoner came to the Prosecutor's Shop one William Pigney , and cheapned some Skins, and by the Art of Legerdem in he took away the Skins : He denied that ever he was in the Shop; so he was found Guilty .

Reference Number: t16930906-43

William Walker and Ann his Wife , were tried for High-Treason, for Clipping the lawful Coin of the Kingdom . The Prisoner's House was searcht in Barden's Gardens , and in his Chamber was found a parcel of Clippings, a pair of Shears and a File; the Shears were found lying upon the Sacking of the Bed between that and the Bed: The Prisoners urged that there were more Lodgers in the same House, and that they knew nothing how the things came into the Room, and that they never shut their Door. And their Witness declared, that Walker himself was a Person that dealt in Brandy and Tobacco , and was always abroad in the any-time; and his Wife was a Sempstress , &c. They were both acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-44

Richard Widdowes was tried for stealing a Roan Gelding, price 10 l. the Goods of John Rouse : The Gelding was found upon the Prisoner, and he had sold the Horse on a Thursday, which was not the Market day; and that two men were Vouchers which could not be found; but the Prisoner proved that he bought the Horse, altho he might be privy to the stealing of it, yet that could not reach him; he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-45

John Dwarras and Ann his Wife , were both tried for being Accessary afterwards to the Felony and Burglary committed by G - V - in the House of Henry True ; the Goods he the said G - V - stole away, was a Knife, value 4 s. a Fork 4 s. a Looking glass, value 7 s. three pieces of Ribboning, value 20 s. The Evidence swore that he had taken the Goods, and when they went to search for G - V - , they were opposed by a Stranger that stood upon the Stairs; and that Mrs. Dwarras gave the Prisoner notice to get into the House of Office ; but the said G - V - being found guilty only of Felony, they had the good Fortune to be acquitted from being Accessaries.

Reference Number: t16930906-46

Samuel Holmes was indicted for stealing a Silver Tankard from Rice Saywell at the Rose in Newgate-street , value 6 l. The Prisoner and another came into the House, and called for a Tankard of Drink, and slipt it away, as was sworn by the Tapster, but being pursued he was stopt in the Market, but no Tankard was found about him; the other man got away: There was no Evidence but the Tapster, and he might be mistaken as to the man's Face, having staid so little time in the House: He had good Witness, viz one Mr. Piggot, with whom he was a Servant , who gave a very credible account of him, and that he had been very Faithful to him; and that he had entrusted him with all his richest things: Others gave the like account of his Behaviour, so he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-47

Mary Shaw was tried for stealing 18 Yards of Silk, value 3 l. 3 s. out of the Shop of Mr. Mason and Mr. Wise near Ludgate : The Prisoner came into the Shop with one Jane Lee , who confest the Indictment, and told the Prosecutor that Lee was her Servant, and that she wanted some Silk to make her a Gown, so pincht it away between them but they were presently stopt: She had little to say for her self, so she was found Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-48

Ann Knight of the Parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch , was arraigned for stealing two Smocks and other Linnen , from Francis Emmerson on the second of August last, to which she pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-49

Thomas Pierce was tried for stealing a Silver Cup, value 50 s. from Richard Deane in Chancery-lane , on the 12th of August last: He was seen in the House when the Cup was lost, and the Prisoner rusht out of the House on a sudden, and there

was no one in the Room but him: The Prisoner denied the Fact, But he was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-50

Samuel Mitchell alias Midgley , and Dorothy Springer alias Springhall , were indicted for High Treason, in Clipping the lawful Money of the Kingdom of England : The Prisoner's House being searcht in Katharine-Wheel-Alley in White-Chappel , there was found there a pair of Shears, a File and a Rubbing Leather, and a Clipping of a 6 d. the Prisoner was a Taylor , and he said that he used the Shears about his Trade; they were both acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-51

John Brufford was tried likewise for Coining of False Money ; several pieces were found in the Prisoner's Pocket, cut out ready to be coined: The Prisoner desired the Constables to be kind to him, and he would tell them all he did, but he would not at last: There was no Money found to be coined by him; but however he was ordered to be kept in Custody till he find good Sureties for his good Behaviour : He was acquitted of this Indictment.

Reference Number: t16930906-52

John Redshaw was arraigned for stealing a parcel of Parchment Writings, value 200 l. from one John Day on the King's High-way , but no Evidence coming against him, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-53

John White was tried for stealing 4 l. 5 s. in Moneys , from one Henry Newman of Hanwell , who declared that the Prisoner was his Fellow-Servant , and when he came to live with him in the same House he had no Money, and therefore he suspected him to have taken his Money, for that he was full of Money afterwards; and he had an evil Character given of him by his former Master; yet all was but a bare Presumption; so he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-54

John Ashmoll and Mary Ashmoll were tried for Clipping 200 half Crowns, 100 Shillings, and 100 Six-pences : The King's Witness declared upon Oath. That in the Prisoner's Garret in Kings-street at Tower-hill , were found a pair of Shears fixt, and above 32 Ounces of Clippings, which was produced in Court as farther corroborating Evidence: The Prisoner called some Evidence, who said he was a Silver-Smith by his Trade, and they never knew him any way Suspicious, but had a good Reputation: And the Jury were not well satisfied with the Evidence, so they were both acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-55

Elizabeth Stanes was arraigned for a Misdemeanor, in putting off False Money , but no Evidence appearing, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-56

Florendine Atkinson was tried for a Misdemeanor likewise, in getting and procuring three pair of Iron Shears into her custody, fit for Clipping , which Shears were found under the Stair-case, but nothing else was found that was Suspicious; and she had a Husband that is not yet found: The Evidence was Circumstantial, so she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-57

Ann May , Elizabeth Randall and Christian Cossey , were all three indicted, and tried for breaking the House of Joan Ellis in Green-Dragon Court in Grays-Inn lane , on Bartholomew day at night last, and the Goods lost were 4 Smocks, value 20 s. a Gown, value 10 s. 4 Stuff Petticoats, value 15 s. and 15 Aprons : The Prisoners were found in Short's Gardens a Drinking, and a Smock of Ellis's upon Costey's Back; and there was one Thomasin Burton in their company, commonly called Ruff and Ugly, a noted Thief: There was no Evidence that affected May and Randall, so they were acquitted , but Cossey was found guilty of Felony and Burglary.

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-58

Ann Luth was arraigned for stealing three Gold Rings, value 30 s. three Guineas, and 13 s. in Money , from Michael Lamprier , the first of August last; to which, after much deliberation, she pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-59

Esther Evanes was tried for Felony, in taking for her Husband first one Richard Evanes , which was presently proved, and that she was married to Evanes about three Years ago: And that she married one David Jones since, viz. in April last ; both was fully proved upon her; so she was found Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-60

Grace Butler was tried, for that she did about the hour of two a Clock, on the 18th day of July last, break the House of Nehemiah Buzkil , and took away ten pewter Plates, value 5 s. a pewter Dish, value 4 s. &c. The Pewter was found upon her, she had no proof on her side, nor no witness; she was found guilty of Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-61

Robert Wootton alias Perkway , was indicted for Clipping the Currant Coin of England : On the 17th of July last, a person was sent to him from one Mrs Stanes for some Money that was Clipt, and coming to the House where he was, he found him at work with the Shears fixt to the Bed-side, and broad Money lying on one side, and narrow on the other, and he desired the messenger, one John Cooper , to stay and he should have it, for that he had not quite wrought it off: He being told that he would be hanged for it: He answered, What signifies at, it will be but a quarter of an hours squeek. The Prisoner urged Malice that the Prosecutor had against him; and called some Evidence, who gave a favourable account of his Reputation; but that did not avail him, he was found guilty of High-Treason.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-62

Elizabeth Stanes was indicted for buying of Clipt Money at under rates, and uttering of it in Payments : She went to the sign of the Wheat-sheaf on Ludgate-hill , and changed several Guineas, but none could swear that she put away any false Money; she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-63

Thomas Emanes and Peter Higham were both indicted for stealing a Silver Tankard and a Salt, value 12 l. from Henry Lickborrow at the Bell in Warwick-lane , on the first of August last: The Prisoners came to ask for a Carrier at the abovesaid House, and they drank where the Plate was, being a private Room, and the Plate was there where they were in the Room, but when they were gone it was missing, and no one was in the Room besides them: This was sworn for the King, and that Emanes went by another Name, viz, the Name of Bartlet: The Prisoners alledged that there were other Carriers and Companies in the Room besides them, and that they came to the House three hours afterwards again, and no one charged them with any thing; but the Plate was not missing till the next morning, and the Prosecutor could not fix the matter home upon the Prisoners, so they were both acquitted , but not without great Suspicion.

Reference Number: t16930906-64

Mary Jingen was arraigned for privily stealing 12 s. from Ann Rutt Wife of Richard Rutt : Ann Rutt swore that she was coming through the Fair, and the Prisoner pickt her Pocket; she took her hand in her Pocket, and the Purse dropt upon the ground, which was plain Evidence: She was found guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-65

Elizabeth Fairbank Widow was accused and tried for High Treason, in Clipping the Currant Money of England ; but there was but one Evidence against her, and altho some Clippings &c. were found in the House, yet the Room was her Lodgers that was gone: So she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-66

L - J - a Refiner , was tried for a Misdemeanor, in that he being a Person of a dishonest Conversation, and to the great Encouragement of the Clipping Trade, he did buy Clippings : His House being searcht in Aldersgate-street, there was found two papers of Clippings weighing about 60 Ounces, and he was heard to confess, That he did buy Clippings, and gave 5 s. 1 d. an Ounce for them: This was Evidence for the King. The Prisoner urged by his Counsel, That a Woman brought the Clippings to his House to offer them to sale, and that he bought them of her, and bid her bring more, with an intent to discover her: But he had no Witness to discover his Intention. He had several Neighbours appeared in his behalf, who gave a favourable account of his Conversation in the general, yet he was found guilty of the Indictment.

[Fine. See summary.]

[Provide sureties for good behaviour. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-67

John Herbert Gent. and William Purchase Gent. were both tried for making an Assault upon Mr. William Chalinor , with an intent to Kill and Murder him, for that he was a Witness against William Newbolt , Edward Butler , and Thomas Farr : Mr. Chalinor gave in Evidence, That he and one Captain Webb, being at Bartholomew-Fair, they observed the two Prisoners, and four more Persons to dog them for several hours. At last Mr. Chalinor, fearing that they sought his Life, advised with Captain Webb, and they went into an Ale-house for shelter; The Men followed them to the Door, and they being above Stairs, and perceiving that they whispered together, Mr. Chalinor sent down his Foot boy a Black, to hearken what they said: And when he returned to his Master, he told him, that one of them said to another, Jack, do you seize him, and I will come up and do his business. The Woman of the House advised them to go out at a back-door, but they thought it not convenient, so continued in the House: At last the two Prisoners came into the House, and told the People that there was a Prize worth 500 l. in the House, for there was the greatest Rogue in England in the House, and they would endeavour to

do what they could to execute their Design (or words to that effect,) at last Captain Webb and Mr. Chalinor sent for a Constable, and went into the Street and took the Prisoners, but the other went off. They had nothing to say for themselves, but pleaded they had no design against the Gentleman; and that they were very Poor men, and came from Islington to the Fair, &c. They were both found guilty of the Indictment.

[Fine. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-68

Ann Palmer , Wife of Andrew Palmer , was indicted for that she, together with Dorothy Palmer , not taken, did Clip the Currant Coin of England . There were two pair of Shears found in the House, and a vast quantity of Clippings: And there were two Women tried before for the same Fact. The Witness could not say she was in the House at that time, neither could they charge her with Clipping. This Fact was done about a Twelvemonth ago, the Prisoners Evidence declared that she was at Epsom at the same time: The Evidence was only Circumstantial, so she was found Not guilty

Reference Number: t16930906-69

John Wilkinson was indicted, for that he being a Dishonest man, and of an evil Principle, he did receive, harbour, and comfort several Thieves and Highway-men, particularly one Christopher Pickering alias Vicars , a great and notorious Highway-man and Robber, which he did on the 10th of January last . The Counsel for the King opened the Indictment, and called several Witnesses, who gave account that Mr. Wilkinson did entertain the said Pickering, and divers other Highway-men in his House over against Thieving lane . Pickering was called, and declared that he did not know whither Mr. Wilkinson knew him to be a Thief or no, but he did receive him into his House, and received stolen Goods from him, so did his Wife; and that he took Lodgings for him; and that the Prisoner persuaded the said Pickering to go away and make his escape, at the time when one Gross and some other Highwaymen were taken at Westminster. Furthermore, at the same time the Prisoner went to one Mr. Kitchen a Counsellor of the Temple for Advice; and he bid him make over his Goods to some Friend, and then he might be safe: And that the said Mr Kitchen made the Prisoner a Bill of Charges, in which Bill he set down paid the Recorder of London 20 l. and his Son a Fee, and treating the Grand-Jury, and other Sums, &c. which was not true; and was made appear to the contrary in Court: Yet the Jury looking upon the Evidence not to be a sufficient proof against him, though the Court was of opinion that he was an Ill man, they acquitted the Prisoner.

Reference Number: t16930906-70

Margaret Mason was tryed for breaking the House of Ann James of Stepney, and taking away a pair of Sheets value 25 s. five Shirts 15 s. and other Goods, &c. but Mrs. James leaving her in the House in trust by her own consent, it could not be made a Robbery; so the Indictment was quash'd, and the Prisoner Discharged .

Reference Number: t16930906-71

Elizabeth Sheldon was indicted for clipping the Currant Coin of England on the 5th of August last , there were a pair of Shears, and a small parcel of Clippings found under the Prisoner's Bed, but she was but a Lodger; and there were some Broad Pieces of Gold found, which were owned by one Mrs. Watson, who the Constable said he thought to be more guilty than the Prisoner; and the Prisoner alledged that she had another Woman lodged with her, and she might put them there: So she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-72

J - C - of Shoreditch was indicted for that whereas John Jennings stands convicted of Felony for stealing a Silver Tankard value 5 l. 10 s. from Mrs. Mary Quarterman ; he the said C - did abett the said Jennings to commit the said Robbery ; but the Evidence could not prove it, and the Prisoner denied it; so he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-73

Datby Lary and Frances Lary were tryed for robbing neIzzabella Boddenham of an Ear-Ring in the Open-street value 12 d. they had a Quarrel which proceeded to Blows amongst the Rabble, but the Witness could not say either of the Prisoners robbed her; so they were acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-74

Oliver Dubree a Parson , was indicted for perswading one Katherine Stephens to go with him to Jersey and Guernsey, and to the French King, and to King James . Mrs. Stephens was sworn and deposed that he told her that he would go to the aforesaid Islands, and posses himself of divers Castles there, and that afterwards he would deliver them up to the French King, and that she was to bring him to St. Germains to King James, to consult him about it; and that King James was to help him to Ships to carry on this Design; the Court ask'd her why she did not go with him; she said, because she did not think it convenient. (Court) How did he say he would do it? (Witness) Why he said that he would go with those Ships that he should have, and when he came to Jarsey and Guernsy, he would tell them that he was driven in thither by the French, &c. all this was look'd upon but as a frivolous Story, and not credited by the Court: This Mrs. Stephens being asked what Countrey and Religion she was off, she answered that she was a Scotch-woman and a Jacobite; and being ask'd what a Jacobite was in his Nature, she would give no Answer, but if the Parson had instructed her better, she might have been better provided: The Parson declared that she was abetted to swear against him in this matter by two Jesuit Converts, who turn their Religion any way to serve their own turns, which they do by Mental Reservation, &c. The Court directed the Jury, and told them, that it was but a frivolous and a groundless Indictment: So he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16930906-75

Ann Collet was arraigned for stealing 15 Yards of Cloath value 3 l. the Goods of John Hart , on the 25th of August last, to which she pleaded guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-76

John Parker was indicted for stealing a parcel of Silk value 4 l. from George Hungerford ; to which he pleaded guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16930906-77

James Dyllon a French Minister , was arraigned this Sessions upon an Indictment of High Treason, for that he did on the 20th of August, in a Sermon-Oration at the Parish Church of St. Matthew's Friday street, express several dangerous and Treasonable Words and Sentences, some of which were these; The Text says, That none but Devils will lay a Sacrilegious Hand upon the Lord's Anointed. Some will fight for a Whore, but who will fight to vindicate the King (James the late King of England meaning;) then and no soonner will I have mercy upon them, and make them happy; and indeed the happiness of us all depends upon the said King James's coming again And on the said 20th day of August, in the presence and heating of divers of their Present Majestys Subjects, those Treasonable Sentences in the said Libellous Oration he the said Dyllon did openly speak, preach and set forth, &c. To which Indictment he pleaded not guilty; and was ordered to remain in Prison till next Sessions.

Reference Number: t16930906-78

The Tryal of William Newbolt , and Edward Butler , Printers , for High-Treason, in composing and imagining the Death of their Most Sacred Majesties, King William, and Queen Mary .

ON Friday the 8th of this instant September, being the 3d Day of this Sessions the Prisoners were brought to the Bar, and were arraigned upon an Indictment of High Treason, for composing, printing and publishing a libellous and traiterous Paper, Entituled, The late King James's Declaration, &c. To which Indictment they both pleaded Not guilty: And then the Jury was call'd over, and the Prisoners having made their Challenge to the number of 26, the Court proceeded upon their Tryal; and the Gentlemen sworn to try the Issue, were these whose Names follow.

William Underhill , Esq;

William Withers , Esq;

Francis Chapman .

Henry Jones .

Henry Bradberry .

Edmond Salter .


Andrew Cook .

John Skynner .

Richard Bowler .

Richard Richman .

Samuel Lynn .

John Preston .


Then the Prisoners desired they might have Pen, Ink and Paper allow'd them; which was granted; and then the Indictment was read again, which set forth, That the Prisoners stood indicted by the Names of William Newbolt, and Edward Butler, of the Parish of St. Margarets Westminster , Gentlemen ; for that they not having God before their eyes, but being moved and instigated by the power of the Devil, and being Enemies of our Sovereign Lord and Lady the King and Queen, and minding and intending to raise War and Rebellion in this Kingdom, and the Government of this Kingdom wholly to subvert, alter and change, and a miserable Slaughter amongst Their Majesties Subjects to make; and to depose and put to death Their Most Sacred Majesties; on the 20th Day of May last past, and divers other times as well before as after, they did compose, print and publish, or cause to be compos'd, printed, and publish'd a most false and scandalous, malicious and Traiterous Libel, Entituled, His Majesty's Most Gracious Declaration, &c. which was publickly read at large: And their Majestys Counsel having very fully and learnedly opened the Matter of Fact that would be fully proved by several Witnesses against the said Prisoners.

Then the Evidence for the King and Queen were called and sworn; the first of which deposed, That about the 20th of May last, he was in company of the Prisoners at the Ship in Charles-street in Covent-Garden, where they Dined; and after Dinner the man of the House brought up word that one Capt. Griffis was below, and wanted to speak with Mr. Newbolt; he went down, and when he came up again, he told the Company that Capt. Griffis wanted 10000 of the Declarations for the use of the Country, and that he would give 15 l. for them; about four or five days afterwards he being there again, Mr Butler pulled a Declaration out of his pocket, one Mr. Farr being there at the same time, lookt upon it, and said, That it wanted the King's Arms to it, and the Letters, God save the King; so Farr said at last, Come, we will go to my Lords and do it, (meaning at Douglass's where the Printing-Press stood) which was to set the Declaration; and after, on the 1st of June following, he met Butler in Charles-street again, and then had some Declarations about him, but his heart failed him, and so gave them to this Witness; soon after which they were apprehended with those Declarations wet in their custody; and they were carried before Sir John Trenchard , where they confess'd the matter; and thirty of them found upon Butler.

Another Evidence swore that the Prisoners had a Printing-Press, and this was kept at one Douglosses at Westminster, and there they printed the Declarations, and that both the Prisoners were concerned equally in the matter, and that they were seen to compose the Press; and the Frame so set by their hands was brought into Court, on which the Declaration had been printed, and proved to be set by the Prisoners, &c. All this was fully and clearly sworn against them by the King's Evidence; and that they once made their escape.

The Prisoners did not deny the Fact, nor that they did Print this Declaration, but alledged that it could not be Treason to Print; for nothing could be accounted Treason but what was contained in the 25th of Ed. 3. And Printing was not in that Statute, therefore Printing could not be an Overt-Act of High-Treason; and that they were but Servants, and hired to work for their Livelihood, the Press not theirs, &c. therefore they hoped that they could not be found guilty of Treason, and that it was never known, that Servants did suffer for their Masters Faults.

But they were answered by the Court, That Servants and Masters too were equally principals; and the Matter contain'd in that Paper was Treason of the highest rate, designing to change the Government, depose Their Majesties, and raise open War in these Nations, of which Design they could not be ignorant, being the Composers and Printers thereof, and all done with setled purpose and intent to be published throughout the Nation, to accomplish and effect the same.

Then the Jury having considered of the Evidence, after about an hours time they brought this Verdict, That they were both Guilty of High-Treason.

When they received Sentence, they desired Mr. Recorder to make a favourable Report of their Circumstances to the Queen; And that they were Poor men, and only work'd for a Living. Who told them, That he would report to their Majesties nothing but what should be just and true, and advised them to repent of their wicked and evil Purposes, and to thank Almighty God that they were prevented, and these Nations blessed in the safety and preservation of the best and most religious King and Queen that ever did rule and govern these Realms.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: o16930906-1

John Lord of St. Margarets Westminster , was tried for Clipping the Currant Money of England . The Evidence for their Majesties were the same that were against Barber and the two Wilkinsons, and the like Case as you may see in their Trials aforesaid: The Prisoner was found at Dinner; but the Court finding that the Prisoner bringing his Trial so suddenly on, and the King's Evidence being somewhat unprepared, there might be some Trick in the matter, so the Prisoner was ordered to remain in Custody till next Sessions.

Reference Number: o16930906-2

Ann Jones Wife of William Jones , Alice Sebbin and Elizabeth Dimblebey , were all three tried upon two Indictments of High-Treason, for that they together with William Jones not taken, did first Coin the Currant Money of England ; secondly for Clipping of it : The Evidence swore that the Prisoners were found in the House, but Jones the owner of it was gone; there was found in the House all manner of Instruments for both Trades; but Jones being gone away, the Prisoners were set aside, and the Witnesses were bound over to appear next Sessions to prosecute; in the mean time diligent search is ordered to be made for the said Jones.

Reference Number: o16930906-3

Margaret Sherwood and Thomas Marsh were tryed for High-Treason, in coining false Money : There was 18 new false Half Crowns found in the House on the 16th of July last, but the Witness not being ready to prove the matter, they were bound in a Recognizance to prosecute them next Sessions; and the Prisoners ordered to remain in custody till then: So this Jury was discharged from any farther enquiry of them.

Reference Number: s16930906-1

The Trials being over, the Court proceeded to give Sentence as followeth.

Burnt in the Hand, 29.

Richard Norman, Adam Martin, John Parker, Elizabeth Jackson, Susannah Tanner, Prudence Johnson, Mary Moor, Mary Salter, Hannah Roan, Elizabeth Nayler, Sarah Bayly, Ann Avery, Elizabeth Knight, Elizabeth Martyn, Ann Collet, Ann Luthe, Jane Lee, Mary Shaw, Margaret Denham, William Ogle, William Ford, William Cule, Thomas Pierce, Mary Bryan, Katharine Mason, Ann Ward, Ann Knight, Elizabeth Ward, and Esther Evanes

William Francis was respited from the Penalty of Manslaughter, and gave Bail to appear next Sessions.

Received Sentence of Death, 15.

John Williams, Joseph Barnet, Mary Jingen, Thomas Tavernor, Ann Davis, Elinor Wilkinson, John Child, Mary Child, Christian Cossey, Grace Butler, Robert Wooten alias Perkway, William Newbolt, Edward Butler, James Cary, John Jennings.

Ordered into Their Majesties Service, 3.

Thomas Clark, Thomas Browne, M - S - Fined, L - J - 500 Mark and to find good Sureties for a Year.

John Herbert and William Purchase fined 20 Mark each, the Court considering their Poverty.

G - t - was respited from being Burnt in the Hand, by vertue of a Warrant from Her Majesty.

Ann Davis, Elinor Wilkinson and Christian Cossey pleaded their Bellies, and a Jury of Women being Sworn to enquire, they were all found quick with Child.

Thomas Farr for High-Treason is to remain till farther order.

Ordered to be Whipt, 3.

Mary Smith, Mary Osborne, Elizabeth Williams.

These Persons following having been formerly convicted, were this Sessions called down to their former Judgment, and ordered to be Executed.

Susannah Lucas, Susannah Martin, Elizabeth Gardner, Sarah Sheldon, Mary Brown, all five for Clipping: Margaret Williams, Elizabeth Pepper, for Burglary: Elizabeth Harris alias Oliver, Elizabeth Morgan, for Felony; and Elizabeth Jones for a Robbery on the High way.

The Midwife, Mary Crompton , will not be tried till next Sessions, being very Sick.

Reference Number: a16930906-1

THe Necessary and Advantage of an Early Victory over Satan; with some Rules for obtaining of it. In a Sermon preached to an Auditory in London. By T. Cruso. 4to.

A Discourse of Christian Religion in sundry Points, viz. Christ the Hope of Glory. The Knowledg of God in Christ. Christ the only Saviour. The Great Redeemer. The only Mediator. The Foundation of our Adoption. And the Necessity of preaching Christ. Preached at the Merchants Lecture in Broad-street. By Thomas Cole. 8vo.

A Practical Discourse of God's Sovereignty; with other material Points deriving thence. 8vo.

The Righteous Man's Hope at Death: To which is added Death-Bed Reflections, &c. proper for a Righteous Man in his Last Sickness. By Samuel Doolittel. 8vo.

These four Printed for Thomas Cockerill, at the Three Leggs in the Poultrey.

A True and Exact Account of the Retaking a Ship called The Friend's Adventure of Topsham, from the French after she had been Taken six Days, and they were upon the Coasts of France with it four Days; where one Englishman and a Boy set upon Seven Frenchmen, killed Two of them, took the other Five Prisoners, and brought the Ship and them safe to England. Their Majesties Customs of the said Ship amounted to 1000 l. and upwards. Performed and written by Robert Lyde, Mate of the same Ship.

State-Tracts. In Two Parts. The First Part being a Collection of several Treatises relating to the Government. Privately printed in the Reign of King Charles II The Second Part consisting of a farther Collection of several Choice Treatises relating to the Government, from the Year 1660. to 1689. Now published in a Body, to shew the Necessity, and clear the Legality of the late Revolution and our Happy Settlement under the Auspicious Reign of Their Majesties King William and Queen Mary.

Both Printed for Richard Baldwin.

These are to give notice to all Persons for the benefit of the Publick, That W. Elmy, Professor of Physick, and Operator, of known Integrity, and above 25 Years Practice, liveth at the Blue Ball in Whale-Bone-Court, at the lower end of Bartholomew-Lane, by the Royal-Exchange. Who most safely and expeditiously cures Deafness, and Noise in the Ears, in any, of what Age soever, (if curable) and at first sight by inspection resolves the Patient, if so or not, as most eminent Persons of Quality in this City can testify. I have Remedies ready prepared for the preservation of the Hearing in those who through some great defects in the Sounding Membrane, and other Impediments in the Auditory Passages are not perfectly curable, which Remedies preserves them from ever growing worse, and improves their Hearing to Old Age. That you may not mistake and go to a false Pretender, my House is at the Blue-Ball, as aforesaid, you may see it as you come into the Court.

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