Old Bailey Proceedings, 26th April 1682.
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A Full and True ACCOUNT OF THE PROCEEDINGS AT THE Sessions of Oyer and Terminer, Holden for the City of London, County of Middlesex, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate; WHICH BEGAN AT THE SESSIONS-House IN THE Old-Bayly, On Wednesday, April 26. and Ended on Fryday, April 28, 1682.

Where were many Remarkable Proceedings, but more especially the TRYAL of James Boucher , and Walter Archer , For Killing the Bayliff at Westminster.

As Also, In Relation to the Person Accused for Getting his Daughter With-Child:

TOGETHER, With the Names of those that received Sentence of Death, the Number of those Burn'd in the Hand Transported, and Whip'd, At the Sessions which began at the Sessions-House in the Old-Bayly, on the 26th of April, and was there continued till the 28th of the same Instant: the Proceedings were as followeth.

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EDward Odery was Indicted and Tryed, for that he on the 27th of December last, Robbed the House of Ambrose Saunders , and took thence wearing Apparel, Sheets, Pewter, Brass, and other things, to a great value ; upon the Tryal, although he pleaded Not Guilty, yet the Witnesses Swore that several of the Goods were found in the Prisoners House, and that he employed a Woman to sell the same; whereupon the Jury (after receiving their charge) brought him in Guilty .

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John Belther , William Best , and one Butler , were Indicted for picking the Pocket of Margaret King , on the 27th of February , of Nine Pounds, Fifteen Shillings ; the Two former, upon their being Apprehended, confessing the same , although one of them was not judged to be above 10 Years old, but there being no Evidence against the Third, only the confession of the accessaries, he was acquitted .

[Death. See summary.]

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Richard Osborn was Indicted for Stealing a Tankard from one Griffith Jones in Soaper-Lane , but he not being able to charge him any otherwise than that he came and offered to help him to it again for a summ of Money he was acquitted .

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Mary Sharp and Mary Motley were Indicted and Tryed for a Burglary and Fellony, in breaking the House of one Mr. Sadler , on St. Thomas's Eve last, and taking thence Two Farrendine Gowns, Six Silk Petticoats, several Shifts, Table-Cloath, Napkins, a Hundred Yards of Ribbonds, and other things, to the value of Fifty Pounds , most of which they Pawned at one Smiths a Broker; but their Plea was their Husbands stole them, and compelled them to sell'um; the Husband of the latter having been Executed last Surray-Assizes, upon which the Jury so far commiserated them as not to find them Guilty .

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William Griffith and William Hall were Indicted for stealing a Hundred and Four Gold Rings from Mr. William Chapman Goldsmith in Barkin-Parish , on the 5th of February , the manner thus; A Person comming into the Shop to buy a Ring, whilst the Apprentice opened the Shutter, the Box was drawn out by reaching over out of the Street, and the former of the Prisoners some time after going to sell one of the Rings, was apprehended, warning being given as is usual upon the like occasion, and upon further search, another Ring was found about him, he having put it into his Knife-sheath, but he alledged he found them, till coming before Sir William Turner , he confessed they were given him, and declared several of his Accomplices; but there being no other Evidence than his against Hall, he was acquitted , but Griffith found Guilty of the Fellony.

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Mary Jones and Margaret Shuter , having an Indictment preferr'd against them for Stealing a piece of Crape from one Mr. Smith , a Coat-seller in Great St. Bartholomews , under pretence of buying several Yards ; but being pursued, the former was taken with it about her, but the latter at that time made her escape, but was soon after taken; upon their Tryal, they pleaded Not Guilty, alledging they found it, and that they were

never in the Shop; but the proof being plain that it was taken upon them, they were found Guilty of the Fellony.

[Branding. See summary.]

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Mary Harris was Indicted for Stealing Two Silver Tankards, valued at Twelve Pounds , on the 13th of this Instant, from John Southey in Thames-street , but there being no positive proof that she had them, the Jury would not find her Guilty upon Circumstantial Evidence .

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Elizabeth Cooper being Arraigned upon an Indictment for stealing Ribbonds and Silks , she confessed the Fellony.

[Branding. See summary.]

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Uriah Helder had an Indictment preferred against him by one Mr. Benson of St. Dunstans-in-the-East , for Stealing about Fifty Pounds worth of Brass-Wyre , the Evidence proving the sale of some parcels of Wyre by the Prisoner, but not being able to swear it was any part of that which was lost, he was acquitted .

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Joseph Rudwell took his Tryal upon an Indictment for stealing about Five Hundred weight of Lead and Iron , the which he sold to a Broker-Woman near Holbourn-Bridge, and she disposing of them to Stilliard-makers, they were owned; to his Indictment, he pleaded Not Guilty, and endeavoured to deny that he ever had or sold any such Weights, but that being plainly proved, he layed it upon a Porter, that, as he said, brought them thither, but the Porter not being to be found, he was found Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

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George Pain a Pot-stealer was Tryed for stealing near a Hundred of all sorts, viz. Pewter-Pots , but for want of the Brokers Evidence that had purchased his stolen Ware, he was acquitted .

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James Smithe was Indicted for a Fellony committed in St. Martins in the Fields , taking about Three pounds worth of Silks and Stuffs , but there not being sufficient Evidence against him, he was acquitted .

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Two Women for Stealing Tape, Lace and Stuffs , were Indicted, and several of the said Goods being found about one of them, she impeached the other, but there being no proof against her otherwise, she was acquitted , and she on whom the Goods were taken, found Guilty .

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George Wallis was Indicted for Robbing his Lodging, on the 28th of March , and conveying thence Sheets, Blankets, Shifts, Pillow-beers, and other things, to a considerable value ; which he disposed of to several Brokers in Long-Lane, and other places, which being there found, and he upon the same Apprehended, he pleaded he borrowed them, but that Shift availed him not, for the Jury brought him in Guilty .

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A Fellow that was Chamberlain to an Inn in St. Giles's in the Fields, entring a Gentleman s Lodging on the 13th of March , took thence a suit of Cloaths, a Sword, and other Riding Furniture, and conveyed them to a Carriers, directing them to be sent after him to Worcester ; but upon search for the Goods, they were seized in the Inn before they were packed up to be sent to him, so that by that means having notice where he was, the owner sent and had him Apprehended; who being committed to Prison, and an indictment preferred against him, he confessed the takeing of them, but alledged that he only designed to ride a Journey with them, and

so to restore them; but the excuse being looked upon as frivilous, he was found Guilty .

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Edward Willmore was indicted for the Murtherer of Christopher Todd , the manner, as it appearing upon Evidence, thus; the deceased drinking in the Celler under the Exchange in the Strand , on the 17th of Decemb. last, the Prisoner came in, whereupon a quarrel happened about drinking, which in the end caused a scuffle, so that the deceased falling, his left Thigh being infirm by reason of the perishing and splintering the Bone for many Years before, it either broke, or the splinters of the Bones cut the Arteries so, that by reason of the great effusion of Blood, he dyed within 7 Weeks afterwards, but no former malice being proved, and it being plain that the deceased gave the first abuse, the Prisoner was acquitted .

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Hester Bird was Indicted for Robbing Alderman Sturt of a Gold-watch, Silver-Lace, and several parcels of Money , which she did by the conveniency of a false Key, he being a Lodger in her House; but she pleaded he gave her what she had, and made many slight pretences that he offered to force her, &c. but the Evidence being plaid against her, she was found Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

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Walter Archer , James Boucher , and Elizabeth Fitz-Patrick were Indicted for the Murther of William Jones a Bayliffs follower , the manner thus; several Officers having Arrested the Mother of Walter Archer , carryed her to an adjacent House in Westminster , where under pretence of sending for Bail, two persons came up, and after them Four more with drawn Swords, and forcing into the Room, run the deceased through, and afterward stabbed him in several places, so that within half an hour after he dyed, the rest of the Bayliffs hardly escaping; the Prisoners pleaded they were not the parties that killed him; but the proof being plain, as likewise against Elizabeth Fitz-Patrick, that she was aiding and assisting, they were all three found Guilty of wilfull Murther.

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John Dicher , Ann Dicher , and Elizabeth Stocker , were Indicted for Robbing a House at Deptford, and bringing the Goods into Middlesex ; as likewise another Indictment for Robbing the House of Captain Fosby ; of which Fellonies the former was found Guilty , but the latter was acquitted .

[John Dicher: Branding. See summary.]

[Ann Dicher: Death. See summary.]

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John Bant , a French-man, and late Cook to His Grace the Duke of Buckingham, was Indicted for the Murther of Philip Gilbert , Cook to the Right Honourable the Earl of Feversham , the circumstances as they appeared upon Evidence, being these, The Prisoner going to a Tavern at Charing-Cross , and sending a Porter for the deceased, in the name of Two French Gentlemen, but he no sooner came, but they fell to quarrel, and the Prisoner drawing upon the deceased, they fought, where after a pass or two, the prisoner swearing he should kill him, was as good as his Word, for running him into the body, he instantly dyed; the prisoner pretended the deceased owed him money, and that was the occasion of the quarrel, but not being able to prove it, he was found guilty of wilful murther.

[Death. See summary.]

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Gilbert Stook-dale , the person who was imprisoned for getting his Daughter Ursula Stockdale , a Girl about 12 Years of Age, with-child, was called to the Barr, where he appeared to be 70 Years of age, and there being no Indictment preferred against him, he was inlarged.

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At this Remarkable Sessions, Eight Persons received Sentence of Death, 5 Men and 3 Women, Viz. John Bants , James Boucher , Walter Archer , and Elizabeth Fitz-Patrick , for Murther, John Belcher , William West , Ann Stubbs alias Ditcher, and Ann Stacy for Fellony and Robbery.

Hester Bird , and Iane Freeman, were reprieved before judgement, and ordered to be Transported. William Griffith , John Dicher , John Smith , Joseph Rudwell , Katherine Smith , Elizabeth Cooper , Mary Shorter , Mary Jones , Jone Hull , were burnt in the Hand; 3 ordered to be Whipt, and so ended this remarkable Sessions.

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