Old Bailey Proceedings, 16th January 1685.
Reference Number: 16850116
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The PROCEEDINGS ON THE King's Commissions of the PEACE,

Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-delivery of Newgate, HELD FOR THE City of London, and County of Middlesex, at Justice-Hall, IN THE OLD-BAYLY, The 16th, 17th, of January, 1684. And in the 36th Year of His Majesties Reign.

The Quarter-Sessions of peace, Oyer and Terminer and Goal-delivery of Newgate, being held at Justice-Hall, in the Old-Bayly, on Fryday and Saturday the 16th and 17th of January 1684, before the Right Honourable Sir James Smyth Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, Sir Thomas Jenner Kt. One of His Majesties Serjeants at Law, and Recorder of the aforesaid City, together with others of His Majesties Justices of London and Middlesex. The Jurors were

Thomas Honylove

James Wood

James Smith

Bernard Minn

Samuel Hankey

Kenlem Smith

Matthew Walker

Gabriel Smith

Thomas Ginne

William Levis

Richard Sherbrook

Thomas Salter

For Middlesex.

Walter Bridal Esq;

Samuel Rouse Esq;

William Wood Esq;

Rainsford Waterhouse Esq;

Richard Price

Thomas Peacock

Anthony Nurse

Benjamin Boltsby

Edward Hampstead

John White

Richard Wood

William Shirly .

The proceedings a nst the prisoners &c. ae followeth.

Reference Number: t16850116-1

John Wickham , being Indicted for stealing 2 Silver beakers Value 10l and a Silver Cup Value 40s. from Mr. Brice of St. Brides London, on the 30 of October , upon his Arraignment, Pleaded Guilty .

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Dorcas Morgan , Indicted for stealing a Silver Trencher Plate, Value 4l. and a Porrenger Value 40s from John Wye of St Giles's Cripplegate , on the 16th of November , it appeared upon Tryal, that the Prisoner having lived with Mr. Wye, in the nature of a Servant , took her opportunity as she was cleaning the Room, to take the plate before mentioned out of a Drawer, and thereupon left her service, selling the Trencher plate soon after, to one Arlington a Goldsmith near Ludgate, for 38s. and 2 Rings Valued at 32s. but being about to sell the Porringer in Holbourn, and questioned how she came by it, she pretended she lived in Leather-lane, and desired a lad belonging to the shop to go with her, but after she had lead him about a considerable time, she run away from him, yet in the end being taken, she confessed the Fellony, which she after some examination did likewise in Court, and was thereupon found Guilty .

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Edward Hopkins , Jane his Wife and Sarah Hill , indicted for robbing the House of Elizabeth Lacy Widow , of the Parish of St. Botolph Algate , on the 9 of December , taking thence Gowns, Hoods, Scarves, Shifts, Handkerchiefs, Golves, Forehead Cloaths, and other wearing Apparel, it was proved against them that at the time the House was found to be broken open, they were hankering about it, pretending a frivolous excuse of bespeaking full-yards , to which Hopkins pleaded, that he came to see Hill, who lived near that place, and knew not of the breaking the House, nor that it was broke open, till he as taken upon suspition as likewise, did the other two, and no positive Evidence being against them, nor any part of the goods found, in their possession, they were acquitted .

Reference Number: t16850116-4

Mr. John Bramstone Indicted at Common-Law, upon the Statute of Stabbing, and the Coroners Inquistion for Killing Aurelius Perte Wiseman at the Golden-Lyon Tavern in Fetter Lane on the 11th of December last, and upon his Arraignment, pleading not Guilty he made a general exception in case that any of the jurors should happen to be related to the deceased, which being allowed and twelve new Sworn, Mr. [Text unreadable in original.]ton Councelor at Law opened the case upon the Indictments being a second time read, and then proceeded to call the Witness for the King, and first Richard Clifford Drawer in the Tavern before mentioned; the substance of whose Evidence was that Mr. Bramstone and Mr. Wiseman came into the house together in loving and friendly manner, going into the Company of divers other Gentlemen, a Club being usually held there, and after several Bottles drinking, the Company leaving them, Mr. Bramstone at the instigation of Mr. Wiseman was induced to pay the drinking of another Bottle, with which the Witness coming up found them looking upon the ground for a piece of Mony that was dropped, who bidding him begon, he withdrew, but the Bell ringing he soon and observing them standing, and facing each other, intrusting some Ruff words might have passed between

them, upon the [Text unreadable in original.] him a Second time to retire he This being deposed, Mr. Smart was Sworn in to gave evidence that being gone to bed, upon of what had happened he rose and came thither, and found a Chirurgeon had let but that he above a another Chirurgeon coming in, and being desired to give assistance, upon the Wound declared him to be a dead man.

Mr. Bradford the Chirurgeon deposed, that being acquainted with the unhappy accident, and entering the room, found Mr. Wiseman in the room with a candle burning by him, and that he soon perceived it was not possible to save his life, the Wound being on the side of the Breast, near the Right Pap a considerable depth, and that his conjectures failed him not, for of that Wound he died.

To this Mr. Bramstone Pleaded, that the deceased was his intimate friend whom he had intirely loved, and with whom he had been all that day, and that they came from the Play-house to the Tavern, when the company leaving them, he desired him to take the other Bottle, and in the end they went to even and odd for a Bottle, in which Mr. Wiseman lost, whereat he seemed displeased and would not yeild it but gave him many rough words whereat to avoid further dispute rung the Bell, at which time the Drawer coming up, Mr. Wiseman bid him be gone, who was no sooner departed the room, but he drew his Sword and came at him, so that in defence of his life he was obliged to stand upon his guard, and Mr. Wiseman still pressing forward rushed on the point of his Sword, when finding himself Wounded he cryed, Jack you have touched me, but I will have the other Push for it, but finding himself faint, he retreated, saying, he had given him his death Wound, to which Mr. Bramstone replyed, God forbid Perrey, and thereupon opening his Bosom and finding his Sword had entered, to prevent his Bleeding inwards, he sucked the Wound, and begged that a Chirurgeon might be sent for with all speed, and because none came went himself, but missing of one, he voluntarily returned and surrendered himself to the Constable, that upon notice of what had happened was entered the house, expressing great sorrow for the misfortune, desiring that all manner of means might be used for saving the life of his friend.

Mr. Gardner being called, gave evidence that the same morning he met Mr. Bramstone, and Mr. Wiseman upon the Change, and that much friendship appeared between them, they telling him they were going to Dinner, and invited him to participate with them.

Mr. Stiles being called, declared, that he met them at Garraways Coffee-house, where there appeared the greatest friendship imaginable, and that they went to Perto's in Abb-Church-Lane, where they dined, and stayed till 3 of the Clock, and then went friendly away. Mr. Middleton another Gentleman declared as much [Text unreadable in original.] he having met Fleet-street, and Mr. Derbyshire, who had been at the Tavern with them, declared he left them good friends, they telling him they came from the play together, C Turner and Mr. Bostock gave testimony much to the same purpose.

The Evidence on the other side, being thus for examined, Mr. Bramstone called Sir Edward Turner, Sir John [Text unreadable in original.] , Sir Thomas D , Sir Richard Brown, Mr. Middleton, C Turner, Mr. Sparrow, and Mr. Lacy to who unanimously declared, they never heard he was given to quarrel, but on the contrary, of a mild temper and courteous behaviour, being always inclinable rather to prevent than to provoke quarrels, and that they had ever observed much love and friendship between him and the deceased, so that in the end the Evidence being summed up, and no manner of former malice, appearing the Jury found it only Man-slaughter .

Reference Number: t16850116-5

Jane Langworth , Indicted for Murthering her female Bastard Infant , In the Parish of St. Giles's Cripplegate , on the 13th of December : Upon her Tryal, it appeared that she being sick of the Small Pox, was delivered by her self, and had strangled her Child with an Apron String, putting it so Murthered in her Trunk, where it was found upon discovery of her delivery, she owning at the time the Fact, and confessing she did it to stop its Crying; to which in court she pleaded Ignorance, and indevoured to prove she was Married, but that not appearing, and the Statute of King James read which makes it death to any that shall be delivered of an unlawful Issue dead and conceal it: She was found Guilty of the Murder.

[Death. See summary.]

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Elizabeth Stoaks , Indicted for Murthering her Male Bastard Infant in the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , on the 28th of December ; it was proved that upon a Childs being thrown out of a Garret Window, in which Garret the Prisoner lodged; that search being made she was found to be lately delivered, by all the Symptoms of a Child-bed Woman, though she dis the Child, which was not quite dead when taken up, not being able to make out what was become of the Infant (of which she had apparently been delivered she was found Guilty of the Murder as the former, no other person in her condition being to be found in the house, or any adjacent habitation.

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Thomas Day , Indicted for the Murther of Thomas Berril , of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , it was proved against him, that on the 25th of Dec last, they being in a cellar and drinking together, a quarrel rising, they fell to fighting, and although they were parted, yet would they not give over, but fell to it again, and continued it so long, that Berril being

brusied went home, and took his bed, where he languished till the 4th of January, at what time he dyed, taking it upon his death that Day was the occasion of his end, to this he pleaded, that the deceased struck him first and would not be parted, and it appearing they were strangers accidentally meeting, and consequently no former grudge between them, but that what happened was occasion'd through sudden heat, he was acquitted of the Murther, and found Guilty of Manslaughter .

Reference Number: t16850116-8

Phileman Adams of the Parish of St. James Clarkenwell , being indicted for stealing two Bullocks Valued at 17s. on the 1st of Jan one from William Kelley , and the other from Richard Farrier , pleaded Guilty upon his arraignment.

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Catherine Cotterel alias Irish Kate alias Catherine Irise alias Twford , Indicted for stealing 15 Guinneys from Elizabeth Dyer , of the Parish of St. Clements Danes , on the 7th of Dec , it was proved against her, that being fellow servant s with the Prosecutor in Essex Buildings, and perceiving she had put the fore-mentioned parcel of Guinneys into her Role, the better to convey them into the Country, she watched her opportunity, and taking the Role under pretence of going to ask what hour it was run away, and was not in a long time after found, but being discovered, endeavoured to make her escape, yet upon her Tryal she denyed the Fact, alledging, that her abrupt leaving her Mistress, was upon some words she had heard her speak in her dispraise, but the proof being plain, and she a person of light fame, the Jury found her Guilty of the fellony.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16850116-10

Hannah Merreday , Indicted for stealing Five yards and a half of Indian silk, from one Mr. Hind in Drury-lane , on the 16th of Dec. it appeared upon her Tryal, that she came into the shop to cheapen silks , having at that time a considerable parcel of her own, leaving a piece valued at 4l. in liew of another piece, but making up her bundle took the parcel, for which she was Indicted, being no part of that for which she had bargained, and upon finding it about her, pleaded ignorance; as likewise she did upon her Tryal, alledging she took it up unknowingly amongst her other Silks, and put it into her bundle, restoring it assoon as it was asked for, producing divers to give testimony of her life and conversation, insomuch, that it appearing to the Jury to be no designed theft, they acquitted her.

Reference Number: t16850116-11

Francis Abraham , Indicted for stealing a silver Tankard, value 4l. from John Hall of St. Giles's in the fields on the 4th of January , it appeared, that he being conversant in Halls house, and perceiving the People busie, found opportunity to possess himself of the Tankard, and with it made his escape, but not long after sending one of his Companions to a Goldsmith to sell it, it was stopped upon suspition, which obliged his Comerade, for his own safety to discover him, who resolutely denied the fact, but upon his Tryal, it appearing that assoon as it was missed he fled, not having any other reason to absent himself, and that he had challenged the Tankard, in the possession of the Goldsmith to be his, with many other pregnant reasons to believe him Guilty, he was Convicted of the Fellony.

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Reference Number: t16850116-12

David Roberts , Indicted for stealing a searge coat, valued at 10s. and pleading not Guilty, upon his arraignment it was proved against him, by John Starkey the Prosecutor, that the Prisoner coming to his House in Holbourn , on the 10th of June , and asking for one Nurse Joans, watched while he had turned his back, and then took the coat off from a nail whereon it hung, endeavouring to escape with it, but being perceived by a Neighbour and pursued, he dropped it; whereupon although he used many excuses to evade the Fellony, he was found Guilty, though the Court pl him, as being but a Young Offender, directed the Jury to find it within the statute of Pettelarcinary .

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Reference Number: t16850116-13

Abraham Biggs , Indicted for breaking into the house of John Middleton , on the 1st of Jan between 8 and 9 of the Clock in the Evening; and taking thence divers suits of Cloaths, and Linnen to the value of 4l. and upwards , the Evidence against him was, that Jones a Person Condemned, and some time since Executed, had in his Life time discovered, that Biggs Robbed the house giving directions how and where to find him, and according to those directions, he was found and at the time of his being apprehended, had a suit of cloaths and a wastcoat on which was lost, when the house was broke open, that he had confessed the Robbery, and endeavoured to compound it, being desirous to go to New-Prison, till he could raise money for that purpose, notwithstanding, which upon his Tryal he denyed all, alledging, that he bought the Cloaths of a Woman in Hounds-ditch, whom he accidentally met in the street, calling a Person to prove it, but having been a frequent inhabiter of Newgate, and that looked upon as an artifice, he was found Guilty of the Fellony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16850116-14

Richard Caborn , Indicted for High-Treason, in Clipping and diminishing, with sheers and other Iron Instruments, the lawful and currant Coin of this Kingdom, as the Half Crowns, Shillings, and Six-pences of King Charles the First, &c. It was proved against him, that a Gentleman being in search of some plate, and hearing a Silversmith in an Alley, in Shoreditch worked privately, suspected that he might have bought it to melt down, when on the 31th of Dec. after, much difficulty getting into his House, and running up stairs, they found him with a pair of sheers in his hand, endeavouring to secure the door, and by him a Pot and a Bag of Clippings, as likewise Money newly Clipped, to the number of 90l. with melting pots, and other Instruments suitable to that unlawful practice, the weight of the Clippings there found, amounting to no less than 90 Ounces, which plainness of fact caused him upon his Arraignments to plead Guilty, but at the instance, as it was supposed of one Elinor Bennet , who kept him company, and was Indicted with him, he desired to retract his Plea, which was allowed, but the Evidence being plain, the Jury upon a full hearing found him Guilty , himself again confessing it, and declaring he had been drawn into that snare by evil persons, to whom he had too much hearkned.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16850116-15

Christopher Redman , Indicted for stealing a Silver hilted Sword, valued at 3l. from Joseph Gosling in Alderman-bury , on the 30th of Dec , it was proved against him, that he swop't it at a Cutlers near Charing-cross for another Sword and a Guinney, and that he had upon his being apprehended, confessed the taking it, to which he pleaded that he was in drink and not sensible, but waiting on his Lady, and she calling him in hast he took it by mistake, and was afterwards ashamed to return it, but that trivial excuse availed him little, for the jury upon return of their Verdict, brought him in Guilty of the Fellony.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16850116-16

Sarah Heath and Sarah Barber , Indicted for breaking open the dwelling house of John Mason , scituate in the Parish of St. Dunstans in the West , on the first of January about nine in the Evening, and taking thence 3 dozen of Clouts, 8 Bibs, 8 Forehead Cloths, 3 pair of Sheets, 3 Shirts, a Hood, a Scarf and three Laced Head-dressings, &c. As likewise 28s. in Money ; upon Tryal the proof was, that a parcel of Lace lost at the time of the breaking, was found in a Shop in Holborn, and upon its being challenged, Sarah Barber of whom the party had bought it produced it, who told the pro

secutor that she bought it of Sarah Heath, but she denying it, and it being supposed it might be bought by chance, they were acquitted .

Reference Number: t16850116-17

Dorothy Waller Indicted for stealing 20l. in Money , being the Monys of Ann Pool of the Parish of St. Ann Wardrobe , on the 13th of December , it appeared against her that she having left her [Text unreadable in original.] came to the house of one Mr. Jebb, with whom she had lived formerly, and being ed found means to open the Trunk as knowing where the key lay, to which the Mony was, but it being missed and search for had of her, by reason of her , she upon confessed the Fact, saying she had spent part of it, had part of it in possession, and another part she had house, all which upon search was found , the Party Robbed by that means recovering 11 l. to that charge she made a defence, and to the end, the felony in Court, saying, she had the Money but surrended to make it up again, and lay it in the place where she has it, but that pretence and weighing, she was found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16850116-18

John Harrock , Indicted for stealing a Guinney and 28 s. in Money , out of the Chest of Tho M del at the Ax in Alderman-bury , on the 12th of Jan last, it appeared against him, that he being a helper to the Ostler , had access to the Trunk, and getting the Key took the parcel specified, that upon his being taxed and carryed before Sir William Turner , he dropped a Guinney and a Crown-piece out of his breeches, yet he pleaded he found the Guinney, and that the Crown-piece was his own, but not being capable of proving it, he was found Guilty of the Fellony.

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Reference Number: t16850116-19

Emm Sanby Wife of Roger Sanby , Indicted for stealing a silver spoons, valued at 25s. from Robert Drinkwater , of the St. Margarets Westminster , on the 7th of Nov. it appeared by the Evidence against her, that the Door was opened, and that the Spoons were sometime after found, where the Prisoner had pawned them for 12s. and she owning so to have done, the Jury found her Guilty of the Fellony to the Value of 9s.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16850116-20

Thomas Hopkins , Indicted for stealing a Gander and a Geese from John Wilkinson , in taking them out of his yard, about 5 or 6 in the Evening, they were sworn to be found in his custody, to which he pleaded, that they were delivered him by one John Lyley , whom he supposed to be Proprietor, but no such thing appearing, nor the party mentioned to be produced, he was found Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16850116-21

John Clark , Indicted for stealing 2 Pewter Basons, 6 Raysors, 30 Porringers, a Napkin, and trimming Towel, with several other goods of Value , from Thomas Barnaby of Hammersmith , on the 2 of Jan. it was proved against him, that in the absence of the Prosecutor, he entred the house, and took the goods, but being discovered by a youth, and tracked in the Snow, he was pursued and taken, having dropped the goods, which were almost all found, nor could he deny the fact, alledging only, that he had restored the goods, and desired mercy, so that upon the return of the Verdict, he was found Guilty of the Fellony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16850116-22

Edward Murrey and Jane his Wife , Indicted for stealing a watch, a fleece coat, a Wastcoat, and 7 Dozen of plate Buttons from Hugh Magenis , of the Parish of St. Martins in the fields , on the 10th of Jan. it was proved, that he being a servant in the house, upon the loosing the things absented himself, and soon after was taken with the Coat and a seal about him, which seal was fastened, as the Witness conjectured to the Watch but he alledging he found the seal in the Kitchen, and that he took the Coat to go abroad with his own being at the Taylors, and that he intended to restore it, the Jury acquitted them both there being no proof against the latter.

Reference Number: t16850116-23

Elizabeth Robinson , Indicted for taking 25s. from the person of Jane Glasspool the Wife of Henry Glasspool , of the Parish of St. Martins in the fields , on the 29th of Dec. it appeared, that the Prisoner and her Husband coming into the Prosecutors house to eat Roast-beef, she snacht her opportunity to put her hand into her purse but the Money not being found about her upon search, although it was found, where it had been dropped, or at least, part of it, and she pleading ignorance, the Jury Acquitted her.

Reference Number: t16850116-24

Thomas Murphy and Charles Doyle Indicted, the former as principal, and latter as accessory, for stealing a Golden cross, a Handkerchief, and a Leaden Meddal, inlayed with Gold , from Justin MacCartis Esq , of St. Martins in the fields , on the 19th of November , it was proved against Murphy, that he had stollen the goods specified, and delivered them to Doyle, in order to expose them to sale , nor did he deny the Fellony, in Court, only alledging that his Companion was Innocent, and knew not that the goods were stole; whereupon Murphy only was found Guilty to the value of 10d and his companion acquitted .

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Reference Number: t16850116-25

Richard Scarlet , Indicted for Stealing a pair of Shoes, a Wastcoat, a pair of Stockings, a Coat, a pair of Drawers, a Knife, and 8s. and 7 pence, out of the house of John Berry of White-Chappel , on the first of January , it appeared against him upon his Tryal, that coming later by the Watch-house, and being brought before the Constable, after many excuses of his coming from Westminster, &c. and the goods found about him he confessed where he had them, but it being acknowledged by the prosecutor that he was a Lodger in his House, he was found Guilty of Felony only, although the Robery was committed in the night time .

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Reference Number: t16850116-26

Margaret Shipley , Indicted for stealing two Dowlas Shirts, three Childrens Shifts, two Pin-cushions and a yard of Ribon, valued at two shillings six pence ; It appeared upon her Tryal, that she on the 21st of Dec taking her opportunity when Charles Winter the prosecutor was absent, entered his house, and took the goods before mentioned, which were soon after found upon her, yet she pleaded they were given to her, but that not appearing nor any Testimony of her honest life and conversation, she was found Guilty though but to the value of 10d.

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Reference Number: t16850116-27

James Fulham , was Indicted for stealing a Silver Cup, value twenty shillings , from one James Panmer of St. Martins in the Fields , on the 27th. of December . It appeared that he with two others coming into the house and calling for Drink; after having had a Pot and a Glass, desired a Silver Cup, which being brought by a little Lad, immediately after their departure it was missing, the Boy giving Evidence that he delivered it into the hands of the Prisoner, but he pleading Innocence, and it being proved that the Boy upon the loss of the Cup, absented his Masters Service for many day his single testimony weighed not with the Jury so the Conviction of the Prisoner, who by reason that no corroborating Evidence was produced, acquitted him.

Reference Number: t16850116-28

Joseph Laurence and George Laurence , were Indicted for stealing a cart Wheel, valued at 5s. out of the grounds of Thomas Nichols of South Mimms , on the first of November , when upon their Tryal it appeared tha they had taken off the Tire Irons and sold them to on Michael Salt , a Smith telling him they had them an old Woman for work, and at another time that she found them in sandy ground, but hearing that the owner had knowledge of them where they were dispose off, they went to Salt and chid him for making it know desiring him to compound the Felony, upon which Evi

dence, although they used many endeavours to excuse it, they were found Guilty of Pettelarcinary .

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16850116-29

Thomas Jaxon , Indicted for stealing a Bridle, and panel from John Cox , and a Gander from William Larente of Hanworth , on the 7th of January , it was proved against him, that he was taken with the Pannel at his back, and the Gander hanging at his girdle, to which he pleaded, that as for the Bridle and Pannel he found them upon a Common, and that a Spaniel Bitch killed the Gander, and brought it to him, for which the said Spanniel had been shot upon which and some other circumstances that offered, the Jury acquitted him.

Reference Number: t16850116-30

William Fincham , Indicted for stealing three silver Tankards valued at 18l. from Thomas Richardson , of the Parish of St. Mary Wool-church , the 20th of August 1681, it appeared, that [Text unreadable in original.] had confessed the stealing of two Tankards, that an action of Trover being brought, Unkle had payed 16l by way of composition, which not satisfying Richardson, he now made his prosecution, and was severely repremanded for going about to stifle a Fellony, yet the proof being plain, the Prisoner was found Guilty .

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Reference Number: t16850116-31

Richard Scot , Indicted for stealing a Tankard, from John Mason in St. Laurence-lane , valued at 6l. it was proved against him, that he coming into the house of the Prosecutor, called for a Tankard of drink, and watching his opportunity, threw down the drink, and ran away with the Tankard, but was soon after apprehended, and giving no further account of his reputation upon Tryal, than that he was a Weaver in Spittle-fields, the Jury found him Guilty .

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Reference Number: t16850116-32

Richard Williams , Indicted for breaking the house of Robert Harland near Pauls-wharf , and taking thence a Brass Cock of small value , it appeared, that coming home early in the Morning, as he opened his door, he heard a noise in the Celler, and well observing it, soon after espied the Prisoner in the street, whom he supposed to have got out of the Celler Window, and in his hand a Brass-Cock, which he had taken thence, to which Williams pleaded, that he found the cock before-mentioned, and was found Guilty of the Fellony only, to the Value of 10d.

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Reference Number: t16850116-33

Andrew Craford a scotch schismatick , having refused to take the Oath of Allegiance, rendered him at Guild-Hall, and obstinately refusing it at Justice-Hall, upon a second tender perversely pretending a scruple of conscience, he was tryed upon the statute of Premunire , and found Guilty , when as Fraisier his Companion, who had formerly refused so lawful and reasonable a complyance with the Laws, and duty to his Prince, considering the evil consequences, attending his obstinacy, was contented to wave his scrupilosities, and take the Oath before-mentioned.

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16850116-34

John Avery , Indicted for stealing four Bags of Nailes, valued at 5l. 4s. 8d. on the 13th of December , from the Kings stores , it was proved, that he had sold them to one Mr. Partridge, and that the Nailes upon search, were found to have the Broad-Arrow on some of them, and that they had been moulded to take out the signature, which none but the Kings Nailes have impressed on them, but he pleaded he had them, at the breaking up a Man of WAR called the Red Lyon near Chaham, bringing divers to prove, he and another bought the Iron-work, and no proof unless the Marks on some of them being produced, as to the stealing, he was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16850116-35

Margaret Wall , Indicted for stealing a great parcel of plate , from Robert Abel of St. Martins in the fields , on the 28th of January , it

appeared against her, that several pieces of Plate, and a Handkerchief was found in her Trunk, but they not being specified in the Indictment, she was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16850116-36

George Clark and Jacob Clark , Indicted for [Text unreadable in original.] stealing a S valued 25s. from John P , of St. Martins in the fields on the 13 of December , the said and his Wife, finding the in their custody, swore to it by reason of a , and a cross cut in the End which Head was produced in Court, and the Prisoner's not being able to produce where they bought the they apparently had killed, were both found Guilty of Pettelarcinary .

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Reference Number: t16850116-37

Mary Toulson the Wife of John Toulson , Indicted for stealing Bedding to a considerable value, as likewise a silver Cup , from Robert berry of St. Giles's in the Fields , on the 6th of January , under pretence of being in Lodgings, the Cup was found where she had disposed of it in Southwark, the which sale proved, she alledged that her Land ladies daughter lent her, but that not being a sufficient excuse, she was found Guilty to the Value of 9s.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16850116-38

William Cole and Ambrose Hogg , Indicted for stealing 70 yards of Sale-cloath, valued at 4l. 10s. from Matthew Bradford of St. Catherines , on the 16th of January , it appeared that the Cloath being missed and they pursued, one Bolt was found upon Hoggs shoulder, and the other, Cole threw down in order to make his escape, upon which Evidence although they alledged, they bought it of a Man in the street, for 3s. the Jury found them Guilty of Pettelarcinary .

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Reference Number: t16850116-39

Nicholas Dun , Indicted for stealing a parcel of Gloves, from one John Oates of St. Martins in the Fields , on the 10th of February , it was proved that he took them out of the Shop, and run away with them , though in excuse he alledged, he was at that time a Watchman in the Temple, but not being able to prove it, he was found Guilty to the value of 9d.

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Reference Number: t16850116-40

A person Indicted for a Rape, Committed on the Body of Mary Chard Spinster , in the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields , the Prosecutor swore that she being a servant to the Prisoner, and he coming home about 3 in the Morning, ordered her to go and give his Horse Hay, which she unwillingly did, but in the end he obliged her to go into the Hayloft, where he drew a Knife, swearing he would kill her if she refused, to comply with his desire, threw her down and forced her, stopping her mouth when she cryed out, but it appearing that she had made no timely discovery, and that she had been in Bridewell, upon her declaring her self to be with Child by the Prisoner, and owning she would not have prosecuted for a Rape; but at the instance of a Woman, living at one , the Prisoner was acquitted , having satisfied the Jury in that point by giving a large Testimony of his civil behaviour.

Reference Number: o16850116-1

Henry St. Johns Esq, and Edward Webb , being brought into Court, and demanded what they could say, in stay of Execution upon their late sentence, produced severally His Majesties gracious Pardon, which being allowed, they Pleaded then upon their knees, after which the Right Honourable the Lord Chief Justice, admonished them to be careful for the future, of such rashness as had caused them much trouble, and that above all they would make it the future business of their lives, to express their gratitude and extraordinary acknowledgement of His Majesties Grace and Princely compassion, in behaving themselves respectfully, shewing their Duty and Loyalty on all occasions , which his Lordship was pleased to say, Collonel Webb had signalized in the most turbulent and staggering times, then they proceeded to give Papers of Gloves to the Court, and Officers immediately attending, as in that case is usual.

Reference Number: o16850116-2

Thomas Mongomery Esquire, having obtained His Majesties Gracious Pardon, offered it the 17th instant in barr of Execution, and had it allowed, pleading it upon his knees, after which he was reminded of the heinousness of his offence, and admonished to behave himself circumspectly for the future, and not under pretence of vindicating a mistaken honour to involve himself in quarrels, that might occasion the shedding of innocent Blood , &c. Then he gave Gloves, as Esq; St. Johns and Mr. Webb had done.

A complaint upon which, an Indictment was grounded, being exhibited against one Mr. Warren Steward of Ludgate, for defrauding the Prisoners, he desired a further time to try it in, the which upon his giving security, was allowed till the next Sessions.

Reference Number: o16850116-3

Mr. Porter , who was the last Sessions Tryed for killing Sir James Hacket, and found Guilty of Man slaughter, prayed the Court, that he might be admitted to his Clergy, but was answered that an Appeal being already brought and allowed, it could not be granted, then he desired he might have his prayer Recorded, but that not being practicable in such cases, he was only admitted to bail himself, entring into a Recognizance of 1000l. and his sureties 500 each, and ordered to move it by his Council, at the Kings Bench Bar the succeeding Term.

Reference Number: o16850116-4

John Bramstone Esquire, being brought into Court, and demanded what he had to say for himself, upon his being convicted of Man-slaughter. &c. he prayed his Clergy, which being allowed, he produced the Kings Warrant, in which His Majesty signified, that the penalty should be suspended, till his further pleasure was known, and thereupon he was bailed.

Reference Number: o16850116-5

Richard Baxter having the Oath of Allegiance rendered him, and refusing to take it, his refusal was order to be Recorded, and he remanded in order to his Tryal the next Sessions, His plea in a canting Tone, being, that he could not take a promissory Oath.

Reference Number: s16850116-1

At this Sessions the 5 persons burnt in the Hand were

John Wickham, Thomas Hoskins, John Clark, Emm Sanbie, and Mary Toulson.

The 5 persons ordered to be Transported were

John Harrock, William Finchman, Richard Scot, Frances Abraham, and Richard Scarlet.

The 9 Persons that Received Sentence of Death were

Abraham Biggs, Richard Caborn, Christopher Redman, Phileman Adams, Dorcas Morgan, Dorothy Waller, Jane Langworth, Elizabeth Stoakes, and Katherine Cotterel.

The 11 Persons Sentenced to be Whipped, were,

Richard Williams, David Roberts, Thomas Murphey, George Clarke, Jacob Clark, Margaret Shipley, Joseph Lawrence, George Laurence, Nicholas Dun, Ambros Hog, and William Cole.

Andrew Craford being convicted and brought to the bar, was ordered confinement in the Goal of Newgate, during the KING'S pleasure.

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