Old Bailey Proceedings, 16th January 1682.
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For Murders, Fellonyes and Burglaries, Holden at the Sessions-House in the Old-Baily, for the City of London and County of Middlesex. AND GOALE-DELIVERY, of NEWGATE.

Which began on the 16. of this Instant January, and ended the 17.

With the other most Remarkable PROCEEDINGS.

But specially the Tryal of Mr. St. John, for Killing a Gentleman of Lincolns Inn, and Elizabeth Crossman , for Murdering her Apprentice with a Chissel, as likewise the Debate held about sending the Condemned Popish Priests to the Isle of Scilly. Together with the Names of the Persons Condemned to Dye, Burnt in the Hand, Transported and to be Whipt.

January the 16. This day the Sessions for the City of London. County of Middlesex, and Goal Delivery of Newgate, began at the Sessions-House in the Old-Baily, where the proceedings were as followeth.

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Elizabeth Scot was Tryed for stealing two silver Perfuming Pots, two silver Cups, half a dozen of Spoons, and some other pieces of Plate, on the 29 of December , from one Anthony Comizary a Jew , living near Aldgate, she being taken as she was bringing them down stairs in her Apron ; her Plea was, That she was Drunk, and knew not what she did, but upon the Evidences possitive swearing to the Fact, she was found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

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Robert Huckle took his Tryal, as a Confederate with a Servant lately living at Mr. William Bethels in Cornhil , and assisting her on the 4th of December last, to Rob her Master of three Diamond Rings, ten pieces of old Gold, eighty Guinies, half a dozen of silver Spoons, two standing Cups, and several other pieces of Plate and Rings, in all to the Value of 300 l. the Robbery being committed when all the Family, that servant excepted, were gone to Church, and upon her

being charged with it, she Confessed it, and declared that the Prisoner inticed her to break open the Cup-board where the Treasure was, and helped her away with it, and he upon his being Apprehended having two ten shilling pieces of old Gold, a Guinny, an half Guinny about him, and as the Evidence sworn, having Confessed the same, the Jury brought him in Guilty .

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George Emerson was Tryed for stealing a silver Tankard, specified in the Indictment to be worth six pound, the Felony being committed on the 12 of January at the House of one Morfield , at the three Black Birds in Warwick Lane ; the Witnesses which were the Woman of the House and her Daughter, who swore positive to the Fact; and on the other side the Prisoner endeavoured to clear himself, by bringing several people to testify where he was at the time, the Felony was committed, the which he produced, but the Court being dissatisfied with the Testimony of one of them, by reason he lived in White Fryers, the Prisoner was found Guilty .

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Robert Mason being Indicted for stealing Hens and a Cock , in the Parish of St. Giles Cripplegate (as some suppose to compleat the Turky Feast lately held in Smithfield he was found Guilty to the value of 10 d. and so is like to have but sowr sawce to his Hollow Bits.

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Robert Cundell of St. Katharines was Tryed for Stealing a Cloak from George Willet , the which upon Enquiry was found in his House; he Pleaded, That he Drinking in the House where it was taken from, by an over-sight wrapped it up amongst his own things, but that being lookt upon as a frivolous Excuse, he was found Guilty .

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Elizabeth Crosman , of St. Martins in the Fields had a Bill of Indictment preferred against her for Murthering John Bret her Apprentice , the matter of Fact thus; she being at an opposite Ale house, where having taken a Cup too much, she came home and found the Young man at Play with her Son, took up a Stick to beat him, of which, after she had struck him a blow or two, he disarmed her, whereupon taking up a Carving-Tool that lay upon the Bench (her Husband, being of that Trade) she struck it into his Body, 3 inches deep, just under his Left Pap, and there left it sticking, and after that threw another at him, which cut him on the hand; saying. She had often said, she should be Hanged for him, and now her saying was come to pass; after the Youth had received the Mortal Wound, he cry'd, O Lord forgive me my Sins, for I shall Die; and with that, going down Stairs, got into a Neighbours House, where he no sooner sat him down, but expired;

She alledged upon her Tryal, That he gave her several provoking Words, but not being able to prove any such thing, she was found Guilty of wilful Murther.

[Death. See summary.]

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Alexander Younger , the person who swore Treason against Mr. Harvy, was Tryed upon a Trespass for forcibly entring the House of Albinus Spencer , and under a pretence of searching for prohibited Goods, taking thence 2 Silver Sword Hilts, valued at 4 l . He having been Tryed for a Fellony the last Sessions, and acquitted; but had no such good luck this: But after a full hearing of the Evidence he was found Guilty of the Trespass, and Fined Ten Mark , and to continue till next Sessions. There were produced in Court no less than Ten Commitments by which he had been committed to Newgate and other Goals for Fellony and Misdemeanors, and it was objected, That he had not only Counterfeited the Hands of the Five Commissioners of the Customs, but likewise the Kings Seal; and yet this was one of Loyal NAT'S intimate acquaintance.

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Paul Rutter , a French Doctor , was Tryed for Poysoning Robert Morgan , a Life-Guard man , in the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields ; on the 10 of November last, the manner thus; The Doctor keeping the Deceased's Wife as his Miss, and there being an Estate of 50 l. per annum in the Case, after the Death of her Husband, the Doctor takes an occasion to meet him one morning, and in all kindness desired him to take his Mornings Draught with him, after which the Deceased went home and fell exceeding Ill, Vomiting up black matter, complaining the Doctor had Poysoned him, and so continuing for the space of 4 days, Died; and upon his being opened, a black Potion was found setled in his Stomach; but after the Examination of about 20 Witnesses on both sides, the Jury being half French and half English, he was Acquitted ; but upon the Courts being dissatisfied, forc'd to give in Security for his Good Behaviour .

John Johnson and William Ashbott were Tryed for the Murder of Lucy Cock , on the tenth of December last, in the Parish of Cripplegate, by driving a Cars over her head of which braise she instanly dyed, several Witnesses were produced, who swore, that the Horse brushed her down, and she falling under the wheel, the Cart being heavy Laden with Dung, it went over her before the Horses could be stopt, and that a Coach at the same time coming by might under the Carter from saving her, so that it appearing not to be wilfully done, the Prisoners were acquitted, but the Cart and Horses fell to the Kings Almoner, &c.

Humphry Bennet of St. Clement Danes, was Tryed for assaulting William Sellwood in the street, about 10 of the Clock in the Evening, and after having struck up his Heels, taking from him his Hat and Cravat, the latter being found about him by the Constable of the Watch that apprehended him, and he not being able to give a good account of himself he was found Guilty.

John Smith of the Parish of Stepney; was Tryed for entring a House in Stepney, and taking thence a Carpet and some wearing Apparel, the which when he perceived he could not conveniently carry away, he dropped; so that the Evidence not charging him to have had them about him at the time he was Apprehended, the Jury acquitted him.

Rowland St. John having three Indictments preferred against him for Killing Mr. Stiles of Lincolns Inn, viz. one for Murder by the Grand Jury, another by the Corroner upon his Inquest, and the third upon the Statute of Stabbing; the Evidence were sworn to them, and

Deposed as followeth, That the Prisoner and the Deceased having been at several Taverns, and by that means some what overcome with Wine, they at last came to the Three Crowns in Chancery Lane, where they fell to hot Words, insomuch that the Deceased laid his Hand upon his Sword, upon which the Prisoner drew, and ere he could be prevented run him two inches into the Body, of which in three days he dyed, viz. on the 10 of December, but there appearing no former Malice, he was found Guilty of Man-Slaughter.

Elizabeth Sims , being Committed for Robbing William Gresham of St. Martins in the Fields Confessed the Robbery before the Justice that Committed her, and was upon her Tryal, found Guilty of Fellony.

Thomas Knight , a Foot Soldier was Tryed for killing a Life-Guard man, at Kings-Gate, about two miles on this side Chelsey, on the 17 of December; but it appearing, That the Life-Guard man pursued him with his Drawn Sword, and cut him over the Head and Arm, and that he was forced to Draw to Defend his Life, he was found Guilty of Man-Slaughter likewise.

Hester Lemore was Tryed for Robbing a Gentlewomans House in Covent-Garden, of a Necklace of Pearl valued at 23 l. two Silver Candlesticks laid at 13 l. six Silver Spoons, &c. the Evidence swore, That the having Lodged in the House, went up Stairs under pretence of speaking with Monsieur Moses, a Gentleman that Lodged there; and that the Plate was in the Chamber when she went up, but missed presently after she was departed, upon which they followed her to a place she used to frequent, and made search but found nothing, so that they not being able to prove it positively, and she bringing a great many French People with whom she lately fled out of France for Religion, to Testifie that she was Descended of a good Family, and had lived honestly, she was Acquitted

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Mr. Thomson, a Council, moved the Court in the behalf of the Sheriffs, That an Order of Court might be Granted for sending the Popish Priests, now Prisoners in Newgate to the Isle of Scily alledging That then they might be fully Waranted in what they did, having already received his Majesties Order for that purpose; upon which my Lord Chief Justice Pemberton told him, That it was not a matter that concerned the Court, but that, if his Majesty was pleased to Reprieve them, and Order them to be sent thither they must send them; and Sentence of Death being awarded against them, the Court had no further to do in it, and that no Order of Court could be granted in that Case; upon which Mr. Sheriff Pilkington stood up and told his Lordship, That he was very willing to deliver them in obedience to his Majestys Warrant, but all he desired was, that he and his Brother Sheriff might be Indemnified.

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It was moved by a Councellor sent from Mr. Attorny General, that if any Bills of Indictment were brought against any of the Kings Evidence they might not be preferred to the Grand Jury, before Mr. Attorny had notice of them, upon which the Court gave Order. That if any such were brought, that the Clerk should wait upon him with them, adding, That the Kings name could not be used against any person contrary to His Majesties Pleasure.

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At this Sessions 7 persons received Sentence of Death, 1 Man and 6 Women, viz. Humphry Bennet, Elizabeth Scot , Elizabeth Crosman , Ann Dixon , Joyce Love , Martha Huckle and Elizabeth White , 3 Burnt in the Hand, 3 to be Transported, and 5 Whipt.

Alexander Younger Fined for a Trespass 10 Marks, and kept in Prison till next Sessions. And Mr. St. John brought his Majesties Warrant for staying his being Burnt in the Hand: and about 7 Indicted for Recuzancy. And so ended this Remarkable Sessions,

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