Old Bailey Proceedings, 3rd September 1690.
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THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE King and Queens Commissions OF THE Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the OLD-BAILY.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday being the 3d, 4th, and 5th Days of September, 1690.

And in the Second Year of Their MAJESTIES Reign.

THE Sessions of Peace, Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol Delivery of Newgate, held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday being the 3d, 4th, and 5th Days of September, 1690. Before the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Pilkington Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, and Mr. Recorder, with several others of Their Majesties Justices for the City of London, and the County of Middlesex.

The Jurors were as Follow:

London Jury,

Edmond Helder

Lawrence Killbey

Martin Elkin

Edward Becus

Benjamin Moreword

Tho Gillborn

Joseph Stretton

Richard Green

Thomas Terry

Walter Kettlebey

Nathaniel Ranew

James Croyle

Middlesex Jury,

Nicholas Goodwin

Thomas Mead

John Page

John Milgate

Randale Page

John Street

Thomas Gowers

John Bird

William Evans

Richard Waterman

Leonard Crossbey

Henry Clever

The Proceeding's were these.

Reference Number: t16900903-1

Thomas Yarrold was tryed for stealing a Gelding, price 10 l. from one Thomas Aspin , the Gelding was afterwards found offering to sale in Smithfield, with a Boy upon his Back; but the Prisoner endeavoured to get away, by slipping among the Crowd. The Prisoner said, He bought the Horse of Thomas Low , but could not prove it, so he was found Guilty .

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Reference Number: t16900903-2

Frances Woolley was tryed for stealing 18 Yards of Black Crape value 31 s. the Goods of John Chitvel . The Evidence Said, That she took away the Crape out of the Window; and dropt it at the Door: The Prisoner denied it and said, She was altogether ignorant of it, and then the Prosecutor had a Spight agaist her; but nothing could induce the Court to believe her, so she was found Guilty, value 10 d.

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Reference Number: t16900903-3

G - W - and James Smith , both Highway men , were indicted for Robbing William Turvil the younger, of Fulham in the County of Middlesex, on the 25th of August last, in the King's High-way; taking away from him a Nag, coloured Bay, price 3 l. a Pannel 2 s. and a Bridle 12 d. The Evidence was young Turvill and others, who said, That three Men met him in the High-way, and took away the Horse from him: He Swore positively against Smith, but the other, he said, had a Mask on, so could not say that he was one: But another Evidence swore, That W - was one of the three, and that they had before robbed a Coach upon the Road, and that they fled for it, &c. The Prisoners said, That they were going into the Country to buy Horses for the King's Carriages, and used several insinuating Evasions and frivelous Circumstances, but could call no Evidence on their sides, nor prove nothing of what they alledged so they were both found Guilty of the Robbery.

G - W - was a second time singly indicted, for stealing a Ball'd Gelding from Mr. Tho. Gibborn , value 20 l. sadle, and a Bridle, and a Whip, and a Hanger, in the King's Highway , on the 20th of August . The Evidence was Mr. Gibborn and others, who said, That the Prisoner confest that he took his Gelding from him, near Tyburn all which he stifly denyed at the Tryal, but he had nothing to produce that might be any way advantageous to him, so he was found guilty of this Indictment also &c.

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Reference Number: t16900903-4

Martha Nook of St. Paul's Shadwel , was tried for the Murther of her Female Infant Bastard Child on the 6th of August last . It appeared upon the Tryal, That she had brought forth the Child, and conveyed it privately away, but being taxed about it and search'd, She made several frivolous Excuses, but at last she confest that she put it into a Settle-bed; in her Mrs. Kitchin, where it was found. And the Midwives and others gave their Opinion, That the Child was stilborn. The Prisoner said, That she had a Child but she did not discover it to any Person, because it was dead, and it was supposed that she was willing to hide her Shame. The Statute was read to the Jury, and upon the whole she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900903-5

Charles Gregory was tryed for breaking the Dwelling-house of Sir John Lowther Baronet , with an Intention to steal his Goods. The Evidence was, That he was among some others, that beset the House in the Night time, and was taken, jumping over the Pales ; but there was one Evidence against him, who could not say that the Prisoner broke the House, nor that he made any Entry, but it was a manifest Proof of an Intention to steal, so he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900903-6

Thomas Turner was tryed for breaking the House of Tho Britain , on the 3d of August , taking a Pane of Glass out of the Window, put in his Hand, and took out a Cane, value 2 s. 6 d. the Goods of George Banghey ; but being pursued presently, he was taken, and had thrown the Cane before upon a Dung hill: All which the Prisoner confest. The prisoner had little to say, being [Text unreadable in original.] young Boy ; So he was found Guilty, value 10 d.

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Reference Number: t16900903-7

Ruth De-Pree , a little Girl , aged about 8 or 9 Years, was tryed for stealing a Silver Taster, and 16 s. in Mony , from one Mark Blackman of Stepney , on the 23d of June last. The Evidence was Blackman's Wife, who swore only circumstantially; How that the Child came for a Quart of Drink, and whilst she was in the Cellar, she might take away the Money; but she could not swear possitively against her. The child denied the Fact, and nothing was found about her neither did she confess it; so it appeared to favour a little of Malice she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900903-8

Edw. Killbey and Mary Wills of S. James Westminster , were Indicted for stealing a Leather Bag, value 1 d. and 3 l. 11 s. in Money , from one William Jones : Who declared, That Wills was a Servant to him, and that she told her Master, That she was to be married to the Prisoner Killbey, and that he had between 3 and 4 l. of ready Mony; which gave the prosecutor a great suspicion that it was his Mony, that he had lost; which she confessed a while after, That she took the Mony off the Bed, and that Killbey took it away from her: But they both denied it at the Tryal, and there was nothing of Proof against, Killbey, so he was Acquitted , but Wills was found Guilty of Felony.

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Reference Number: t16900903-9

Susannah Tyrrell , a Girl about ten years old, was Indicted for stealing two Gold Rings, value 21 s. and 14 s. in Mony , on the 25th of August from Rachel Sturdy . The Evidence was, That she confest, That one Elizabeth Sallowes (now in Newgate) did give her a Key to open the Door, and bid her steal away the Rings and Mony; all which was plainly evinced, and the Girl did own that Sallowes set her a work: So that upon the whole, she was found guilty to the value of 9 s.

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Reference Number: t16900903-10

William Homer , Alice Wingfield and Mary Shaw were all 3 Indicted, Homer as Principal, and the other two as Accessories, for stealing on the 1st day of July , from Mr. John Abbington , six Yards of Poynt Lace, value 9 l. that there was no Evidence that could charge the Principle, so they were all Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900903-11

Richard Denham was tryed for breaking the House of Gilbert Crowder of Stepney , on the 19th day of August , and stealing away 180 Yards of Crape, value 10 l. the Goods of Mr. William Hyde The Evidence said, That he was wont to come to Crowder's House, where, in a Shed adjoyning to it, lay the Crape; and after the Prisoner directed them where it was, it was plainly proved, but he denied it; yet he was brought in Guilty of the Felony, but Discharged of the Burglary .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-12

Henry Hawkins was tryed for stealing four Pewter Plates, value 6 s. on the 7th of August , from James How Esq ; which were found upon him. The Prisoner denied it, and said he found them in the Yard, but that did not prevail, so he was found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

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Reference Number: t16900903-13

Erasmus Townsend , of the Parish of St. Peter le Bone , was Indicted for stealing six Yards of flowered Silk, value 15 s. 6 yards of other Silk value 4 s. one laced Necloth, value 18 d. a Knife, value 8 d. from Jeremiah Ward , on the 27th of July . The Evidence was Ward, who said, That he lost his Goods in the Night-time, but was short as to the main part of the Charge, so he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900903-14

Mary Davis was tryed for taking from Margaret Lee , on the 29th of July , one Guinea and 4 l. 2 s. three farthing in Mony . The Evidence swore, That the Mony was found in her Custody, in a Glove: But she denied that she had the Guinea, but afterwards the Guinea was found in her Pocquet, having taken it out of a Trunk before; the Prisoner denied it, and used very weak Arguments in her Defence, so she was found Guilty to the value of 9 s.

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Reference Number: t16900903-15

Anne Smith , a Dutch Woman, was tryed for stealing 21. Yards of Hamborrough-Cloth, value 5 l. 10 s. from John Hart , on the 27th day of August . Upon her arraignment she desired a Party Jury, whose Names are as follow,

Edward Holder

William Carboneel

Lawrence Killbey

Claudius Hayes

Martin Elkin

Edward Pegott

John Mertin

Benjamin Morewood

John Laughene

Thomas Gibborne

Peter Vausyer

Joseph Streeton

After which the King's Evidence gave their Depositions, and declared, That she took away the Goods, which was found upon her; but there was another Woman with her that was fled: She denied it by her Interpreter, yet she was found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

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Reference Number: t16900903-16

Arthur Langford was Indicted for the Murther of one Ruth. Wilford , a little Child , on the 17th day of June last . It appeared upon the Evidence, That he drove his Cart near to a Poast, and pressed the Child's Head between the Cart Wheele and the Post, but the Head was not broken, only bruised very much, which the surgeon declared was the occasion of his Death, living about three or four days after, and then dyed. The Prisoner denyed the Fact, saying, There were other Carrs in the Street besides his; and where being no positive Proof, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900903-17

Grace Hedges was Indicted for stealing a Silver Tankard, value 6 l. two Porringers, value 3 l. two Spoons, value 10 s. &c. the Goods of one Mrs. Lee : Who said, That she lost her Goods, and that the Prisoner did confess it to one of the Evidence, That she did take the Spoons and her Husband did take the Tankard about a Week before, the Prisoner said, That her Husband gave them to her, and was since fled: But there was nothing charged against her but the Spoons, so she was found Guilty of stealing the Spoons, only to the value of 8 s.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-18

Thomas Naylor was Indicted for stealing a Silver Tankard from John Hewit value 5 l. in August last. viz. the 16th . the Evidence was the Maid; who swore, That he and another came in to drink, and whilst this Maid was drawing of Beer, for another Company, they conveyed away the Tankard, and was taken knocking at a Door in the Strand. The Prisoner denied that he was in the House, and called some of his Neighbours to vindicate his honest Reputation; which gave the Court a favourable Account of his Credit, and that he had always behaved himself very civily, and the Court suspected that the Maid might be mistaken in the Man, so he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900903-19

William Banister was Indicted for stealing a Silver Tankard (likewise) from Anthony Browne , on the 2d of June last. The Evidence swore, That the Prisoner and another came into the House and called for Drink, and slipt away the Tankard, and run away with it: He was an old Thief, and could make no material Defence, so he was found Guilty of the Felony.

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Reference Number: t16900903-20

Richard Eaton and James Arden were both Indicted for Robbing Henry Moseles of Stepney, on the 20th of August , of 13 Guineas and 3 pieces of Jacobus, 2 King Jame's Pieces of Gold, and other Gold, besides 5 l. in Mony, value about 24 l. which Eaton took out of the Prosecutor's House and gave to Arden; Which Gold afterwards was found buried under an Elder-Tree, in a Yard of the Prosecuters. All which the Boy , Eaton, confest before Justice Withers but Arden would not confess any thing He said, He did not know whose Mony it was, and that he never buried it. Upon the whole, Arden was found to entice the Boy to Rob his Master; yet in the Conclusion they were both found Guilty .

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Reference Number: t16900903-21

Mary Spynke was tryed for stealing a Silver Cup from Mr. Symon Turner on the 6th of August last. The Evidence was Mr. Turner, who said, That the Prisoner, and another Man and Woman, came to the Prosecutor's House, to drink, and the two Women took away the Cup; which was found pawned at a Brokers. The Prisoner said, That the other Woman took away the Cup, so she was found Guilty, value 10 d.

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Reference Number: t16900903-22

Barbara Pomfrett was tryed for feloniously taking from Rich. Lazenberry Gent. 2 Silver Spoons, value 20 s. on the 6th of June . The Evidence was two Gentlewomen, the Daughters of Mr. Lazenberry, from whom the Spoons were taken, who said, That the Woman was want to frequent the House, her Husband being a Servant to the Prosecutor, and that she took away the Spoons and sold them for 8 s. a Piece; all which she did freely confess to them, but denyed it upon her Tryal. She was found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-23

H - Z - , a German, was tryed upon a Party Jury, for stealing a Silver Standish, value 20 l. on the 20th of June , from the Right Honourable the Lord Oselstone . The Jury are these,

Nicholas Goodwin

Lewis Hackall

Thomas Mead

Paul Valatt

John Page

Peter Wagoner

John Millgate

James Marteen

Henry Cleaver

John Provoe

Randale Page

John Ronetry

The Evidence swore, the had been formerly a Servant to the Lord Oselstone, and knew the House very well, so took away the Standish, and sold the bottom of it in Long-Acre, and the rest he disposed of in other places. All which he had confest before Sir William Turner , and that through Poverty he did take it, so was found Guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-24

Francis Osborn , an High wayman , was tryed for robbing one Mr. Hugh Wells , on the 9th of August , at Benbridge-Hill ; about 8 Miles off in Hertfordshire, and taking from him a Stuff Coat, value 4 l. a Rapier with a Silver Hilt. value 40 s. and 10 s. in Mony . The Evidence was Mr. Wells, &c. who said, That 3 Men met him at Benbridge aforesaid, and knockt him off his Horse and stript him, and took away his Mony and Coat, and then rid away; but being pursued the Prisoner was found crept into a Hedge near Paddington, and being passed out and search'd 4 half Crowns were found about him; The Evidence swore positively. That he was the Man that robbed Mr. Wells, but the other two were got away. The Prisoner denyed it, and said, That he knew not the two Men that were with him,

and run into the Hedg, being affrighted, at the Pursuit: But the evidence was very positive against him, yet the Court gave him Leave to call some of his Neighbours, who gave a favourable account of his former behaviour; so upon the whole Matter he was found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-25

Millicent Humberstone was tryed for stealing 2 Lutestring Scarfs, value 8 s. 2 Hoods, value 3 s. another Hood 2 s. and other small things, value all about 16 s. She was taken coming out at the Door with them, so the matter was plain, and she could not deny it: she was found Guilty 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-26

Margaret Beard , a little Girl , aged 11 Years, was tryed for stealing 11 Yards and a quarter of Anterine Stuff, value 16 s. 5 d. on the 8th of August , from Henry Jevon : It seems the Girl came into Mr. Jevon's Shop, to buy samething, and took away the Stuff , which was afterwards found at one Mrs. Pierces, where the Girl lay. She denyed it: yet she was known to be a pilfering idle Wench, she was found Guilty, value 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-27

Jane Paget was Indicted for stealing a Candlestick, value 30 s. from Ursula Meritt , on the 20th of June . Mrs. Meritt's Servant deposed, That the Candlestick was put to her to clean, and she took it away: All which she confest before Justice Ward, but denyed it now; but after some Deliberation begged the Mercy of the Court, who appointed her the Portion of a Petty-Lacenary .

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-28

John Pluckwell and Samuel Pluckwell , were Indicted for stealing four Roasting-Pigs, value each 3 s. from Robert Jefforye , of Fullam . The Evidence swore, That the two Prisoners were seen to run away with the Pigs out of Jefforye's Yard. But the Prisoners urged, That Mrs. Jefforyes went to another Neighbors to ask if his Men were at Home; which she might not have done, if she had known them perfectly. But Mrs. Jefforyes said, That she did that because she did suspect others to be Confederates. The Prisoners proved that they were elsewhere when the Pigs were stolen, and the Prisoner's Wife was a very troublesome, vexatious and lertgious Woman in her Neighbourhood: Which did so well satisfie the Court that they were both acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900903-29

Alexander Clark and Dorothy Smith , were tryed for stealing a Silver Mugg, value 50 s. the Goods of Abraham Hurle . The Evidence was, That the Mugg was lost the 22d day of August : They both came to the House, and after they had drank, Clark took away the Mugg, and gave it to the Woman, who hid it in a Ditch near Hockley in the Hole. All which he could not much deny; and the Woman, Smith, did acknowledge she did receive the Mugg, as they both did before Sir William Turner . He could not prove that he found it, as he would fain have made the Court believe, so he was found Guilty , but Smith was Acquitted .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-30

Elizabeth Jones was tryed for stealing a Silver Tankard, from Thomas Bayley , in February last, value 7 s. But the Fact being committed before the 16th of May, she was Acquitted by vertue of their Majesties Pardon .

Reference Number: t16900903-31

Anne Lee was Indicted for robbing Joshua Richards , on the 1 of May , of a considerable parcel of Plate, a Gold Chain, value the 20 l. abundance of wearing Apparel, besides 160 l. in Mony . Mr. Richards said, That he could not swear she took the Goods, but her Husband was concerned in the Robbery with her (as he did suspect) but he could not be found. So the Prosecutor had no close Evidence upon the Prisoner, therefore she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900903-32

John Daynter , was tryed for committing a great Robbery, by breaking the House of one Mr. Joseph Yates , in the day-time, on the 29th of August , and taking away a Silver Nutmeg grater, value 10 s. 6 lac'd Pinners, value 14 l. 1 Picture set in Gold, 20 l. 20 Yards of Dimity, 20 s. 15 Yards of Silver Fringe 40 s. a Gold Chain and Plate, and abundance of very Rich Wearing Apparel, to a great value, and 27 s. in Mony, &c. It appeared, That the Prisoner inveigled with another Man, who is since brought an Evidence against him, to go to the House and perswade the Maid to go to the Fair, that he might have Oppertunity to rob the House Which he did, and set the Door ashoar, whilst the Maid was above Stairs dressing her self, in order to go with the other Man to the Fair: In the interim the Prisoner slipt in at the Door, and hid himself in the Cellar, and after they were gone, he rifled the House, There was a Trunk some time after found in Shoe-Lane, and some of the Mony in it, which the Maid, one Judith Williams , owned to be hers, and the Trunk was the Prisoners: So, upon the whole Matter, it was look'd upon, by the Court, to be a piece of great Villany in the Prisoner; and although the Prisoner denied it in part, using several Evasions, particularly desiring Counsel, when there was no matter of Law arose: After a long hearing he was found Guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-33

Thomas Cox was tryed for robbing Tho. Boucher , on the Highway, on the 23d of July last . The Evidence swore, That Cox and another met him upon the Road, upon Hownslow-Heath , and took away a Brown Mare price 7 l. and a piece of Gold, and 21 s. in Mony. Boucher said, That he was sure that Cox was the Man that met him and ceased upon him, and that the Mare was found in one Pierce's Stable; who was the Person that was in Cox's Company. The Prisoner denied it, and said, That he was under an arrest that day that the Robbery was committed, and called some Evidence to prove it, but it was to no effect, for he was found Guilty of the Robbery.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-34

Thomas Allen was tryed for stealing a Silver Tankard, value 5 l. and a Taster 4 s. the 2d of this instant September , from Bartholomew Hunt . The Prisoner and another came to drink, and took their time to defraud the People of the Goods, by running away with them: And the Evidence swore, That the Prisoner was one of them. The Prisoner said, That he was at his Father's House when the thing was done, but could not prove it, so he was found Guilty of Felony.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-35

M - Q - was indicted as Principal and Trimmer Salesbury as Accessary, for stealing 2 silver Tankards, value 11 l. the Goods of John Hathaway , on the 27th of June last. The Evidence was, That Q - had the Tankards and sold them to Salisbury. Q - would have laid it upon another Man, and talk'd very peremptorily to the King's Evidence. Salisbury said, That he was sent for to Q - 's House to see a couple of Tankards, which were Mr. Hathaway's, and said, A Man that was there ran him into the side with a Bagonet, because he would discover them to Hathaway; so M - Q - was found Guilty of Felony, and Salisbury as Accessary afterwards.

[Q: Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

[Salesbury: Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-36

Anne Yates , Mary Jones and Elizabeth Smith , were all three Indicted for stealing a Silver Tankard, value 5 l. the Goods of Mr. John Mason , on the 14th of August . Mr. Mason said; That Anne Yates and Mary Jones had confest it, how they carried it away, but he could not say any thing against Smith. Mr. Mason's Mother confirmed what he had deposed, and the case was plainly proved against them. And they had nothing to offer, so Yates and Jones were found Guilty , but Smith was Acquitted .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-37

William Smith was arraigned upon two Indictments, the first for stealing a Silver Tankard, value 5 l. from Thomas Lucas : The second for stealing a Silver Tankard from William Warham value 5 l. Unto both which he pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-38

Frances Wolley was arraigned for stealing a Pewter Dish and a Silver Cup, value 40 s. from one Lamb , but no Evidence appearing she was immediately Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900903-39

John Williams was likewise arraigned for stealing a Cloth Coat, value 8 l. a Silk Taffety Mantua Gown, value 3 l. from Michael Lambubert Esq ; unto which he pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-40

Joane Brown was Indicted for stealing, on the 6th of September 1689 a Silk Scarfe with a Gold Fringe, value 10 l. a pair of Gold and Silver-Fringed Gloves, value 5 l. 10 s. another Silk Scarfe, value 6 l. a Pair of Gloves with Lace, value 42 s. and other Goods , from Alexander Kern : But she committing the Fact before the Date of Their Majesties most Gracious Pardon , she received the Benefit of the same .

Reference Number: t16900903-41

John Beckham was Indicted for shooting Peter Burket into the Groyne, with a Pistol . But it being done by a meer Accident, he was discharged .

Reference Number: t16900903-42

Joan Brown alias Varlen , was tryed for stealing; from Sir John Peckering Baronet , on the 8th of August , one Silver Mug, value 23 s. 5 Silver Forks, value 40 s. Some other Plate and a Night-Gown, value 30 s. with other things : All which were owned, by the Prosecutor to be his Goods; and the Prisoner was seen to run out of Sir John's Lodgings, and being pursued she dropt them. She denied it, yet she was found Guilty of the Felony.

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-43

Susannah Turner , a Girl , accused for robbing one Francis Smith , of Westminster of 8 l. 13 s. in Mony , on the 25th day of August last past, &c. The Evidence was, That she was seen to go up the said Smith's Stairs, and stay a while and then came down again, and after the Man mist his Mony. The Prisoner said, she went to look for her Girdle, which was in a Trunk she had there, and called some Evidence to prove her Honesty: she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900903-44

Margaret Adams was tryed for robbing Daniel Cooper , on the 3d of August , of a Holland Sheet, value 20 s. 2 Flaxen Sheets 20 s. nine Diaper Napkins, value 9 s. 3 pair of Pillowberes 10 s. and several other Goods of good Value : The Evidence could not charge her fully so she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900903-45

Elizabeth Jones alias Fyrmin , was indicted for robbing Susan Bass Widow of 3 Silver Spoons, value 30 s , on the 6th of August . The Evidence was, That she confessed it before Justice Johnson: But she denied the Fact, and said, The Spoons were lent her by Mrs. Bass's Maid, but could prove nothing. She was known in Court to have been an old Thief, so she was found Guilty, value 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-46

Ann Hereford, alias Roberts , was likewise tryed for robbing John Brown , of S. Giles in the Fields , of a Gause-hood, value 2 s. 6 d. a Taffary Hood 6 s. a laced Scarfe 8 s. 6 d. a Neck Scarf 18 d. and 11 l. in Mony . The Evidence was, That she came and took a Lodging of the Prosecutor ready furnished, which she was to pay 2 s. a week for: And after she had lodged but one Night, she robbed the poor Man of all he had. The Prisoner denied all, but the Proof was strong enough to find her Guilty of Felony.

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-47

Margaret Barret was arraigned for stealing a Silver Porringer, value 20 s. a Spoon 5 s. on the 26th of July , from Madam Dines : she came from the House to offer Cherries to sell, and so took away the Plate; which was found upon her before she got away, and she confest it before the Justice: But she denyed it at the Tryal; she was found Guilty of of Petty-Lacenary .

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-48

Elizabeth Wade was accused for stealing from Hope Wilkinson , on the 10th of July last, a Crape Mantua Gown, value 9 s. and other Goods : The Crape Gown was found upon her, so she was found Guilty 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-49

Joyce Fletcher was likewise tryed for stealing a Stuff Gown, value 13 s. a Pettycoat, value 7 s. and divers other Goods , from Kath. Symmons of Totnam on the 8th of July last. The Evidence was Symmons, who swore, That the Gown has found upon her Back when taken. The Prisoner denyed it, yet she had the same Judgment as the former, viz. She was found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900903-50

Lieutenant James Weames was Indicted for a high Misdemeanour, in speaking Scandalous and Seditious Words against the King and Government. (that is to say) That a great number of French were landed in England, and that they were come to place the Rig hteous King in his Throne; and that the Land would never be blest till that was done: And that the Nobility of England were a parcel of Fat Rogues, and what they did for King William was not so much for the sake of Religion, but to save their wealth and Honor: And that the King, (meaning King William) was a Villain, a Dutch Dog and an Usurper, in coming to take his Fathers Crown from him . This was the substance of the Matter that was sworn against him, on the King's side. To invalidate which, the Prisoner produced numerous Evidence, who knew him very well, giving a particular and clear account of the Prisoner's Reputation: That he had always been a very zealous Protestant, and very well affected to the Present Government, as might appear divers ways; witness his forward Zeal in New-England (being sent thither under the Command of Sir Edward Andrews , in the Time of the late King James) for as soon as he heard of the Alteration in the present stage of Affairs, here in England, he presently caused all the Guns in the Fort, which were in number about 14 or 15, to be discharged, and made a vigorous Defence also against the French and Indians, when they came to make an Incursion upon the Plantation: Besides, he had always spoke well of King William and Queen Mary, and always went to Church, and was a true Protestant &c. But, you must note, That the Prosecutor swore against him out of meer Revenge, as may appear thus: The man who swore against him was his servant in New-England, but behaved himself there very ill; upon which his Master the Lieutenant, gave him some small Correction, after which the Fellow was heard several times to threaten him, That if ever he returned to England he would be revenged on him, or to that effect. But besides this, the Lieutenant returning to England, he had frequent communication with the Witness, and had a Trunk at his House which the Witness kept from the Prisoner, upon some slight occasion; upon which the Lieutenant arrested him, and there was an Agreement made: But the Witness after that was heard to pronounce more Threats against the Lieutenant; and so upon the whole matter, the Court looking upon it to be a malicious and base Prosecution, the Prisoner was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900903-51

John Lowthorp , Clergyman , was indicted for a high misdemeanour, in Writing, Printing and publishing a most pernicious, scandalous, Seditious and Notorious Libel (on the th of July last, and at divers other times as well before as after) against the King and Government, Entituled a Letter to the Lord Bishop of Satum in answer to his Lordship's Pastoral Letter. In which scandalous Libel there are many Treasonable Sentences. There were many other very reflecting Sentences said against him, that he made use of to support his Designs, which was purely and indeed to Raise Rebellion and Discord between the King and People, on purpose to set the Nation into a Flame, and to cause them to cut each others Throats ; which was more fully laid open against him by the King's Counsel, and the whole Court, telling him, That he ought to have been Indicted of High Treason, and that his Message to the World (as he was a Clergyman) was to preach the glad Tidings of Peace and Salvation, but instead of that he had done all he could to perswade Men, That unless they repent, and bring in King James again, they were all damned. All this was fully proved against him, as also the Writing, Printing and Publishing of the Book or Letter, which in all contained 5 Sheets and a half of Paper, about 400 of which were found in his Custody. Now for the Vindication of himself he had little to say, only urged, That he writ to the Bishop, to beg his Advice and fatherly Instruction; and that if he had offended by it and mistook his measures, he was heatrily sorry for it,(on the like): so after a Fair Hearing the Jury found him Guilty of the Indictment.

The said John Lowthers was Fined 500 Masks , and the said Books was ordered to be Burnt by the Common Hangman at the Palace-Yard Westminster, at Charing-Cross, and without Temple bar and to remain in Prison till the same be paid, And to be Degraded of the Ministering Function.

Reference Number: s16900903-1

Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Sentence as followeth,

Burnt in the Hand 9.

William Smith , Alexander Clark , Grace Hedges, Richard Denham , John Williams , H - Z - , Mary with, Mary Davis and Trimmer Salesbury .

Ordered to be Transported 5.

William Banister , Thomas Alien, Richard Faton , James Arden and Susannah Tyrrell.

Received Sentence of Death 11,

Thomas Yarrold , John Daynter , M - Q - , Anne Yates , Mary Jones , G - W - , James Smith , Frances Osborne , Thomas Cox . Joan Brown , Anne Hereford alias Roberts.

M - Q - , Anne Yates , Jean Brown and Anne Harsford, Pleading their Bellies, a Jury of Marrons were empanelled whose Verdict was, That Q - , Brown and Hereford were with Quick Child, but Yates was not.

Ordered to be Whipt 13.

Frances Woolley , Anne Smith , Mary Spinke. Thomas Turner, Henry Hawkins, Barbara Pomfrett , Millisent Humberston, Mary Beard , Jane Pagert, Elizabeth Jones , Margaret Banett Elizabeth Wode , Joyce Fletcher .

The Notorious Murther that was lately committed upon the Body of a Strange Man, in White-Fryers, who was thrown into the Thomas, is now in discovered, and two of the Persons suspected viz. one Mitchel and Bowman are continued in Newgate to answer it at the next Sessions.

John Staples, who was lately committed to Newgate, by the Lord Chief Justice Holt, upon the Oath of Lydia C ny, for cheating her of three Pound five shilling in Mony, was discharged, no Evidence coming against him, but not without a caution from the Court, To beware for the future, &c.

Reference Number: a16900903-1


IF any Gentlemen or Ladies, who can spare two Hours in a Week to be with him, have a desire to learn to speak Latin and French truly and properly, and to explain any Author, C. Switterda Esq; professes a new and most exact Method to teach them the said Languages in one Year. Those who have learned formerly may recover it in 3 or 4 Months. He offereth to be bound to every one for the performance thereof. He teacheth also High and Low-Dutch and Italian, in a very short Time. And if any one desires Historical Cards, and a succ Grammer, in a Sheets of Paper, or a Pack of Grammatical Cards, by which he has taught Children of 6 Years of Age to speak Latin: They men have them at the 2 Places where he teacheth. viz. in S. Clemence-Lane, near Canon Street, next the Sign of the Coffin, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays: And at Charles Brook 's Coffee-house, in Falkon-Court over-against S. Dunstan's Church in Fleetstreet.

A Voyage round the Word, or a pocket Library, divided into several Volumnes, the like Discoveries in such a Method never made by Rambler before: The whole Work intermixt with Essaies, Historical, Moral and Divine, and all other kinds of Learning. Written by a Lover of Travels, and recommended by the Wits of both Universities. Price bound 1 s. 6 d.

A True and Impartial Narrative of the Dissenters Plot, with the Conspirators Names. Price 6 d.

An Antidote against Lust, or a Discourse of Uncleanness, by a Divine of the Church of England. price 1 s. All three sold at the Raven in the Poultry.

The Plotting Brothers, or three new player, entituled, The Bloody Duke, the Abdicated Prince, and the Late Revolutions; the whole containing the Secret History of Affairs from the Restoration of King Charles II. to this present time. Sold by the Booksellers of London.

In Plow-Yard in Grays-Inn Lane, lives Dr. Thomas Kirleus a Collegiate Physician and Sworn Physician to Charles II. until his Death: Who, with a Drink and Pill, hindering no Business, Cures all Ulcers, Stabs Scurfs in the Face or elsewhere; Kings-Evil, Leprosie, and Venereal Disease expecting nothing if be Cures not Of the last, he bath Cured above 500 persons in this City, many after Fluxing. It quickly and safely Cure it in the beginning, which cannot be done with Mercury without danger of Life. The Drink is 3 s. the Quart, to the Pill 1 s. the Box, which is two Purges. They were all Purges, in cleansing all Crudities and Impurities so prevent and cure many Diseases, and especially the Gout and Stone. In all Diseases he gives his opinion for nothing.

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