Old Bailey Proceedings, 17th July 1690.
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THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE King and Queens Commissions OF THE Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol-Delivery of Newgate, held for the CITY of London, and COUNTY of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall in the OLD-BAILY.

On Thursday, and Friday being the 17th, and 18th Days of July, 1690. And in the Second Year of Their MAJESTIES Reign.

THE Sessions of Peace, Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol Delivery of Newgate, held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, on Thursday, and Friday being the 17th, and 18th Days of July, 1690. Before the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Pilkington Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, and Mr. Recorder, with several others of Their Majesties Justices for the City of London, and the Country of Middlesex.

The Jurors were as follow:

London Jury,

Richard Acton

Joseph Speed

Richard Parrott

Thomas Bromfield

Zachary Burrow

Henry Pyke

Peter Hynks

Thomas Maning

William Raymont

Richard Hudson

Thomas Cowes

John Northcott .

Middlesex Jury,

Thomas Harris

Ralph Hutchinson

Richard Kempion

Robert Churchill

Thomas Pattle

John Howlet

William Thompson

Henry Jones

Robert Mynn

Bennet Giles

Thomas Hollins

Richard Awbrey .

The Proceedings were these:

Reference Number: t16900717-1

Mary Cary was Tryed for stealing from one John Painter of St. Dunstone's in the West , on the 9th of June last, 2 long Black Scarfs value 5 s. 2 Black Hoods 5 s. one Lac 'd Coronet 5 s. 2 Silver Spoons 20 s. The Evidence was, that she came to Mr. Painter to be Hired as a Servant , and in 2 hours after she was Entertained by the said Painter she stole away the Goods, some of which was found upon her: and altho' she deny'd it, yet it was proved that she went by several Names, and the Matter being plain against her, she was found guilty of Felony.

[Death -respited. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-2

Margaret Griffeth was Indicted for Robbing Anthony Chewin , on the 21st Day of June last, of one pair of Silk Stays value 40 s. two Petty Coats 6 l. a Shirt 4 s. one lac'd Smock 10 s. &c. It happened, that when the Fire was in Red-Lion street, not long ago, the Prosecutor lost the Goods aforesaid, but only a Bible was found upon the Prisoner, which was not in the Indictment, but she was seen to carry several things out of the House. The Prisoner denyed it, and said, that she had the Bible and a Trunk of a Man, thus gave it her in the midst of the Acclamation of Fire, and she called several Evidence who gave a Credible Account of her former behaviour, so upon the whole she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900717-3

Adam Voke , and Anne Voke , his Wife were both Indicted and Tryed, for being Accessary to the Murther of one Millicent Blakey : Committed by one George Tavernor since fled. The said Tavernor giving her the said Millicent Blakey , one Mortal Wound, (on the 6th day of this Instant) on the Right part of the Belly near the Groine, of the depth of 6 Inches, of which she dyed on the 8th Instant. The Evidence was Numerous, who declared that the said George Tavernor , and the 2 Prisoners had a quarrel in the house where the Deceased and some other Women, were in Compton-street ; and that the designe of the Murther was upon one Stannup, another Woman in the Company: and that Millicent Blakey came there unluckely at the same time, and receiv'd the Wound, which was Intended against Stannup; as the Evidence made out, and that Anne Voke the Prisoner, was the person that Abbetted the said George Tavernor (he being her Son) who drew his Sword and meeting first with the Deceased, he Cryed out to her, and said, Dam you Bitch, are you her that abused my Mother: and presently he thrust the Sword into her Belly; The quarrel at first arose about 10 s. that Taverner came to the House to demand of one Ellison. But there was not much that Affected Adam, only one Evidence Swore that he told the said Tavernor, that his Mother was like to be Killed, upon which he ran to help her, and Committed the Horrid Murther as aforesaid. Adam Voke said that he knew nothing of the matter, and did all he could to keep the Peace. Anne said that She never saw her Son that Night the Murther was done, but they were look'd upon as very Suspicious People and bad livers. Yet the Evidence being somewhat doubtful, as to several Circumstances, the Gentlemen of the Jury, were pleased to find them both not Guilty .

Reference Number: t16900717-4

David Williams of St. Martins in the Fields , was Tryed for stealing 2 yards of Bays-Cloth value 2 s. on the 11th of this instant July , from one Robert French , which was found upon him, as he was stopt in the street. The Prisoner said, he bought the Cloth of Mrs. French, but could not prove it. He was a very Idle Fellow, and an old Offender; so the Jury found him guilty of a Petty-Lacenary .

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-5

Sarah Taylor Wife of Blanke Taylor of St. Margarets, Westminster , was Tryed for stealing 9 l. 10 s. in Money , from one Mary Shrewsbury Widow , on the 15th Day of June last. The Evidence said, that she was a Lodger in the Prosecutor's house, and that she took away the Money, which she did confess to one of the Evidence, but she had the Impudence to deny it upon her Tryal, yet she was found guilty of Felony.

[Death -respited. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-6

William Wilson Rat-catcher , and Susannah Wilson his Wife , were both Tryed for stealing from Dr. Thomas Gill of Edmonton , on

the 23d Day of June , 4 Coach-glasses value 6 l. 3 Pullets 18 d. The Evidence Swore, that the Prisoners came to the house in the Evening, to Enquire if the house was troubled with any Rats or Mice, but being Answered in the Negative, they went away, but on the Morrow the Coach-house was found broke open, and the Glasses taken away. The Prisoners denyed it stifly, and pretended to be in another place when the Robbery was done, and called some Evidence, but it prevailed nothing to their advantage, so William Wilson the Ratcatcher was found guilty of Felony, but his Wife was discharged .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-7

John Harris was Indicted for stealing a Drugget-gown value 5 s. a Pettycoat 5 s. a Red Serge Pettycoat 6 s. a Yard of Bone lace 3 s. a Colf 3 s. three Holland-handkerchiefs 2 s. the Goods of Mary Sharing Widow , the Robbery was committed on the first of this instant July . The Evidence Swore it plain upon him, and he denyed it, with the common Newgate Asseveration, saying, that he was as Innocent as the Child unborn, he was found guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-8

James Kirbey , who was one of the Thieves that Robbed Mr. Baker of St. Mary le Bone , but was not taken till of late, being amongst the Gang, some of which were Executed for it about three or four Sessions ago, was now Tryed for the Felony and Burglary, in stealing away on the 28th of February last, two Silver Tankards value 12 l. two Silver Candlesticks and Salvers, and a great deal of Plate, besides Money and Gold, and Watches, and Gold Rings, &c. all to the value of about 400 l. The Evidence was very plain against him, by which he was discovered to be one of the Eleven that Encompassed the House, and did help to bind the Family, and was concerned in the Robbery. The Prisoner denyed it all. But upon the whole, he was found guilty of Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-9

Christopher Jones, alias Rothery , one of them who was in the Gang that Robbed Mr. Baker of St. Mary le Bone, (but since converted to be an Evidence against the rest,) was now Indicted for stealing, on the 30th of June last, Seven Sheep value 40 s. which he offered to Sale in Smithfield. All which he could not deny, so he was immediately found guilty of Felony.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-10

Anne Deane was Tryed for stealing 27 Yards of Norwich Stuff value 24 s. the Goods of Mr. Thomas Gascoigne , on the 28th of June last. The Evidence Swore, that she came to cheapen Goods, and stole away the piece. All which she denyed, and called one Catherine Knot , and one Chapman, and Rose Jones , to vindicate her Reputation; but all did her no Credit, so she was found guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-11

Mary Goodman was Indicted for Felony, in stealing from Mr. Edward Cork 140 Yards of Buckram-Cloth, value 6 l. on the 20th of May last. The Evidence Swore, that the Goods were taken out of Mr. Cork's House, and that the Prisoner offered them to Sale, but the Robbery being committed before the 16th of May last, it was found to be within the benefit of their Majesties most Gracious and Free Pardon , whereupon she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900717-12

T - W - of St. Andrew's Holborn , Spinster , was Indicted for stealing, on the 17th Day of June , a Silver Porringer value 40 s. one Silver Salt-sellar 10 s. the Goods of one Roger Pope Gentleman ; but the Evidence was very Circumstantial against her, and it appeared, that the Prisoner and the said Mrs. Pope were always Friends, and very intimate Acquaintance, and therefore the Evidence could not charge her positively. She deny'd it, and it could not be brought home upon her; and she offering to call several Persons of good Quality to Vindicate her Reputation; which the Court did not Order, being very well satisfied with her before, that she had been always a Person of an Unblameable Life, and Conversation, as to particular defect in so horrid a Crime as Thievery, she was immediately Acquitted by the Gentlemen of the Jury.

Reference Number: t16900717-13

Richard Meeres ; and William Cock , of St. Paul's Covent-Garden , were both Indicted for the Murther of one John Snow Gentleman , giving him a Mortal Wound with a Pitch-Fork, value 2 d. upon his Head, of the depth of half an Inch, and the length of two Inches, on the 10th of June last, of which he Died on the 19th of the same Month . It appeared, that Snow was a Soldier , and was in the Field amongst Hay Makers, and Quarrelled about a Gown that was lost out of the Fields, so that the Prisoners made an Assault upon him, and struck him with a Pitch-Fork; all which was plainly Evidenced. And Meeres said, that he gave no Affront to Snow, neither did he know of his Death, and called some Evidence on his side; so likewise did Cock; so upon the whole Matter they were both found guilty of Manslaughter .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-14

Robert Foster , and Mary Tanner were Indicted for breaking the House of one Carter , on Midsummer Day last in the Morning, and stealing from him two Yards of Tape-Lace, value 3 s. a Lac'd Pinner 5 s. a Looking Glass 12 d. &c. The Evidence said, the House was broke open, and that the Goods were lost, and that the Prosecutor found a piece of the Lace hanging in a Broker's Shop Window; and it was further Evidenced against Foster, that the Linnen and a Silver-salt was found in his Breeches; he would have charged it upon the Woman, and Tanner was found to offer the Goods to Sale at a Brokers; the Woman charged the Man, and the Man the Woman; but in the end, the Woman was Acquitted , but Foster was found guilty of Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-15

Henry Smith was Indicted for stealing, (on the 29th of June , from one John Hodges ,) Eleven Pewter Dishes, value 20 s. a Bason 12 d. some Plates; and some other Pewter, to a good value. The Evidence said, that the House was broke open, and that the Pewter was found upon him, and several Pick-locks were found about him . The Prisoner said, he found the Pewter, and the Pick lock Key, in the street, and used a many vain Stories to Extenuate the Crime; he was very peremptory, and look'd upon to be an Idle Fellow; so in the conclusion, he was found guilty both of Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-16

John Humphreys , of St. Andrew's Holborn , was Tryed for the Murther of one Henry Beresford Esq ; on the 2d of July last, giving him a Mortal Wound on the Left part of the Body, near to the Left Pap, of the depth of four Inches, of which he Died on the third Instant . It appeared, that a Quarrel arose between the Prisoner and the Deceased, he giving the Prisoner the Lie; which gave occasion for a Battle which was Fought between them in the Field by Gray's Inn , in which Battle Mr. Beresford received the Wound aforesaid. The prisoner did not deny, but that he did Fight with him, but he said, that the Deceased gave the first provocation, and he only stood in his own Defence, &c. So at last he was found guilty of Manslaughter .

[No punishment. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-17

Thomas Read , and John Carter , were both Indicted for stealing a Mare, Coloured Brown, Price 3 l. the goods of John Fann of Hornesey : They were likewise a Second time Indicted, for the breaking the

House of the said Fann, in the Night time, and taking away a Bridle and Sadle, and a Pannel, and a Girth, &c. The proof was plain against them as to the Mare, for that she was found in their custody, and the other was also plainly arrested, yet they denyed it all, and shifted the matter from one to the other: So that they were found Guilty of stealing the Mare, but were acquited of breaking the House, yet found Guilty of Felony for the Sadle and Bridle, &c.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-18

Rebeckah Cook , and Sarah Tomson , a Couple of young Girl s, were both Indicted for stealing on the 20th day of June last, 50 Yards of Silk Stuff, value 10 s. the Goods of Thomas Chamberlain : It appeared that one Elizabeth Burzey was the Receiver, but was gone away, and did sell the Stuff for 30 s. to one Margaret Woodborne , as their Confessions before the Justice did testifie, they both deny'd it, but however the Jury found them both Guilty to the Value of Nine Shillings .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-19

Andrew Ellingburgh , George Bird , and Martin Tashter , all Foreigners were all three Arraigned for Felony, upon which arraignment Tashter Pleaded Guilty : after which Ellingburgh stood mute for a long time, but the Court giving him a little Respite, and he being carried to the Press and there Threatned to be put to Death, he afterwards Relented, and begged Pardon of the Court, then he and Bird were tryed upon the Indictment for Felony, and the Mony Charged against them was 2 Pieces of Gold Value 20 s. two other ten shillings, a piece of Coined Gold. 22 Guines, five pieces of Louis-de ors, value 17 shillings and six pence, one Linnen bag value 2 d. and 60 l. in Mony Numbered , the Mony of one John Fisher of St. Bartholomew Exchange : The Evidence was plain, that they were in the House, and one Phillip Oneal in their Company who is not yet taken, and that they Broak open the Locks and Doors to get to the Gold. The Prisoners denyed the matter of Fact, and said that they knew nothing of the Robbery, but what Gold was found about them was their own, but they had no Evidence on their side: There was no proof against Bird that he was Actually at the Robbery, but he went away with them after they had Committed the Robbery: So Ellingburgh was found Guilty , but Bird was Acquitted .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-20

John Addison was Indicted for Counterfeiting a Note to Receive Twenty Shillings of the Commissioners, who are Intrusted to dispose of the Charity Money to the poor Protestants that came out of Ireland , and was found guilty of the Trespass.

[No punishment. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-21

William Bew , and Charles Baker, alias Beckworth , of the Parish of Hayes, near Southam , were both Indicted for Robbing John Shepherd Esq ; upon the King's High Way , on the Ninth of June last. The Evidence was, the Esquire, and several others, who Swore, that the Prisoners met his Coach upon the High-Way, and caused it to be drawn into a little Lane out of the Road, and after Rifled it, and all in it, taking away a Silver-Hilted-Sword Value Three Pound, Two Pistols Value Thirty Five Shillings, a Coat Value Three Pound, a Pair of Silk Breeches Value Forty Shillings, One Embroidered Wast-Coat Value Forty Shillings, Two Holland-Shirts Value Forty Shillings, a Silk Mantua-Gown Value Ten Pound, a Flanders Lac'd Petty-Coat Value Seven Pound, and Five Pound in Money Numbered, &c 10 Prove this, on the King's side, there were Three Witnesses swore positively against Bew, and Two others against Becket. The Prisoners denyed it, and pretended to be in another place when the Robbery was committed, but could not Prove it; Bew being an Old Offender, and Tryed before for great Crimes. They were found Guilty of the Robbery.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16900717-22

Elias Fryar , and John Fryar his Son, were both Indicted for Stealing a Gelding, Strawberry Colour, Fifteen Shillings Price , on the Eleventh Day of June from Anthony Morton of Harrow on the Hill ; but it appearing upon the Evidence, that Old Fryar Hired the Horse of Morton; and there being no Colour of Felony in it, they were both Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16900717-23

Robert Woakden , Was Tryed for Killing one James Tisdale , his fellow Soldier on the Twenty Fourth of June , by Shooting off his Musquet against him , it being done through Mischance, and no Malice being Premiditated: They having always been Loving Friends. He was acquited and immediately discharged from Newgate.

Reference Number: t16900717-24

Francis Leitchfeild , was Indicted for that he together with one Daniel Delawny , and one William Goodman not yet taken: Did Steal a Gelding Value Four Pound, a Mare Value Ten Pound, a Saddle Value Forty Shillings, a Bridle Value Twelve Pence . But no Evidence appearing he was Acquited .

Reference Number: t16900717-25

Martha Everson , Was Arraigned for Stealing a Silk Pettycoat Valued Twenty Shillings, and some other Goods from one Elinor Lemon , on the Sixth of May Last: She did partake of the benefit of Their Majesties Most Gracious Pardon . The Felony being Committed before the Date of the same.

Reference Number: s16900717-1

The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Sentence as followeth,

Burnt in the Hand Four.

Richard Meeres . William Cock . Rebekah Cook . Sarah Thompson .

To be Transported Two.

Christopher Jones , alias Rothery, who was the Discoverer that Robbed Mr. Baker of St. Mary le Bone. And William Wilson .

To be Whipt Three.

Ann Deane . David Williams . And John Harris .

Received Sentence of Death Eleven.

Mary Cary . Andrew Ellingburgh . Martin Tashter . Sarah Taylor James Kerby . Robert Foster . Henry Smith . Thomas Read . John Carter . William Bew . And Charles Baker , alias Beckworth.

Mary Cary , and Sarah Taylor , were both Respited after Judgement.

RICHARD BALDWIN , who was Committed by the Secretary of State, for Misprision of High-Treason, was Ordered to Remain.

John Humphreys , who was found guilty of Manslaughter for Killing Esq; Beresford, was discharged without undergoing the Penalty of a Brand, by Vertue of an Order from the Queens Majesty to the Court. Giving in Bail to Appear next Sessions.

John Addison, for Counterfeiting a Note to Receive Twenty Shillings of the Commissioners appointed to dispose of the Charity Money given for the Relief of the poor Protestants that were driven out of Ireland, was discharged without paying any Fine, or Fees, he being a very Poor, Sick and Lame, Creature, almost in comparison like unto a Skeleton.

One William Frowd was called up to the Bar, and Accused for Speaking Treasonable Words, viz. for saying, That King James was coming from Ireland with Forty Thousand French Men, and that he would be here, and then we should have a Brush for it, and see then who and who was together, or Words to that effect, was Ordered to Remain.

Oliver Platt , was accused likewise for saying, That he would Assist King James in his Return into England again, with the last drop of his Blood: Was Ordered to Remain.

George Larkin , the Printer, who formerly lived at the Swan and Two Necks without Bishops-gate, but since removed to Charing-Cross, was Accused for Printing a Book Entituled, A Letter to the Lord Bishop of Sarum, in Answer to his Lordships Pastoral Letter; for which he was Ordered to be Remanded to Newgate, but not without a very severe and sharp Repremand from the Court, telling him, That they would Inspect very narrowly into such a Crime, and that he must not think to put Tricks upon the Government; or to that effect.

Francis Jones was called up, for suspition of dispersing of Letters that came from King James in Ireland, and of giving him Intelligence of Affairs here in England; but no Prosecution appearing against him, he was discharged.

Reference Number: a16900717-1


There is now Published, The Policks of Europe, or, A Rational Journal concerning the present Affairs; and will for the satisfaction of the Curious, and Ingenious, be continued every Month; and to contain an exact Account of all that passes in Christendom, with Political Reflections upon all Material Events: The First Journal now Published, being Introductory to the rest, gives an Account of the present State of Europe, with regard to its Two most Active Powers, William the Third, and Lewis the Fourteenth. Sold by Langley Curtiss. Iris 6 d.

These are to give Notice, That if any person have occasion to sell any Library, or parcel of Books, either in large or small Quantities, they may receive ready Money for them, upon View thereof, by Langley Curtiss at Sir Edmondbury Godfrey's Head near Fleet-bridge.

There is Publish'd a New Play, Entituled, The Royal Voyage, or, The Irish Expedition, a Trags-Comedy, Acted in the Years 1689, and 90. Sold by most Book-sellers.

These are to give Notice to all Persons, for the Benefit of the Publick, That Mr. Elmy, Professor of Physick, and Operator, of known Integrity, and above 25 Years practice, Liveth at the Blue Ball in Whale-Bone Court , at the Lower End of Bartholomew lane by the Royal Exchange, who most safely and expeditiously Cures Deafness and Noise in the Ears in any of what Age soever, (if Curable) and at first Sight, by Inspection, Resolves the Patient if so or not, as most Eminent Persons of Quality in this City can Testifie. He hath likewise a most excellent Gargarism or Mouth-Water, which will make black or yellow Teeth as white as Ivory, in a few times using; and it will certainly cure the Scurvy, and all other Diseases incident to the Mouth, Teeth and Gums which in many persons causeth a stinking Breath, which (by the Blessing of God and the use of this Water) I dare affirm you will be freed from those Maladies beforementioned, with Directions. His Pitls only prepared for the French Disease, and the Running of the Reins, may be had in Boxes of several prices, with other Venereal Arcana's, as occasion serves.

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