Old Bailey Proceedings, 7th December 1692.
Reference Number: 16921207
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THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE King and Queens Commissions OF THE Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, and Goal Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex at Justice-Hall in the OLD-BAYLY.

On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday, being the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th Day of December 1692. And in the Fourth Year of Their MAJESTIES Reign.

THE Sessions of Peace, and Oyer and Terminer Goal-Delivery of Newgate, held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday, being the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th Days of December, 1692. before the Right Honourable Sir John Fleet , Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, and Sir Salathiel Lovewell , Kt. Recorder of the said City, with several others of Their Majesties Justices for the City of London, and County of Middlesex.

The Jurors were as follows.

London Jury.

Thomas Trentar .

William Roome .

Thomas Plaisted .

Daniel Richards .

Nathanael Adams .

Joseph Stretton .

Thomas Barnes .

John Symmons .

Thomas Goudge .

Richard Haynes .

George Hawson .

Thomas Fletcher .

Middlesex Jury.

Richard Bealing .

Edward Fuller .

Timothy Thornbury .

Simon Smith .

Henry Gerrald .

Henry Russel .

Henry Jones .

Edward Wade .

Thomas Lathwell .

George Poulfrey .

Andrew Cooke .

Edward Weckes .

The Proceedings were these.

Reference Number: t16921207-1

Philip Davis was Indicted for Felony and Burglary in breaking the House of John Reynolds , on the 15th of May last in Ironmonger-Lane ; together with one John White , not yet taken ; The House was broke open on a Sunday in the Afternoon, in Sermon-time, whilst Mr. Reynolds's Servants were at Church, and Ransack'd it; and, a Silk Scarf, value 40 s. one Gold Ear-Ring, value 40 s. one Silver Spoon, value 6 s. and 150 l. in Money, was taken away; The Evidence against him was, That he was seen hovering about the Door; and one Granger, a Criminal, was brought into Court from Newgate, who owned that he himself was in the Robbery with the Prisoner, and that there were several others concerned, to the number of about seven; (viz.) one Snelling, one Wood, and one Paul Groves , besides the aforesaid White, &c. who are not yet taken; and that Davis, the Prisoner, had 5 l. of the Money to his share; all which the Prisoner strived to invalidate, but to no purpose; so he was found guilty of the Indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-2

Robert Low, alias Adderton , was tried for Robbing one Ralph Springall in the High-way, on the 4th of October last, of a Cloath-Coat, value 10 s. The Prisoner met the said Springall in Woodstreet with a Woman, who was his Mother, who had a Link in her hand, and some other Persons were with the Prisoner, who all drew their Swords, and the Prisoner snatch'd the Coat off Spingall's Arm, and run away with it along Friday-street, and there was stopt by the Watch; the Prisoner wounded Springall in the Trunk of his Body, and another man in the Arm, and was very desperate before he was taken; the Prisoner said the woman thrust the Link in his face, and that he had no intention to rob him, and the Coat was presently found again, so he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-3

Thomas Merridith was tried for taking a Hat, value 5 s. and a Walking-Cane, value 2 s. out of St. Christopher's Church in London , which was taken upon the Prisoner in the Street presently afterwards; he could not deny it, so he was found guilty of Felony.

Reference Number: t16921207-4

Parnell Brandon, alias Crove , and Ann Brown, alias Riggs , were both tried for stealing a Silver Tankard value 4 l. from Charles Pynches of St. Gregories Parish , London, on the 17th day of November ; they came to Pynche's House, and called for Drink; and after they had staid awhile, they took away the Tankard. Brandon said, that Brown knew nothing of the matter, but she her self took it; but yet they were both found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-5

Mary Clever was tried for stealing one Lac'd Head-dress, value 5 s. 3 yards of Bone-Lace, value 4 s. a Muslin Cornet, value 3 s. and 20 s. in Money , on the 26th of November last; The Prisoner was a Washer-woman , at the House of James Harper , from whom she took the things, which was plainly proved upon her, so she was found guilty of Felony to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-6

John Neale , a Soldier of Islington , was tried, for that he, together with one Silver Fitz Gerrald , Hugh Bowen , Thomas Crawly , and Edward Butler , not taken, did rob John Lacey , Esq . in the King's High-way, on Bartholomew Day last, taking from him a Gold Watch, value 18 l. a pair of Diamond Pendants, value 40 l. a Point Crevat, value 10 l. a Silk Petticoat, value 3 l. a Flanders-Laced Nightrayle, value 10 l. a Strip'd Stuff petticoat, value 20 s. a Cloak 20 s. The Evidence was Mr. Lacy (and others) who deposed, That he and his Wife, and a Maid, were passing home in his Coach to Tatnam-high-Cross, and a little beyond Islington, he was set upon by several High-way men about eight a Clock at night, seven or eight of them, who stopt his Coach, and took out the Horses, and led them away into a Field adjacent, and then took away the aforesaid Goods, and the Gold Watch; amongst which Robbers there was one Mackguire, who was transported about two years since, and was taken for the same Fact; but upon his ingenuous Confession of the matter, was at present respited, but a Prisoner. The Evidence were positive against the Prisoner, that he was one of the Thieves, and Mr. Lacey swore that he had the more opportunity to observe the Prisoner, because he was the chiefest amongst them, and did personally rob him, and stroke him over the Head, &c. The Prisoner called some Evidence to prove that he was elsewhere when the Robbery was done, but could not; the matter was very plain against him, so he was found guilty of the Robbery.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-7

John Glendon of St. Clement-Danes , Gent. was tried for the Murther of Rupert Kempthorne , Gent. on the 28th of October last, giving him a mortal wound near the Navel, of the depth of 10 Inches, of which wound he died the next day . The Evidence in general deposed, That the Prisoner and Mr. Kempthorne were at the Ship-Tavern at Temple-Bar, and some difference arose between

them about Latitude and Longitude; Mr. Kempthorne alledging that there was no such word as Longitude; after that, further angry words arose, and Mr. Glendon would give him a 5 l. Piece for a bite of his Thumb; but that past off for a little time; but immediately after they drew their Swords, and fought, and the said Kempthorne received the wound, &c. The Prisoner alledged that Mr. Kempthorne was very severe upon him, and threatned him, and drew his Sword first but no Witness could confirm that; and as for a bite of the Thumb, he said it was a word that he commonly used in a jesting way. There was no premeditated Malice found to have been between them; so he was found guilty of Manslaughter .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-8

J - K - , Gent. was likewise tried for killing one Richard Towers on the 17th of November last, giving him a mortal wound near the Navel with a Rapier of the depth of 6 Inches, of which he died on the morrow ; the deceased found the Prisoner in Angel-Court with a Woman accidently, which he supposed to be a lewd Woman; and seeing the Prisoner's Shirt hang out, said, What, have you been at it, and han't put up your Shirt, or words to that purpose; at which the Prisoner was very angry, and swore he would send him far enough, &c. upon which he immediately drew his Sword, and gave him the wound; the Prisoner said that Towers struck him first, and drew a Sword upon him; but none could prove it for the Prisoner; yet it being in the dark, and no Witness saw the matter, only what the dying man said, That he forgave the Prisoner; and it came by his own seeking, or to that effect; he was found guilty of Manslaughter .

[No punishment. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-9

Robert Marshall , a blind man, who commonly goes by the Nickname of Diamond Robin, was tried for the Murther of one William Curtis in Whitechappel . He came a begging to Mr. Curtis's door on the 16th of November , and he telling him, he could not give to every Beggar that came, the Taxes were so great; he was sorry he could not; at which the Beggar was not pleased, but called him Pimp, and old Rogue, and took his Begging staff in both his hands, and struck him a blow upon the Head, near to his left Eye, which made a fracture in the Skull, which the Chyrurgion said was the cause of his death; after which the Blind man endeavour'd to make his escape down an Alley, but was suddenly taken; other Evidence said, that he was not quite blind, but pretended to be so; and that he was seen to play at Cards oftentimes, and a man of a kind of a Rustical temper, very apt to abuse any one; and that he has took a Pen and Ink, and draw'd the form of a Ship; and was seen to step from Boat to Boat, on the last Lord Mayor's day, without being guided. The Prisoner could make out nothing to excuse himself, but what was very frivolous: So he was found guilty of Murther.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-10

Elizabeth Rhoades was indicted for robbing Samuel Watkinson of divers Earthen Goods, and China Ware, of very good value, out of his Shop in the Strand ; the Prisoner was admitted into Mr. Watkinson's House to be a Lodger, and the Goods being lost, and she removing to another Lodging upon it, the same was search'd, and some of the Goods found upon her on the 7th of November last: She called some Evidence, who declared she had been a very careful honest Woman in times past; and the Prosecutor might be mistaken in the Ware, for that one China Dish might be like another. So the Gentlemen of the Jury were pleased to acquit her.

Reference Number: t16921207-11

Grace Sympson was tried for stealing five Flaxen Sheets, value 20 s. a Petticoat 20 s. a Beaver Hat, value 20 s. one Lac'd Commode, value 5 s. from Matthew Wynch , on the 16th of November last; a Crape Gown, value 2 s. a Petticoat, value 2 s. from Elizabeth Chilton ; the Prisoner was seen to go out of the House with a Bundle in a Blew Apron; and being pursued, she dropped the Goods in the Street; she denied it stifly, and was very insolent in urging her Innocency; yet she was known before to have been an Idle secret pilfering Housewife; she was found guilty of Felony.

[No punishment. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-12

Edward Ayers was tried for marrying two Wives at the Precinct of St. Katherines ; the first Judith Edmunds , who he married the 8th of May, in the 3 d. year of the Late King James. The second he married (namely Ann Clare ) on the 30th of August last ; the Witnesses as to the first Marriage said, that he was really married to the said Judith Edmunds, and liv'd with her, and had one Child by her.

As to the second Marriage, the Witness swore that he was married to Clare at the same Precinct; and that they cohabited together, which Clare deposed in Court; and that the former was alive at the same time; And it was further offer'd, that the first Wife was seen but on Wednesday last, and could not be now heard of, which gave great suspicion, that the Prisoner might be the occasion of her absconding. So he was found guilty of the Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-13

Jane Braggen was tried for stealing from Robert Tasker 7 s. 6 d. in Money , on the 19th of August last, at St. Giles's in the Fields. The said Tasker swore, That as he was coming along St. James's Park, he met the Woman with another Woman, a Friend of his, and they went into Drury-Lane to drink, and when he came to pay the Reckoning, he mist his Money; and suspected she had it, because she sate by him; and they both went away, and left him in the lurch; she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-14

Mark Hybborn was tried for stealing from his own Father James Hybborn , a Gold Ring set with a Turkey-Stone and four small Diamonds, value 40 s. a Silver Cup, value 30 s. There was no Evidence but his Father abovesaid, who was very unwilling to swear at first, being so nearly related to him; but he at last swore that his Son took the Goods, but he did not see him do it; so he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-15

James Green , Margaret Williams , and Elizabeth Oliver, alias Harris , were all three tried for breaking the House of Thomas Southerland , on the first day of November last, and taking away one Black Gown, value 3 l. one pair of Breeches, value 10 s. 3 Cloth Coats, value 4 l. 10 s. and other Goods ; the Prisoners went to the Green Dragon Tavern in Fleetstreet, under a pretence to drink Wine, and after a while Green went up stairs with a Candle in a Dark Lanthorn, and went out at the top of the House over the Houses, and robbed the said Mr. Southerland, and brought the Goods over the Houses, to the Tavern, and the Women fetch'd the Goods down stairs, &c. Upon which the Tavern-keeper, and his Servants, having suspicion of them, (because some Neighbours had been robb'd before) observed their Motions, and stopping them, found the Goods upon them, and a Dark Lanthorn, as aforesaid, besides Chissels and Pick lock Keys; Green said the Goods were given him by a strange man, who he met at Fleet-Bridge, who desir'd him to carry them to the above said Tavern, and he would come to him, but he never came: this was look'd upon to be a fram'd Story; the Woman could say little for themselves, the Evidence was plain; so they were all found guilty of Felony and Burglary.

[Green: Death. See summary.]

[Williams, Oliver: Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-16

Thomas Austin of Christ Church in London, Taylor , was indicted and tried for poysoning his Wife Katherine Austin , on the 13th day of November last, by putting white Mercury into a pint of Ale, of which she immediately died . The manner of his doing of it was thus; That the Prisoner did not live with his Wife at the time, but appointed her to meet him to dine together, which she did; but when they came to the House, being the King's-Arms in St. Martins Legrand , he would needs give her a Hot pot, which was Brandy, Ale, Eggs and Sugar, mix'd together; but it being not warm enough, he desired his Wife to go down Stairs, and warm half of it for him, which she did, and in the mean time he might put the Mercury into the remaining half which was left alone, which she drank, when she came up Stairs again; upon which she immediately fell very sick, and vomited, and died within three or four days afterwards; she taxed her Husband with it presently, and told him, that he had poysoned her; upon which he replied, That he knew nothing of it; but withal, would not drink any of it himself. The Chyrurgion, who dissectect her, gave his Opinion, and said, That the Liver was discoloured, and the Stomach expoliated, and very black in four or five places; which discolouration must be effected by some Corrosive Matter thrown into the Stomach, and must proceed from Poyson. Other Witnesses declared, That the Prisoner was reported to have had more affection for another Woman, than he had for the Deceased Katharine, but that was not made appear. The Prisoner said his Wife was a very ill woman, and had an Evil Tongue, and sought his Ruine, and would not live with him, therefore she had out of spight brought this upon him; to prove which, he called some Witnesses, who confirmed what he said, and that she was a very debauched woman, given much to drinking, and had been troubled with the Foul Disease, and was oftentimes sickly; there was no one that see the Poyson put into the Ale; so upon the whole the Gentlemen of the Jury acquitted the Prisoner.

Reference Number: t16921207-17

James Johnson was tried for drawing a Dray-Wheel over the Head of Mary Burton , an Infant , aged about 8 Years, on the 29th of October last, of which she died . The Witnesses swore, that the Dray was coming along Shoe-Lane , and went over the Head of the Child, and the Child was taken up bleeding, and died a little after; but the Evidence did not know the Prisoner to be the same Person that drove the Dray. The Prisoner said, he did not see the Child, and was very sorry for the Misfortune. He was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-18

Elizabeth Young , was tried for Felony and Burglary, in breaking the House of John Silk , in the Minories , on the 29th of July last, and taking away 17 Pistols, value 25 l. The Shop

Window was broke open about two of the Clock in the Morning; and the Pistols were found afterwards sold to one in Grays-Inn-Lane: The Prisoner was heard to own (when taken) that she had the Pistols in Charter-house-lane; and that she found them there, left by some Thieves who were pursued upon Suspicion, and fled, and left them behind them, who were last Sessions some of them Executed (viz.) One Richard Ellis , &c. She was found guilty, value 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-19

Anne Jenkins , and Elizabeth Green , were both tried for Shop-lifting, in stealing 18 Yards of Muslin, value 52 s. the Goods of William Peat . They came to the Shop to cheapen some Goods, and one of them put the piece of Muslin under her Coats, which she was seen to do, by the Maid of the House, and being stopt, it so appear'd. Jenkins the Prisoner went by the Name of Askew last Sessions, and was burnt in the Hand for Felony. They both denied the Fact; yet were found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-20

John Earle , was tried for stealing from Richard Lucas , of St. Christopher's Parish , London, a Frize Coat, value 10 s. a Neck-cloth 18 d. a pair of Gloves, value 6 d. The Prisoner came to drink at Lucas's House, and the Coat hanging over the Door, he took it, and ran away with it; and the same day he came by the Door again, and was taken; he denied it, but that did not serve, he was found guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-21

Richard Star , and Elizabeth Star his Wife , alias Elizabeth Osborne , were both indicted for breaking the House of one Abraham Walker , without Bishops-gate , on the 13th of September last, and taking away 120 Ells of broad Alamode Silk, value 133 l. 20 Ells of Sarsnet, value 15 l. 14 Yards of Lute String, value 30 s. 3 Spotted Hoods, value 45 s. 18 Lac'd Tippets, value 7 l. 14 s. 10 White Hoods, value 50 s. 16 other Hoods, value 3 l. 40 Yards of Gloth, value 10 l. 4 Handkerchiefs value 10 s. 16 Muslin Cornets, 120 Yards of other Lace, and other Goods of a consideaable value, &c. The Evidence swore that there was a hole bor'd in the Door, big enough to put a man's Hand into; and by that they opened the Door, and took away the Goods, which were some of them found upon them in their Lodging in Pye-corner, where they were found in Bed together, with two or three Pistols loaded lying in the Room. They were known in Court to be old Offenders; they were found guilty of the Felony, but acquitted of the Burglary .

[Richard: Death. See summary.]

[Elizabeth: Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-22

Patrick Gilbert , was tried for stealing from John Hardred , on the 4th of November last, out of the Parish of St. Olaves Silver-street , one Livery Gown, value 50 s. 1 Hood, 10 s. and a Bag with it, value 1 d. The Gown was lost from Mr. Smith, Gown-keeper of Barber-chyrurgeon's Hall, and found in the Lodging of the Prisoner, in Leicester-street in St. Andrew's Parish; and he acknowledged to have taken the Gown away, before the Justice: The Prisoner had little to say, so he was found guilty of Felony to the value of 10 d.

[Military/Naval duty. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-23

Daniel Jones of White-chappel , was tried for breaking the House of one John Tewder , in Goodmansfields , on the third of March last, and taking away 2 Silver Tankards, value 7 l. 10 s. 1 Silver Bowl, value 3 l. a Silver Salt, value 40 s. several Spoons, value 4 l. 10 s. a Ladle, value 40 s. 2 Gold Watches, value 5 l. a Gold Ring, value 20 s. 240 pieces of broad Gold, value 282 l. 180 Guineas, value 193 l. 10 s. and 80 l. in Money, &c. Mr. Tewder swore that his House was broke open about the hour of three in the Morning, and several Persons came to his Bedside, and swore most desperate Oaths at him, telling him they wanted Money, and Money they must have; and the Prisoner in particular, stood by his Bed-side, whilest the others broke open the Doors, and rifled the House; but some of Mr. Tewder's Family being in the House, hearing a Noise, cried out Thieves; they made their escape, but left a Hatchet and a Lanthorn behind them. On the same day the Prisoner was taken in Goodmans fields, being dogg'd from place to place; and when they came to lay hands on him, he fell a quaking and trembling, and was much surprized; but after that he was carried before the Lord Mayor, and whilest he was waiting, and the Constable talking to another man he got away, and run for it, but since that did surrender himself. There were other Evidence that said he went formerly by the name of Steel, and was committed about four Years ago to Newgate for Suspicion of Felony, and had all sorts of Pick-lock-keys about him, and a Betty to wrinch open the Doors; he was then bail'd out of Newgate, and he and his Bail run away, and never appeared afterwards. The Prisoner flatly denied the Fact, and called several Witnesses, endeavouring by them to invalidate and take off the credit of Mr. Tewder's Prosecution; alledging, that Mr. Tewder had a Spite against him, and would have given them Money to assist him in the Prosecuting of the Prisoner; but several of the Witnesses for the Prisoner varied in their Depositions, which made the face of the matter look very suspicious: And Mr. Tewder had Persons of honourable Quality in Court, who justified his Reputation; and that he was a man that scorn'd to deal unfair with any Person. The Trial was very long, and distinctly carried on both sides: And the Gentlemen of the Jury were so well satisfied, that they found him guilty , without going from their Seats.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-24

John Stafford , Ambrose Holland , and Elkana Smewin , were all three indicted for a Robbery upon the High-way, committed upon the Body of John Smith and others, in the Parish, of South-Mims, in the County of Middlesex, on the 10th of November last. They met him upon the Road in Mims Wash , and took from him 19 l. in Money, and 100 Yards of Bone-Lace value 31 l. which Smith swore he was robbed of, but could not swear to the Prisoners; only he said four Men robbed him; but another Evidence swore that he found the Lace in a Box in Stafford's Lodgings at the Black Horse in Queen-street, which Smith owned to be his, swearing positively to the Marks which was set on with his own hand: It was farther deposed that Stafford fled when he was first searcht after, and endeavoured to escape; but was at last taken in a Garret in Queen-street, and that one George Kemble , and one Wilder were concerned with him, who are not yet taken; and when Stafford and Wilder went out of Town, they were poor, but when they returned again they got all new Cloaths presently, and were full of Money. Another Evidence swore, that Holland was in the Robbery, and he knew him, for that his Teeth were out before, and had Pock holes in his Face; and when he came to see him in Newgate, he knew him very well again. Another Witness swore, that seven Men came to the Sign of the White Hart in South Mims, and called for a Flagon of Beer, and the Carriers and Mr. Smith coming by, they went no further from London, but returned back with the Carriers; and about half a Mile out of the Town they commited the Robbery, and kill'd some of the Horses, and took 700 s. from a Carrier out of 1500 l. and Smewin was one, and Witney the Captain of them all was in the company, who kill'd all the Horses to the number of 20 but is not as yet taken; and that they had two Led Horses: The Evidence was very clear against Holland and Smewin; they all called some Witnesses, Holland called a Chyrurgeon, who said, that he was wont to go to Administer Physick to him, and to dress a Swelling he had in his Breast, which he did from the second of November to the 17th; but he might be mistaken as to the time. Stafford's Witnesses spoke very favourably of him, saying, that he had a Horse kept in Queen-street, and that he had a Brother in Worstershire where he was wont to reside more than in London, and behaved himself in a very civil manner there, and that another man Lodged in the same Room with him, that had a Box as well as he, so the Lace might be there, Smewin had little to say, the Evidence being so positive against him, that he was one of the Seven, and rid upon a bright Bay Horse, less than the rest. Then the Court Summ'd up the Evidence exactly to the Jury, directing them to enquire fetiously into the Matter, and to bring in a Verdict according as in their consciences they found them deserving and not to forget how pernicious such Offenders were not only to the Right and Property of any particular Person, so robb'd by them, but to the Kingdom in general. The Trial was very long, and the Jury took, considerable time before they agreed, and at last, not being fully satisfied that it was found in Mr. Stafford's Box they acquitted him; but Holland and Smewin were found guilty of the Robbery; upon which Holland replied, before he went from the Bar, that when he was dead the Robbery would be discover'd more fully, and who were concern'd in it; endeavouring to insinuate into the Credit of the Court, so far as to make them have a good Opinion of him; that although he had been an ill Man formerly yet he was innocent of this robbery.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-25

Thomas Harding, alias Harday , of St. Pancrass's Parish , was tried for robbing the House of the Right Honourable Denzell Lord Hollis at Highgate , carrying away 15 yards of Silk, value 50 s. a Mohair Cushion, 6 Silver Forks, 8 Spoons, one Silver Tankard, 4 Salts, one Porringer, a Suit of Curtains and Vallens, an old Camblet Cloke, &c. The Evidence was positive that the Prisoner was one of the Thieves, there being three in number; and that he was running away, and was stopt in the Fields, and the Goods were dropt; he had little to say; so he was found guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-26

Richard Larrymore , Abraham Turner , two Boy s, and Elizabeth Hutchins , were all tried for stealing three Gold Rings, value 25 s. another Gold Ring set with a Diamond Stone, value 45 s. the Goods of Sir Roger Twisden of the Parish of Aldgate , on the 30th day of October last; The woman brought

the Rings to sell at a Goldsmiths in East-Smithfield, where she was stopt, with Larrymore, and the other Boy; Turner was taken in Hutchins's House; it was sworn that the woman was a person of ill same; but however, there was none could say the Rings were Mr. Twisden's; so they were all three acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-27

Thomas Allen was arraigned for stealing a Silver Tankard from Hugh Daniel , on the 8th of November last, in St. Gregory's Parish London , value 6 l. to which he pleaded guilty ; and to all others within benefit of the Clergy.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-28

Rowland Cadman , and Mary Cadman his Wife , were indicted for stealing from Dominico Burley of St. Giles's in the Fields, on the 8th of November last, one Lac'd Crevat, value 10 s. a Guinea, one half Guinea, and 3 l 10 s. 6 d. in Money ; the Witness was Burly himself, &c. who said that the woman enticed him to her Lodging in Ragged-Staff Court , and there he found the said Rowland; and as soon as he was in the Room, she made fast the Door; and after her Husband came in, and seized him, and laid him upon the Bed, and almost strangled him, and then pickt the Money out of his Pocket; but on the other hand, it appear'd that Burley did, or would have lain with the woman, and offer'd violence to her in that kind; so they were both acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-29

Ann Ray , Widow , was arraigned for robbing one William James in St. Bridget's Parish , on the 18th of September last, of two Silver Tankards, value 19 l. one Cup, value 4 l. 6 Silver Spoons, value 3 l. 10 s. another little Silver Cup, value 7 s. 6 d. to which Indictment she pleaded guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-30

Thomas Allen was arraigned upon another Indictment, for robbing Edward Trotman , Esq ; on the 23d of November , of a Seat of a Coach, value 30 s. to which he pleaded guilty .

Reference Number: t16921207-31

Elizabeth Nott, alias Launder , was tried for stealing a Silver Tankard from Symon Brooks , on the 10th of November last, in the Parish of St. Bennet Fink ; the Tankard was valued at 5 l. the Prisoner and a man, and a woman came to drink at Brooks's House, and after about a quarter of an hour's time, they went away with the Tankard; She was found guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-32

Sarah Latham was indicted for being Accessary to Ann Ducker in robbing one James Fodey , in the Parish of St. Andrew Undershaft , of 4 Pieces of Gold, and 28 l. in Money ; which Indictment Ducker confest, as may be seen in this Account; but no Evidence could prove her concern'd. She was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-33

John Palmer was tried for stealing from Rich. Blackham , of the Parish of St. Allhallows Barkin , 60 yards of Broad Cloth, value 15 l. There was a little remnant, and a List found at a Dyers, where the Prisoner carried some Cloth to be dy'd; but the Prosecutor could not swear it was Mr. Blackham's Remnant; so he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-34

Jane Glover was arraigned for stealing from Rob. Hatton of St. Martin's Ludgate, four 20 s. Pieces of Gold, and 4 s. in Money, which she privily took from him ; but no Evidence coming against her, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-35

Thomas Wale of Fullham , was tried for breaking the House of Robert Lympany in the same Town, on the 7th of October 1688, and taking away 2 s. Mr. Lympany's Evidence said, that the Prisoner was seen to jump out at the window of Mr. Lympany's Shop, and the Money was in a Box; which was mist in the morning, and the Doors were fast shut when the Family went to bed; it was supposed that the Prisoner was disturbed, or else he might have taken other Goods that were in the Shop; and the Witness could swear only to his Voice; and it was at midnight that he said he saw him come out of the window; so he could not be found guilty of the Burglary, and was discharged of the Felony by vertue of Their Majesties most Gracious Pardon .

Reference Number: t16921207-36

Edward Prick and John Bunworth , were both tried for stealing a Weather Sheep, value 15 s. from Richard Crislow of Islington , on the 3d of November last; The Evidence swore that the Sheep was found upon them; but being stopt, they threw it into a Ditch; the Prisoner Prick said that Bunworth stumbled at the Sheep in the Field, and they carried it to Islington, and went and drank a Flagon of Beer at a House of Good-fellowship; but this Story availing them nothing, they were both found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-37

Robert Wright was indicted upon two Indictments, one for robbing Nicholas Vaughan in the King's High-way, on the 6th of November ; the second for robbing John Clayton in the same manner , on the 5th day of December instant: the Prisoner met Vaughan between High-gate and Islington, and took from him a Cane and Peruke, and 7 s. 6 d. in Money; Clayton said that he robbed him presently after of 5 s. and meeting accidentally with Vaughan, he made his Case known to him, and they pursu'd him, and took him near Pancras Church; the Witnesses were very positive, and the Prisoner had nothing to say, but that he robb'd them first, and they robb'd him afterwards; so he was found guilty of the Robbery upon both Indictments.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-38

Elizabeth Pepper of Chiswick was indicted for breaking the House of Susannah Adshead in the day time, and taking away two Pieces of Gold, value 27 s. 10 Guineas, value 10 l. 15 s. 7 half Guineas, and 2 French Pistoles , on the 31st of October last, Mrs. Adshead said she lost to the value of 16 l. and upwards, and the Lock was took off, and hung upon the Hatch, but she could not say the Door was shut; the Prisoner confest the Fact, when taken, and the Prisoner was born next door to her, and had spent all the Money before she was taken, except 8 s. 4 d. halfpenny, which was within a Fortnight after; the Prisoner said the Trunk was open, and seeing the Money lie there, she took it; she was found guilty .

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-39

Frances Smith and Elizabeth Banister, alias Thomas , were both tried for robbing one William Lawrenson of St. Giles's without Cripplegate (together with one Henry Robinson , not yet taken) of a Silver Cup, value 30 s. 3 Gold Rings, value 40 s. 2 Spoons, value 17 s. one Guinea, and 15 s. in Money ; there was no Evidence but Mrs. Lawrenson, and she could not charge them positively; so they were both acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-40

Elizabeth Morgan, alias Jones , and Sarah Chandlor , were tried, for that they, together with Robert Smith not taken, did steal from Faith Butler , and others, a Quilted Petticoat, value 30 s. an Alamode Scarf, a Muff, 7 Ounces of Sowing Silk, three quarters of a yard of Callicoe, and other small Goods, which the Prisoners confest before Justice Marshall; and the Goods they had pawned at one Reads a Broker in St. Giles's; the House was broken open in the day-time , whilst the Family was abroad; they were both found guilty .

Elizabeth Morgan, alias Jones, was a second time tried singly for stealing a Shirt, valued 4 s. from George Young of Covent Garden , which she confest, when taken; and had pawn'd it at one Hills's a Broker; she was found guilty .

[Morgan: Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-41

Mary Bampford was indicted for breaking the Houses of one Robert Metcalfe , one Senses Parsons , and one Elizabeth Gamball , of Stepney Parish , on the 3d of October last: Metcalfe's Lock was shot back, and a Kettle was found in the Prisoner's House, which Metcalfe owned; but no positive proof was found that she took the Kettle, so she was acquitted of the first Indictment. Gamball swore that she found a Rug, a Blanket, and a Pillow of hers in the Prisoner's House, and other Goods which she had lost, and the Prisoner's Key would unlock the said Gamball's Door as well as her own; she was found guilty of Felony only . Parsons said the Door was shut on the over-night, and in the morning it was open, and the Lock broke, and the Goods taken away, which were 24 pair of Stokins, and 42 Skeins of Yarn and Worsted; the Stockins were found in the Prisoner's Apron by the Watch as she was going home with them; She was found guilty of Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-42

Elinor Jones , of St. Pancras Parish was tried, for that she, with one John Gilly , not yet taken, did Rob Elizabeth Hackaridge in the High-way, on the 8th of October last, and took from her (at the end of Grays-Inn-Lane in the Fields ) one Stuff Mantua Gown, value 16 s. a Petticoat, value 7 s. and other small Goods ; The said Hackeridge was coming to London, and the Prisoner and a Soldier met her with the Goods under her Arm, and under a pretence of helping her to a Lodging, the Soldier ran away with the Goods; and after she found the Prisoner in the Street, and took her with a Shift of Hackeridges upon her back; The Prisoner denied it. She was found guilty of the Robbery.

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-43

Margaret Scot , was indicted for stealing several Goods from Henry Gore Esq; on the first of December , a Morning Gown, value 5 l. a Coat, value 10 l. a Doe-skin Wastecoat, value 8 l. &c. but the Evidence not being positive, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-44

William Gillet a Boy , who went by the name of Nozy, was Tried, for that he together with one Walter Stephens , not yet taken, did steal from Henry Gore Esq ; on Monday was Seven-night last, 1 Silk Morning Gown, value 5 l. 1 Coat with Silver Buttons, value 10 l. a Wastecoat 8 l. a pair of Breeches, 40 s. 1 pair of Gloves 50 s. &c. The Goods were brought out of the Country, and a Porter set it upon a Shop Window, whilest he went to deliver a Letter in the Shop, and when he came to look for the Trunk it was gone; but no Evidence could charge the Boy, so he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-45

Elizabeth Cary the Elder, was indicted for Robbing one Capt. Conley of St. Dunstans in the East , on the 12th day of November last, of 2 Silver Tankards, value 14 l. 1 Porringer, value 50 s. 1 Pot 50 s. 6 Spoons, value 3 l. 7 Silver Forks 3 l. 10 s. a Cup 10 s. 1 pair of Holland Sleeves 10 s. and other Goods of

good value . The Prisoner's Daughter Elizabeth Cary the Younger, was arraigned with her, and confest the Indictment: And Mr. Conleys declared, that her Daughter was his Servant , and the Prisoner was seen at Mr. Connyer's Door the time the Robbery was done, and a Fork and Spoon was found about the Prisoner; and it appear'd, that she was an accessary to her Daughter in the Robbery, and there were Clipping Sheers and Scales found in their Custody, which gave suspicion that she had been an ill Woman before; so she was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-46

Henry Catling , of St. Giles Cripplegate , was Tried for making an Assault upon one James Welsborne , giving him a mortal Bruise upon the left side of the Head, of which he died in a few days after . The Evidence was, that he struck him over the Head with a Broom-stick; the Deceased was a going down White-cross-street , being the 5th of November was 12 Month last, some Boys being in the Street Hallowing, stopt the Deceased, and would make him Hallow; but he refusing, the Prisoner knock'd him down with the Broomstick, without any provocation given by the Deceased, and broke the Skull, which was afterwards Trepan'd by the Chyrurgeons, and laid open by a circular Incision, yet could not save his Life; but was really the occasion of his Death. The Prisoner had several Neighbours, who said he had always carried himself honestly and fairly amongst them, and never was given to quarrelling; he was found guilty of Manslaughter .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-47

George Wood of St. Margaret New Fish-street , was Tried for breaking into the House of Mr. Wayte there, on the 13th day of November last; the Goods lost were, 1 Gold Chain, value 6 l. 1 Pearl Necklace, value 12 l. 2 Gold Rings, 2 Silver Watches, value 8 l. 1 Porringer, value 40 s. 29 Silver Spoons, 1 Silver Tankard, value 8 l. a Silver Ladle, and abundance of more Plate, besides 113 Guineas, 42 pieces of Broad Gold, and other Gold, besides 100 l. in Silver, &c. The Prisoner was catch'd in the House with some of the Goods about him, and the Locks were broken, whilest the Family were at Church; and several Pick-lock-keys and a Betty were produced in Court that were found in the House. The Prisoner could say nothing for himself, so he was found guilty of Felony, but not of Burglary , it being in the day-time.

Reference Number: t16921207-48

Hyllary Tulley was Tried upon two Indictments, one for stealing of a Sword with a Handle inlaid with Gold, value 8 l. from one Mary Philboy : And and another for stealing several pieces of Gold from Matthew Philboy , of St. Martins in the Fields , on the 10th of June last. It was declared that he had pawned a Sword at a Goldsmiths; but no such Sword as is in the Indictment, only a Silver Hilted one; and it was not sworn positively that he stole the Sword, and as to the Cold there was no Evidence against him, by reason one was very ill at the same time. The Trial was long, and very distinctly handled, and the Gentlemen of the Jury were directed to be careful in their Verdict, as to matter of Fact on both sides; and the Jury having well considered of it; finding no full proof against the Prisoner sufficient enough to find him guilty; he was acquitted of the charge laid against him, in respect to both parts of the Indictment.

Reference Number: t16921207-49

Phillip Street , and Sarah Daering , were both indicted for stealing a pair of Hempen Sheets, on the 10th of November last, and several other Goods from Margaret Jacket of Harrow on the Hill ; the Cloaths stood in the Yard in a Tub, and 1 Sheet was found in Street's Yard, which Jacket said was hers; but the Prisoners brought good Evidence for their Reputation, that he was a sufficient Man, and had 14 l. a year free; so they were both acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-50

Edward Sympson, alias Dempley , and Grace Sympson , were both Tried for stealing a black Coat, value 3 l. a Wastecoat, value 40 s. a Silk Handkerchief, a pair of Gloves, and a Snuff-box, &c. from David Serah , on the 18th day of October last. The Evidence swore that some of the Cloaths were found upon the Woman, and they both confest the Robbery before the Justice, and they both had been Branded before, so they were found guilty of Felony.

[Edward: Death. See summary.]

[Grace: No punishment. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-51

John Wakeman , of St. James, Westminster , was Tried for Felony and high Treason, upon two Indictments, One for Counterfeiting and Coyning the Currant Money of England ; The Second for Clipping the same , on the 13th of October last: There were two Women only Evidence as to the First, who were very unwilling to declare their knowledge of the Prisoner; although they were suspected to be concerned with him in the false Money; they said that they did not know the Prisoner: For the Proof of the Second Indictment, there were Sheers and other Clipping Conveniencies produced in Court, besides some Clipt Money and Clippings, &c. which were found in the Prisoner's House, but nothing was found about him; and he shut the Door against the Constable at first, and double lockt it; but when they took him, he said he knew nothing of it, so he did upon the Trial; and as for his shutting the Door, he said he was afraid of Bailiffs: withal he said, he did not know what his Wife did, for that he was much abroad about publick Business; his Wife is not yet found, he was discharged of both Indictments.

Reference Number: t16921207-52

George Gawhon , and Pierce Jones , were Tried for stealing from Elizabeth Marshall in Drury Lane , on the 20th day of November , a Gold Ring, value 10 s. and a Thimble and a 6 d. but the Evidence not being positive against them, they were acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-53

John Gold , for stealing the Coach-Seat of John Coney Esq ; worth 40 s. The Prisoner was stopt in the Street in the dark, with the Coach-Seat in his custody, which he was seen to take out of the Coach, in Gravell Street and was knock'd down at Brooks-street End; The Prisoner said he took it up in the Street but did not prove it, he was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-54

Thomas Everton , was Tried for Robbing John Clark without Cripplegate , on the 7th of October last, of an Ivory handle Cane value 6 s. a Napkin, a Knife and Fork ; The Prisoner was a Lodger in Clark's House and whilst he was abroad, he took away the Goods; the Knife was found in his Pocket, and the Cane was pawn'd in Houndsditch. The Prisoner said the Prosecutor gave him leave to make use of the Cane, and he being a drinking at an Ale house pawn'd the Cane to pay his Reckoning; he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-55

Lawrence Fell a High-Dutchman, was Tried for breaking the House of Edward Bullock in the night-time, and taking away 48 Pound weight of Beef , which he confest, and said he was in drink, and knew not what he did: and Bullock swore that his Window was broke open but was shut on the over-night; but he might be mistaken, so he was found guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-56

Anne Ducker, alias Duckworth , was Arraigned upon an Indictment of Felony, for stealing 14 Guineas and 28 l. in Money from James Fodey , of the Parish of St. Andrew Undershaft ; to which she pleaded guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-57

Thomas Smith , was Indicted for stealing from Humphrey Watts of White-chappel, on the 4th of November last, 4 Hempen Sacks, value 14 s. 2 Pillowbaers 18 d. a Peck of Wheat Flour ; The Prisoner was a Journey man to Humphrey Watts, and the Goods were lost, and he was seen to carry some Flour home to his House, and the Sacks were found under the Prisoner's Bed; the Prisoner said that he carried Oats out in the Sacks, and his Wife put them under the Bed out of the way, and forgot to carry them home; and the Piliowbear Watts could not swear to, and the Flour he had liberty to take, so he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-58

George Seager , was Tried for stealing a Cloth Coat out of the House of Edward Staples of Stepney , on the 20th of November last, he was seen to take the Coat away; and being stopt, he dropt the Coat and got away and being pursued, was quickly taken. The Prisoner denied it: he was found guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-59

Charles Wilson was indicted for breaking the House of John Dupeer of Stepney , between the hours of Eight and Ten in the Night , on the 26th of October last; the Prisoner had been a Servant to Mr. Dupeer about a Twelvemonth ago, and now was found in Mr. Dupeer's Chamber, upon the Bed, and a naked Sword lying in the Room by him, and a gilt Pistole, value 1 s. was found about him, which Mr. Dupeer owned to be his; the Window was broke open, and a Pane of Glass took out. The Prisoner said he was very much in drink, which was allowed of by the King's Evidence, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-60

Jane Cook , wife of John Cook , of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted and tried for High Treason in clipping the currant Money of England , on the 22th day of November last. The Evidence declared upon Oath. That Cook was searcht, and in his Working Room was found some Clippings, and Sheers, and other Implements fit for Clipping, &c. which were produced in Court, and shewed to the Gentlemen of the Jury; but Cook himself was not to be found, but had happily left the Key of his Door behind him (he being gone abroad) but it did not appear that the Prisoner was concern'd in the thing; but rather her Husband, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-61

Edward Butt a Soldier , Tried for Felony in Robbing one Charles Carter of St. Giles in the Fields , on the 18th of October last, of a black Strip'd Petticoat, adorn'd with a Silver Fringe, value 34 s. another Petticoat value 36 s. a Gown, value 40 s. a black Moe-hair Petticoat, and divers other Goods of Good value . The Prisoner was a Lodger in the House, but there were other Lodgers besides him; and none could charge the Prisoner particularly, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-62

Anne Wythe , was Tried for Robbing John Hanchman of St. Giles without Cripplegate , on the 30th of November , of 3 Gold Rings, value 58 s. 6 pair of Diaper Child-bed Clouts. value 10 s. and a Pillowbear . The Prisoner came to visit Mrs. Hanchman, and being left in the House by her self, she took the Goods, which was plainly swore. She confest it when taken; she was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921207-63

Elizabeth Gibson pleaded guilty to an Indictment brought against her by John Stretton of White-chappel , for stealing a Holland Sheet, and a piece of Muslin Lace , &c.

Reference Number: t16921207-64

One Samuel Kendrick , of St. Martins in the Fields was Tried for a Misdemeanor, for going into France, and there holding correspondence with the Enemies of our present King and Queen, and returning again into England contrary to the Act of Parliament in that case made and provided . The Prisoner was heard to say, that the French King did not want men; for he could raise 17000 men, if he raised but one in a Parish. The Prisoner brought witness that he came over within the benefit of the said Act; so he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921207-65

One Thomas Wyllan . was indicted for Writing and Printing a Book in vIndication of Henry Harison Gent. who was lately Executed for the Murther of Dr. Andrew Clench; in which Book are several scandalous Expressions against the Proceedings of the Court at his Trial ; he pleaded guilty to the Indictment, and was fin'd 100 Marks for the Offence.

Reference Number: o16921207-1

Alexander Lunsden , for Writing and Composing a certain False, Scandalous and Seditious Libel against the King and Queen, and in favour of the late King James, gave Bail to answer next Sessions.

Reference Number: o16921207-2

Hugh Ridley , for Composing and Printing a Mock Speech, by way of a Ridicule to our present King William's last Speech to the Parliament at Westminster, gave Sureties to appear next Sessions.

Reference Number: s16921207-1

William Canning , was called to answer for that he was suspected to have printed the late King James's Declaration, and entred into a Recognizance to appear next Sessions, to answer the charge that shall be brought against him. &c.

On Saturday the 10th instant, The Right Honourable Charles Lord Banbury, was brought into Court, who was committed lately for killing of one Capt. Dawson; he pleaded his Right of Peerage by his Patent which was openly Read in Court, after which he moved for Bail; but was told it could not be granted, and the matter was referred till next Sessions.

The Gentlmen of the Grand Jury for the City of London, did this Sessions bring in a Presentment into Court, which was openly Read; the Contents of which were to this effect.

THAT whereas divers good wholesome Laws and Orders have been lately made in this City, for the strict Observation of the Lords-Day and for the Restriction of all such as offend in that case: yet notwithstanding several Persons in and about the City and Subburbs of the same, do still persist and go on in the Violation and Contempt of the same, by way of prophaning of the Lord Day, to the displeasure and dishonour of Almighty God, the discouraging of Vertue, and the increase of Vice and Wickedness; and to the disparagement of this Honourable City, &c. Therefore they did humbly entreat this Honourble Court, to take severe notice of the same, and to put the Laws in due Execution against;

First, All such as sit Tipling and Drinking in Taverns and Ale-houses on the Lords Day.

Secondly, Against all those who will not be Reformed, but do Sell Drink in Silver Tankards; because it occasions great trouble to this Honourable Court, by reason that so many Offenders in that kind are committed to Prison for stealing the same.

Thirdly, Against all Pedlars and Hawkers, or such as sit Selling of Fruit, &c. in the streets on the Sabbath-Day. To the intent that all such as offend herein may be brought to condign punishment, &c.

Anne Merriweather , was Arraigned upon an Indictment of High Treason, for printing the late King James's Declaration, unto which she pleaded not guilty, and was ordered to remain a Prisoner till next Sessions, to answer the same.

The Trials being over, the Court gave Sentence as followeth:

Burnt in the Hand. 20.

John Glendon, Thomas Allen, Thomas Catlin, Anne Ducker, Parnel Brandon, Anne Brown, Anne Ray, Anne Jenkins, Elizabeth Greene, Elizabeth Cary Senior, Elizabeth Cary Junior, Elizabeth Knott, Edward Ayers, Edward Prick, John Bunworth, John Gold, Lawrence Fell, George Seagor, Anne Wythe, Alice Chamberlain, a former convict. R. - J. was Respited from the Burning till further Order

To be Whipt. 2.

Mary Clever, Elizabeth Young.

Receiv'd Sentence of Death, 21.

Richard Star, Edward Sympson, Phillip Davies, James Greene, Mary Williams, Elizabeth Harris, alias Oliver George Wood, John Neale, Robert Marshall the Blind man, Daniel Jones, Ambrose Holland, Eikana Smewin, Thomas Harding, Robert Wright, Elizabeth Pepper Elizabeth Morgan, Sarah Chandlor, Mary Bampford, Elinor Jones, Phillip Maguire a former convict, and Henry Tankard, for killing Mr. Burton

Grace Sympson respited before Judgment.

To be Transported.

Elizabeth Starr.

Robert Earle, and Patrick Gilbert, to be sent into Their Majesties Service, and respited from the Penalty due to them for a Petty Larcenary.

Elizabeth Gibson delivered of a Child since her Arraignment. John Adderton, for Assaulting and Wounding Ralph Springall, Fin'd 40 l. And for running one Remington through the Arms, Fin'd 20 l. and to find Sureties for his good Behaviour for 12 Months, and to rest in custody till all be performed.

Mary William, Elizabeth Harris, alias Oliver, Elizabeth Pepper, Elizabeth Morgan, Elinor Jones, pleaded their Bellies, a Jury of Matrons were sworn to enquire and found them all quick with child. Sarah Chandlor, and Mary Bamford, an old Woman, said they were with child, but were not found so.

Clippers and Coiners left to be tried next Sessions.

Richard Cox, Richard Tapping, Mary Cartwright, Anne Matthews, Edward Jeavon, Katherine Jeavon, William Turner, William Baily, and Bethia Evans.

John Stafford, who was tried with Ambrose Holland, and acquitted, was ordered to remain, there being further suspicion upon him.

Benjamin Kallow, was ordered to be sent to Kent Affizes, for a Robbery on the High-way, committed upon the Honourable Sir Thomas Janson Baronet, near Tunbridge, in company of Whitney and other High-way-men.

Thomas Blackford, Brother to William Blackford, lately executed for Clipping, was ordered to go to Sea in the Service of the King and Queen.

Daniel Brett, and Giles Wilcox, were continued upon their former Recognizance.

Adam Banks Travers'd his Indictment.

Reference Number: a16921207-1


These are to give notice to all Persons for the benefit of this Publick That W. Elmy Professor of Physick, and Operator, of known Integrity, and above 25 Years Practice, liveth at the Blew-Ball in Whale-Bone-Court, at the lower end of Bartholomew-Lane, by the Royal-Exchange: Who most safely and expeditiously cures Deafness, and Noise in the Ears, in any, of what Age soever, (if curable) and at first sight by inspection resolves the Patient, if so or not, as most eminent Persons of Quality in this City can testifie. He hath likewise a Sovereign Head-Pill, which infallibly cures all Pains in the Head, whether old or newly contracted; Speedily taking only all Swimmings and Giddiness, preventing the dangerous consequence of Apoplectical Fits; preserves the Sight, and takes away all Accidents offending the Eyes. strengthens the Memory, and dishurthens the Brain of all offensive Humours, thereby rendring the Understanding more clear and vigorous.

These Pills, with Directions. He heath also Pills only prepared for the French Disease, and the Running of the Reins, may be had six Boxes of several Prizes, with other Vetnerial Arcanaes, as occasion requires, with Directions He bath likewise an expeditious way in curing all pains in the Teeth without drawing He hath likewise a most excellent Gargarisme or Month-Water, which will make black or yellow Teeth as white as Ivory in few times using; and it will certainly cure the Scurvey, and all other Diseases, incident to the Mouth, Teeth and Gums, with Directions.

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