Old Bailey Proceedings, 6th December 1682.
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Which began on Wednesday the 6. of this Instant December, and ended the 8. following.

Giving an Account of most of the Remarkable Tryals there, viz. For Murthers, Fellonies, Burglaries, &c. With a particular Relation of their Names, and the Places where the several Facts were Committed, with the Number of those Condemned to Dye, Burnt in the Hand, and to be Whipt.

Decemb. 6. 1682.

THis day the Sessions of Oyer and Terminer, began for the City of London and County of Middlesex, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, where after Proclamation made, the Jurys were called over, and 24 Sworn, to Try the issues between the King and the Prisoners, viz. Twelve for London and Twelve for Middlesex, after which, the Court proceeded to Tryals as followth.

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William Trumper and Edward Dicks , were found Guilty of breaking open the House of Robert Bodington , Merchant , and taking from thence a Bil of silk to the Value of 100 pounds .

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Thomas Friend , brought from the Marshelsea in Southwark, was Convicted of Stealing a Silver Tankard .

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John Price was Cast for a Silver Tankard which he Stole from Thomas Price , of six pound Value , and another from Captain Love , of the Value of five pound .

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Samuel Dossey was Indicted for Felloniously Stealing out of his Master s Trunck a considerable Sum in Gold and Silver, with Gold-Rings, &c. of which he was Convicted .

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George Robinson was Convicted of four Trespasses, for Counterfeiting four several Bills in October last, directed to Mr. Minga, to which he Counterfeited the Hands of Mr. Marmion, Mr. Beaumont, Mr. Ditton, and Mr. Wyat; the first for the Sum of 100 l. the second for 70 l. the third for 75 l. and the last for 50 l.

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John Bates was by his own Confession Convicted of Stealing a Silver Tankard from Thomas Mariot , John Cotten being in Company with the said Bates when he Stole the Tankard, pleaded Ignorance, stood his Tryal, and was acquitted .

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Ten Apprentice s were Indicted for a Ryot committed in the City of London , viz. Thomas Page , George Dicks , John Brown , Francis Peirce , Gamaliel Webb , Thomas Fisher , Thomas Langham , Joseph Tenant , Thomas Turner , George Hickman , whereof the three last were acquitted , Thomas Langham was Indicted for an Assault also upon the Body of William Spencer , as the said William Spencer was peaceably passing the Street, near St. Mary Woolchurch , but Evidence being given in Court that the said Lungham was not with the Rabble, but within Doors, the Jury brought in their Verdict that he was acquitted of the Ryot, but not of the Assault .

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Sarah Brown, alias Bowen was Convicted of Stealing a Silver Tankard from Mr. William Norris , to the Value of 8 l.

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James Lashly Esquire , being brought the 6th. Instant from the Gate-House at Westminster, was found Guilty of Murthering Mr. Glover in Covent-Garden .

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These Highway-Men following were brought the 2 d. Instant by Habeas-Corpus from Salisbury, viz, Richard Brown , Thomas Harris, alias Paggit , John Foster, alias Page, alias King , Henry Layfield , and John Davis , were found Guilty of Robbing Andrew Meal and Samuel Doughty of a Horse and several Goods , and upon another Indictment Convicted of Robbing Mr. Tibber of a Sorrel Horse in Marlborough Thicket .

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These following Foot Padds John Hutchings , Joseph Redwell, alias Kedwell , Henry Paffet , Richard Kent , Thomas Williams , were all

brought from Chelmsford Goal in Essex, the 4th Instant and Convict for Robbing William Johnson and his Wife of a Steel-Box a Hankerchief and five pound in Money, between Mile end and Bow , as they were going to Rumford.

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Abraham Casteel . Richard Kent , Robert Mason and Thomas Williams , were Convict of Breaking the House of Elizabeth Morten Widdow at Newington Green , upon the 10th of October last, and Stealing several Goods of a considerable Value .

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Robert Mason was found Guilty of three Fellonys more, viz. for Robbing John Ady , Daniel Sitherdel , and Robert Skempton .

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Dorothy Cotterel , was found Guilty of Stealing a Silver Cup, and an Aggat hafted Knife value 8 shillings from John Hale the 17th of September last.

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Arthur Pembrook was found Guilty of Stealing 18 Ells of Holland from Vincent Yate , Value about 20 s.

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Edward Horner was found Guilty of Stealing 14 yards of Fustion; value 14 shillings from John Clayton the 5th of November last.

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Amos Day was Convict of Stealing Goods from Sir Thomas Bide , upon the 2d. of June 82, to the Value of 40 s.

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John Barker a Broker was Cast for Stealing a Coach-Seat from Elias Gliss , to the Value of 10 d.

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William Hammond was Convict for Stealing a Gown, Stockings, and other Goods valued 10 d.

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George Everet was found Guilty of Stealing 14 Sheep from William Pope .

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Alexander Price was Convict of Stealing Bees-Wax, valued 10 d.

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Edward Pemberton for Stealing a Coquo Cup from Lyonel Jones , valued 10 d.

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Nathaniel Pardue , for Robing of George Hall on the High-way the 4th. of September 82. of Money and goods was found Guilty .

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John Macklin , for Breaking the House of Thomas Rawbone , and stealing from thence Goods to a considerable value , was found Guilty of Fellony.

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James Farrower , for stealing Ten Gold-Rings, Gold and other things to the value of Twenty pound , was found Guilty .

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John Price and Dunny Will , were both Apprehended in Court one in Hickes-Hall, the other in the Old Bayly, for Robbery and Murther committed about two years since in Kent.

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Fifteen received sentence of Death, viz.

Sarah Brown , Alias Bomen.

James Lashly Esq;

Richard Brown .

Thomas Harris .

John Foster .

Henry Layfield ,

John Davis .

John Hutchins .

Joseph Redwell ,

Alias Kedwell.

Henry Pafet .

Richard Kent .

Thomas Williams .

Abraham Casteel .

Robert Mason .

Nathaniel Pardue .

These Following, being Convict of several Fellonys received the Benefit of the Clergy, viz.

Thomas Fanlconer .

Arthur Pembrooke.

Edward Homes.

John Price .

Edward Dickins .

John Prince .

Samuel Dawley .

George Everet .

John Marklain .

James Farrower.

William Trumper .

Thomas Friend .

John Bates .

These Seaven to be Whipt, viz.

William Morrice.

John Barker ,

Hannah Price.

Edward Pemberton .

Amos Day .

William Hummon .

Alexander Price .

These Following were Fin'd.

George Robinson Fin'd Forty Round, and to stand in the Pillory two hours in Fleet-street, on Tuesday next, at the Royal Exchange, on Thursday, and in Cheap-Side on Saturday,

John Brown.

George Dix .

Gamaliel Wells.

Thomas Fisher .

Francis Peirce .

Thomas Page .

Were Fined each twenty Marks and to stand on the Pillory,

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