Old Bailey Proceedings, 24th February 1682.
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THE True Account OF THE Proceedings at the Sessions. Holden at the Sessions-House IN THE OLD-BAYLY:

FOR THE City of London, County of Middlesex, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate.

Which began on the 24th of this Instant Feb. and ended on the 25th of the said Instant.

CONTAINING THE TRYALS Of several Notorious Murtherers, Fellons, and Burglarers, but especially of George Pie , For Killing the Butcher in Hungerford-Market.

TOGETHER, With the Names of such as were Condemned, the number of those Burnt in the Hand, to be Transported, and Whip'd: With many other Passages that happened during this Remarkable Session.

ON Fryday the 24th, the Sessions of Oyer and Terminer, for the City of London, County of Middlesex, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate, began at the Sessions-House in the Old-Bayly, where the proceedings against the several Criminals Indicted for Murther, Fellony, Burghlary, and other Misdemeanours, were as followeth.

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George Pye , a Bayliffs Follower , was Indicted, Arraigned, and Tryed for killing Edward Green a Butcher , in Hungerford-Market , on the 11th of this Instant February ; the manner (as appeared in Court upon Evidence) was as followeth: The Father of the Prisoner having a Marshals-Court-Writ to Arrest the body of the deceased; he, together with the Prisoner, came to him and gave him the word of Arrest, upon which he catching up his Cleaver, bid them at their peril, and in conclusion struck at the Father of the Prisoner, and with a full blow cut his Wrist almost through, of which wound he is since dead, then making at the Prisoner, cut two of his fingers almost off, upon which he having his Rapier drawn run him through the Body; after which he still pursued him, and threw his Cleaver at him, and then fell down dead; but the Writ being produced in court, and it appearing he was an Assistant to his Father in the Execution of his Office, he was acquitted .

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John Clarke, otherwise Maiden , a notorious offender, had Two Indictments preferred against him; the first for a Fellony committed on the 19th. of Jan. last, in stealing two Silver Tankards out of the House of Margaret Winn , in White-Chappel ; Viz. he with one of his Companions coming into the House to drink, observed the Key of the Cup-board (as 'tis supposed) where the Prosecutor had lay'd it, and watching their opportunity, took out the Tankards, and locking it again, departed; but he absolutely denying that he took any, and the Evidence not being positive, the Jury suppos'd that some one else might have been in the Room, and therefore Acquitted him of the Fellony: but upon an Indictment lay'd against him by Ann Bunfield , for breaking into her House, and taking thence Watches, Spoons and Moneys, to the value of 20 pounds , he was found guilty , having been already Burnt in the Hand, and several times before in Newgate.

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Robert Mason was Indicted for Stealing Cocks, Hens, and other Fowl, to the value of Thirty Shillings , and upon proof that they were taken about him, he was found Guilty .

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James Smith was Indicted for Robbing his Master , one Mr. Wallis , a Victualler in Great St. Bartholomews , on the 11th of Octob. last, of 40 pounds in money and in Rings, and other things to the value of five pounds more , and then absenting himself, upon search after him, in London hired a Coach for 4 pounds to carry him and a Woman (that he had caused to run away from her Husband) to Marlborough, but being (upon notice had of their flight) pursued, they were over-taken at Reading, and there carryed before the Mayor, who committed him, and upon search 7 Guinneys were found sticking in a Penny Loaf which the Womans Child had in its Pocket; being examined how he came by the money, he reply'd, It was left him by Friends; but not being able to prove it, the Jury brought him in Guilty .

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Peter Mardelue , a Dutchman, was Indicted for stealing a Tankard from John Gale , an the 28th of Jan. last; the proof against him, was, that he comming into the Prosecutors House to drink, watched his opportunity and carryed it away; but being pursued, it was taken about him; for which (being evidently proved) he was found Guilty of the Fellony.

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Edward Coxhill and Henry Collet were Indicted and Tryed for stealing of Crape, to the value of Twenty Shillings , from one Mr. Benson , at Dowgate; but they appearing to be Dyars Apprentice s, and that the Stuff was lost off the Float in the Thames , there being no positive proof that they had it, the Jury acquitted them.

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Edward Markham of Padington , was Indicted for Stealing several Chairs, Table-Linnen and Sheets, out of the House of John Atley , which upon search the prosecutor alledged he found in his House, but the Prisoner pleaded that he bought them of the Prosecutors Daughter: so that he bringing Evidence that he had some of the Goods that were lay'd to his charge above half a Year before he was taxed with the Fellony, he was acquitted .

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Alexander Younger was Indicted for that he under the pretence of a Commission from the Officers of the Customes, searching the House of John Denue for prohibited Goods, took thence Stones set in Silver, Buttons, Buckles, and a Silver Diamond, to the Value of Three pounds ; for which, having Two Sessions since had an Indictment for Fellony upon that occasion, but that not being Evident, it was thought fit to prefer an Indictment of Trespass against him, of which the Jury found him guilty .

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John Williams was Indicted for Robbing Francis Basset , on the 20th of September last, of Goods to the value of Five pounds , but the proof not being plain against him, he was acquitted : As likewise Margaret Boile as being accessary to a Robbery committed by John Clarke .

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John Clarke was Indicted for Stealing a Silver Tankard from Thomas Green of St. Martins in the Fields , on the 18th of January last, the which he brought to the House of one Margaret Boile , which occasioned her to be Indicted as an Accessary before and after; but upon full Evidence the Fact being proved upon the former, he was found Guilty ; notwithstanding he pleaded that his Companion stole it contrary to his knowledge.

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Henry Couley was Indicted and Tryed for a Robbery committed upon Mary Glascock upon the Kings High-way, vi et Armis of two Hoods , but the Robbery not being sufficiently proved by reason of a Defect in the Evidence, he was acquitted .

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Edward Oden was Indicted for Stealing Linnen, Pewter and other things in White-Chappel , on the 7th Instant, from one James Willit , of which upon Tryal, the Proof being positive, he was convicted .

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A Girl of about Thirteen Years of Age, was likewise Tryed for Shop-lifting , which appearing upon Evidence that some part of the Goods were found upon her, she was found Guilty .

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John Amos was Indicted for Robbing Richard West of Fifty pounds in Silver, and Seaven or Eight pieces of Gold; it being Evidently proved that entered the House, and there opening a Trunk or Desk, took out the Moneys , some of it being found in his Custody, whereupon he was found Guilty , and Burnt in the hand .

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Elizabeth Brown being Tryed for Stealing a Diamond Ring , a plain one, which she sold to a Goldsmith in the Strand for a considerable value, she was found Guilty , but she not being above Twelve Years of Age, the Court took pitty of her, and upon consideration set her by for Transportation .

A Woman was likewise Tryed for Marrying a second Husband during the Life of the former , but the Evidence failing to prove the latter Marriage, she was acquitted .

John Price was this morning brought into Court, as having formerly refused to plead, and upon that occasion ordered to the Press, but after some perswasions, he pleaded Not Guilty, but it being proved against him he was Burnt in the Hand .

Reference Number: o16820224-1

Rowland St. Johns , who the last Sessions gave in Bail for the Procuring his Pardon for Burning in the Hand, as being found Guilty of Man-slaughter for Killing Mr. Stile, brought his Pardon and pleaded it in Court , and after the usual manner gave the Court Gloves.

Reference Number: o16820224-2

John Price was Arraigned and Indicted for breaking into an out-Shed, belonging to James Bennits , and taking thence Goods to the value of Five or Six Shillings ; to which Indictment he refused to plead by reason that the Court would not allow him to see his Accusers before he pleaded Guilty or not Guilty; whereupon he was ordered to the Press, and after great pains taken by the Court to bring him to be obedient to the Law: In that case, he was doom'd to the Press, having the Sentence pass'd upon him, and a strict order given that he be Executed according to Law in that case made and provided.

Reference Number: o16820224-3

A Second Indictment was Exhibited against John Clarke , to which he pleaded Guilty .

Reference Number: s16820224-1

After this, the Court proceeded to give Sentence upon John Clark , convicted for a Fellony and Burghlary, and John Maiden , against whom there was several Indictments, they having been both Burnt in the Hand formerly.

Eleven were Burnt in the Hand: Three to be Whip'd: Two to be Transported: And One Fin'd Twenty Marks as being found Guilty of a Trespass.

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