Old Bailey Proceedings, 22nd April 1691.
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THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE King and Queens Commissions OF THE Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol-Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the OLD-BAILY.

On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, being the 22d, 23d, 24th and 25th Days of April, 1691. And in the Third Year of Their MAJESTIES Reign.

THE Sessions of Peace, Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol Delivery of Newgate, held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, being the 22d, 23d, 24th and 25th Days of April, 1691. Before the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Pilkington , Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, and Mr. Deputy-Recorder, with several others of Their Majesties Justices for the City of London, and the County of Middlesex.

The Jurors were as follow:

London Jury,

Joseph Howe

John Whitehead

Tobias Winn

Thomas Sympson

Richard Kemble

Tho. Lupton

Tho. Foxley

John Bocket

William Dodson

Ralph Carter

Samuel Medcapp

Robert Williamson .

Middlesex Jury,

Anthony Nurse

William Munden

Matthew Cupper

Nicholas Burnel

Robert Longland

Benjamin Boltbey

Edward Hemstead

John Steele

William Bowrne

William Dancer

Thomas Nichols

Daniel Newman .

The Proceedings were these:

Reference Number: t16910422-1

William Riggs , Charles Pearson , James Harris, alias Barrow , John Acron , who were Indicted last Sessions, and selby, were all Indicted together with H. J. for Robbing Mr. Saltmarsh a Watch, value 5 l. and 25 s. in Mony , on the 5th of December last. Mr. Saltmarsh swore, That several Persons to the number of six, met him on Ludgate-Hill , and assaulted him in a Coach and took away the Watch and Mony; he swore possitively to Riggs and Acron, but was not so possitive as to Pearson and Harris. J - was Tryed for being Accessary to the former, but upon the Tryal it appeared that J - knew nothing of the matter, no father than as he was imployed by Mr. Saltmarsh to look after the Thieves, and to get his Watch again, which he did, finding it in the Custody of one Richard Rudd, a Notorious Pick-Pocket, who owned to have privately taken it from the Prosecutor: So Riggs was only found Guilty , but the rest were Acquitted .

[Death. See summary.]

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Dorothy Cooper , was Tryed for stealing a Scarfe, a Hood, one Sheet, 11 s. in Mony, and several small wearing Apparel , on the 28th of February last. The Evidence said, That the Prisoner broke a Lock of a Chest of Drawers, and ran away with the Goods and Mony, and two Petticoates and a shift were found upon her. The Prisoner said, That she bought them of the Prosecutor, but could not prove it, and had nothing material to offer, so she was found Guilty to the value of 9 s.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-3

Elizabeth Cane, alias Crofts , was Indicted for breaking the House of one Ann Bush , and taking away one Watch with a Silver Case, value 30 s. one Gown, value 3 l. one Silk Pettycoat, value 40 s. one other Pettycoat, value 40 s. one Amber Necklace, value 30 s. a piece of Gold, value 25 s. a Guinea, value 10 s. &c. and 19 s. in Money , on the 24th of March last, the Goods of one Jo. Kallowe . The Evidence was, that the Prisoner lodged in Mrs. Bushes House, and was seen to carry away somewhat in her Apron, and a little Box of Mrs. Bushes was found empty under the Prisoners Bed, but there was one Thomson that lodged in the same House at the time the Robbery was committed, who is not yet found, that was suspected to have some hand in the Robbery, she was Acquitted of the Burglary, and found Guilty of stealing the Goods .

Reference Number: t16910422-4

Anne Harris , was Tryed for stealing, on the 23d of March last, one piece of Poynt Lace, value 20 s. a black Hood and Scarfe, and a Top-knot, &c. from one John Dowager . The Prisoner was a Lodger in Dowagers House, and some of the things were found upon her, particularly a Silver Cup, which she sold to one Mr. Elkin a Goldsmith, and other things the pawned at one Samuel Watson, a Brokers in Houndsditch: The Prisoner said, That the things were lent her, and that she was Maliciously sworn against; but that did not avail her, she being lookt upon as an Idle Woman, giving no account of her Behaviour, she was found Guilty of Felony.

[Death -respited. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-5

Elizabeth Wilson , was Tryed for stealing away a piece of dark coloured Silk, value 6 l. from Mr. Sherwood and Partner in Pater Noster Row , she came into the Shop to cheapen Goods, and was seen to take away the Silk, which was immediately found under her Apron ; all which she denied, and said, She had it of another Woman, but could not prove it. She was found Guilty .

[Death -respited. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-6

Henry Powel, alias Howel , John Grymes , Charles Smith , John Clifton and K - J - was all Tryed for a Notorious Robbery on the High-way near Acton in the County of Middlesex, on the 24th of March last, in and upon Tho. Allom , Gent his Lady Elizabeth Allom and his Daughter Jane Allom , putting them in fear taking away from Mr. Allom a Gray Gelding value 14 l. a Saddle, value 30 s. and 15 s. in Mony, and 15 s. from

Mrs. Allom, and a Gold Chain, value 7 l. from Mrs. Jane Allom . he Evidence was very numerous, the first of which was Mr. Allom, who declared, That as he was going from Acton towards his House, on Horseback, and his Lady and Daughter a Coach, five or six Persons met him and Robbed him, knocking him off his Horse, having Robbed the Coach before. He ore possitive to Howel and Grimes, but could not be possitive to the other three, they having disguised themselves, and ad the Hair of their Periwigs in their Mouths. Mrs. Allom new Powel at the Tryal, and did believe the other to be present at the Robbery, but was very tender upon her Oath. Other very credible Evidence deposed, That the Chain was found about Powel, it droping out of his Pocket, which was owned by Madam Allom. There were other Witnesses that strengthened the former Depositions, and said, That Kyrbey was one among them, and that Smith Rifled and the Coach, and Howel first stopt it, uttering most desperate Oaths, with threats, against Madam Allom, to deliver, which she was forced to do, and immediately fled; but being pursued by the Neighbouring People, they were all Apprehended, Smith being shot in making his Escape in his Thigh, so was brought into Court in a Chair, &c.

In their Defence, Powel said, That he found the Gold Chain as he was rideing along, lying upon the Ground, but could not prove it. Grymes had little to say: and Smith said, That he found the Horse loose in the Road, which Horse was Mr. Alloms and owned by him. J - denied that he was in the Company, but it was made appear that he was one that beset the Coach; so he and the three former was found Guilty ; Clifton denied it, and there was no possitive Evidence that toucht him, as to Matter of Fact, viz. that he was among the rest, or went with them any further than Hide Park Corner, when the Robbery was done so he was (after mature Consideration) Acquitted .

[Death. See summary.]

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Tho. Gun , Tho. Dyer , Tho. Goudge , Tho. Newberry and Mary Proctor , were an Indicted for breaking the House of one George Cromwell of Sunbury in Middlesex , on the 17th of February last, and taking away a Silver Tankard, value 7 l. a Silver Cap, value 20 s. another Cap, value 30 l. a Mug, a Tumbler, several Poringers and Spoons, and abundance of other Plate of great value, besides 20 l. in Mony, &c. Mr. Cromwell and others swore, That his House was beset about six of the Clock at Night by four or five Persons, who came and bound the Family, and Gagged them, and took away to the value of about 300 l. but no Evidence could set it home upon them, so they were all Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16910422-8

John Story and Henry Win, alias Wyng, alias Vaughan, alias Philips , were Indicted upon two Indictments: The first for Robbing Jeremy Hale , (in the High-way) of South Mims , on the 3d of February , (in the Second Year of King William and Queen Mary) of 10 l. in Silver, and half a Guinea : The second for Robbing Madam Mary Hale , Widow , of a Spanish Pistole, a Luadore, a half Guinea, a piece of Coyned Gold, besides other Gold, and 31 l. 10 s. in Money . The Evidence was Mr. Hale and his Mother Madam Hale, who swore, That Win came to the Coach side and stopt it, and took the above said Mony and Gold. Madam Hale swore possitively against them both, and Mr. Hale punctually against the Prisoner, Win; besides other confirming Evidence, &c. The Prisoners had nothing to say, only Win said, That the Witnesses swore so heartily, that it was in vain for him to make any Defence (or to that purpose,) so they were found Guilty of both the Indictments, &c. for two Robberies in the High-way.

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John Gray , was tryed for killing one Mary Ayres , Wife of Peter Ayres , with a Pistol, Bullet on the 11th of March last giving her a Mortal Wound, on the Right side of the Breast, of which she immediately dyed . The Prisoner came to the Prosecutors, House to buy some Pistols and other things, and handling them one accidentally went off and shot the disceased, but the Prisoner did not know-that it was Charged; so he was found Not Guilty of Murder, only did it per Misfortunam .

Reference Number: t16910422-10

Robert Toplady , as Principal, Richard Callcot and John Johns as Accessories, were all three Indicted for the Murther of one Thomas Floyd , on the 30th of March last, in the Parish of St. Brides , giving him a Mortal Wound with a Sword upon the Back, of the Depth of 8 Inches . The Prisoners being with the deceased and some others at the Gun Musick House in Salisbury Court , they bred a Quarrel and drew their Swords, in which Scuffle Thomas Floyd was killed; but neither of them saw the Wound given, only Toplady was seen to thrust at the deceased, so he was found Guilty of Manslaughter , but the other two were Acquitted .

[Branding. See summary.]

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Elizabeth Hale and Elizabeth Askew , were Indicted for stealing from John Fisher and Partner , on the 17th of April , 17 Yards of Silk, value 4 l. The Evidence was possitive that Askew dropt she Silk from under her Apron, in Pater-Noster-Row, which she owned in Court; They were both found Guilty to the value of 9 s.

[Branding. See summary.]

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John Symons , a Boy , was tryed for stealing 35 Yards of printed Stuff, from Mr. Overton in Lumbard-street , value 30 s. The Stuff was found upon the Boy, and he was seen to go into the Shop and take it away , so he was found Guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-13

Elizabeth Walton , was tryed for killing William Alesby , a Boy , on the 23d of February last, in the Third Year of the Reign of King William and Queen Mary, in the Parish of St. Clement East-cheap, giving him a Mortal Bruse on the hinder part of the Head with a Pewter Plate, value 6 d. of which he dyed the 2 d. of March following . It appeared upon the Tryal, that the Prisoner was a Cook Maid in the House where the deceased lived, at one Alderman Rogersons in Clements-Lane , and the Plates being near the Fire, the Boy gave her some Affront, by medling with them; upon which the Prisoner took up a Plate and struck him over the Head, The Prisoner expressed her sorrow for such a sad Accident; so she was found Guilty of Manslaughter only .

[Death -respited. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-14

John Thomson and Mary his Wife , were tryed for breaking the House of Anne Bush , in Fetter-Lane , on the 24th of March last and taking away a Watch, value 30 s. and a Gown, and a Silk Pettycoat, and several other Goods of good value . The Evidence was the same as in the Tryal of Elizabeth Cane, alias Crofts, before specified. John Thomson was found Guilty of the Felony, but the Law being tender in respect to his Wife, she was Acquitted .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-15

Tymothy Cary , was tryed for Robbing Jane Paget , Wife of Geoge Paget , of St. Andrews Holbourn , of a Gold Watch, value 13 l. 18 s. on the 18th of March last. The Prisoner came into the House of the Prosecutor, being a Coffe-House, about 10 of the Clock at Night, and finding no body within but Mrs. Paget, asked her to let him view the Watch, which she did, and he carried it away, and Pawned it at Mr. Friends in Maypole Alley for 3 l. or there about: but the Prosecutor declared that she did not mistrust him, and it might probably be suggested that she lent it him, so in the end he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16910422-16

George Read , William Selwood, alias Jenkins ; and William Mackquear alias Bayley alias the Irish Teagae , were all three Indicted for a Robbery on the High-way, on the 24th of March last, committed upon Benj. Witts , taking away from him a Rapier, value 5 s. and a Whip, and a Tobacco Box, and a Gold Ring, value 10 s. and 20 s. in Mony . The Prosecutor said, That the Prisoners met him upon Hounslow heath and Robbed him of the aforesaid Mony and Goods, which were found about them when taken at the Parish of Harmsworth in the County of Middlesex., They had nothing to say material, only Read pleaded he was not at the Robbery, but taken accidentally in the Company: They were known to be Old Offenders, so were all found Guilty of the Robbery.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-17

Mary Ingle , Wife of James Ingle , was tryed for killing one Anne Townsend , Wife of John Townsend , on the 24th of March last, shooting off a Pistol at her, giving her a Mortal Wound near the Right Pap, of the depth of four Inches, of which she dyed on the morrow . The Witnesses swore, That the Prisoner and the deceased, were intimate Friends; and Ingle having a Pistol in her Hand, drew the Cock in Jest, and it went off and shot Townsend, but it was done unwillingly, and she did not know it was Charged; so the Verdict, was found Special, and she was Acquitted of the Murther, but did it per misfortunam .

Reference Number: t16910422-18

John Newel , was tryed for stealing 30 Silver Plates, value one hundred threescore and five Pounds , from the Right Honourable Charles Earl of Westmortland , on the 8th of February last The Evidence was possitive, so he was found Guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-19

Mary Price , Wife of Edward Price , and Elizabeth Jones , Wife of Peter Jones, were both tryed for assaulting one Peter Jones , Husband of the latter . He said that he was drinking with the Prisoners in Carter-Lane, and as he was going to his Lodging, over Lincolns Inn Fields, they met him with two Men and fell upon him, viz. the same Night, and took away from him 10 l. 15 s. in Mony. It did appear upon the Tryal very Comical in Court, that a Man should endeavour to hang his own Wife; but it further appeared that she had not lived with him for a considerable time; and he could not say which of them it was that Robbed him, and the Men were gone. It appearing to be a Malicious Prosecution, they were both Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16910422-20

Peter Define , a Frenchman, and Patrick Trant , were both Indicted for Robbing John Ferrers , Gent. on the 23d of March last, of a Sword, value 30 s. The Evidence swore, That as Mr. Ferrers was going along Oxendon-street , about nine of the Clock at Night, his Sword was suddenly snatcht from his side by two Men, whom he could not discover being dark: but other Witnesses swore, That the Frenchman took the Sword, which he Confest when taken; besides it was found in his Custody: So he was found Guilty , but no Evidence affecting Trant, he was Acquitted .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-21

Elinor Clark and Anne Stubbins , were both Indicted for Felony in stealing out of the House of William Dunkin of Whitechappel , on the 16th of March last, a Tabby Pettycoat, value 20 s. a Blanket, a Table Cloth, with divers other small Linnen, some of which were found upon the Prisoners, besides several Pick-lock keys . They could say but little for themselves, so were both found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-22

Elizabeth Deal , was tryed for the Murther of her Female Infant Bastard Child , on the 7th of March last, on this wise, She went to a Midwife at Stepney , and desired to Lye In in private, which the Midwife promised she should, if she would make provision for the Child, which she promised, but did not, but privately made away the Child, throwing it into a Puddle of Water on the backside of the House, in the High-way. She confessing (when taken) that the Child Gasped when it was thrown down; adding that it cryed, and then she pinched it by the Throat and dispatcht it out of the World; this she confest to several Women about her, but upon her Tryal she denyed all, and pleaded that she was Distracted, but never laid any violent Hands upon her Child, neither did she put it into the Water, not pinch it, only what she did was to cover her Shame, begging hard that the Court would pitty her sad Condition She was found Guilty of wilful Murther.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-23

Mary Pikeman , was tryed for stealing privately a Watch from Anne Knowles , Wife of Nicholas Knowles , of St. Giles's in the Fields, on the 28th of March last. Mrs. Knowles knocking at a Door, where the Prisoner and others were begging in Southhampton street , her Watch was taken out of her Pocket: and the Prisoner was heard to threaten the Prosecutor, Mrs. Knowles: but she could not be possitive she took it, so she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16910422-24

William Phipps was Indicted for stealing a Gelding coloured Bay from John Bayley , price 4 l. Upon the Evidence it appeared, that he stole the Horse out of Hampshire, and he could not give any good Account how he came by the Horse; so he was found Guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-25

William Bullmoor was tryed for Feloniously taking from Thomas Wills his Wife, of Westminster, on the 30th of March , a Gold Ring, value 25 s. The Evidence was Mr. Wells, who said, That his Wife, being in Drink, he desired the Prisoner and some others to help her into a Coach, and she lost her Ring off her Finger; but no Evidence could prove that the Prisoner had the Ring; and the Prisoner made a good Defence, having several Credible Witnesses to vindicate his Reparation, he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16910422-26

James Selbey , of Whitechappel , was Tryed for the Murther of one Mary Bartlett alias Bartley , by Cutting her Throat with a Knife, value 1 d. on the 22d of March last, giving her one Mortal Wound of the Breadth of Eight Inches, and of the Depth of Four Inches . The Course of the Evidence run thus: The deceased Bartlett was a Woman that kept a very ill House, no less than a common Baudy House, in Goodman's Fields, which Mr. Selbey had oftentimes been seen to resort to; but the time when the Murther was committed was on Sunday in the Evening, the 22d of March last. The Evidence was first a Woman that served Bartlett as a Nurse, (she being not well a little before) who swore, That Mr. Selby came into the House in the Afternoon, and set by the Kitchen Fire, there being a Person with her Mistress up one Pair of Stairs, but after a little time she came down, and the Man went away: Then Mr. Selbey and the Old woman went up into the same Room, had a Fire, and there sate till about Ten or Eleven of the Clock at Night, drinking, among them, 3 Bottles of Cyder, 5 Bottles of Mum, and 7 Quarterns of Cherry Brandy, which occasioned them to be very Drunk: Then Mr. Selbey (as he did before) desired to go away, but the Old Woman perswaded him to stay; and to oblige him so to do, she told him, That he should lye in the middle of the Bed betwixt her and her Nurse; but he would not do that, only desired that the Woman (the Nurse) might fetch up one Quartern of Brandy more, which she went down for, and whilst she was gone, he cut the Womans Throat to the Wind Pipe; and leaving his Hat and Gloves, he came down and met the Nurse at the Stayrs Foot in the dark, and struck her over the Head with a Hammer, and gave her two or three slight Cuts in her Throat, and one of her Hands; but the Woman strugling with him, for a considerable time, prevented his Bloody Design; so after a little time he made his Escape out at a Back-Door, leaving the Woman bleeding, and crying out Murther; which the Watchmen hearing they came to the Door, and the Woman, with much difficulty, opened the Door and let them in, finding her much Wounded, they presently conveyed her to her Lodging hard by; and then they searcht the House, but found no body in it but the deceased Bartlett, who lay upon a Bed in the Room where they drank before, with her Throat Cut, in a most dreadful manner, and a Handkerchief stopt into the Wound, besides several Wounds to her Forehead, a Pillow lying upon her Face to cover it. They found also a Hat and a Pair of Gloves in the Room, lying upon the Bed, which the Prisoner owned to be his when taken: Then they pursued after the Prisoner, and found him climbing over some Pales near the House with his Hands all bloody, and his Cravat and Ruffles bespotted with Blood then they carried him to the Watch house, and there owned his Hat and Gloves, &c. The Prisoner in his Defence said, That there were two Men in the Room over where he was drinking, who swore great Oaths that they would do him a Mischief, so that he ran away, being in Drink, out of Fear; but those were Frivelous Excuses, And the Nurse swore positively, That no Person was in the House besides all that Evening: So after a long Tryal he was found Guilty of wilful Murther.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-27

S - F - , was tryed for the Murther of one John Charleton , an Assistant to one of the Sheriff's Officers for the County of Middlesex , the Evidence swore that the Officer went to his Chamber in Fullers Rents to serve the Prisoner with an Execution, at the Suit of one Mr. Matthews, for 200 l. and when they were entred, and had Charged the Prisoner, he seemed to be submissive at first, telling the Officer that he would go any where with him: but immediately he arose and went behind his Bed, pretending to put off his Gown or some such business, but instead of that, he brought a Brase of Pistols and shot one off at Charleton, and gave him a Mortal Wound near the Navel of the Depth of 2 Inches, of which he dyed within few days after; the other Pistol he presented towards Mr. Constable the Officer, but one in the Company obstructed his design, and Mr. Constable gave the Prisoner a Wound in his Breast, which he confest in Court. The Prisoner in his Defence proved, That the Officer and others came to his Chamber door and broke it open, and assaulted him in a violent manner, making a pass at him and wounded him, running him in at one Breast and out at the other, before they gave the word of Arrest to him, and then he made haste to get his Pistols in his own Defence. This Mr. F proved for himself. Then the Jury was very distinctly charged to enquire, and being withdrawn about a quarter of an hour, they brought him in Not Guilty ; but the Court clearing them further to consider of it, they went out again, and returning, gave the same Verdict, which was Recorded in Court.

Reference Number: t16910422-28

John Win and Elizabeth his Wife , were both Indicted for High Treason, in Clipping the Currant Coyn of this Kingdom, on the first day January last, being Half Crowns and Shillings, &c. There were Shears produced, and other Instruments fit for that work in Court, which were found in the Prisoners Lodging, and some at his House in Burry street , but none could say that he Clipt. And the Witnesses for the Prisoner said, That the Man had always behaved himself well formerly, and was frequently Lunatick, which weighed so much with the Jury that they Acquitted them both.

Reference Number: t16910422-29

Rebekkah Parks , Wife of William Parks lately fled, was Indicted likewise for High Treason, for that she did Counterfeit and make several Shillings of Copper, Tyon and other mixt Metals , on the 23d of January last; but no Evidence material being produced against her, she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16910422-30

John Leech , was Arraigned for stealing, on the 22d of this Instant April , one Silver Spoon, value 4 s. one Silver Inkhorn, value 10 s. 19 Gold Rings, value 8 l. into which he pleaded Guilty , and to all other within the Benifit of his Clergy, &c.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-31

B - E - , was Tryed for stealing from Mr. George Sengintin one Yard and an half of Silver Ribbon, value 2 s. one Yard of Silk, value 12 d and a Golden Locket, set with Twelve Diamonds, value about 6 or 7 l. The Prisoner confest that she stole it and threw it into the House of Office when first taxed, but she denyed it at the Tryal, but owned the taking of the Silk; the Jury being tender, she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16910422-32

John Anderson , D - L - , Ruth Staynes and Elizabeth Fairbank , Widow , were all Indicted for Felony and Burglary in breaking the House of David Jones , in St. Christophers Parish, near the Exchange , on the 8th of March last, about 3 of the Clock in the Afternoon . They came in to Drink, and took away one Silk Gown, value 3 l. three Pettycoats, some Hoods, some Laced Muslin Coronets, and 4 l. 8 s. in Money, some of which were found about them, particularly a Coat was found upon Anderson, and Staynes had a Coronet about her, L - had none of the Goods; Fairbank had one Mantua and two Pettycoats; L - was in the Company when

the Robbery was done, so they were all four found Guilty of the Felony but not of the Burglary.

[Anderson: Transportation. See summary.]

[D L: Branding. See summary.]

[Staynes, Fairbank: Death -respited. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-33

Christian Gray , was Indicted for Forging a Will in the Name of John Chambers, a Seaman, and swearing to it in Doctors Commons, and goes to the Navy-Office and receives 9 l. odd Mony, swearing her self to be the Widow of the said Chambers ; but the Evidence was short against her, so she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16910422-34

On Fryday, the 3d day of this Sessions, William Rutland Junior, Renatus Harris , John Watts , Henry Gandy , and Thomas Tysoe , of the Parish of St. Michaels Cornhill , London, were all five indicted and Tryed for a High Misdemeanor; in the Nature of it little less than Treason as was set forth in the Indictment, thus: That the Prisoners, being Persons of Evil Minds, Turbulent and Unquiet, little regarding the Duty of their Allegiance to our present King and Queen, but intending to terrifie Their Majesties Subjects of this Kingdom, and to stir up and procure Sedition and Rebellion in and among Their Majesties Leige People, and Their Majesties Government, Title, Crown and Dignity now by Law Established, to Scandalize, Vilifie and render doubtful, and to bring Their Majesties faithful Subjects into Dispair of Their Protection, and to deter and hinder them from Lending, Helping, and Supplying of Their Majesties with Mony to carry on a War against the Common and know Enemies of the King and Queen, but also to Encourage and Comfort Their said Enemies against them, did, on the 12th day of February , in the Second Year of Their present Majesties Reign, in the Parish of St. Michael Cornhil , declare and publish, in the presence of several of Their Majesties Subjects, That any Person that would become Assurer to pay Mony in case the City and Castle of Dublin, in the Kingdom of Ireland, should be in the Power or Possession of any King, Prince or Potentate, or other Person whatsoever, at any time before the 25th day of December next, other than in the actual Possession of King William and Queen Mary, or Their Heirs or Successors, according, to the Establishment of the Crown of England, they should have 5 l. paid them as a Premium upon the Assurance of 100 l. and according to that rate for every other Summ in that case by any Person assured . This was the Charge in the Indictment, which was opened at large by the Council for the King and Queen to the Gentlemen of the Jury, setting forth all the Aggravating Circumstances that attended such a Politick Invention; especially in that it tended to weaken the Government of this Kingdom, and served to alienate the Hearts of Their Majesties Subjects against them, and to Raise and to Stir up the Seeds of Sedition and Rebellion in the Hearts of the King's Enemies, &c. It was proved in Court, That Mr. Harris paid 25 l. Mr. Rutland 25 l. Mr. Tysoe 5 l. Mr. Watts 10 l. and Mr. Gandy 9 l. This was fully proved by the Book of Policys, which was produced in Court as a farther Evidence against them, &c. The Prisoners Argued by their Council that they had no evil Design in doing it, it being a customary thing, long before this time, to venture Money upon the Insurance of Ships at Sea, or the like; and that several Persons had done this as well as they. But the Court highly resented it as a thing of very dangerous Consequence, telling them, That they ought not to take upon them to Ensure the Government. Then the Jury went out and brought them in Guilty of a High Misdemeanor. Their Fines were these, viz. Mr. Rutland and Mr. Harris 200 l. Mr. Watts 200 Marks, Mr. Tysoe and Mr. Gandy 100 Marks a piece , and that all of them find Sureties for their Good Behaviour until Christmas next .

Reference Number: t16910422-35

William Bolton , was Tryed for stealing a pair of Sheets, value, 10 s. the Goods of William Pigg . The Evidence swore, That he was a Lodger in Pigg's House, and took the Sheets off the Beed and carryed them away, which he confest before the Justice, but denyed it at the Tryal: but the Matter being plain, he was found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-36

Edward Stent , Sarah Stent alias Walker , and Mary Smith , were tryed for breaking the House of Anne England , on the 11th of March last, in East Smithfield , and stealing away four score and eight pair of Leather Gloves, value 4 l. 6 s. 10 d. and some Stockins and Ribboning , some of which were found upon the Prisoner Edward Stent, viz. a Knot of Ribbons tyed to his Breeches Knees, and eight pair of Gloves were found upon Sarah Stent, and some Gloves and Ribbons were found in Smith's Lodgings and a pair of Gloves were found upon Sarah Stent's Hands when taken. The Prisoners denyed it, and Edward Stent, being the chief Actor, he was found Guilty of Felony, but the Women were Acquited .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-37

Alice Chamberline , was Indicted and Tryed for stealing from Luke Page , of St. Buttolphs Aldgate , on the 22d of May last, one Amber Necklace, value 15 s. a Laced Crevat, value 6 s. a Tippet, and several other Goods . The Evidence swore, That the Prisoner was a Servant to the Prosecutors Wife, and went away with the things in a Morning before her Mistress was up, which she confest before the Justice, viz. That she stole the Amber Necklace and a Shift, which she sold upon the Road in the Country, about fifty Mile off of London, she was found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-38

John Browne , was Indicted for stealing from Charles Underwood , Poulterer , of St. Andrews Parish, on the 5th of March last, three Cocks, value 3 s. three Rabits, and an Old Coney, value 18 d. three pound of Links, value 9 d. a pair of Scissers, value 6 d. Mr. Underwood swore, That his Shop was broken open, in Brooks Market , and the Goods gone ; but he could not charge the Prisoner to be the Person, because he did not see him, but the Goods were found upon him; so he was found Guilty of a Petty Larcenary .

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-39

Jane Williams , was tryed for stealing a pair of Holland Sheets, value 10 s. a Smock, value 3 s. an Apron, value 2 s. a Pettycoat and two Holland Pillowbears, &c. the Goods of Thomas Clark , The Evidence was Mr. Clarks Wife, who swore, That she met the Prisoner upon the Stayrs coming down with her Goods in her Apron, which the Prisoner was not able to gain say, so she was found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-40

Honour Allen , Wife , of Richard Allen , was tryed for breaking the House of one Webb in Whitechappel and stealing divers Goods of good value . The Prisoner was seen to go into the House, and some others in company, to the number of two more, since fled, on the 26th of March last, and she was seen to come out of the House with a Dark Lanthorn in her hand, which she clapt between her Legs that it might not be discovered. The Prisoner denyed it, and had no witness, so she was found Guilty of Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-41

James Dun , and William Martyn , of Stepney Parish , were both Indicted for Feloniously taking away from one Andrew Fryer of Essex, on the 24th of

March last, one Silver Tankard, value 7 l. a Silver Bowl, value 3 l. a Diamond Ring, value 15 l. 4 other Gold Rings, value 40 s. a Gold Seal Ring, value 7 s. a Cloak, value 7 l. 12 Spoons, value 7 l. a pair of Holland Sheets, value 40 s. a pair of Doe Skin Gloves, value 2 s. an Iron Spur, value 4 d. a Beaver Hat, value 3 l. a quarter of a pound of Whipcord, value 6 d. and five pounds in Money ; but the Fact being done in Essex, they were ordered to be returned thither to take their Tryal, &c.

Reference Number: t16910422-42

Thomas Darlington , was tryed for stealing an old Coat from Joseph Ewer of St. Martins in the Fields , on the 2d of February last. The Prisoner said, That he did borrow the Coat of the said Ewer, and it was of a very small value, so he sold it; as he confest in Court, he was found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-43

Rebekah Dennis alias Cook , and Martha Herbert , were both Indicted for Robbing Joan Marshal , on the 22d. Instant, of two Silk Hoods, value 9 s. a Scarfe, value 10 s. 3 Lac't Coives, halfe a Dozen of White Hoods, and divers other Goods, &c. The Witnesses swore, That she lost her Goods, and the Prisoners Lodged in the same House with her, and no body was in the House when the Robbery was done, but the Prisoners, who threw the Goods out of a Window; So they were found Guilty of a Petty Larcenary .

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16910422-44

Thomas King and Sarah King alias Norris , were both Tryed for stealing a Silver Tankard, value 6 l. on the 20th Instant, from George Franklin , in King street in St. Gile's . There was none in the Room where the Tankard was in a Closet, but the Prisoners; who came in to drink, it being a publick House and went a way, leaving a Penny to pay. The Prisoners denyed it, and came again the next day; So that they were both Acquited .

Reference Number: t16910422-45

Mary King , was Indicted for stealing from James Wills , of St. Martins in the Fields , on the 25th of February last, 2 Pair of Holland Sleeves, 3 Handkerchiefs ; but no Evidence appearing against her, she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16910422-46

Likewise Anne Kendal , was Indicted for stealing two Pair of Stockins and some Sleeves ; but there was no Evidence came in against her, so she was immediately Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16910422-47

Mary Kemp , was Tryed for breaking the House of Hugh Griffeth , of Westminster , and taking away a Sattin Petticoat, value 5 l. Two Spoons, value 20 s. a Silver Fork, value 7 s. and divers Damask Napkins, with others Goods of considerable value , from Hugh Griffeth. Mrs. Griffeth said, That Hugh Griffeth Married her on the 17th of November last, and that day Fortnight he brought the Prisoner, being his first Wife, and Robbed the Prosecutor of the Goods. Griffeth Lyes now in Newgate for a Robbery on the High-way; So the Prisoner, being the first Wife, she was Acquitted according to Law.

Reference Number: t16910422-48

Charles Tomkins , was Tryed for stealing, on the 2d of July last, ten Yards and a half of Persian Silk, value 43 s. from Ursula Charlton ; but the Evidence not being strong enough, he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16910422-49

John Ran and Nicholas Upstone , were both Arraigned for stealing a Silver Cup, value 40 s. from William Higginbottom , to which they both pleaded Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: o16910422-1

Burnt in the Hand 9.

Robert Toplady

John Symons

D - L -

Dorothy Cooper

Elizabeth Hale

Elizabeth Askew

John Newell

Edward Stent, and William Bizzle , formerly Convicted.

Reference Number: o16910422-2

John Ray , who was Convicted last Sessons for coyning Mony, was Ordered to be Excuted among the rest that shall Suffer. He did, on Fryday during the Sessions, endeavour to make his Escape out of the Gaol, by Attiring himself in Womens Apparel, geting as far as Warwick-lane end before he was discovered, &c. He said the reason why he did so, was, because the Terror of Death did affright him; not that he was any ways Guilty: For which Impudent Expression he had a severe Repremand from the Court, &c.

Reference Number: s16910422-1

After the Tryals were over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment as followeth:

Reference Number: s16910422-1

Burnt in the Hand 9.

Robert Toplady

John Symons

D - L -

Dorothy Cooper

Elizabeth Hale

Elizabeth Askew

John Newell

Edward Stent, and William Bizzle , formerly Convicted.

Ordered to be Transported 5.

John Thomson

John Leech

John Anderson

Nicholas Upstone and John Ran.

Received Sentence of Death 21.

William Riggs

Anne Harris

Elizabeth Wilson

Elizabeth Walton

Ruth Stanes

Elizabeth Fairbank

Henry Powell

John Grymes

Charles Smith

K - J -

John Story

Henry Win

George Read

William Selwood

William Mackquear

Peter Desine

Elizabeth Deale

William Phipps

James Selbey

Honour Allen and

Reference Number: s16910422-1

John Ray , who was Convicted last Sessons for coyning Mony, was Ordered to be Excuted among the rest that shall Suffer. He did, on Fryday during the Sessions, endeavour to make his Escape out of the Gaol, by Attiring himself in Womens Apparel, geting as far as Warwick-lane end before he was discovered, &c. He said the reason why he did so, was, because the Terror of Death did affright him; not that he was any ways Guilty: For which Impudent Expression he had a severe Repremand from the Court, &c.

Reprieved after Judgment 5.

Anne Harris

Elizabeth Wilson

Ruth Stanes

Elizabeth Fairbank and Elizabeth Walton.

Ordered to be Whipt 10.

Elinor Clark

William Bolton

Alice Chamberline

John Browne

Jane Williams

Thomas Darlinton

Rebekah Dennis

Martha Herbert

Anne Stubbins and Chatles Pearson, tryes formerly, from Newgate to Aldgate, the rest from thence to Holbourn Bars, after the usual manner

On Saturday, the last day of the Sessions, the Lord Preston was brought into Court, and they gave him to understand, That the King's Council had moved that Execution might be Awarded against him, as in the Case of High Treason; and that it was the Courts Duty to give his Lordship notice of the same, in order to Prepare him self for Death.

To which the Lord Preston Replyed, That the time since his Condemnation had been spun out only by the Mercy of the King; and that when the High Sheriff gave him notice of his Execution, it was a very great Surprizal to him, for that he had always a kind of an assurance in himself he should receive Pardon; but seeing it was so determined, he humbly requested the Court to bear witness of the manner of his Behaviour ever since he received Sentence of Death, and hoped the Court would be pleased to acquaint His Majesty with the same.

To which the Court answered, That they could do no more, seeing the Judgment was determined, but give his Lordship timely notice of the same, hoping his Lordship would Prepare himself for that Day.

Then he was remanded back to Newgate.

The same day Mr. Edmond Elliot, who was Indicted for High Treason with the Lord Preston, gave in Bayle to appear next Sessions.

William Rutland, Renatus Harris, William Ganly, John Watts, and Thomas Tysoe, according to Order of Court, gave Suerties for their Good Behaviour until Christmas next, and to appear in Court at that time.

Mary Ingle gave Bayle to appear next Sessions, in order to plead Their Majesties Pardon, for killing Anne Townsned by Misfortune.

There were abundance of Prisoners that were ordered to remain till next Sessions, and several gave in Bayle for their appearance to answer their several Indictments.

Reference Number: a16910422-1


The Athenian Mercury; Resolving Weekly all the most Nice and Curious Questions proposed by the Ingenious, and sent by the Peny-Post Letters or otherwise to Mr. Smith's Coffee House in Stocks-Market. This Paper will be published constantly on Tuesdays and Saturdays; and at the end of every Volum, which will be Numb. 30. we design to add the Transactions and Experiments of several English Vertnoso's, and whatever else is Curious that shall be sent us from time to time: As else the Acta Eruditorum Lipsiae: The Paris Journal des Scavants: The Giornali de Letterati, printed at Rome. and the Universal Historical Bibliotheque, &c. which is now Translating in order to it.

There is now Published, The Plain Christian's Guide; or, True Religion and Undefiled, in all its Principal and most useful Branches, both as to Belief and Practice, Briefly stated and Explained to the meanest Capacities: Wherein also the Chief Points in Dispute between Us and the Church of Rome are discussed. Printed for Langley Curtiss, at Sir Edmonbury Godfrey's Head, near Fleet-Bridge.

*** If any Gentleman or Ladies of Quality are desirous to learn to speak Latin or French fluently and that Truly and Properly, according to Grammar Rules, and to Explain any Author, Ch. Switerda, Esq; will wait on them twice a Week. He Teacheth also in Clements-Lane, near Canon-street, at the Coffin, and in Chancery-Lane, next Lincolns Inn Coffee-House at Mr. Goffs, and in Ax-Yard, Westminster, at Mr. Clairs; where you may have French and Latin Historical Cards, which teacheth to turn Latin into French, and French into English: You may also have a Pack of Latin-Political-Cards at the said places, very fit for Young Gentlemen.

*** These are to give Notice to all Persons, for the Benefit of the Publick, That Mr. Elmy, Professor of Physick, and Operator, of known Integrity, and about 25 Years practice, liveth at the Blue Ball in Whale-Bone Court, at the lower end of Bartholomew-lane by the Royal Exchange, who most safely and expeditiously Cures Deafness and Noise in the Ears in any of what Age seever, (if Curable) and at first Sight, by Inspection, Resolves the Patient if so or not, as most Eminent Persons of Quality in this City can Testifie. He hath likewise a most excellent Gargarism or Mouth-Waver, which will make black or yellow Teeth as white as Ivory, in a few times using; and it will certainly cure the Scurvy, and all other Diseases incident to the Mouth, Teeth and Gums, which in many persons causeth a stinking Breath, which (by the Blessing of God, and the use of this Water) I dare affirm you will be freed from those Maladies before mentioned, with Directions.

*** In Plow-Yard in Grays-Inn-Lane, lives Dr. Thomas Kirlers a Collegiate Physician, and Sworn Physician to Charles II. until his death: Who, with a Drink and Pill, (hindering no Business) undertakes to Cures any Ulcers, Sores, Swellings in the Nose, Face, or other parts, Scabs, Itch, Scurfs, Leprosies, and Venerial Disease, expecting nothing until the Cure be finished of the last, he bath Cured many hundreds in this City, many of them after Fluxing, which carries the evil from the lower parts to the Head, and so destroys many. The Drink is 3 s the Quart, the Pill 1 s. a Box with Directions, a better purger than which was ever given, for they cleanse the Body of all impurities, which are the causes of Dropsies, Gouts, Scurvies, Stone or Gravel, payns in the Head and other parts; with another Drink at 1 s 6 d a Quart, he Cures all Feavers and lot Distempers without Bleeding, except in few Bodys. He gives his Opinion to all that writes or comes for nothing.

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