Old Bailey Proceedings, 24th May 1683.
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THE TRUE NARRATIVE OF THE PROCEEDINGS AT The Sessions House IN THE OLD BAYLY which began on Thursday the 24th of this Instant May and ended on Thursday the 24th following;

Giving an Account of most of the Remarkable Trials there, viz. For Murder Fellonies and Burglaries, &c. with a particular Relation of their Names and the places of their commiting their Facts, and the number of those Condemned to die, Burn'd in the Hand, Transported and to be whipt.

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THE Proceedings at the Sessions of Oyer and Terminer, holden at the Sessions-House in the Old-Baly for the City of London and County of Midlesex, which began on the 24th of May, and ended the same of the same Instant were these Peter Anderson , was try'd upon two Indictments, for Robing Samuel Blackburn , and Samuel Newton , on the High-way the 16th of April last, near Bow , the Circumstances appearing thus. Viz. the Prosecutor traviling late, were in a lonely place, set upon by the Prisoner, & three more of his accomplices, who carryed them into a Field adjoyning to the Road, and there riffled them, taking from the former, a Coat, a Sword, and a pair of Frienged Gloves, and from the latter his Coat, Sword, Belt, Rings, Buckles, and twelve Shillings in Mony . This being sworn, the Prisoner utterly deny'd the Fact, saying that he was at home in Bed at that time the robery was said to be done, but

not being able to prove it, not give any good account for himself, he was found Guilty upon both Indictments.

[Death. See summary.]

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John Edgerly was tryed for killing William Stephenson , on the 12th of May , in the Parish of St. Paul, Shadwell , the manner thus, the deceased having a Pistol loaden in his hand; and being about to deliver it to the Prisoner, er'e he well had it in his hand, the Cock at half bent went down, and the Pistol thereupon going off, the Bullet struck the deceased on the Head, of which wound the next day he died, but no malice nor any colour of intention in the Prisoner to discharge the Pistol, the Jury found it Chance Medlie .

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Christopher Gage , was tryed for stealing four Leaden half-hundred weights from Edward Porril in little Alhollows on the 20th of April last who upon his Examination confessed the stealing of three of them, and that he sold them to a Puterer near Temple-Bar, whereupon he was found Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

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John Buttler , was tryed for stealing a Beaver-Hat, a Sword, and Belt, &c. from John Smart , in the Parish of Alhollows Barkin , on the 4th. of this Instant May the Sword and Belt he confessed to have taken, but withal aledged that he was drunk and took them with no ill design the Fellony being apparent he was found Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

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Henry Castelport , and Thomas Williamson , were tryed for stealing a Coat from an unknown person , they being prosecuted by a Broker, where they offered it to Sale, but they bought it, and no Evidence appearing that it was stole, they were acquitted

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Mary Philips , was Indicted and Tryed as Accessary to a Fellony committed by John Parkeson . Viz. the latter having stolen a Sute of Cloaths, a Campaign Coat, Linen and other things of vallue from one Mr. Wood , sold the same or diuers of them to the Prisoner at under rates, which goods so sold were afterwards upon search, found in the Prisoners house , hid amongst several rags and were at first denyed by her, whichbred a suspition, she came not honestly by them, yet she pleading that she bought them, not knowing they were stole and endeavoured to apprehend the party she bought them off, bring several to testifie that she did not use to purchase stolen goods, she was found not Guilty .

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Isabel Barker , was Indicted, for that she did convert her dwelling house in Morc-Lane into a common Baudy house, suffering Lude Licentious people to commit carnal wickedness in a debauched way to which she pleaded not Guilty, whereupon the Evidence against her were produced, amongst which was a Woman that gave Evidence that she caught her husband there with a lude woman just coming out of the bed from her, and that afterward the Prisoner took a Chamber in a private place, to prevent discovery, and much to the same Effect swore to which she pleaded that she new no other than that they were man and wife, and that as to the Chamber taken in a distant

place it was at request of the woman that had been nought with the womans husband to prevent his finding her out, she also brought several to testifie her life and conversation, that she used honest industry for her living, and it being the opinion of the Court that one Act if it had been with her consent, did not render her liable to to the Statute, made for the prevention of such lude Courses, but that she must keep a common baudy house, to entetain all comers and goers so that in the end she was acquitted , upon giving suretys for her good behaviour for the futer .

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William Hodson , of the Parish of St. Botolphs Bishops-gate , and Mary his wife were indicted for recusants for that they being above the Age of 16 years, had not by the space one Month repaired to their Parish Church, or to any other Church or Chaple, or heard Divine Service according to the form of the Church of England , and they not appearing Proclamation was made that if by the next Goal delivery they rendered not up their body to the Sheriffs of London, their Lands, Goods, and Chatles, should be seized to the behoof of the King as the Statute in that has provided.

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William Tindal was Tryed for killing Thomas Miller near to the Muse on the 14 of this instant May the manner thus the deceased haveing information given that Mr. Tindal had Spoak scurilous words of him he resolued to take Satisfation for the abuse and thereupon on the day aforesaid Contrary to the perswasions of his friends he went with a stick and sword to find him which at last he did, and bid him draw, yet here fused and with his stick defended himself. still retiring till in the end finding himself hard pressed and his Life in danger he drew and stood upon his gard so that after some passes the deceased receiued a wound under the left pap the depth of 4 Inches of which with in an houer space he died but no mallice appearing on the part of the prisoner and that what he did he was forced to for the preservation of his one Life the Jury returned their verdict see defendendo .

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Susanna Morgan was tryed for Robing the the house of Charles Butler of St. Giles in the filds with whom she lived in the nature of a servaut on the 4. Of this instant, taking away serveral rings aprons stockings scarfs hods Linnen &c : part of which was upon tryal proved to be found in Custodie she did not deny but she had them yet alledged that she stole them not but they were delivered to her by a nurst that kept the wife of the prosecutor but the Evidence being plain upon her she was was found Guilty of a pety Larcenary ,

[Whipping. See summary.]

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James Willson was Tryed upon an indictmet, for stealing a Cloak at Hampsted on the 13 instant from Philp Frond Esp. which upon inquiry was found where he had disposed of it and he not greatly denying the fact was found Guilty ,

[Whipping. See summary.]

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Charles Stockery and Sarah Carter were Tryed for stealing a sheet valued at 5. shillings out of the house of Elizabat Shipton of Clarkenwell on the 14th of May instant but there being no posstiue proof .

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Sarah Stephens was Tryed for picking the Pocket of Nathaniel Berry in the parish of St. Brides the manner thus the prosecuter finding the prisones standing at a dore she desired him to walk in which he did and called for drink after which being abovt to pay his recning found his mony gon but she soon after being apprehhended and now brought up on her Tryal he could not swere positiuely she was the woman whereupon she was aquitted .

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Samuel Lamber , who was condemned the last Sessions for Horse-stealing, and till this time repreived, ordered to be Execu- upon his former Sentence , for that he attempted to break Goal
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There were several presentments made against dissenting Ministers, and other dissenter.

At this Session Peter Anderson Received Sentence of Death, for Robing upon the High-way. And one

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Samuel Lamber , who was condemned the last Sessions for Horse-stealing, and till this time repreived, ordered to be Execu- upon his former Sentence , for that he attempted to break Goal.

Christopher Gage , was burnt in the hand John Buttler , ordered to be Transported James Willson , and Susanah Morgan sentenced to be whiped, and so ended the Sessions.

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