Old Bailey Proceedings, 1st June 1682.
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A Full and True ACCOUNT OF THE PROCEEDINGS AT THE Sessions of Oyer and Terminer, Holden for the City of London, County of Middlesex, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate; WHICH BEGAN AT THE SESSIONS-House IN THE Old-Bayly,

On Thursday, June 1st, and Ended on Fryday, June 2d. 1682.

Wherein is Contained the Tryal of many Notorious Malefactors, for Murders, Fellonies, Burglary, and other Misdemeanours, but more especially the TRYAL of JANE KENT for Witch-Craft.

TOGETHER, With the Names of those that received Sentence of Death, the Number of those Burn'd in the Hand, Transported, and Whip'd.

As likewise some Proceedings in Relation to the Persons that Violently took the Lady out of the Coach on Hounslow-Heath.

LONDON, June 1st, 1682.

THis Day the Sessions of Oyer and Terminer, began at the Sessions-House in Old Bayly, holden there for the City of London, County of Middlesex, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, until the 2d. of the aforesaid Instant, where the Proceedings were as followeth.

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Elizabeth Hunt was Indicted for picking the Pocket of Mary Rome , of 25 shillings ; the manner (as it appeared to be upon Evidence) was thus: The Prosecutor going through a narrow Lane in Cheapside , to avoid being hurt by a Coach that was coming stood up in a door way, whereupon the Prisoner and two more, supposed to be of her Gang, Shoulder'd

her up, and in the mean while the Prisoner picked her Pocket, delivering the Money to the Comrades, who went off with it; but the Prosecutor immediately perceiving that she was robbed, apprehended the Prisoner, who desired her to make no noise and she would give her satisfaction, and thereupon pulled out a considerable parcel of Money, but upon her Tryal she denied it, but the proofs being plain, not only by another Witness, but also by her former Confession, she was found Guilty .

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Katherine Cook was Indicted for Stealing seaven Silver Spoons from Sir Robert Jason , in the Parish of St. Dunstans in the West ; She at that time living with him in the nature of a Servant , which appeared upon Evidence thus: The Spoons which were judg'd to the value of 3 pounds, being used at Dinner, they were delivered to her to make clean, when as she carried them into the Pantry, from whence she alledged, they were conveyed by a Woman that came in to ask whether such a person did not live there, naming a strange name; but the Witness Swore, that upon her Masters charging her with the Fellony, she offered to pay one half of the value; but she producing several Witnesses to testifie her Honesty and good Behaviour in her former Services, and there being no positive proof that she stole them, she was acquitted .

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Lydia Littlemorth was Tryed for Robbing William Theed her Master , in the Parish of St. Michaels in the Querry , on the 5th. of May last, and taking from him four broad pieces of Gold, four Guinnies, three and twenty Shillings in Silver, four Gold Rings, and some other things , the which she delivered to a Woman to keep for her, and upon inquiry absolutely denied the Fact; but the Woman suspecting she had stole the Gold, made inquiry, so that the Evidence being plain against her, she in Court confessed that she took the Money, expressing a great deal of sorrow for her Wickedness, and upon the Jury's return of their Verdict, she was found Guilty .

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Ann Bland had an Indictment preferred against her, for taking three Shillings privily from the person of Elizabeth Bennet , a Butchers Wife , on the 20th. of May last, the Circumstances, as they appeared upon Oath, being these: The Prisoner coming to her Stall in Honey-Lane-Market , under pretence of buying a Neck of Veal, began to question the Sweetness of it, desiring the Prosecutor to smell, the which whilst she was doing, the Prisoner watching her opportunity, put her hand into her Apron-pocket, and taking her Money departed; but within a few hours, she was taken doing such another Exploit; to this she pleaded Innocence, but it plainly appearing she was an old Offender, and the Prosecutor Swearing positively that she was the Woman that Robbed her, the Jury found her Guilty .

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John Cotton of the Parish of St. Mary Matpellier, otherwise White Chappel , was Indicted for Stealing a Hood and Scarfe from Judith Wheeler ; whereupon (having well learnt his Lesson in Newgate) he pleaded Guilty to that and all other Indictments within the benefit of the Clergy.

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Abraham Kent was Tryed for Stealing Iron Bolts for Ships and other things , from James Yeames of Wapping , on the 13th. of April last; one of them upon Evidence, appearing to be found in his Breeches, yet he denied that he ever Stole any, but that coming through the Yard, he gathered up some Chips, amongst which was the Bolt; then being demanded

why he concealed it in his Breeches, he alledged that his Breeches being Ragged, it droped into them contrary to his knowledge; but these silly excuses excused him not, for it appearing that he was a Notorious Pilferer, the Jury brought him in Guilty .

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Thomas Hermitage was Indicted for Robbing the Lady Williams es house on the 10th. of April , and taking thence two Feather-Beds, a pair of Grates, Coverleds, Carpets, and Linnen, to a considerable value , which upon search, were found at a Broakers, where he had disposed of them, whereupon he pleaded Guilty to the Indictment.

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Robert Sutor , late Servant to the Earl of Arglass, deceased, was Indicted for Robbing William Crelling his Lords Gentleman , by breaking open a door, and taking thence a Pormantle, in which was a Gold Pendilum Watch, valued at 14 pounds, a Gold Locket and Gold Buttons, 28 pieces of broad Gold, 21 Guinnies, 25 Shillings in Silver, a Siver-Hilted Sword, and other things of value, taking them from the aforesaid Earls House in Druery-Lane , on the the 7th. past, for which, upon his being Apprehended, he confessed that he was privy to the Robbery, but that it was not he that committed it, but an Irish Man whom he named, alledging that he Renched the door with a Fork, and then taking the Pormantle, perswaded him to go with him, which he consented to, and that for his share he gave him the Watch and 20 Guinnies, which Watch was taken about him, but with the Money he had bought a Horse, but upon his Tryal he at first denied what he had said; but finding the Evidence to be strong against him, he again confessed the Fact, and thereupon was found Guilty .

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A Woman was Tryed for Stealing several pieces of Silk out of a Shop in Pater-noster-Row , on the 20th. of May last, which being taken about her e're she could dispose of it, notwithstanding she pleaded that they were given her by a strange Woman; that Excuse prevailed not, for she was found Guilty .

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William Stafford a Life-Guard-Man , was Indicted for Killing Mr. Roundwaite , another of the Guards, on the 16th. of May last , which upon Evidence, appeared as followeth: The Prisoner and the Deceased came into a Field near Knightsbridge , where they equally drew, and made several Passes at each other, and often pausing, fought again, which they continued till the deceased received seven Wounds, one of which was under the left Pap, 7 Inches, insomuch that he fell to the ground; whereupon the Prisoner walked off, but being pursued, was taken, the Prisoner pleaded that he came to take a friendly walk with the deceased, and that being in the Fields, the deceased drew upon him, and that what he did was in the defence of his life; and indeed, there being no kind of former Malice between them proved in Court, the Prisoner was found Guilty of Mans-slaughter only.

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Jane Kent , a Woman of about 60 years of Age, was Indicted for Witch-Craft, and using several Diabolick Arts, whereby she compassed the death of one Elizabeth Chamblet , a Girl about 5 years of Age; the Father of the deceased gave Evidence, that she first Bewitched his Swine , by reason she having bargained with him for two Pigs, which he refused to deliver her without Money; and that a while after his Daughter fell into a most piteous Condition, Swelling all over her Body, which

was discoloured after a strange rate. He farther deposed, that she also Bewitched his Wife , and that after the death of his Daughter, he went to one Dr. Hainks in Spittle-Fields, who advised him to take a quart of his Wives water, the pairing of her Nails, some of her Hair, and such like, and boyl them, which he did, in a Pipkin, at which time he Swore he heard the Prisoners voice at his door, and that she Screimed out as if she were Murdered, and that the next day she appeared to be much swelled and bloated: A Woman that searched her likewise Swore, that she had a Teat on her back, and unusual Holes behind her ears: A Coach-man likewise Swore, that upon his refusing to carry her and her Goods, his Coach overthrew; but she producing Evidence that she had lived honestly, and was a great pains-taker, and that she went to Church, with many other Circumstances, the Jury found her not Guilty .

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John Johnson was Indicted for breaking open the Chamber of Chistopher Turner , a Gentleman of the Temple , on the 28th. of May last, and for Assaulting a Laundress that was then in the Chamber where it was , proved that he broke open the Chamber door with an Iron, after he had attempted to pick the Lock, and found it Bolted; then entering and finding the Laundress there, he swore an Oath that he was betrayed, yet pulled out a Pistol, he set it to her breast, and bid her kneel, and swear she would not discover him, which at present she promised, but afterwards shutting her self into a Study, and cryed out, so that he being pursued was taken with much difficulty, and now being found Guilty , was Fined 20 pounds .

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John Lush was likewise Indicted for breaking open the Chamber of Squire Hoyle , in the Temple , and stealing Silk Curtains and other things, to the worth of above 20 l. for which he was found Guilty .

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Ann Hix was Indicted for Robbing the house of Jane Kinthorne , in the Parish of St. Gilis's in the Fields, about two years since, but it appearing that the Prisoner had taken them into her Custody, by order of the Prosecutor, to secure them from being taken by the Landlord for Rent, the Jury acquitted the Prisoner, and the Prosecutor received a severe Clack.

John Welling , a Youth about 12 years or age, was indicted for picking a Gentlewomans Pocket in Honey-Lane, of 9 Shillings, which appearing plain, he was found Guilty.

Henry Arnold was Tryed for picking the Pocket of one Vox , of a Watch, and Silver Tobacco-Box, but for want of Evidence, the Jury acquited him.

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Captain Pursell who was lately Committed to Newgate, upon the account of violently forcing Mrs. Selleger out of her Coach, upon Hounslow-Heath, petitioned the Court that he might be admitted of Bail; but the Court replyed, There was an Indictment intended against him for Fellony; upon which, the Gentleman that brought the Petition, desired that he might be Tryed, whereupon the Court replyed, If the Evidence for the King were ready he might.

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At this most Remarkable Session Elizabeth Hunt , Lydia Littleworth , Ann Bland , and John Welling received sentence of Death. Thomas Michael , John Cotton , Thomas Hermitage , Edward Stafford , Robert Sutor , and Thomas Lush , were Burnt in the Hand John Spittle ordered for Transportation, John Austin and Abraham Kent to be Whip' and John Johnson Fined 20 pounds.

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