Old Bailey Proceedings, 3rd September 1684.
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THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE King's Commissions Of the PEACE, And Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-delivery of Newgate, HELD FOR THE City of London, and County of Middlesex, AT Justice-Hall, IN THE OLD-BAYLY.

The 3d. 4th. and 5th. Days of September, 1684.

And in the 36th Year of His Majesties Reign.

THE Sessions of the Peace, Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, being held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bayly, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 3d. 4th. and 5th. of September, 1684. before the Honourable Sir Henry Tulse , Lord Mayor of the City of London, Sir Thomas Jenner , Knight, one of his Majesties Serjeants at Law, and Recorder of the said City, together with other Justices of the City of London and County of Middlesex,

London Jury.

John Tuly ,

Robert Green ,

John Dandridge ,

John Juxon ,

Daniel White ,

Richard Bradley ,

William Sutton ,

John Leak ,

Robert Adams ,

William Wood ,

Roger Atkinson ,

Edm. Jackson .

Middlesex Jury.

Nicholas Baxter ,

Matthew Bateman ,

James Supple ,

John Leeson ,

Thomas Harris ,

William Webb ,

William Dean ,

William Parkinson ,

Stephen Lawrence ,

William Hardy ,

Richard Boyce ,

Zachariah Grant .

The Tryals of the Prisoners were as followeth:

Reference Number: t16840903-1

William Peirce Indicted for stealing a Bay Gelding price 5 l. from Edmond Prideaux , at Hornsey . The Matter against him appear'd; That William Peirce rode upon this Gelding to Gravesend, where setting him up at the Sign of the White-Hart, be agreed with the Inn keeper, and sold him the same. About a Month afterwards the Gelding was put into the Gazette, with the Reward of 20 s. proposed to such as should discover where it was: hereupon, Peirce thinking to get the Reward as well as the Gelding comes to the said Mr. Prideaux, and informed him that the Horse was at Gravesend aforesaid: where Prideaux enquiring after it, found the same. But the Master of the Inn producing several Witnesses that he bought it of Peirce, Pierce was soon after apprehended. All that he could say for himself was, That he hired this Horse of one Traverse, who was lately hanged for a Robbery committed in Hornsey, which Traverse's Wife swore in Court, but the Jury not believing her, brought him in Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-2

Richard Burton and Martin Stevenson , of St. Margarets Westminster , were Indicted for Murdering one William Fletcher , Servant to Sr. George Downing at Knightsbridge . Upon the Tryal the Evidence was, That this William Fletcher about Ten of the Clock of the Night, was in a Quarrel with one Athis, about nailing up a door that belong'd to his Master; upon which the said R. Burton and Martin Stevenson (being a Constable and a Beadle ) by chance then coming by, commanded the Peace; which Fletcher not observing, they knock'd him down, and bruised him, which was look'd upon as the Cause of his Death. But the said Persons being upon their Duty, and not positively proved that he died of those Wounds, they were acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840903-3

Richard Wheate , of the Parish of Paddington , Indicted for Stealing a dark Brown Gelding , the Goods of Francis Allen : the matter of Fact against him being, that the said Gelding was found in the Possession of the said Wheate. But Wheate produced his Witness that he bought the said Horse at Blockamore Fair, and that the Gelding in dispute was the same he there bought: whereupon, the Jury brought him not Guilty

Reference Number: t16840903-4

William Dier of St. Clement Danes Indicted for stealing a Bag of Money, containing forty pounds , from the Honourable Edward Howard , Esquire . Upon the Tryal it was proved that the Prisoner was a Hackney-Coachman , and had taken up Esq; Howard in Bow-street in Covent-Garden, and carried him to Norfolk-street, that the Money was put into and left in the said Coach, that the Prisoner drove away without taking his Hire, and that the Money lying upon the Seat of the Coach, he was observed to turn and tumble about the same. But the Prisoner producing several Witnesses to his Honesty, and no Body swearing positive that he had the Money, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840903-5

Edward Long Indicted for stealing a Silver Tumbler, Val. 35 s. being the Goods of Edward Clough , pleaded Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

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John Lanceve and Samuel Lord Indicted, for that they, on the 31th. of July last, did make an Assault upon one Robert Harvey , and on the King's High-way rob him of a Watch with two Silver Cases . Upon the Tryal it appeared, Mr. Harvey coming late at Night by a Tavern near Shoe-lane in the Parish of St. Andrews Holborn , and going in, found the said two Persons, with whom he sat a while drinking; That at his going away, they made an Assault upon him; That Sam. Lord held him whilst Lanceve took his said Watch, and run away with it. The Prisoners in their Defence pleaded, Harvey went away refusing to pay a Shilling for the Reckoning; and that following him down Stairs for the same, he delivered them his Watch to clear the House. But by reason Lanecve fled, and had pawned the said Watch for 30 s. that the Constable, when called, found Harvey to be bloody, and his Band to be torn, with other aggravating Circumstances, Lanceve and Lord were found guilty of Felony and Robbery.

Reference Number: t16840903-7

John Smith Indicted for Breaking the House of Mr. Andrew Cook , on the 7th of August last, and taking thence three Pair of laced Sleeves one laced Cravat one Pair of Silk Stockings, five Pair of Ruffles, &c. of the Goods of Edward Vickers . The said Smith, with other Company, came into Mr. Cooks at the Sun Tavern behind the Royal Exchange to drink Wine; and taking his Opportunity, went up another Pair of Stairs, and breaking open a Trunk, &c. stole away the said Goods. All his Companions slipt down Stairs, and he was stop'd at the Bar as paying the Reckoning, and now found guilty of Felony.

Reference Number: t16840903-8

Eliz. Ratcliff , hired Servant of Stephen Scot of St. Andrews Holborn , Indicted for Stealing a Gold Ring set with nine Diamond Stones value 20 or 30 l. and a Silver Spoon, value 5 s. from her said Master ; which Ring she had Pawned for but 5 s. The Prisoner at length confess'd it, saying. It was the first ill thing she ever committed, and seemed to beg for Mercy: She was found guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-9

Gerrard Trent and Lewis Conoway Indicted, for that they, on the 5th of August last, kill'd one Richard Mowbray , a Butcher , whom they met in Drury Lane , late at Night . One Witness proved he saw one of them pass at the Butcher, and see him thereupon fall; another said that seeing the Man lye dead, Trent was next to him; a third Witness was so near, that one of the Prisoners run him through the Sleeve. The Prisoners produced some to say they heard a Noise in the Streets, saying, Will you rob Gentlemen of their Wiggs and Hats &c. and endeavoured to suggest the Butcher would have robbed them: The Witnesses for the King seemed to bring it very home upon the Prisoners. That they had before abused some Gentlewomen, and also the Watch. In conclusion, the Jury acquitted them as to Murder, but found them guilty of Man slaughter .

[Branding. See summary.]

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One John Jones was Indicted for stealing 18 Yards of Flowered Silk , and found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-11

John Bantlin Indicted for taking two Iron Locks, value 8 d. being the Goods of Thomas Morris , Esq ; confest the Fact .

Reference Number: t16840903-12

Mark Foster and Robert Gale , Indicted for High Treason in Clipping the Currant Coin of this Kingdom, viz. forty Pieces called Queen Elizabeth Shillings, forty other Pieces called King James Shillings, forty other Pieces called King Charles the First Shillings, and forty Pieces called King Charles the First Half Crowns; clipping and diminishing from each of the Shillings, Silver to the value of 2 d. and from each of the Half-Crowns to the value of 4 d. Upon the Tryal was only proved, that Foster had frequently Changed Guinea's, viz. 20, 30, or 40, at a time, for Silver; with other like Circumstances: and against Gale, that in a parcel of 7 l. 16 s. of his Money, was found 33 clip'd Shillings, but no Instruments to Clip with being found, nor Proof that any see them Clip Money. Likewise Gale producing near twenty Witnesses to prove his Reputation, the Jury therefore Acquitted them.

Reference Number: t16840903-13

Christian Bromfeild, alias Jorden , the Maid Servant to Geo. Bromfeild of Wood-street , London, Indicted for Stealing one Diamond Ring, Value 35 s. a Gold Ring, Value 20 s. a Silver Cup, Value 30 s. two Suits of laced Child bed Linnen, Value 3 l. 10 s. four other Gold Rings, Value 30 s. two laced Cravats, one long Scarf, two Pair of Silver Buckles, and three Pounds in Money ; being the Goods of her said Master , from whom with she said Goods she run away, and was taken at Newcastle upon Tyne. She confess'd upon the Tryal. That she was led away by ill Company to steal the said Things, &c. So was found guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

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Robert Todd Indicted for Stealing a Gelding coloured Gray, price 4 l. from Jonas Rigden living at Throwley in Kent . The said Rigdin missing his Horse came up to London, and found a Man riding him in Smithfield to sell, whom he challenged to have stol'n his Horse: The said Person produced Todd that he had bought the said Horse of; the said Todd was therefore found Guilty .

Reference Number: t16840903-15

William Hyde , a Minister , Indicted for having married a second Wife, the first being yet alive , and proved he was on the 29th. of November, in the 29th. of the King, Married to Eliz. Butler , and the 11th. of November in the 35th. of the King, to one - Richins ; that by the first he had three or four Children, &c. Mr. Hyde upon the Tryal denied he even saw the last Wife, and made very strange of them both; but was however found Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

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Ann Bonner , Widdow , and Jane Herne , Spinster , Indicted for stealing a Silver Cup of the Goods of Ann Vaughan , Widdow , living about Basing-hall-street , London. After Examination of the Matter, Jane Herne confess'd it, that she pawned the Cup for 7 s. and said Ann Bonner had half the Money: they were found guilty each to the Value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

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George Cruffe Indicted, for that on the 7th. of August last he made an Assault upon William Culliford , Esquire , as he was passing from the Custom-House, London, through Water-lane , shooting him into the Back with a Brace of Bullets, with Intent to kill and murder him . He at first evaded Pleading; but at length said, Mr. Culliford had put a Clog upon his Conscience, for which Reason he resolved to put one upon his Body (or upon his Heart) confessing that he did do it, &c.

[Fine. See summary.]

[Pillory. See summary.]

[Provide sureties for good behaviour. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-18

George Caskey , a Scotch-man, Indicted for the Murder of Robert Teagle , a Watch-man , at Rosemary-lane , on the 28th. of August last . Upon his Tryal it appeared thus; viz. This Geo. Caskey, together with Francis Pevanson, alias Peverson , a French-man, and Daniel Ballantine an Italian having been drinking at a Musick House in Rosemary-lane, as they were coming away they would have had another Bottle of Wine; which the Master of the House refused: at which they were highly offended, broke the Windows of the House, and abused the Woman: so that the Master going out to the Watch-house, which was just against his Door, told the Watch of the Disturbance made by these Gentlemen. Whereupon, Teagle the Watch-man, who was kill'd, ran out; and meeting one of the said Parties, bid him come over to the Constable; which he at first refusing, whether the said Teagle struck him or laid Hands on him was not in Proof, but thereupon he drew his Sword, and run him into the Breast, of which Wound he died. Several Witnesses were produced who proved positively, that one of the three kill'd the Watch-man, and that they were all of a Company, and had their Swords severally drawn. This Gentleman, for his Defence, brought several Persons of Quality who testified as to his Honesty and Reputation. That he was very rarely drunk, and never given to Quarrel: besides, several of the Neighbours spoke disgracefully of the House, saying, It was no better than a Bawdy-House, and that several People had come to Damage by resorting thither; and that this Gentleman, with Ballantine the Italian, went out of the House before the French-man, and knew not what Mischief had befell the Watch-man; but endeavouring to make of and escape the Round-house, they were followed and knock'd down: The Party that did the Murder made his way towards Well-Close: but upon the whole Evidence, there being no Accessary in Murder, he was legally Convicted, and brought in Guilty thereof.

In like manner, Pevanson and Ballantine were Indicted for the same Murder, tryed by a Party Jury, half English and half Foreigners; and both also found guilty of Murder.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-19

John Cowley , a Coach-man , of the Parish of St. Giles Cripplegate , London, Indicted for driving his Coach, drawn with two Horses, over the Head of Edith Isham , a Child of three Years old . The Evidence was very strong against him, That two Children playing together in Chiswel-street , upon the turning of the Corner, being upon his full Trot, he beat down both the Children; Edith Isham was run over and slain, the other was under the Body of the Coach, and escaped: after which, he drove away as fast as he could; and tho often called unto to stop the said Coach, he would not hearken till he came to Shoreditch, where he was forc'd to alight; and was thereupon

secured. What he offered in his Defence was, That he did not see the said Children, the Gentlemen that were in the Coach at that Instant calling upon him to drive on and he stooping to hear what they said, happened to commit this unfortunate Accident: The reason why he did not stay when called was, That he did not hear the Party calling him. Upon the whole, the Jury found him guilty of Man slaughter .

Reference Number: t16840903-20

William Dethwick and Ann his Wife , of White-lyon-street in the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields , Indicted for High Treason, for Coyning and washing several false Pieces of Money; viz. thirty Pieces in Imitation of King Charles the First Half Crowns, forty Pieces in Imitation of Queen Elizabeth's Shillings . The Witnesses against them proved, That they disposed of several of these Counterfeit Pieces in Bartholomew-Fair, and that William Dethwick would particularly have sold some of the said Pieces to them: however, they were both acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840903-21

John Tue of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , Indicted for the Murder of William Graves . The Matter of Fact against him was, that this William Graves being a Bayliffs Follower , together with the Bayliff and three others, came to the House of John Tue, who kept an Ale house , and calling for a Pot of Drink, the Wife of the Prisoner supplied them; when as is supposed, the Prisoner suspecting them for Bayliffs, passed by the Door where they were drinking, and makes towards his Kitchin, where he armed himself with a Halbard; and they following him, shew'd him the Writ, and gave him the Word of the Arrest: but not having laid hands on him, he told them, the Word was not sufficient, for that they had not yet touched him; and come near him at their Peril; one of the Followers being more resolute than the rest, received two Wounds one through his Hand the other in his Arm; but with the Advantage of his Weapon the Prisoner drove them all clear of his Kitchin, and shut the Door to him; but they resolving to take him, broke open the said Kitchin door and enter'd a second time upon him: Graves (who was the Person that was kill'd) whilst Tue was opposing his Companions, gets in at a Back-door; which Tue espying turns suddenly about darts his Holbard at him, and wounds him under the left Pap; of which, without speaking one Word, he died: upon whose Death he was secured. Tue, the Prisoner, brought several of his Neighbours to prove his Reputation, and strove to possess the Court that they never gave him the Word of Arrest. But the same being proved by all the four Witnesses, and the Writ produced in Court, he was found Guilty of willful Murder. It is observable, That the Cause of Action against the Prisoner was no more than 4 s. and that, likewise upon Dispute between Him and the Plantiff, yet was he so desperate to attempt this fatal and execrable Action.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-22

John Richardson , a Tinker , living at Killingham , in the County of Middlesex, Indicted for killing his Wife Martha Richardson . The Neighbours who came as Witnesses proved that he, on the 22th of July last, threw her violently down upon the Ground, kick'd and beat her on the Head, Neck, Stomach, and Belly; of which Blows and Bruises she languished from the said 22th of July, and Languishing died on the 6th of August following. The Sister of his wife proved, that she, on her Death-Bed, charged him with her Death, and desired, if she Died, that it might be revenged by her said Sister. All the Neighbours Positively Swore, That all the time of the Womans Languishing, she still laid her Death at her Husbands Door, and would never be induced to Pardon him. The next Day after her Beating, she spit Blood Extreamly; and at the time of her Beating, she Bled at least a Pint and a Half: which as was given in Evidence, she endeavoured to Wash and scrape from the place were the same was Shed, but could not get out the Marks thereof. The Prisoner made no material Defence, but said his Wife was Drunk at the time she pretended she was Beaten, and had fell Down: But the Witnesses for the King Swore positively, that they see him drag her along the Street by the Heels, to his own Door, and when he came there, he laid her Head over the Threshold, and then turn'd her Heels after her, shutting the Door to him. This Fact was the more Barbarous in that the Woman that was thus Kill'd, was a Young Woman, not above 25; and said to be of a very good and Honest Life and Carriage; the Prisoner about 50 or upwards: and that after she was thus Beaten, he never took the least Care of her; but declared, that if he had not thereby done her Business, she should have it some other time. It was further said, that this Fellow was supposed to have Murthered his former Wife; for that the Neighbours Testified she had Died Suddenly, and was found under the Bed of the Prisoner, with her Hair about her Ears. The Fellow had a very ill Look and Character; by all that appeared against him upon the whole Evidence; which was Plain. He was found Guilty of Willful Murder.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-23

Thomas Jeffes Indicted for the Murder of John Martin of St. Stephen Coleman-street , by keeping a dangerous Dog who used to fly upon and bite People : and albeit he had several times been warned to hang the Dog, yet refused it; and on the 23th of July last the said Dog bit Martin so as he died thereof: Jeffes was however acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840903-24

John Selly Indicted for High Treason in Coyning and Washing twenty false Guinea's forty Half Crowns in Imitation of King Charles the First Half Crowns, fifty Pieces in Imitation of King James's Shillings forty Pieces of Queen Elizabeth Shillings . Three Witnesses were produced; one of which had put off some of the said Guinea's for him: yet he was acquitted , by reason no positive Proof of the Coining.

Reference Number: t16840903-25

John Tredeech , and Mary Tredeech , Indicted for stealing one Hair Camblet Coat, Value 40 s. one Silk Faringdon Mantua Gown, Value 12 s. one Flaxen Shirt, Value 4 s. of the Goods of Francis Egleton , were acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840903-26

Edward Payne Indicted for stealing a Book called Cuckolds Folly, Value 13 s. another called Hookers Policy, Value 14 s. with several other Books , of the Goods of Samuel Lee , of Lombard-street , London. Also Samuel Foreman Indicted, as accessary to the said Felony, in receiving the said stol'n Goods . They were both accordingly found guilty ; the first of Felony, the latter as accessary thereto.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-27

John Rickets , and William Goffe , Indicted for stealing five Crape Shrowds, Value 10 s. of the Goods of a Person unknown. The Witnesses against them swore that Goffe brought the Crape to them to scour, and that the Stains which were upon it came by the Purging of dead Bodies; therefore concluded they had taken them out of some Graves. But Rickets produced several, that the Shrowds were stained in a Chest of Drawers by Rats or other Vermine, and made such other Defence that they were both acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840903-28

William Ditcher , and William Fuller , Indicted for Stealing forty pieces of Guinea Gold, Value, every one, 21 s. 6 d. of the Goods of a Person unknown. The most material Witness was a Boy, who said, That Ditcher being his Uncle, demanded of him where his Grandfather's Gold was? The Boy told him, in the Waste band of his Breeches: It was also proved, the old Man had this Gold at the time he went to Ditchers House to lodge, where in a short time he died. The said Persons were acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840903-29

William Jones Indicted upon the Statute for having two Wives; that he was married to the first, viz. Margaret Holland , in Grays-Inn Chappel, the 27th. of August, in the 18th. Year of this King; and to Alice Pope , the second, at St. Pancras Church the 27th. of June , the 35th. of the King . The Prisoner denied he ever was Married to Margaret Holland , only had kept her Company: but the Clerk of Grays-Inn Chappel proved their Marriage and a Certificate, &c. Other Witnesses of their living together as Man and Wife many Years, that he had Children by her: both the said Wives were in Court: and he was found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-30

Ann Levet , and Robert Levet , Indicted for stealing one green Ring, Value 9 s. one linnen Packing Sheet, Value 11 s. the Goods of James Smith ; were both acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840903-31

Ann Morret Indicted for Stealing one Flaxen Sheet, Value 8 s. two Silk Scarfs Value 18 s. six Towels, Value 5 s. four Holland Aprons, Value 10 s of the Goods of Deborah Poultee . It was proved she went into the House of Mrs. Poultee on the 17th of July in the Afternoon, and that some other Women waited near at hand, were seen to go away with their Aprons full. She was found guilty of Felony to the Value of 9 s.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-32

Philip Adams Indicted for stealing forty Yards of Kenting Cloath, Value 50 s. of the Goods of John Sherman of St. Botolph Aldgate . The said Cloath was found upon him, and one sware he broke a Hatch open to get into the House. He was found guilty of Felony, but not of Burglary .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-33

Mary Vosse Indicted for stealing one broad Piece of Gold,

Value 25 s. another Piece, Value 12 s. two Gold Rings, Value 10 s. three Holland Aprons, Value 5 s. one striped Morning Gown. Value 50 s. of the Goods of Thomas Turner of St. Dunstans in the East , London. She was Servant to the said Mr. Turner, broke open a Chest of Drawers to steal the said Goods, and was found guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-34

Orlando Bolston , of the Parish of St. Botolph Aldgate , Indicted for Stealing an Alamode Scarf of the price of 7 s. and one Silver Tankard of the price of 7 l. from Timothy Torton . He confessed the Indictment before the Jury, and was found Guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-35

Thomas Middleton , of the Parish of St. James Clarkenwel , Indicted for stealing 20 Ewe Sheep, Price 12 s. a piece, and six Lambs at 5 s. a piece , the Goods of Allen Parsons . Upon the Tryal Parsons swore, That he overtook two Men upon the Road by White-Chappel, of whom he enquired after his Sheep; that they acquainted him that they had been hired by the said Middleton to drive such a parcel of Sheep to Pancras, and from thence to Clarkenwel, where they left them in the Custody of Thomas Middleton , who declared he intended to sell the same in Southwark. But Parsons strictly enquiring after found them sold by Middleton in White-Chappel; of which some were kill'd, and others returned. The Matter being plain against him, he was thereupon found guilty of Felony.

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-36

William Temple and William Butler , of the Parish of St. Andrew Holborn , were Indicted for stealing of 15 l. 10 s. from Sarah Welsh , Widdow . William Temple confessed the Fact; but Butler being Tryed, it appear'd that Mrs. Welsh keeps a Publick House , and both the said Parties coming in to drink, she served them in a Silver Tankard; and being put into a Room where the Money aforesaid lay in a Cup board, upon Mrs. Welshes turning her Back, they got the same thence. After which, they paid their Reckoning and desired the Woman to take care of her Tankard, who look'd upon them as very honest Guest, till she see that they had taken care of her Money, and conveyed the same away. Upon full Evidence they were found guilty of Felony.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-37

Jane Dickenson of St Giles in the Fields , Indicted for stealing one pair of Hempen Sheets, Val. 8 s. one Looking glass, Val. 5 s. being the Goods of Margaret Wetherby . The said Goods were taken about her, and she found guilty to the Value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-38

Thomas Glannister of St. Sepulchres Indicted for Stealing a Mantua-Gown and other Goods to a small Value , from one Joseph Fenton , found guilty to 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-39

Thomas Vickers of the Parish of Stepney , &c. Indicted together with John James not yet taken, for stealing 20 Yards of green Broad-Cloth, Value 5 l. from a Tenter , the Goods of Henry Farmer . Upon Proof it was found that Vickers had pawn'd the Goods for 55 s. to one Mrs. Bath a Pawn broker. The said Proof being manifest against him, he was found Guilty of Felony.

The same Person Indicted a second time for stealing 36 Yards of Poppinger Green Weish Cotton, Value 30 s. being the Goods of William Shaw ; which were taken about the Prisoner: His Excuse was, That he found them in the Fields by Anna St. Clare. But the Jury not believing him, brought in Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-40

Patrick Tuffe Indicted for stealing two Bushels of Flower, Value 20 s. and a Sack, Value 3 s. of the Goods of Bartholomew Muston , to whom he was a Servant . He had confess'd the Fact to Munston, and did not much deny it at his Tryal; but was found guilty to the Value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-41

Jane Bourne , of St. Clements Danes Spinster , Indicted for stealing a Flowered Sattin Gown Value 3 l. 10 s. a Crape Gown Value 23 s. a Crape Petticoat, Value 7 s. a Flanders lac'd Cornet, Value 30 s. a gold laced Petticoat, a pair of embroydered Stayes, a Flowered Sattin Petticoat, and several other things of the Goods of John Clutton . Also Ann Smith, alias Bagnal , of St. Giles in the Fields . Indicted as accessary to the said Felony, with Jane Bourne; the same being proved by full Evidence, also by their own Confessions. Jane Bourne was therefore found guilty of Felony, and Ann Smith , in accessary thereto, &c.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-42

Charles Denton of St. Martins in the Fields , Indicted for stealing of some Child-bed Linnen from Christopher Shepheard , at the Fire in York Buildings , and was taken with them about him: he alledged that he found them in the Street, and was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840903-43

Susan Heydon , Widdow , of St. Martins in the Fields , Indicted for stealing three Yards of Callicoe, Val. 5 s. five Rugs, Val. 40 s. Curtains, Valense, and other things being the Goods of John Everard ; the said Goods were found in her Lodging: but pleading that she had the same from Everards Apprentice who was her Husband, and no contradictory Proof, she was brought in Not Guilty .

Reference Number: t16840903-44

Samuel Presby of St. Mary White-Chappel , Indicted for stealing a Silver Tankard, Val 5 l. 10 s. being the Goods of James Mild . The Proof was, he confessed the Fact, nor would he much deny the same in Court; therefore was found Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-45

Amye Scot of Covent-Garden , Indicted with one Katherine Bouser , for stealing one laced Cravat, Value 5 s. with other Goods from Luellin Jones who keeps a Publick House : they came in to drink, and stole the same out of a Pot where they stood in the Kitchin. It was proved she sold the Cravat, which was part of the Goods, to one who testified the same; and she was found guilty to the Value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-46

Margaret Dennet of St. Mary le Savoy , Indicted for Stealing two Yards and a half of black Silk Lace, Val 2 s. and other things of small Value , from Margaret Forgee , nothing was proved effectually against her, and so she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840903-47

Christopher Ludbrooke Indicted for stealing a Watch, Val. 21 l. being the Goods of John Clark , Esq ; but no Evidence come against him, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840903-48

George Jones Indicted for stealing a Chissel, Value 2 s. 6 d. but no Proof being thereof, was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840903-49

Katherine Nash Indicted for a Common Harlot, being the same Person that was found in Bed with Francis Harris Esq; at the Pewter Platter in Soper-lane the Night he died , was found Guilty .

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840903-50

William Hargate , Indicted for entertaining and receiving one Mary Williamson , alias Jones, alias Smith, who was formerly convicted of Felony , was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840903-51

John Sherland and Thomas Chamberlain being Indicted, and found guilty of some small Cheats , are Fined each 20 Nobles , and to stand each twice in the Pillory .

Reference Number: s16840903-1

The Tryals being over the Judgment of the Court upon the several Offenders were as followeth:

12 Received Sentence of Death: viz. Geo. Caskey , Fran. Pevanson, and Daniel Ballantine , for Murdering John Teagle, Watch-man: John Tue , for the Murdering of William Granves John Richardson , for Murder of his Wife: Christian Bromfeild , Eliz. Ratcliff , Mary Vosse , William Pierce , Tho Vickers, Jane Bourne , Ann Smith .

Fourteen Burnt in the Hand: viz. John Jones , John Davies, Will. Hide, Philip Adams , Will. Jones, Edward Long Mary Tredeech , Ann Merret , Gerrard Trent, Lewis Conneway Tho. Middleton , Orlando Bolston, Sam. Freshy .

Four to be Transported: viz Will. Temple, Will. Butler Edward Pain , Sam Freeman.

Six to be Whip'd: viz. Ann Bonner , Jane Herne , Jane Dickenson , Tho. Glarmister , Patrick Tusse , Amye Scot.

George Crusse , for Shooting Mr. Culliford, was Fined 500 Marks, and to stand in the Pillory at the Custom-house, Exchange, and Temple-bar, with an Inscription over him of the nature of his Crime; also to find Sureties for his Good Behaviour seven Years. Katherine Nash to be sent to Bridewel, and there remain till next Sessions; which will begin Wednesday the 8th. of October next. Three Prisoners were set by, and Judgment not given upon them.

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