Old Bailey Proceedings, 15th May 1684.
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AN ACCOUNT OF THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE King's Commissions Of the PEACE, And Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-delivery of Newgate, HELD FOR THE City of London, and County of Middlesex, AT Justice-Hall, IN THE OLD-BAYLY.

The 15th and 16th Days of May, 1684.

And in the 36th Year of His Majesties Reign.

THE Sessions of Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, being held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bayly, London, on Thursday and Friday, the 15th. and 16th. Days of May, 1684 before the Honourable Sir Henry Tulse , Knight, Lord Mayor of the City of London, Mr. Justice Wythens, Mr. Justice Levins, Mr. Baron Gregory, Sir Thomas Jenner , Knight, one of his Majesties Serjeants at Law, and Recorder of the said City, together with other Judges and Justices of the City of London, and County of Middlesex; the Prisoners Tryed before them, and Judgment given thereon, were as followeth:

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Sarah Stephens , Indicted for picking the Pocket of Lewis Gradue , a French-man, of eleven pieces of Gold, of the Coin of the Kingdom of France, each of the value of 17 s. English . It appeared, that she and another of her Companions, had pick'd up Monsieur as he was going to the Play-House, begging of him to make them drink; but soon after they got him into a Chamber, pick'd his Pocket, and run away from him; the Women and his Money being of a sudden all vanish'd, (as he called it.) But this Sarah Stephens alledging she only kindled a Fire for him, and left him Kissing the other Woman, and no Evidence being produced but himself, she was acquitted .

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Thomas Atkins , Indicted for Stealing eleven Razors, tip'd with Silver, out of the Shop of Richrd Plat , a Barber , living in Barbycane ; seven of which Razors were sold to one Dorothy Peacocke who kept a Brokers Shop: but no positive Proof being that he stole them, he was acquitted .

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Nicholas Polit , (or such Name) Indicted for Stealing 21 Ounces of Silver of the Goods of Peter Flawyer , pleaded Guilty .

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Frances Hutchinson Indicted for entising the Servant of Alexander Beby to imbesle or steal his Goods and selling them to her for a small Value , was thereof acquitted .

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John Blaney , and Ann Blaney his Wife , Indicted for stealing a pair of Flaxen Sheets, and other Goods , from William Riccabie . The said John Blaney was acquitted , but his Wife found Guilty to the Value of 10 d.

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Jonathan Ball Indicted for Perjury, by Swearing falsly in a Cause before the Barons of the Exchequer, at Westm. taking two Guineys in Earnest, and to have them made up forty Guineys if the Cause succeeded to their Mind ; which was sworn to be by him confess'd. He was thereof found guilty .

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Ann Burton Indicted for stealing some Gold Lace of the Goods of Alexander Mushee , was acquitted .

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Elizabeth Hall , Indicted for Stealing a Silk Crape-Gown, Value 18 s. a Petticoat, Value 8 s. a silk Hood, Value 4 s. 6 d. a Stomacher, a Girdle, and some other things , of the Goods of Mary Isacke : They were stol'n from her out of some Place in Southwark , but found upon the Prisoner as she was passing through Thames-street, London: Yet she alledged for her self, to have

bought them of a Broker in Houndsditch, and that one Gown might be like another. But two or three Swearing positively it was the Gown, &c. of Mary Isacke , the said Eliz. Hall was found Guilty of the Felony, and that the Goods were but of the value of 9 s.

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Mark Hambleton , the Quondam Servant of Mr. Dangerfield, Indicted for High-Treason, in Clipping the Currant-Coyn of this Kingdom, viz. twenty Pieces called King Charles the First Half-Crowns, and twenty other Pieces called King Charles the Second Half Crowns . The City-Marshal produced a Paper of Quick-silver, or such-like Trade, taken out of Mr. Hambleton's Trunk, with which, in a Quarter of an Hour, any Brass or Copper Piece might be made as bright and to look like Silver, and Experiment thereof being tryed in the Court, before the Jury: besides which, no other Evidence, except his buying of ten Guineys in Lumbard-street, and offering to pay for them with Money great part whereof was Clip'd. He owned himself to have formerly been Dangerfield's Servant, but produced several to witness his being the Son of an Honest Gentleman, and that they had never heard any Ill of the Prisoner. He was, in conclusion, acquitted .

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Mary Stanes Indicted, for that she being Great with Child, with a certain Male Infant, on the 14th. of April last, the said Male Infant by the Providence of God did bring forth alive: which said Male infant, by the Laws of this Kingdom being a Bastard-Child, in and upon the said Bastard-Child so alive, feloniously, malicitously, and of her Malice afore-thought; she did make an Assault, and the said Child between a Pair of Blankets did put, and thrust, with Intent to smother and strangle it, and that of the said Choaking, Smothering, and Strangling, the said Child instantly died . Upon the Evidence, it appeared, that she being sick, pretended to her Mistress to be troubled with the Wind-Cholick, or Gravel, and by that Pretence kept them without Suspicion; but before she recovered, it was found out she had been Delivered, and had put the Child in a Box: How be it, some of the Witnesses speaking very favourably of the said Mary Stanes , she was acquitted .

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Samuel Knightly , Indicted for the Murther of John Richardson , a Corporal of Foot in His Majesties Guards . Knightly is a Youth who keeps very ill Company, and being at a House together with other such Youths, they fell out one among another about a Cap taken off from one of their Heads; and the said Cap afterwards being taken from them, by Richardson; a Quarrel hapned, so that Knightly drew his Sword, and after several Passes killed Richardson. The Jury have found him guilty of Man-slaughter .

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Jane Owen , Indicted for Stealing a Silver Mustard-Pot, and three Silver Spoons ; of the Goods of William Hannuay : It appeared, that the said Jane Owen having lately gone in Mans Cloaths as a Youth to wait upon a Gentleman, she was as such entertained into the Service of Mr. William Hanuay , waiting upon him as his Boy untill she had gotten a new Suit of Cloaths, and then with the said Plate run away from him. She was found Guilty to the Value of nine Shillings .

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William Billingsley , Indicted for Stealing a Holland Sheet, a Dimity Wastcoat, two Holland Aprons, a Callicoe Apron, and other things , from Sarah Cocker , Widdow , was found Guilty to the value of 10 d. only .

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Edward Jackson , Indicted for High Treason committed the 6th. of June , the 33th. Year of the King, in Clipping the Currant Coin of this Kingdom, viz. twenty Pieces of Silver called Queen Elizabeths Shillings, twenty other Pieces of Silver called King Charles the First Shillings, and twenty other Pieces called King Charles the First Half Crowns . Upon the Tryal it did appear, That Mr. Jackson was a kind of a Merchant , and lived in very great Credit in Bow-lane , London: The Proof against the Prisoner was by one Nicheson, Thomas Martin , and others; the first of which deposed, That he had divers times seen Mr. Jackson Clip Money: A second likewise was positive in the same thing: A third deposed, That he had been imployed by Mr. Jackson to melt down Clippings. and particularly named one Day wherein they were to melt a great Quantity, but the Room being inconvenient, they could not finish it in one day; That Mr. Jackson took from him again the melted Silver, and Clippings unmelted; That some Days after they met in another place, and melted the rest. A Goldsmith who lives at Chelmesford was also produced, who bought a Parcel of melted Silver of Mr. Jackson to the value of Six Pounds, and after that another Parcel which came to Ten Pounds. A Goldsmith in Cheap-side, That he had bought about forty Ounces of melted Silver of him, which he refused to do at first, by reason he was a Stranger to him, and told him plainly, he suspected it to be Clippings; but that the Prisoner replyed, All your Neighbours know me; and immediately called to a Linnen Draper who gave him a very good Character. On the contrary, Jackson produced above twenty Witnesses, all or most of which spoke of his great Reputation, and of great Sums which they had received from time to time of him, upon account of several Matters of Merchandizing with him, and that in all those Payments they found very good Money. In conclusion, the Jury found him Guilty of the said High-Treason.

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Jane Crosse, (or Gosse ) Indicted for Murdering her Bastard-Child, by throwing it into a House of Easement, filled with Urine and other Excrements; which Child hapning to be found before quite Dead, was taken up, and lived 12 Dayes in a Languishing Condition ; but the Searchers, and other Women, declaring it to be their Opinion, the putting it into the House of Easement was not the cause of its Death, by reason it thrived very well four Dayes after, and that it at length Died of a Convulsion. the Prisoner alleadging that it fell into the said Place against

her Will, and that she endeavoured, but could not reach it up, she was therefore acquitted by the Jury.

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Edward Hubbart Indicted, for that one Ann Barker , a Girl of 12 Years old, was carrying a Box wherein was Sarsnet Hoods, gray Lace, and other Things, to the value of 24 s. through Lumbard street , in the Evening of the 27th of March ; he the said Hubbart snach'd the Box ; but running away, being hastily Pursued, drop'd it. He was found Guilty of the said Felony.

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Christian Tompson , and Elizabeth Townsend , Indicted for stealing 30 Yards of Mohair Silk , of Thomas Audley , in the Parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate ; part of the Silk was found upon them, or where they had drop'd it; but the Procecutor only Swearing it was very like his Silk, and could not be Positive, they were therefore Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840515-18

John Smith , Indicted for Stealing 53 s. in Money, from Edward Hynton : the manner thus; Mr. Hynton being to pay 15 Pound at the Roe-Buck in Fleet-street , as he was telling out his Money in the Shop, this John Smith coming by, clap'd his Hand upon the Money, and run away with a Handful; but Hynton Pursuing him immediately, he drop'd most part of the said Money, and soon after was Seised: He is found Guilty of the said Felony.

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Margaret Slath , Indicted for a Felony and Burglary Committed at the House of Seth Lamb , the Minister of Elin , in the County of Middlesex : The said Margaret Slath was his Maid-Servant , when four Men, in the Dead of the Night, broke in and Rifled his House, that he had found her to be so ill a Woman, he greatly Suspected she let in the said Thieves, or left the Door open for them; and the last Sessions he Indicted one that was her Sweet-Heart as concern'd in the said Burglary, who was then Acquitted ; as likewise was now the said Margaret Slath.

Reference Number: t16840515-20

John Gower , a Journey-man Coach-maker , Indicted for Murdering his Wife , it being the same Woman that on the 16th. of March last was found dead at Green-Berry Hill in the Parish of Hampsted , having been shot in at the back part of the Head with a Pistol Bullet . The Evidence against him was, first, That he led a very ill Life, having married another Woman; That his first Wife having been in the Country, he in the said Month of March sent for her up, caused her to lodge several Days at a House near Knights-Bridge; That about the Time she was Murdered he was known to go out with her, and that she was never more seen alive by any. It appear'd also, there was an old Grudge between them; for he upon the Discourse of sending for her, said, if they came together there would be Murder; that he offer'd 5 l. to one Young Fellow to prevail to lye with her, by which means he might have a Pretence for a Divorce. Many other very strong Circumstances were against him, and he himself making little or no Defence; Pretending, if his Tryal might be put off till the Morrow, he could produce more Witnesses: but he having had a considerable time to prove them, as being brought to Newgate before the last Sessions, it appeared to be only an Excuse. He was found Guilty of the said Felony and Murther.

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Francis Robinson , and William Fletcher , were Indicted for Stealing two Silver Tankards, on the 10th. of March last, valued at 14 l. being the Goods of Henry Boone a Cook , living behind the Royal Exchange, London. The said Boone made Oath, that he going from Home about 4 that Afternoon, left his Tanckards in the House, and returning at Six in the Even, found them gone; that either that Night, or soon after, two Men came to desire him to come into Salisbury-Court, to one William Fletcher , who would tell him what was become of his Tanckards; that going accordingly to the Swan in Salisbury-Court, he found Fletcher there, who told him that one Francis Robinson had Stole his Tanckards, and that he stod at the Door while Robinson fetched them from the Barr; that the Tanckards were Sold and Melted Down; that the next Day he having Shop'd some Women, this Robinson came to them, and did Privately ask him what the said Tankards were Worth, and offer'd to make satisfaction for them. The Prisoners both denied all they had formerly said to him; but there being other Concurring Evidence, they were both found Guilty of the said Felony.

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Ann Wood, alias Scot , Indicted for Stealing one pair of Holland Pillow-Beres, value 10 s. and one Silk Ribbon, value 3 s. of the Goods of John Yowle . It appeared that Ann Wood had been a Maid-Servant of John Yowle and his Wife, at the Castle and Falcon Inn without Aldersgate . Her Mistress alledged she had Missed several Things during the time of her Service, viz. Two Broad pieces of Gold, some Linnen, with the Pillow-Beres and Ribbon mentioned in the Indictment, and that she found the Ribbon in her Maids Trunk; with many other Aggravations; rendring the said Ann Wood to be a very Common Thief. But on the other Hand, Ann Wood in her Defence, Produced her former Master, who had Intrusted her with all his Goods; his wife Sickning and Dying whilest this Maid lived with him, that he never Lost or Missed any thing whilst she was with him. Several other Winesses speaking much of the Maids Honesty, and that Mrs. Yowle never Charged her as a Thief untill they went to Demand her Wages: And the said Mrs. Yowel discovring her Self to be a very Passionate angry Woman, even before the Court, the said Ann Wood was Acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840515-23

John Williams , Indicted by Vertue of an Inquisition, taken by John Smith , Gent. Coroner, upon the Body of Cap. Blackston , as Accessary, together with Edward Hubbard , and Charles Rowlinson, in the Murder of the said Cap. Blackston, on the 7th. of Aprill last, between 12 and one in the Morning, near the Back Back Temple-Gate, in White-Fryers : For Proof of which, were these Circumstances Following, viz. That the said Edward Hubbard , Charles Rowlinson , John Williams , Burbridge

Church, Mr. Blow, and some others, were that Night all Drinking at the George Tavern in White-Fryers; going from the said Tavern, a little after 12 a Clock; that they parted at the Doore. Hubbard, Rawlinson, and Williams, turning down the Fryers, and all the rest turned up, and went to Fleet-street; that immediately, Cap. Blackston was Killed, at the Back-Gate of the Temple: also it appeared, that Cap. Blackston, was then come from an Eating-House in Fleet-street; that he came through Salisbury-Court, and was to pass that way to his Lodging. A Gentleman of the Temple, whose Chamber is over the Gate, heard the Clashing of Swords, and the going away of two or three Persons, with other Circumstances, of Hubbard's confessing to a Chirurgeon, that he had wounded a Man in White-Fryers at the same time of Night; also the Sword of Williams being sworn to be bloody when taken from him; and the Body of Blackston, upon Inquisition, found to be wounded in three Places, and by several Swords: Hubbard and Rawlinson fled from Justice, &c. Albeit Mr. Williams was acquitted of the Murder, yet the Jury found him Guilty of Man-slaughter .

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Reference Number: t16840515-24

Charles Robinson Indicted for Killing George Bowes , Esquire , on the 21th. of April last . The said Mr. Robinson was a Lieutenant , and Mr. Bowes a Captain , who came lately from Tangier in the Ship called the English Tyger; and about a Fortnight after they came a Shore, hapned to Fight in the Street near St. James's (in the day time) and making several Passes at each other, both went off dangerously wounded; and some Spectators were of Opinion, Mr. Robinson had his Deaths Wound by his Staggering away; but those of Capt. Bowes proved only mortal, he dying thereof about three Days after. A very good Character was given in Court by Persons of Quality, of Mr. Robinson, and on the contrary, that Captain Bowes in his Life-time was generally quarrelsome, he was therefore acquitted as to the Indictment of Murther, but found Guilty of Man-slaughter .

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Reference Number: t16840515-25

Francis Robinson , herein before mentioned to be found Guilty of Stealing two Silver Tankards from Hen. Boone, was also Indicted for a Burglary, That he and two others coming to drink at the House of Elenor Price , Widdow , and being in a Room one pair of Stairs, took an opportunity to break open her Lodging Chamber, and take from them 120 l. in Money, besides Rings and other Goods of Value ; which they so concealed about them, that they went away unsuspected, bidding the Maid look after her Tankard, &c. He was found Guilty of the said Burglary, &c.

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Reference Number: t16840515-26

Joseph Measures Indicted for stealing two Campaign Coats, and other Goods , from George Freed , who had left him in trust with his House whilst he went to Sturbidge Fair; but at his Return, Measures was run away, and stol'n several Things from him: of which he was found Guilty .

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Reference Number: t16840515-27

John Smith, alias Ashburneham , a notorious Highway-man , whose Name hath been in a Proclamation and several Gazettes in order to his being Apprehended, was Indicted for the Murther of Andrew Page a Headborough . Upon the Tryal it appeared, The said Smith and other Highway-men having committed several Robberies on the Road near Stoke Newington, in July was a Twelve-month, and the said Page with Watchmen, and others, being in Pursuit of them, they shot at the Watch-men and kill'd the Hedborough in Execution of his Office. One of his own Gang, who pretends to be reformed, swore against him, and with other concurring Evidence was so plain, that he is found guilty of willful Murder.

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Reference Number: t16840515-28

Eliz. Hutton , Indicted for stealing a pair of Bodies, four Ounces of Silk, three Pound weight of Thread, and other things , from her Master Richard Hall : but the said Eliz. Hutton so defended her self, as that it was thought to be a mistaken Prosecution, and she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840515-29

Dorothy Peacocke Indicted for Stealing seven Razors tip'd with Silver , of the Goods of Richard Plat in Barbycane : but she made it appear, to have bought them fairly in her Shop, being a Broker s Shop. She was acquitted .

Reference Number: s16840515-1

Which Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment, as followeth:

Five received Sentence of Death, viz.

Edward Jackson , for the High Treason, to be drawn and hanged; John Gower for killing his Wife, Edward Hubbard , Francis Robinson , and John Smith , alias Ashburneham, to be Hanged.

Seven were burnt in the Hand, viz.

John Williams , Charles Robinson , Sam. Knightley, Nich. Polit (or such a name,) Joseph Measures , Eliz. Hall, Jane Owen .

Two to be Transported, viz.

John Smith , William Fletcher .

Two to be Whip'd, viz.

William Billingsley , and Ann Blaney .

One to stand in the Pillory, viz. Jonathan Hall.

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