Old Bailey Proceedings, 12th October 1692.
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THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE King and Queens Commissions Of the PEACE,

And Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-delivery of Newgate, Held for the City of London, and County of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th Days of October, 1692. And in the Fourth Year of Their MAJESTIES Reign.

AT the Sessions Held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, being the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th Days of October, 1692. before the Right Honorable Sir Thomas Stamp , Knt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, and Mr. Sarjeant Lovewell Recorder of the said City; Together with other of Their Majesties Justices of the City of London and County of Middlesex.

The Jurors were as follows,

London Jury.

Nath. Taylor ,

Isaac Dighton ,

William Florent ,

Anthony Lane ,

Henry Robins ,

James Townsend ,

James Stanchiffe ,

John Dennis ,

Charles Essington ,

William Turvill ,

Charles Reynoldson ,

John Clarke .

Middlesex Jury.

Edmund Salter ,

William Symcock ,

Robert Smith ,

Isaac Hickman ,

Francis Chapman ,

John Mills ,

William Willis ,

Thomas Barnes ,

Samuel Lynn ,

John Hynder ,

Richard Bromfeild ,

Walter Henshaw ,

The Tryals of the Prisoners were as follows.

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EDward Jones was Tryed for Breaking Mr. Robert Fowler 's House, in the Parish of St. Peter's Cornhil , on the 7th Instant, about Eleven of the Clock in the Evening ; the Prisoner and another came to the Shop and Gagg'd Mr. Fowler's Man, and would have taken away his Goods, but he crying out Murder, they run away; but before they went, they saluted Mr. Fowler's Man with several Blows over the Head, and much abused him, and the Prisoner was seen lurking about the Door all the Evening before the Robbery was done; the Prisoner denied the Fact, and the Witness might be mistaken, being dark: So he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921012-2

Elizabeth Askue was Tryed for Stealing 26 Ells of A-la-mode Silk, value 4 l. 15 s. the Third of September last, from one Thomas Goodwin ; The Prisoner came to Mr. Goodwin's Shop, in Aldersgate street , to cheapon some Silks, and by sleight of Hand she pincht away a piece of Silk , which was found under her Coats before she got away with it, and she had no Mony about her to pay for any Silk, which was very Suspicious; she denied the Matter, but had no Evidence on her behalf: So she was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-3

Sarah Welted , Wife of Edmund Welted , of St. Mary Bothaw , was Tryed for Stealing twenty Yards of Silk Lutestring, value 3 l. she was suspected to be an old Shop-Lifter, and was met in the Street with the Silk under her Arm , and she could give no good account how she came by the Silk, nor had any Witness to prove any thing, only she declared freely that she had been an Ill Woman in times past, but now she was become a new Convert, and had been very good for about half a Year last past; but there was no one that owned the Silk, but was only taken upon Suspicion: So in the Conclusion she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921012-4

Elisabeth Stiddiard was Tryed, for that she together with one Knowles, not taken, did Rob William Manning , on the 5th of August , in the Parish of Christ-Church , of a Silver Cup, value 6 l. 10 s. two Gold Rings, value 15 s. several other Goods besides, a Guinea and 7 l. 10 s. in Mony : The Prosecutor swore that the Prisoner had been his Servant before the Felony was done, and that his House was broke open; and that the Prisoner confest before Sir William Turner to have shewed Knowles the way into the Cellar, and that some of the Goods were pawn'd at one Mrs. Tanner's in Chick-lane, by one Elis. Toogood : The Prisoner denied it, but she was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-5

Judith Rolph was Indicted for Stealing one Gold Chain, value 8 l. a Silver Coral, value 20 s. a Lac'd Crevat, value 12 s. and some other Goods , on the 17th of June last; The Prisoner was hired as a Servant to the Prosecutor, one Mr. Royston , and the next Morning after she was hired, she took away the Goods, and went away with them, and was found last Sessions in Newgate, having been burnt in the Hand for another Fact; The Prisoner said that she never was in the House, and that she knew nothing of it, but the matter was plain: So she was found Guilty of Felony.

Reference Number: t16921012-6

Thomas Rogers , a Car-man , was Indicted for the Murder of one Elisabeth Cramp an Infant , by driving his Horse and Cart against her in the Street in the Parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch , on the 12th of May , giving her a mortal Wound upon the Thigh -

of which she dyed the Twelfth of August last ; The Evidence in the general swore that the Prisoner was unloading some Coals in the Street and the Hamlet Drums coming by, and Beating very hard, affrighted the Horse, and made him run away, and the Child being in the way, the Horse trampled upon the Child, and bruised her Thigh as aforesaid, which was Cured, and the Child was very well afterwards, as the Surgeons deposed, and said, They did not believe that the Hurt did any ways contribute towards the Death of the Child and the Prisoner had no design to hurt the Child So he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921012-7

Thomas Styles was Tryed for a Robbery upon the High-way, committed upon one Thomas Florett , on the 13th. of September last, in the Parish of South Mimms . The Indictment for forth, That Florett was put in fear by the Prisoner, and he lost 48 l. 8 s. 2 d. but Florett said he could not swear that the Prisoner was the Person that Robbed him; but two Men met him a little beyond Barnet about Eight a Clock, as he was Riding home from London; but he had nothing to say against the Prisoner, adding, that he knew not who Robbed him, but he was sure he lost his Mony; so the Prisoner was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921012-8

Kath. Arnett was Arraigned for Stealing a Mantua Gown, a Silk Petticoat, &c. from Edward King , on the 9th of May last. To which Indictment she pleaded Guilty .

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Eleanor Lowder was Arraigned for Robbing one Francis Jarvis , on the 25th of Aug. last, of two Pillows, two Pillow-beers, a pair of Sheets, and some other small Goods ; which she confest upon her Arraignment.

[Branding. See summary.]

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Alice Chamberlain was likewise Indicted for Stealing a pair of Silk Stays, a Petticoat, a Scarf, a Dow-lace Smock, and other wearing Apparel, &c. from one Steward . To which she pleaded Guilty .

Reference Number: t16921012-11

William Shaval a French man, was Tryed, for Stealing a Pound and an half weight of Sewing Silk, value 1 l. 10 s. on the 2 d. of July last, from Mr. Samuel Heynes of Westminster . The Prisoner was seen to run away with the Silk out of the Shop, after he had bought some Galloon ; and there was another Man in his Company, who can't be yet found. The Prisoner denied the Charge; yet he was found Guilty .

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Reference Number: t16921012-12

Elizabeth May of Stepney , (Wife of Jonas May ) was Tryed for Breaking the House of Matthew Whitrow , on the 4th of June last, and Stealing away a Silk Petticoat, a Silk Scarf, a Carpet, and divers other small Goods , some of which were found in the Custody of the Prisoner; but they being but little worth, she was found guilty only of Petty Lacenary .

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Reference Number: t16921012-13

Jane Warner of Islington , was Indicted for Robbing Ann Royley on the 26th of August , of a Serge Petticoat, value 10 s. a Laced Head-dressing, and some other small Goods ; which she Confest upon her Arraignment.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-14

Charles Nourse of the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields Gent. was Tryed for the Murder of George Page Gent. on the 11th day of June last, in manner thus, The Prisoner and the Deceased were seen to walk in the Fields together, on the Back side of Southampton House , and on a sudden the Deceased drew his Sword, and the Prisoner drew his also, and made several Passes at each other, after which, Page fell down, and after he was conveyed to a House in King-street, where he Died the next day: The Evidence were not positive that the Prisoner was the Person, being at a distance from him when the thing was done; but the Surgeon being called, declared, that he saw him Write down the Name of Nourse before he departed this World, being ask'd who Kill'd him, which was shewed to the Court; and it was proved that they were in Company together, the same day she said Page was Kill'd, at the Rain bow Coffee house in Fleet-street, and there they had some hot Words together about a Bond of 70 l. odd Mony that Mr. Nourse owed the Deceased, and immediately they both went out together into the Field and there Fought. The Prisoner denied the Matter of Fact, and endeavoured to perswade the Court that he was not the Man, although he was Wounded himself, and went to be Drest at another Surgeons, who he desired to go to see the said Page, who lay ill of his Wound at one Mr. Ridley's a Surgeon in Bloomsbury as abovesaid. There was no precedent Malice proved to have been between them, but rather a sudden heat of Passion; so the Jury having well weighed the Matter, brought him in guilty of Manslaughter .

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Thomas Harding was Tryed for Felony and Burglary, in Breaking the House of William Fawkner , on the 17th of September last, about Five in the Afternoon, and taking away one Cloth Coat, value 5 s. a Livery Coat, one Common Prayer-Book, a Bible, and two penny-worth of Whipcord, &c. The Prisoner was found upon the Dunghil near the House, but was stopt before he had opportunity to carry any thing off; The Prisoner said he was afraid of an Arrest, and therefore got over the Wall into that place for shelter; but there was a Pistol found about him charged with a Bullet, and Leather-bag with Bullets, and a little bundle of Whipcord, and a Chissel, all which was very Suspicions, but no one could say the House was broke open: So he was found guilty of Felony to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-16

William Rowland was Indicted for Breaking open the Cupboard of John Clarke and Christopher Rantzey , Partners in a Brewhouse , and taking away a Linen Bag, value 2 d. and 70 l. in Mony . The Prosecutors made appear that the Prisoner was a Servant to them, and the Night the Mony was lost, the Prisoner being at home three or four Doors off, came about Two of the Clock in the Morning to the Brewer, who lay in the Stoak-hole, and told him there was a Light in the Counting-House, and that he feared the same was Robbed, which was all the Evidence could make out against the Prisoner: So he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921012-17

Alice Webb was Arraigned for Stealing a flowered Silk Gown, value 40 s. a Tabbey Petticoat, value 10 s. another 20 s. and other Goods , which she confest immediately, &c.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-18

John Gurley was Indicted for Clipping the Currant Coin of England , he was taken the 26th of September last, at his Lodging at one Mrs. Fettyplaces in Wine-Office Court in Fleet street (where upon Search) was found two pair of Shears, a pair of Scales and Weights, and in the Chimney was found a parcel of Clippings in a Bag; the strength of the Evidence was mostly against the Prisoner's Wife, who is not yet taken, who was seen oftentimes very private in her Chamber lock'd up, with a Cloth hang'd upon the Key-hole to conceal her self; and no Evidence could charge the Prisoner to Have any hand in the matter, for that he was a Soldier , and always abroad, &c. So he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921012-19

Anne Danby was Tryed for Stealing a Silk Gown, and some other Goods , from one Mary Awde Spinster , the 13th of September last, the Prisoner was entertained

by Mrs. Awde to lie with her all Night, and in the Morning when she was gone she mist her Gown; &c. And after she found the things at a Pawn-brokers in Sohoe, and when she was brought before Sir William Turner she confest it, but denied it upon her Tryal; Yet she was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-20

Henry Tankard Esq ; was Try upon two Indictm. one at Common Law, the other upon the Statute of Stabbing, for the Murder of John Burton , Gent. on the 1st of September . The Evidence swore, that Mr. Tankard went into King-street to the House of one Thomas Smith in Bloomsbury, about Eight a Clock in the Morning, and after a little time, in came the Deceased Mr. Burton, and after they had Talked privately together, Mr. Tankard went out first, and Mr. Burton followed him, and into the long Field behind Southampton House they go, and there they Fight, and immediately Mr. Burton fell down upon his Face and Died; after which, Mr. Tankard made away, but was stopp'd by the aforesaid Mr. Smith, and he telling him that he had Kill'd a Man, Mr. Tankard desired he would send his Son or some body to see if he were Dead, adding, that he was very sorry for it, and hoped that he had not Kill'd him: There were other concuring Evidence, who agreed in their relation as to matter of Fact, how that Mr. Burton was found Dead, lying upon his Face, with his Sword lying under him not Drawn, and a Mortal Wound upon his Breast, of the depth of five Inches: The Swords were produced in Court, and Mr. Tankard was told, that his Sword was a very Unlawful one to fight a Duel withal, and much longer than Mr. Burton's, &c. The Prisoner Mr. Tankard declared, that he had no design of Fighting, but went only to take a Walk towards Tatnam Court, and when he came into the Field, Mr. Burton drew upon him, having first told him that he had oftentimes affronted him about drinking Healths; for that when Mr. Burton did begin any Health, the Prisoner would always oppose him or contradict him one way or other, therefore he did immediately demand Satisfaction of him, so to fighting they went, and he was so unfortunate as to give him the Wound, for which he was very sorry, and had ever since been under great trouble of Mind for so sad an Accident; besides after he had Wounded him, he put up his Sword, and endeavoured to lead him away to a Surgeon, but he fell down Dead before he had led him far. The Prisoner called one Evidence, who proved that they were at the Globe Tavern in Chancery-lane over Night, and were very good Friends then, only there were some Healths drank, but no distaste was seen to arise there about it. The Tryal lasted very long, and the Evidence was particularly Summed up to the Jury, who were desired carefully to weigh the nature of the Crime according to their Consciences, so were ordered to withdraw, and after some considerable time, they return'd a Verdict, that Mr. Tankard was guilty of Murder, but not upon the Statute of Stabbing.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-21

Charles Putnam , Thomas Putnam , Labourers , and Francis Moore , Gent. were all three Indicted and Tryed for High-Treason, in Cutting, Clipping, Filing and Diminishing the Currant Coin of this Kingdom, &c. The Witnesses for the King declared, That Charles Putnam was found in his House near the Castle-Tavern in Fleet-street, with a Melting-pot by the Fire full of Silver Clippings; and in another Room one pair of Stairs higher, was found Shears, Files and Melting-pots, and such other Necessaries for the Clipping Trade; and upon the Bed in the Room where Charles Putnam was, was found some Clippings and Clipt Mony, and Charles Putnam made his Escape down Stairs, but was stopt presently in Shoe-Lane. The other two Prisoners were wont often to resort to Charles Putnam's House, and were in the House when the said Putnam was taken. The said Charles Putnam's Man and Maid Servant were both examined, but they gave account that they never knew any thing of the matter, nor never saw them Clip, neither had Suspicion of any such thing, but the Maid said further, that she had seen Men go up and down Stairs often, but she did not know what they did there; There were some Shears found in Thomas Putnam's House in Canon Street , and Mr. Moore gave him Two-pence with which he bought a Melting-pot, &c. So that it appeared the two Brothers were equally concerned in the High-Treason. All the Shears, Files and Rubbing-stones, were produced in Court, as a further Evidence against them, &c. Charles Putnam endeavoured to extenuate the Fact, and said, He was surprized by reason the Person that first took him in the Chamber had an extravagant Hanging Sword on, and threatned him, insomuch that he thought he would have hang'd him presently, &c. He called several Witnesses who declared, That he had behaved himself honestly and fairly heretofore, and that they had always received good Mony of him. The two latter called some Evidence likewise to their Reputation; who said, They never knew any hurt by them; particularly Mr. Moore had been a Clerk sometime ago in the Ballance-Office, where he behaved himself very justly: After this the Gentlemen of the Jury were distinctly directed to enquire, and because they did not find a sufficient Evidence against Mr. Moore, they Acquitted him, but the two Putnam's were found guilty of the Indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

[Moore: Provide sureties for good behaviour. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-22

John Burrowes was Tryed for feloniously taking from a Gentleman in the Street, a Silver hilted Sword, value 3 l. He said that he was knockt down near St. Magnes Church at the Bridge-foot in London, and his Sword taken away ; there were three or four more Fellows that were about him besides the Prisoner, and a little time after the Sword was sent to the Gentleman again; The Prisoner was immediately taken, and offered Mony to be let go, and at his Tryal he denied it at first, but at last owned the Fact: So he was found guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-23

Richard Ellis and Mary Nicholas, alias Murray , were both Arraigned and Tryed for Felony and Burglary, in Stealing Seventeen Pistols from John Silk of St. Botolph Aldgate , value 25 l. They were taken in Bed together, and in their Lodging was found one pair of the Pistols with Silver Caps, and some others were pawned at a Brokers, which were owned by the said Silk to be his: The Woman said, That she was desired by another Woman to Pawn them, but she did not know that they were stollen Goods, and disowned that she was Married to Ellis. There was no Proof against Ellis particularly as to the Fact, so he was Acquitted , but the Woman was found guilty of Felony.

Reference Number: t16921012-24

Rich. Ellis , and Mary Nicholas, alias Murray , were both Indicted for Breaking the House of Abraham Walker in Bishopgate street , on the 13th of September last, the Shop was broke open about Two or Three a Clock in the Morning, and these Goods were taken away, viz. 120 A la mode Hoods, 20 Ells of White Sarsnet, value 3 l. Fourteen Yards of Lute-string, value 30 s. 18 Lac'd Tippets, value 7 l. 16 Black Hoods, value 7 l. 40 Yards of Cloth, value

10 l. 40 Yards of Holland, value 4 d. 200 Yards of gray Lace, value 5 l. 66 Womens Girdles, value 3 l. 120 Yards of Silver and Silk Ribboning, value 20 l. 20 Yards of Hair-Fringe, 48 Yards of Copper-Lace, value 20 s. 120 Yards of other Lace, value 25 l. 96 pair of Stockings, value 20 l. and other Goods of great value ; Some of the Goods were found in Ellis's Lodging, in Half-Moon-Court in Bishopgate-street, viz. a Box of Ribboning was hid betwixt the Ceiling and the Rafters on the Top of the House, and Nicholas used to Lodge with him there; and they were Confederates together in the Robbery, and Ellis had another Lodging near the Artillery-Ground, in which were found several other parcels of the Goods in the Indictment mentioned. Ellis said he knew nothing of it, and that he was a Painter and work'd for his Living, but he had no one to speak well of him, and Mrs. Walker said that he knew her House very well, and had Painted it not long since: Nicholas denied it. They were both found Guilty of Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-25

Christopher Abel and John Demmy , were Tryed for Felony, in taking Mr. Thomas Wigg s Hat off his Head in Ironmonger lane , on the 4th. of October Instant, value 15 s. which Mr. Wigg said he had bought about four or five days before; and that Demmy met him and run against him, and stopp'd him in the persuit of the other Person who run away with the Hat, who proved to be Abel; so they were found guilty of the doing the Fact, but left to a special Verdict for the Court to consider further of it.

Reference Number: t16921012-26

John Hodston of the Parish of St. Paul's Covent-Garden Gent. was Tryed for Marrying two Wives, the first Named Frances Bredey , whom he Married the 22d. of August, 1686. in the Second Year of King James the Second, at the Parish of St. Michael in Dublin; the other Named Mary Dyer , whom he Married at Stepny the 16th. of May last . The first Witness to prove the first Marriage, was the Minister, who declared upon his Oath; that he Married him to Bredy in a House at Dublin, and that they Co-habited together about a Year, or thereabouts, and that he was in Deacons Orders when he Married them, and confest that he had done inconsiderately in the matter; but yet the Court satisfied the Prisoner that his Orders were sufficient enough to Marry them: Another Witness corroborated the Ministers Evidence to the same Effect. The Prisoner asked some indifferent Questions not Pertinent, to Invalidate the King's Evidence, and could not prove any thing material for himself; besides, there was a third Evidence who Swore that he brought the said Bredy into England, and Co habited with her, and had one Child by her; all which he could not deny: The Prisoner readily confest, that he Married the second Wife on the 16th of May last, viz. Mary Dyer, adding that he was not willing to give the Court any further trouble as to that; and that he went into Ireland, about Michaelmas 1686. and therefore it could not be supposed that he should Marry the first Wife Bredy; this he strived to affect the Court withal by some Witnesses he called on his side, who were not Sworn, who gave account of it was plainly proved as to the Marriage of the first was plainly proved as to the Marriage of the first Wife; so after a very long Hearing, the Prisoner was found guilty of Felony.

Reference Number: t16921012-27

Charles Johnson was Indicted for the Murder of one John Stable , on the 17th day of February last, giving him a Mortal Wound upon the Breast near the right Pap, of the deph of six Inches, of which he Died : He was Indicted likewise upon the Statute of Stabbing; the Matter of Fact was, that the Prisoner would have forced the Prosecutor a Woman to go to a Tavern with him, and the said Stable standing by and knowing the Gentlewoman, interposed against the Prisoner and took the Womans part, upon which the Prisoner fell a Caning the said Stable, who was a Chair-man in St. James's Square, after which Johnson drew his Sword, and gave him several Stabs upon his Breast, &c. But this was Sworn only by a kind of a Distracted Woman, who goes by the Name of the Spanish Lady. There were other Witnesses, who declared, that the Prisoner brought the said Lady to the Watch-house, and Charged her in Custody of the Constable, for picking his Pocket: The Man was Kill'd about five Years ago; and the reason why she did not Charge Johnson sooner, was because she could not find him out; and she declared to Mr. Coroner, that a Man in Black did Cane Stable, and after that Stabb'd him upon the Breast and Back, but she did not know his Name, not who it was: So she was found to contradict her self, and she was a Woman of an ill Fame, and therefore the Jury did not think fit to believe her Evidence, being doubtful; upon which the Prisoner was Discharged .

Reference Number: t16921012-28

Robert Harris was Tryed for Stealing on the 20th of August last, one Red Cow, value 3 l. 10 s. a Black Cow, value 3 l. 10 s. a Finch Cow, value 4 l. from one Joan Collins , who said, That she lost the Cows out of her Field at Kentish-Town in Pancras Parish but no Witnesses could swear he stole them, and the Prisoner call'd some Witness who proved that Collins owed the Prisoner a considerable Sum of Mony, upon which Collins made all his Goods over to Harris, and the Prisoner after the Death of Collins, the Husband of the Prosecutor could not get his Mony, because she Sequestred: So he took the Cows in part of his Debt, which was fully made out by very credible Evidence, so he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921012-29

Jane Walker, Wife of Samuel Walker, alias Jane Steel of Hornsey was Tryed upon two Indictments, the first for stealing a Diamond Ring, value 10 l. two Gold Rings, value 12 s. a Locket, value 10 s. a chained Coral Ring, value 7 s. from Judith Merry ; The second for Stealing on the 30th of January , in the Third Year of the King and Queen, from Jeremiah Spencer , a Silver Mony-Box value half a Crown, a Gold Ring, value 20 s. and 29 s. in Mony . Spencer swore that she Lodged at his House, and went away with the Goods, and that she went by the name of Steel when she lived in his House, but the Prosecutor had no Evidence but himself, and could make nothing of it; So she was Acquitted of the Indictment, and to prove the first no Evidence appeared: So she was Acquitted in Course.

Reference Number: t16921012-30

James Lenon was Indicted for a Robbery in the High-way, Committed upon one Joshua Droaning in the Parish of Pancras near the Pinder of Wakefield, at a place call'd the Court of Guard , on the 17th of September last ; There were two of them set upon him, the Prisoner and another who is fled, and took his Hat, his Peruke, his Sword, and his Breeches, and then lead him aside into the Field, and left him bound: The Prisoner denied the Fact, and called several good Evidence who proved he was in his Mother's Chamber from Six a Clock till Ten that Night the Robbery was done: So he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921012-31

William Noble , a Soldier , was Tryed for Killing Richard Colket in Pancras Parish, on the 14th of June last, giving him a Wound upon the Breast of the depth of three Inches , the Man, viz. Colket, was found dead in Crab-tree Fields lying in the Grass upon his Face, and a Sword lying near him, about three a Clock in the Morning; there were some Witness for the King, who swore,

That there had been some small Quarrel between the Prisoner and Colket on the over Night, at the Ball in White-Friars, but they seemed to be good Friends before they parted; however they changed Gloves at last before they went to their Lodging, and the morrow Morning they Fought, and the Prisoner kill'd Colket, and was found sometime after in the Marshalseys, and said that he did it in his own defence, so he did upon his Tryal, and said, That the said Colket abused him and call'd him Black-Guard-Rogue, and told him he was not fit to Serve the King, urging him to fight him, which he endeavoured to put off but could not, adding, that he had no ill will against the said Colket, &c. So he was found guilty of Manslaughter .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-32

Mary Bowman was Indicted for Stealing a Cloth Houssing adorned with Gold and Silver Lace, value 9 l. to which she pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-33

John Connyers and John Price were both Tryed for stealing from Joan Rose , a Watch with a Gold Case, a Ring, value 40 s. three other Rings, value 30 s. six Spoons, value 3 l. a Silver Salt, value 24 s. a Cup, value 24 s. a Box, value 5 s. and 13 l. in Money . The Prisoners with another that is Absconded, came to Rose's House under pretence of looking for Prohibited Goods, and seized her and took the Keys out of her Pocket, and took away the Goods abovesaid. Connyers said in his Defence, that he came to the House to Search for some Prohibited Goods, and there he found Mrs. Rose a Clipping Money, and her Daughter a Filing; but the Prosecutor brought an Evidence to contradict him in that; but however Rose was sent to Newgate upon the Prisoner's Information. About a Fortnight since Price owned that he was there as an Assistant to the Custom-house Officer , but he was not in the Room, but left below Stairs; and the Prisoners could produce none of the Clipp'd Money, neither had any Evidence to justifie what they said; so they were both found Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-34

Mary Clever was Tryed for Robbing her Master , one Samuel Smelt , of a Laced Tippet, a Scarf, a Silk Hood, and other small Goods : She was found in a House near London-Wall with some of the Goods upon her; So she was found guilty of Felony, value 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-35

Elizabeth Hicks, alias Hickman , was Tryed for stealing from James Honeywood her Master , three Laced Coronets, a Flaxen Table cloth, some Holland Coifs and Aprons, with other small Goods . She was Taken three Hours after, and she directed her Master to the Goods; So she was brought in guilty value 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-36

Elizabeth Hooper and Elizabeth Deale , were both Tryed for Breaking the House of one John Hardwicke , and carrying away a Stuff Pettycoat, value 6 s. a Silk Scarf, value 9 s. a Laced Coronet, value 4 s. three Coifs, an Apron, and divers other Goods, &c. The Evidence was Hardwick and others, who said, that he went abroad and left his Door Locked; and that Hooper confest to have unlock'd his Door, and took out the Goods; and that she came to Hardwick and told him that she had Paw1ned the Goods in Barbican for 10 s. 6 d. It farther appeared that the Prisoners both Lodged in the same House where Hardwick Lodged, and so took the Goods; which they Confest before Sir William Turner, and they both absconded themselves; but it did not appear that Hooper opened the Door; so she was found guilty of Felony only ; but Deale was found guilty of both Felony and Burglary.

[Hooper: Branding. See summary.]

[Deale: Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-37

Josias Whitbey of St. Clement Danes Gent. was Tryed for Killing one Patrick Vesey , on the 20th of August last, giving him a Mortal Wound near the Navel of the depth of six Inches, of which he died . The Evidence for the King gave Account, that Mr. Whitbey and Mr. Vesey, and another Gentleman, were at the Horn-Tavern in Fleet-street, drinking a Glass of Wine, and some Words hapned betwixt Mr. Whitbey and Mr. Vesey, concerning one Mrs. Gee, but the Witness could not tell the meaning of it, because they whispered, whether they meant the Capital Letter G, or the Name Gee, upon that Mr. Whitbey would have gone away, and would have paid the said Mr. Vesey's Reckoning; but the other Gentleman took upon him the part of a Mediator, and perswaded them to be Friends, which they seemed to be before they went from the Tavern; but when they came into the Street they whispered again, upon which the other Gentleman kept Mr. Whitbey from Mr. Vesey, and Mr. Vesey went away, and Mr. Whitbey promised the Gentleman that he would not pursue the Quarrel that Night, but he was not so good as his Word, for in a little time after (which was between a 11 and 12 a Clock at Night) Mr. Whitbey met with the said Vesey on the backside of St. Clements, and there they fought, and Mr. Whitbey (as the Witness did verily believe) did give a Thrust into the Belly, of which he fell down dead, and then the Prisoner took his Sword and broke it, and after he had put up his own Sword, he went to his Lodging near Bloomsbury: This was the Proof against him on the King's side, the Prisoner did not deny the Fact, but said that Mr. Vesey way-laid him at the end of Chancery-Lane, and told him, That He would have Satisfaction of him, upon which he endeavoured to qualifie the deceased, but he would not, but followed him as far as the Angel-Inn on the backside of St. Clements as abovesaid, and there he drew upon him, upon which he drew his Sword and gave him the Wound, but he did not think it Mortal, adding, That Mr. Vesey and were very good Friends before: So he was found Guilty of Felon and Manslaughter only .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-38

William Loggins was Indicted of High-Treason, for Clipping Filing and Defacing the Currant Coin of England ; The Prisoner being searcht, in his Pocket was found a little Box of Clippings and in his House was found a parcel of Copper pieces, such as at in the middle of Farthings, and a File or two; The Prisoner said his Child found the Box of Clippings in Lester-Fields, and brough it to him, and said he had a Lodger in his House, who used the Files, and he called a Witness or two, who said that they saw the Girl take up a Box in Lester-Fields, but they did not know her The Girl said the same, how that she found it, but not upon Oath being under Age; there was no colour of Suspicion against the Prisoner, he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16921012-39

John Browne , Sarah Browne his Wife and Anne Fisher , on the 30th of September last, did Coin and Counterfeit 10 Mill'd Shillings of K. Charles II. and several of K. James II's Groats , and several Stamps and Shears for Clippings and other Necessaries fit for Coining were found in the House, it being searcht; The false Coin and the Metal was found in the Chamber where Browne was and in Sarah Brownes Hand was found two Counterfeit Half pence and two false Mill'd Groats, and 40 s. of Clipt Mony was found if a Drawer which Fisher owned to be hers; This was the sum of the Evidence against them: The Prisoners called some Neighbours who gave account that the Prisoners had always been hard Pains takers, and used to Stich Bodice for their Livelihood; they all denied the Fact, but the Proof was strong against the two first: So they were found Guilty , but Fisher was Acquitted .

[John: Death. See summary.]

[Sarah: Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-40

Daniel Payne as Principal, and Arthur Bunn as Accessory, were Tryed for stealing 22 Sheep , on the 22th of August last, from Joseph Weedon of Harrow on the Hill ; The Sheep were found at Knights-bridge, and Payne confest it when taken; and one Evidence swore that Payne had the Sheep in his Custody at Knights-Bridge, and that Arthur Bunn bought the Sheep; It was further made out, that Payne confest he took the Sheep because he was in Poverty, and ow'd Mony and could not pay it and Bunn paid honestly for the Sheep: So he was Acquitted , but Payne was found Guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-41

Ann Mills was Tryed for stealing a silver Tankard, value 7 l. from William Robling in Exeter-street , on the 9th of September , Mr. Robling swore that the Prisoner came to his House and told his Maid that a Neighbour of theirs was coming to her, one Mr. Green, and therefore desired a Tankard of Drink might be drawn, which was done, and whilst the Maid went into the Cellar, she took away the Tankard, and on the Tuesday following she was taken in the Street by one Anne Lane and Mary Rosseter ; she told them she Sold the Tankard to a Man in the Street for 10 s. she had no Witnesses: So she was found Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-42

Elisabeth May was a second time Indicted for stealing from Robert Forbus on the 13th of May last, 4 Childrens Blankets, value 8 s. a Bell metal Pestle and Mortar, value 9 s. and a Smock . The Witness declared that the House was broke open about one a Clock in the Night, but the Prosecutor could not say the Prisoner broke the House: Another Evidence swore that the Prisoner brought some Blankets to sell to her, which were own'd by the Prosecutor, and the paid half a Crown for them: Was found Guilt of Petty Larcenary .

Reference Number: t16921012-43

Hester Hodges a Girl , was Tryed for Breaking one Philip Brownet 's House about Twelve a Clock at Noon, taking away an Alamode Hood, val. 5 s. a Sarsnet Hood, a Scarf, a Lac'd Tippet and other small Goods , which were found about her. The Girl denied it; but was found guilty value 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-44

John Burnet and Abraham Welsh, alias Captain Welsh , were Arraigned for Robbing William Child of a Silver Tankard, value 4 l. 10 s. a Silver Cup, value 5 l. a Salt, 3 l. 10 s. a Porringer, 50 s. two Silver Cups, 20 s. two Silver Spoons 20 s. two Gold Rings, 15 s. two French Pistols, 35 s. four Guinea's and 30 l. in Money . Burnet confest the Indictment presently; and Mrs. Child swore, that Welsh and Burnet came to her House in Radcliff High-way and called for Wine, and when they were gone, the Plate and Money was missed. This was plainly proved upon the Prisoner, who had nothing material to offer for himself so he was found guilty of Felony.

[Burnet: Branding. See summary.]

[Welsh: Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-45

Barbara Chambers alias Rolph was Tryed for Stealing from one Samuel Sampson three Silver Tankards, value 23 l. three Spoons, three Muslin Cornets; a Stuff Petticoat, a pair of Sleeves and other Goods ; which the Prisoner Confest when Taken; so she was found guilty of Felony.

Reference Number: t16921012-46

F - M - was Indicted for Stealing on the 27th day of September , four Gold Rings, value 24 s. two silver Watches, value 5 l. a Camblet Cloak, two silver Plates, value 4 l. 10 s. two Tankards, value 5 l. two silver Salts, value 3 l. a Porringer, 20 s. three Cups, value 30 s. a silver Baker and other Plate and Goods besides 4 l. in Money, from one Mr. Richard Jarvis in Butler's Ally in Grub-street ; who said that the Door was open about three a Clock in the Afternoon, and two Fellows came in to him and fell upon him and put one of their Fingers into his Mouth, and bound him with a Cord round his Middle, then put him into

Cellar, and afterwards Rifled the House , and he believed but the Prisoner was one of the Persons; and other Evidence swore, that the Prisoner confest the Fact when Taken at his ife in Old-street, and that one Tanner did entice him to be concerned with him in the Robbery, and one Purser, Landlord Mr. Jervis, who are not to be found. The Prisoner confest, t he was the Person that stood over Mr. Jervis to keep him quiet, whilst Purser and Tanner were above Stairs Rifling the house; and that he took the Ring off his Finger and gave it to Tanner. The Prisoner had very little to say in his Defence, only confest he was in the House, but did not meddle with any thing. But that did not avail him; so he was found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-47

George Knappyer was Tryed for a Cheat, in offering 21 Shillings and 3 Half Crowns of Counterfeit Money to one Joseph Matthias ; who said, that the Prisoner being in his Company, offer'd him Shillings a piece for Guinea's, and he changed 27 Guinea's h him at the aforesaid Rate, but the Silver he gave in Exchange was most of it Counterfeit, except one Half Crown, which was ly proved upon the Prisoner; so he was found guilty of a Misdemeanor.

[Fine. See summary.]

[Provide sureties for good behaviour. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-48

Mary Tisdale as Principal, William Clasey , Margaret Clasey , Bartholomew May , Winifred May , and Grace Dempsey as Accessories, were all Arraigned in one Indictment; For that Mary Tisdal being a Servant to one Daniel Sadler , did Steal several pieces of Plate and other Goods ; to which Indictment Mary Tisdal pleaded Guilty . The Accessories were Acquitted .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-49

Elisabeth Gardner and Sarah Treley , were both Tryed for High-Treason, in Cutting the Currant Coin of England ; where was found upon them a considerable quantity of Clippings, with Clipt Mony and Melting Pots, and Shears, &c. And a Clipping of a half Crown was found in Gardner's Bosom; &c. Mrs. Treley seem'd much concerned, but there was none that could charge her home: So she Acquitted , and Gardner was found Guilty of High Treason.

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-50

Mary Browne and Sarah Sheldon , Wife of Fulk Sheldon , were Tryed for Felony and High-Treason, for Clipping, Filing and Diminishing the Currant Mony of this Kingdom , on the 5th Instant, Mrs. Sheldon's House being search'd, Mary Browne was found sitting in a Room with two pair of Shears and some Clipt Mony and Clippings lying before her, and some broad Mony was found in a Chest of Drawers, and Sheldon was found standing without the Chamber-Door. Mrs. Sheldon in her Defence, said she found the Clippings and the other things in the Red-Lyon-Inn Passage in Great Gray's-Inn-Lane, and called some Witnesses of her Neighbours, who could say but little for her, any more than that she paid those that the dealt with in as good Mony as is wont to pass, &c. Browne said she was a hired Servant to Mrs. Sheldon, and was no ways concern'd, but she could not prove it: So they were both found Guilty of High Treason.

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-51

Elisabeth Whiteing , Wife of Richard Whiteing , of the Parish of St. Clement Danes , was Arraigned for Stealing a Silk Petty-Coat, value 20 s. a Crape Petty-Coat, value 10 s. a Laced Tippet, a Laced Handkerchief, and divers other Goods , from Christopher Saunders ; To which Indictment she pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16921012-52

Billidge Clayton , was Indicted for a Misdemeanor against the present Government, which Indictment consisted of Three Parts; The First set forth that the Prisoner did procure a certain small Vessel, (under a Pretence of making her a Cruising Privateer) to convey and carry over several Persons into France, who were profest Enemies to our present King and Queen. The Second part was for Drinking a Health several times, in several places, to the French K. the late K. James, his Queen, to the Hans in Kelder, and to the Prosperity and good Success of all their Designs. The Third part was for Drinking a Health to the Confusion of the present Government, adding, That Hunch'd Nose William's Forces would not fight, but would go over to the French K. and hoped withal that King James would be here within this Twelve Month .

The Evidence for the King and Queen, to prove this, declared upon Oath, That the Prisoner had drank the abovementioned Health several times in his company, and that he had made an Agreement with him to carry several persons into France, particularly he was to carry the Lord Preston, and Will. Penn, and for his Incouragement in so doing, was to have 20 Guineas a Man for every person he should carry; Nay, that he should have a French Commission so to do, brought to him by the first Passenger the prisoner should send on Board the said Ship, and that if he met with a Tartar (meaning thereby the French Privateers) he should not fear, for the Prisoner would find out away speedily to clear him, as appeared by several Letters written by the prisoner; The prisoner called several Witnesses on his behalf, who strived to bring a Reproach and Scandal upon the King Evidence, which avail'd him nothing, for it was so frivelous, that it was of no force on the prisoners side,

Then the Court proceeded to sum up the Matter of Fact, on both sides very distinctly to the Gent. of the Jury, telling them of the evil Example, and bad Consequence such Presidents are of, and how it tended only to foment and to stir up heats and divisions amongst the Kings Subject, and that the Prisoner had great favour shewed him in that it was made but a Misdemeanor, and that such Persons ought to be exemplarily punished, &c. The Jury having well considered of the matter of Fact, brought in a Verdict, that the Prisoner was Guilty of a Misdemeanor.

[Fine. See summary.]

[Provide sureties for good behaviour. See summary.]

Reference Number: s16921012-1

The Tryals being over, the Court gave Sentence as followeth:

Burnt in the Hand 20.

John Connyers, John Price, Elis. Askue, Elis. Stiddiard, Anne, Danbey, William Shavall, Charles Nourse, William Noble, James Whitbey, Daniel Payne, John Burnet, Kath. Arnett, Elenor Lowder, Jane Warner, Alice Webb, Mary Bowman, Mary Tisdale, Elis. Whiteing, Elis. Hooper, Anne Mills.

Persons received Sentence of Death 16.

Charles Putnam, Thomas Putnam, John Burrowes, Rich. Elis Mary Nicholas, M - F - , Henry Tankard Elis. Deale, Elis. Gardner, Mary Browne, Sarah Sheldon, John Browne, and Sarah Browne his Wife, Abraham Welch; Richard Blackford and Ruth Phillips who were Convicted for High-Treason in Clipping the Currant Coin of England, were ordered to be Executed with the rest that were Condemned this Sessions.

To be Whipt 5.

Thomas Harding, Elis. Hicks, alias Hickman, Elis. May, Hester Hodges, Mary Clever.

Elisabeth Gardner, Mary Browne, Sarah Sheldon, and Sarah Browne, pleading their Bellies, a Jury of Matrons were Impannelled, who gave in their Verdict, that they were all with Quick Child

Billidge Clayton, Fined 500 Mark, and to find Sureties for a Twelve Month.

George Knapier for uttering false Mony, fined 20 Marks, to find Sureties for his good behaviour for a Twelve Month; and to stand Committed till he Perform it.

Charles Nourse Indicted for Manslaughter gave Bail to appear next Sessions, being Respited now by value of a Pardon from the Queen.

Edward Jones for Breaking the House of Robert Fowler, was ordered to be brought to Guild Hall next Sessions, there to Answer the same.

John Hodston, for Marrying two Wives, was Bailed to appear next Sessions, Branding being remitted by her Majesty's Order &c.

Francis Moore, was Tryed for Clipping, with the two Putnan's; was ordered to find good Sureties for his Good Behaviour.

Reference Number: a16921012-1


A True and perfect Relation of that most Sad and Terrible Earth quake at Port-Royal in Jamaica, which happened on Tuesday the 7th. of June, 1692. Where in two Minutes time the Town was Sunk under Ground, and Two Thousand Souls Perished: With the manner of it at Large; in a Letter from thence, written by Capt. Crocket: As also of the Earthquake which happen'd in England, Holland Flanders, France, Germany, Zealand &c. and in most parts of Europe, on Thursday the 8th. of September. being a Dreadful Warning to the Sleepy World: Or, God's heavy judgments shewed on a tinful People, as a Forerunner of the Terr say of the Lord. Printed on a Broad Sheet of Paper, with a Curious Cut, Lively representing the Desolation of the Place. And are to be Sold by W. Miller at the Gilded Acorn in St. Pauls Church-yard, and G. Croom in Thames-street near Baynards-Castle. Price 2 d.

EVangelital Repentance unto Salvation not to be Repented of upon 2 Cor. 7. 10. And as most Seasonable, short Considerations on that great Context Heb. 12. 26. Yet once more I shake not only Earth. &c. Upon the Solemn occasion of the late Dreadful Earthquake in Jamaica; and the later Monitory Motion of the Earth in London, and other parts of the Nation, and beyond the Sea. Whereunto is Adjoined a Discourse on Death-Bed Repentance, On Luke 22. 39. By T. Beverley. Printed for and Sold by W. Miller at the Gilded Acorn in St. Paul's Church-yard.

A Brief History of the Rise, Growth, Reign, Supports, and sudden Foil of Popery, during the Three Years and an half of James the II. late King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland. Together with a Description of the Six Popish Pillars, The Anabaptists, Presbyocrians, Quakers, Independents, Roman-Catholicks and Popish Church-men. Printed, and are to be Sold by G. Croom in Thames-street near Baynards-Castle, 1692. Price 6 d.

THese are to give Notice to all Persons for the Benefit of the Publick, that W. Elmy Professor of Physick, and Operator of known Integrity, and above 25 Years Practice, Liveth at the Blew-Ball in Whale-bone-Court, at the lower end of Bartholomew-lane, by the Royal-Exchange, Who most safely and expeditiously Cures Deafness and Noise in the Ears, in any of what Age soever, (at Curable) and at first sight by inspection, resolves the Patient it so or not, as most Eminent Persons of Quality in the City can Testifie.

He hath likewise a Sovereign Head-Pill, which Infalliby Cures all Pains in the Head, whether old or newly Contracted speedily taking away all Swimmings and Giddiness, preventing the dangerous Consequence of Apoplectical Fits, preserves the Sight, and takes away all Accidents offending the Eyes; Strengthens the Memory, and disburthens the Brain of all offensive Humours, thereby rendring the Understanding more clear and Vigorous.

These Pills with Directors.

He hath likewise an expeditious way, in Curing all Pains in the Teeth without Drawing.

He hath likewise a most Excellent Gargarism or Mouth-water, which will make black or yellow Teeth as white as Ivory in few times using; and it will certainly Cure the Scurvey, and all other Diseases incident to the Mouth, Teeth and Gums, with Directions.

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