Old Bailey Proceedings, 27th February 1684.
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And Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-delivery of Newgate, HELD FOR THE City of London, and County of Middlesex, AT Justice-Hall, IN THE OLD-BAYLY.

The 27th and 28th Days of February, 1683/4.

And in the 36th Year of His Majesties Reign.

THe Sessions of the Peace, Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-delivery of Newgate, being held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 27th and 28th of February, 1684. before the Honourable, Sir Henry Tulse , Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, the Lord Chief Baron Mountague, Sir Thomas Jenner , Kt. one of His Majesties Serjeants at Law, and Recorder of the said City, together with other Justices of the City of London and County of Middlesex, the Tryals of the several Prisoners were as followeth:

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Mary Williamson, alias Jones, alias Smith , Indicted for stealing from Henry Powney , a large silver Salt, valued at 20 l. a great silver Plate, value 20 l. silver Candle Cups, value 45 l. a silver Tankard, value 10 l. a silver Hamper, value 5 l. a silver Chain, and several other pieces of Plate, besides 44 l. in Moneys Numbred ; which Felony she effected by hiring her self as a servant to the said Mr. Powney, of St. Laurence Poultney , London; and living with him from Michaelmass last, till the 26th of October following; at which time, her Master and Mistris being gone some Journey out of Town, she broke open the Trunk or Chest where his Plate and Money were laid up, and robbing him thereof, fled; all which appearing by a full Evidence, as also that she was an old offender, and one who had formerly been convicted of the like Crimes, she was now found Guilty .

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Thomas Rolph , Indicted for stealing a sorrel Gelding, price 6 l. out of the Stable of William Hills , living at a Village in Kent, about 25 Miles from London; which Gelding the said Hills leaving in his said stable, on the 25th of Jan. last at Night, and when he arose in the Morning, finding it to be gone, immediately hasted to London, and it being a Market day in Smithfield, found the said Rolph leading his Gelding about the Market; The Prisoner made little defence, but said he took the Gelding to ride to London, with an intent to restore him; he was therefore found Guilty .

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John Cary, alias Carebust , Indicted for stealing a Box of black Lace, and other silk things, to a considerable value , which Box of Lace being left by Edward Johnson , a Country Laceman , at his Inn in Friday-street ; when he returned the next week, to go to his Lace Market, found the Lock of a

Trunk, wherein it was put, to be pickt, and the Lace gone, and this Cary having an acquaintance with the Hostler, had in that space been lodged in the Room where the Trunk stood, and when apprehended confest the Fact, but however afterwards denying it, was tryed, and found Guilty .

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John Stoakes , Indicted for picking the Pocket of Elizabeth Rosse , on the 11th of this instant February , of her Purse and 38 s. in Money , as she was passing near Pye-Corner , in London; his Hand was taken in her Pocket, yet he however violently snatcht it out, and run away with her Money, but upon a quick pursuit, seized, and committed, it appearing, that before he was carried to Newgate, some for him, offered 30 s. to compound the said Felony; he was upon a plain Evidence found Guilty .

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William Jones , Indicted, for that he and another person going into an Ale house, near Coleman-street , London, on the 7th of this Month, on pretence to drink, carried away a silver Tankard, value 5 l. of the Goods of Mrs. Jones : it did appear the other person run away with the Tankard, but Jones being of his company, was seized, and is found Guilty .

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Martha Hodskins , hiring her self to be Servant to one Sambroke in Black-Friers , after she had been there two or three days, viz. on the 2d day of this instant February , went privately away with a silver Porringer and two silver Spoons, which, upon search, were found either upon her, or where she had disposed them ; the Prisoner pleaded, that she was in great poverty, that her Husband lay in Prison, and she had three small Children, and that to relieve them, she had committed the said Fact. She was found guilty of Felony, to the value of Nine Shillings only .

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Gerrard Middleton , being a Youth , Indicted for breaking into the House of Edward Wales , of the Parish of St. Giles's Cripplegate , on the 30th of January last, and stealing away one laced Crevat, one silk Mantle, 15 Holland Sheets, 2 Damask Table-Cloaths, 3 Dozen of Napkins, one silver Salt, one Peruke, and diverse other things , part of which were found upon him, when apprehended: he was by the Jury brought in guilty of Felony and Burglary.

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Robert How , of St. Clements Danes , Gent. Indicted for killing Thomas Jones , on the 26th of January last; it appeared upon the Evidence, that they had been, with several others, drinking together all that day, and at night, parting with their Company at the Fountain-Tavern in the Strand , How and Jones going by themselves, they quarrelled, and drawing upon each other, Jones was wounded, of which he instantly died; but it also appearing, upon the Tryal, that Jones drew his Sword first, and gave some provocation, no premeditated malice being proved to have been against him by How, he was therefore found guilty of Man-slaughter only .

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Thomas Howell , a Hackney Coach-man , Indicted for the Murther of John Pantreer , a little Child , by rashly driving the near Wheels of his Coach over the said Childs Head , in the Street near Charing-Cross , on the 17th of January last: But the Coach-man pleading, that the occasion of his extravagant driving (for it was proved he was upon the full speed) was by striving with another, to get a Fare, which called, Coach: He was therefore acquitted as to the Murder, but found guilty of Manslaughter .

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Buzonne Symonds , of St. Martins in the fields , Gent. Indicted for Killing Mr. John Mead , on the 9th of this instant February , in St. James's Square , by giving him one mortal wound upon the right Pap, of which he languished, and languishing, dyed on the 22th day of the said Month: It appeared, that they also had been with other Company very hard drinking, that some whispering was between Symonds and Mead, when at the Tavern, and it being doubtful who gave the first provocation, Symonds alledging, that Mead, as they were going together, first drew, and swore he would kill him, if he did not draw and fight, and Mr. Symond producing several Witnesses, to prove Mead a quarrelsom person, in conclusion the Jury acquitted Symonds of the Indictment for Murder, but found him guilty of Manslaughter .

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Isaac Davis , Indicted for that he and two others, in discourse, on the 30th of December last, about one or two in the Morning, broke into the House of Mr. Marshfield , living near Knights-bridge , in Middlesex, and that the said Marshfield hearing a noise below in his House, came down in his Shirt, thinking it had been his Servants, was by these three Fellows cut and wounded, shooting off a Pistol at him, charged with Bullets, till that he calling out for help, his Son coming down stairs, they fled : The proof against the Prisoner was principally the leaving his Hat behind, which the Master of the House and his Son both had seen him wear, Davis having been their Servant formerly, also that the said Master of the House personally knew Davis, though in disguise; he was therefore found Guilty of Felony and Burglary.

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Alice Patteson, alias Kirk , Indicted for Clipping six Half Crowns of the lawful Coin of this Kingdom, called King Charles the First his Half-Crowns, diminishing each of the said Half-Crowns, to the value of 4 d. The most material Witness against her, was Mary Herne , living in the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , at whose House Patteson lodged, and her said Landlady seemed to have connived thereat, and to have acted for her, by procuring her broad Money, and changing it away again, after it was Clipt; their manner being to buy the broad Money for Guinea's, which they sold at 21 s. and 6 d. a piece, and afterwards, by changing their clipt Money for Guinea's, allowing 21 s. and 8 d. a piece for the Guinea's, the said Mary Herne confessing to have in that manner changed away great Sums; and also deposed, that she had seen her Clipping, Filing, and Diminishing Money; a Melting Pot, melted Silver, clipt Money, and other Evidences thereof being found in the House, she was therefore brought in Guilty Felony and High Treason.

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George Charlet , Indicted for breaking into the House of Edward Lee of Branford , in Middlesex, on the 2d of February instant, and stealing from thence Twelve Bushels of Mault , it appeared to have

been taken out of a Mault house in the Yard, and that the Door was not lockt, Charlet was therefore acquitted of the Burglary, but found Guilty of Felony .

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Robert Oliver , and Elizabeth Oliver his Wife , coming into the House of Thomas Morgan , in St. Margarets Westminster , on the 21th of January last, to drink, and whilst the Landlady was away, the said Elizabeth Oliver, carrying away a silver Cup, valued at 25 s. which Cup she sold for 16 s. to a Goldsmith in Drury-Lane; the said Elizabeth Oliver was found Guilty of Felony, to the value of 9 s. but her Husband was acquitted .

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John Burchenall , Indicted for stealing a Bridle, value 6 d. and a Saddle, value 8 s. from one Mr. Bell of Totenham , on the 18th of December last, and a Sadler in London produced where he had sold them; he was found Guilty .

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Charles Atlee , a little Boy , Indicted for stealing out of the Shop of Obadiah Bennet , in the Parish of Stepney , 28 s. and 11 d. on the 26th of January last: a Maid proved, she saw him run into the Shop, and that it was taken out of the Money-Box, but upon a quick pursuit, he was apprehended, and the Money taken out of his Pocket: He was found Guilty of the said Felony.

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Edward Harpum , and Ann his Wife , Indicted for high Treason, in Clipping and Diminishing the lawful Coin of this Kingdom, viz. 16 pieces of Money, called King Edward the Sixth's Shillings, and 12 pieces, called King Charles the First's Half Crowns, with certain Sheers, Files, and other Iron Instruments, cutting, clipping, or filling away Silver to the value of 2 d. from each of the said Shillings, and to the value of 4 d. from each of the said Half Crowns : To prove which, one Peter Brazier , a Prisoner in Chelmesford-Goal, brought from thence by Habeas Corpus, positively swore, That about the latter end of March last, he saw the said Harpum and his Wife Clip the pieces of Money mentioned in the Indictment, and that he had at other times also seen them Clip Money, melt the Clippings, &c. lodging in the same House, viz. at the Swan in White-Fryers . He further deposed, That he went with Edward Harpum to sell the said Clippings to a Goldsmith in Drury-lane, and that at other times he himself had carried such melted Silver to sell for them, to the same Goldsmith, at one time selling him sixteen Ounces, at 4 s. 6 d. or 4 s. 3 d. an Ounce.

The Goldsmith who bought it, being sent for, owned that Peter Brazier had two several times brought and sold him melted Silver, but denied that he ever saw either Harpum or his Wife, the Prisoners at the Bar.

Harpum for his defence, denied he ever had any other dealings with Brazier, than that lending him a Coat, which he never restored, Harpum threatned to Arrest him for it, and that he gave this Evidence in revenge, for threatning him; some Witnesses were also produced, who spoke to their Reputation; and in conclusion the Jury acquitted them.

Reference Number: t16840227-18

Elizabeth Stafford , Indicted for that she, on the 19th of this instant February , being delivered of a Bastard Male-Infant, the said Infant being alive, did throw it into a House of Easement, [filled with Urin: Excrements, and other filth,] whereby she said Bastard Infant was smothered and died, and she did thereby kill and murder her said Infant Bastard-Child, &c. But the Witnesses against her all agreed, that she had not gone above five Months of her time at the most, that the Child was not alive, and that she having the Small Pox, did by that illness Miscarry: The said Prisoner also produced one Stafford, who owned her to be his Wife, and that he had gotten the Child in Wedlock, and some other circumstances in her behalf, she was acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840227-19

William Rolston , Indicted for stealing a silver Cup, valued at 30 s. from one Henry Woolridge , living in Barbican , on the 27th instant February ; it being by him confest where he had pawned it, he was found Guilty .

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James Harding , Joan Nichols , William Savage , Mathias Watson , and Richard Bradshaw , Indicted for stealing Twenty Perukes, valued at 30 l. out of the Shop of William Massey , near the Royal Exchange ; The Evidence was as followeth, viz. Massey having a Shop under St. Bennet Finck Church, which he left and went from commonly at Six or Seven at Night, the same was broken open and robb'd, the Watchmen finding it open at Eleven at Night; it also appeared, that this Massey having sometime before Christmass turned away a Boy, whom he found to be an ill Servant; Savage, Bradshaw, and Watt, meeting his said Boy in Fleet street, and inquiring of him, to direct them where they might rob a Shop, he bargained for Half a Crown in hand, to be made up 10 s. after the Robbery, to help and direct them to his late Masters shop: Mr. Massey's Shop was accordingly broken up and robb'd; Joan Nicholas taken with some of the Perukes about her going to sell them, who when seized, made discovery where to apprehend the rest. The Jury brought in James Harding and Joan Nichols Guilty , but acquitted William Savage , Richard Bradshaw , and Mathias Watson .

[Harding: Transportation. See summary.]

[Nichols: Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840227-21

Simon Parry , Esq ; Indicted for killing William Wimes ; the Evidence was to the effect following; Mr. Parry, on the 20th of this instant February , dined with two or three other Gentlemen at the Bull-head Tavern in Holborn ; it also hapned that at the same time, in another Room, was one Capt. Bushfield a drinking, who had been watched in thither by some Bailiffs or Marshals men, that were imployed to Arrest him; to effect which, two of the Bailiffs Followers went into the same Tavern to drink a Pint of Wine, and soon after John Brown and William Wimes , two other belonging to the said Officers went in also, and Wimes, through mistake, runs into the Room where Mr. Parry and his Friends dined, and rudely seizing upon Mr. Parry, instead of Bushfield, and offering some kind of violence to him, Wimes hapned to be kill'd by Parry's Sword, some of the Witnesses affirmed, Mr. Parry did draw it and pass at Wimes, and others thought he might get his death in the scuffle, by the Sword being out; in conclusion, the Jury brought it in Manslaughter .

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Thomas Bridges , Gent. and Bridget his Wife , Indicted for killing Richard Young , a Hackney Coachman , on the 15th of December last, in Parkers-lane, in the Parish of St. Giles's in the Fields ; the quarrel hapning upon the Coachman's refusing to drive them to the place they desired, and pulling the Gentlewoman out of the Coach in a dirty place, when they desired him to go but two or three doors further: it did appear the Coachman offered them very great provocation, and a very good Testimony was given by several worthy Gentlemen, that Mr. Bridges had been always accounted a very civil Man, the said Mr. Bridges was therefore found Guilty of Man slaughter , and his Wife acquitted , she only being Indicted as an Accessary.

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Reference Number: t16840227-23

Robert Barbados , Indicted for that on the 24th of January last, meeting Katherine Guilford in the Fields, and she asking him the way to Shore-ditch, he, under pretence of going to show her the way, led her the furthest way, and when they were come in a hollow way, from the sight of Passengers, he threw her down, and bid her deliver her Money, swearing and threatning he would rip her up, if she would not be quiet, and did cut and otherwise misuse her, robbing her of Four Shillings, or Four and Six-pence ; the said Katherine Guilford swore positively, he was the person that robb'd her, and that it was done about Seven of the Clock in the Evening; of which Felony and Robbery the Jury found him Guilty .

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Reference Number: t16840227-24

Edward Conyers , and Jane his Wife , Indicted for Clipping and otherwise diminishing the Current Coin of this Kingdom , which came to be discovered by the Daughter of Edward Conyers , who bringing two Clipt Shillings, with which her Mother had sent her to buy Bread and other Commodities, and being seized, she confest that her Father used to Clip Money; that they had Sheers, Files, Melting-Pots, and other such like Instruments: a Warrant being therefore to search, they found the said Implements in Conyers Lodgings, as also Clipt Money and Clippings; the Jury have found them both Guilty of Felony and High Treason.

[Edward: Death. See summary.]

[Jane: Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840227-25

Michael Parum , and Jane Baker , Indicted for a Felony , Burglary, and Robbery, committed at the House of Seth Lamb , the Vicar of Ely in Old Brantford ; no positive proof being against them, they were acquitted .

Reference Number: t16840227-26

William Loggins , and Nathaniel Sunderland , Indicted for stealing a Down bed and Boulster, a Clock, two Plates, Fire-shovel and pair of Tongs, of the Goods of Tho. Wise , out of the House of one Cardell , in the Strand , they were found Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840227-27

Mary Izard , and Robert Thomas , Indicted; the former for stealing two Cloth Coat, two pair of Cloth Breeches, three silver Spoons, some Moneys, and other things , from her Master , William Scott ; the latter for receiving, harbouring and comforting her therein ; the Jury found Mary Izard Guilty , but acquitted Robert Thomas .

Reference Number: t16840227-28

Mary Defoe , the Aunt of Mary Williamson , (mentioned at the beginning of this Paper to be Convicted) was Indicted as Accessory to her the said Williamson, in the Robbery of Mr. Powney , of Plate and Money, to the value of 300 l. and the said Mary Defoe was found Guilty .

[Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Reference Number: t16840227-29

Alice Cranfield , Indicted for stealing a Hundred and one Yards of Cloth out of the Shop of Peter Ware , living near Gray's-Inn in Holborn , in the Evening, when his Servant was shutting the Shop; it was fully proved against her, and she was found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

Reference Number: s16840227-1

Which Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgement as followeth.

Twelve received Sentence of Death, viz.

Edward Conyers , that he be Drawn upon a Hurdle to the place of Execution, and there hang'd by the Neck till he be dead.

Mary Patteson , and Jane Conyers , that they shall be carried to the place of Execution, and there burnt to death; Mary Williamson , alias Jones, Thomas Rolph , George Sickts , Gerrard Middleton, Joan Nicholas , Isaac Davis , Robert Barbados , Mary Defoe , and Alice Cranfield , all to be hanged. Amongst which Condemned persons, Mary Williamson , alias Jones, Joan Nichols , and Mary Defoe , pleaded their Bellies, and that they were quick with Child; a Jury of Women being thereupon sworn, to inquire thereinto, they found the two latter to be quick with Child, but not the former of the three.

Ten Burnt in the Hand, viz.

William Jones , William Rolson , Robert How , Thomas Howell , Buzoune Symonds, Martha Hodskins , Simon Parry , Thomas Bridges , William Logins , and Mary Oliver ; Five of which Ten were for Manslaughter.

Five to be Transported:

John Carehust , James Harding , George Charlet , Charles Atlee , and Nathaniel Sunderland .

One to be Whipt:

John Burchenall .

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