Old Bailey Proceedings, 16th January 1682.
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THE TRUE NARRATIVE OF THE PROCEEDINGS AT The Sessions-House IN THE OLD-BAYLY Which began on Monday the 16th of this instant January and ended on Tuesday the 17th following.

Giving an, account of most of the Remarkable Trials there, viz, For Murder, Fellonies and Burglaries &c. with a particular Relation of their Names, and the places of their committing their Facts, with the number of those Condemned to die; burn'd in the Hand, Transported and to be whipt.

At this Sessions of Oyer and Terminer, began and ended as aforesaid the most remarkable Tryals and proceedings were as followeth.

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Rowland St. Johns , was indicted for Murthering John Stiles Esquire , a Gentleman of Lincolns Inn , the which upon Evidence appeared to be thus. The party deceased and the Prisoner being intimate Acquaintance and often keeping Company together, on the 7th of December last happened to meet, and after having been at several Taverns, at last came to Richards Coffe-House near Temple-Bar, where laying a trivial wager about measuring two Dishes of Chockalet, they afterwards went to the St. Johns H Chancery-Lane,

to drink it, where falling at some difference about paying their Reckoning, they came from thence to the Kings-Head Alehouse, and there not well agreeing, from thence they went to the three Cranes ; and coming into the Company of some Gentlemen that kept a Club there; they offered to refer their differences to them; but they finding them both in Drink, and that some words had passed between them, all but one Gentleman left them, when after two or three hasty words passing between them, the deceased laid his hand upon his Sword, which occasioned the other to draw and whilst the Gentlemen that went in their Company, went down to call for help to part them, the Prisoner had run the deceased in two Inches under the Left Pap, of which in three days he dyed, but there being no former Grudg nor premeditated Malice proved, notwithstanding three Indictments were laid, one for wilful Murder, one upon the Corroners Inquest, and one upon the Statute of Stabbing, yet he was found Guilty of Manslaughter only.

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Elizabeth White , Ann Dixon and Joyce Cove , were Indicted, the first as principle, for Robing the Shop of John Crook in Soho Fields on the 23d of December last: of Ribon, Silk-Stockings, Gloves, Silks, Laces and other things, to a considerable value ; and the two last as Accessaries in receiving the Goods , upon which, the principle having confessed, not only that, but another Robery, and the Goods upon search found in the Houses of the accessaries; whereupon they were all three found Guilty , as likewise Elizabeth Sims , another of the same Gang, for stealing Bands, Hoods and Table-Linnen , from William Gresham on the 1st instant.

[Death. See summary.]

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Thomas Knight was Indicted for killing one Mr. Willer , a Life-Guardman on the 10th of December last, a little on this side Chelsey , the manner according to Evidence thus, the deceased drinking at a House in the Road, and seeing the Prisoner who was a Foot-Soldier coming by, called him to drink with him, and after some time, they went to wrestling, which occasioned a Quarrel, whereupon the Prisoner withdrew into the House, and staying there some time came out again as he alleaged to have gon his ways, but the deceased following him with his Sword drawn, and giving him several Cuts, he drew likewise, and run the deceased in in two places of the Body, so that he instantly dy'd, the Prisoner pleaded, what he did was in defence of his own Life upon which he was found Guilty of Manslaughter only.

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William Morley a notorious Offendor, who was brought from the Marshalsea, having been burnt in the hand, was tryed, and found Guilty for stealing several parcels of Linnen and other Goods , from Samuel Banfield in Holbourn .

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Humphry Bennet was found Guilty , for Robing William Sellwood of a Hat, Cravat, and other things upon the Highway , on the second of this instant, the Cravat being found in his Breeches.

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John Johnson and William Ashurst were indicted for killing Lucy Cook with a Cart , in the Parish of St. Giles Cripplegate , on the 10th of December , the Evidence deposing, that she crossing of the Horses, one of them struck her down, and thereupon the wheeler went over her Head, of which wound she Instantly dyed, but it being adjudged Chance Medly, the Prisoners were acquitted , yet received a severe Repremand from the Court, for their carelesness.

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Charles Cockhill was indicted for stealing Leather out of Leaden-Hall , which being taken upon him he confessed the Fellony, saying a Cobler set him on work, and gave him a shilling to do it, upon which he was found Guilty .

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John Smith was Indicted for stealing a Carpet, Cupboard Linnen, and other things , on the 10th of December from John Pordy of Stepny ; but the things being thrown down, and the Witnesses not able to swear they see him take them, he was acquitted .

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Clavel Cordwel had an Indictment preferred against him, for Marrying a second Wife , the first being yet alive , upon which, the Witness swearing in Court to both the Marriages, he was found Guilty .

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Katherine Tobie was Indicted for stealing several pieces of Ribon, Lutestring Hoods, Scarves, Peticoats, and other Goods from one Nicholas Gullet , on the 9th of January of which upon the Testimony of the Witnesses was found Guilty .

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Hester Lemar : was Indicted for Robbing the Chamber of one Mary Becks in St. Pauls Covent-Garden , on the 10th of December , and taking thence two silver, Candlesticks, a Pearl Necklace, Spoons, Silver Plates and other things, to the value of fifty pounds , but it not being fully proved against her, she was acquitted by reason of several French Protestants came in, and gave Evidence of her former Life and Conversation, she being one of those that fled the Persecution.

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Margaret Harison was Indicted for Robing John Wise of St. Giles in the Fields , on the 10th of December , of Petticoats, Hoods and Linnen to a considerable value her Plea was, she took them with an intent to bring them again, but that excused her not, for she was found Guilty .

Robert Huckle was Indicted and took his Trial, for that he, together with one Jane Rand , servant to Mr. Bethel in Cornhil, on the 4th of December last, Robed the said Mr. Bethel of three Diamond Rings, two Silver Tankards, six Silver Spoons, ten pieces of old Gold, eighty Guinies, and such other Goods of value, as amounted to 300 pounds, The Maid confessed the Robery, and accused the said Huckle, who not being able to give any good Account for himself, was brought in Guilty.

Elizabeth Wollman of St. Martins in the Fields, was Indicted for killing John Bret her Husbands Apprentice, the manner of the Murther as it was sworn to in Court, being thus, she being at an Alehouse that joyned to her House, saw the deceased playing with her Son, and throwing an empty bag at him, and missing him, How out at the dore, upon which, being over powered with Drink, she went home, in a Rage, and getting up a Broom-stick, fell upon the Youth, who took it away from her upon which, after some time, she took up a small Carying Chizel, and struck it into his Brest, saying, she knew she should be hang'd for him one time or other, and seemed not to be sorry for what she had done, but rather rejoyced, being so far transported with Rage, that she threw another Chizel at him, and cut his Arm, upon this wound received, the Youth got down Stairs, and went to the next house, where he instantly dyed! She pleaded that he gave her sawcy Language, but that not appearing in Court, she was found Guilty of wilful Murther.

Elizabeth Scot was Indicted for stealing Plate, to the value of 30 pounds on the 10 of December from Mr. Comissary of Algare-Parish, which was evidently proper against her, she being taken with it in her Lap, upon which, ded, that she had been drinking, and knew not what she did, but that served not her turn, for she was found Guilty.

George Emerton was Indicted for stealing a silver Tankard from the three Black-Birds in Warwick Lane, on the 12th of January, which being positively sworn to he was found Guilty.

Alexander Younger , being Indicted upon a Trespass, for entring the House of Mr. Spencer in Great St. Bartholomews, under pretence of searching for Prohibited Goods, took thence two silver Hilts of Swords, whereupon he was found Guilty, and fined ten Mark, and to continue in Prison till next Sessions, and from thence till the Fine be paid.

Paul Rutter ; a French Chirurgion, or Doctor had an Indictment of Murther preferred against him, for poysoning Robert Morgan of St. Martins in the Fields, about the Latter end of November last, which appeared in Court to be thus, The Prisoner keeping the deceaseds wife from him, and using her at his Will, the deceased one Morning meeting him, they went to drink together, and treat about a Reconciliation, but after they had drank two pots deceased before he could get home finding himself extream ill, concluded he was poysoned and to his last exclaimed, that the Doctor had poysoned him for his wife for Estate; after he was dead, being opened, several symptoms of poison was found in his Stomack, yet the Jury being English and French, he was acquitted of the Murther.

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After the Court had been set a considerable time, Council moved for an Order to warrant the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex for the delivery of the Jesuites in Newgate, who are Ordered by the King and Council, to be sent to the Scilly Islands; but the Court returned for Answer, that they could grant no Order, the matter not being before them, but it was his Majesties Pleasure to Reprieve them, he might dispose of them as he thought fit; and the Sheriffs must deliver them.

In Reply to which the Council cited a President that had been used upon the like occasion, and the Sheriffs said they would be glad to be rid of them, so they might be saved harmless, but in conclusion my Lord Chief-Justice utterly refused to grant any Order.

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Seven or eight were Indicted for Recusancy.

There were in all seven persons Condemned in dye, viz, William Bennet , Maratha Huckle , Ann Dixon , Joyce Cove , Elizabeth White , Elizabeth Scot , and Elizabeth Crossman , Eight burn'd in the Hand, Five to be whiped and three to be Transported.

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