Old Bailey Proceedings, 23rd February 1683.
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THE TRUE NARRATIVE OF THE PROCEEDINGS AT The Sessions House IN THE OLD BAYLY which began on Fryday the 23th of this Instant February and ended on Saturday the 24th following.

Giving an Account of most of the Remarkable Trials there, viz. For Murder Fellonies and Burglaries, &c. with a particular Relation of their Names, and the places of their commiting their Facts, with the number of those Condemed to die, Burn'd in the Hand, Transported and to be whipt.

AT the Sessions of Oyer and Terminer that began at the Old-Baly, on Friday the 23 of February and ended the 24 of the same Instant. The proceedings were these.

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William Whithead , was Indicted for stealing a Gelding valued five pounds , from Richard Trendal of St. Mary Magdelen Bermonsy the Circumstances were these, the Prisoner taking his oportunity entur'd into the prosecuters stable on the second Instant, and finding the Gelding sadled slipped a Bridle upon him and rid away, but the Friday following was apprehended with the said Gelding at the Hernes Inn in West-Smithfield, which he had then sold and received one Shilling in part of payment, and to this accusation being upon his Tryal, demanded what he could say in his own defence he confessed the fact only desiring that his sentence might be Transportation.

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John Bigs , was Indicted for Killing one John Benning in an Alehouse in St. Brides Parish ; on the 6th of December , which in Circumstance appeared thus, the Prisoner coming in, the deceased asked for a Cake he promised him, which he refusing to give, words arose; and the Prisoner struck a paper of Tobacco out of the said deceased's hands, whereupon he slung a Coal at him, which still Augmenting the quarrel; at last the Prisoner threw the deceased down, and struck him twice with a stick, which he upon his death-bed alledged to be the cause of his death: but there having been a Law-suit between them, and some offers of Agreement proposed by the Friend of the deceased, and further, it appearing that he was an infirm man, Bigs was acquitted .

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John Williams , was Indicted and took his Tryal for that He, on the 27th of January last, came into the Shop of one John Neal a Puterer near Aldgate, and took thence, in the servants absence, 29 Peuter-plates unfinished , but upon attempting to sell them, was apprehended, he at first pleaded innocence; but the fact being plainly proved as to his having them, and he no ways able to prove how he came by them he acknowledged the Fellony and was thereupon found Guilty .

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Ann Slater was Tryed for Robing Amy Sarjeant of St. Bartholomews the Great , which uPon Evidence appeared thus, the Prisoner lived with the Prosecuter in the nature of a Servant for several Months, when missing a Crape-Gown, a piece of Ribon, pieces of Stuff, and the like; She began to suspect her; and getting her Keys, upon the opening her Trunk; found the goods there, but the Prisoner pleaded that they were layed there by some person on purpose to defame her, and that she knew nothing of their being there, yet the Evidence being possitive against her, her Allegations availed not; but the Jury was so favourable to find her Guilty to the value of nine Shillings and Eleven-pence only .

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John Bennet , was Tryed for picking a young womans pocket near Criple-gate on the 14th of this Instant, of a Box and fourteen pence in mony , but the Court taking pity of his youth, gave such directions to the Jury that he was found Guilty within the Statute of Pettelarcenary, viz. under twelve pence .

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George Whitnie , was Tryed for stealing thirty yards of Baiys on the 24th of January last, from one Joseph Gibals , of St. Dunstan's in the West , which according to Evidence was sugested thus; the Prisoner drinking in the Prosecuters house watched his opportunity to take away the Bays and make his escape, but there being no Bays found, and for as much as none saw him take them he was acquitted .

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Ann Howel , was Tryed for Robing one Mr. Mountacut , the manner as in appeared upon Evidence thus, the Prisoner living with one Mr. Tisler where the prosecuter lodged, having opportunity to go into the Chamber found means to open the Closet, and in his absence took out money , which he computed in all to the value of twelve pounds but at last being detected; and the like sum of mony found in her Trunk, she pleaded she earn'd it part in service, and that another part was left her by her mother, but amongst the rest were found one Remarkable Sixpence and a Bag which the Prosecuter swore to be his, so that the Jury only found her Guilty to the value of ten pounds.

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Mr. Christopher Billip , was Tryed for being aiding and abetting to Mr. Leshly in Killing Mr. Glower in Convent-Garden on the 6th day of

September last, against whom it was sworn, that he did put a Sword into Leshly's hand, and endeavoured to hinder his being apprehended, and that he was walking in the Garden before the duel began. As to first he pleaded that being struck by those that came in to apprehend Mr. Leshly, and in a maze Mr. Leshly took his Sword from his side, and that he only went to save him from being Knockt on the head as to the second he brought several to prove that he just came from home as the duel happened and had not been there the day before, and farther alledged that he had not any acquaintance witheither of the parties, and Consequently could have no Malice against the party deceased, so that upon leaving the whole Evidence on either side, the Jury brought him in not Guilty .

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Margaret Benson , and Joseph Axly , were Tryed for the Murther of a Bastard-Child found in the custody of the former locked up in a Box the 16th of this Instant of which as it appeared upon Evidence, she had been delivered some days before, her plea was that it was still-born, and to avoid the Penalty of the Act of the 13 of King James, alledged that she was Married, and that Axly was her Husband, which he likewise owned, and brought a Fellow to witness they were Married an Tavern, so, that by that means they were both acquitted .

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Joshua Bowes , was Indicted upon the Libel not long since brought to Mr. Dubots by a then unknown hand much reflecting upon the Government, tending to Sedition and Tumult which upon the reading the Indictment and offer of Proof, he confessed and was thereupon found Guilty ,

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William Peten , and one Taylor , were Tryed for stealing of Chamblet and Tapestrie-Hangings to a considerable value , some of which Hangings were proved to be found upon the search, in Petens House, but he pleaded they were left there by one Knowles, under pretence of being his brothers, and that he neither bought them, lent money ou them, nor knew they were stole, as for the other there was not witness against him; only a Suspition, by reason of his being taken in Pittens House, so that in Fine they were both acquitted .

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James Martine , was Tryed for stealing a Horse of five pound price , on the 26th of this Instant, from one Daniel Smith of Ware , which was afterwards sold by him to a person in London, and by him to others, so that upon discoverie that the Horse was stole, the buyers Prosecuted and he not being able to deny the Fellony, was found Guilty .

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Thomas Harsnet , was Tryed for stealing 29 Yards of Grey-Cloath, out of a Shop in Long-Lane , which being proved to be found in his custody, and he not able to give any satisfactory account how he came by it, he was convicted of the Fellony.

[Branding. See summary.]

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Thomas Tanner , was Tryed for stealing a Silver Tankard , but there being no proof against him, only he was in the Company of two persons who were drinking before he came in, and to balance it, being proved that the Tankard was standing upon the Table when he left the Company, and after he was gone, so that all Circumstances waighedhe was acquitted .

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Robert Warder , was Indicted together with one Bucannan, for the Murthering of John Sexton in Grayes-Inn Lane on the Eleventh of this Instant February but the latter not appearing, the Circumstances that attended the Tryal of the former, were these, Sexton being abroad

on the Evening of the day aforesaid; about a quarter past Eight, met four men, one of which struck him over the head with his Stick, upon which offering to defend himself and asking what was the reason of such an abuse; another of the Company steped in and ran him through, of which wound he died in a few hours, and the suspition had of the Prisoner, was grounded upon this reason; that a little before the Murther; he was observed to be at a dishonest house, with three hectoring Blades, and that upon the death of Soxton they were all absented; but there being only, presumption Evidence, and no possitive proof he was acquitted .

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Ann Archer a French-woman, was Tryed for stealing a Pearl-Necklaces 12 silver-spoons and other pieces of plate, to a considerable value ; part of which goods being found in her custody; and she not well denying the rest, she was found Guilty .

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William Thomas , and Edward Arthur , were Tryed for Robing John Almtac of St. Dunstan's in the East , taking out of a Cart in the Night-time, suger, stuffs, and parchments, to the value of ten pound , which was found in the custody of Edward Arthur, upon proof, of which he was committed and the other acquitted .

[Transportation. See summary.]

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Robert Quarles , was Tryed for Robing a house in S. Martains in the Fields , and taking thence, 5 Yards of Fustain, 2 Yards and a half of Cloath and other things of considerable value , which being proved against him he was found Gulty .

[Branding. See summary.]

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Henry Haris , was Tryed for breaking open Edward Sharp s house near Bishops-gate, on the 24th of January last, taking thence Coats, Table, and Bed Linnen Peuter Dishes stocking and the like, to the value of ten pounds and afterwards attemping a second Robery, was apprehended, and part of the goods found to be dropped by him, upon proof of which he was found Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

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Robert Norman , and Daniel Fry , were Tryed and found Guilty for stealing a scarfe, linnen and other goods to the value of thirty pounds .

[Transportation. See summary.]

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Joseph Lawson , was brought to the Bar upon the account of the Riot of Apprentices in Cheap side , but none appearing against him. he was discharged .

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This Sessions three persons received Sentence of Death, Viz. William Witehead, James Martine , and Ann Atcher : Six burnt in the hand, Viz. Robert Quarless, John Haris, John Williams , Thomas Harsot, Ann Slaughter , &c. seven to be Transported, Viz, William Bigs , William Williams , Daniel Fry , Robert Norman , Henry Haris , Edward Arthur , &c and two to be whipt, Viz. John Bennet, and Ann Howel , and thus the Sessions ended

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