Old Bailey Proceedings, 9th April 1684.
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AN ACCOUNT OF THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE King's Commissions Of the PEACE, And Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-delivery of Newgate, HELD FOR THE City of London, and County of Middlesex,

AT Justice-Hall, IN THE OLD-BAYLY.

The 9th 10th and 11th Days of April, 1684.

And in the 36th Year of His Majesties Reign.

THE Quarter-Sessions and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, being held at Justice-Hall in the Old Bayly, London, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 9th. 10th. and 11th. of April, 1684 before the Honourable Sir Henry Tulse , Knight, Lord Mayor of the City of London; Sir Thomas Jones , Knight, Lord Chief Justice of his Majesties Court of Common-Pleas; the Lord Chief Baron Montegue; Sir Thomas Jenner , Knight, one of his Majesties Serjeants at Law, and Recorder of the said City; together with other Judges and Justices of the City of London and County of Middlesex; the Prisoners tryed before them (and Judgment given thereon) were as followeth:

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James Wolden was Indicted, for that he, being a Souldier , (and not a Captain) having been retained into his Majesties Service, and receiving his Wages, after the same Retention and receiving of Wages, without leave of his Lieutenant (or other proper Officer to give him leave) did withdraw himself and depart from the said Service, viz. on the 30th. of October last, not returning untill the 25th. of January following ; when, he was taken and arrested for the said Felony. The Lieutenant, Ensign, and Serjeant, were Witnesses against him, that they Retained him at Dover in Kent, and duely paid him his Wages; that afterwards, the Company being commanded to Windsor, he from thence run away; and being for that first Offence before a Court Marshal, upon humble Submission, forgiven, but that he afterwards run away again, was a second time re-taken, and ordered to be left to the Common Law. The Jury found it Special, viz. That he had been so retained into his Majesties Service, received the King's Wages; that he had departed, as mentioned in the Indictment, and was afterward retaken in London: but left it to be determined by the Judges, whither an Act of Felony or not .

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William Charles , Indicted for stealing Goods to the Value of 3 l. 10 s. pleaded Guilty .

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John Warrington Indicted for stealing 11 pair of Leather Gloves, of the Goods of John Mead the Elder, to the value of 24 s. on the 22 March last: and being immediately pursued, the Evidence was plain against him, and he was found Guilty .

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Joseph Foster Indicted for stealing two Silk Alamode Hoods, one pair of Gloves, and other things , from Mary Cooth , but was acquitted .

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Elizabeth Deale Indicted for Clipping the currant Coin of this Kingdom , but was acquitted .

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John Den Indicted for stealing a silver Tankard from one James Payne ; and also a second time Indicted for stealing another silver Tankard from Benj. Pierce : he pleaded Guilty to them both.

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John Leneve Indicted for stealing Goods to the Value of 16 s. also pleaded Guilty .

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Joan Smith Indicted for stealing three Holland Sheets, 12 Handkerchiefs , and other Goods of Farambrass Styth , was acquitted .

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Mary Mounsan Indicted for stealing a Holland Sheet, a Laced Cravat, a Pair of Holland Sleeves, and other things of the Goods of John Lee , was acquitted .

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Elizabeth Volor Indicted for stealing out of the House of Thomas Foster , Gentleman , of the Parish of Queen-hithe , on the 13th. of March last, one Silver Bason, valued at 18 l. two Silver Plates, a Silver Tea pot, two Silver Tankards, two Silver Candle-sticks, one Silver Caudle Cup, eight Silver Spoons, six Silver Salts, six Silver Forks, one Silver Porringer, and some other Plate . The Evidence against her was, first Mrs. Foster, that on the said 13th. of March went from home between Four and Five a Clock in the Afternoon, and left the said plate in a Drawer in her Chamber up two Pair of Stairs: two or three of her Maid Servants and one Youth, all agreed that they took Elizabeth Volor upon the Stairs; and that searching further, they found the Plate removed, and brought into another Room, tyed up in an Apron, and did presume the Prisoner had so removed it, and was coming to see if the Passage was clear, to carry it off. But the Prisoner denying she was any higher than part of one Pair of Stairs that she went up thinking one Mr. Johnson had lodged there, and no positive Proof being further against her, she was acquitted .

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Jane Robinson, alias Vos , Indicted for stealing a Silver Tankard, and a Silver Caudle-Cup , from John Warren of St. Olives Silver-street in the Parish of Cripple-gate , on the 19th. of March last. The Witness against her was a good big Girl, who lived within two or three Doors, and see her go into Warren's House, and at her Return to bring away a Silver Tankard under her Scarf. The Witness was very positive against her, and she was found Guilty .

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Rebecka Basee (or Basen ) Indicted for stealing four Yards of Black-silk Bone-lace, from the Stall of one Daniel Anderson , as he was at his Market at the Bull and Mouth in St. Martins , on the 25th of March last; she being suspected, was followed out into the Street, brought back, and as she came up Stairs they alledge the Lace fell from her. But the Prisoner alledged she went to buy Lace, and when they took hold on her, thought they were come to call her back to buy at her Price; that she knew not how the Lace came upon the Stairs: she was, in Conclusion, brought in Not Guilty .

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Jeffery Knightly Indicted for stealing one Womans Mantua Gown, a silk pair of Stayes, and silk Petticoat, in all to the Value of 18 s. being the Goods of Sarah Anderson of St. Stephen Coleman-street , Spinster . It did appear, those Goods were left up in a Room two pair of Stairs; that Knightly was taken in the middle of the first pair of Stairs, and the Cloaths lying two Stairs above him, as if by him removed, and about to be carried away: but he was however acquitted because none could swear positively he did remove the said Goods.

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John Cooper , and John Bampfield , Indicted for a Felony and Burglary committed at the House of William Shuttle , and stealing from thence six Dowlas Shifts, a Dimity Wastcoat, several Holland Aprons, twelve Night-Handkerchiefs, one Pillowbere, two double Clouts, two Calico hoods, and other Goods to the value, in all, of 4 l. 12 s. Upon the Evidence, there was many Circumstances which gave great Suspicion of the Prisoners, and particularly their flying and running away from a House when the Warrant was brought to search. But no positive Proof being against them, or that any of the Goods were known to be in either of their Custody, they were therefore both acquitted .

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Susanna Saunders , a Girl about 12 or 13 Years old, Indicted for stealing an Alamode Hood, astriped Gause Hood, a spotted Hood, a pair of laced Ruffles, a Scarse, and other Things of the Goods of Sarah Flemming : likewise, she was a second Time Indicted, for stealing several Pair of Gloves, a Pair of Sleeves, and other Goods , from Katharine Payne : both which Felonies, were committed on the 24th. of March last; and being fully proved, she was thereof found guilty .

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Mary Corbet , Indicted; for that she, not weighing the Duty of her Allegiance, but being minded our Sovereign Lord, and his Liege People, falsly and feloniously to deceive and defraud, did, on the 2d. of February last, Make, Coin, and Counterfeit, twelve Pieces of Copper, Tinn, and other false Metals, into the Likeness and Similitude of the currant Coin of this Kingdom, called Queen Elizabeth's Shillings, and twelve other pieces of like counterfeit Metal, into the Likeness, &c. of Queen Elizabeth's Six-Pences : which Fact, was positively proved against her by two other Women; viz. That they had diverse times seen her make of the said counterfeit Money, by melting first a certain Quantiy of Pewter, Copper, and such like Metals, (as much at a time as weighed about a Pound weight) in an Earthen Porringer or such like Vessel, afterwards pouring the same, when hot, into Moulds of Wood, which fashioned it like the Shillings and Six-Pences before mentioned. The said Witnesses likewise confess d they had put off much of that counterfeit Money for her; and several Parcels of it was produced in Court: she was therefore, upon the said Evidence, found Guilty of Felony and High-Treason.

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Charles Tooley , Indicted for stealing a piece of Dowlas from off a Horse standing in St. Albans-street , of the Goods of Mr. Stringer of Westminster, was found Guilty .

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Thomas Wyatt , Indicted for stealing a piece of Woolen from the Tenters , being the Goods of Mr. King , a Cloath-worker : two Witnesses were produced that see him take it away, and to drop it when pursued. The Prisoner, for himself, denied he took any Clooth; and that 20 other People were at that time in those Fields, either of which might as well, in probability, take it: he was, however, found Guilty .

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William Clarke , and Thomas Tibbolds , of Thistleworth , Butcher s, were Indicted for stealing a Cow, coloured Red, price 6 l. being the Goods of Sir Orlando Gee , Knight . Upon the Tryal, the Servants of the said Knight witnessed that such a Cow was lost out of their Ground on the 6th. of March last, at night, and that some few days after they found the Skin of their Masters Cow upon William Gibbons a Tanner, which Gibbons alledged

he bought it of the said Thomas Tibbolds , one of the Prisoners, in Stanes Market. Two other Witnesses were produced, that see William Clarke and Tho. Tibbolds , kill and dress a Red Cow on the 7th. of March, the day after such a one was stoln, as aforesaid; and another Witness affirmed, that on the said 6th. of March he went with William Clarke to some Market; and in the way, as they passed through Sir Orlando Gee's Ground, a Red Cow being laid, Clark raised her up, and looking of her, they went forwards to their Market, and bought a Bull, with eight or ten Sheep; that the next day he see them kill a Red Cow, &c. The Prisoners themselves both denyed it. Clark said the Cow was drest, but he knew nothing of her being stolen. Tibbolds alledged he was going to Market to buy a Quarter of Beef, and Clark called him back, selling him half this Cow, saying be bought her at Hamersmith for 3 l. 15 s. and that if he could stay and help dress her, he should go shares: Tibbolds also confest the selling the Skin for Clark. In Conclusion, Clark was found Guilty , and Tibbolds Acquitted .

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Mary Corbet , a Maid Servant to a Person of Quality , was Indicted for Murdering her Bastard-Child, by smothering it between the Blankets after she was privately delivered, and then locking it up in a little Trunk . She confest the putting it in the Trunk, but pleaded it was dead-born, and that another Woman was in Bed with her when delivered: but that other Woman denying that she heard her cry out, or knew when she was delivered, the Prisoner all along denying to be with Child, though some presumption might be that it was a dead Child, yet her concealing the time of her Delivery, and when she had sent the Woman away, locking it up in the Trunck, which was sufficient to kill it, she was found Guilty of Murder.

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Reference Number: t16840409-21

Richard Enos , and Jane Norman , Indicted for Stealing a Silver Tankard from Ann Parker , living at St. Katherines Lane near Tower-Hill . It appeared, that Enos and another Man met this Jane Norman , and had her in to drink at Mrs. Parkers, Enos pretending to hire her for his House-keeper, and that he lived at Tatnam Court, having Tillage and Pasture-ground, &c. But after an Hour or two he and his Companion took an Opportunity to run away with the Tankard, and left her in the House. Enos was found Guilty , and Jane Norman Acquitted .

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Reference Number: t16840409-22

John Wheeler Indicted for stealing three Table Cloaths from Joseph Taylor on the 2d. of February last, Taylor being a Coach-man who brought Wheeler in his Coach from Hampstead to Grays-Inn Lane; and no other being therein but himself, he opened a Bundle, and privately carried away with him the said Table Cloaths: of which, he was found Guilty .

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Reference Number: t16840409-23

John Codde Indicted for stealing three Peticoats of the Goods of Robert Viccars of St. Botolphs Aldgate . Codde was a Lodger in Viccars's House, and pretended Vicarr's Wife gave him them to pawn. But the Evidence being otherwise, he was found Guilty .

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Mary Right , the Wife of Thomas Right , Indicted, for that she and her Husband, lodging at one John Dyton s, in the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , took their Opportunity and run away together, stealing from Dyton a Silk Gown, a Rug, a Pair of Blankets, and other things , on the 2d. of January last; but nothing appearing which of the two carried them away, and by reason she was in Company of her Husband it was adjudged that she could not properly be charged with the Theft, and she was therefore acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840409-25

Lawrence Axtel , a little Boy about ten Years old, Indicted for stealing a Silver Tankard from John Nichols , a Vintner , to whom he went for a Bottle of Wine, and whilst it was drawing, was so nimble to steal the Tankard out of a Closet. Also Elizabeth Axtel , his Mother, was Indicted, as accessary to the said Felony. A very bad Character was given of her by several Witnesses; but the Evidence not being clear against her, the Boy was found Guilty , and the Mother Acquitted .

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Thomas Rymand , was Indicted for a Felony and Burglary, committed at the House of Seth Lambe , the Minister of Etlin, near Brandford , on the 15th of October last. Upon which Tryal it appeared, that the said Mr. Lambe having been robbed by several Men to him unknown, who broke into his House in October last, in the dead of the Night, and rifled the same, carrying away to the Value of 40 l. putting him and his Family into great fear of their Lives; and he particularly suspecting a Maid-Servant, who then liv'd with him, to be accessary with the Robbers and that Thomas Rymond , a Servant to a Gentleman in that Parish, being his Maids Sweet heart, having often frequented his House in his Absence, might be one of the Men that Robbed him: He prosecuted him accordingly and himself made Oath, That he in his Conscience believed Rymond to be one who took him by the Throat, threatning his Life if he made a noise, and who afterwards rifled his Chest of Drawers, pretending he knew him by his Proportion, and Hair of his Head, &c. But Rymond producing several Witnesses, that whereas the said Robbery was committed about Midnight, he went to Bed at Nine a Clock, and lay till Six in the Morning, as being at that time very ill of a Bruise gotten in his Masters Service, the Keys being the same Night carried up to his Masters Chamber, and fetched down in the Morning; with many other Circumstances, which made it appear to be a mistaken Prosecution, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840409-27

John Andrews , of St. Andrews Holborn , Butcher , Indicted for Stealing two Papers containing fifteen Pair of Gloves out of the Shop of Ann Hutton in Gray's-Inn Lane : albeit positively sworn against him by the said Ann Hutton , and her Daughter; yet other credible Witnesses appearing for Andrews, and by their Testimony rendring it very possible, she might be mistaken; as also giving a good Character of the said Andrews, as to his Life and Conversation, he was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840409-28

Charles Close , Bernard Trevers , and Hugh Kelley , Indicted for Robbing the House of John Shuttleworth ,

an Inn-keeper at Wood-green in the Parish of Tatenham , and taking away in Plate and Money to the Value of 250 l. which they effected, by going first to drink, as if passing towards Hornsey, being habited as Gentlemen, the Inn-keeper making much of them, thinking he had gotten good Guests, and offering them to lye at his House; but assoon as it grew dark, Bernard Trevers lett in several others, who assisted them to bind the Family, and rob the House. Also, Mary Kelley was Indicted as accessary, for comforting, aiding, and harbouring them after the Robbery committed . Some of them were taken at Portsmouth, and part of the Plate found with them, also a Gold Ring found with Mary Kelley, she being the pretended Wife of Hugh Kelley Trevers was taken about Charing-Cross, and either was or went in the Habit of of a Granadeer The three Men confess'd, upon their Arraignment, that they were guilty of the Felony and Robbery, but not of Breaking the House: however, it being proved that Trevers unbolted a Back door to let the rest of his companions in, they were all three found Guilty of Felony and Burglary; but Mary Kelley is acquitted .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840409-29

Mary Baxter , Indicted, for that she, being a Nurse to a sick Person in the house of one Isabel Redhead of the Parish of St. Botolphs without Aldgate , did make Discovery to one Walter Gilman , and Ann his Wife, how they might rob the House; which House, was robbed of Gold and Silver, and other Goods to a great Value, as is believed, by the said Gilman and his Wife (they being fled) and alledged that Mary Baxter was accessory thereto, and refused to find them out, albeit she privately since frequented their Company . But the Evidence being very ill managed, no manner of Proof was against the said Baxter, and she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840409-30

John Francis Indicted for stealing a piece of Dowlas, containing many Ells, out of a Linnen Draper 's Shop in New Fish street : the Servant of the Draper seeing him snatch it out, and running away, made such quick Pursuit, that he dropt the Dowlas at the Door; and before he got out of the Street was taken. The Prisoner pretended he found it; but that appearing a common Excuse, he was found Guilty .

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Reference Number: t16840409-31

Edward Hubbard Indicted for Robbing Ann Barker of a Box, wherein was Hoods and Lace to the Value of about 3 l. by snatching them out of her Hand as he was going through Lumbard-street : he was, however, acquitted, the said Ann Barker not appearing against him , and great Suspicion is, that some Composition hath been made for the said Felony.

Reference Number: t16840409-32

Daniel Butterman Indicted, for that pretending himself a Drawer at the Horn Tavern in Fleet-street , he as such, went and fetched away a Trunk full of Cloaths, where a Maid Servant at that Tavern had left them; and cheated her thereof .

[Pillory. See summary.]

[Fine. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840409-33

Katharine Smith , known amongst the Pick-Pocket by the name of Yorkshire Kate, was Indicted for stealing Handkerchiefs and other linnen, of the Goods of Thomas Williams , and found Guilty of Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840409-34

Anthony Jacob Indicted for stealing an Iron Beam and a Peck Weight , from William Watson , a Baker ; but was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840409-35

Benjamin Gander, alias Gandee , Indicted, for that he, together with Bridget Sands , and Christopher Ladbery , robbed John Clerk , Esq ; of a Gold Watch, a Gold Seal, and 12 Shillings in Money. It appearing the said Bridget Sands had pick'd his Pocket, and conveyed the said Watch, &c. to Gandee , he was therefore found guilty of the said Robbery.

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840409-36

Robert Brewer Indicted for a Trespass, being a suspected Person, and having a Bunch of Pick-lock Keys found upon him, also been formerly burnt in the Hand , he was found Guilty of the Trespass.

[Fine. See summary.]

[Provide sureties for good behaviour. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840409-37

George Larkin having pleaded Guilty to an Indictment, for Printing a seditions Paper, called, Shall I, Shall I, No, No, is sentenced to pay a Fine of 20 l. stand in the Pillory , and find Sureties for his Good Behaviour a Twelve Month .

Reference Number: s16840409-1

Which Tryals being over the Court proceeded to give Judgment as followeth.

Eight received Sentence of Death, viz.

Mary Corbet , for the High Treason, to be burnt to Death. Mary Corbet , for the Murder, Jane Robinson , alias Vos, Charles Close , Bernard Trevers , Hugh Kelley , Katharine Smith, and Benjamin Gander , alias Gandee, to be hanged.

Seven were Burnt in the Hand, viz.

William Charles , John Leneeve , James Warrington , Charles Tooley , William Clarks , Thomas Wyat , and Thomas Hunt .

Six to be Transported, viz.

John Don , John Frances , Richard Enos , John Wheeler , John Codle , and Lawrence Axtel .

One to be Whipt: viz. Susanna Saunders .

Three of the Women which received Sentence pleaded their Bellies, viz. Jane Robinson , Mary Corbet sentenced for the Treason, and Katharine Smith; upon whom a Jury of Women being impanelled, they gave a Verdict, that Jane Robinson was quick with Child, but that the other two were not.

Reference Number: s16840409-1

George Larkin having pleaded Guilty to an Indictment, for Printing a seditions Paper, called, Shall I, Shall I, No, No, is sentenced to pay a Fine of 20 l. stand in the Pillory , and find Sureties for his Good Behaviour a Twelve Month .

Daniel Butterman is sentenced to stand in the Pillory, and to have a Blew Apron on, by which he caloured his Cheat, and pay a Fine of 5 Nobles .

Robert Brewer to pay a Fine of a hundred Marks, and find Sureties for his Good Behaviour.

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