Old Bailey Proceedings, 9th December 1691.
Reference Number: 16911209
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THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE King and Queens Commissions OF THE Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol-Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex at Justice-Hall in the OLD-BAYLY.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, being the 9th, 10th, and 11th. Days of December, 1691. And in the Third Year of their MAJESTIES Reign.

THE Sessions of Peace, Oyer and Terminer, Goal Delivery of Newgate, held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bayly, On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, being the 9th, 10th, and 11th. Days of December, 1691. before the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Stamp , Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, and Mr. Deputy Recorder, with several others of Their Majesties Justices for the City of London, and County of Middlesex.

The Jurors were as follows.

London Jury.

Anthony Lawson .

John Hamden .

Thomas Fletcher .

John Perry .

John Mayen .

Jeremiah Lammas .

John Andrews .

Henry Watts .

Robert Dunn .

John Sanford .

Thomas Ford .

Samuel Webb .

Middlesex Jury.

Thomas Harris .

Henry Gerrard .

William Parkinson .

French Gotobed .

Richard Smith .

Michael Lucas .

Ambrose Hemborrow .

Henry Jones .

John Collins .

John Preston .

William Silkcock .

Thomas Nichols .

The Proceedings were these:

Reference Number: t16911209-1

Francis Exhall , was Tryed for Stealing Three Black Cow from one William Greentree , on the 13th of November Last out of his Grounds at Bagshot ; which the Prisoner confes when taken; being found in Water Lane, but he denied it his Tryal, saying that he met a Man upon the Road, who gave him half a Crown to drive them to London; but that was but a Frivilous Excuse; so he was found Guilty Felony.

Reference Number: t16911209-2

Elizabeth Smith , was Indicted, for Stealing Twenty two Yards of Bone Lace, Value 3 l. 4 s. from Rose Jeeve ; the 3d. of September last; she came to Mrs. Jeeves she in Bow Lane , to Cheapen some Goods, and took away the Lace, and she coming by the Prosecutors Door about Week after, was taken; The Prisoner denied the Fact; and called some Witnesses, and there was but one evidence against her, who might be mistaken in the party, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16911209-3

B - G - , of the County of Denbigh Gentlewoman , Anne Richardson , and Jane Bromley of Westminster , were all Three Indicted; B - G - as Principle, and the two latter as Accessary; for the Murther of Mrs. B - G -s Female Infant , on the 4th of November last: The Evidence for the King Deposed, that the Child was found Dead, lying in a Vault, in some Old Ruined Houses, in Park-Street Westminster , being a most amazing Spectacle, having no Covering about it; and its Tongue forced out of the Mouth which was done by great Violence; it was further declared

by a person of Quality, with whom Mrs. B. had lived, that she complained of the Gripes, and took a Coach and went abroad, and after this it was proved by others, that she was Deliver'd at Richardson House, at Westminster, and that Richardson and Bromley carried the Child after it was Born, to the place above said, and that B. - owned it to be hers; but there was no Evidence, that could Charge her to have offered any Violence to the Child, and Richardson and Bromley came for her after she was Delivered, and found the Child Dead, But whether born alive or no, could not be found, and the Prisoner Mrs B - had made provision for her lying in; So in the End they were all Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16911209-4

Mary Mott , Tryed for killing her Male Infant Bastard Child , at Stepney , on the 21th. day of October last; the Evidence Swore that the Child was found Dead, lying in a Gutter, on the outside of the House, of one Richard Bradley's, who declared that he being Topping some Chimneys, saw the Child lying in the Gutter, on the Top of the house; and she owned the Child to be hers, and could not prove that it was still born, as she alledged; so she was found Guilty of willful Murther.

Reference Number: t16911209-5

William Good of Stepney , was Tryed for a Robbery on the High-Way, committed upon the Body of one Austin Wilson , on the 3d. of this instant December , taking from him, a Dyaper Napkin Value 12 d. Twelve Larks, Two Ducks, and an Embroidered Wastcoat : The Prisoner, and one Richard White not taken, met the Prosecutor, between Hackney and London, about seven a Clock at Night; and violently seized him and took away the Goods, which was very plainly proved; and by the Assistance of another person, that happened to come by; the Prisoner was taken, but White got away: The Prisoner denied it, and said he was in Drink, but that was nothing for his Credit; he was found Guilty of the Robbery.

Reference Number: t16911209-6

Anne Sampson, alias Parker , was Tryed for Felony and Burglary, in breaking the house of Zicharia Wisdom, on the first of November last, taking away Four Loyns of Pork, one pint of Brandy, and two Quart Glass Bottles of Ale : The Prisoner was a Servant to Mr. Wisdom, and the Cellar Window was broke open, the Goods gone; and she was found afterwards in the Round house: She confest the taking the goods when before the Justice; but the Law being tender, ere the person Steals any manner of Victuals for meer necessity, she was not found Guilty of any Burglary; besides the Prosecutor could not be positive that the Cellar Window was Lockt; so she was only found guilty of the Felony, to the Value of 10 d.

Reference Number: t16911209-7

C - J was tryed for stealing 29 yards of stript Silk, value 7 l. and 11 yards of other stript Silk, value 5 s. 8 d. on the day of October last, the Goods of William Waller , who d, that he lost the Silk out of his Shop at Ludgate-hill , and afterwards it was sold to one Mr. Malley in Southwark, where it was found and owned by the Prosecutor to be his Silk; the Prisoner said, that he bought the Silk of a Woman, near Tower-hill but could not prove it so he was found Guilty .

Reference Number: t16911209-8

Mary Jones of St. Giles Cripple-gate , was tryed for stealing 42 rds of Gold and Silver Lace, value 18 l. on the 26 day of ember last, the Prisoner (to put a better colour upon her gn) came to the Prosecutor's Shop in a Sedan; and after ing cheapened several pieces of Lace, she took away the of Lace above said , and the next day she was found in her Shop, playing the same prank, when being apprehended she confest the Fact, but denyed it upon the Tryal, she found guilty of Felony.

Reference Number: t16911209-9

Jane Bridgeman was Indicted for that she together with Mary Rubey , Mary Davies and Elizabeth Renolds did make an Assault upon one John Farmer , in the Kings High-way, and robbed him of a Silver Spoon, a Razer and divers other small things, besides 5 s. in Money ; but no Evidence appearing against her, she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16911209-10

John Alsop of the Parish of St. James Westminster , Butcher , was indicted and tryed for the Murther of Ralph Treley , a Boy about 8 or 9 years old, on the 16 of November last, giving him several desperate stripes with a whip and a Ropes end; upon the Face, Neck, Head, Breast, Back, Shoulders, short Ribs and Belly, &c. of which beating and unnatural Usage, he lived languishing till the 24. day of the same Month, and then dyed ; The Evidence declared, That the Boy was beaten in a most horrid manner, and much bruised with the violence of the strokes, and his Head was swelled almost as big as two; the occasion of this cruel Usage of him that did it, was grounded upon some suspition he had, that the Boy had stole a Silver Spoon from him, the Boy, being poor, used to wait in Clare-Market, to run of Errands, where the Prisoner kept his stall; but no Evidence could swear, that the Prisoner was the Person, that beat him; for the Boy only said, that it was a Butcher in Clare-Market, next door to one Mrs. Moor, but he did not know him, it did not appear to be the Prisoner; for he had always been very kind to the Boy, so he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16911209-11

John Adams of St. Andrews Holbourn , was tryed for stealing a black Gelding, value 8 l. from Thomas Tipping Esq ; the Evidence was, That the Horse was brought to the Prisoners shop, he being a Farrier, to be drest, having a sore shoulder, by a stranger, who said, that the Horse was sent by the Lady Etheridge, which was a feign'd story in the Person, that brought the Horse; for she sent no such Horse, and the Person afterwards absented himself, and left the horse in the Prisoner hands; the Prisoner gave a fair Account of his honesty, and what he did was through Ignorance: So he was Acquitted ,

Reference Number: t16911209-12

Anne Miller , was indicted for breaking the house of one Anne Badger of Stepney Widow on the 2. of November last, taking away 6 Holland Coives, value 2 s. a Wastcoat value 10. s. and some other Goods , the Prisoner broke open the door, and took away the things, and there was a Man sate by the fire in the mean time, who catched her in the Fact: the Prisoner said, that she was troubled with the Falling Sickness, and so fell into the house, the door being open, but that was but a frivolous Excuse; so she was found Guilty of Felony and Burglary.

Reference Number: t16911209-13

James Bruce , Scotchman, was tryed for stealing 14 yards of Linen, Cloth out of the shop of Mr. Charles Murray on the 17 of November last; he came into the shop, and took the Cloth, and run a little way with it, and then was taken with the Cloth about him, which he could not contradict; so he was found Guilty .

Reference Number: t16911209-14

Thomas Mercy , a Bayliff's Follower , was tryed upon two Indictments, for that he together with John Laurence , not taken, did rob Nicholas Barebone Esq ; at Hilston on the 30 of November last, of a Pea-hen value 20 d. three Turkeys price each 18 d. the Evidence was, that the Prisoner was in possession of the Goods of a person, near Mr. Barebones house, and Laurence was seen to take up the Pea-hen and Turkeys, which were afterwards found in both their custodys; and it was further proved by a Boy who was an Evidence against him, that the Prisoner gave him 6 d. to conceal the matter; he was found Guilty of the Indictments.

Reference Number: t16911209-15

Mary Horsepool was tryed for robing William Russel of the Parish of St. Brides on the 30 of November last of a Cloth Cloak value 4 l. 3 yards of Velvet, value 30 s. Mr. Russel swore, that the Prisoner was his Servant , and that he had lost several goods before, and the goods charged in the Indictment were found at a Pawn-Brokers (one Mr. Dormers) in Field Lane, the Prisoner confest the Fact, when taken; and did not much deny it at her Tryal; so she was found Guilty .

Reference Number: t16911209-16

Dorothy Lord, alias Atkyns was tryed for breaking the house of Charles Rogers in the Parish of Aldgate of one Watch with a silver-Case, value 30 s. one Cloak value 20 s. twenty pieces of broad Gold, value 23 s. each, twenty Guineas, and 160 l. in Money : Mr. Rogers swore, that the Prisoner was a Chare woman in his house, and rubing under the Bed, the Prosecutors Keys fell down from a private place, at the Bedshead, which she saw, a little after this three Fellows, who lodged where the Prisoner lived, came into Mr. Rogers Chamber, about two a clock in the Morning with Candles in their hands, and swore most horrible Oaths at him, that he was a dead Man, if he did offer to molest them, and then bound him, and robed him, and are since fled. The Prisoner was further heard to say, that Mr. Rogers had good feathers to pull, and therefore she would not leave his Service, or to that effect: but the being but circumstantial Evidence, she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16911209-17

Robert Chatfield and John Beamore, alias Pemore , were both Indicted for stealing a Barrow Hog, value 20 s. a Sow value 20 s. on the 9th. of November last, the Goods of Simon Newel ; Mr. Newel said that he lost 9. Hogs in all, which were stole out of his Yard, at Hornchurch in Essex ; and afterwards he found them all again, where the Prisoner had sold them, and they were taken as they were driving some of the Hogs along the Road, the Prisoners could not gainsay it, so they were both found Guilty of Felony.

Reference Number: t16911209-18

Elizabeth Clark was tryed for stealing on the 3d. of July last, 1. Silver Cup, value 3 l. 2. Tasters 6 s. 2. Thimbles, 2 Pair of Clasps, some Hoods and Scarves, &c. the Goods of Francis Pennington ; the Evidence was Pennington himself, who said that the Prisoner lodged in his House, and took his Goods and pawn'd them in East-Smithfield, where he had them again; the Prisoner said that the Prosecutor gave her the Clasps and the other Things; but that was but a Sham, so she was found Guilty of Felony.

Reference Number: t16911209-19

Daniel Bransbury , a Boy was Indicted for Robbing one Phillip Weston , on the 7th Instant of a black Cloak, value 10 s. a Cloth Coat, value 5 s. the Boy took them out of a Coach-box, had run away with them; but being stopt, they were taken upon his back; The Prisoner said, that they were delivered to by another Boy, who was fled; but could not prove it, so he was found Guilty .

Reference Number: t16911209-20

Richard Taylor of Stepney , was tryed for stealing a wooden e, with Iron Hinges, value 5 s. on the 17th. day of October last; the Prisoner was taken with the Iron in his Custody; he said he bought it aboard a Ship, and he Evidence being not positive that he stole it, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16911209-21

Thomas Clench and George Clench Brothers, of White Chappel , were Indicted for that they, together with one Thomas Curry , taken, did murther one Susanah Cox a Girle , on the 21th. of August , with a Stone, throwing it at the Head of the Girle, gave her a Bruise, of which Wound she dy'd within Six Weeks afterwards . The Evidence swore that the Prisoners and one were going along Goodmans fields , where the Girle was; and one of them threw a Stone at some Boys that were flying a and the Girle standing in the Way, received the Wound in Head, which the Chyrurgeon declared was the Cause of Death. The Prisoner were heard to confess, that they throw Stones at the Boys, but they denyed it at their Tryal and there was no Malice proved, yet the Matter seemed to affect Thomas Clench most: So he was found Guilty of Manslaughter ; but George was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16911209-22

George Casewell of St. Martins in the Fields , Gent. was tryed for the Murther of one Andrew Hickson , on the 11th of November last, giving him one mortal Wound in the Belly of the depth of Six Inches, of which he dyed on the morrow , The Prisoner came into an Ale-house with Hickson, in Bonn-street and called for a Pot of Drink, and immediately he drew his Sword, and run the said Hickson into the Belly. And the Prisoner confest before the Justice, that there was an old grudge betwixt them; and that the Prisoner had urged the Deceased for 24. hours before to fight him; and because he refused it he took his Sword and stuck him: the Matter was very plain against him, and he had nothing to say matterial for himself, he was found Guilty of willful Murther.

Reference Number: t16911209-23

John Barret of White Chappel , was tryed for Felony and Burglary, in breaking the House of one John Smith , with an intention to steal his Goods , on the 20th of October last; the Prisoner was found in the House about seven a 'Clock at Night, the Door being open; but was fast lockt before: The Prisoner denyed it, and faulter'd in his Allegations, and there was no one else found in the House but the Prisoner, So he was found Guilty , both of Felony and Burglary.

Reference Number: t16911209-24

Susan Stanley of Stepney , was tryed for stealing a Silver Seal, value 12 d. a Key, value 1 d. and 17 s. in Money , the Goods of one John Metcalfe , on the 13th. of November , who said that he met the Prisoner in the Street, and went into a House to drink, where she pickt his Pocket of the above said Money, but the Prosecutor could swear but to One half Crown, that the Woman had, which he might easily mistake, so she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16911209-25

Thomas Taylor was arraigned, and tryed upon two several Indictments, the first for robbing one Ralph Azowby of Islington , of 2 Cloth Coats, value 45 s. 2. Silk Scarves, value 14 s. a Lac'd Tippet, and divers other small Goods . The Second for setting Fire on the Barn, and burning the Hay therein value, 30 s. being the Barn and Hay of one Thomas Sedgwick of Islington above said . The Evidence against him him was, that the Barn being near the House; on a sudden it fell a Fire, and the Prisoner was seen near it, Crying out, Fire, fire, after which whil'st the Family went out of the House, to quench the Fire; he went up Stairs into the Chamber, where the Prosecutor's Wife was and pretending to help her away with the Goods to save them from the Fire, he run away with the Parcels beforementioned; he denyed the Fact, but that was to no purpose for it was fully proved, so he was found Guilty of both Indictments.

Immediately after this, he was try'd upon a Third Indictment, for breaking the House of Seth Bunckley of Hackney , about Twelve a Clock at Night, on the 23 day of November last, and carrying thence, a Diaper Table-Cloth, value 3 l. 6 d. and some Napkins : The Evidence declared that the House was broke open, and the Goods were took in the Prisoner's custody; besides the same Night, the Robbery was done, there was another Barn burnt, near the same place said he found the

resented it as a most Notorious, New-found, base way, stealing, so he was found guilty of the Indictment.

Reference Number: t16911209-26

John Wright, alias Randale was tryed for stealing 2 Silver Tankards, value 10 l. on the 5th. of this instant December . e Tankards were found about him, by the Watch being when he was running away with them; he denyed it and that he found them, but that was but a lame Excuses, so he was found guilty of Felony.

Reference Number: t16911209-27

William Harsey was tryed for the Murther of one William Sillock in St. Katharines Parish , the manner thus: The Prisoner found by the Watch, lying upon the Ground, with a knife all bloody in his Hand, with which he had stabbed the Sillock; it happened that a scuffle arose between the Prisoner and the Deceased, as they were drinking, in the midst of which, Sillock was stabbed; but none saw him give the ound, but Sillock was seen to fall down dead in the place: was further Deposed, that the Prisoner stabbed two Persons re at the same time, viz. one Thomas Kates , and one John th; the former of which recovered, and was an Evidence against the Prisoner in Court; but Smith died the next day, thing may be Noted, that Smith was the Prisoner's friend; the business being done in the Street, in the dark, he mis and stabbed his own Friend instead of another Man: The Prisoner urged that he knew not what he did being in drink; and that the deceased Sillock struck him first; but none d prove that, and it was lookt upon to be no less than a and wilful Murther, so he was found guilty of the same.

Reference Number: t16911209-28

Thomas Thomas of St. Brides Parish , was tryed for robbing one John Watkins of the same, of a Looking glass, value 2 s. one old Perriwig, value 6 d. two Pewter Plates &c. The Prosecutor swore, that his House was broken open in the Night , and that the Prisoner was met, running without his Hat, from Door, crying out, Stop him, stop him, but nothing was nd about him, he was only Indicted upon Suspition; and the Evidence was something short, so he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16911209-29

William Harsey was a second time indicted, on London side, for the Murther of John Smith , his friend mention'd in his former Tryal ; It was deposed, that Smith and the Prisoner were drinking till Twelve a Clock, at the end of the Minories , as Thomas Kates ; and he stabb'd him in the Belly four Inches deep; The Prisoner pleaded that he was in drink, and could not remember any thing that he had done as he said before, he had very little to say, so in the end he was found guilty of willful Murther.

Reference Number: t16911209-30

John Wright was Indicted for that he, together with one Edward Shelton and William Hilsey , not taken, did rob one Anthony Goodman of a black Cloth Coat, value 13 s. 1 Shirt, One Womans Cloth Gown, value 3 l. 1 Petticoat, value 20 s. another Petticoat, value 35 s. 2 Pair of Boddice, value 3 l. 1 Satin Gown, value 3 l. &c. The Prisoner hired a Lodging of the Prosecutor, and lay three Nights there; and then brought the other Persons to lie with him, and took away the Goods, as was suspected by the prosecutor; but the Prisoner had some of his Friends in Court, who gave a very good Account of his former behaviour, and the Matter really favour'd of Malice in the bottom, so he was at length acquitted .

Reference Number: t16911209-31

P - K - , the Wife of one P - of St. Dunstans in the West , was Indicted for high Treason in Clipping, Filling and Diminishing the currant Coyn of this Kingdom : The discovery was made by the Apprentice, who finding the Closet Door open, in the Chamber, out of curiosity, went into it to see it; and there found several parcels of Clippings, after which, he made it known and search being further made into the Closet, there was found several parcels of Clippings, with Shears, and all other things necessary for that Trade. The Evidence further was, that she was wont to send melted Silver abroad to sell by the Apprentice, &c. The Prisoner said that the Closet was her Husbands, who was gone away, and she knew not how the things came there; and as for sending melted Silver abroad to sell, she said it was usual for their Trade so to do; and she did did it by her Husband's Order: And her Husband being fled, the Court Maturely considered of the Matter of Fact, how that it was probable enough that P - himself was really the Clipper, so in fine she was discharged .

Reference Number: t16911209-32

Richard Jackson was Indicted for stealing from Julian Moss Widow of Whitechappel , on the 26th day of November last, two Suits of Hangings stuffs, value 5 l. a Suit of Cloth Hangings, value 8 l. a Chest of Drawers, value 30 s. four Pictures, value 12 s. one other Picture, value 30 s. an Iron grate, value 40 s. 9 d. two Rat Traps, value 12 d. some Pot Racks and Hangers, and a Frying pan and some Knives, and other small houshold goods, &c. of good value , the Evidence for the King swore, that several of the Goods were found in a place, where the Prisoner had sold them, as a Chest of Drawers, and some Hangings, &c. which Mrs. Moss owned to be hers, the Prisoner feignedly excused himself, by telling the Court, that he bought them of another Man and paid 23 s. for them, which he could not prove, so he was found Guilty of Felony.

Reference Number: t16911209-33

Mary Cock Wife of Patrick Cock was Indicted first for robing Nicholas Smithson of a Mare, value 5 l. 2dly. For robing Michael Hobbs of a Gelding, value 5 l. the Evidence against her for stealing the Mare, was that she sold the Mare to Patrick Cock at Royston (who went for her Husband) where she toll'd them by the Name of Mary Edwards, that being her Maiden Name, confessing since, that her Husband stole them; but this was Accounted no Evidence, so she was Acquitted .

The Evidence against her concerning the Gelding was to the same effect; and no positive proof could be brought against her for it; so she was Acquitted likewise of this second Indictment.

Reference Number: t16911209-34

Thomas Franks , a reputed Jesuite , was Indicted for a high Misdemeanor, for that he being an evil disposed Person, and of very ill Fame, intending to disquiet and disturb the Peace and Tranquility of the Kingdom of England, and to deter Their Majesties Liege people from their Obedience to our most Gracious Lord and Lady, King William and Queen Mary. Did on the 5th. day of February last, hire a Ship to convey several persons into France, who were open and prosest Enemies to our King and Queen whose Names were particularly mentioned in the Charge against him, being Collonel Graham (the Lord Preston's Brother) Mr. William Penn, Sir William Wallis, and the late Lord Bishop of Ely, who were all to be conveyed in the Ship aforesaid, which he the said Franks hired of one Mr. Low, at a House where he met him in Fullers Rents, when he bargained with for 16 Guineas, out of which he was to have one for himself, and because Collonel Grynes and the Bishop of Ely. were pusilanimous Men, there were Blinds to be contrived in the Rounds of the same Ship, to keep them from being discovered, and to give them Air, and one was to be on the one side, and the other on the other side; and furthermore, the King's Council gave the Jury to understand, that the prisoner was guilty of speaking very Scandalous and Seditious Words against the Government, viz. That Sir William Wallis, was to be a leading Man, and after he had been with King James and the French King. He was to return into Scotland, and there to head an Army, against our King and Queen ; and one Major he said, was to head an Army of[Pages missing in original.]

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