Old Bailey Proceedings, 15th October 1690.
Reference Number: 16901015
Reference Number: f16901015-1

THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE King and Queens Commissions OF THE Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the OLD-BAILY.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday being the 15th, 16th, and 18th Days of October, 1690.

And in the Second Year of Their MAJESTIES Reign.

THE Sessions of Peace, Oyer and Terminer, and Goal Delivery of Newgate, held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday being the 15th, 16th, and 18th Days of October, 1690. Before the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Pilkington Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, and Mr. Recorder, with several others of Their Majesties Justices for the City of London, and the Country of Middlesex.

The Jurors were as follow:

London Jury,

Isaac Dighton

Arthur Eaveley

Robert Lyon

George Dolben

James Stancliffe

Richard Blagrove

Benj. Johnson

Jeremiah Ives

Charles Russell

Samuel Chambers

James Smith

Robert Chapman

Middlesex Jury,

Richard Cooper

John Mirdale

Benj. Boltbey

John Bush

William Gunstone

Edward Weekes

Thomas Remidge

Abraham Hedge-about

John Cave

John Preston

Richard Brumfeild

Edmund Salter

The Proceedings were these:

Reference Number: t16901015-1

Philip O Neale was tryed for breaking the House of one John Fisher in Bartholomew Lane , and took away two Pieces of coyned Gold, value each 20 s. two other 10 s Pieces, 22 Guineas, and several other small Pieces of Gold, besides 60 l in Mony, &c. The Evidence swore, That he and three others came to the Prosecutors House to drink, and broke open the Chamber Door, and took away the Gold. The Prisoner denyed that he knew any thing of it, saying that he was not above Stairs, neither stayed in the House: The Evidence could not say that he was in the Chamber; so he was favoured by the Jury, and thereupon Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16901015-2

M - H - was tryed for Murthering her Male Bastard Child, on the 11th of Septemb. last : It appeared that she was a a Servant , and that to prevent Discovery she put it into the House of Office; which was fully sworn against her: She had little to say for her self, being a very Ignorant Silly Girle: and the Evidence said further, That she had confest the Matter before, so upon the whole she was found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-3

Margaret Kelly was tryed for breaking the House of Thomas Eave , in Shoe Lane , on the 20th of September last, stealing from him one Silver Bowle, value 4 l. a Silver Cup, value 3 l. a Coife, and some other small Lynen . The Evidence was Mrs. Eave who said, That she could not charge her with the Plate, but she found some Lynen about her: but she could not affirm that the Window was shut. The Prisoner denyed it, and the Evidence was somewhat circumstantial, so upon the whole she was found Guilty only to the Value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-4

Thomas Castlealias Cassey was Indicted for High Treason, in Counterfeiting and making 50 Pieces of King James I Shillings , in March last: He was taken the 3d of October, and 13 of the false Shillings were found in his House, in Marygold-Alley in the Strand , in the bottom of a Salt-Box, and some Crucibles, for melting, and some Clippings, which were found in a Box-Iron, hanging in the Chimney, and Files and other things, fit for the Trade; all which was fully proved upon him by several Witnesses, The Prisoner denyed it all, and used several Evasions, where by to extenuate the Crime: but upon the whole matter he was found Guilty of High Treason.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-5

Edward Stephens was likewise indicted upon the same Account, viz. for Making and Counterfeiting of 20 Pieces of K. James L's Shillings, and 20 pieces of King Charles I's half Crowns , which the same Evidences swore, That he struck the Stamp, with a great Hammer, to make an Impression, and that he saw him do it 3 or 4 times. The Prisoner denyed the Matter of Fact; And no Evidence was produced that saw him coyne only struck the Stamp, which another Person might easily have done, so he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16901015-6

Peter Vallard a Frenchman, was tryed for High Treason also, in Clipping and Deminishing the Currant Coyne of this Kingdom , on the 28th of August . The Evidence swore, That he was ketched clipping of Mony in a Ditch near St. Mary-le-Bone and that he saw him clip a Shilling almost round. The Prisoner denyed it, but there was a Box of Clipings and a Pair of Shears produced in Court, as a further Testimony against him, so in the conclusion he was brought in Guilty of the Indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-7

Elizabeth Cox was tryed for uttering 20 pieces of false Mony, on the 4th of August , which the Witnesses said was given to her to put off by one Wright in Bloomsbury ; and that Wright allowed the Prisoner 29s of clipt Mony for 20 s of broad Mony, and a Penny in a Shilling for putting it off; but they could not swear that she uttered Mony faslly: so she was immediately Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16901015-8

John Stephens was indicted for breaking the House of one John Blenchard , about 9 o clock at Night, taking away on the 7th of

September last, 2 flaxen Sheets, value 20 s. a Feather-bed, value 40 s, a Silk Petticoat, and several other Goods of great value . It was evidenced, That he got into the House, and was taken before he had carried off any thing; but no Evidence could swear the Burglary against him, and he denyed it, so in the end he was found Guilty of Felony only .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-9

Elizabeth Fire-bank , of St. Andrews Holborne ; was indicted for stealing, from Mr. Robert Needham , 4 Gold Rings value 40 s. 2 stone Rings, 1 Gold Bodkin, 8 Diaper Napkins, 2 Watches value 50 s. and some other things . The Evidence said, That she lodged in the Prosecutors House, and had a Person came to her, which she said was her Husband: The Goods were lost, some of which she owned to have taken before Sir William Turner , but she denyed all at the Tryal: The Evidence being some what promiseuous, she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16901015-10

Constance Wayne-wright was tryed for stealing a Silver Tea-Pot value 6 l. from Paul Hayley , one Silk Petticoat and some other Goods, and 40 s. in Mony, from Thomas Elmor . It appeared, That a Gown was found upon her Back, at Graves-end, and some other of the Goods, which was a plain Evidence; and she could not much deny it, so she was found Guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-11

Elizabeth Vaughan was indicted for stealing several small Goods, Lynen and Wollen, &c. from one Edw. Powel , on the 16th of September last. The Prisoner hired a Chamber in the Prosecutor's House, and so took away the Things, which was fully sworn against her, so she was found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-12

William Mandrill the younger, Edward Everal , Jonathan Oakley , John Browning , John Larkin , Thomas White and Richard Cloves , were all seven tryed for the Murther of one Samuel Jackson , giving him a Mortal Bruise upon his Forehead, on the 12th of August last, of which he dyed on the 18th Day of the same Month . The Evidence was very numerous on the King's side, who deposed in the General, That Jackson being press'd and carried into a Boat, a Fewd arose about pressing some others, in which Scuffle he received a Blow on his Head, the Occasion, as appeared upon Evidence, was thus. Whilst the four latter Prisoners went ashoar at Mr. Mandyil's Dye house, near the 3 Cranes, to press his Servants; the Deceased standing upright in the Boat with one foot upon the side of it, in such a Posture, as if he were about to make an escape: Which Browning seeing, he gave him a Stroak upon the Head with his Cutlace upon which the Deceased fell down in the Boat, and immediately bled violently at the Ears, and being conveyed home, he had a Surgeon to search his Head, who found a Fracture in his Skull, which was the occasion of his Death. William Mandrill called some Evidence, who declared, That the Prisoner Browning, with others, came to Mr. Mandrills, and press'd the Apprentice s, and cut one of them over the Head and Arm, and carried him away in a very violent manner. There was no Evidence affected the others , only Browning was found Guilty of killing the said Jackson, and the Matter was found Special, until their Majesties Judges shall determine it, after their further Consideration of the Matter, &c.

Reference Number: t16901015-13

Daniel Johnson alias Juxon , was tryed for breaking the House of Robert Russell of Stepney , with an intention to steal his Goods , on the 24th Day of August last. The Witness could not swear that he broke the House , for that he was taken in the High-way before the Door, having no Goods found about him: So a new Indictment was ordered against him for a Trespass.

Reference Number: t16901015-14

John Clarke was tryed for stealing a Silver Taster, value 18 d. and 8 l. in Money numbered , from John Andgrave of S. James's Westminster , on the 24th of September last. This Prisoner was indicted, on the first day of the Sessions, by the name of Philip O Neale , as aforesaid. He and another came to the Prosecutor's House, and after they had eat some Pork, the Prisoner took the Mony, and run away with it; but being pursued, the Mony was found in 2 Bags about him. The Prisoner said, That the Mony was given him by another Person, but he could not prove any thing: He was found Guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-15

William Wright , an old Man, was arraigned for marrying 2 Wives, the first named Elinor Fisher , the other Edith Price , Fisher he married in the 32d Year of King Charles, and Price he married in the 2d Year of King James II. Upon Enquiry into the matter, he was Acquitted by virtue of their Majesties most Gracious Pardon .

Reference Number: t16901015-16

Anne Griscall was indicted for stealing a Sheet, a Cupboard-Cloath and an old Mantle, value about 10 s. from Ralph Dean , on the 6th of August It was fully proved that she confest it, and having nothing to say was found Guilty, value 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-17

Bryant Cane , one of the Gang that robbed Mr. Baker of S. Mary-le-Bone , on the 28th of Feb. last, was tryed for the same: And the Evidence for the King said, That he was one that help'd to commit the Robbery, taking away 2 Silver Tankards value 12 l. a Silver Salver value 12 l. a Cup 9 l. with abundance of other Plate and Goods, all to the value of between 3 and 400 l. All which was fully proved against him. The Prisoner denyed it, and called for one Mich. Lambert , John Rogers and Mr. Aubrey, as prove that he was in another Place when the Robbery was committed, but no one appeared; In the end he was found Guilty of Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-18

David Floyd was indicted for killing one Rotherick Williams , on the 2d of September last, giving him a Mortal Wound upon the Left Eye with a Sword value 5 s. of the length of one Inch, depth 2 Inches, of which he dyed the 4th Instant : The Prisoner and the Deceased were together in Shandois-street , in an Alehouse, and drew their Swords, and the Prisoner was heard to confess that he gave him the Wound, which he said he did at one Pass. The Prisoner upon his Tryal said, That the deceased quarrelled with him in the House, and broke open a Door upon him, calling him Coward, and what he did was in his own defence: But that did not prevail with the Jury, but he was found Guilty of Manslaughter .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-19

Lucey Jefferies was tryed for robbing Mrs. Mary Megs of Thistle-worth of 8 Cambrick Handkerchiefs value 8 s. two Silver Spoons 22 s. 2 Forks 13 s. 2 yards of Silver Fringe 20 s. with a Gelding coloured bright Bay value 8 l. besides several other Goods of great value, &c. The Evidence was Mrs. Meggs, who said, That the Prisoner was her Servant , who she entrusted to look to her House, in her Absence; but she proved false and robb'd her: and 2 Spoons and 2 Forks, and other things Mrs. Meggs found in her Bed, at another House adjoyning, being the Wash-house, where the Prisoner lay: The Horse was brought by a Man near to Mr. Finch's Brewhouse, and given to a Boy to lead, he promising to give the Boy a Penny, but he run away, and came no more to fetch the Horse. The Evidence was not very positive as to her, for that she discovered it to her Mistress when she came from London, viz. That the House was robbed by some, who had reared a Ladder up to a Chamber Window, for the Window was left open. Upon the whole, after a distinct Hearing she was Discharged .

Reference Number: t16901015-20

Anne Braseby and William Goodspeed , a Boy of about 15 years, were both tryed for robbing the House of John Ince Gent. at West Ham in Essex , on the 6th of September last, of a Silver Cup value 5 l. 4 Spoons value 40 s. The Cup was found upon them but the Spoons (Braseby confest before the Justice) were melted down. The Prisoners were Persons that did belong to the Poppet Shews in Bartholomew Fair : The Woman was taken in More fields, hid under a Bench, and the Boy was taken in Bartholomew Fair. They had nothing material to offer, having been old Offenders; yet the Evidence did not affect the Boy so much as the Woman, so he was acquitted , but she was found Guilty of Felony.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-21

Luke Braseby was tryed for a Misdemeanour, for receiving into his Hand half an Ounce of Clippings, and for Concealing of it, to the great Encouragement of Clippers, &c. The Evidence swore, That the Clippings were found in the Prisoner's Breeches, in a little Box, and there was a small File found in the Prisoner's House besides. The Prisoner denyed it, but he was found Guilty .

[Fine. See summary.]

[Provide sureties for good behaviour. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-22

Richard Haksworth was tryed for stealing 11 Deal Boards value 9 s. 2 d. 3 Frames 3 s. and 2 wooden Benches 12 d. on the first of July last, from John Hare of Stepney ; but it appeared that he was employed by the Prosecutor to work for him, and no Felony could be proved, to he was acquitted ,

Reference Number: t16901015-23

Henry Chawk of Hillingdon was indicted for stealing a Trunk, containing several Cloathes in it , from Sir Edward Norris Knight , on the first of October last. He was taken at Staynes, and owned the Fact; so he did at the Tryal, begging the Mercy of the Bench. He was found Guilty of Felony.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-24

Andrew Burnet and Lyon Fountaine , of S. Martins in the Fields , were both tryed for robbing Mr. Roger Shakesbey , on the 6th instant, of a black Hat value 14 s. a Peruque 10 s. The Evidence swore, That the Prisoners met Mr. Shakesbey and some others as they were taking Water at Salesbury stairs , and that Lyon Fountaine set upon Shakesbey and beat him, and his Hat and Peruque fell off, but he could not say they took them; so they were Acquitted . But another indictment was ordered to be drawn against them forthwith.

[Provide sureties for good behaviour. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-25

John Lowbridge alias Spencer was indicted for stealing a Mare, coloured grey, price 5 l. on the 9th of October instant, from Thomas Hammond ; The Mare was owned to be Hammond's, and the Prisoner sold her to one Cooper for 44 s. and the Mony was paid at the Crown Inn in Warwick-lane. He was Acquitted of the Middlesex Indictment, and a new Indictment was ordered against him on London side, upon which he was tryed and found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-26

James Batrone was arraigned for stealing 3 Silver Spoons, on the 25th of September last, value 27 s. from Stephen Butcher ; which he immediately confest , &c.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-27

Jane Eaton and Katharine Jones were indicted for breaking the House of John Prefect , on the 10th of September , taking away 50 yards of Flaxen Cloth value 26 s. and another Irish Piece of Cloth, value about 13 s. There came 3 Women to the Shop, and whilst the Maid of the House was above Stairs, Eaton was seen to carry away one Piece of Cloth, which was found upon her, and the other piece was found upon Jones, they were both found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-28

Anne Henderson was tryed for stealing a Silver Tankard from Mr. Jeremy Dod . value 4 l. 19 s. Mr. Dod said, That the Prisoner

and another Woman came to his House and called for Drink, and after the other Woman went away with the Tankard, and the Prisoner was stopt, but the Tankard was never produced again. She made a frivolous Defence for herself, and produced some Evidence that gave a favourable Account of her former Behaviour: But she endeavouring to get away without paying the Reckoning, &c. She was found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-29

Thomas Rowland was tryed for stealing from William Bird , in the King's High-way, on the 29th of July last, 1000 Yards of Bone-Lace value 1200 l. The Evidence was, That the Prisoner did confess the stealing of the Lace to one Buckle and others, but Bird was not produced against him. The Prisoner urged, That it was Malice in the Prosecutor, and denyed the Fact, but the Matter being fully proved, he was found Guilty of the Robbery.

He was a second Time indicted for robbing John Christmas , a Carryer , on the High way of 84 l. 9 s. The Evidence swore, That the Prisoner and 9 more met Christmas in the Road, and robbed his Wagon, and after they shared the Mony; which was clearly proved, and he had nothing to offer, being an old Offender, he was found Guilty of that Robbery also.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-30

George Brock and Richard James were both Indicted for stealing 8 Ewe Sheep, value 4 l. 16 s. from William Breteridge of Kensington : James confess'd it, but Brock pleaded Not Guilty; and the Evidence being called, they deposed, That the Prisoners offered some of the Sheep to sale to a Butcher in Newport-Market, and took him to see the rest in Dog and Bitch-yard, in Damnation-Ally; the Prisoner laid it upon Richard James , and had no Evidence, so he was found Guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-31

James Hammond was tryed for the Murther of one Francis Stent of Stepney , with a Shovel, value 4 d. giving him a Mortal Wound upon the Head, on the 9th of October last . It seems that the Prisoner threw his Shovel at a Sow in the Yard, and chane'd to give the Deceased the Wound, which the Surgeons declared was the Cause of his Death. The Prisoner did not deny it, as to matter of Fact, and called some Evidence, who spake well of his Behaviour. He was found Guilty of Manslaughter only.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-32

John Randale was indicted for stealing a Silver Tankard from John Nowell , on the 2 d. of September last: But the Evidence could not swear positively against him, only that he was a Lodger at the Prosecutor's House, and was going away without Leave, &c. which gave the Prosecutor occasion to suspect the Prisoner; and the Prisoner confess'd that one Suffolk had the Tankard, and was gone aside with it, and could not be found; yet the Jury were so kind as to acquit him.

Reference Number: t16901015-33

Susannah Stanley was indicted for Picking the Pocket or privily stealing from Thomas Oliver 2 s. 6 d. in Mony , on the 3 d instant, &c. Oliver said, That she met him on Tower-Hill and ask'd him to drink, he refusing it she pick'd his Pocket, but none of the Mony was found about her. The Prisoner denyed it, and said that she was Innocent, and the Court thought the Old Man might mistake the Person. She was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16901015-34

L - R - of Stepney was indicted for robbing Elizabeth Buckstone of 2 Gold Rings value 17 s. a Nutmeg-grater 7 s. and 7 l. in Mony , on the 18th instant. The Evidence was Mrs. Buckstone and her Son, who deposed, That the Prisoner and 2 other Men came to drink at the Prosecutor's House, and after they were gone she miss'd the Mony and Goods, they going away without paying the Reckoning. There was no Person in the House besides the Prisoner and the other two; he was brought in Guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-35

Anne Armorer was indicted for stealing a piece of Stuff value 10 s. from James Cummins , but no Evidence appearing against her, she was immediately Acquitted without paying her Fees, she being a poor Woman, &c.

Reference Number: t16901015-36

Thomas Rogers and Anne Rogers were tryed for Clipping 40 pieces of Silver . The Evidence swore, That there were Shears, and Rubbers to rub Mony, and a File and some Clippings, &c. found in the Prisoners House in Eling Parish , near Acton; all which were produced in Court, in Testimony against them, as also a Parcel of clipt Mony, which was found in the bottom of a Chest. The Prisoner urged, That he found the clipt Mony, and they both denyed it stiffly, and that they never used the Tools, neither did they hide them from any Body, using several extenuating Arguments to stiffle their horrid Crime; which came to no good Effect, for they were both found Guilty of High Treason.

Thomas Rogers was singly indicted, a second Time, for a Misdemeanour, in Harbouring of Thieves in his House, keeping them from Justice, as High waymen, &c. The Evidence said, That several Highway-men used to meet at the Prisoner's House, at Eling, near Acton , where they were put into a dark Room, to prevent Discovery, and from thence they were wont to distribute themselves abroad to rob, &c. And that the Prisoner did once set a Grazier that was going by his Door, and two High-way-men went out and robbed him immediately. He had little to say, but denyed all that was sworn against him; he was look'd upon as notorious base Fellow, for there were several Wagons robbed within this twelve Months, going that Road, through his Instigation. The Prisoner stood out to the last that he knew nothing of it, yet he was found Guilty of the Misdemeanour.

[Thomas: Death. See summary.]

[Anne: Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-37

Joseph Jones was indicted for getting Clipings privately into his Custody, and concealing of them, to the great Encouragement of that Profession . The Evidence said, That there was a Noise of Filing heard in his Chamber, in the Night-time; and there was a Box of Clippings found under a Chest of Drawers, by the Woman that used to clean his Room. The Prisoner denyed it, and said that another Young Man lodged with him, and knew nothing how the Clippings came there, &c. yet he was convicted of the Misdemeanour.

[Provide sureties for good behaviour. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-38

Elizabeth Firmin was arraigned for stealing a Silver Porringer, value 50 s. from Arthur Berestar : But the Felony being committed in April last, she was Acquitted by vertue of their Majesties most gracious Pardon .

[Provide sureties for good behaviour. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-39

On Thursday Night the Court adjourned till Saturday Morning 8 a Clock, at which time being set, they proceeded as followeth.

Daniel Juxon was indicted for an Assault upon one Robert Russel . It was evidenced that he came to rob his House, and Russel opposing him he strook him with a Hammer: The Prisoner could not invalidate it, so he was found Guilty .

[Fine. See summary.]

[Provide sureties for good behaviour. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-40

Elizabeth Cox was indicted for a Misdemeanour, in passing off 29 Pieces of false and counterfeit Money : But the Evidence could not swear positively against her, only that she was wont to change Broad Money for clipt. The Prisoner pleaded her Innocency, but upon the whole she was found Guilty of changing bad Mony for good.

[Fine. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-41

Edward Stephens was tryed for the like Fault, in passing off 36 pieces of false Mony: Which was fully evidenced against him, and that he put off three pound for 2 Guineas . The Prisoner denyed it stifly, yet that availed him nothing, for he was found Guilty .

[Fine. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16901015-42

Thomas Dant was indicted for stealing a Silver Tankard, value 7 l. 2 Drachm Cups 5 s. 2 Yards of Flanders-Lace, value 10 s. and other Goods , from Bartholomew Hunt . The Evidence was Mrs. Hunt and others, who said, That the Prisoner and another Person came to the said Hunt's House, and being above-stairs, they pretended to write Letters, and a little time after one of them went away, and the Tankard was gone, and the Prisoner was not presently stopt, but was taken afterwards, and did confess that he took away the Goods: But upon the Tryal he denyed it, and said that there were other Company in the Room besides him, but he had no Evidence to prove it: He was found Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: o16901015-1

Several Persons, who were lately Convicted for very Wicked and Notorious Crimes, did receive the Benefit of their Majesties Most Gracious Pardon upon their respective Knees, in open Court: Whose Names are exactly inserted as followeth.

Philip Williams

Mary Cary

Christoph Jones

Anne Yates

Mary Jones

William Banister

Philip Mackquear

George Crawford

Andrew Browne

William Rolph

William Bristow

John Wilson

William Wright

James Gardyner

William Tippet

William Gold

Isaac Vallence

Thomas Fisher

Richard Bourne

Thomas Dod

Thomas Read

John Carter

Sarah Taylor

Mary Quarles

William Wilson

Joanna Browne

Anne Hereford

James Arden

Susannah Tirrel

Robert Allen .

After which the Court was pleased to give them a good Exhortation, To beware how they abused the King's Mercy, by returning to their former Course of Life, for if so, they must expect no Pardon, but be brought to a severe and condign Punishment.

Reference Number: s16901015-1

The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Sentence as followeth,

Burnt in the Hand 9.

John Stephens , John Clarke , David Floyd , George Brock , Richard James , James Hammond , L - R - , Thomas Dant and James Batrone .

To be Transported, 2

Henry Chawke and Anne Brassbey .

To be Whipt 3.

Margaret Kelly , Elizabeth Vaughan and Anne Griscal .

Received Sentence of Death 12.

M - H - , Constance Wainwright , John Lowbridge , Jane Eaton , Katharine Jones, Anne Henderson , Thomas Castle alias Cassey, Peter Vallard , Bryant Cane , Thomas Rowland , Thomas Rogers , and Anne Rogers his Wife.

Thomas Castle , Peter Vallard and Thomas Rogers , were ordered to be Drawn upon a Sledge to the place of Execution, to be hanged by the Neck, cut down alive, their Bowels burnt, their Bodies quartered, and to be disposed of at their Majesties pleasure. And Anne Rogers was ordered to be burnt alive.

Luke Brassbey fined 10 Groats, and to remain in Prison till he find good Sureties for his peaceable Behaviour. Daniel Juxon was fined 4 Nobles, and to find good Sureties. Joseph Jones was ordered to remain till he find Sureties for his quiet behaviour for the future. Elizabeth Cox and Edward Stephens were both finded 5 Pound a piece.

William Hodges having given in Bail for his appearance, to answer what should be alledged against him, did now move for to be discharged; but the Court being pleased to tender him the Oaths, he refused to comply; whereupon he was ordered to continue upon Bail till further Order.

Turner a Bookseller, for publishing a Seditious Libel against the Government, entituled, A Bargain dear bought, gave Bail to appear next Sessions.

Cap. Rider was discharged from all Recognizances.

Lyon Fountaire, Andrew Burnet and Elizabeth Firmin , notwithstanding their being acquitted, were ordered to remain till they find sufficient Sureties for their better Conversation; Firmin being known to the Court to have been a notorious Offender.

Mary Ellis of Westminster was indicted for Felony and called to answer, but did not uppear, she being lately fled from Justice.

Reference Number: a16901015-1



These are to give Notice to all Persons, for the Benefit of the Publick, That Mr. Elmy, Professor of Physick, and Operator, of known Integrity, and above 25 Years practice, Liveth at the Blue Ball in Whale Bone Court, at the Lower End of Bartholomew-lane by the Royal Exchange, who most safely and expeditiously Cures Deafness and Noise in the Ears in any of what Age soever, (if Curable) and at first Sight, by Inspection, Resolves the Patient if so or not, as most Eminent Persons of Quality in this City can Testifie. He bath likewise a most excellent Gargarism or Mouth-Water, which will make black or yellow Teeth as white as Ivory, in a few times using; and it will certainly cure the Scurey, and all other Diseases incident to the Mouth, Teeth and Gums, which in many persons confeth a stinking Breath, which (by the Blessing of God, and the use of this Water) I days affirm you will be freed from those Maladies before mentioned, with Directions. His Pills only prepared for the French Disease, and the Running of the Reins, may be had in Boxes of several prices, with other Venereal Areana's as occasion serves.

There is now Published, The Politicks of Europe, or, A Rational Journal concerning the present Affairs of the Time; giving an Account of the present State of Europe, with regard to its Two most Active Powers; William the Third, and Lewis the Fourteenth. price 6 d. The Continuation of which Journal will be now published every Saturday in a single sheet, Sold by Langley Curtiss, at Sir Edmondbury Godfry's Head, near Fleet-bridge.

In Plow-Yard in Grays-Inn Lane, lives Dr. Thomas Kirleus a Collegiate Physician, and Sworn Physician to Charles II . until his Death: Who, with a Drink and Pill, hindering no Business, Cures all Vleers, Scabs, Scurfs in the Faco, or elsewhere; Kings-Evil, Leprosie, and Venereal Disease, expecting nothing if he Cures not Of the last, he bath Cured about 500 persons in this City, many after Fluxing. It quickly and safety Cures it in the beginning, which cannot be done with Mercury, without danger of Life. The Drink is 3 s. the Quart, she the Pill 1 s. the Box, which is two Purges. They excel all Purges, in cleansing all Crudities and Impurities, and so prevent and Cure many Diseases, and especially she Gent and Stone. In all Diseases he gives his Opinion for nothing.

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